Burials for Polesworth - 1838-50

List of names taken from the Polesworth burial register, a microfiche copy of which is in the Atherstone Library

Allbrighton, Allcock, Allsop, Alsop, Ames, Archer, Arnold, Astbury, Atkins. Bailey, Barnes, Bartle, Barwell, Basset, Bassett, Bassford, Bates, Baxter, Bayley, Black, Blount, Blower, Bodel, Bodell, Bomber, Boultridge, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brindley, Broadhurst, Brown, Buggins, Burrows. Carigan, Carigan? Cart, Carter, Chandler, Chilwell, Clarendon, Clark, Clay, Clifford, Cliford, Coates, Coley, Collins, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cope, Cotton, Cox, Croshaw, Crossley, Crowley, Curter. Dawson, Deakin, Deeming, Dobbs, Donkins. Earp, Easom, Eason. Fairfield, Faux, Fletcher, Franklin, Freeman. Gilbert, Gilliver, Glover, Golding, Goodall, Gouge, Goward, Greaves, Green, Greenwood, Grundy, Gumley?. Hall, Hames, Hames?, Handley, Handley, Hartshorn, Hayes, Haywood, Henshaw, Hewitt, Hions, Hitchcock, Hitchcok, Hollyoake, Hoskison?, Hugh, Hull, Hunter, Huskins. Insley. Jackson, Jacques, Jaques, Jayes, Jeffcott, Johnson, Jones. Kendall , Kettle, Kiddier, King, Knight. Lagoe, Laikin, Lakin, Lawrence, Lea, Leadham, Lees, Livermore, Long, Long?, Lowe, Ludford, Lunn. Marklow, Marshall, Mason, Mathers, Matthews, Mead, Meads, Mellis, Mellowship, Miles, Millarship, Millership, Mitchell, Moe, Moor Hair?, Moore, Mottram, Muddiman. Newbold, Nixon. Oldners?, Olner, Onion, Orchard, Ordridge, Orton, Oxford. Parker, Pauley, Pawley, Pears, Pegg, Perkins, Perry, Petty, Poultney, Power, Pugh. Quinby. Ramshall, Richardson, Rigby, Roe, Rofs, Rollason, Ross, Rowley. Salisbury, Scarrott, Schomberg, Shakespear, Shakespeare, Shakespere, Sharp, Sherlock, Sinclair, Skakespeare, Slaney, Smart, Smith, Spencer , Spooner, Starkey, Starkey?, Stretton, Stringer, Sworiman?. Tallis, Thesent?, Thomas, Thompson, Tibbits, Timbrell, Tonks, Trueman, Truman. Vallance, Vernam, Villars, Villers. Wagstaff, Wainwright, Walker, Wallis, Ward, Wardle, Warner, Watson, West, Wheatley, Wilkins, Wilks, Willis, Wilson, Wood, Wright, Wykes. Young.

Transcription kindly submitted by Daryl Jones

Name Forename(s) abode Date Age Notes
JohnsonElizabethFreazley6th January 183873 
CopeElizabethWarton9th January 183869 
BradshawLouisaPolesworth10th January 183813m 
BaxterFrederickPolesworth10th February 183818m 
BomberCharlottePolesworth21st February 18384 
TimbrellThomasPolesworth Hermitage4th March 183876 
ThompsonMary Street Road11th March 183887 
DeakinElizabethPolesworth1st April 183859 
ClarkJohnAmington5th April 183812m 
CopeEliza Warton7th April 183820 
BatesFrancesPolesworth3rd May 183831 
WykesGeorgeWarton4th May 18381 
OxfordRebeccaPolesworth19th May 183877 
BatesEnochPolesworth20th May 18389m 
CarterMarthaWarton31st May 183874 
MitchellElizabethWarton31st May 18382m 
SmithElizaPolesworth31st May 183818m 
WoodCharlottePolesworth2nd July 18389m 
MitchellAnnWarton14th July 183841 
GloverAlfredQuarry Hill29th July 183814m 
BodelWilliamHall End15th August 18382 
WoodRobertPolesworth6th September 183856 
ArcherJohn Warton16th September 18384 
SherlockThomasPolesworth9th October 183880 
SalisburyAmbrosePolesworth15th November 183815 
GilbertMaryWarton19th November 183822 
WoodJamesPolesworth28th November 183815w 
HitchcockHenryWarton29th November 183886 
RollasonJohnPolesworth30th November 183810 
BarnesJosephPolesworth2nd December 183848"Accidentally killed in the coal pits by fire damp".
AtkinsMaryPolesworth11th December 183882(Illegible note in margin).
HartshornThomasPolesworth5th January 183930 
WoodHarrietPolesworth16th January 18397w 
LongCassandraPolesworth28th January 183977 
ColeyWilliamWarton30th January 18397m 
PerrySarahPolesworth3rd February 183964 
Oldners?WilliamPolesworth17th February 18398w 
TallisAlicePolesworth26th February 18393 
CrossleySarahDordon4th March 183915m 
LakinMaryDuddeston Asylum, late of Polesworth19th March 183957 
BroadhurstJohnPolesworth11th April 183975 
MarklowAnnPolesworth21st April 19392 
LaikinJosephPolesworth1st May 18397w 
WarnerElizabethWarton20th May 183935 
HartshornMaryPolesworth24th May 183984 
DeakinSamuelPolesworth26th May 183962 
AstburyJohnPolesworth23rd June 183970 
WardleWilliamWarton25th June 183951 
CopeJosephWarton27th June 183970 
BomberJanePolesworth3rd July 1839Infant. 
Carigan? Thesent?ElizabethWilnecote4th July 183924 
CoxHarrietPolesworth25th August 183911m 
ClifordSarahTamworth30th August 183955 
ScarrottJanePolesworth5th September 183911 
BaxterElizaPolesworth13th September 183923 
MellisJoseph Polesworth15th September 183967 
HitchcokMartha Warton22nd September 183980 
KnightAmeliaPolesworth25th September 183940 
MilesElizabethPolesworth27th September 183962 
LeesThomasPolesworth4th October 18393 
JonesThomasPolesworth26th October 183931 
CopeThomasWarton17th November 183929 
Poultney?Warton7th December 183911m(Illegible entry_corrected by curate).
WoodWilliamTamworth10th December 18395w 
WilsonJosephPolesworth!st January 18404 
BugginsThomasPolesworth4th January 184073 
OrtonJosephPolesworth19th January 184075 
OlnerJohn Polesworth7th February 18401m 
WalkerJanePolesworth16th February 184067 
OlnerAnnPolesworth23rd February 184085 
CookGeorgeDordon1st March 184050 
WalkerJohnPolesworth15th March 184021 
HewittCharles EgbertPolesworth24th March 184046 
SalisburyElizabethPolesworth26th March 184056 
SlaneyMaryWarton14th April 184019 
LongMaryWilnecote17th April 18404 
MellowshipJosephPolesworth19th April 184020 
GougeMiriamPolesworth21st April 184022 
PerkinsCharlottePolesworth14th May 18408m 
TibbitsJervise? Tervise?Pooley Hall16th May 184071 
CoatesRichardDordon26th May 184070 
MarshallAnnWilnecote27th May 184086 
JeffcottClementina AnnFreazley28th May 18403w 
CopeCharlesWarton9th June 18402 
WoodCatherinePolesworth11th June 184056 
JonesPhoebeDordon20th June 184053 
LakinJosiahDordon28th June 184066 
GreavesThomasHinckley, Leicestershire8th July 184078"Found drowned in the canal".
OrtonHenryPolesworth22nd July 184079 
CartJohnPolesworth29th July 184021 
LeesHenryPolesworth30th August 184025 
PoultneyJosephWarton1st September 18401m 
LongMarthaWilnecote13th September 18407m 
BaxterJohnWarton15th September 184064 
ClarendonMaryPolesworth27th September 184083 
WarnerMarthaWarton7th October 18402 
BaxterThomasWarton28th October 184049 
BlackJohnPolesworth15th November 184089 
WrightMariaPolesworth15th November 184021 
MooreWilliamPolesworth6th December 184019 
WagstaffJohnPolesworth3rd January 184178 
WilkinsThomasDordon29th January 18418 
ParkerThe Revd. WilliamPolesworth30th January 184150"Vicar of the parish".
CopeDanielWarton1st February 18419m 
BaxterCharlesAtherstone3rd February 18413 
WardMaryWarton3rd February 184126 
KettleSarahMiddleton4th February 184184 
PearsSusannaPolesworth9th February 184183 
LeaMaryPolesworth17th February 18411 
BartleJamesPolesworth1st April 184177 
LivermoreMaryPolesworth4th April 184186 
RowleyDanielStreet Road11th April 18418m 
HartshornJanePolesworth14th April 184179 
Hames?HenryPolesworth21st April 184120 
WoodJohnPolesworth23rd April 184151 
BassettThomasPolesworth30th April 184114 
ColeyAnnWarton2nd May 184123 
WainwrightCharlesDordon9th May 18412 
BaxterHannahWarton14th May 18419m 
BaileyEdwardLeicester25th May 18418 
GloverNesseyDordon31st May 18412 
OrtonSarahWarton19th June 184150 
GrundyHannahPolesworth23rd June 18419m 
SmithSarah AnnPolesworth25th June 18412 
MottramLouisaPolesworth6th July 18415 
MottramThomasPolesworth20th July 18412 
PoultneyElizabethPolesworth26th July 18414 
Starkey?ElizabethPolesworth30th July 18412 
BaxterCatherinePolesworth3rd August 18412 
JaquesAnnPolesworth7th August 18415 
CollinsRev. C.E.Warton21st August 184160"Vicar of Lullington".
WoodAnnPolesworth24th August 18412 
LakinMaryQuarry Hill24th August 18418 
RossJosephPolesworth29th August 18412 
BaxterPhebeWilnecote5th September 18414 
LunnJohn Polesworth14th September 184130"Fever"? in margin.
BomberThomasPolesworth15th September 18416 
LeesWilliamPolesworth18th September 184163 
PoultneySarah SmithPolesworth25th September 18418m(Surname may be"Smith Poultney", but no hyphen is included in entry).
BaxterGeorgeWarton1st October 184123 
OrtonThomas Warton4th October 18412 
LeesAnnPolesworth5th October 184184 
QuinbyAmosWarton16th October 18412m 
BassettSarahPolesworth17th October 18412 
WykesSarahWarton19th October184132 
WykesWilliam/CharlesWarton29th October 184114w(The name William is written over the name Charles in this entry).
AmesMaryPolesworth7th November 18412m(Two entries out of sequence).
PettyMaryPolesworth31st October 184167(Two entries out of sequence).
CartSarahPolesworth12th November 18414 
SherlockElizabethWilnecote18th November 184183"Fever" in margin.
LunnSarahPolesworth24th November 184169 
MoeJohnFreaseley1st December 184116 
BomberElizabethPolesworth7th December 18416 
HallAnnWarton9th December 184112"Buried at Warton".
RoeSarah Polesworth20th December 184119"Fever".
AllsopWilliamWilncote21st December 18411w 
BaxterCareyWarton23rd December 18412 
HartshornJanePolesworth23rd December 184128"T. Fever".
BarnesMaryPolesworth28th December 18415 
ParkerThomasPolesworth29th December 184135"Of Fever".
ShakespeareAnnPolesworth31st December 184184 
BradfordAnnPolesworth7th January 184259 
ParkerFanny Polesworth7th January 184228(Note in column [margin] which has been partially cut off. This may read "Wife of Parker mentioned above, died of fever". [Thomas]).
WoodMary AnnDordon19th January 18422m 
HunterMary Lichfield30th January 184221 
MuddimanThomas HenryWarton6th February 184211m 
Handley FrancisFreaseley16th February 184291 
WoodRobertPolesworth18th February 184214w 
LongMariaPolesworth22nd February 184248 
LeaSarahPolesworth23rd February 184273 
SharpWilliamPolesworth25th February 184284 
WrightJohnQuary Hill, Polesworth27th February 184245 
BlackWilliamPolesworth17th March 184252"Greaseman"?
WillisSamuelDordon26th March 184247 
SpoonerThomasPolesworth31st March 184211w 
WilksLydia Polesworth16th April 184261 
CurterMaryPolesworth (Dordon)27th April 184242 
ParkerThomasPolesworth5th May 184212m 
GilbertElizabethPolesworth8th May 184223 
EasonWilliamPolesworth24th May 184236 
NixonMary Fenny Drayton1st July 184269 
PauleyMaryPolesworth6th August 184232 
WoodMaryPolesworth18th September 184249 
JonesJanePolesworth21st September 184229 
WheatleySarah AnnPolesworth23rd September 18427(Age is actually given in the margin with additional information. This could read "7 weeks").
WillisWilliamPolesworth20th October 184225 
JacksonWilliam Polesworth9th October 1842Inft"Greaseman". (Date out of sequence, an error or perhaps 9th November 1842? Occupation presumably of the father).
WalkerWilliamPolesworth19th November 18424 
WalkerGeorgePolesworth23rd November 18423 
StringerSarahWarton25th November 184288 
WagstaffElizabeth HarrietFaseley30th November 184211w 
OrtonJohnWarton15th December 184248 
WoodJohnDordon27th January 18434m 
CopeAbrahamWarton29th January 18436w 
LawrenceAnneDordon12th February 184322 
AllcockEdwinDordon24th February 18435m 
Long?RobertWilncote9th March 184332 
BaxterCharlesPolesworth12th March 18432.5 
SmithMarkPolesworth18th March 184332 
ThomasJamesPolesworth19th March 184386 
CooperElizabethPolesworth20th March 184343 
WardleKeziaWarton5th April 18433m 
BassetWilliamPolesworth30th April 18435 
WoodCatherinePolesworth7th May 184327 
KettleElizabethPolesworth12th May 184356 
BaxterWilliamWarton25th May 184329 
HullEmilaWarton30th May 18432m 
WoodJohnPolesworth8th June 184373 
OrtonAnnHall End parish of Polesworth18th June 184343 
SharpRuthPolesworth3rd July 184379 
CookeMaryPolesworth6th July 184398 
HullEmmaWarton13th July 184328(Note in margin, cut off reads "Hall? Hill? Hull"?, "Warton").
StrettonThomasFreaseley, Polesworth13th August 184375 
BrownJohnPolesworth (Dordon)24th September 184372 
BaxterEmiliaPolesworth (Warton)26th September 18432w 
ChilwellElizaPolesworth (Warton)7th October 184327 
BaxterElizaPolesworth10th October 184327 
RichardsonKeeling?Polesworth (Warton)21st October 184380 
MatthewsJosephWarton2nd November 184366 
FairfieldEmmaFreaseley4th November 184311 
FauxRichardPolesworth5th November 184384 
SmithMaryPolesworth7th November 184376 
VillersJohnPolesworth12th December 184371 
FauxJohnWarton6th January 184412 
HionsMatthewWarton15th January 184479 
HullAnnWarton22nd January 18444 
BlowerElizabethPolesworth11th February 184441 
InsleySarahPolesworth (Warton)13th February 184466 
RossSusanPolesworth (Quarry Hill)15th February 18446m 
GreenwoodHannahPolesworth (Freaseley)3rd March 1844Infant 
SpoonerJohnPolesworth (Warton)6th March 18444 
BaxterThomasPolesworth (Warton)8th March 1844 "Burnt". (No age entered, column left blank).
CollinsEleanor ElizabethPolesworth (Warton)17th March 1844 (No age entered, column left blank).
WallisFrancisPolesworth17th March 184437 
BayleyMary JaneAtherstone27th March 18446 
ScarrottMaryPolesworth19th March 1844Infant 
GowardSarah Polesworth (Hall End)23rd April 184416 
StarkeyJohnPolesworth23rd April 184452 
WestJohnPolesworth26th April 184472 
StrettonAnnPolesworth (Freaseley)30th April 184468 
OrtonRobertPolesworth (Warton)5th May 184475 
SlaneySarahPolesworth (Warton)18th May 184448 
MillarshipCharlesPolesworth20th May 1844Infant 
SmithJohnPolesworth5th June 184474 
WarnerWilliamPolesworth Warton6th June 184411 
PoultneyEdwardPolesworth9th August 184433 
SmithElizabethPolesworth (Dordon)27th August 184416 
FairfieldJamesPolesworth (Freaseley)1st October 18448 
AstburyMaryPolesworth13th November 184478 
LeadhamJohnPolesworth (Freaseley)24th November 18448"Fever".
BrownMargaretPolesworth1st December 184426?"Fever".
YoungMaryAshby_De_La_Zouch11th December 184474"Died of a broken leg which happened on the day of the Statutes from a fall which she received by being pushed down".
LongSamuelWilnecote13th December 184431"Of decline".
CopeLydiaWarton12th January 184560 
LongMary AnnWilnecote2nd February 184528 
GoodallSarah AnnPolesworth Wartonomitted20"Lingering Decline". "Goodhall".
JonesJohnPolesworth (Freaseley)15th February 184575 
ArcherThomasPolesworth19th February 18454 
WardEmmaPolesworth (Warton)24th February 184514 
LagoeSamuelWilnecote16th March 184545 
HartshornJohnPolesworth1st April 184543"By suicide".
RossCharlesPolesworth Quary Hill1st April 1845Child 
FreemanThomasPolesworth (Wharton)6th May 184550"By suicide".
SchombergSarah AnnPolesworth29th May 184513"Inflammation of the lungs which rapidly ______ her from the ______ after leaving ______ " (Partly illegible).
TruemanSarahPolesworth21st July 18455 
WalkerEdwardPolesworth27th July 184573 "Of ______ after an attack of Cholera (Mortis?)".
EasomElizabethPolesworth4th August 184537"Died of exhaustion after an attack of Typhoid Fever".
BaxterFrancesPolesworth (Wharton) 8th August 184568 
SmithWilliamPolesworth (Dordon)12th August 184513m 
SmithJosephPolesworth (Dordon)15th August 18456 
TallisThomasPolesworth9th September 184567"Very sad ____ of _____". Partly illegible.
TallisWilliam Polesworth9th September 184565"Same day very sad suddenly". Partly illegible.
     (Register indicates that the two above entries are brothers).
GloverElizabethPolesworth (Dordon)26th September 1845 (No age entered, column left blank). "Glover" in margin.
BodellHannahPolesworth (Hall End)28th September 184531"Died of lingering decline".
OrtonHannahPolesworth (St. Road)2nd October 184563"Died of a lingering decline".
ScarrottThomasPolesworth5th October 184515m 
CopeCharlottePolesworth (Warton)5th October 184535"Died of Typhoid Fever".
WoodMargaretPolesworth18th October 184525"Lingered for a year under a decline".
OlnerSamuel Polesworth19th October 184582"Died of Cancer of the mouth".
LakinAnnPolesworth29th October 1845Infant 
BaxterAbrahamPolesworth (Warton)2nd November 18452 
HullMary Ann HarrietPolesworth (Warton)6th November 184510m 
AtkinsWilliamPolesworth9th November 184521"Died very suddenly of fever".
RamshallMariaPolesworth (Warton)11th November 184511"Burnt to death her clothes catching fire at the bonfire, the day after the 5th of Novr."
KnightThomasPolesworth (Dordon)11th November 18459d 
 ThomasPolesworth (Warton)14th November 1845Infant(No surname in column, "Ramshall" in margin).
BomberMaryPolesworth16th November 184566"Died after a serious attack of Fever followed by Jaundice".
HullSamuelPolesworth (Warton)30th November 184576 
LunnSamuelPolesworth7th December 184570"Died of exhaustion after an attack of Cholera (Mortis?)".
WoodEliPolesworth8th December 1845Infant 
StrettonCatherinePolesworth (Warton)15th December 184510m 
BassettWilliamPolesworth23rd December 184537 "______ suddenly of ______" (Partly illegible).
GilliverMaryPolesworth4th January 184653"Died from exhaustion breaking the (constitution?)".
MottramMaryPolesworth27th January 184637"Lingered of a decline nearly two years".
Kendall JohnPolesworth2nd February 184674"Parish clerk". "Laboured for many years under a disease of the heart but died of exhaustion after an attack Cholera Mortis".
OnionThomasPolesworth8th February 184646"Lingered for two years under an enlargement of the thigh arising from rheumatism". (Note cut off).
GreenElizabethPolesworth (Warton)15th February 18462 
YoungAlicePolesworth (Q.H.).22nd February 184670 
MathersJohn Polesworth (Warton)22nd February 18461"Mathers" in margin.
KiddierJohnPolesworth8th March 184693 
HughMaryPolesworth11th March 18464m 
BrindleyAnnPolesworth15th March 184683 
MillershipMary AnnPolesworth18th March 18463 
TrumanElizabethPolesworth (Warton)29th March 184670 
Hoskison?LucyPolesworth3rd April 18463(Surname may be Hoskinson).
SmithAnn MariaPolesworth13th April 18464 
WoodSarahPolesworth15th April 184622 
LeesEllenPolesworth23rd April 184620 
CliffordCatherinePolesworth29th April 184676 
WoodMary JanePolesworth3rd May 1846 (No age entered, column left blank).
BrownRichardPolesworth14th May 184651 
ArcherFrederickPolesworth30th May 184614 
CooperWilliamPolesworth12th June 184620 
FauxWilliamPolesworth (Warton)18th June 184647 
CarterJamesPolesworth (Warton)20th June 18466w 
BradfordJohnPolesworth (Warton)2nd July 184649 
HartshornCharlotte Earle?Polesworth10th July 184628 
TallisElizabethPolesworth15th July 184676 
BaxterThomasPolesworth15th July 184615d 
OrtonCarolinePolesworth (Street Road)19th July 184617 
ClayJoseph Polesworth31st July 184615 
BomberSarah HartshornPolesworth9th August 18466 
FairfieldRobertPolesworth (Warton)16th August 184648 
BassettSarahPolesworth31st August 184658? 
OnionEdwardPolesworth19th September 184678 
CopeMaryPolesworth30th September 184683 
BomberSarahPolesworth2nd October 184617 
RofsThomas StevensPolesworth (Quarry Hill)6th October 18461 
SkakespeareJohnPolesworth20th October 184667 
FletcherTimothyPolesworth (Warton)7th November 184666 
HamesJohnPolesworth15th November 184680 
CooperThomasPolesworth16th November 184652 
LawrenceElizabethPolesworth19th November 184617 
CottonGeorgePolesworth22nd November 184686 
ScarrottHarrietPolesworth22nd November 184620 
LunnElizabethPolesworth26th November 18466"Yrs"?
LakinJosiahPolesworth4th December 18464 
FreemanSarahPolesworth8th December 184693 
BarwellSarahPolesworth (Warton)11th December 184665 
LakinJanePolesworth 16th December 18461 
PerryEllenPolesworth 23rd December 18468m 
CooperGeorgePolesworth 3rd January 184740"Accident on the _____ work" in margin.
BurrowsJohnPolesworth 3rd January 184720"Excavator" ? "Sudden death" in margin.
CookeEmmaPolesworth (Dordon)6th January 18479m"Smallpox".
GloverJohnPolesworth (Dordon)10th January 184780 
VernamGeorge EdwardPolesworth15th January 184730"Seckington" ? in margin.
HamesJohnPolesworth17th January 184758 
NewboldMaryPolesworth (Warton)20th January 184786 
PoultneyReubenPolesworth Warton9th February 18473 
HayesJosephPolesworth (Warton)24th February 184739"Foreman at the building of Warton chapel."
PawleyJanePolesworth9th March 1847 45"Fever."
MasonIsaacPolesworth14th March 184718d"Excavator child smallpox".
WrightMary AnnPolesworth14th March 184714d"Smallpox".
FauxHumphreyPolesworth19th March 184783 
FranklinPeterPolesworth21st March 184734"Excavator T.V.R. destroyed by the blasting of a mine". (T.V.R. presumably stands for Trent Valley Railway).
BassfordWilliamPolesworth (Quarry Hill)28th March 184724"Decline".
MitchellEsther AnnPolesworth (Warton)6th April 18476"Inflammation of lungs".
BaxterSarahPolesworth (Warton)6th April 18476m 
BassettSarah?Polesworth11th April 184718m"Hooping cough".
Sworiman?GeorgePolesworth11th April 184716m"Hooping cough Excavator".
ArnoldSarahPolesworth13th April 184717"Fever Servant ____ Mrs. Pawley".
VillersThomasPolesworth15th April 184713d 
DobbsWilliamPolesworth21st April 184735"Found drowned in the canal. Excavator."
WheatleyAnn MariaPolesworth2nd May 184710w 
JacquesArthurPolesworth18th May 1847 8(Date unclear, may be 11th May 1847).
BaxterMary AnnPolesworth15th June 18475w 
WainwrightEdwardPolesworth1st October 18474 
HuskinsCatherinePolesworth4th October 184771 
BrindleyJamesPolesworth31st October 184712m 
RowleyJanePolesworth7th November 184751 
SalisburyWilliamPolesworth10th November 184758 
MarklowCarolinePolesworth7th December 184743 
DeemingSamuelPolesworth12th December 184779 
PoultneyWilliamPolesworth (Warton)28th December 184719d 
FauxMarthaPolesworth30th December 184781 
WoodThomasPolesworth (Dordon)5th January 184867 
HullIsaacPolesworth (Warton)9th February 184870 
HullHenryPolesworth (Warton)13th February 184884 
PerkinsHenryPolesworth13th February 184813m 
LawrenceRebeccaPolesworth18th February 1848 (No age entered, column left blank).
WainwrightCharlesPolesworth27th February 1848 (No age entered, column left blank).
BlountWilliamPolesworth (Warton)28th February 18483m 
CartJohnPolesworth1st March 18484 
TruemanJohnPolesworth5th March 184886 
GloverRichardPolesworth Warton8th March 184837 
VallanceAdamWilnecote10th March 184869 
SmartFrancisPolesworth (Dordon)25th March 184877 
BomberMary AnnPolesworth4th April 184845 
MellisSarahPolesworth9th April 184877 
AllbrightonJanePolesworth (Dordon)12th April 184877 
AllcockSamuelPolesworth (Warton)16th April 18485 
OrtonMaryTutbury (Warton)18th April 1848 (No age entered, column left blank).
BomberLucyPolesworth18th April 18485 
OrtonRichardPolesworth (Warton)23rd May 184868 
BaxterElizabethPolesworth (Warton)26th May 18482 
LeesJohnPolesworth27th May 184886 
DeemingElizabethPolesworth30th May 184883 
BlountThomasPolesworth (Warton)31st May 184814 
Moor Hair?JohnPolesworth31st May 18489m 
ChandlerEdwardPolesworth11th June 1848 (No age entered, column left blank).
WrightAnnPolesworth30th June 184820 
BaxterJosephPolesworth30th July 184817m 
AllbrightonJamesPolesworth6th September 184838 
ShakespearWilliamPolesworth14th September 184877"Shakespear(e)" in margin.
BoultridgeCharlottePolesworth14th September 18484 
LawrenceFannyPolesworth1st October 18486 
FauxEdwardPolesworth13th October 184876 
JonesClementinaPolesworth (Freaseley)1st November 184866 
CooperJosephPolesworth (Freaseley)2nd November 184873 
BomberJohn HartshornPolesworth5th November 18484m 
DeakinAlfredPolesworth18th November 184813m 
Gumley?ThomasFazeley24th November 1848 (No age entered, column left blank).
MeadAnn MariaPolesworth26th November 184815d 
OrtonMary AnnPolesworth1st December 18489h"Ortons' child" in margin.
WillisSarahPolesworth6th December 184818 
SmithAnnPolesworth14th December 18486w 
HullIsaacPolesworth18th December 184837 
ArcherMaryPolesworth21st December 18482yrs 7mths 1/2 
Archer Polesworth21st December 18482yrs 7mths 1/2(No forename given, but seemingly a repeat of the previous entry).
KingElizabethPolesworth (Quarry Hill)24th December 18483w 
ThompsonCatherinePolesworth (Quarry Hill)27th December 184816 
WilksWilliamPolesworth29th December 184858 
LoweGeorgePolesworth (Dordon)11th January 184952 
EasomJohnPolesworth (Dordon)15th January 184971 
PeggMaryPolesworth2nd February 184977 
SmithElizabethPolesworth8th February 184941 
MatthewsMaryPolesworth (Warton)8th February 184948 
OrtonElizabethPolesworth Warton26th February 184972 
AtkinsJohnPolesworth28th February 184953 
BomberJohnPolesworth12th March 184976 
SinclairSarahPolesworth16th March 184923 
SinclairSarah AnnPolesworth16th March 1849Infant 
HaywoodSarahPolesworth16th March 184942 
AstburySusanPolesworth22nd March 184987 
HenshawMaryPolesworth (Warton)1st April 184975 
JonesWalter Handley Polesworth Freaseley22nd April 18497.5 
EarpFrancesPolesworth28th April 18492 
SchombergEliza BeveridgePolesworth10th May 184921 
HaywoodJamesPolesworth17th May 18499m 
PughHannahPolesworth29th May 184917d 
GloverSarahPolesworth3rd June 184980 
PughElizabethPolesworth3rd June 18491 
BatesEmmaPolesworth8th June 1849 (No age entered, column left blank).
OrtonJamesPolesworth23rd June 1849Infant 
CroshawSarahPolesworth8th July 18495 
HandleyElizabethWilnecote12th July 184967 
VillersLotPolesworth12th July 1849Infant 
Mason Polesworth (Quary Hill)20th July 1849Infant(No forename given, column left blank).
OrchardGeorge BosworthPolesworth21st July 18493m 
MilesAnnPolesworth (Warton)23rd July 184910w 
HamesMaryPolesworth13th August 184911w 
StringerJohnPolesworth Warton14th August 184911 
CrowleyMaryPolesworth16th August 184930 
HewittWilliamPolesworth6th September 184964 
AlsopJohnPolesworth13th September 184976 
CoxHannahPolesworth5th September 184956 
Spencer ThomasPolesworth15th September 184977 
CartJamesPolesworth10th December 184954 
BrownFrances Polesworth (Dordon)14th November 184970(This entry is out of sequence, true date could possibly be 14th December 1849).
PowerMaryPolesworth (Freaseley)21st December 184929(Illegible note in margin).
AllcockHelenaPolesworth (Dordon)15th February 18508m 
LoweMaryPolesworth (Dordon)15th February 185046 
WillisHenryPolesworth17th February 1850 5 
LudfordSarahPolesworth22nd March 185069 
HewittThomasPolesworth24th April 185076 
DonkinsJonathanPolesworth25th April 185058 
MasonJohnPolesworth27th April 1850Infant 
ShakespereWilliamPolesworth18th May 18503"Drowned".
OxfordAnnPolesworth18th June 18503d 
FairfieldEdwardPolesworth20th June 185087"For 60 years gardener _____" (Note in margin partly cut off).
WilsonHenryPolesworth5th July 18509m 
MottramRichard Polesworth14th July 185084(Illegible note in margin).
HamesJohnPolesworth12th August 18506w 
CooperFrancesPolesworth4th September 18501 
BaxterCatherinePolesworth22nd September 18506 
LongElizaAmington6th October 1850 (No age entered, column left blank).
AtkinsThomasPolesworth7th October 185013m 
WalkerThomasPolesworth13th October 185078 
VillarsSarahSheepy Magna5th November 185087 
LudfordRobertPolesworth (Quarry Hill)14th November 185049"Clerk of Wilnecote chapel".
CariganGeorgeFrezeley4th December 1850 (No age entered, column left blank).
BaxterSarahPolesworth1st January 185180 
BrownThomasHall End25th January 185169 
WoodWilliam Fazeley2nd February 1851Infant 
WalkerJosephPolesworth20th February 185154 
HollyoakeJamesPolesworth24th February 185152 
CooperSamuelFreaseley2nd March 18512m 
GoldingAnnPolesworth23rd March 1851Infant 
BaileyAnnPolesworth16th April 185177 
BradfordSarahPolesworth7th May 185167"An aged Christian".
OrtonRachelPolesworth14th May 185188 
JayesJamesPolesworth29th June 185127"Died of Small Pox a stranger ____ found by the railway".
CoatesMary Polesworth8th August 185176 
RigbyAlicePolesworth16th August 185125 
BaxterSarah AnnPolesworth1st September 1851 (No age entered, column left blank).
CooperThomasPolesworth3rd September 185126 
TonksJanePolesworth26th September 185148 
MeadsJohnPolesworth27th September 185140 
DawsonEmma ElizabethPolesworth1st October 1851Infant 
OrdridgeElizabethPolesworth (Freaseley)2nd October 185130 
DonkinsElizabethPolesworth18th October 185175 
FauxMaryPolesworth2nd October 185149(This entry is out of sequence, true date could possibly be 2nd November 1851).
ThompsonJohnPolesworth18th November 185175 
LakinJanePolesworth23rd November 185179 
WatsonSamuelPolesworth13th December 185163 
TibbitsElizabethPolesworth19th December 185127"Declined".

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