Grandborough St Peter
Burials 1851 to 1920

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                    Surname Listing:

Allibone, Alwood, Ariss, Attwood, Bachelor, Baseley, Batchelor, Bates, Beck, Bennett, Berry, Biggs, Blythe, Bodsworth, Bollons?, Boneham,
Bonham, Borsberry, Briscoe, Brodie, Bygrave, Call, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chater, Cleaver, Cole, Coling, Colledge, Cooper, Cornborough,
Dale, Davis, Devonport, Eagles, Elliman, Elson, Fall, Farmer, Faulkner, Fell, Fevers, French,
Ghilkes, Gilks, Goodacre, Goodam, Goodan, Goode, Grant, Green, Greenhill, Griffith,
Haddon, Hale, Hands, Harber, Harris, Hemmings, Herrod, Hill, Hinks, Hobbs, Hodges, Hopkins, Horn, Hoyle, Hubble?, Hudson,
Iliffe, Inns?, Ivens, Izzard, Jobson, Johnson, Kerrod, Knibb, Knight, Lake, Lakin, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lewis, Lomas,
Maller, Manning, Marriott, Martin, Masters, Mills, Montgomery, Moore, Moxon, Mushing, Myring, Newman,
Osborn, Osborne, Over, Padgett, Partington, Pedlar, Pedley, Rabin, Riley, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Rollins, Russell, Rymal,
Sanders, Sheasby, Skerry, Skinner, Slatcher, Smith, Spencer, Stanton, Stockard, Sutin?, Sutton,
Tabor, Thornton, Tilley, Timms, Tomlin, Truslove, Umfrey,
Walker, Walson, Waren, Warner, Warren, Wartnaby, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, West, White,
Whitehall, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Woorall, Worral, Worrall, Worrell, Wringrose.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
33106 Feb 1851Hannah CORNBOROUGH28Grandborough 
33222 May 1851William TIMMS3mGrandborough 
33327 Jun 1851William DEVONPORT14mGrandborough 
33428 Aug 1851Thomas WHITE50Sawbridge Wolfhampcote 
33503 Oct 1851Elizabeth Anna CORNBOROUGH15wGrandborough 
33611 Oct 1851Elizabeth THORNTON60Grandborough 
33715 Nov 1851Elizabeth CLEAVER7wGrandborough 
33819 Dec 1851Eliza WARREN20mGrandborough 
33920 Jan 1852James BASELEY89Woolscott 
34029 Jan 1852Thomas ALLIBONE70Grandborough 
34108 Feb 1852John ALWOOD34Grandborough 
34231 Mar 1852Mary Elizabeth GREEN19Onley Barby 
34308 Apr 1852Mary BONEHAM26Woolscott 
34409 May 1852Thomas WHITE72Grandborough 
34521 May 1852Thomas WARREN54Grandborough 
34629 Jun 1852Thomas BATCHELOR58Grandborough 
34724 Sep 1852Sarah SHEASBY75Grandborough 
34821 Dec 1852Thomas CLEAVER4mRugby Union Workhouse 
34911 May 1853Absalom LOMAS21Woolscott 
35027 May 1853Elizabeth INNS?41Priors Marston 
35125 Jun 1853Caroline Rebecca CLEAVER9Grandborough 
35208 Dec 1853Martha JOHNSON52Woolscott 
35317 Dec 1853Sarah TILLEY29Woolscott 
35410 Feb 1854Ellenor TILLEY2mWoolscott 
35526 Feb 1854John DEVONPORT65Grandborough 
35604 Apr 1854Sarah GREEN82Onley Barby 
35722 Jan 1855Jonas SKERRY41Napton 
35817 Feb 1855Ann DEVONPORT79Grandborough 
35902 Mar 1855George WATTS67Woolscott 
36006 Apr 1855Ann MARRIOTT65Grandborough 
36101 Nov 1855Peter GHILKES55Woolscott 
36218 Dec 1855Jane HOBBS32Cawston Dunchurch 
36301 Jan 1856Walter BACHELOR68GrandboroughBy Coroners Warrant
36413 Jan 1856Edwin WARREN9Woolscott 
36521 Jan 1856Henry TIMMS3Grandborough 
36630 Jan 1856Elijah TIMMS1y 4mGrandborough 
36711 Apr 1856Elizabeth CLEAVER53Grandborough 
36828 Apr 1856William GRIFFITH55Stockton Field Stockton 
36913 Aug 1856William CLEAVER57Grandborough 
37010 Dec 1856Martha DAVIS84Grandborough 
37117 Jan 1857William WEST12mGrandborough 
37218 Jan 1857Ellenor HOYLE83Grandborough 
37307 Feb 1857Elizabeth CLEAVER29Rugby Union Workhouse 
37424 Mar 1857William CLEAVER8mGrandborough 
37507 May 1857Eliza HUDSON3mGrandborough 
37612 Jul 1857William HALE82Grandborough 
37705 Nov 1857Peter WORRALL74Stratford on Avon 
37822 Dec 1857Elizabeth WATSON73Cheltenham 
37922 Jan 1858Amy JOHNSON19mWoolscott 
38026 Feb 1858Richard FARMER40Dunchurch 
38101 Mar 1858Walter JOHNSON3mWoolscott 
38206 Mar 1858William WARREN67Rugby Union Workhouse 
38330 Mar 1858Richard WARREN52Grandborough 
38409 May 1858George WATTS22Grandborough 
38518 Jul 1858Martha ELSON7wGrandborough 
38609 Sep 1858Agnes PARTINGTON7mWoolscott 
38714 Oct 1858Charlotte MASTERS69Grandborough 
38803 Dec 1858Emma WARREN6mGrandborough 
38928 Dec 1858William Alfred WATTS15wGrandborough 
39003 Jan 1859Jane BATCHELOR60Grandborough 
39107 Jan 1859William ILIFFE29Grandborough 
39218 Feb 1859William EAGLES60Grandborough 
39328 Mar 1859Mary Ann HALE21Grandborough 
39431 Mar 1859Lizzy CLEAVER9wGrandborough 
39518 Apr 1859Fanny SLATCHER52Woolscott 
39621 Apr 1859Fanny WORRALL22mGrandborough 
39722 Apr 1859Fanny BONEHAM11wWoolscott 
39802 May 1859Ann CLEAVER34Woolscott 
39913 May 1859Mary Anne GOODEInfantGrandborough 
40011 Jul 1859Edwin INNS?2mRugby Union Workhouse 
40111 Aug 1859John Thomas HUDSON4mGrandborough 
40220 Sep 1859Elizabeth LEWIS87Barby 
40311 Oct 1859Thomas HANDS77Grandborough Fields 
40406 Jan 1860Sarah Eleanor Elizabeth WATSON4mGrandborough 
40522 Jan 1860John CORNBOROUGH34GrandboroughBy Coroners Warrant
40602 Mar 1860Mary WATSON89Southam 
40707 Mar 1860Sarah WILCOX83Grandborough 
40809 Mar 1860John WEST46Grandborough 
40928 Mar 1860James FARMER66GrandboroughBy Coroners Warrant
41023 Jun 1860Ann JOHNSON30Woolscott 
41104 Oct 1860Charlotte PEDLAR21Grandborough 
41202 Nov 1860Thomas OSBORN65Woolscott 
41327 Nov 1860Thomas TILLEY76Woolscott 
41402 Dec 1860Thomas WILLIAMS82Grandborough 
41511 Feb 1861Jonathon KNIBB60Grandborough 
41612 May 1861William FRENCH86Grandborough 
41707 Jul 1861Ann FALL49Grandborough 
41827 Jul 1861Maria WATSON69Cheltenham 
41911 Aug 1861Thomas WATTS64Grandborough 
42019 Aug 1861Harriett ARISS21Woolscott 
42122 Aug 1861William BENNETT50Grandborough 
42204 Oct 1861Elijah TIMMSInfantGrandborough 
42306 Oct 1861Harriett ARISS2mWoolscott 
42413 Oct 1861Elizabeth TRUSLOVE41Grandborough 
42528 Dec 1861William CHATER82Grandborough 
42612 Jan 1862Susanna WEBSTER55Woolscott 
42713 Jan 1862Mary LEWIS50Calcot 
42821 Feb 1862Lucy LOMAS4Rugby Union Workhouse 
42912 Mar 1862Ada WARREN2Grandborough 
43025 Mar 1862John BONEHAM26Woolscott 
43112 May 1862Sarah LOMAS40Woolscott 
43224 May 1862Job CLEAVER4mGrandborough 
43319 Jul 1862William BYGRAVE11wGrandborough 
43415 Aug 1862John LAWRENCE81GrandboroughParish Clerk & Schoolmaster
43524 Aug 1862Joseph Jon. Wheeler ELSON5wWoolscott 
43625 Sep 1862Willm HERROD65Grandborough 
43703 Oct 1862Thos WARREN27Grandborough 
43829 Nov 1862Enos WARREN57Grandborough 
43920 Dec 1862Harriett KNIGHT2mWilloughby 
44029 Jan 1863Keziah EAGLES63Grandborough 
44119 Feb 1863Mary HUDSON81Sawbridge Wolfhampcote 
44212 Jun 1863John COOPER79Woolscott 
44318 Aug 1863Richd ATTWOOD68Grandborough 
44419 Sep 1863Emily WEST3mWilloughby 
44527 Sep 1863Henry John BERRY6wGrandborough 
44625 Dec 1863William WORRELL26Grandborough 
44712 Feb 1864John GOODE89Grandborough 
44817 Mar 1864Edward GOODE26Grandborough 
44912 Jul 1864James BONEHAM23Woolscott 
45023 Jul 1864Sarah WORRELL78Tomlon? In Napton 
45114 Nov 1864Jane GOODE1dGrandboroughA twin child
45220 Jan 1865William Lucas SUTTON70Woolscott 
45316 Feb 1865Louisa GRANT3mGrandborough 
45426 Feb 1865Samuel SLATCHER7mGrandborough 
45513 Mar 1865Mary Ann GILKS29Woolscott 
45616 Mar 1865Elizabeth FRENCH81Grandborough 
45722 Mar 1865Emma Rebecca GOODE12Grandborough 
45821 Jun 1865Edw GOODE65Woolscott 
45923 Jun 1865Joseph GILKS28Woolscott & Islington MDX 
46012 Jul 1865Selina ARISS29Grandborough 
46120 Aug 1865Mary Ann BENNETT9wWilbarston NTH 
46208 Oct 1865Sarah STANTON88Grandborough 
46320 Dec 1865Elizabeth KERROD67Grandborough 
46404 Jan 1866Thomas GOODE68Dunchurch 
46513 Mar 1866William MUSHING40Grandborough 
46622 May 1866Elizabeth WORRALL2mGrandborough 
46714 Jun 1866Samuel WATSON29Grandborough 
46831 Jul 1866John STANTON93Grandborough 
46923 Dec 1866Rebecca LAWRANCE77Grandborough 
47010 Jan 1867Alexander BRODIE36GrandboroughVicar of this Parish
47127 Jan 1867Jane CHATER92Grandborough 
47202 May 1867Emma MOXON26Grandborough 
47317 Jun 1867Robert WARREN9mGrandborough 
47424 Oct 1867Harriet NEWMAN16mGrandborough 
47527 Oct 1867Mary CHAMBERLAIN65Grandborough 
47601 Dec 1867Thomas JOBSON56Woolscott 
47719 Dec 1867William GOODE79Rugby Union  
47802 Jan 1868Elizabeth WARREN70Grandborough 
47921 Jan 1868George HODGES65Woolscott 
48027 Jan 1868Hannah MALLER88Walcot in Grandborough 
48109 Feb 1868Edward MASTERS79Grandborough 
48206 Mar 1868Walker WATSON34Ashby Parva LEI 
48322 Mar 1868William ILIFFE77Grandborough 
48404 Apr 1868Mary GILKS59Woolscott 
48527 Apr 1868John LOMAS76Woolscott 
48606 Aug 1868Charles Richard CLEAVER12mGrandborough 
48713 Aug 1868Elizabeth CLEAVER7mWoolscott 
48803 Sep 1868Henry WORRALL2wGrandborough 
48903 Sep 1868Alice GRANT2y 6mGrandborough 
49013 Sep 1868Matilda WORRALL1y 9mWoolscott 
49129 Sep 1868Edward Beriah TRUSLOVEInfantGrandborough 
49220 Nov 1868Thomas LAKE87Grandborough 
49330 Nov 1868Eilliam ELLIMAN80Union Rugby 
49420 Dec 1868Edward CHATER29Grandborough 
49524 May 1869John TRUSLOVEInfantGrandborough 
49614 Aug 1869Emily MILLSInfantGrandborough 
49725 Sep 1869Keziah WORRALL73Grandborough 
49819 Oct 1869Edward MARRIOTT81Grandborough 
49903 Feb 1870William OSBORNE1y 4mWoolscott 
50027 Mar 1870William IZZARD19Northampton Infirmary 
50121 May 1879Mary Eliz IVENS30Welton NTH 
50207 Aug 1870Thomas IZZARD31Grandborough 
50315 Aug 1870Joseph JOHNSON9mGrandborough 
50415 Dec 1870Edith Jane JOHNSON9mGrandborough 
50510 Dec 1870Mary WATSON73Southam 
50613 Feb 1871Elizabeth WALKER76Southam 
50703 Jun 1871Richard LOMAS48WoolscottAccident
50822 Nov 1871Thomas WEBB67Woolscott 
50911 Dec 1871Sara CLEAVER50Grandborough 
51027 Jan 1872Eli WARREN54Grandborough (From Rugny Union) 
51104 Mar 1872Frederick TRUSLOVE7mGrandborough 
51211 Mar 1872William WOOD71Grandborough 
51328 Mar 1872Thomas MASTERS5Grandborough 
51403 Apr 1872Jane ILIFFE82Grandborough 
51506 May 1872MArtha FARMER84Grandborough 
51629 Jun 1872Charlotte WATTS21Woolscott 
51719 Oct 1872Sarah Ann NEWMAN5mGrandborough 
51805 Dec 1872Bowen WOOD38Rugby 
51914 Dec 1872William FELL69Grandborough 
52027 Dec 1872Joshua OSBORNE71Sawbridge Wolfhampcote 
52101 Mar 1873Edward HARRIS58Grandborough 
52217 Apr 1873Edward TIMMS61Grandborough 
52307 Oct 1873Margaret WATSON86Welton 
52416 Feb 1874Ada Emily WOOD2Grandborough 
52520 Mar 1874Richard SMITH73Grandborough 
52620 Apr 1874John CLEAVER56Rugby 
52714 Aug 1874Benjamin SPENCER76Grandborough 
52829 Oct 1874William CLEAVER18Braunston 
52927 Feb 1875John CORNBOROUGH90Grandborough 
53005 Mar 1875Catherine COOPER52Woolscott 
53122 Mar 1875Edith Jane TRUSLOVE2Grandborough 
53226 Mar 1875Walter George WEBSTER10mGrandborough 
53309 May 1875Charlotte CLEAVER17Grandborough 
53414 May 1875Susanna LOMAS54Grandborough 
53518 Jun 1875Mary OSBORN72Grandborough 
53611 Jul 1875Sarah Ann OSBORN39Woolscott 
53712 Sep 1875Edward CHATER66Woolscott 
53825 Nov 1875Anna Maria WATSON50Grandborough 
53926 Nov 1875Thomas CHAMBERS70Grandborough 
54002 Feb 1876Hannah OSBORN72Woolscott 
54121 Feb 1876John WARREN82GrandboroughParish Clerk
54214 Apr 1876Harriet TIMMS69Grandborough 
54308 May 1876Thomas LEWIS64Calcute 
54414 Nov 1876Elizabeth OSBORNE9wWoolscott 
54522 Nov 1876Agnes Mary STOCKARD7mWoolscott 
54609 Apr 1877Mary TRUSLOVE76Grandborough 
54728 Apr 1877Amy MASTERS1Grandborough 
54820 Jul 1877Rebecca GOODE68Woolscott 
54924 Aug 1877David SLATCHER79Woolscott 
55008 Sep 1877William GOODE70Grandborough 
55126 Jan 1878John CHATER82Grandborough 
55204 Feb 1878Fanny MASTERS4Grandborough 
55313 Feb 1878Adeline Gertrude BLYTHE3Grandborough 
55428 Feb 1878Mary Ann CORNBOROUGH54Grandborough 
55508 Mar 1878John HANDS59Grandborough 
55612 Mar 1878Ellen TRUSLOVE45Grandborough 
55726 Aug 1878Lilian Mary MANNING5mOnley in Barby 
55827 Aug 1878Walter Joseph GOODE3wWoolscott 
55906 Sep 1878Frank PEDLEY1Woolscott 
56008 Sep 1878Thomas TIMMS2wGrandborough 
56106 Nov 1878Sarah East LOMAS7mGrandborough 
56221 Nov 1878Elizabeth CLEAVER51Grandborough 
56307 Dec 1878Samuel WATSON72Napton Late of Sawbridge 
56413 Jan 1879Amelia HODGES84Bidford 
56504 May 1879William CLEAVER90Grandborough 
56607 May 1879Richard BORSBERRY20Grandborough 
56703 Jul 1879Elizabeth HANDS61Grandborough 
56829 Nov 1879Joseph GILKS68Woolscott 
56904 Jan 1880John THORNTON88Grandborough 
57005 Jan 1880Richard PEDLEY85Grandborough 
57105 Jan 1880Elizabeth HEMMINGS55Grandborough 
57218 Feb 1880Sarah WATSON91Cheltenham 
57327 Feb 1880Hannah GREEN79Barby 
57418 Mar 1880Henry WORRALL1y 7mGrandborough 
57530 Mar 1880Elizabeth ARISS66Woolscott 
57602 Apr 1880Mary Ann ROGERS17Grandborough 
57710 Apr 1880Thomas ARISS78Woolscott 
57814 Apr 1880John BONEHAM82Grandborough 
57918 Aug 1880Boswell WATSON61Welton 
58019 Sep 1880Dorothy WORRALL50?Grandborough 
58130 Nov 1880Mary GOODE81Grandborough 
58222 Jan 1881Mary Marie RILEY54Woolscott 
58316 Jun 1881Hannah BATES66Leamington Hastings 
58417 Jul 1881Sarah Ann CHATER70Woolscott 
58527 Jul 1881John GREEN79Barby 
58602 Aug 1881Elizabeth WRINGROSE81Woolscott 
58716 Aug 1881Willie CLEAVER3Woolscott 
58809 Nov 1881John CLEAVER78Grandborough 
58905 Jan 1882Arthur Basil WEBSTER7m 3wGrandborough 
59016 May 1882Martha WATSON79Rugby 
59104 Jun 1882Anna Maria RYMAL81Woolscott 
59223 Jun 1882Sarah CHAMBERS82Grandborough 
59330 Jul 1882Elizabeth WOOD82Grandborough 
59417 Aug 1882Arhtur Richard WATSON35Sawbridge 
59527 Oct 1882William PEDLEY41Bilton Late Woolscott 
59609 Dec 1882Henry CLEAVER80Grandborough 
59709 May 1883Esther TOMLIN74Grandborough 
59806 Mar 1884John HEMMINGS20Altofts YKS 
59923 Apr 1884Edmund WOOD52GrandboroughParish Clerk
60001 May 1884Mary BENNETT83Grandborough 
60103 Jul 1884Mary COLLEDGE59Woolscott 
60217 Jul 1884Elizabeth LOMAS81Woolscott 
60302 Oct 1884Clara TIMMS3w 3dGrandborough 
60405 Nov 1884THomas TRUSLOVE18Grandborough 
60507 Dec 1884Thomas CORNBOROUGH61Grandborough 
60611 Dec 1884Elizabeth MASTERS89Grandborough 
60710 Jan 1885MArtha WARTNABY76Walton LEI 
60817 Jan 1885William TIMMS80Grandborough 
60921 Feb 1885George BODSWORTH57Woolscott 
61022 Jun 1885Emma WATSON75Napton 
61105 Oct 1885William WATTS1mGrandborough 
61229 Oct 1885Joseph James CLEAVER22mGrandborough 
61303 Nov 1885Maria EAGLES70Grandborough 
61405 Dec 1885Kate Lewis GILKS34Grandborough 
61529 Jan 1886Anna Maria PEDLEY88Rugby 
61611 Jun 1886John Richard CLEAVER13mGrandborough 
61704 Sep 1886Charles Turner RILEY57Grandborough 
61820 Oct 1886Anna Maria MYRING70Rugby 
61928 Dec 1886Sarah WAREN78Grandborough 
62001 May 1887Naomi GOODE37Woolscott 
62117 May 1887MArgaret WATSON77Welton 
62219 Jul 1887Anna Maria WORRAL52Grandborough 
62308 Oct 1887James EAGLES62Grandborough 
62415 Jan 1888Thomas TRUSLOVE29Grandborough 
62528 Jan 1888Joseph WORRALL78Union Workhouse Late of Grandborough 
62625 Mar 1888Caharles OSBORNE85Grandborough 
62723 Apr 1888Mary LAKE84Grandborough 
62809 Jun 1888Ralph GILKS2Grandborough 
62928 Jun 1888Sarah HADDON65Woolscott 
63003 Jul 1888Lily MASTERS10mGrandborough 
63111 Aug 1888Hannah GILKS45Leamington Hastings 
63213 Sep 1888Anna Maria CLEAVER46Grandborough 
63309 Oct 1888Samuel WALSON81Grandborough 
63419 Nov 1888William OSBORN60Woolscott 
63508 Dec 1888Thomas CLEAVER56Grandborough 
63617 Jan 1889Hannah ROGERS70Grandborough 
63721 Apr 1889William WRINGROSE82Woolscott 
63824 Apr 1889Annie Maria COLING8mGrandborough 
63926 Apr 1889William CLEAVER11mGrandborough 
64006 Jun 1889Ada Jane Hudson ROGERS11Grandborough 
64115 Oct 1889William HARBER60Woolscott 
64231 Dec 1889Frank BECK5mWoolscott 
64317 Jan 1890Esther CLEAVER56Grandborough 
64406 Apr 1890Samuel Hinton BECK7Woolscott 
64506 May 1890John IZZARD72Grandborough 
64625 Jul 1890William ROGERS66Grandborough 
64726 Jul 1890Walter WATSON77Leamington Hastings 
64827 Dec 1890Peter WORRALL76Union Rugby 
64918 Jan 1891Jane BERRY60Grandborough 
65001 Jun 1891Mary Elliott CORNBOROUGH57GrandboroughInfants School Mistress
65102 Jun 1891Cuthbert William WILLIAMS28The Vicarage Grandborough 
65218 Jan 1892THomas COLING62Grandborough 
65315 Jul 1892Thomas HANDS40Grandborough Fields 
65430 Jul 1892Henry LAKIN50Grandborough 
65513 Nov 1892William HEMMINGS72Grandborough 
65618 Apr 1893William RODGERS74Union Rugby 
65701 May 1893Mary IZZARD73Grandborough 
65810 Nov 1893William NEWMAN66Grandborough 
65916 Nov 1893William HILL3mSawbridge 
66018 Feb 1894Richard OSBORN60Woolscott 
66105 Mar 1894Sarah WILSON69Woolscott 
66219 Apr 1894Mary Jane EAGLES46Kenilworth 
66326 May 1894Rebecca GOODE75Grandborough 
66410 Sep 1894Ellen OSBORN62Woolscott 
66504 Jan 1895Edward COLLEDGE82Rugby 
66602 Feb 1895Elizabeth SPENCER92Grandborough 
66706 Feb 1895William WORRAL69Willoughby 
66808 May 1895Mary WEBSTER72Grandborough 
66909 Jul 1895John CLEAVER70Grandborough 
67020 Jul 1895William EAGLES42Kenilworth 
67102 Jan 1896Frances CORNBOROUGH87Grandborough 
67212 Mar 1896Samuel NEWMAN81Rugby Late Grandborough 
67311 Apr 1896William BENNETT53Grandborough 
67415 Aug 1896Job GOODE87Grandborough 
67526 Mar 1897Thomas TIMMS67Grandborough 
67609 Apr 1897Eliza WHITEHALL70Grandborough 
67719 Dec 1897Selina MOORE18mGrandborough 
67813 Mar 1898Joseph CHATER78Grandborough 
67908 Apr 1898Theodore John MONTGOMERY18Grandborough 
68013 Apr 1898Fred COLING11mGrandborough 
68121 Apr 1898Sarah Jane HUBBLE?13Woolscott 
68228 Jun 1898Wlizabeth WATSON19Grandborough 
68305 Sep 1898William Basil WEBSTER57Coventry 
68428 Sep 1898Harriett WOOD363 Duke St Rugby 
68514 Nov 1898Jane HANDS86Grandborough Fields 
68604 Mar 1899James Thomas BIGGS29Woolscott 
68722 Mar 1899Mary HARBER60Woolscott 
68826 Mar 1899Mary NEWMAN80Grandborough 
68921 May 1899Edwin Ross GILKS15mGrandborough 
69015 Jun 1899Grenda Grace RUSSELL5mGrandborough 
69121 Nov 1899John Longford MOORE45Woolscott 
69203 Dec 1899John BATCHELOR9mWoolscott 
69306 Jan 1899Stephen Carter WEBSTER57Woolscott 
69425-Jan-1900Jane COOPER80Grandborough 
6957-Feb-1900Revd. George WATSON82Leamington  
6969-Feb-1900Selina FRENCH79Grandborough 
69725-Feb-1900Arthur WILSON3Grandborough 
6982-Mar-1900Edward CHAMBERS62Rugby Union Workhouse 
69926-May-1900Elizabeth BIGGS62Woolscott 
70024-Jul-1900John LOMAS80Rugby Union Wrkhse late Grandborough 
70128-Dec-1900John SPENCER71Grandborough 
70214-Apr-1901Elizabeth FAULKNER75Woolscott 
7035-May-1901Selina TIMMS79Grandborough 
70410-Jul-1901Martha CHATER78Grandborough 
70529-Jul-1901Mary WOODWARD63Grandborough 
7067-Aug-1901Alfred Thomas SKINNER12Calcut 
7075-Oct-1901William MONTGOMERY84Grandborough 
70823-Dec-1901Elizabeth GOODAN63Grandborough 
70913-Jan-1902Martha GILKS38Sawbridge 
71022-Mar-1902Matilda Hankin SUTIN?92Chelmsford 
71112-Apr-1902Joseph WOORALL8dGrandborough 
71225-Apr-1902John Charles ROLLINS8mGrandboroughBaptised Rawlings
71316-Aug-1902Jane WORRAL24dGrandborough 
71431-Aug-1902Maria TRUSLOVE68Grandborough 
71528-Nov-1902George HADDON77Grandborough 
71628-Jan-1903William HUDSON80Rugby 
7177-Feb-1903Elizabeth WORRAL77Rugby 
71818-May-1903Sarah Ann HORN23Grandborough (late Barby) 
71926-Oct-1903Eliza LOMAS67Grandborough 
72030-Nov-1903William SLATCHER72Woolscott 
72116-Mar-1904Alice Anna CORNBOROUGH48Kirby Muxloe LEI 
72212-Jul-1904Sarah Maria WATSON77Leamington 
72312-Jul-1904Matilda WORRALL75Woolscott 
7243-Nov-1904Peter WORRALL64Grandborough 
72531-Jan-1905Gladys Elizabeth Margaret GOODAM3mGrandborough 
72614-Feb-1905William PADGETT62Woolscott 
72718-Feb-1905Edward CLEAVER43Grandborough 
72813-Apr-1905John TRUSLOVE82Grandborough 
72923-Oct-1905William WORRALL35Grandborough 
73019-Nov-1905Timothy CORNBOROUGH86Grandborough 
73122-Dec-1905William WEBSTER68Woolscott 
7322-Mar-1906Lewis GILKS54Grandborough 
73311-Apr-1906William MOORE21Nottingham 
73424-May-1906John HUDSON81Sawbridge 
7358-Jun-1906Ammon NEWMAN58Rugby Union 
7369-Jun-1906Richard Towill GREENHILL63Woolscott 
7379-Aug-1906Esther Ann MONTGOMERY84Grandborough 
73826-Jan-1907Lydia WATSON87Leamington 
73930-Jan-1907Esther GOODE762 Ventna Villa Hove 
74025-Mar-1907Luke FAULKNER64Woolscott 
74119-Feb-1908Katherine Elliott CORNBOROUGH4825 Chucrh ST Rugby 
7422-Apr-1908Thomas OVER61Grandborough 
74314-Jul-1908William Bunter WILLIAMS74GrandboroughVicar of this Parish
74422-Sep-1908Thomas WATTS76Grandborough 
74515-Apr-1909Mary Gwendoline BOLLONS?3wWoolscott 
7461-Jul-1909Sophie WARNER66Calcutt 
7472-Aug-1909Minnie HEMMINGS72Northampton 
74818-Jan-1910Ernest Frank DALE4Grandborough 
74920-Jan-1910John MOORE27Nottingham 
75013-Apr-1910Harry DALE19Grandborough 
75123-Apr-1910John GILKS64Grandborough 
7528-Aug-1910Elizabeth Ann SANDERS59Grandborough 
75319-Sep-1910Ellen Eliza TRUSLOVE39Wolfhampcote 
7541-Dec-1910Robert Lionel GOODACRE4y6mGrandborough 
75510-Jan-1911Thomas WORRALL82Woolscott 
75617-May-1911Elizabeth Sarah UMFREY67Leamington 
75725-Nov-1911Edward FEVERS77Grandborough 
75817-Feb-1912William BERRY76Grandborough 
75915-Apr-1912Edward CLEAVER80Ryton on Dunsmore 
76015-May-1912Dorothy DALE13Grandborough 
7617-Nov-1912Doris Edith Mabel COLING11wGrandborough 
7627-Nov-1912Sarah COLING84Grandborough 
7631-May-1913Harriet OVER57Grandborough 
76415-Jul-1913Sarah GREENHILL70Woolscott 
7656-Dec-1913Henry Willliam CALL63Woolscott 
7664-Jul-1914Phyllis Marjorie COLING7mGrandborough 
7675-Aug-1914Hilda Ruth BONHAM17Grandborough 
76826-Sep-1914John GOODE72Grandborough 
76926-Sep-1914Benjamin SPENCER81Grandborough 
77011-Jan-1915Jane WORRALL76Grandborough 
7712-Feb-1915John Henry GILKS4wGrandborough 
77216-Apr-1915Son of Jesse Charles WARREN2dGrandboroughUn-named male child
77312-Feb-1916Charles TIMMS66Grandborough 
77417-Mar-1916John William GREENHILL50Woolscott 
7751-May-1916Fanny HUDSON86Willington Nr Derby 
77610-Jun-1916Elizabeth ROGERS82Grandborough 
77724-Jun-1916Ammon LOMAS83Rugby Infrimary 
77824-Oct-1916Mary WILLIAMS7681 Murray Rd Rugby 
7792-Feb-1917Alice Maud Mary WARREN56Calcutt grounds Stockton 
78022-Mar-1917Ann Maria HINKS84Woolscott 
78124-Apr-1917Hampden Ware GOODACRE75Grandborough Fields 
7829-Jul-1917Selina TIMMS67Grandborough 
7839-Nov-1917Ellen RABIN28GrandboroughDied in Rugby Hospital
7844-Feb-1918Betsy MONTGOMERY66Grandborough 
7859-Feb-1918Alice ROBINSON46GrandboroughDied in Rugby Hospital
78619-Nov-1918Elizabeth Ann COLE86Grandborough 
78726-Feb-1919William MASTERS87Grandborough 
78812-Mar-1919George Prins TABOR59Woolscott 
78920-Mar-1919Grace Mary BRISCOE23Hampstead London 
79021-Mar-1919Elizabeth ROGERS49Sawbridge 
79123-Mar-1919Alice HOPKINS6mWoolscott 
79224-Mar-1993Alfred Thomas WARREN75Calcutt Fields Grandborough 
79329-Mar-1919Harriett Matilda COLING55Grandborough 
79415-Apr-1919Jessie NEWMAN89Grandborough 
79524-May-1919Emmanuel DALE58Grandborough 
79614-Jul-1919Alice WEBSTER24hWoolscott 
79727-Aug-1919Rhoda Rebecca MONTGOMERY58Woolscott 
79823-Sep-1919Jane HANDS80Grandborough Fields 
79912-Mar-1920Ronald Edward MARTIN8Grandborough VicarageDied in Trent College Derbyshire
8001-Apr-1920Helen Agnes TIMMS4Grandborough 

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