Hockley All Saints
Baptisms from 1830 to 1851

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                    Surname Listing:

Adams, Allday, Allen, Armstrong, Arnold, Ashford, Ashford Hughes, Ashmore, Askey, Atkins.

Badams, Baddams, Baddely, Badley, Bailey, Baker, Ball, Banfield, Bankes, Banks, Barker, Barlow, Barnett, Barnsley, Bartle, Bartlett, Barton, Barwise, Basset, Bassett, Bate, Bates, Bearley, Beaumont, Bedington Crook, Bedward, Beech, Bellamy, Bennett, Benson, Benton, Berry, Bever, Bevins, Bingle, Bingley, Bird, Black, Blackman, Blakeman, Bluck, Boden, Bollon, Bolton, Bonass, Boness, Boot, Bozard, Bozzerd, Bradley, Bragg, Bramich, Bramwich, Brandon, Brant, Brewer, Briggs, Brooks, Brown, Brueton, Buck, Buckley, Bullock, Bulpit, Bunce, Burr, Burrows, Burton, Bury, Butcher, Buzzard.

Callow, Calthorp, Capener, Carpenter, Carter, Cartmail, Catmeil, Cawdrell, Chambers, Cheslin, Chilwell, Clarance, Clark, Clarke, Coates, Coley, Collinson, Collison, Comson, Conway, Cooke, Cooper, Cooper Probert, Cope, Copper, Cotterall, Cottrill, Cowdrell, Cowper, Cox, Crathorne, Crisp, Crook, Cross, Croton, Crump, Cubbage.

Dandy, Darby, D'Arcy, Davies, Davis, Dawes, Dawson, Deakin, Dedicoat, Deebank, Devonport, Dews, Dingley, Dodd, Doidge, Down, Dudley, Dunn, Dyer, Dyott.

Ecles, Edge, Edmonds, Edwards, Egginton, Eglington, Elcock, Elkington, Elliman, Elliott, Ellis, Elsmore, Emms, Evans.

Farm, Farnall, Faux, Fellowes, Fellows, Finnemore, Fisher, Flavel, Fletcher, Flewitt, Floyd, Follis, Forbes, Ford, Forrest, Forrester, Foster, Fowkes, Fox, Freeman, Frost, Fulford.

Galey, Gammage, Gamwell, Gardener, Gee, Gilbert, Gillett, Girling, Glydon, Goddard, Gordon, Gozzard, Graham, Gray, Green, Greenwood, Grey, Griffin, Griffiths, Grigg, Guess, Guest.

Hackett, Haddletin, Haddleton, Haines, Hall, Hammond, Handcock, Handley, Hands, Hanmer, Hanson, Harcourt, Harper, Harrison, Harvey, Hassell, Hatherley, Hawthorn, Haynes, Hazelwood, Hazlewood, Heath, Henley, Henly, Hewitt, Hiccups, Hill, Hinks, Hipkins, Hobbis, Hobson, Hodgetts, Hoggins, Hollins, Holmes, Holton, Holyoak, Holyoake, Hope, Hopkins, Horton, Houghton, Howard, Howle, Howles, Huband, Huges, Hughes, Hunt, Husband, Husselby.

Ingram, Insley, Inston.

Jackson, Jakes, James, Jays, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jelfs, Jenkins, Jennens, Jennings, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Jukes.

Keight, Kent, Kingland, Kitland.

Lacey, Lamb, Lane, Lapcote, Lapworth, Lavender, Lawrence, Lee, Leech, Lewis, Lewty, Lines, Lively, Lloyd, Lovatt, Lowe, Lucas, Luck, Lyster.

Macefield, Macnady, Male, Marsh, Martin, Mathews, Meaking, Medlicott, Mee, Merrick, Millington, Moffoot, Monks, Morgan, Morrall, Morrell, Morris, Morton, Motteram, Mottram, Mullis.

Neal, Newman, Newton, Nicholls, Nickolds, Norris, Northwood, Norton.

Oliver, Osborne, Ottley, Owen.

Packer, Packton, Paddock, Paddy, Palmer, Parker, Parkes, Parrock, Partridge, Paynter, Pearce, Pears, Peers, Pemberton, Pendry, Percival, Perkins, Perman, Perry, Peters, Phillips, Phipps, Pickering, Pierman, Pitt, Plant, Plimley, Plumley, Pooey, Poolton, Pope, Potter, Pountney, Poutney, Povey, Powell, Powles, Price, Prichard, Pritchard, Pritchett, Proctor, Prosser, Pugh.


Radford, Rainsley, Randal, Ratcliff, Reddall, Reece, Reeve, Richards, Richardson, Roberts, Robinson, Roden, Rogers, Round, Rudder, Rudge, Russell, Ryall.

Sabin, Salt, Sanbrook, Sapcote, Sargent, Saucer, Savage, Scott, Shaekspeare, Shakespear, Sharpe, Shaw, Sheriff, Siddall, Silvester, Simco, Sinner, Siveter, Siviter, Sivitor, Smallwood, Smedley, Smith, Soley, Solomon, Spalding, Sparkes, Spencer, Spilsbury, Squires, Standley, Stanier, Stanley, Stansby, Stanton, Starling, Stevens, Stoker, Stokes, Such, Sutton, Sweetman.

Tailly, Talbot, Tarver, Taverner, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thomson Baker, Thornton, Thurstans, Tibbits, Titmus, Tolley, Tomkins, Tommas, Toney, Tonks, Tothill, Trevor, Troth, Tudman, Turner, Turton, Tye.

Uglow, Umfreville, Underwood, Unett, Upton.

Vale, Van den Honert, Vaughan, Venour, Vernals, Vernon.

Walker, Walter, Walton, Ward, Ward , Warden, Wareing, Warren, Warwick, Watson, Watts, Wells, Whaler, Whatton, Wheeler, Whistance, White, Whitehouse, Whitfield, Whitmore, Wicksey, Wilcox, Wild, Wilde, Wilden, Wilkes, Wilks, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winman, Wiseman, Withers, Wolfindale, Wood, Wood , Woodcock, Wooddin, Wooddins, Woodfield, Woodhouse, Woodin, Woolfindale, Wootton, Worton, Wright, Wright , Wrighton.

Yarnold, Yates.

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