Wolfhamcote, St Peter's
Burials from 1621 to 1678

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These entries continue in the first register for the parish, but there are two folios
missing from the registers, hence the gap in the range of records.

The table continues until the separate register marked "Burials in Woollen"
which is approximately from 1679 to 1765. Then this volume contains
the burials dated from 1753 to 1768 which are given on a separage web page

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:
Aldridge, Allibon, Allibone, Anstie, Arnal, Arnall, Arnol, Arnold.
Baisley, Barrington, Baseley, Basely, Basley, Bateman, Batman, Betts, Bidle, Bloer, Bloort, Bostor, Bucknall, Bucknill, Bucknole, Bucknoll, Butlar, Butler.
Childes, Chiles, Church, Clark, Clarke, Clearke, Cleaver, Clerke, Cooper, Cosford, Cowper, Crosse, Curtis, Curtise senior, Curtiss, Curtisse.
Daniel, Daniell, Dennie, Doughtie, Dunnam. Enfield, Ernold, Evins, Eyles. Fausterd,
Gardiner, Good, Goode, Goud, Gran, Grant, Graunt, Grickews(?), Grobie, Groobe, Groobie, Grooby, Growbye, Grubbe.
Harns, Heaward, Hicklai, Hill, Hipwel, Hodge, Holmes, Holms, How (?), Howe, Howle.
Jelley, Jelly, Jenkins. Keearke, Laurence, Lee, Leeson, Louke,
Marshall, Masters, Maunton, Mendicans, Moore, Muddeman, Muddiman, Mulinor.
Onrlner, Payne senior, Piddeton, Powel, Pugge, Pullar, Puller, Purus, Queeny.
Raubon, Rawbone, Richardson, Roberts, Rolewright.
Sande, Sander, Sanders, Saunders, Shaw, Shawe, Sheath, Sheeresby, Shenston, Sherewood, Sherod, Sherwood, Sherwoode, Smith, Sutton.
Thornicraft, Thornicroft, Thorpe, Tomkins, Tomson, Towne, Tubbs, Tustian, Vayrans.
Wale, Watson, Web, Webb, Webbe, Webster, White, Whitehead, Wilkins, Wilmore, Worley.

Name Surname Notes Abode Date
1621 Burials
JohnMuddiman Flecknoe16th April
WidowVayranswho died at John Masters his house inFlecknoe22nd April
ThomasHicklai Flecknoe19th May
ThomasGoode  14th June
LawrenceHilllate vicar ofWolfhamcotewas buried the eighteenth day of September
RobertThorpea pore sheapherdwas Buryed the eight day of Januarie anno superscript
MargaretOnrlner was buried the 12th February
EdwardSherwoode Flecknoe24th February
1622 Burials
Thomas son of HenryGoode senior Flecknoe2nd May
JohnWebb Flecknoe18th June
Elizabeth daughter of HenryGoode Flecknoe7th November
EdwardDoughtie Nethercote18th December
Millicent wife of WalterWatson Nethercote28th December
1622/23 Burials
Alice wife of RichardMulinor  13th February
IsabelRaubon Flecknoe7th March
ThomasSherod Nethercote14th March
1623 Burials
Henry son of RichardHolmes  16th April
RichardPullar Flecknoe5th June
Agnes wife of RichardBloort  11th September
Margaret wife of ThomasShaw Flecknoe25th November
ThomasShaw Flecknoe6th December
Margaret wife of EdwardFausterd  14th December
1623/24 Burials
William son of WilliamDennie  19th January
Elizabeth daughter of ThomasJenkins  21st January
Richard son of HenryGoode  22nd February
1624/25 Burials
Emma daughter of ThomasGoode  6th February
Agnes wife of ThomasWilkins  6th February
Elizabeth daughter of Henry (junr) & AliceGood  12th February
John son of JohnMoore a wayfarer4th March
Isabel daughter of JohnSherewood  22nd March
1625 Burials
Joan wife of RobertClarke  26th April
WilliamWatson  8th May
GeorgeCosford Flecknoe19th June
AnnaRichardson  25th June
Elizabeth daughter of JohnGroobie  26th June
Mary wife of RichardWebster  3rd July
Elizabeth wife of WilliamGroobie  4th August
JohnMuddeman Flecknoe8th August
RobertButlar Salbridge8th August
Francis son of RichardWebster  11th September
Isabel daughter of ThomasRolewright  12th October
1626/27 Burials
AgnesBatman  6th January
Richard son of GeorgeCosford  20th February
ElinoraLaurence  15th March
Helena daughter of JohnHarns  16th March
1626 Burials
Millicent wife of ThomasEnfield  5th April
John son of HenryGoode  23rd April
RobertCrosse  8th July
RichardShenston senior  2nd August
Edward son of RobertSherwood  30th October
1626/27 Burials
RichardGoode  29th January
Emma wife of JohnWilmore  16th February
1627 Burials
ThomasChildes  2nd May
Agnes wife of ThomasArnall  1st July
Christiana wife of RadulphCooper  28th August
Nicholas son of RobertSherod  7th September
Mary wife of WilliamMasters  13th September
Elizabeth wife of ThomasGraunt  16th September
1627/28 Burials
Agnes daughter of JohnGrobie  19th January
Ursula daughter of NicholasGoode  2nd March
1628 Burials
HenryGoode  9th May
Henry son of HenryEyles  1st August
JohnDunnam  8th September
AgnesSande widow 20th October
RichardBloer  10th December
1628/29 Burials
AgnesBetts  2nd February
MargaretPugge  11th February
John son of RichardMasters(?)  20th February
1629 Burials
Thomas son of JohnSheath  7th April
Geoffrey son of JohnSmith  17th June
Sara daughter of JohnSmith  26th April ?
Thomas son of JohnArnal  l6th August
WilliamSander  7th July
ThomasArnall senior  19th August
WilliamWale  9th October
1629/30 Burials
Henry son of RobertGoode  25th January
William son of AliceTomkins(?)  8th March
1630 Burials
Mabel wife of RadolphCooper  1st April
William son of AliceTomson  28th March
John son of HenryMuddeman  21st August
Susan daughter of JohnGrooby  25th November
Elizabeth daughter of JohnGrooby  16th September
1631 Burials
RichardHill Salbridge6th April
WilliamMasters senior  8th August
FrancisJelly Flecknoe23rd September
RichardHolmes Salbridge9th October
ThomasMuddeman Salbridge11th October
Mary daughter of ThomasClarke Barbie in co: Northton24th November
1631/32 Burials
BenedictaDunnamwidow 21st March
1632 Burials
ThomasWebbe Nethercot13th May
IsabelMaunton Fleckno12th August
Rebecca daughter of JosephBucknall  19th September
EmmaAldridge Salbridge19th September
ThomasEyles Salbridge13th December
AmiaLee Salb'27th December
1632/33 Burials
JoanHeaward Flecknoe28th January
WilliamGroobie Flecknoe8th February
1633 Burials
Catherine wife of ThomasMasters  4th April
Mary daughter of RichardShenston  13th April
BernardDaniel  2nd May
Alice daughter of JohnSherod  25th June
Agnes wife of ThomasCrosse  27th August
CatherineJelleywidow 25th September
Liddia wife of ThomasChiles  2nd November
1633/34 Burials
NicholasMasters senior  9th January
RichardRoberts  26th January
JohnWhite  3rd March
1634 Burials
AnthonyAnstie  27th May
PaulPurus  1st May
EdwardWilkins  26th May
Emma wife of AndrewHowle  6th July
RobertBarrington  25th July
Ursula wife of JohnWebbe  30th August
Rebecca daughter of JosephBucknall  1st September
Agnes wife of JohnGoode  20th October
1634/35 Burials
JohnPowelservant of William Tustian 2nd January
Richard son of NicholasMasters  14th January
1635 Burials
William son of ThomasCrosse  21st April
Richard son of HenryGoode  13th June
Isabel wife of WilliamGraunt  12th July
JohnSherod  18th July
Elizabeth daughter of RichardCrossethe vicar 25th July
ElizabethPullerwidow 30th August
JoanGoodewidow 2nd December
1636 Burials
Agnes wife of JohnGoode  5th May
Margaret wife of ThomasTubbs  12th June
PuellaMendicans  9th December
MuliceMendicans  9th December
1636/37 Burials
RichardWebster  27th January
1637 Burials
MarySander Salbridge1st May
ElizabethWebbe Fleckno2nd May
RichardSander Salb' 27th June
MargaretBarringtonwidow 5th July
Mary daughter of NicholasMasters  10th July
Edward son of ThomasClark  18th October
ThomasLee Sab' 7th December
1637/8 Burials
NicholasWhite  23rd February
1638 Burials
MagdalenSanders  19th June
NicholasTowne Flecknoe15th July
RichardMasters  18th July
ElizabethRawbonewidow 22nd July
WilliamTowne Flecknoe13th August
ThomasCurtise senior Salb' 17th August
ThomasSander Nethercot25th August
HenryGoodesup monte deFlecknoe5th November
NicholasMasters senior Flecknoe12th November
ThomasMasters senior Flecknoe24th November
1638/39 Burials
ThomasSuttoninfant 14th January
Three sons of JohnPuller  28th January
RobertBidleinfant 30th January
1640 Burials
AnnisaHodge  8th May
Thomas son of JosephSutton  5th June
William son of WilliamAllibone  30th August
Thomas son of Thomas (crossed out) NathanielBucknall  24th August
Elizabeth wife of RobertEnfield  19th October
JohnWilmore  14th November
AliceHipwel  17th November
RobertEnfield  26th October
1640/41 Burials
RobertClarke  10th February
ElizabethGrubbe  10th February
EmmaSanders  5th March
1641 Burials
AnnaGoode  14th August
Joan wife of EdwardMasters  4th September
AnnaLee  7th September
IsabelGoode  31st October
HenryLouke  4th November
1642 Burials
JosephBucknoll  4th May
JohnTustian  4th October
ThomasCowper  7th October
SarahWatson  month of December
1643 Burials
RichardSanders Flecknoe2nd April
AnnHow (?)  30th September
KatherineSutton  6th September
1644 Burials
RichardCrossevicar ofWolfhamcote8th October
GeorgeWatson Nethercote9th October
1645 Burials
NicholasButler Saulb'26th December
1645/46 Burials
AnnaHolmes Salb' 1st March
1646 Burials
EdwardMasters Beck22nd October
1651 Burials
Elizabeth daughter of RobertCleaver  (last day?) of February
1652 Burials
JohnDaniell  24th April
Mary Webbe wife of RobertWebbe  19th June
HellenoraBasely  3rd July
ffriswidda daughter of WilliamClarke  14th November
MaryThornicroft Flecknoe30th November
ThomasCrosse Saulbridge28th December
1652/53 Burials
Dorothy wife of RichardChiles Sawbridge6th January
1659 Burials 
HenryTomkins  29th October
AbrahamBucknole  28th April
1661 Burials
ElizabethBasley  6th May (March has been crossed out and May added)
ElizabethSanders  10th (no month)
MaryHolmes  12th (no month)
IsabelHill  6th (no month)
ElizabethSanders senior  6th March
JohnGroobe  17th March
1662 Burials
Ursula (?)Thornicraft  28th April
Ann wife of WilliamBaseley  10th June
ThomasGrickews(?)  14th July
Elizabeth wife of JohnArnol  11th January
RobertGoud  15th March
1663 Burials
ThomasKeearke  was buereued 10th August
Richard son of Thomas & ElizabethSanders (born 1658) buried 1st November
Sarah daughter of Thomas & SarahShaw  (bapt crossed out-born 1662 buried 15th July
1664 Burials 
AnnWatson  5th February
MaryWatson  18th February
AnnCurtis  19th March
1666 Burials
Alice daughter of ThomasMasters  11th April
John son of RobertGoode  16th April
Sarah daughter of JohnArnold  19th April
CharlesBostor  11th June
GeorgeWatson  25th June
Ann wife of WilliamClerke Sawbridge26th June
RichardQueeny Flecknoe1st August
JohnMasters Flecknoe11th November
ThomasWhite Flecknoe12th November
Richard son of EusebyHolms  30th November
RichardShenston  14th December
DarrytyeSmith  18th December
1666/67 Burials
John son of Thos & ElizSanders  2nd January
William son of Thos & ElizSanders  2nd January (This is a joint entry)
1668 Burials
WilliamAllibone Flecknoe5th April
John son of Thomas & ElizabethSaunders  15th June
1667 Burials
Elizabeth wife of JosephPiddeton  5th June
Edward son of RichardGoode  19th June
ThomasGrant  13th August
RichardMasters  26th June
Ann wife of SimonWorley  26th September
Millicent wife of ThomasCurtisse  17th November
ThomasClearke  20th November
Mary wife of NicholasMasters  30th November
AnnAllibon  27th December
1667/68 Burials
JohnCrosse  8th February
RichardGardiner  23rd March
1668 Burials
WilliamAllibone Flecknoe5th April
John son of Thomas & ElizabethSaunders  15th June
RichardMarshall Sawb'27th September
Joan wife of HenryGoode Flecknoe13th December
Frances wife of ThomasQueeny  27th December
Emma daughter of William & MaryHolmes  27th October
SamuelBaisley  4th March
HenryGoode the elder  16th March
1669 Burials
Ann daughter of John & JoanArnold  1st May
WilliamTustian Flecknoe15th August
WilliamMasters  16th August
ThomasRawbone  29th August
Elizabeth daughter of ThomasShawe  23rd October
AnnGoode Flecknoe13th November
OwenEvinsa travelor 15th November
1669/70 Burials
1669 Burials
Ann daughter of JohnArnold  1st May
WilliamTustian Flecknoe15th August
WilliamMasters  16th August
JohnGrowbye  16th January
Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & AnnCleaver  8th February
WilliamClark  17th May
JohnMasters  31st October
1670 Burials
ThomasBucknill  4th April
Joan wife of JohnErnold  27th April
RichardShenston Flecknoe4th August
DeborahBateman  23rd September
Katherine daughter of John & KatherineWhitehead  (no date but after entry for 23rd September)
1670/71 Burials
RichardCrosse Sawb' 12th March
1671 Burials
Sarah daughter of John & SarahWale  23rd May
Darritye wife of ThomasWebb  22nd November
JohnPayne senior  22nd November
NicholasLeeson Sawbridge4th December
Mary(?)Masters Flecknoe31st December
1671/72 Burials
Mary wife of WilliamHolmes Sawbridge4th February
WilliamChurch  22nd February
EdwardMasters  15th March
ThomasShawe  6th March
1672 Burials
ThomasShaw Flecknoe9th April
RobertWeb Flecknoe2nd June
Ursula (Elizabeth crossed out and Ursula inserted)Shenston  7th June
Ann daughter of Thomas & ElizabethShawe  4th October
Ann wife of EusebieHolmes  14th December(?)
1672/73 Burials
Thomas son of John junr & ElizabethErnold  10th March
1673 Burials
RobertCrosse Sawbridge12th April
SarahWatson Flecknoe8th June
NathanielBucknill  21st June
RichardSheeresby Flecknoe5th October
John son of John & JoyceErnold  18th November
1673/74 Burials
Mary daughter of RichardSanders  11th January
Elizabeth daughter of ThomasSanders  16th January
1674 Burials
Wife ofJohn Arnold senior  5th September
SimonWorley  30th September
John son of Joseph & ElnorSutton  5th December
1675 Burials
Joseph son of WilliamGran  t20th April
Elizabeth wife of MatthewArnold  2nd May
JohnCurtiss Sawbridge5th September
1675/76 Burials
RichardWilkins  24th January
ThomasShenston  15th February
BarnetChiles  17th February
1676 Burials
EmmHowe  20th June
1677/78 Burials
Elizabeth wife of ThomasClerke Wolfamcote1st January
1678 Burials
ThomasClerke Wolfamcote8th April

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