Hartshill Holy Trinity
Burials from 1848 to 1877

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Thanks to Wendy Boland and Susan Casey for transcribing and providing this data

                    Surname Listing:

Alcock, Allcock, Allen, Allton, Arnold, Arthrell, Askew, Atkins, Aucott, Aught,
Banbury, Barnard, Barricliff, Barrowcliff, Barrowcliffe, Bates, Beadman, Beale,
Beeby, Bell, Bevins, Bindley, Bird, Bodill, Booton, Boulstridge, Bown, Bradbury,
Brookes, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Buckler, Butler,
Cashmore, Cheshire, Clamp, Clark, Clarke, Collins, Cooper, Cope, Crisp, Cross, Crowshaw,
Dayman, Deeming, Dent, Dewell, Dewis, Dingley, Donnelly, Dowell, Dowling, Downes, Drakeley, Dunmore,
Everitt, Fallows, Farmer, Fenton, Field, Finch, Flammens, Flemens, Flemmans, Foster,
Garratt, Gee, Godderidge, Golder, Green,
Hall, Halls, Hands, Hankinson, Harris, Harrison, Heath, Hill, Holmes, Hopkins, Horton,
Insley, Ison,
Jefcote, Jeffcote, Jeffcott, Jefferey, Jeffery, Jones, Kendall, Kilby, King,
Lakin, Langley, Langsford, Lapworth, Lawrance, Lenton, Lindoss, Lingard, Lissaman, Lucas, Luty,
Mansell, Marriott, Mellors, Mellows, Mercer, Mitchell, Moor, Moore, Moreton, Morgan,
Morhall, Morris, Morton, Mullis, Murrell, Newborough,
Nicklin, Nickling, Orton, Parker, Parsons, Perkins, Perry, Pinchback, Poulteney,
Powers, Poynton, Pratt, Ramsden, Randle, Robinson, Roe,
Sands, Satchwell, Simms, Simpson, Smedley, Smith, Southam, Starkey, Stevens,
Stockley, Storer, Stringer, Suffolk, Taverner, Thomas, Thompson, Tibbetts, Tilson,
Tonks, Toon, Turner, Underwood,
Wale, Ward, Wathes, Watts, Weetman, Wells, West, White, Whitehead, Whitmore, Wilkinson,
Willn, Wills, Wilson, Wood, Woodcock, Woodfield, Woodward, Wright.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
103 May 1848Ann WRIGHT43HartshillMother of John Wright Bootmaker who is Uncle to Joseph Wright Songman
214 May 1848Mary WILSON47Hartshill 
328 May 1848Elizabeth MULLIS82Hartshill 
410 Jun 1848William WILSON43Hartshill 
518 Jun 1848Sarah Catherine WELLSInfantHartshill 
617 Aug 1848Elizabeth CASHMORE71Hartshill 
723 Nov 1848John BOWNInfantHartshill 
821 Dec 1848Charles JONES26Hartshill 
914 Jan 1849George INSLEYInfantHartshill 
1018 Mar 1849Mary BUTLER30Hartshill 
1118 Mar 1849George KINGInfantHartshill 
1201 May 1849Charles JEFFCOTE8mHartshill 
1327 May 1849Edward GREEN76Stockingford 
1427 May 1849Mary Anne HARRIS16Hartshill 
1501 Jun 1849Mary PERKINS72Hartshill 
1613 Jun 1849Thomas WEST18Hartshill 
1715 Sep 1849Mary Jane BATES11mHartshill 
1809 Oct 1849Robert FARMER HartshillNo age entered
1926 Dec 1849Jane DOWLINGInfantHartshill 
2030 Dec 1849Rhoda STORER64Hartshill 
2101 Jan 1850Anne BINDLEY65Hartshill 
2224 Jan 1850John WELLS27Hartshill 
2303 Apr 1850Ruth DOWLING6mHartshill 
2415 Apr 1850Anne BUCKLER30Hartshill 
2516 May 1850Robert BATES46Hartshill 
2631 May 1850Catharine KENDALL68Hartshill 
2707 Jul 1850William ATKINS2y6mHartshillAge given as 2 and a half
2812 Jul 1850Edward WARD76Hartshill 
2924 Jul 1850George CLARKE70Hartshill 
3026 Aug 1850Rebecca BOWN77Hartshill 
3127 Aug 1850Joseph MORRIS27Hartshill 
3205 Sep 1850Mary CLARKE69Hartshill 
3308 Oct 1850John MULLIS70Hartshill 
3425 Oct 1850Frances HALLS2wHartshill 
3519 Dec 1850John LAKIN4Hartshill 
3623 Jan 1851Sarah DAYMAN1Hartshill 
3702 Feb 1851John BARROWCLIFF1wHartshill 
3820 Apr 1851Hannah WALE63Stockingford 
3931 May 1851Thomas MOORE3mHartshill 
4028 Jun 1850Mary ATKINS78Hartshill 
4111 Aug 1850Edward INSLEY56Hartshill 
4209 Sep 1850Amos BOWN4mStockingford 
4315 Sep 1850Alfred LAKINInfantHartshill 
4426 Oct 1851Jesse BROOKS16Hartshill 
4512 Nov 1851Sarah NICKLIN35Hartshill 
4623 Nov 1851Robert HARRIS25Hartshill 
4726 Nov 1851Frances MORETON2HartshillRegistrars Certificate Baptised Fanny
4828 Jan 1852Maria MORRIS31Hartshill 
4928 Jan 1852Henry FLEMENS3wHartshill 
5030 Jan 1852William BINDLEY59Hartshill 
5119 Feb 1852Letitia WILKINSON64Hartshill 
5222 Feb 1852Emma MORRISInfantHartshill 
5322 Feb 1852Henry Thomas WEST2mHartshill 
5403 Mar 1852Harriet BOWN4Nuneaton 
5504 Mar 1852Hannah ALLTON4mHartshill 
5610 Mar 1852Eleanor NICKLING4mHartshill 
5714 Mar 1852Thomas LINGARD83Hartshill 
5817 Mar 1852Samuel MORGAN7mHartshill 
5917 Mar 1852Mary WRIGHT7mHartshill 
6031 Mar 1852Emma ALLTON5mNuneaton 
6104 Apr 1852Mary Ann INSLEY13wHartshill 
6216 Apr 1852Isaac COPE7Hartshill 
6318 Apr 1852Ann PARSONS1Hartshill 
6430 Jun 1852William WARD13Hartshill 
6508 Jul 1852Stephen ARTHRELL29Hartshill 
6620 Sep 1852Emma BARROWCLIFF5mHartshill 
6710 Oct 1852Catherine MORGAN78Hartshill 
6802 Nov 1852Sarah Ann COOPER7Atherstone 
6907 Nov 1852Thomas WOODWARD84Atherstone 
7019 Dec 1852Elizabeth MORHALL36Nuneaton 
7106 Jan 1853Alfred BATES8Hartshill 
7206 Jan 1853Charlotte BATES3mHartshill 
7330 Jan 1853Sarah PARSONS79Hartshill 
7406 Mar 1853Emma Maria MORETON14wHartshill 
7507 Mar 1853John FLAMMENS17mHartshill 
7609 Mar 1853William BRYAN16Hartshill 
7716 Mar 1853Ann MORETON20Hartshill 
7816 Mar 1853Mary FLAMMENS8wHartshill 
7926 Apr 1853Jesse WARD2wHartshill 
8004 May 1853Mary HANKINSON64Hartshill 
8129 May 1853William Stephen CRISP20mOldbury 
8222 Jun 1853Lucy ALLTON32Hartshill 
8309 Oct 1853Sarah Ann BATES14mHartshill 
8419 Oct 1853Joseph PINCHBACK14mHartshill 
8521 Oct 1853George HANKINSON65Hartshill 
8615 Dec 1853Thomas PERRY10dHartshill 
8701 Jan 1854Sarah BEALE71Hartshill 
8815 Jan 1854Charles WARD84Hartshill 
8911 Feb 1854Louisa HANKINSON3wHartshill 
9001 Apr 1854Charles BATES7mNuneaton 
9118 Apr 1854Ann KING79Hartshill 
9221 Apr 1854Mary MORETON71Hartshill 
9325 Apr 1854Sarah Ann DEEMING1y9mHartshill 
9426 Apr 1854Elizabeth PERRY75Hartshill 
9504 May 1854Thomas ALCOCK78Hartshill 
9613 May 1854William KING81Hartshill 
9714 May 1854Susan HARRIS55Hartshill 
9820 Jun 1854Arthur WARD2Hartshill 
9926 Jun 1854Mary MORRIS80Hartshill 
10016 Jul 1854Thomas BIRD50Hartshill 
10118 Jul 1854Catherine PERRY7mHartshill 
10227 Sep 1854Thomas BEALE74Hartshill 
10301 Nov 1854Ann BATES36Hartshill 
10403 Dec 1854Mary Jane FOSTER15wHartshill 
10504 Feb 1855Ruth MOORE HartshillNo age entered
10606 Feb 1855Elizabeth LAPWORTH HartshillNo age entered
10706 Feb 1855Richard JEFCOTE HartshillNo age entered
10807 Feb 1855Robert BATES76Hartshill 
10921 Feb 1855Joseph COLLINS72Hartshill 
11001 Apr 1855Samuel Joseph BOWN3wNuneaton 
11111 Apr 1855Sarah Elizabeth MORGAN7mHartshill 
11223 Apr 1855Benneda Julia ALLEN3mHartshill 
11310 May 1855Mary SUFFOLK82Hartshill 
11413 May 1855William CHESHIRE64Hartshill 
11517 May 1855Thomas WOODFIELD HartshillNo age entered
11630 May 1855William COOPER11mHartshill 
11710 Oct 1855Charles CASHMORE15Hartshill 
11816 Oct 1855George STORER46Hartshill 
11924 Oct 1855Ralph WEST23Hartshill 
12025 Oct 1855Sarah Jane WARD1Hartshill 
12102 Nov 1855Jane LAPWORTH18Hartshill 
12224 Nov 1855Emily COOPER2Hartshill 
12316 Dec 1855Sarah WEST53Hartshill 
12410 Jan 1856Elizabeth ROBINSON HartshillNo age entered
12507 Feb 1856Charles PARKER73HartshillDied in Nuneaton
12623 Mar 1856William BINDLEY96Hartshill 
12724 Apr 1856William BOWN14wHartshill 
12822 May 1856Alma WARD9mHartshill 
12923 May 1856Elizabeth PARKER9mHartshill 
13018 Nov 1856John BARRICLIFF66Hartshill 
13105 Dec 1856Hannah BINDLEY64Hartshill 
13221 Dec 1856Ellen THOMAS82Hartshill 
13309 Feb 1857William BEEBY39Hartshill 
13413 Feb 1857Bridget BINDLEY70Hartshill 
13526 Feb 1857Mary Ann LENTON4dHartshill 
13608 Apr 1857Sarah WILKINSON7mHartshill 
13703 May 1857Joseph BATES3wHartshill 
13825 May 1857Hannah ROBINSON2Hartshill 
13918 Aug 1857Thomas COPE67Hartshill 
14005 Aug 1857Elizabeth COOPER66Hartshill 
14118 Sep 1857Elijah BOWN8wStockingford 
14230 Sep 1857Emma Ann FINCH16dHartshill 
14303 Oct 1857Sarah Maria THOMPSON14dHartshill 
14403 Oct 1857Edith UNDERWOOD2mHartshill 
14504 Nov 1857Joseph CROWSHAW24Hartshill 
14606 Dec 1857Henry ALLTON80Hartshill 
14707 Dec 1857Charles WARD2y5mNuneaton 
14817 Jan 1858James ATKINS22Hartshill 
14924 Jan 1858John CLAMP16mHartshill 
15007 Mar 1858Alice Jane MORRIS7mHartshill 
15114 Mar 1858Sarah Ann HANDS4mHartshill 
15215 May 1858Alfred Charles BATES11dHartshill 
15304 Jul 1858Thomas WRIGHT34Hartshill 
15414 Jul 1858David THOMPSON28dHartshill 
15525 Aug 1858Elizabeth STARKEY29Hartshill 
15611 Sep 1858Eliza PARSONS2Hartshill 
15722 Sep 1858Mary WARD82Chapel End Hartshill 
15814 Oct 1858Mary COOPER2Chapel End Hartshill 
15919 Oct 1858Ruth MOOR10wChapel End Hartshill 
16029 Nov 1858Esther HALL60Chapel End Hartshill 
16106 Dec 1858Dinah ORTON48Chapel End Hartshill 
16211 Dec 1858Thomas HARRIS16Coppice Lane Hartshill 
16305 Feb 1859Abel MELLORS8mChapel End Hartshill 
16408 Mar 1859Sarah Ann THOMPSON1Chapel End Hartshill 
16508 Mar 1859Sarah Rebeca STRINGER2mChapel End Hartshill 
16617 May 1859Emily Henrietta MELLOWS9wHartshill 
16715 Jun 1859Hannah WOODWARD6Hartshill 
16821 Jun 1859Enoch BOWN2wHartshill 
16901 Jul 1859Hannah SATCHWELL9Hartshill 
17008 Jul 1859George MELLOWS7Hartshill 
17116 Sep 1859Harriett BATES76Atherstone Union 
17220 Sep 1859Joseph WEST25Hartshill 
17319 Oct 1859Mary BOWN33Stockingford Nuneaton 
17428 Oct 1859Ann ISON29Hartshill 
17529 Oct 1859Ann COOPER82Chapel End Hartshill 
17607 Nov 1859Mary Ann WHITE1y11mChapel End Hartshill 
17704 Dec 1859Edward MERCER6mHartshill 
17813 Dec 1859Ann LAPWORTH58Stockingford Nuneaton 
17915 Dec 1859Tamar MORETON9wChapel End Hartshill 
18020 Dec 1859Elizabeth Ann KENDALL5mHartshill 
18103 Jan 1860Mary MULLIS12wHartshill 
18226 Jan 1860Elizabeth DENT66Hartshill 
18301 Feb 1860Charlotte TOON69Chapel End Hartshill 
18403 Feb 1860Jane WHITMORE77Hartshill 
18517 Feb 1860Hannah COOPER16mHartshill 
18622 Feb 1860Mary Harriett BOULSTRIDGE19Stockingford Nuneaton""Destroyed herself""
18704 Mar 1860Arthur WARD3Hartshill 
18806 Mar 1860Ann WARD4Hartshill 
18918 Mar 1860Harriet EVERITT4Chapel End Hartshill 
19021 Mar 1860Henrietta Georgina FOSTER8mHartshill 
19125 Mar 1860Isaac BATES7mHartshill 
19203 Apr 1860Sarah STRINGER70Hartshill 
19312 Apr 1860William ISON6mHartshill 
19419 Apr 1860Ann BARROWCLIFFE76Snow Hill Yard Hartshill(Taylor) added under surname
19521 Apr 1860Martha WILLS63Hartshill 
19626 May 1860Susannah NICKLING70Chapel End Hartshill 
19718 Sep 1860Joseph PRATT4mLeather Mills Hartshill 
19811 Oct 1860George TAVERNER88Hartshill 
19919 Oct 1860William WOODWARD2mHartshill 
20027 Oct 1860Elizabeth AUCOTT83Atherstone Workhouse 
20102 Nov 1860Clara POYNTON5mChapel End Hartshill 
20213 Dec 1860George Johnstone LANGSFORD38Chapel End Hartshill 
20319 Dec 1860Mary CHESHIRE81Hartshill 
20410 Jan 1861Thomas CLAMP67Atherstone Workhouse 
20518 Feb 1861Mary CLAMP36Atherstone Workhouse 
20618 Feb 1861Joseph WEST6wHartshill 
20723 Feb 1861Harriet INSLEY6mHartshill 
20825 Feb 1861John PARSONS9mHartshill 
20916 Mar 1861Edmund ALLEN3Chapel End Hartshill 
21018 Mar 1861Mary Hannah HILL10wChapel End Hartshill 
21127 Mar 1861Catherine BRADBURY42Hartshill 
21218 Apr 1861George BROOKES Hatton AsylumNo age entered
21303 May 1861Emma MELLORS36Hartshill 
21416 Jun 1861Samuel HANKINSON69Hartshill 
21521 Jun 1861Isaac LAPWORTH22Stockingford 
21602 Jul 1861John AUCOTT6Hartshill 
21707 Jul 1861Harriet WARD7wHartshill 
21820 Jul 1861Walter SIMPSON14wHartshill 
21902 Aug 1861Matilda INSLEY2Hartshill 
22005 Oct 1861Catherine COLLINS75Chapel End Hartshill 
22105 Oct 1861Thomas SIMPSON5mHartshill 
22228 Dec 1861Caroline PARSONS31Snow Hill Yard Hartshill 
22301 Mar 1862Mary BROWN67Hartshill 
22417 May 1862Elizabeth WARD40Hartshill 
22523 May 1862Charles GOLDER25Lodging at CaldecoteDrowned
22626 Jul 1861Ann WOODWARD21mHartshill 
22726 Jul 1861Nathaniel CLARKE2dHartshill 
22810 Sep 1862Amos NICKLING46Hartshill 
22918 Sep 1862Thomas WOODWARD12hHartshill 
23006 Dec 1862Ann MOORE22Hartshill 
23127 Dec 1862Samuel HANDS8mHartshill 
23207 Jan 1863Ann ALLCOCK80Hartshill 
23328 Apr 1863Catherine PARSONS58Hartshill 
23421 May 1863Thomas MORETON65Chapel End Hartshill 
23503 Jun 1863Samuel MURRELL2Chapel End Hartshill 
23631 Aug 1863George MOORE14Chapel End Hartshill 
23706 Sep 1863Christiana DRAKELEY21mChapel End Hartshill 
23823 Sep 1863Keziah BINDLEY74Stockingford 
23901 Nov 1863Edward DONNELLY15mChapel End Hartshill 
24025 Dec 1863Hannah THOMPSON12mHartshill 
24124 Jan 1864William JONES82Hartshill 
24218 Feb 1864Sarah GODDERIDGE17Hartshill 
24328 Apr 1864Joseph WARD6wHartshill 
24403 May 1864William BRADBURY9mChapel End Hartshill 
24515 May 1864Frederick James MORRIS5Chapel End Hartshill 
24610 Jun 1864Fanny THOMPSON11dHartshill 
24712 Jun 1864Jonathan GARRATT72Hartshill 
24826 Jun 1864Thomas WOODWARD66Hartshill 
24903 Jul 1864Abel DRAKELEY12Chapel End Hartshill 
25008 Jul 1864Sarah BATES44Hartshill 
25111 Jul 1864Harriett ALLEN1Chapel End Hartshill 
25212 Jul 1864Caroline CLARK5mHartshill 
25326 Jul 1864Hannah LANGLEY69Chapel End Hartshill 
25402 Aug 1864George PARSONS10HartshillDrowned
25507 Aug 1864James WARD1y6mChapel End Hartshill 
25612 Aug 1864Joshua Jesse MORRIS2Chapel End HartshillDrowned
25716 Oct 1864James ATKINS3Hartshill 
25811 Nov 1864William HARRISON48Oldbury 
25924 Nov 1864Hannah ATKINS66Hartshill 
26006 Jan 1865Edwin James SOUTHAM5Hartshill 
26107 Jan 1865William PARSONS32HartshillDrowned
26222 Jan 1865Fanny ASKEW11mHartshill 
26325 Jan 1865William BATES87Atherstone Workhouse 
26411 Feb 1865Leonard DINGLEY2Hartshill 
26525 Feb 1865Henry STARKEY77Hartshill 
26626 Feb 1865Letitia DOWNES71Hartshill 
26729 Apr 1865John James CLARKInfantHartshill 
26803 Sep 1865John WOODWARD2y6mHartshillAge recorded as 2 and a half
26925 Oct 1865Elizabeth MANSELL64Hartshill 
27029 Oct 1865William BROWN7wChapel End Hartshill 
27102 Nov 1865Ellen Elizabeth BRADBURY11mHartshill 
27208 Nov 1865Maria ISON47Hartshill 
27311 Nov 1865Sophia CROSS35Nuneaton 
27426 Nov 1865Ann RANDLE25Hartshill 
27504 Dec 1865John HORTON69Hartshill 
27607 Dec 1865Clara PARSONS8Chapel End Hartshill 
27708 Dec 1865William LUCAS79Hartshill""Vet Tippetts Grandfather""
27828 Dec 1865Ann HANDS57Hartshill 
27914 Jan 1866David MOORE1y9mChapel End Hartshill 
28006 Feb 1866Ezekiel BARROWCLIFF3wChapel End HartshillNote added ""Fall? Tailor? Barrack Yard""
28111 Feb 1866James BINDLEY69Stockingford 
28217 Feb 1866Rosetta HARRIS9mHartshill 
28310 Mar 1866David Henry WARDInfantHartshill 
28417 Mar 1866Sally BINDLEY46Hockley Stockingford 
28518 Mar 1866Emily WHITMORE6Camp Hill Nuneaton 
28621 Mar 1866Eliza WOOD3Hartshill 
28722 Mar 1866Walter Sidney BROWN9mHartshill 
28825 Mar 1866Mary Ann NEWBOROUGH1y5mChapel End Hartshill 
28925 Mar 1866James MARRIOTT73Hartshill 
29026 Jun 1866Mary JEFFCOTE71Chapel End Hartshill 
29104 Jul 1866Martha ISON73Chapel End Hartshill 
29209 Nov 1866John Edwin WEETMAN6mHartshill 
29315 Nov 1866William LAWRANCE57Park Farm Hartshill 
29421 Nov 1866Fanny COOPER9mHartshill 
29514 Dec 1866Elizabeth JEFFCOTE42Chapel End Hartshill 
29623 Dec 1866Albert DOWELL6mChapel End Hartshill 
29714 Feb 1867George STOCKLEY34Hartshill 
29815 Feb 1867Hannah Rebecca ASKEW3mHartshill 
29928 Feb 1867Fanny KILBY2mChapel End Hartshill 
30012 Mar 1867Emma GODDERIDGE16Hartshill 
30119 Mar 1867John POULTENEY56Chapel End Hartshill 
30214 Apr 1867John BARNARD57Leather Mills Hartshill 
30330 Apr 1867John William BATES13mChapel End Hartshill 
30411 Aug 1867Ann LAPWORTH52Chapel End Hartshill 
30516 Aug 1867Thomas WARD32Hartshill 
30626 Aug 1867Ann HANDS57Hartshill 
30704 Sep 1867George LANGLEY70Atherstone Workhouse 
30813 Oct 1867Joshua MORRIS64Chapel End Hartshill 
30924 Oct 1867Thomas MITCHELL8mPark Farm Hartshill 
31003 Nov 1867James THOMAS71Hartshill 
31103 Jan 1868Maria ARTHRELL43Hartshill 
31206 Jan 1868Charles Henry ISON3Hartshill 
31319 Jan 1868Thomas Oliver WARD14mHartshill 
31429 Mar 1868Thomas MORRIS55Chapel End Hartshill 
31501 Apr 1868Joseph BODILL3mHartshill 
31619 May 1868Matilda THOMPSON11mHartshill 
31705 Aug 1868Harriet STARKEY1Hartshill 
31811 Aug 1868John DENT82Hartshill 
31912 Aug 1868Ann BUCKLER30Chapel End Hartshill 
32012 Aug 1868Lavina TONKSInfantChapel End Hartshill 
32129 Aug 1868Richard WOODWARD72Hartshill 
32201 Sep 1868Mary JONES83Chapel End Hartshill 
32314 Oct 1868Mary LUCAS74Witherley Late Hartshill 
32401 Nov 1868Thomas SATCHWELL3mHartshill 
32518 Nov 1868Charles ISON98Hartshill 
32609 Dec 1868Martha BEADMAN5mHartshill 
32713 Dec 1868William MORRIS69Chapel End Hartshill 
32823 Dec 1868Thomas WEST69Hartshill 
32924 Dec 1868Sarah WARD69Hartshill 
33016 Jan 1869Thomas GEE7mChapel End Hartshill 
33104 Apr 1869Jane HARRIS33Hartshill 
33219 May 1869William COOPER5mHartshill 
33308 Jun 1869Sarah WOODWARD78Hartshill 
33415 Jun 1869Eliza GEE43Chapel End Hartshill 
33507 Jul 1869Joseph SANDS74Hartshill 
33621 Jul 1869Ann Maria POWERSInfantChapel End Hartshill 
33710 Aug 1869Sarah WARD50Hartshill 
33825 Aug 1869Elizabeth WRIGHT1y8mHartshill 
33925 Aug 1869John MORRIS66Chapel End Hartshill 
34028 Aug 1869John Wilson WATHES30Hartshill 
34103 Oct 1869Elizabeth Ann ARNOLD10Hartshill 
34207 Nov 1869Enoch WILSON8mHartshill 
34309 Nov 1869Mary WARD84Hartshill 
34417 Dec 1869William Richard BANBURY3mHartshill 
34519 Dec 1869Mary Ann CHESHIRE13mHartshill 
34628 Jan 1870Alice WARD42Hartshill 
34711 Feb 1870John WOODWARD11mHartshill 
34813 Feb 1870Eliza JEFFEREY26Hartshill 
34917 Apr 1870Joseph THOMPSONInfantHartshill 
35028 Jun 1870James WARD66Hartshill 
35124 Aug 1870John BATESInfantHartshill 
35230 Sep 1870James PERRY26Chapel End Hartshill 
35323 Nov 1870Arthur LUTY14mCamp Hill Nuneaton 
35430 Nov 1870William DOWNES77Atherstone Workhouse 
35507 Dec 1870John FOSTER54Hartshill 
35614 Dec 1870Wallace William BELL10wHartshill 
35728 Dec 1870George TURNER53Hartshill 
35828 Dec 1870Nancy MORRIS46Chapel End Hartshill 
35914 Jan 1871Rebecca STARKEY75Hartshill 
36019 Jan 1871Mary Ann BELL23Hartshill 
36111 Feb 1871Ann SMEDLEY80Stockingford 
36219 Mar 1871Abel FIELD3Camp Hill Nuneaton 
36326 Jun 1871William COOPER11wHartshill 
36427 Jun 1871Martha PARSONS3Chapel End Hartshill 
36523 Jul 1871Stephen ARTHRELL83Atherstone 
36606 Sep 1871Frederick HOPKINS10wHartshill 
36715 Sep 1871Clara Elizabeth TILSON2mHartshill 
36824 Sep 1871Ann LAWRANCE64Hartshill 
36922 Oct 1871Harriett BEEBY16Hartshill 
37013 Nov 1871Joseph WHITEHEAD24Hartshill 
37130 Nov 1871Catherine WARD29Hartshill 
37218 Feb 1872Eliza FIELD32Camp Hill Nuneaton 
37329 Feb 1872William THOMPSON82Hartshill 
37428 Mar 1872William WARD71Hartshill 
37530 Mar 1872Harriet BOOTON35Hartshill 
37606 Jun 1872Ada HANDS2Hartshill 
37707 Jul 1872Eliza WILSON2Hartshill 
37827 Jul 1872Louisa CLARKE4mHartshill 
37907 Aug 1872Rosa LISSAMAN4mOldbury 
38011 Aug 1872Elizabeth MORRIS29Chapel End HartshillDied at Hatton
38111 Sep 1872William WILLN14Chapel End Hartshill 
38219 Sep 1872Joseph BEVINS16mHartshill 
38312 Nov 1872Sarah BINDLEY69Chapel End Hartshill 
38426 Nov 1872Isaac COPE17Hartshill 
38511 Jan 1873John WHITE11mHartshill 
38605 feb 1873Sarah JEFFCOTT41Chapel End Hartshill 
38716 Feb 1873Ann THOMAS72Hartshill 
38822 Feb 1873John GODDERIDGE33Nuneaton 
38921 Mar 1873Frank CLARKE1Hartshill 
39026 Mar 1873Leah SIMMS82Hartshill 
39104 Apr 1873Infant RAMSDEN1dCamp Hill NuneatonFemale infant
39205 Apr 1873Sarah Jane LAPWORTH1y10mHartshill 
393Apr 1873Esau BEADMAN3mHartshill 
39417 Apr 1873Caroline TURNER63Hartshill 
39526 Oct 1873William SMITH59Chapel End Hartshill 
39602 Nov 1873Tom MOORE3Chapel End Hartshill 
39724 Nov 1873Mary FLEMMANS83Chapel End Hartshill 
39805 Dec 1873Henrietta ARTHRELL85Atherstone 
39930 Dec 1873Ann HOLMES86Chapel End Hartshill 
40029 Jan 1874William Henry LINDOSS1dNuneaton 
40131 Jan 1874Joseph COPE27dHartshill 
40220 Feb 1874Ann STEVENS25Hartshill 
40319 Mar 1874Elizabeth DEWIS18Hartshill 
40427 Mar 1874Sarah AUGHT84Hartshill 
40503 Apr 1874John STORER88Hartshill 
40606 Apr 1874Walter Henry FENTON3mOldbury 
40724 Apr 1874Enoch DEWELL1y10mChapel End Hartshill 
40809 May 1874Fanny ROE3Hartshill 
40923 Jun 1874Ann WOODWARD43Hartshill 
41018 Jul 1874Elizabeth Sarah CASHMORE65Hartshill 
41121 Jul 1874Mary WARD73Hartshill 
41225 Jul 1874John ISON32Hartshill 
41329 Aug 1874Lucy HARRIS69Hartshill 
41413 Sep 1874Eliza STORER28Hartshill 
41528 Sep 1874Henry FINCH85Chapel End Hartshill 
41610 Oct 1874James FLEMMANS84Chapel End HartshillNote added "Orginally Fleming"
41728 Oct 1874Julia ISON4Hartshill 
41815 Nov 1874Eliza BROWN31Hartshill 
41902 Dec 1874Mary STOCKLEY85Hartshill 
42006 Dec 1874Anne Thomas HEATH9Hartshill 
42112 Dec 1874Elizabeth HEATH HartshillNo age entered
42201 Apr 1875Sarah Ann POWERS32Chapel End Hartshill 
42310 Apr 1875Frances Mary WRIGHT15mHartshill 
42410 Jul 1875Rose May FENTON2mOldburyAge recorded as 2 and a half months
42524 Aug 1875Job WILSON11wHartshill 
42608 Oct 1875Charlotte LAPWORTH63Hartshill 
42727 Nov 1875Hannah HANKINSON75Hartshill 
42816 Feb 1876William DUNMORE62Hartshill 
42930 Mar 1876Sarah WARD90Tuttle End Nuneaton 
43019 May 1876Thomas TIBBETTS76Hartshill 
43125 May 1876Joseph BODILL5mHartshill 
43220 Jun 1876Joseph WOODWARD2Hartshill 
43312 Jul 1876Sarah WARD40Hartshill 
43430 Jul 1876William LAPWORTH1y10mHartshill 
43509 Aug 1876Elizabeth MORTON52Hartshill 
43620 Aug 1876John FALLOWS30Hartshill 
43717 Dec 1876Harriet MULLIS35Nuneaton 
43816 Jan 1877John JEFFERY13wTamworth 
43903 Feb 1877Mary Ann WOODCOCK6mHartshill 
44010 Mar 1877John WATTS20dHartshill 

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