Temple Grafton - St. Andrew's
Burials from 1876 to 1932

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Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
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                    Surname Listing:

Arthur, Ayliffe, Bailey, Barrand, Baylis, Bayliss, Benson, Betteridge, Blundell, Boyce, Brookes,
Cadd, Cannon, Charlton, Clark, Clifton, Cockerell, Cockerill, Collet, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Corbett, Cowper,
Davis, Day, Deakin, East, Edkins, Ellis, Elton, Felton, Fenton, Finch, Fisher, Foster, Freeman,
Gardener, Goodwin, Goulborne, Gould, Gregg, Grimmitt, Hadlon, Halford, Hall, Handy, Harrington, Harris, Hawthorne,
Haywood, Hendley, Hinton, Hitchings, Holder, Holtom, Homer, Horner, Horniblow, Horseman, Horton, Huckvale, Hunt, Jeffs, Johnson, Jones,
Keasey, Kelly, Kimberley, King, Langston, Langstone, Lawrence, Leach, Lines, Little, Lock, Locke, Lonsdale, Loxley, Lynes,
Malins, Mason, Mastin, Matthews, Mcclintock, Melton, Mills, Mooney, Morgan, Mustin, Odell, Osborne,
Palmer, Parsons, Pearce, Penn, Perce, Perks, Phipps, Plummer, Print, Quiney,
Rawlings, Raybon, Raybone, Read, Reid, Riley, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Ruff, Russell,
Sale, Salt, Sandals, Sandells, Sandles, Sandwith, Smith, Sparrow, Stait, Sturch, Swann,
Taylor, Thornett, Timms, Tongue, Tracey, Tredwell, Tropman, Trotman, Tudor,
Walker, Warner, Warren, Watson, Watts, White, Whitehead, Whittle, Wilkes, Williams, Wright, Young.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
47312 Jul 1876Anne LANGSTON1dTemple Grafton 
47412 Jul 1876Thomas LANGSTON2dTemple Grafton 
47521 Jul 1876Georgina Elizabeth WRIGHT2Temple Grafton 
4769 Nov 1876William Albert Edward LOCK12wTemple Grafton 
4773 Jan 1877William ODELL3Temple Grafton 
47813 Apr 1877Eliza SPARROW58Temple Grafton 
47918 Apr 1877John LEACH79Union House Stratford on Avon 
4809 May 1877Anne COCKERELL78Temple Grafton 
48128 Jul 1877Thomas KING54Lowe House Wellesbourne 
58222 Dec 1877Mary WHITE71Temple Grafton 
4838 Jan 1878Sarah HARRIS69Temple Grafton 
48418 Feb 1878Elizabeth GARDENER75Exhall 
48523 Mar 1878John CLIFTON9Temple Grafton 
48624 Jul 1878JOhn ODELL64Temple Grafton 
48728 Nov 1878Elizabeth FELTON71Temple Grafton 
4889 Dec 1878Samuel OSBORNE78Temple Grafton 
48914 Jan 1879Mark LOCK10dTemple Grafton 
4903 Feb 1879John DAY69Studley 
49122 Mar 1879John CHARLTON21Temple Grafton 
49214 Mar 1879John TRACEY82Temple Grafton 
49328 Apr 1879Hannah HOLDER84Wixford 
49410 Jul 1879Selina COWPER44Temple Grafton 
49530 Oct 1879Thomas HADLON1Temple Grafton 
49613 Dec 1879Henry PERKS65Temple Grafton 
49719 Jan 1880Alice Caroline FISHER1Temple Grafton 
49831 Jan 1880Matthew RAWLINGS74Temple Grafton 
49930 Mar 1880Sarah HORNIBLOW17Union House Stratford on Avon 
50019 Aug 1880John LEACH37Temple Grafton 
5012 Oct 1880Elizabeth FELTON52Temple Grafton 
50217 Jan 1881Caroline OSBORNE70Temple Grafton 
5037 Apr 1881Thomas MUSTIN70Ardens Grafton 
50420 Oct 1881Mary Elizabeth Holder BENSON6Birmingham 
5055 Apr 1882Phobe CLIFTON73Ardens Grafton 
50617 Apr 1882Harriet HARRIS35Ardens Grafton 
5079 Nov 1882Maria EAST74Temple Grafton 
50822 Nov 1882Albert Theodore HARRIS15Temple Grafton 
50913 Dec 1882John EAST66Ardens Grafton 
5106 Jan 1883Bertie Frank FENTON1y 8mGraftonMargin note "Nr B"
5118 Aug 1883Maria TIMMS59hHilborough Farm Bldngs GraftonMargin note "Nr B"
51220 Dec 1883Mary DEAKIN31Garfton Court 
51323 Apr 1884William LEACH78Temple Grafton 
5141 May 1884Montague P F R SPARROW65The Vicarage Temple GraftonPennington Florentine Romulus
51511 Aug 1884Michael CANNON57Hillborough Parish of Grafton 
51613 Dec 1884Ellen MILLS6wArdens Grafton 
5172 Jan 1885Ada Beatrice RUSSELL3wTemple Grafton 
51829 Jan 1885Martha LINES71Temple Grafton 
51912 Mar 1885Rose SMITH17Temple Grafton 
52028 Mar 1885John TROTMAN47Temple Grafton 
52112 Oct 1885George JOHNSON46Temple Grafton 
52218 Nov 1885Mary Ann PERKS67Ardens Grafton 
52312 Jan 1886Charles LOXLEY67Haselor Hill 
52425 Feb 1886Charles PARSONS61Temple Grafton 
52515 Mar 1886Andrew HUNT78Temple Grafton 
5267 Jun 1886Rebecca WATSON63Temple Grafton 
5275 Jul 1886Thomas JEFFS88Wilmcote 
52825 Aug 1886Elizabeth LOXLEY89Haselor Hill 
5291 Nov 1886Elizabeth EAST38Temple Grafton 
53011 Nov 1886Mary Young GRIMMITT84Temple Grafton 
5311 Jan 1887Eliza WRIGHT39Temple Grafton 
53218 Feb 1887George WRIGHT46Hatton 
53321 Mar 1887James Thomas Hendley PLUMMER11mTemple Grafton 
53412 May 1887William JOHNSON80Grafton Lodge 
53510 Aug 1887Charlotte BETTERIDGE91Temple Grafton 
53615 Sep 1887Thomas MILLS63Ardens Grafton  
5375 Nov 1887Annie EDKINS13dTemple Grafton 
53812 Nov 1887Mary FISHER69Arrow 
53930 Jan 1888Charles WILKES79Temple Grafton 
5401 Mar 1888Lucy KEASEY38Aston Cantlow 
54124 Mar 1888Thomas YOUNG70Temple Grafton 
5421 May 1888George SMITH66Temple Grafton 
5433 Jun 1888Harriet HORTON50Ardens Grafton 
54425 Jun 1888Sarah SMITH65Temple Grafton 
5451 Nov 1888Sarah MUSTIN84Ardens Grafton 
54626 Jan 1889Henry HALL36Ardens Grafton 
5478 Feb 1889Ann PHIPPS58Temple Grafton 
54813 Feb 1889Maria WARREN62Temple Grafton 
54915 Feb 1889George BAYLIS87Ardens Grafton 
55018 Feb 1889Charlotte MALINS71Ardens Grafton 
55118 Apr 1889Ann ELTON76Ardens Grafton Exhall 
5529 May 1889Hannah JOHNSON82Welford Formerly Grafton Lodge 
55328 May 1889Joseph CADD72Temple Grafton 
5547 Aug 1889Arthur William HAYWOOD11Grafton Lodge 
55510 Oct 1889Sarah Ann CLIFTON35Union House Stratford on Avon 
5567 Nov 1889Joseph WILLIAMS77Ardens Grafton 
55714 Nov 1889Ann HALL64Ardens Grafton 
55825 Nov 1889Susan TRACEY85Temple Grafton 
55915 Feb 1890Nelly EDKINS1dTemple Grafton 
56015 Mar 1890Benjamin ELTON77Ardens Grafton 
56115 May 1890Elizabeth CADD75Union House Stratford on Avon 
56224 May 1890Thomas MALINS36Cranhill Leys Temple Grafton 
56316 Jul 1890Thomas COCKERELL73Temple Grafton 
56419 Jul 1890James HORTON66Union House Stratford on Avon 
5655 Aug 1890Charles MALINS37Cranhill Leys Temple Grafton 
56611 Mar 1891Eliza DAY72Temple Grafton 
5676 Jun 1891Mercy SALE-HaselorAge not given
5688 Jun 1891Mary Maria JOHNSON62Ardens Grafton 
56911 Aug 1891Emma CLIFTON51Ardens Grafton 
57017 Dec 1891Hannah BAYLIS79Ardens Grafton 
57128 Jan 1892Harriet DAVIS78Ardens Grafton 
57215 Apr 1892Hannah YOUNG71Ardens Grafton 
57321 Jun 1892Albert George TROPMAN1dCranhill Leys  
57427 Jun 1892Charles ODELL68Temple Grafton 
57512 Nov 1892Esther LANGSTON74Ardens Grafton 
5763 Dec 1892Stephen LINES67Kings Heath 
57718 Feb 1893Alfred George PERCE24Bidford 
57818 Mar 1893William PALMER81Temple Grafton 
57924 Aug 1893Drusilla COOPER74The Union Workhouse 
5804 Dec 1893John WILLIAMS61Ardens Grafton 
58118 Dec 1893George WATSON42Stirckley 
58230 Dec 1893Hannah HENDLEY83Salford 
58313 Feb 1894Mary MUSTIN49Ardens Grafton 
58422 May 1894Walter Ernest HAWTHORNE7wTemple Grafton 
58510 Dec 1894Thomas ELTON39Ardens Grafton 
58611 Dec 1894Eliza SMITH57Ardens Grafton 
5878 Jan 1895Eliza WRIGHT87Temple Grafton 
58814 Jan 1895David GOODWIN27Temple Grafton 
58912 Feb 1895David WARREN71Temple Grafton 
59013 Feb 1895Harry Frederick MILLS1mCranhill Grafton 
59110 Apr 1895Persis Emma LOXLEY2Ardens Grafton Exhall 
59222 Jun 1895Fanny SANDALS15mThe Common Temple Grafton 
5932 Jul 1895Dorothy Mary TREDWELL4Temple Grafton 
59427 Aug 1895Ellen JOHNSON70Temple Grafton 
59518 Sep 1895Gladys Winifred COLLET10mTemple Grafton 
59610 Oct 1895Daniel FOSTER62Temple Grafton 
59729 Feb 1896William DAY76The Asylum Hatton 
59819 Jun 1896Thomas PENN69Ardens Grafton 
59915 Jul 1896William COOK72Stratford on Avon 
60015 Jul 1896Mary Ann JONES63Grafton Lodge 
60118 Jul 1896Richard HOLTOM78Ardens Grafton 
60224 Aug 1896Richard FREEMAN74Ardens Grafton 
60326 Aug 1896Vicotr Joseph EDKINS3mTemple Grafton 
6047 Dec 1896Jacob COCKERELL76Temple Grafton 
60510 Dec 1896James SMITH77Ardens Grafton 
60616 Jan 1897Mary PENN75Ardens Grafton Exhall 
6078 May 1897Sarah FISHER72Oxhill 
60810 May 1897Sarah Ann SMITH20Grafton 
60921 Jul 1897Annie CADD58Temple Grafton 
6108 Nov 1897Mary HOLDER76Grafton Lodge 
6112 Feb 1898John DAVIS82Union Workhouse Stratford on Avon 
61216 Mar 1898Mary WALKER62Ardens Grafton 
61323 Mar 1898William HOLDER87Grafton 
6145 Apr 1898Catherine HOLTOM76Union Workhouse Stratford on Avon 
61521 Apr 1898Mary Caroline KELLY77Bromsgrove 
61620 Jun 1898Louie BETTERIDGE1dArdens Grafton 
61713 Aug 1898John RUSSELL55Ardens Grafton 
6185 Oct 1898Jane LOXLEY75Oxford 
61924 Nov 1898Elizabeth HITCHINGS69Temple Grafton 
62028 Mar 1899Richard LANGSTON86Workhouse Stratford 
62120 Apr 1899Fanny LINES11Temple Grafton 
62226 Jul 1899Thomas ODELL51Temple Grafton 
6234 Dec 1899Thomas ODELL32Ardens Grafton 
62414 Dec 1899Thomas COWPER51Ardens Grafton 
62521 Dec 1899Joseph FISHER77The Hospital Startford on Avon 
62623 Dec 1899Harriet ODELL77Grafton 
6273 Mar 1900Esther HARRINGTON70Ardens Grafton 
62827 Mar 1900Herbert ODELL14mArdens Grafton 
6293 May 1900James CLARK75Temple Grafton 
6307 Jul 1900Frederick ROSE39Ardens Grafton 
63110 Aug 1900Elizabeth KING74Stratford on Avon 
63222 Oct 1900Mary STAIT86Ardens Grafton 
6335 Dec 1900Mary EAST86Ardens Grafton 
63420 Dec 1900Gertrude TAYLOR6dCranhill 
63514 Feb 1901Emma FREEMAN70Ardens Grafton 
63623 Mar 1901Ann RAYBONE39Broom Bidford 
6371 Apr 1901Ann RAYBONE12dArrow 
63824 Aug 1901James FISHER80Ardens GraftonDied in Stratford Worhouse
6397 Sep 1901Sarah FISHER81Brewood 
64025 Jun 1902Elizabeth Emily HUCKVALEInfantCranhill 
64130 Oct 1902Oliver Thomas HARRIS20LondonDied at University? Colege? Hospital
6429 Jan 1903Iris Mary Gambier SANDWITH11mThe Vicarage Temple Grafton 
64317 Jan 1903Mary MASON81Temple Grafton 
64412 Aug 1903George ROGERS72Temple Grafton 
64522 Aug 1903Samuel READ79Temple Grafton 
64626 Oct 1903Ann SMITH8134 Shottery Rd Stratford on Avon 
6479 Nov 1903Levi BETTERIDGE78The Union Stratford on Avon 
64821 Nov 1903Frederick BETTERIDGE74The Union Stratford on Avon 
64916 Apr 1904Martha LANGSTON42Temple Grafton 
65021 May 1904Harriet WHITE66Ardens Grafton 
6518 Oct 1904George FINCH60Ardens Grafton 
65210 Jan 1905George MASTIN57Ardens Grafton 
65321 Mar 1905Ann SANDELLS67Temple Grafton 
65424 Mar 1905Susan HARRIS41Ardens Grafton 
65522 Apr 1905William MASON83Temple Grafton 
65623 May 1905Ann PALMER85Temple Grafton 
65727 Jun 1905William LANGSTON88Ardens Grafton 
6587 Oct 1905Henry JONES73Salford Priors 
6596 Apr 1906Esther COCKERILl78Temple Grafton 
66028 May 1906George William PRINT67Temple Grafton 
66114 Jun 1906Dorothy Florence SMITH1mCourt Farm Temple Grafton 
66221 Jun 1906William Henry FELTON75Temple Grafton 
6637 Jul 1906George Thomas STURCH7hHillborough 
66424 Sep 1906Job SANDELLS72Temple Grafton 
6652 Sep 1907William Edward AYLIFFE64Ardens GraftonCommitted Suicide in Lock?
66612 Nov 1907Elizabeth LOXLEY48Oxford 
6677 Dec 1907Sarah Ann BOYCE43Temple Grafton 
66821 Dec 1907Mary BAYLISS63Ardens Grafton 
66914 Jan 1908John WALKER72Ardens Grafton 
67028 Jan 18908Richard LITTLE76Mount Pleasant Grafton 
67128 Jan 1908Charles CADD75Binton 
6723 Mar 1908Eliza READ80Temple Grafton 
6738 Jul 1908Charles PHIPPS79Temple Grafton 
67415 Aug 1908Mary Louise TONGUE32Ardens Grafton 
67525 Sep 1908Mary Frances Amy GOULBORNE16dHillborough Grafton 
6768 Jan 1909Mary BETTERIDGE80Temple Grafton 
67714 Jan 1909William SMITH74Ardens Grafton 
67815 Jan 1909Thomas Bertie GOULBORNE24dHillborough Grafton 
67925 Feb 1909Dominick Smauel GREGG63Temple Grafton 
68019 Nov 1909Leighton Wallie Edward BROOKES14mVauxhall Bidford 
68130 Nov 1909Ann FOSTER75Grafton 
68228 Dec 1909Thomas LOCKE64Grafton 
68319 Feb 1910John GOULBORNE3hHillborough 
68419 Feb 1910Frederick GOULBORNE4hHillborough 
68519 Feb 1910David GOULBORNE4hHillborough 
68610 Mar 1910Frederick CLARK61Ardens Grafton Exhall 
68723 Jul 1910Sarah Ann COWPER62The Laurels Stratford Rd Exhall 
68812 Aug 1910Keziah HALFORD54Temple Grafton 
68911 Apr 1911Sarah Ann LINES61Temple Grafton 
69019 Apr 1911Benjamin Leslie BROOKES4mGrafton Lodge 
69116 Jun 1911Millicens Beryl ODELL6Temple Grafton 
69220 Dec 1911Harry Frederick HANDY35Grafton 
69330 Dec 1911Hannah COWPER80Grafton 
69420 Apr 1912Charles Edward HINTON7mHillboro' 
69515 Jun 1912Phoebe WILLIAMS-Ardens GraftonAge not given
6965 May 1913John SALT69Grafton 
6978 May 1913George SMITH58The Court Farm Grafton 
69812 Jun 1913John WATSON87Temple Grafton 
69913 Sep 1913Forrett Emil MELTON2121 Hall Rd Handsworth 
70017 Nov 1913Elizabeth ODELL87Ardens Grafton 
70129 Jan 1914Elizabeth ROSS84Erdington 
70225 Feb 1914Frances Elizabeth GOULBORNE30Grafton 
7032 Mar 1914Emma LOXLEY60Marston Secca 
70417 Mar 1914Thomas Alan HORNIBLOW3mTemple Grafton 
70523 Jun 1914Dinah PRINT76Workhouse Stratford on Avon 
7068 Jan 1915Rosetta FISHER80Grafton 
70722 Jan 1915George WHITTLE75Grafton 
7084 Feb 1915Charles William LOXLEY25Grafton 
70931 Mar 1915Edward King CORBETT42Grafton 
71016 Jul 1915Charlotte LOXLEY82Long Marston 
71128 Jan 1916Jesse HARRIS64Hillborough 
71211 Mar 1916Ann WHITTLE85Grafton 
71310 Aug 1916James Pearse SANDLES60Haselor Lodge  
71426 Aug 1916Charlotte WALKER80Ardens Grafton 
7155 Sep 1916Eliza FELTON82Grafton 
71627 Sep 1916Edith Elizabeth HORNER5Alcester Rd Drayton Old Stratford 
71723 Nov 1916Frederick COWPER80Highway Cottage Broadway 
71829 Mar 1919John LAWRENCE79Grafton 
71912 May 1919Eliza TAYLOR76Ardens Grafton 
72011 Oct 1919Catherine TUDOR88Temple Grafton 
72111 Apr 1918Elizabeth Emma HANDY62Ardens Grafton 
72217 Apr 1918George PEARCE88Bidford 
7234 Jul 1918Oliver James HARRIS69Ardens Grafton 
72420 Jul 1918James Frederick MOONEY66Grafton 
7258 Nov 1918Jane GOULD43Temple Grafton 
72623 Nov 1918Alice Woodhams GREGG67Temple GraftonDied at Avoncliffe Tiddington
7279 Feb 1919Benjamin READ59Temple Grafton 
72824 Jul 1919Caroline CLIFTON79Grafton 
72926 Jul 1919Clement WATTS56Temple GraftonFell from a Ladder and broke his neck
73018 Oct 1919Fanny ODELL49Temple Grafton 
73117 Apr 1920Ann LOCKE83Temple Grafton 
7324 May 1920Winifred May CLIFTON3mHillboro Temple Grafton 
73320 May 1920Frederick Horace READ8Temple Grafton 
73430 Jul 1920Elizabeth TAYLOR49Temple Grafton 
7357 Aug 1920Charles TAYLOR80Ardens Grafton Exhall 
73629 Oct 1920William BETTERIDGE88Temple GraftonKilled by Motor Cycle
7373 Nov 1920Lia? RILEY62Temple Grafton 
73820 Dec 1920John George SMITH72Ardens Grafton Exhall 
73915 Mar 1921Roger Herbert COLLINS20Temple Grafton 
74026 May 1921Thomas HALFORD69Temple Grafton 
74118 Aug 1921Ann HORNIBLOW76Temple Grafton 
74228 Dec 1921Daisy Ellen ARTHUR8mTemple Grafton 
84319 Jan 1922Charles LYNES74Temple Grafton 
7441 May 1922Sarah WATTS51Stonehouse Ardens Grafton 
7453 Oct 1922Louisa Maria PEARCE77Bidford 
74614 Oct 1922Charles REID64Top Lodge Temple Grafton Court 
7471 Nov 1922George Edward Dyer WHITEHEAD61Blue Boar Inn Temple Grafton 
74816 Nov 1922Phyllis Mary THORNETT3mArdens Grafton Exhall 
74926 Jan 1923Arthue CLIFTON52Hillborough Grafton 
75021 Feb 1923Joan Mary CLARK2Manor Farm Temple Grafton 
7511 Oct 1923Samuel READ16Temple Grafton 
75225 Oct 1923Sarah Ann TAYLOR67108 Dunstall Rd Wolverhampton 
75330 Oct 1923Arthur HOMER11Moat House Temple GraftonDied at Stratford General Hosppital
7541 Dec 1923Ann QUINEY84Ardens Grafton Exhall 
7557 Dec 1923Charles BLUNDELL51Grafton Lodge Temple Grafton 
7562 Feb 1924Louisa HAYWOOD73Grafton Lodge Cottages Temple Grafton 
7573 Apr 1924William Edward ODELL52Temple Grafton 
75829 Sep 1924Stephen CLIFTON80Ardens Grafton 
7594 Nov 1924Rosetta LEACH78Mount Pleasant Temple Grafton 
76018 Nov 1924William HARRIS3.5mCoomon Cottage Temple Grafton 
76131 Jan 1925Sarah MALINS76Ardens Grafton 
7624 Apr 1925Sarah BAYLIS83Stratford on Avon 
76317 Nov 1925Harriet Louisa COLLINS66Farm Cottage Temple Grafton Court 
76423 Nov 1925George ROGERS75Temple Grafton 
76514 Dec 1925Lilian Dorothy RUFF4.5Hillboro Cottages Grafton 
76619 Jan 1926Soloman BETTERIDGE91Temple Grafton 
7679 Feb 1926Albert John HORSEMAN7dBidford on AvonDied at Womens Hospital Sparkhill Birmingham
76816 Aug 1926William Henry RAYBON26School Cottages Temple Grafton 
76917 Aug 1926Fanny MATTHEWS60Welford on Avon 
77025 Sep 1926William MASON64Stratford on Avon 
7715 Apr 1927Ellen WATTS86School Cottages Temple Grafton 
7729 Aug 1927Annie GOODWIN65Ardens GraftonDied at "the Inglenook"
77318 Aug 1927Anne HENDLEY77Ardens Grafton 
7741 Sep 1927Herbert CADD54Binton 
77528 Feb 1928Mar Elizabeth MOONEY80Temple Grafton 
7765 Mar 1928Harriet Wright FREEMAN77Ardens Grafton 
77714 Jun 1928Elizabeth Hannah ELLIS87Ardens Grafton 
7789 Aug 1928Mary HUNT99Ardens Grafton 
7792 Oct 1928Mary Ann KIMBERLEY79The Elms Stratford Rd Temple Grafton 
78010 Nov 1928Richard TAYLOR7170 Deansfield Rd Wolverhampton 
78122 Dec 1928Thomas HARRIS68Temple Grafton 
78228 Jan 1929Julia HARRIS59Temple Grafton 
78327 Jul 1929Elizabeth SMITH73Ardens Grafton 
7849 Aug 1929Sarah Jane WILKES84Mount Pleasant Temple Grafton 
7856 Jan 1930James QUINEY91Ardens Grafton 
78613 Jan 1930Fred BAILEY50Cranhill FarmDied in Hospital Stratford on Avon Grave Double Depth
78727 Jan 1930Sarah Ann SWANN83Grafton Lodge Temple Grafton 
78814 Mar 1930Sarah LAWRENCE90Formerly of Temple GraftonDied at 60 Cathcart St Birmingham
7894 Oct 1930Harriet Elizabeth WARNER53Temple Grafton 
79019 Nov 1930Arthur George Florince? MCCLINTOCK74Temple Grafton Court 
79122 Nov 1930Emanuel LEACH85Mount Pleasant Temple Grafton 
79218 Feb 1931Thomas LONSDALE75Temple Grafton CourtBorn 5 Dec 1855 Died 16 Feb 1931
7933 Jun 1931Sarah Jane LANGSTONE61Ardens Grafton Exhall 
79423 Nov 1931Gerald William BARRAND2mTemple GraftonDied in the Childrens Hospital Birmingham Grandson of William Taylot Temple Grafton
7953 Dec 1931William TAYLOR67Welford on Avon 
79611 Dec 1931Mary Ann QUINEY8121 Hall Rd Handsworth Birmingham 
79720 Feb 1932Rebecca Elizabeth MELTON66The Vicarage Temple Grafton 
79816 Apr 1932Walter John WILLIAMS65Ardens Grafton 
79928 May 1932Kate Maria LOXLEY1mArdens GraftonDied in Childrens Hospital Edgbaston
80027 Jul 1932William Charles MORGAN1dWarneford Hospital Leamington 

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