Westwood (Stoneleigh) St John the Baptist
Burials from 1849 to 1876

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                    Surname Listing:

Adkins, Ariss, Armitt, Arnold, Ashby, Atkins, Atterbury,
Baker, Bant, Barrs, Bates, Bennett, Berwick, Biddle, Bloxham, Bounds, Brain, Brodie, Brown, Bunney,
Cartwright, Checkley, Clarke, Clements, Clerke, Clifford, Clifton, Cloves, Cooke, Cox,
Darlo, Draper, Edwards, Farrell, Fitter, Flecknor, Fletcher, Flowers,
Garner, Gee, Gilks, Glover, Grainger, Grant, Green, Gristwood, Gumbley, Gunn,
Haghes, Hall, Hands, Hanks, Hazle, Hazzle, Hortin, Howes, Hudson, Ingram, Ivens, Jeffs, Judd,
Kendall, Kimberley, Laugher, Lee, Lenton, Marcott, Masters, Maye, Miller, Mills, Mulliss, Owen,
Palmer, Parker, Phillips, Pollard, Porch, Potter, Potts, Pratt, Rawlins, Reader, Reynolds, Roy,
Sammons, Sanson, Sawkins, Shirley, Simpson, Smith, Sparrow, Steane, Stockley, Stoney, Sumner, Swaine,
Taveau, Thompson, Tidmarsh, Tredgold, Trippass, Turner, Twycross, Wagstaff, Wakeling, Ward, Waters,
Watts, Wild, Wilding, Wincote, Wincott, Wood, Woodfield, Worrall, Wright, Yardley, Yeoman.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
123 Sep 1849Gregoire TAVEAUInfantKirby Corner Stoneleigh 
226 Oct 1849William WATERS13wBroad Lane Stoneleigh 
320 Jan 1847Sarah STONEY14Hurst Lane Stoneleigh 
411 Feb 1847Thomas DRAPER20Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
509 May 1847Harriet READER3Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
623 May 1847Sarah CLIFFORD3Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
710 Jun 1847Henry GREEN4mBourne Post Stoneleigh 
806 Nov 1848William WATTS44Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
908 Nov 1848Emma FLOWERS8Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
1015 Jan 1849Harriet ARMITT8wCryfield Stoneleigh 
1123 May 1849William SUMNER3mHearsall Common Stoneleigh 
1217 Jun 1849Jane WATERS4mBroad Lane Stoneleigh 
1322 Jul 1849Mary LEE74Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
1406 Dec 1849Letitia TURNER86Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
1504 Jun 1850Ann WRIGHT42Tile Hill Stoneleigh 
1610 Sep 1850Mary Ann WATERS7mBroad Lane Stoneleigh 
1722 Sep 1850John RAWLINS22mMoat Houses Stoneleigh 
1809 Jan 1851Susannah WOOD26Round Houses Stoneleigh 
1919 Jan 1851George ARMITT25Cryfield Stoneleigh 
2025 Apr 1851Rebecca HALL5Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
2105 Oct 1851Richard TURNER89Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
2229 Oct 1851Henry MAYEInfantKirby Corner Stoneleigh 
2313 Nov 1851Caroline ARMITT16Cryfield Gate Stoneleigh 
2423 Nov 1851Mary KIMBERLEY18The Round Houses Stoneleigh 
2502 May 1852Sarah SWAINE90Tile Hill Lane Stoneleigh 
2630 May 1852Henry CLIFFORD2Hurst Lane Stoneleigh 
2725 Jun 1852John WOOD60Round Houses Stoneleigh 
2812 Oct 1852Joseph BANT8mJob's Lane Stoneleigh 
2921 Nov 1852Walter COOKE4Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
3016 Dec 1852Thomas COX70Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
3120 Jan 1853Joseph LEE83Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
3206 Feb 1853John Joseph PORCH5wCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
3306 Mar 1853Hannah BAKER30Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
3417 Mar 1853Elizabeth MULLISS33Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
3517 Jul 1853Mary TIDMARSH51Berkswell 
3605 Aug 1853Charles EDWARDS77Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
3723 Oct 1853Elizabeth CLIFFORD5The Hurst Stoneleigh 
3826 Nov 1853Joseph WARD82Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
3911 Dec 1853Jonas HANKS79Allesley Rd Stoneleigh 
4014 Dec 1853Elizabeth TWYCROSS33Canley Stoneleigh 
4105 Mar 1854Mary Ann COOKE10Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
4205 Mar 1854William EDWARDS23Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
4326 Mar 1854Henry COOKE14mCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
4410 Dec 1854Sarah ARNOLD5The Lodge Stoneleigh 
4531 Dec 1854Elizabeth Ellen ADKINS3mTile Hill Stoneleigh 
4607 Jan 1855William BOUNDS2mPark Wood Stoneleigh 
4717 Jan 1855Ann COOKE32Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
4818 Jan 1855Jane SMITH1mThe Hurst Stoneleigh 
4918 Jan 1855Sarah SMITH1mThe Hurst Stoneleigh 
5025 Mar 1855William WAGSTAFF70Tile Hill Lane Stoneleigh 
5117 May 1855James LEE77The Hollies Stoneleigh 
5230 May 1855Sarah Jane REYNOLDS10mAllesley Rd Stoneleigh 
5301 Jul 1855Jonas CHECKLEY42Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
5402 Jul 1855Elizabeth RAWLINS74Cryfield Gate Stoneleigh 
5526 Aug 1855Eliza MILLS16Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
5624 Feb 1856John MASTERS32Moat House Stoneleigh 
5725 Feb 1856James GILKS31Tile Hill Lane Stoneleigh 
5809 Mar 1856William Joseph LEE2Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
5913 Apr 1856George CLARKE15The Round Houses Stoneleigh 
6008 Jul 1856John HAZZLE50The Hollies Stoneleigh 
6126 Jul 1856William TWYCROSS68Berkswell 
6202 Sep 1856Elizabeth BIDDLE76Round Houses Stoneleigh 
6303 Sep 1856John DARLO20mEastern Green Stoneleigh 
6401 Nov 1856James GILKS60Berkswell 
6525 Nov 1856George REYNOLDS16Allesley Rd Stoneleigh 
6605 Apr 1857Mary CLEMENTS83Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
6705 Apr 1857Joseph PRATT47Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
6812 Apr 1857Elizabeth CLIFTON26Cryfield Gate Stoneleigh 
6917 Apr 1857Matthew WOODFIELD79Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
7006 May 1857Sarah GREEN87Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
7118 May 1857Sarah WARD96Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
7214 Aug 1857Elizabeth ARISS81Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
7323 Aug 1857Thomas HALL82Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
7431 Oct 1857Mary LEE47The Hollies Stoneleigh 
7512 Nov 1857Walter GREEN6mEastern Green Stoneleigh 
7612 Nov 1857Sarah MILLER68Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
7722 Nov 1857William CLEMENTS87St Johns Coventry 
7827 Nov 1857Elizabeth COX27Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
7931 Dec 1857Ann ARNOLD14Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
8024 Jun 1858Sarah HANKS70Allesley Gate Stoneleigh 
8127 Jun 1858Durham FLECKNOR84Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
8201 Aug 1858Ann ARNOLD2The Lodge Stoneleigh 
8308 Aug 1858John SAMMONS73Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
8429 Aug 1858Richard BATES87Burne Post Stoneleigh 
8519 Nov 1858Sarah TWYCROSS78Canley Stoneleigh 
8610 Mar 1859Hannah POTTS65Cryfield Stoneleigh 
8727 Mar 1859Thomas MILLS76Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
8824 May 1859Selina THOMPSON26Tile Hill Stoneleigh 
8929 May 1859Emily Caroline SAMMONS9mTile Hill Stoneleigh 
9005 Aug 1859William CLIFFORD47The Hurst Stoneleigh 
9121 Aug 1859Catherine FITTER82Burne Post Stoneleigh 
9204 Oct 1859William WORRALL1mCrackley Gate Stoneleigh 
9319 Oct 1859Martha GLOVER82Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
9419 Oct 1859Stephen GRISTWOOD4mAllesley Gate Stoneleigh 
9506 Nov 1859Mary CLEMENTS70The Hurst Stoneleigh 
9609 Dec 1859Elizabeth ARNOLD18Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
9719 Dec 1859William Henry SAMMONS2Tile Hill Stoneleigh 
9805 Jan 1860Susannah WARD12mHearsall Lane Stoneleigh 
9916 Feb 1860John KIMBERLEY57Round Houses Stoneleigh 
10026 Feb 1860William HALL57Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
10126 Feb 1860George ARNOLD12mThe Lodge Stoneleigh 
10225 Mar 1860Sarah MILLS84Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
10306 Apr 1860Ellen CLARKE22mCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
10408 Apr 1860Susannah FITTER8mThe Lodge Stoneleigh 
10528 Apr 1860Emma TWYCROSS67London 
10617 Oct 1860Catherine CLARKE46Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
10728 Oct 1860Sarah LENTON57Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
10824 Dec 1860Thomas WINCOTT76Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
10928 Jan 1861Grace POTTS59Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
11007 Feb 1861James CLARKE5mRound Houses Stoneleigh 
11101 Mar 1861Hananh BATES18Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
11216 Mar 1861Mary Ann FARRELL14Tile Hill Stoneleigh 
11305 May 1861Edward ARNOLD46The Lodge Stoneleigh 
11402 Jun 1861William SIMPSON65Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
11513 Jun 1861William BLOXHAM67The Hurst Stoneleigh 
11616 Oct 1861Janes BARRS76Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
11717 Nov 1861Edward WOOD31Round Houses Stoneleigh 
11813 Dec 1861Joseph PORCH50Birmingham 
11915 Dec 1861Hannah ARMITT57Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
12014 Jan 1862Richard CHECKLEY43Crackley Gate Stoneleigh 
12124 Jan 1862William SAMMONS8mCryfield Stoneleigh 
12205 Feb 1862Hannah MILLS2The Hollies Stoneleigh 
12309 Feb 1862Emma Dorcas KENDALL14dPark Wood Stoneleigh 
12412 Feb 1862Job FLETCHER25Cryfield Stoneleigh 
12511 Apr 1862James BATES82Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
12622 Apr 1862Louisa RAWLINS3dCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
12722 Apr 1862Walter RAWLINS6dCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
12822 Jun 1862John CLARKE69Round Houses Stoneleigh 
12923 Jul 1862Charles WARD13mEastern Green Allesley 
13006 Aug 1862Sarah Elizabeth LEE8mCoventry 
13112 Aug 1862James POTTS79Cryfield Stoneleigh 
13211 Dec 1862Ellen COX77Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
13325 Dec 1862Fanny JEFFS67Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
13429 Mar 1863Richard BENNETT89Moat House Stoneleigh 
13505 Apr 1863Hannah HAZLE36The Hurst Stoneleigh 
13609 Apr 1863John ARISS29Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
13713 Jun 1863Jane TWYCROSS76Coventry 
13817 Jul 1863Anne SHIRLEY61Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
13919 Jul 1863Emma GREEN44Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
14010 Aug 1863Alice Georgina SPARROW14Cryfield Stoneleigh 
14103 Sep 1863Sarah FLECKNOR79Broad Lane Stoneleigh 
14216 Oct 1863Mary BERWICK88The Pools Stoneleigh 
14308 Nov 1863Emma CLIFFORD2Coventry 
14414 Jan 1864Anne GUNN36Coventry 
14508 Apr 1864James Garibaldi WARD13mKenilworth 
14611 May 1864John CLARKE14mRound Houses Stoneleigh 
14711 May 1864Sarah LENTON9dKirby Corner Stoneleigh 
14803 Jul 1864Walter JUDD5mThe Hurst Stoneleigh 
14928 Jul 1864Mary Ann PORCH12Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
15010 Nov 1864Elizabeth BATES84Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
15115 Nov 1864Elizabeth CLEMENTS42The Hurst Stoneleigh 
15208 Jan 1865Ann SMITH74Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
15305 Feb 1865James MULLISS19mKirby Corner Stoneleigh 
15414 Mar 1865Ann OWEN45Canley Stoneleigh 
15530 Mar 1865Mary CLARKE28Round Houses Stoneleigh 
15616 Apr 1865Thomas GRANT5Crackley Gate Stoneleigh 
15728 Jun 1865Sarah WOOD32Round Houses Stoneleigh 
15814 Sep 1865Ann HALL92Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
15912 Aug 1865Emma PARKER21mEastern Green Stoneleigh 
16031 Jan 1866Amy YARDLEY3Nuneaton 
16120 Mar 1866Agnes COOKE5Kirby Corner Stoneleigh 
16222 Mar 1866Mary Ann RAWLINS3wCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
16308 Jul 1866Ann HAZLE6The Hurst Stoneleigh 
16408 Aug 1866Emanuel Thomas WILD4Allesley Rd Stoneleigh 
16526 Aug 1866Samuel PARKER10mEastern Green Stoneleigh 
16606 Oct 1866Thomas GRAINGER64The Hurst Stoneleigh 
16711 Oct 1866Mark LEE21The Hollies Stoneleigh 
16813 Dec 1866Emma HAZLE14The Hurst Stoneleigh 
16923 Apr 1867George Dennis LEE3mBroad Lane Stoneleigh 
17012 May 1867Elizabeth BRODIE29Stoke 
17130 Jun 1867Richard FLOWERS50Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
17218 Aug 1867Charlotte Elizabeth WAKELING59Tile Hill Stoneleigh 
17325 Sep 1867Harriet ATTERBURY21Broad Lane  
17429 Oct 1867Ann PARKER15Bourne Post 
17509 Mar 1868Henry SMITH2mThe Hurst 
17605 Apr 1868Emma BIDDLE3mBroad Lane 
17718 Apr 1868Thomas BERWICK91Knowle 
17805 May 1868Alfred James WILDING3mCanley Hill Stoneleigh 
17919 May 1868Mary WAGSTAFF88Tile Hill Lane 
18030 Sep 1868William HUDSON78Canley Hill Stoneleigh 
18123 Nov 1868Sarah BLOXHAM74The Hurst Stoneleigh 
18227 Dec 1868Mary GARNER66Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
18309 Feb 1869Edward Thornton TWYCROSS83Walsgrave on Sowe 
18421 Apr 1869Sophia BATES90Broad Lane 
18501 Jul 1869Sarah HUDSON29Canley Hill 
18618 Jul 1869Elizabeth SHIRLEY11mStoneleigh Westwood 
18718 Aug 1869John CLERKE78Eastern Green Stoneleigh 
18824 Aug 1869Harry TRIPPASS5wTile Hill Stoneleigh 
18911 Dec 1869Elizabeth GILKS76Hockley Farm Berkswell 
19016 Jan 1870Albert Henry WRIGHT7mSwan St Coventry 
19123 Jan 1870Bertha HAGHES12mKirby Corner  
19203 Feb 1870Emily WILD14dAllesley Rd Stoneleigh 
19319 Apr 1870William WOOD8Westwood 
19405 May 1870James WOOD75Westwood 
19521 May 1870John SAMMONS49Cryfield Westwood 
19613 Aug 1870Elizabeth MARCOTT24Birmingham 
19708 Sep 1870Mary FLETCHER92Bourne Post 
19811 Sep 1870Ann HORTIN46Westwood 
19925 Sep 1870Jane GEE73Westwood 
20029 Sep 1870John MULLISS75Westwood 
20127 Nov 1870Elizabeth BROWN77Bourne Post 
20206 Jan 1871Tom LENTON21dWestwood 
20310 Jan 1871Catherine WINCOTE96Bourne Post 
20430 Jan 1871George SPARROW10mWestwood 
20506 Feb 1871Mary ASHBY91Westwood 
20605 Mar 1871Nellie May YARDLEY2mNuneaton 
20726 Mar 1871Elizabeth PARKER71Bourne Post 
20821 May 1871Frederick FLOWERS40Budbrooke 
20904 Jun 1871Mary GREEN67Westwood 
21020 Aug 1871Sarah BRAIN36Westwood 
21103 Nov 1871Martha GUMBLEY52Broad Lane 
21229 Nov 1871Mabel ATKINS51Bourne Post 
21319 Dec 1871Maria WOOD72Hearsall Common  
21405 Jan 1872Alice EDWARDS15The Hurst 
21505 Jan 1872George POTTER6Westwood 
21612 Jan 1872Caroline SAWKINS36Tile Hill 
21710 Feb 1872William PARKER2Eastern Green 
21822 Feb 1872John BANT13Job's Lane 
21925 Feb 1872Frederick YEOMAN18wEastern Green 
22009 Apr 1872Elizabeth POLLARD8Hearsall Lane Westwood 
22124 Apr 1872Lydia READER65Westwood 
22213 Oct 1872Thomas WOOD72Hearsall Common Westwood 
22318 Dec 1872William GEE74The Hollies Westwood 
22420 Dec 1872Eliza MILLS45The Hollies Westwood 
22502 Jan 1873Selina INGRAM30Birmingham 
22623 Jan 1873Susan SPARROW47Westwood 
22701 Apr 1873John GREEN72Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
22830 Apr 1873Martha Ames LAUGHER3Westwood 
22916 Jul 1873Edmund (The Rev) ROY73Kenilworth 
23013 Aug 1873Thomas Daniel Wiles CLOVES3mCoventry 
23131 Aug 1873John BROWN77Bourne Post Stoneleigh 
23207 Sep 1873Elizabeth BENNETT78Westwood 
23323 Nov 1873Sarah SANSON42Birmingham 
23414 Dec 1873Margaret Mabel ATKINS4mBourne Post Westwood 
23515 Jan 1874John FLOWERS76Tile Hill Westwood 
23618 Jan 1874Harriet CLARKE60Round Houses Westwood 
23728 Mar 1874Charles IVENS74Whaburley Cottage Tile Hill Lane 
23820 May 1874John KIMBERLEY3mCanley Gates (Railway) Westwood 
23921 Aug 1874Sarah Ann BUNNEY10Westwood 
24008 Nov 1874John Herbert KIMBERLEY3Round Houses Westwood 
24131 Jan 1875John POTTS68Stoke Nr Coventry 
24206 Feb 1875Thomas TREDGOLD3dWestwoodTwin
24306 Feb 1875Amelia TREDGOLD3dWestwoodTwin
24414 Feb 1875George BRAIN38Tille Hille Lane Westwood 
24522 Apr 1875Albert READER9wWestwood 
24627 Apr 1875John WRIGHT67Bourne Post Westwood 
24708 May 1875Mary STEANE57Broad Lane Westwood 
24820 Aug 1875William SAMMONS10Westwood 
24927 Aug 1875John STOCKLEY65Eastern Green Allesley 
25002 Sep 1875William GUMBLEY29Broad Lane Westwood 
25104 Sep 1875Walter J. CARTWRIGHT23Onley Grounds Nr Rugby 
25230 Sep 1875Benjmain COOKE54Westwood 
25331 Oct 1875Hannah KENDALL24Westwood 
25405 Jan 1876Caroline WRIGHT7Spon End Coventry 
25513 Jan 1876William FLETCHER99Bourne Post WestwoodVicar has noted (?89)
25622 Jan 1876Phoebe BATES59Kirby Corner Westwood 
25714 Feb 1876John PALMER66The Pools Westwood 
25822 Feb 1876Elizabeth PALMER67The Pools Westwood 
25930 Apr 1876Mary HOWES82Tile Hill Westwood 
26011 May 1876Charlotte HANDS13dTile Hill Lane WestwoodTwin
26111 May 1876Hannah HANDS11dTile Hill Lane WestwoodTwin
26222 Jun 1876Thomas PHILLIPS51Sowe Nr Coventry 
26324 Sep 1876Elizabeth MILLS21The Hollies Westwood 
26429 Nov 1876Susan SWAINE79Workhouse WarwickFormerly Canley Hill Westwood

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