Grendon All Saints
Burials from 1875 to 1899

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Wendy Boland for transcribing and providing this data

                    Surname Listing:

Albrighton, Alcock, Alkin, Alsop, Andrews, Archer, Atkins, Bailey, Ball, Barnacle, Barrs, Basley, Bayliss,
Black, Blower, Bonehill, Boonham, Booton, Bosworth, Boyard, Brittlebank, Bromley, Broughall, Brown,
Carthy, Chamberlain, Chetwynd, Clarke, Cobb, Coley, Colley, Cooke, Cooper, Crisp,
Dawe, Day, Dellow, Dixon, Dowell, Evans, Felthouse, Forsey, Freer, Gibson, Gretton, Guild,
Hamington, Hanmer, Hayden, Heafield, Heard, Henney, Hextall, Higgs, Holliday, Horton, Hughes, Hunt,
Jervis, Jones, Knight, Linnell, Mallabey, Mason, Mitchell, Moore, Muddiman, Nash, Orme, Orton,
Parkinson, Pinfold, Powers, Radford, Reed, Rogers, Sanders, Shakespear, Sharp, Smart, Smith, Southam, Spare,
Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Timson, Toms, Treadwell, Turner,
Walker, Walton, Wardle, Waters, Webster, Welton, Whitmore, Wilkinson, Wood.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
58509 May 1875John SPARE9mGrendon 
58603 Jun 1875Arthur Thomas ALCOCK3y 6mGrendon 
58725 Jun 1875Clara Augusta BROUGHALL18Grendon 
58829 Sep 1875Thomas POWERS43Whittington 
58912 Nov 1875Abraham TAYLOR52Whittington 
59015 Dec 1875Ann Elizabeth TOMS1y 3mWhittington 
59119 Jan 1876Maria FELTHOUSE92Grendon 
59213 Feb 1876Edward RADFORD79Grendon 
59327 Oct 1876Clara ALBRIGHTON3Grendon 
59420 Nov 1876George BARRS68Grendon 
59510 Dec 1876Catherine ARCHER61Grendon 
59617 Dec 1876Thomas MITCHELL17Grendon 
59731 Dec 1876John WALTON82Grendon 
59808 Feb 1877William SMART2Grendon 
59918 Mar 1877Sarah CHETWYND72Grendon 
60003 May 1877Thomas ALKIN69Grendon 
60117 Jun 1877Jane SPARE12Grendon 
60204 Jul 1877James THOMPSON83Grendon 
60315 Jul 1877Samuel John BLOWER1Grendon 
60402 Sep 1877James HIGGS66Grendon 
60511 Oct 1877Thomas Wood POWERS14Bedford County School 
60608 Nov 1877Sarah ARCHER5Grendon 
60729 Nov 1877Joyce ATKINS17Grendon 
60802 Jan 1878Elizabeth BAYLISS70Atherstone 
60910 Feb 1878Thomas SHAKESPEAR60Grendon 
61010 Mar 1878Mary Ann HOLLIDAY61Hamington Parish Houghton Le Spring 
61101 Sep 1878Mary Elizabeth BRITTLEBANK22dGrendon 
61214 Sep 1878Elizabeth SPARE1y 8mGrendon Hall 
61313 Oct 1878Eva-Constance Sophie CHETWYND7mGrendon 
61420 Oct 1878Elizabeth BLACK87Grendon 
61505 Nov 1878Emiley BASLEY5mGrendon 
61608 Nov 1878Henry HEARD54Whittington 
61724 Dec 1878Elizabeth RADFORD90Grendon 
61824 Dec 1878Fanny Elizabeth HUNT8Grendon 
61905 Jan 1879Arthur James HUNT6Grendon 
62014 Mar 1879Henry TURNER11Grendon 
62129 Mar 1879Sarah Ann TURNER6wGrendon 
62216 May 1879Charles ALBRIGHTON60Grendon 
62315 Jun 1879Sarah SHAKESPEAR32Grendon 
62406 Jul 1879Thomas BOOTON11mGrendon 
62506 Jul 1879William ALBRIGHTON35Grendon 
62605 Oct 1879George CLARKE88Grendon 
62703 Dec 1879Hjoseph COOKE82Grendon 
62831 Dec 1879Florence Elizabeth ALBRIGHTON7dGrendon 
62910 Apr 1880Charlotte HEARD51Grendon 
63024 Nov 1880William ALBRIGHTON74Grendon 
63127 Feb 1881Joseph BLOWER89Grendon 
63210 Mar 1881Ada GRETTON9mWhittington 
63323 Mar 1881Hugh Savike BRITTLEBANK9wGrendon 
63404 Jun 1881Catherine POWERS43Atherstone 
63510 Sep 1881John MASON18Grendon 
63604 Oct 1881Catherine SMART15mGrendon 
63704 Oct 1881Arthur SMART5Grendon 
63830 Nov 1881Herbert COOKE22Grendon 
63915 Jan 1882John DAY4mGrendon 
64023 Mar 1882Caroline ALCOCK30Grendon 
64127 Mar 1882Edward SPARE75Grendon 
64206 May 1882Samuel John BOONHAM49Grendon 
64306 May 1882Charles ALBRIGHTON20Grendon 
64406 May 1882William DAY22Grendon 
64506 May 1882Thomas DAY20Grendon 
64606 May 1882Joseph DAY31Baddesley Ensor 
64712 May 1882Amos BALL26Grendon 
64820 May 1882Hannah COOPER6Whittington 
64919 Oct 1882Thomas KNIGHT43Birmingham 
65001 Dec 1882George William TREADWELL3Whittington 
65104 Feb 1883Herbert DIXON2Grendon 
65219 Feb 1883Mary Ann BARNACLE93Atherstone 
65320 Mar 1883Thomas Ward PINFOLD1y 2mGrendon 
65417 Apr 1883William BLOWER26Grendon 
65509 Jun 1883William Stratford Charles ALBRIGHTON6mGrendon 
65621 Jun 1883Samuel WOOD2Grendon 
65702 Jul 1883Catherine WARDLE15Grendon 
65815 Aug 1883Joseph BROWN60Grendon 
65915 Aug 1883Ann ARCHER87Grendon 
66003 Oct 1883Richard ALKIN89HartshillFreeholder
66110 Oct 1883Alice Mabel COLLEY4Grendon 
66210 Jan 1884Alfred ORME7mWhittington 
66316 Apr 1884Alice FORSEY13Grendon 
66420 Jul 1884Elizabeth DIXON56Grendon Common 
66519 Aug 1884Charlotte Jane SANDERS2Grendon 
66630 Oct 1884George BALL34Grendon 
66705 Nov 1884John ATKINS66Grendon 
66805 Dec 1884John WATERS82Grendon 
66906 Dec 1884Gertrude Annie COOKE1y 2mGrendon 
67024 Jan 1885Catherine JONES1y 4mGrendon 
67128 Mar 1885John SMITH81Pinwall 
67223 Apr 1885Thomas THOMPSON67Grendon 
67305 Nov 1885Henry THOMAS70Grendon 
67402 Apr 1886Mary COOKE91Grendon 
67526 Apr 1886Thomas ROGERS44Grendon 
67609 Aug 1886William SHARP87Whittington 
67711 Sep 1886Hephzibah WELTON68Grendon 
67806 Oct 1886Susannah FELTHOUSE81Bole Hall Glascote 
67930 Oct 1886John KNIGHT62Whittington 
68027 Nov 1886Sidney James EVANS1Grendon 
68108 Dec 1886Charles ALBRIGHTON52Grendon 
68227 Dec 1886Frank HAYDEN5mGrendon 
68301 Apr 1887Henry MOORE3mWhittington 
68420 Apr 1887Joseph BRITTLEBANK39Grendon 
68504 Jun 1887Elizabeth ALBRIGHTON56Grendon 
68611 Sep 1887Frank CHAMBERLAIN1Whittington 
68701 Oct 1887Jane ALBRIGHTON81Grendon 
68819 Oct 1887Alice Maud CLARKE2Grendon 
68926 Oct 1887Josephine SANDERS6mGrendon 
69012 Jan 1888Joseph CLARKE30Grendon 
69118 Feb 1888Sarah CHETWYND4Grendon 
69225 Feb 1888Ellen TAYLOR1y 6mGrendon 
69329 Mar 1888John WOOD68Grendon 
69414 Jul 1888Chalres BROMLEY1y 6mGrendon 
69509 Aug 1888Sarah DOWELL86Atherstone 
69616 Aug 1888Charles WEBSTER10dWhittington 
69723 Aug 1888Louisa JONES51Grendon 
69817 Sep 1888Elizabeth Emily ALKIN46Amington 
69920 Jan 1889Susannah ATKINS70Grendon 
70030 Jan 1889Henry BALL67Grendon 
70101 May 1889Richard BALL74Grendon 
70210 May 1889Charles Edward WALTON6wGrendon 
70316 May 1889Walter HEXTALL12wGrendon 
70406 Dec 1889John BAILEY73Grendon 
70514 Dec 1889Joseph ALKIN60Polesworth 
70618 Dec 1889Sarah Ann CHETWYND39Grendon 
70723 Feb 1890Catherine WHITMORE72Grendon 
70822 Apr 1890Edward GIBSON2Grendon 
70906 Sep 1890Joseph MITCHELL21Grendon 
71002 Nov 1890Hannah TAYLOR63Whittington 
71122 Dec 1890Florence Gertrude PARKINSON9mGrendon 
71226 Dec 1890Ann SPARE55Grendon 
71321 Feb 1891Marianne SANDERS2wGrendon 
71406 Mar 1891Ann COBB80Polesworth 
71518 Mar 1891Arthur GIBSON10mGrendon 
71618 Apr 1891William Charles ALCOCK16Grendon 
71719 Apr 1891Mary BALL65Grendon 
71801 Jun 1891Eliza THOMPSON75Atherstone 
71907 Sep 1891Elsie HIGGS17Grendon 
72027 Sep 1891James COBB82Polesworth 
72129 Oct 1891William ATKINS52Grendon 
72210 Nov 1891Ernest John TIMSON3Grendon 
72321 Nov 1891Alfred James ALCOCK10mGrendon 
72427 Nov 1891Anne Elizabeth CHETWYND2Grendon 
72503 Dec 1891Matilda ALCOCK2Grendon 
72605 Dec 1891Sarah ALKIN74Hartshill 
72719 Dec 1891Alice HUGHES11mGrendon 
72801 Feb 1892George BALL1mGrendon 
72903 May 1892Dinah EVANS30Grendon 
73023 May 1892Joseph JERVIS87Grendon 
73131 May 1892Walter Thomas DIXON20Grendon 
73217 Aug 1892George HENNEY9mGrendon 
73317 Aug 1892Edward ORTON7mGrendon 
73431 Aug 1892Roger CRISP4mGrendon 
73506 Sep 1892Elizabeth ARCHER65Grendon 
73626 Sep 1892Ann MASON45Grendon 
73724 Oct 1892Charlotte FREER89Walton on the Wold 
73822 Dec 1892Sybella Elizabeth HANMER65Grendon 
73922 Dec 1892Sarah SPARE80Grendon 
74027 Dec 1892George Abel MASON2Grendon 
74109 Jan 1893William Albert MUDDIMAN1y 5mGrendon 
74223 Jan 1893Thomas Alkin BONEHILL60Fazeley 
74304 Mar 1893Norah GUILD2mGrendon 
74404 Mar 1893Elsie GUILD2Grendon 
74501 May 1893Joseph James Stephen REED16Grendon 
74621 May 1893James WHITMORE87Grendon 
74720 Dec 1893Sidney ALCOCK3mGrendon 
74813 Mar 1894Joseph SANDERS73Grendon 
74905 Apr 1894Annie Elizabeth BRITTLEBANK10Grendon 
75026 May 1894Florence WATERS1y 3mGrendon 
75129 May 1894Sarah BROWN77Grendon 
75210 Aug 1894William WALKER72Grendon 
75320 Oct 1894Mary Ann SANDERS5Grendon 
75427 Dec 1894Martha Kate EVANS39Grendon 
75501 Jan 1895Ann HUNT60Grendon 
75623 Jan 1895Joseph CHETWYND40Grendon 
75716 Mar 1895Samuel John Goodwin MALLABEY74Holmdale Rd Hampstead MDX 
75806 Apr 1895Joseph ALCOCK7mGrendon 
75917 Apr 1895George HUGHES7mGrendon 
76026 Apr 1895Florence Gladys LINNELL8mGrendon 
76116 May 1895John William BOSWORTH33Grendon 
76201 Jun 1895Abel SPARE63Grendon 
76305 Jun 1895Joseph ARCHER74Grendon 
76414 Jun 1895George Arthur HUNT10Grendon 
76521 Jun 1895William Thomas HUNT9mGrendon 
76608 Aug 1895Mary Emily Charlotte Maria CHETWYND50London 
76709 Nov 1895Ann HAMINGTON78Grendon 
76815 Feb 1896Sidney HORTON5Grendon 
76917 Mar 1896John DELLOW14Grendon 
77016 May 1896Dorothy CHETWYND3mGrendon 
77127 May 1896Amy Elizbeth WILKINSON3dGrendon 
77211 Jun 1896William HORTON23Grendon 
77322 Jul 1896Jane BOYARD88Grendon 
77401 Aug 1896Eli CHETWYND74Grendon 
77522 Aug 1896Albert Ernest ALCOCK18Grendon 
77612 Oct 1896Thomas WOOD56GrendonDied at Penkridge
77711 Nov 1896John Miller ALSOP3mGrendon 
77809 Dec 1896Charles Gale LINNELL57Grendon 
77918 Dec 1896Lily ANDREWS6wGrendon 
78006 Jan 1897Mary BARRS82Grendon 
78125 Jan 1897Richard KNIGHT67Grendon 
78222 Mar 1897Ann JONES80Grendon 
783Mar 1897Guy CHETWYND1y 4mGrendon 
78426 Jun 1897John ALBRIGHTON70Grendon 
78528 Aug 1897Dennis Gilles DAWE3mGrendon 
78626 Sep 1897Bertha BALL11Grendon 
78717 Oct 1897Charles Henry HUNT14Grendon 
78821 Jan 1898John COLEY56Whittington 
78928 Jan 1898William SMART52Grendon 
79004 May 1898Victor Charles NASH12mGrendon 
79114 Dec 1898Eliza WOOD74Dordon late Grendon 
79219 Jan 1899Jane BALL10dGrendon 
79328 Jan 1899Charles DAY70Grendon 
79429 Apr 1899Frederick CARTHY38Church Gresley 
79515 May 1899Lydia HEAFIELD46Grendon 
79610 Jun 1899Jane BALL76Grendon 
79715 Jul 1899Margaret SOUTHAM18mGrendon 
79812 Oct 1899Sophia SANDERS81Grendon 
79929 Nov 1899Christiana CHETWYND8mGrendon 
80009 Dec 1899Ann COOKE76Grendon Common 

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