Westwood (Stoneleigh) - St. John the Baptist
Marriages from 1846 to 1876

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Surname Listing:

Adcock, Ariss, Armitt, Arnold, Baker, Bant, Barker, Barrs, Batchelor, Bates, Beasley, Benbrook,
Bench, Biddle, Bishop, Blizzard, Bradford, Bragg, Brain, Bromwich, Brown, Buss,
Chattaway, Checkley, Clarke, Clements, Clifford, Cloney, Cole, Colledge, Collingbourne,
Dennis, Dodwell, Dowell, Duggins, Edwards, Elliott, Flowers, Forrester, Fox, Franklin,
Garrard, Gee, Gibbs, Gilbert, Goode, Gordon, Grainger, Green, Greenway, Griffis, Grimes,
Hall, Hands, Harris, Haynes, Hazle, Hewitt, Hiorns, Horton, Howe, Hudson, Ingram, Isaac,
Jeffcoat, Johnson, Judd, Kendall, Kimberley, Langham, Lee, Lenton,
Mallaber, Mann, Masters, Medcalf, Mills, Morris, Mulliss, Oldham, Orton, Owen,
Palmer, Parker, Phillips, Pollard, Potts, Poulton, Pratt, Prestidge, Rawlins, Reader,
Sammons, Sawkins, Segar, Shaw, Shirley, Shurley, Sibley, Simpson, Slade,
Slee, Smith, Sparrow, Spilsbury, Steaplin, Stickley, Stockley, Swift,
Tandy, Tarrant, Taylor, Timms, Turner, Twycross,
Wagstaff, Wakefield, Waldin, Wallen, Walsgrove, Ward, Wareham, Warner,
Waters, Watson, Watts, Whitehead, Wilcox, Wilday, Wilkins, Wood, Wright.

Date Groom, Age, Occupation, Status Groom's Abode Groom's Father Bride, Age, Occupation, Status Bride's Abode Bride's Father Witnesses Notes
03 Nov 1846James BRAGG, Labourer, BachelorHollies StoneleighJohn BRAGG, LabourerJulia GEE, Servant, SpinsterHollies StoneleighWilliam GEE, LabourerJohn BRAGG & Ellen BRAGGHe signs X. Groom of Full Age. Bride a Minor
21 Feb 1846William Henry FOX, Bricklayer, BachelorMount Nod StoneleighHenry FOX, EngraverJane WATTS, Dressmaker, SpinsterMount Nod StoneleighJohn WATTS, ShoemakerJohn THOMAS & Dinah KINGGroom of Full Age. Bride a Minor
30 Nov 1847William BROMWICH, 26, Gardener, BachelorPreston on StourThomas BROMWICH, GardenerEmma PALMER, 28, Servant, SpinsterWestwood StoneleighJohn PALMER, LabourerJohn PALMER & Elizabeth PALMERShe signs X
01 May 1848John SMITH, Labourer, WidowerBourn Post StoneleighWilliam SMITH, LabourerAnn GRIFFIS, , WidowBourn Post StoneleighRichard HOPKINS, ShoemakerJames JACOX & A? SmithHe signs X She signs X. Both of full Age
06 May 1848Charles POTTS, 27, Gamekeeper, BachelorStoneleighJames POTTS, GamekeeperElizabeth WOOD, 21, SpinsterStoneleighJohn WOOD, LabourerJohn STOCKLEY & Susannah WOOD 
02 Nov 1848William GRIMES, Miller, BachelorBaggintonJohn GRIMES, MillerSarah TWYCROSS, , SpinsterCanleyEdward Thornton TWYCROSS, FarmerEdward Thornton TWYCROSS & Anne TWYCROSSBy Licence. Both of full Age
26 Dec 1848Robert BAKER, 29, Schoolmaster, BachelorStoneleighWilliam BAKER, ShepherdHannah MULLISS, 25, SpinsterStoneleighJohn MULLISS, LabourerSarah ANSTEY & John ANSTEY 
28 Jun 1849William SHURLEY, Labourer, WidowerStoneleighDaniel SHURLEY, LabourerAnn WATTS, , WidowStoneleighJohn ARISS, LabourerJoseph PRATT & Anne RAWLINSBoth of Full Age
24 Sep 1849Josiah MORRIS, 21, Labourer, BachelorThe Hollies StoneleighJames MORRIS, WeaverMary BENCH, 21, Servant, SpinsterThe Hollies StoneleighWilliam BENCH, BricklayerJames LEE & Mary LEEHe signs X She signs X
15 Oct 1849George TIMMS, 21, Labourer, BachelorAllesleyWilliam TIMMS, LabourerMartha GIBBS, 22, Servant, SpinsterCryfield StoneleighWilliam GIBBS, Labourer? TIMS & Sarah RATHERAMHe signs X She signs X
08 Nov 1849William CLEMENTS, 28, Bricklayer, BachelorStoneleighJohn CLEMENTS, FarmerBetsey BISHOP, 27, SpinsterStoneleighJoseph BISHOP, Comb ManufacturerJoseph BISHOP & Mary Ann BURBIDGE 
16 Dec 1849John SAMMONS, 28, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJohn SAMMONS, LabourerMartha HAZLE, 19, SpinsterStoneleighThomas HAZLE, LabourerJames WESTON & Sarah WESTON 
15 Jan 1850William CLARKE, 38, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJohn CLARKE, LabourerMary COLLEDGE, 26, SpinsterStoneleigh Samuel CRANMORE & Maria FLOWERS 
09 Oct 1850Stamp GARRARD, Surgeon, BachelorHinckleyJohn GARRARD, AttorneySarah Elizabeth HARRIS, , SpinsterStoneleighThomas HARRIS, FarmerSusan DOLMER & Ester GARRARDBy Licence. Both of Full Age. Witnesses Ellen HEATH & Thomas HARRIS
13 Oct 1850John MASTERS, 25, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighWilliam MASTERS, LabourerHannah MEDCALF, 19, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighRichard MEDCALF, LabourerLuke HUDSON & Elizabeth HUDSONShe signs X
07 Nov 1850Job HEWITT, Farmer, WidowerBerkswellAmbrose HEWITT, LabourerElizabeth CLONEY, , SpinsterStoneleighWilliam CLONEY, BlacksmithGeorge HEWITT & Mary DARLINGTONBy Licence. Both of full Age
30 Oct 1851John WATERS, 34, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJoseph WATERS, LabourerAnn TURNER, 37, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighWilliam TURNER, BrickmakerGeorge WRIGHT & Susannah STOCKLEYShe signs X
02 Dec 1851Joseph SMITH, 27, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJohn SMITH, LabourerElizabeth STEAPLIN, 24, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighThomas STEAPLIN, LabourerJames SAVAGE & Martha SMITHHe signs X She signs X
22 Jan 1852Daniel ELLIOTT, 24, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighWilliam ELLIOTT, CarpenterHannah WILDAY, 23, Servant, SpinsterBerkswellWilliam WILDAY, LabourerWilliam WOOD & Emma TRIPPASS 
11 Apr 1852William PARKER, 23, Sawyer, BachelorStoneleighJohn PARKER, SawyerCatherine BARRS, 23, SpinsterAshowEdward BARRS, LabourerCharles BARRS & Martha BARRS 
12 Apr 1852Arthur KIMBERLEY, 23, Brickmaker, BachelorStoneleighJohn KIMBERLEY, BrickmakerHarriet TANDY, 22, SpinsterKenilworthGeorge TANDY, Comb MakerWilliam KIMBERLEY & Mary ALLENShe signs X
13 Jun 1852William LENTON, 36, Labourer, BachelorBourne Post StoneleighWilliam LENTON, LabourerHephzibah GORDON, 36, WidowHoly Trinity CoventryGeorge BEAL, WeaverGeorge CARTER & Mary CARTERHe signs X She signs X
30 Sep 1852George WRIGHT, Policeman, BachelorStoneleighWilliam WRIGHT, LabourerSarah WAGSTAFF, , SpinsterStoneleighWilliam WAGSTAFF, LabourerWilliam HANCOCK & Mary Ann COXBoth of Full Age
03 Jan 1852Henry WALLEN, 27, Tailor, BachelorCoventryWilliam WALLEN, TailorSarah Ann SIBLEY, 20, SpinsterStoneleighEdward SIBLEY, LabourerEdward SIBLEY & Emma COOKE 
01 May 1853Charles LEE, 21, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJames LEE, LabourerMary SMITH, 20, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighThomas SMITH, LabourerJames LEE & Martha HAZLEHe signs X She signs X
18 Oct 1854Henry CLARKE, 25, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJohn CLARKE, LabourerCaroline STICKLEY, 21, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJohn STICKLEY, LabourerWilliam STICKLEY & Jane WOODFIELDHe Signs X
30 Jan 1855John DOWELL, Farmer, BachelorStockingfordJohn DOWELL, ButcherSusannah SAMMONS, , SpinsterStoneleighThomas SAMMONS, FarmerRichard SAMMONS & Elizabeth SAMMONSBy Licence. Both of full Age
02 Apr 1855William TIMMS, 22, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJoseph TIMMS, LabourerEmma GOODE, 20, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJohn GOODE, LabourerJames TIMMS & Harriett BULLOCKHe Signs X
26 May 1855David GIBBS, Edge Tool Grinder, BachelorOldbury WORRichard GIBBS, FarmerCharlotte GILBERT, , SpinsterStoneleighJohn GILBERT, FarmerJohn Rotherham SMMONS & Catherine SAMMONSBy Licence. Both of full Age
15 Oct 1855Richard DENNIS, 28, Labourer, BachelorLeek WoottonRichard DENNIS, LabourerEmma SAMMONS, 23, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJohn SAMMONS, ButcherGeorge SAMMONS & Sarah WESTONHe signs X
31 Oct 1855James WOOD, 28, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJames WOOD, LabourerEmma BATCHELOR, 25, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJames BATCHELOR, LabourerJames BATCHELOR & Mary Ann WOODHe signs X She signs X
27 Nov 1855William BRADFORD, 32, Farmer, BachelorKings NewnhamJoseph BRADFORD, GrocerMary Anne ADCOCK, 28, SpinsterStoneleighJoseph ADCOCK, FarmerJoseph ADCOCK & Sarah ADCOCKBy Licence
03 Jan 1856Thomas GRAINGER, 21, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighThomas GRAINGER, LabourerAnn WAREHAM, 29, Servant, SpinsterCoventry John GRAINGER & Hannah GRAINGERHe signs X She signs X
08 Apr 1856Thomas HANDS, 33, Farmer, BachelorStoneleighRichard HANDS, FarmerElizabeth SAMMONS, 36, SpinsterStoneleighThomas SAMMONS, FarmerEdw MULLISS & Thomas SAMMONSBy Licence. Witnesses Maryann SAMMONS & Charles James NUTT
03 Jul 1856Thomas CLARKE, 41, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJohn CLARKE, LabourerCatherine CHECKLEY, 42, WidowStoneleighWilliam TANDY, CombmakerWilliam HYDE & Frances CLIFFORDHe signs X She signs X
15 Jul 1856William FRANKLIN, 28, Brickmaker, BachelorStoneleighRichard FRANKLIN, InnkeeperEmma SMITH, 25, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJohn SMITH, LabourerJohn SMITH & Elizabeth SMITHShe signs X
17 Jan 1857John Checketts HANDS, 46, Warehouseman, BachelorCannon St West LondonRichard HANDS, FarmerFrances SPILSBURY, 38, WidowStoneleighJoseph SINGLE, GentlemanJoseph SINGLE & Richd HANDSBy Licence Witness Elizabeth Perkins HANDS
23 Feb 1857Charles SMITH, 27, Joiner, BachelorSt Lukes ChelseaThomas SMITH, FarmerEliza WHITEHEAD, 28, SpinsterCanley StoneleighJoseph WHITEHEAD, FarmerWilliam WHITEHEAD & Elizabeth MORRIS?By Licence
13 Apr 1857John ARNOLD, 26, Farmer, BachelorAllesleyJohn ARNOLD, FarmerSarah ARNOLD, 22, SpinsterTile Hill StoneleighWilliam ARNOLD, FarmerWilliam ARNOLD & Mary TRIPPASSBy Licence
27 May 1857William WAKEFIELD, 33, Farmer, BachelorWalsgrave on SoweWilliam WAKEFIELD, FarmerSarah WAKEFIELD, 32, SpinsterFletchamsteadGeore WAKEFIELD, FarmerWilliam Twycross WAKEFIELD & Emma WAKEFIELDBy Licence
04 Jun 1857George SIMPSON, 23, Labourer, BachelorThe Hollies StoneleighJohn SIMPSON, LabourerMary PARKER, 24, SpinsterBourne Post StoneleighJob PARKER, LabourerJoseph WAGSTAFF & Elizabeth PARKERHe signs X She signs X
06 Sep 1857William BATES, 41, Labourer, WidowerBourne Post StoneleighJohn BATES, LabourerMaria BEASLEY, 31, Servant, SpinsterBourne Post StoneleighJonathan BEASLEY, LabourerEdmund HORTIN & Phoebe HORTINShe signs X
23 Sep 1857Alfred ARNOLD, 25, Jeweller, BachelorTile Hill StoneleighEdward ARNOLD, GentlemanEllen Jane SEGAR, 21, SpinsterTile Hill StoneleighWilliam SEGAR, MinisterJohn ARNOLD & Sarah ARNOLD 
20 Oct 1857George GEE, 24, Labourer, BachelorThe Hollies StoneleighWilliam GEE, LabourerMary GREEN, 21, Servant, SpinsterCubbingtonJohn GREEN, LabourerAnn GEE & Jos PORCHHe Signs X
05 Jul 1859Mark CHATTAWAY, 26, Innkeeper, BachelorTile Hill StoneleighThomas CHATTAWAY, FarmerEmma DUGGINS, 26, SpinsterBerkswellJohn DUGGINS, BlacksmithThomas Charles SNAPE & Jane DUGGINS 
09 Oct 1859James LEE, 50, Labourer, WidowerThe Hollies StoneleighJames LEE, LabourerSarah WALSGROVE, 49, WidowLeamington PriorsJob DUNCKLEY, LabourerHenry MILLS & Emma LEE 
12 Oct 1859George JOHNSON, 25, Labourer, BachelorThe Hurst StoneleighGeorge JOHNSON, LabourerMatilda PRESTIDGE, 21, Servant, SpinsterThe Hurst StoneleighJoseph PRESTIDGE, LabourerWilliam GRAINGER & Emma CLEMENTSHe signs X She signs X
24 Oct 1859John BIDDLE, 34, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighJoseph BIDDLE, LabourerEmma LEE, 26, Servant, SpinsterStoneleighJames LEE, LabourerThomas BIDDLE & Elizabeth BIDDLEHe Signs X
Nov 1859James TIMMS, 25, Labourer, BachelorBerkswellJoseph TIMMS, LabourerAnn GEE, 22, Servant, SpinsterThe Hollies StoneleighWilliam GEE, LabourerGeorge GEE & Harriett GEEHe signs X
10 Jul 1860Levi STOCKLEY, 22, Wheelwright, BachelorTile Hill StoneleighJohn STCKLEY, LabourerEllen Jane FLOWERS, 21, Servant, SpinsterTile Hill StoneleighJohn FLOWERS, LabourerFrederick FLOWERS & Harriett FLOWERS 
25 Oct 1860George HOWE, 32, Labourer, BachelorCoventryJames HOWE, BrewerElizabeth WRIGHT, 28, Servant, SpinsterThe Moat House StoneleighJohn WRIGHT, LabourerJohn HOWE & Mary HOWEShe signs X
14 Apr 1861David SMITH, 25, Labourer, BachelorBourne Post StoneleighJohn SMITH, LabourerMary SPARROW, 29, Laundress, SpinsterBourne Post StoneleighJohn SPARROW, Shoeing SmithHenry JEACOCK & Jane ARISSHe signs X She signs X
03 Jun 1861Joshua BARKER, 24, Watchmaker, BachelorCoventrySamuel BARKER, LabourerCharlotte KIMBERLEY, 25, Servant, SpinsterThe Round Houses StoneleighJohn KIMBERLEY, BrickmakerCharles KIMBERLEY & Emma BLIZZARD 
10 Nov 1861Robert KIMBERLEY, 30, Labourer, BachelorRound Houses StoneleighJohn KIMBERLEY, BrickmakerEmma BLIZZARD, 24, Servant, SpinsterRound Houses StoneleighEdward BLIZZARD, LabourerCharles KIMBERLEY & Mary Anne TAYLORHe Signs X 3rd Witness unreadable
25 Nov 1861Thomas HIORNS, 24, Labourer, BachelorTachbrookeCharles HIORNS, LabourerSarah EDWARDS, 18, Servant, SpinsterThe Hurst StoneleighJohn EDWARDS, LabourerEdward HIORNS & Mary MAYCOCKHe signs X
20 Oct 1862William BEASLEY, 32, Labourer, BachelorBarstonWilliam BEASLEY, LabourerJane SWIFT, 19, Servant, SpinsterBroad Lane StoneleighThomas SWIFT, LabourerJoseph SAVAGE & Elizabeth SAVAGEHe signs X
03 Nov 1862John ARMITT, 30, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighWilliam ARMITT, LabourerHannah MASTERS, 30, WidowThe Hollies StoneleighRichard METCALF, LabourerHenry ARMITT & Anne TIMMSHe Signs X
09 Feb 1863Thomas CLARKE, Labourer, WidowerCanley Hill StoneleighJohn CLARKE, LabourerHarriet HALL, , SpinsterCanley Hill StoneleighThomas HALL, ButcherHenry MILLS & Eloner MILLSHe signs X She signs X. Both of Full Age
03 Aug 1863Henry ARMITT, 27, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighWilliam ARMITT, LabourerAnne Elizabeth MILLS, 23, SpinsterStoneleighJoseph MILLS, LabourerEdwin PRATT & Eloner MILLSHe Signs X
08 Sep 1863William Pitman COLLINGBOURNE, Farmer, WidowerBroad Lane StoneleighHenry COLLINGBOURNE, WeaverMary MALLABER, , WidowBroad Lane StoneleighThomas EVETTS, FarmerHenry WARD & Emma PEMBERTONBy Licence. Both of full Age
27 Mar 1864Daniel SHIRLEY, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodWilliam SHIRLEY, LabourerJane ARISS, , WidowWestwoodJohn SPARROW, BlacksmithWilliam SPARROW & Aloce SHREWSBURYHe signs X. Both of Full Age
05 Apr 1864Edwin PRATT, 25, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighEdward LEE, ShoemakerAnn LEE, 23, Servant, SpinsterCanley Hill StoneleighEdward LEE, BricklayerEdward LEE & Mary Ann PRATT 
12 Sep 1864Frederick FLOWERS, 34, Labourer, BachelorBanner Lane StoneleighJohn FLOWERS, LabourerEliza WARD, 31, SpinsterRound Houses StoneleighJohn WARD, LabourerThomas FLOWERS & Sarah FLOWERS 
17 Oct 1864William ARNOLD, 28, Labourer, BachelorCryfield StoneleighJohn ARNOLD, LabourerSarah SIMPSON, 23, Servant, SpinsterCryfield StoneleighJohn SIMPSON, LabourerJohn BATES & Hanah SIMPSONHe signs X
13 Dec 1864William SHIRLEY, 54, Labourer, WidowerCanley Hill StoneleighDaniel SHIRLEY, LabourerDinah BATES, 37, SpinsterBourne Post StoneleighRichard BATES, LabourerDaniel BATES & Phoebe BATESHe signs X She signs X
15 Feb 1865William SMITH, 45, Labourer, BachelorThe Hurst StoneleighJohn SMITH, LabourerFrances CLIFFORD, 50, WidowThe Hurst StoneleighWilliam TANDY, LabourerJoseph SMITH & Catherine SmithHe signs X She signs X
07 May 1866William GRAINGER, 25, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodThomas GRAINGER, LabourerAnn LANGHAM, 28, Servant, SpinsterBerkswellThomas LANGHAM, LabourerJoseph GRAINGER & Hannah GRAINGERHe signs X
24 Jul 1866Richard ARMITT, 21, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodWilliam ARMITT, LabourerAnnie BUSS, 21, SpinsterWestwoodHenry William BUSS, LabourerJohn ARMITT & Hannah ARMITTHe signs X
08 Oct 1866John INGRAM, 24, Labourer, BachelorWestwood HeathRobert INGRAM, LabourerSelena KENDALL, 24, Servant, SpinsterTile Hill StoneleighHenry KENDALL, LabourerHy MURCOTT & Elizabeth MURCOTTHe signs X She signs X
04 Apr 1867Thomas SLADE, 40, Baker, WidowerBerkswellJoseph SLADE, LabourerLydia WOOD, 31, SpinsterWestwood HeathJohn WOOD, LabourerJames WODD & Caroline WOOD 
28 May 1867Frank HUDSON, 31, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighWilliam HUDSON, LabourerSarah ARNOLD, 27, SpinsterBroad Lane StoneleighThomas ARNOLD, FarmerRichard WYATT & Ellen ARNOLD 
24 Jul 1867Edward JUDD, Farmer, BachelorThe Hurst StoneleighWilliam JUDD, FarmerHannah TIMMS, , SpinsterThe Hurst StoneleighJoseph TIMMS, LabourerJohn TIMMS & Jane TIMMSBoth of Full Age
23 Sep 1867James BROWN, 23, Policeman, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighJohn BROWN, FarmerRosanna WARNER, 21, SpinsterBloxwichHenry WARNER, Bit MakerEdwin PRATT & Clara Jane BROWN 
13 Feb 1868Thomas Rotherham PHILLIPS, 43, Farmer, BachelorMount Nod StoneleighEdward PHILLIPS, GentlemanAnn TWYCROSS, 45, SpinsterCanley Hill StoneleighEdward TWYCROSS, FarmerEdwd TWYCROSS & Katherine Hannah PHILLIPSBy Licence. Witness Edwd Phillips M.D.
30 Mar 1868John WATSON, 20, Labourer, BachelorBourne Post StoneleighWilliam WATSON, LabourerJulia Mary BATES, 20, SpinsterBourne Post StoneleighWilliam BATES, LabourerJames WATSON & Emma SMITH 
17 May 1868Thomas GREENWAY, 24, Labourer, BachelorWhoberley StoneleighWilliam GIBBS, LabourerMary Ann WOOD, 27, SpinsterMoat House StoneleighJames WOOD, LabourerGeorge WOOD & Emma GIBBS 
06 Oct 1868George FLOWERS, 25, Watchmaker, BachelorBanner Lane StoneleighJohn FLOWERS, LabourerAnn WARD, 25, SpinsterBanner Lane StoneleighThomas WARD, LabourerThomas WARD & Sarah FLOWERS 
31 Mar 1869James BUSS, 27, Labourer, BachelorCanleyWilliam BUSS, LabourerSarah SMITH, 25, SpinsterWestwood HeathJames SMITH, LabourerJohn SMITH & Harriett BUSS 
07 Jun 1869William POULTON, 20, Labourer, BachelorCanleyHenry POULTON, LabourerJulia PARKER, 19, SpinsterWhoberleyJoseph PARKER, LabourerGeorge OWEN & Amy PARKERHe signs X
03 Aug 1869John Waugh FORRESTER, 33, Merchant, BachelorLyons in FranceThomas FORRESTER, GentlemanKate Kent SPILSBURY, 20, SpinsterCanley StoneleighCharles Alexander SPILSBURY, GentlemanC. A. SPILSBURY & Elizth P. HANDSBy Licence
21 Sep 1869William READER, 20, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighJohn READER, GardenerMary Ann Catherine MANN, 26, Domestic Servant, SpinsterCoventryEdward MANN, TailorHenry LEE & Harriett NEWMAN 
12 Oct 1869Henry WALDIN, 21, Labourer, BachelorWhoberley William WALDIN, LabourerCaroline HAYNES, 20, Domestic Servant, SpinsterWhoberleyHenry HAYNES, LabourerJohn BATES & Jane BATES 
02 Apr 1870William RAWLINS, 25, Labourer, BachelorCanley Hill StoneleighThomas RAWLINS, LabourerCharlotte Ann BENBROOK, 18, Spinster Henry BENBROOK, LabourerArthur PRATT & Elizabeth RAWLINS 
22 May 1870Joseph OWEN, 24, Labourer, BachelorCanleyWilliam OWEN, LabourerSarah WILCOX, 37, WidowEarlsdonJoseph THOMPSON, WeaverJames BUSS & Sarah BUSSShe signs X
28 Aug 1870Edwin HALL, 22, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodWilliam HALL, DeadFanny MULLISS, 31, SpinsterWestwoodJohn MULLISS, LabourerWilliam MULLISS & Jane Helen ANSTEY 
03 Sep 1870Benjamin HIORNS, 20, Labourer, BachelorCryfield StoneleighThomas HIORNS, LabourerElizabeth HOWE, 28, WidowCryfield StoneleighJohn WRIGHT, LabourerBenjamin BROWN & Mary An JONESShe signs X
15 Feb 1871Thomas Wright OLDHAM, 44, Gentleman, WidowerDawlishWilliam OLDHAM, GentlemanEmma WAKEFIELD, 45, SpinsterWestwoodGeorge WAKEFIELD, FarmerWilliam CANNON & Mary E. SWINNERTONBy Licence
11 Mar 1871Edmund HORTON, 51, Labourer, WidowerWestwoodJames HORTON, LabourerMary BANT, 53, SpinsterWestwoodWilliam BANT, LabourerFrank HUDSON & Anne BANTShe signs X
26 Jun 1871Thomas SLEE, 27, Labourer, BachelorCanleySamuel SLEE, ShoemakerEmma ISAAC, 22, SpinsterExeterRichard ISAAC, LabourerJoseph SUTTON & Sarah SUTTON 
24 Oct 1871Joseph MILLS, 30, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodCharles MILLS, LabourerSarah ORTON, 30, SpinsterWestwoodJoseph ORTON, WeaverFrederick ORTON & Alice ORTON 
21 Jan 1872George BRAIN, 34, Labourer, WidowerWestwoodJohn BRAIN, LabourerEmma Ann TARRANT, 27, SpinsterCoventryJosiah TARRANT, CordwinerJosiah TARRANT & Phoebe PHILLIPS 
25 Feb 1872Frank HUDSON, 35, Labourer, WidowerWestwoodWilliam HUDSON, LabourerMaria TURNER, 22, SpinsterWestwoodJohn TURNER, LabourerArthur PRATT & Elizabeth TIMMS 
02 Apr 1872Arthur PRATT, 23, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodJoseph PRATT, ShoemakerMary WILKINS, 33, SpinsterBerkswellWilliam WILKINS, LabourerElizabeth WILKINS & George HOBLEY? 
29 Oct 1872William SAWKINS, 36, Station Master?, WidowerTile Hill GateJames SAWKINS, LabourerEliza FLOWERS, 38, WidowRound Houses StoneleighJohn WARD, LabourerGeorge WARD & Ellen WARD 
03 Feb 1873John KIMBERLEY, 21, Shoemaker, BachelorWednesburyJohn KIMBERLEY, MinerMaria POLLARD, 21, SpinsterWestwoodNathaniel POLLARD, Railway SignalmanNathaniel POLLARD & Ann? ALLEN 
29 Jul 1873William SHAW, 30, Farm Labourer, BachelorBerkswellCharles SHAW, Farm LabourerFanny JEFFCOAT, 20, SpinsterStoneleighJohn JEFFCOAT, Farm LabourerWilliam JEFFCOAT & Ellen JEFFCOATHe Signs X
29 May 1874Henry KENDALL, 25, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodHenry KENDALL, LabourerJane TIMMS, 24, SpinsterWestwoodJoseph TIMMS, LabourerHannah KENDALL & David KENDALL 
08 Jun 1874David BATES, 24, Labourer, BachelorStoneleighAmos BATES, LabourerEmma TAYLOR, 24, SpinsterBerkswellSamuel TAYLOR, LabourerHenry BATES & Mary Ann HARROW 
11 Mar 1875William DODWELL, 23, Watchmaker, BachelorHoly Trinity Coventry Jane LEE, 27, SpinsterSt Johns StoneleighEdward LEE, BricklayerEdward LEE & Mary LEE 
10 Nov 1875John SAMMONS, Labourer, BachelorWestwoodJohn SAMMONS, LabourerEliza TIMMS, , Spinster Joseph TIMMS, Tom TIMMS & Mary Ann SAMMONSBoth of Full Age
17 Nov 1875William ELLIOTT, 24, Gardener, BachelorBerkswellDaniel ELLIOTT, LabourerJane HORTON, 27, SpinsterWestwoodEdward HORTON, LabourerJoseph HUGHES & Harriett HARRIS 
03 Jan 1876Charles William POLLARD, 22, Railway Signalman, BachelorSatley Aston JuxtaNathaniel POLLARD, Railway SignalmanHannah COLE, 24, WidowWestwoodThomas BENCH, WeaverThomas Henry BENCH & Mary Ann HULLOTT 

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