Walsgrave on Sowe St Mary
Marriages from 1877 to 1894

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Adams, Adcock, Astill, Atkins.
Adkins, Alexander, Arlidge, Ashby, Atkins, Attwood.
Bacon, Ball, Barson, Bartlett, Barton, Bates, Baxter, Bayliss, Beale, Bearsley, Beasley, Beck, Bevins, Bicknell, Birch, Blower, Blythe, Bolton, Bottrill, Brain, Bramwell, Brane, Brewett, Broadhurst, Brown, Burdett, Burgess, Burrows, Bush.
Capel, Cashmore, Cater, Chance, Charlton, Checklin, Checklyn, Clarke, Cleaver, Clifton, Cross.
Daffern, Daniels, Deeming, Dodman, Draper, Durham.
Eaglestone, Eborall.
Farn, Fennemore, Fern, Fitter, Foster, Franks, French.
George, Goalby, Grant, Green, Groom, Gudgeon, Guest, Guppy.
Hambridge, Hansford, Harban, Harrison, Hartlett, Hatfield, Hewitt, Hill, Hiorns, Hirons, Holland, Hughes.
Johnson, Jones.
Keeble, Kelsey, Kendall, Kent, Kightley.
Lamsdon, Lane, Lapworth, Leadbeater, Lenton, Liggins, Lisaman, Loydall, Ludgate.
Middleton, Millerchip, Millidge, Mold, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morris.
Newcombe, Newitt, Nicholls, Norton.
Oldham, Oliver.
Pargetter, Parker, Patchett, Paxton, Peabody, Pearson, Peirson, Pickard, Porter, Potts, Pratt, Prescott.
Randle, Raven, Richardson, Riley.
Scattergood, Selby, Sephton, Sexton, Sheldon, Sibley, Sidwell, Simpson, Smallwood, Smith, Stafford, Stane, Stanley, Stean, Steane, Stevenson, Swain.
Tatlow, Taylor, Thompson, Troth, Turner, Tustin.
Walker, Walton, Ward, Watkins, West, Whitmore, Willington, Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Worrall, Wright.

MARRIAGES 1877 - 1894

B/L Date Groom, Status, Abode Bride, Status, Abode Witnesses
B02.04.1877Liggins, Amos, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveGreen, Fanny, 20, spin., domestic servant, KenilworthIsaac Liggins, Maria Bush (x)
B15.05.1877Smith, Frederick, fa., bac., colliery clerk, WalsgraveGeorge, Sophia, fa., spin., school mistress, WalsgraveMark George, Ann George, Mary Smith, John Smith
B05.06.1877Smith, Arthur, 20, bac., baker, WalsgravePargetter, Mary Jane Agnes (x), 21, spin., WalsgraveWilliam Smith, John Bottrill
B19.06.1877Birch, Thomas, fa., widow, colliery clerk, WalsgraveRandle, Elizabeth, fa., spin., FoleshillHenry Jackson, Jane Jackson
B01.10.1877Attwood, Edward, fa., bac., compositor, St. George the Martyr, SouthwarkGrant, Rebecca Treen, fa., spin., milliner, WalsgraveSamuel Grant, Mary Louisa Grant
B22.10.1877Raven, Thomas Edward, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveFrench, Eliza, fa., spin., laundress, WalsgraveHenry Raven, Mary Ann Raven
B30.10.1877Selby, Raymond (x), fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveBottrill, Lucy, fa., spin., trimming weaver, WalsgraveJoseph Williamson, Emily Elizabeth Raven
B30.10.1877Norton, Henry, 19, bac., labourer, WalsgraveFoster, Emily (x), fa., spin., domestic servant, WalsgraveWilliam Holland, Louisa Constable
B11.02.1878Liggins, Thomas, fa., bac., engine driver, WalsgravePorter, Harriet Bott, 20, spin., dressmaker, WalsgraveWalter Liggins, Charlotte Elizabeth Randle
B14.05.1878Hughes, Frank, fa., bac., waggoner, Walsgrave-on-SowePickard, Isabel, fa., spin., weaver, Walsgrave-on-SoweWilliam Clarke, Emma Hughes
B18.06.1878Hewitt, John, 22, bac., engine wright, Walsgrave-on-SoweChecklyn, Ann, 24, spin., dressmaker, Walsgrave-on-SoweJoseph Checklyn, Elizabeth Checklyn
B23.09.1878Liggins, Isaac, 22, bac., miner, WalsgraveSidwell, Sarah Elizabeth (x), 23, spin., weaver, WalsgraveEli Liggins, Maria Bush (x)
B28.10.1878Beasley, William Thomas (x), fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveCharlton, Hannah, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveJohn Charlton, Maria Judgins
B25.12.1878Bush, William, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveChecklyn, Elizabeth, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveJohn Hewitt, Maria Bush
B26.12.1878Bicknell, George, 20, bac., miner, WalsgraveRiley, Drusilla Hayes (x), fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveJohn Hatdield (x), Mary Ann Cluley
B29.12.1878Bottrill, William, 19, bac., labourer, WalsgraveSmith, Sarah Jane, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveCharles Bottrill, Mary Ann Cluley
B15.04.1879Smith, William Henry, fa., bac., time keeper at colliery, WalsgraveSibley, Elizabeth, fa., spin., dressmaker, WalsgraveSamuel Greenway Smith, Ellen Elizabeth Smith, George Grey Smith, Emma Smith
B04.06.1879Adkins, Edward (x), fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveHolland, Mary Ann, fa., spin., dressmaker, WalsgraveGeorge Holland, Elizabeth Holland
17.06.1879Hatfield, Thomas, fa., spin., miner, WalsgraveMorgan, Jane, fa., spin., Combe FieldsJoseph Hatfield, Sarah Ann Fennemore
B18.08.1879Brown, William, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveFennemore, Sarah Ann, 20, spin., laundress, WalsgraveGeorge Fennemore, Harriet Lane
B15.12.1879Worrall, Richard, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveHiorns, Mary Hannah (x), 20, spin., weaver, WalsgraveAllen Ward, Eliza Williamson (x)
B25.12.1879Blythe, Thomas, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveLeadbeater, Eliza, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveJosiah Leadbeater, Selina Leadbeater (x)
B25.12.1879Hiorns, William Charles, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveYates, Mary, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveGeorge Yates, Elizabeth Yates
B20.01.1880Turner, Alfred, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveGrant, Ann, 19, spin., WalsgraveThomas Grant, Eliza Proudhurst
B09.02.1880Atkins, James Pemberton, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveGudgeon, Maria, fa., spin., trimming maker, WalsgraveGeorge Short, Rebecca Atkins
B17.05.1880Liggins, Eli, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveBush, Maria, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveStephen Liggins, Alice Ann Brown
L17.05.1880Jones, Edwin, fa., bac., servant, Fulwood, LancashireStafford, Ellen, fa., spin., servant, WalsgraveGeorge Stafford, Emily Stafford
B02.12.1880Burrows, Thomas, fa., bac., general dealer, Ickleford, HertfordshireEaglestone, Annie Matilda, fa., spin., domestic servant, WalsgraveJohn Eaglestone, Charlotte Eaglestone
B25.12.1880Clarke, Joseph (x), fa., bac., miner, FoleshillWard, Louisa (x), fa., spin., WalsgraveIsaiah Ward, Eliza Broadhurst
B18.04.1881Hiorns, Thomas, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveKelsey, Sarah Jane (x), 20, spin., weaver, WalsgraveSamuel Kelsey, Mary Hiorns
B18.04.1881Parker, Thomas, fa., bac., gas stoker, Ayleston nr LeicesterLane, Eliza, fa., spin., domestic servant, WalsgraveWilliam Lane (x), Alice Lane
B19.04.1881Wilson, William Henry (x), fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveWalker, Mary Ann (x), 20, spin., weaver, WalsgraveEdward Walker, Louisa Clarke
B06.06.1881Arlidge, William Edward, fa., bac., engine driver, WalsgraveLeadbeater, Selina, 20, spin., weaver, WalsgraveJosiah Leadbeater, Charlotte Elizabeth Simpson
B07.06.1881Hirons, Edward, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveAtkins, Sarah, fa., spin., trimming weaver, WalsgraveThomas Atkins, Rachel Atkins
B22.08.1881Durham, Joseph William, 21, bac., labourer, Uxbridge MoorSimpson, Eliza Ann, 20, spin., weaver, SoweHenry Siimpson, J. Simpson
B27.10.1881Fennemore, John, 23, bac., farm labourer, WalsgraveWalton, Mary Ann Waring, 19, spin., general servant, WalsgraveWilliam Walton (x), Elizabeth Walton
B25.12.1881Patchett, Joseph Thomas, 23, bac., miner, WalsgraveThompson, Charlotte, 23, spin., WalsgraveWilliam Thompson, Lizzie Thompson
B26.12.1881Brain, Joseph, 19, bac., miner, BirchvaleHambridge, Elizabeth, fa., spin., servant, WalsgraveEli Brain, Eliza Hammonds
B26.12.1881Ward, Allan, fa., bac., miner, WalsgraveWorrall, Sarah Ann, fa., spin., servant, WalsgraveTimothy Broadhurst, Lizzie Worrall
B27.12.1881Oliver, Arthur, 20, bac., miner, WalsgraveBearsley, Jane, 22, spin., weaver, FoleshillWilliam Newman, Harriet Newman (x)
B29.01.1882Wright, Alfred, 18, bac., miner, WalsgraveMillerchip, Rosanna, 19, spin., domestic servant, WalsgraveThomas Payne, Sarah Wright (x)
L16.02.1882Bartlett, Richard, fa., widower, farmer, BrinklowTurner, Sarah, fa., spin., WalsgraveNicotha Sophia Wells, John Turner
B10.04.1882Cashmore, John, 20, bac., bricklayer, WalsgraveBarson, Eliza, 21, spin., dressmaker, WalsgraveWilliam Barson, Martha Barson
B29.05.1882Atkins, Thomas (x), fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveFrench, Harriet, fa., spin., WalsgraveRichard Dowett, Maria French
B29.05.1882French, Thomas, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveSmallwood, Alice, fa., spin., WalsgraveHenry Smallwood (x), Sarah Ann French
B28.08.1882Fern, Joseph, fa., bac., labourer, WalsgraveRichardson, Matilda, fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveCharles Bottrill, Mary Ann Beaufoy (x)
B25.12.1882Smallwood, Richard (x), fa., widower, labourer, WalsgraveWoodward, Mary Ann (x), fa., spin., weaver, WalsgraveWilliam Bottrill, Ellen Watkins (x)
B.12.1882Hirons, Alfred, 20, bac., miner, WalsgraveLisaman, Elizabeth, fa., spin., WalsgraveRichard Worrall, Louisa Hirons
B23.10.1883Liggins, Walter, fa., bac., carpenter, WalsgraveSmith, Letitia, fa., spin., dressmaker, WalsgraveEli Smith, Louisa Smith
B22.01.1884Moore, Joseph Higham, fa., bac., provision dealer, WalsgraveWillington, Adelaide, fa., spin., St. Michael, CoventryJoshua Willington, Sarah Rose Taylor
B14.04.1884Ludgate, George, fa., bac., fireman, Openshaw, ManchesterThompson, Lizzie, fa., spin., #William Thompson, Fanny Thompson
12.05.1884Nicholls, Levi, 33, bac., labourer, #Loydall, Ann, 31, spin., #John Loydall (x), A. M. Nicholls
31.05.1884Tatlow, Frank, 21, bac., watchmaker, St. Thomas, CoventryRaven, Emily Elizabeth, 26, spin., #William Raven, Rebecca Tatlow
B22.03.1885Baxter, Charles, fa., bac., miner, PolesworthBrown, Ann Maria, fa., spin., ex P.T., #Josiah Brown, Martha Brown
B22.03.1885Smith, Arthur, 22, bac., labourer, ShiltonFrench, Mary, 19, spin., #Rosa Mary Kirby, William French
B06.04.1885Liggins, Stephen, 24, bac., labourer, #Sexton, Maria Elizabeth, 19, spin., servant, #Alfred Sexton, Elizabeth Sexton
B06.04.1885Johnson, John, 69, wid., licensed hawker, #Hewitt, Martha, 54, spin., laundress, #Benjamin Warden, Mary Hewitt
B07.04.1885Broadhurst, Timothy Perry, 24, bac., miner, #Worrall, Lizzie, 22, spin., weaver, #Richard Worrall, Ann Worrall
B20.09.1885Bacon, Joseph, 25, bac., blacksmith, Lockhurst Lane, FoleshillLudgate, Elizabeth, 21, spin., Sowe CommonGeorge Ludgate, Annie Bacon
B25.12.1885Potts, William, 21, bac., boatman, #Pearson, Sarah Ann (x), 21, spin., weaver, #Frank Potts. Emma Pearson
B09.03.1886Lenton, Henry (x), 60, wid., farm labourer, Lenton's LaneDeeming, Mary, 52, wid., FoleshillGeorge Palmer, Ada Jane Vicene?
B26.04.1886Checklin, Charles, 23, bac., collier, #Hirons, Catherine Louisa, 20, spin., #Alfred Hirons, Ruth Arlidge
B26.04.1886Porter, Richard William, 22, bac., collier, #Worrall, Ann, 20, spin., #William Worrall, Mary Porter
B09.05.1886Burdett, William, 42, wid., labourer, BulkingtonPorter, Sarah, 47, wid., #Samuel Kelsey, Elizabeth Liggins (x)
B03.08.1886French, William, 28, bac., labourer, #Peabody, Ruth, 34, spin., Dodford, NorthantsArthur Smith, Mary Smith
L05.08.1886Alexander, Edward Disney, 29, bac., mechanical engineer, Middleton Hall, MiddletonMontgomery, Amy Frances Jane, 26, spin., The Hall, WalsgraveJ.B. Izon, H.M. Bowser, Horace Montgomery, Ellen Alexander, John Alec Izon
B12.10.1886Newcombe, Walter, 26, bac., miner, #Cleaver, Mary Ann, 21, spin., WykenGeorge Whitehall, Hellen Jackson
B25.12.1886Potts, Frank, 24, bac., boatman, HawkesburyPeirson, Mary Ann (x), 21, spin., Windmill Lane, FoleshillWilliam Potts, Louisa Essex
B27.12.1886Cross, Joseph Henry Barber, 23, bac., printer, Sowe CommonMorris, Sarah Jane, 21, spin., Sowe CommonGeorge Key, Mary Jane Rose
B08.02.1887Groom, James, 46, wid., organist, #Smith, Emma, 25, spin., #Samuel Smith, Arthur Frank Smith, Fanny Maria Groom, Julia Cilicia Groom, James Ferdinand Groom, Samuel Greenway Smith
B10.04.1887Liggins, Fred, 24, bac., blacksmith, #Capel, Eliza, 25, spin., Sowe CommonW. Stean, Ruth Capel
B10.04.1887Stean, William, 25, bac., railway porter, 2 James Street, RugbyCapel, Ruth, 23, spin., Sowe CommonFred Liggins, Eliza Capel
B30.05.1887Kelsey, John, 23, bac., blacksmith, Sowe CommonArlidge, Ruth, 21, spin., Church Lane, FoleshillJoseph Arlidge, M.A. Arlidge
B29.08.1887West, Alexander William, 22, bac., painter, HawkesburyBall, Eliza (x), 21, spin., FoleshillThomas Trigger (x), Mary Ball
B27.09.1887Beck, John George, 27, bac., labourer, #Beale, Hannah, 23, spin., #Frank Beale, Emily Bottrill
B11.12.1887Brown, Charles Toulouse, 69, wid., labourer, #Smith, Mary (x), 42, wid., Hawkesbury Walter Newcombe, Mary Newcombe
B26.12.1887Troth, Edwin George, 21, bac., labourer, HawkesburyBates, Emma Elizabeth, 23, spin., Hawkesbury George Bates, Levina Bates
B26.12.1887Lapworth, Elijah, 22, bac., boatman, HawkesburyStane, Mary Jane, 20, spin., Bell Green, FoleshillArthur Lapworth, Elizabeth Nassau
B05.02.1888Atkins, Thomas, 21, bac., groom, #Bicknell, Mary Hannah, 20, spin., #James Pemberton Atkins, Emma Bicknell
B06.02.1888Burgess, Samuel, 43, bac., iron worker, Pelsall, Staffs.French, Mary Ann, 32, spin., #Thomas French, Sarah A. French, Rachel Burgess
B02.04.1888Yates, George, 31, bac., carpenter, #Atkins, Rebecca, 29, spin., #Thomas Atkins, Mary Emma Parry
B06.05.1888Jones, William, 19, bac., miner, #Turner, Hannah, 18, spin., #Walter Newcombe, Mary Newcombe
B15.07.1888Sheldon, William, 23, bac., farm labourer, #Hansford, Mary Ann, 19, spin., #John Hansford, Emma Petcher
B16.09.1888Bramwell, William Henry, 23, bac., carpenter, 2 Oxford Terrace, Churchill Road, Acton, W.Eborall, Mary Louisa, 24, spin., #William Eborall, Florence Eborall
B07.01.1889French, Henry, 24, bac., butcher, Corley MoorAtkins, Annie Louisa, 19, spin., #James Atkins, Emily French
B17.03.1889Goalby, Samuel John, 26, bac., miner, Windmill Lane, FoleshillHatfield, Gertrude Alice, 20, spin., #Arthur Goalby, Edna Hatfield
B21.04.1889Millidge, Frederick, 22, bac., bicycle polisher, Spon Street, CoventryBicknell, Emma, 19, spin., #John Thomas Bicknell, Caroline Coombes (x)
B22.04.1889Bush, John, 29, bac., miner, Sowe CommonPorter, Mary Jane, 21, spin., Sowe CommonWilliam Porter, Alice Maud Mary Binns
B22.04.1889Quinney, Solomon, 21, bac., brickmaker, Barnacle, BulkingtonWard, Prudence Elizabeth, 22, spin., Sowe CommonThomas Quinney, Caroline Ward
B26.08.1889Yates, William, 21, bac., miner, Sowe CommonWorrall, Zillah, 18, spin., Sowe CommonWilliam Porter, Lissie Broadhurst, Timothy Broadhurst, Sarah Ann Swan
B26.10.1889Dodman, Thomas William, 24, bac., clicker, Dane Street, LeicesterRandle, Lydia, 26, spin., Hawlesbury LaneJames William Randle, Katherine Margaret Dodman
B26.12.1889Lapworth, Arthur, 22, bac., canal boatman, Tusses Bridge, HawkesburyMillerchip, Matilda, 21, spin., Black Horse Lane, FoleshillHenry Goode, Rosanna Wright
B09.02.1890Newitt, Walter, 23, bac., cellarman, Euston Hotel, LondonFrench, Maria, 23, spin., #Thomas Adkins, Harriett Metilda Broom
B09.02.1890Keeble, Harry, 25, bac., military blacksmith, Smithford Street, CoventryFrench, Mabel, 20, spin., #Thomas French, Sarah Ann French
B07.04.1890Harban, William Henry, 20, bac., miner, Lenton's Lane, HawkesburyWhitmore, Emma, 21, spin., Navigation Row, FoleshillJames Porter, Selina Harban
B14.04.1890Clifton, Henry David, 33, wid., jeweller, #Beale, Sarah (x), 28, spin., #Richard Gudgin (x), Sarah French
B04.05.1890Eborall, Robert, 25, bac., carpenter, #Thompson, Fanny Elizabeth, 21, spin., #Benjamin Thompson, Florence Eborall
B30.07.1890Daniels, Ernest Limbert, 26, bac., undergraduate at Oxford, Beckbury, ShropshireMontgomery, Florence, 27, spin., #Ellen Alexander, Evelyn Maud Daniels, J.B. Izon
B22.09.1890Wood, William Henry, 26, bac., labourer, #Bottrill, Emily, 23, spin., #William Perry, Alice Bottrill
B07.12.1890Hatfield, Thomas, 35, wid., miner, Sowe CommonSimpson, Sarah Ann, 18, spin., Sowe CommonAlick George Akers, Elizabeth Thompson
B25.12.1890Cater, Henry, 26, bac., miner, Sowe CommonTurner, Sarah Jane, 18, spin., #William Jones, Mary Ann Turner
B25.12.1890Steane, Joseph, 30, bac., miner, Sowe CommonWatkins, Elizabeth Simpson, 29, wid., Sowe CommonThomas Alfred Simpson, Eliza Simpson
B10.02.1891Harban, Josiah, 23, bac., miner, HawkesburyStean, Eliza, 25, spin., NuneatonWilliam Steane, Elizabeth Steane
B30.03.1891Sephton, Joseph, 23, bac., canal boat builder, HawkesburyChance, Rose Emma, 21, spin., Wychbold, Worcs.John Edward Walker, Harriet Sephton
B30.03.1891Hartlett, William Henry, 31, bac., engine driver, #Tustin, Sarah Ann, 24, spin., #Joseph Williamson, Mary Jane Williamson
B19.05.1891Ludgate, Joseph, 24, bac., blacksmith, #Yates, Harriet Matilda, 24, spin., #David Yates, Elizabeth Yates
B30.06.1891Guppy, John, 21, bac., miner, HawkesburyVenners, Elizabeth Adeline, 26, spin., Hawkesbury Charles Edward Venners, Harriett Venners
B22.08.1891Oldham, Charles, 24, bac., miner, HawkesburyClarke, Mary Ann, 24, spin., HawkesburyJohn Oldham, Louisa Hewitt
B21.10.1891Farn, Jacob Bartlett, 40, bac., gardener, Myton Crescent, WarwickDraper, Mary Elizabeth, 34, spin., #Edward Draper, Emily Draper
B21.11.1891Scattergood, John, 22, bac., miner, #Bates, Levina, 22, spin., #George Bates, Sarah Ann Swain
B02.02.1892Quinney, George, 35, bac., miner, #Brane, Rhoda, 33, spin., #George Smith, Emma Quinney
B18.04.1892Smith, Abraham, 20, bac., bricklayer, HawkesburyKent, Florence, 19, spin., HawkesburyWilliam Herbert Bates, Hannah Moore
B18.04.1892Burdett, William, 21, bac., stoker, Sowe CommonSexton, Clara Catherine Louisa, 18, spin., Sowe CommonWilliam Henry Sexton, Emma Burdett
B18.04.1892Beale, Francis, 23, bac., mainer, Hucknall Torkard, Notts.Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth, 19, spin., Lenton's Lane, HawkesburyHarry Capel, Martha Thompson
B19.04.1892Hewitt, Alfred, 25, bac., miner, HawkesburyBlower, Catherine, 23, spin., Grange Lane, FoleshillJacob Shaw, Mary Ann Blower
B06.06.1892Hill, Alfred Job, 19, bac., miner, HawkesburyStanley, Sarah, 19, spin., HawkesburyEdward Herbert Hill, Ann Marshall (x)
B06.06.1892Hirons, William Charles, 20, bac., miner, Sowe CommonMold, Elizabeth, 20, spin., #William Mold, Emer Mold
B07.06.1892Guest, Oliver David, 23, bac., spring hook fitter, 97 Brace Street, WalsallBevins, Agnes, 23, spin., #William Curtis, Harry Simmens, Kate Guest, Louisa Guest
B25.06.1892Smith, William, 21, bac., carpenter, #Ludgate, Prudence, 18, spin., #George Ludgate, Patience Ludgate
B11.10.1892Fitter, George, 21, bac., platelayer, BinleyBolton, Sarah Ann, 22, spin., HawkesburyJohn Thomas Bolton, Edith Alice Bolton
B17.10.1892Pratt, Joseph, 20, bac., miner, HawkesburyBayliss, Mary Elizabeth, 20, spin., HawkesburyThomas Bailiss, Sarah Pratt
B07.12.1892Lamsdon, Alfred William (x), 25, bac., canal boatman, Sowe CommonSimpson, Elizabeth, 18, spin., Sowe CommonAlick George Akers, Ann Maria Simpson
B11.12.1892Taylor, Joseph Srigley, 45, wid., engineer, Bowdon Hey, Chapel en le FrithRandle, Kate, 28, spin., Sowe CommonWilliam Gallois, Elizabeth Randle
B24.12.1892Kightley, Tom, 23, bac., porter, Red Lane, CoventryHatfield, Edna, 20, spin., #F. J. Goalby, Thomas Barson, Emma O. French
B26.12.1892Lapworth, David, 22, bac., canal boatman, Tusses Bridge, HawkesburySwain, Sarah Ann, 25, spin., FoleshillGeorge Swain, Jane Hilton
B11.03.1893Barson, Thomas, 19, bac., miner, Sowe CommonHatfield, Sarah Sophia, 19, spin., #Joseph Hatfield, Florence Eleanor Hatfield
B20.05.1893Lenton, John Thomas, 21, bac., miner, HawkesburyHarban, Sarah Ann, 18, spin., HawkesburyWilliam Harban, Elizabeth Ann Lenton
B23.05.1893Isham, John William, 27, bac., miner, #Yates, Elizabeth, 30, spin., #George Yates, Harriett Matilda Ludgate
B28.10.1893Harrison, John Richard, 20, bac., miner, HawkesburyAshby, Lucy Jane, 18, spin., HawkesburyWilliam West, Eliza Ball
B16.12.1893Holland, Thomas, 27, bac., labourer, Potters GreenBarton, Selina, 22, spin., Sowe CommonAbel Liggins, Ellen Holland
B27.03.1894Daffern, Thomas Henry, 23, bac., miner, HawkesburyFranks, Elizabeth, 21, spin., HawkesburyJames Hilton, Harriett Daffern
B27.03.1894Prescott, John, 21, bac., miner, #Bicknell, Agnes, 19, spin., #John Thomas Bicknell, Ellen Bicknell
B14.05.1894Clarke, George, 27, bac., miner, Sowe WastePaxton, Sarah Elizabeth, 25, spin., Sowe CommonCharles Paxton junior, Maria Clarke
B27.06.1894Middleton, Albert, 27, bac., warehouseman, StokeCleaver, Nancy Newcomber, 27, spin., #John Cleaver (x), Mary Elizabeth Cleaver
B02.08.1894Liggins, Abel, 28, bac., mainer, Sowe CommonHolland, Ellen, 28, spin., Potters GreenThomas Holland, Hannah Holland
B11.09.1894Sephton, William Frederick, 24, bac., canal boat builder, HawkesburySimpson, Annie, 19, spin., HawkesburyJoseph Ball, Laura Ellen Sephton, Mary Ann Sephton
B18.10.1894Brewett, George (x), 23, bac., canal boatman, Sowe CommonSimpson, Ann Maria, 19, spin., Sowe CommonAlick George Akers, Eliza Hannah Simpson
B13.11.1894Simpson, Thomas, 46, wid., canal boatman, Sowe CommonStevenson, Elizabeth, 43, wid., Sowe CommonGeorge Simpson, Emma Owen
B01.12.1894Kendall, William Wigan (x), 25, bac., canal boatman, Sowe CommonMoore, Ada Jane, 24, spin., Sowe CommonJoseph Danham, Sarah Ann Moore

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