St Mary Magdalene Coventry (Wyken) Marriages 1875-1938

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This file is an index to the Marriages in Coventry St. Mary Magdalene (in Wyken) from 1875 to 1938

(Note the file continues to 1942, but has been cut off at 1938 to protect any likely living people
if you want anyone in this list excluded, please contact me at the email address below, and it will be done at once)

The data is extracted from LDS film number 1067505

Currently the following transcriptions are online:

1875 - 1939 This Index full listing Full Listing

Kindly supplied by Carole Eales


Abbey, Adams, Adkins, Adler, Aldridge, Alldrick, Allen, Allsopp, Ames, Anderson, Anderton, Arbuthnot, Archer, Ascroft, Askew, Atkins, Atthey, Austin, Aynsley, Ayres.

Bache, Bachelor, Badger, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Barnett, Barrs, Barson, Bassett, Batchelor, Bateman, Bates, Beasley, Beaty, Beaufoy, Belgrove, Bellamy, Bennett, Berry, Bibby, Bicknell, Biddle, Biggerstaff, Birch, Bird, Blake, Blakeman, Blakemore, Blay, Bliss, Bloxham, Bolton, Booth, Bowen, Bowns, Bradley, Bragg, Brain, Bramwell, Brandrick, Briggs, Brimley, Broadbent, Bromfield, Brooks, Brown, Bull, Bullock, Burns, Bush, Butler, Buxton.

Calderbank, Camwell, Carter, Cashmore, Castle, Causer, Chadwick, Chapman, Chattaway, Chayter, Christlo, Clamp, Clarke, Clenton, Cleverley, Coates, Codling, Cole, Coleman, Colgrave, Colledge, Collett, Collins, Collister, Conniff, Cooling, Cooper, Cotterill, Cotton, Courtney, Covington, Coward, Cox, Crichton, Croome, Cross, Cubbon, Currington, Cutts.

Dadley, Dagg, Dalton, Davies, Davy, Dawkins, Dawson, Day, Derry, Dillon, Dooay, Dover, Dubbin.

Eaton, Eborall, Eburne, Eddy, Edgington, Edwards, Egan, Eggington, Egginton, Elcocks, Emson, Evans, Ewing.

Faulkner, Fell, Fennel, Fifield, Fisher, Flowers, Flynn, Fogg, Ford, Forshaw, Fox, Francis, Franklin, Friswell, Frith.

Gale, Gardner, Garner, George, Girling, Goodman, Goodwin, Goodyer, Goss, Gough, Grainger, Granger, Green, Greenfield, Griffin, Griffiths, Gurden.

Hambridge, Hammerton, Hancock, Hancox, Hands, Hannah, Harben, Harding, Harris, Harrison, Harrower, Hart, Harvey, Hawkins, Haydock, Heginbotham, Hendric, Hewitt, Hill, Hingley, Hirons, Holder, Hole, Holmes, Holt, Hooper, Hope, Howell, Hughes, Hull, Hunt, Husselby, Hutchinson.

Jackman, Jackson, James, Jarvis, Jaynes, Jephcott, Johnson, Johnstone, Jones, Jordan, Joyce, Judkins.

Keightley, Kelly, Kemp, Kendall, Kennell, Kerry, King, Kirby, Kirk.

Lamont, Lanchbury, Lane, Lapworth, Lavery, Lawrence, Lawson, Lee, Leedham, Lees, Legate, Leigh, Liddell, Lindon, Lloyd, Lole, Longthorp, Lovegrove, Low, Lowe, Lucas, Luff, Lunnun.

Mallet, Marklew, Marshall, Mason, Massey, Masters, Maundrell, Maycock, McCausland, McCullough, McKenzie, Melton, Middleton, Miller, Mills, Milton, Milwain, Moore, Moreton, Morgan, Morley, Morris, Murphy, Murray.

Nash, Naul, Neason, Needham, Newman, Nicholls, Nicholson, Nixon, Norbury.

Ordridge, Orton, Oughton, Owen.

Page, Palmer, Parish, Parker, Parsons, Paul, Paxton, Pebody, Perrin, Perry, Petch, Pickering, Plimmer, Poole, Porter, Powell, Preedy, Prescott, Prestidge, Preston, Price, Probert.

Raven, Rawlins, Rees, Reeves, Reynolds, Richards, Riches, Riley, Robbins, Robinson, Roddis, Rodgers, Rollason, Rouse, Rowland, Rowley, Roycroft, Rudd.

Sadler, Sammons, Sanders, Satchwell, Savage, Sawbridge, Scott, Selby, Seymour, Sharpe, Shaw, Sheldon, Shermans, Shilton, Simmonds, Simpson, Sims, Skeggs, Skelton, Skyte, Smallwood, Smedley, Smith, Snailum, Squires, Stacey, Stapleton, Steed, Steer, Stone, Stubbs, Sutton, Swann.

Tanser, Tatton, Taylor, Terry, Tew, Thatcher, Thompson, Timms, Tomlinson, Tompkins, Tootill, Towe, Tranter, Trew, Tucker, Tudor, Turner, Twigger.


Vail, Varney, Voyce.

Waddington, Wade, Wale, Walker, Wallace, Ward, Ware, Wartnaby, Waters, Watts, Weatherby, Webb, Welch, Wells, West, Westall, Westwood, Wheat, Wheatley, White, Whitelock, Wilcox, Wilkes, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willitts, Windridge, Withers, Wood, Woodfield, Woodward, Woolley, Worth, Wright, Wroe, Wykes.

Yardley, Yates, Youell, Young.

Currently the following transcriptions are online:

1875 - 1939 This Index full listing Full Listing

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