Parish Register from 1671 to 1733

ëWarwick Info
(taken from a transcript by Rev.J.H. Bloom, with some amendments from the original, by D. Holdsworth 1993)
Note transcribers opinion in square brackets [ ] }.

Volume 1
The earliest register dates from 1538 -1670 (Warwick RO DR55A - 1).
This volume is made of parchment and is 16 1/2" heigh x 5" wide.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Donald Holdsworth for transcribing and providing this data

Volume 2
Registrum vel Tablae Publicie
Conscriptum in Parocha Stretton
super Fossa in Diocesa Wigorniensis
Anno Domini 1671

EntryMonth DayYear
Anne wife of Mr. Robert Purser bur.Aug91671
William s. of Thomas Plaistoe [bapt.]Sep151671
Anne d. Richard Townsende [bapt.]Sep181671
A childe still borne of Mr. John Freeman [bur.]Oct51671
Thomas s. William Lea [bapt.]Oct311671
Nicholas s. Sarah Long bur.Nov141671
Thomas s. William White [bapt.]Nov261671
Mary d. Thomas Middleton [bapt.]Mar191671
.. .. .. bur. Mar221671
William White bur. Jun201672
Anne d. Mr. John Purser [bapt.]Jun211672
Agatha Gibbes widow bur.Jul171672
William s. Tymothy Myles [bapt.]Jul191672
Judeth d. Thomas Paddockes [bapt.]Jul291672
Thomas s. Elizabeth Collett, widow of Ditchford FryeryAug18?1672
John s. John Longe [bapt.]Sep231672
Grizigon d. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]Sep181672
Mary d. Richard Tayler bur. Octxi1672
Mary d. Henry Hicks, Rector [bapt.]Oct131672
Hester d. Henry Hicks, Rector [bapt.]Janxi1672
Richard s. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]Nov151672
Richard s. Thomas Hughes [bapt.]Oct171672
Anne Boyce widow bur. Jan241672
Henry Hickes, Rector
Anne d. Wiliam Gibbes [bapt.]Apr131673
William Ashfield & Jane Salter [mar.]May281673
Mary d. Robert Longe [bapt.]Jun91673
Sarah d. Robert Pilkington of Ditchford [bapt.]Jun161673
Edward s. Edward White [bapt.]Oct191673
Elizabeth d. Henry Bently [bapt.]Mar271674
Jane d. Robert Proffett [bapt.]Apr51674
Robert s. Robert Purser [bapt.]Apr71674
Elizabeth d. John Ward [bapt.]Apr121674
Thomas Hughes killed with a cart Jun 29 bur.Jul21674
Jane d. John Purser [bapt.]Oct261674
John s. William White [bapt.]Nov251674
Richard Longe the Elder [bur.]Dec241674
Mary d. Edward Giford [bapt.]Jan311674
Sarah d. John Ho(?)ckes[bapt.]Feb141674
William s. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]Apr251675
Mary d. Henry Hickes, Rector, bur.May21675
Alice d. John Kyte [bapt.]Jun271675
Richard s. John Townsend Junior bur.Sep71675
Anne d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Sep261675
John s. William Lea [bapt.]Oct31675
Mary d. William Salter [bapt.]Oct101675
Danzell Kyte bur.Dec51675
Elizabeth d. Robert Long [bapt.]Nov281675
Martha w. Matthew Sargeant [bur.]Jan311675
Richard Gibbes Junior bur.Feb71675
Bartholomew s. Thomas Olivier [bapt.]Mar31675
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Sarah d. Thomas Plaistoe [bapt.]Mar191675
Richard Gibbes Junior [bur.]Mar291676
Mathew Sarjeant & Anne Hughes [married]Mar301676
Margaret d. Henry Enston [bapt.]Apr11676
Mary d Henry Hickes, Rector [bapt.]May131676
Margaret Taylor widow bur.Jun71676
------- d. Richard Salter of Treddington [bapt.]Jun181676
Richard Edden & ---- Cale both of Campden [mar.]Jun221676
Jane d. Robert Purser [bapt.]Jul131676
Dinah d. Robert Pilkington of Ditchford FryerySep251676
Richard Gelfes & Elizabeth Woodward [mar.]Oct71676
John s. William Salter [bapt.] Oct291676
John s. Richard Townsend [bapt.]Nov51676
William s. John Purser [bapt.]Dec211676
William s. Edward White [bapt.]Jan211676
William s. William White [bapt.]Feb181676
Martha s Mathew Sarjeant [bapt.]Mar181676
Elizabeth d. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]May101677
Robert s. John Lisely [bapt.]Jun241677
Jane d. Jihn Gibbes [bapt.]Jun291677
William s. William Pitway [bapt.]Aug191677
John s. John Savidge [bur.]Aug241677
Elizabeth d. Henry Hayward [bapt.]Sep91677
Hannah d. Edmund Gibbes [bapt.]Nov271677
Elynor d. Richard Gybbes [bapt.]Oct21677
Sarah d. Robert Longe [bapt.]Oct161677
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Henry s. Henry Hickes, Rector, [bapt.]Jan101677
Margaret d. John Kyte [bapt.]Apr11678
Timothy Stickley & Mary d. Thomas Cotterill [mar.]Apr31678
Richard Longe & Anne Parker [mar.]Apr41678
John s. William Gibbes, Junior [bapt.]Apr181678
Daniell Kyte & Elizabeth Quartell [mar.]Jul11678
Samuel s. Thomas Plaistoe [bapt.]Oct131678
James s. Henry Clarke [bapt.]Oct201678
Thomas Heydon & Mary Gibbes [mar.]Nov41678
Joan Gibbes, Spinster, [bur.]Oct211678
Merria d. Henry Hickes, Rector, [bapt.]Jan211678
Robert s. Robert Pilkington [bapt.]Feb31678
Charles James & Elizabeth Evetts [mar.]Feb161678
Thomas Cotterill, [bur.]Feb211678
Richard s. John Liseley [bapt.]Feb231678
John s. William Gibbes [bur.]Mar201678
Elizabeth Pitway bur.Apr71679
Elizabeth d. Richard Gybbes [bapt.]Apr211679
Henry Longe & Hannah Longe [mar.]Apr221679
William Pen & Hannah Gibbes [mar.]Apr231679
A man child of Mr. Robert Purser [bapt.?]May21679
Joane wife of William Salter [bur.]May151679
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Katheryne d. John Kyte [bapt.]May201679
Mary d. Robert Proffitt [bapt.]Aug101679
Anne d. William Woodford [bapt.]Sep71679
John Proctor bur.Sep101679
Henry s. Henry Hayward [bapt.]Dec281679
.. .. .. bur.Feb81679
Elizabeth Longe widow [bur.]Jan141679
Hannah Longe bur.Mar241679
Sarah d. Robert Purser [bapt.]May181680
Isaac s. Edward White [bapt.]Aug81680
Anne, wife John Townsend [bur.]Sep201680
John Dyer bur.Oct41680
Richard s. of Richard GylkesOct101680
William s. William Woodford [bapt.]Oct311680
Grisigon, wife of John Savidge [bur.]Nov71680
William Longe & Camelear Smith [mar.]Nov181680
Henry Baylis bur.Nov251680
Mary wife of Valantyne Rawlings [bur.]Jan11680
Anne d. John Lisely [bapt.]Feb61680
William Humphryes bur.Feb121680
Nannces d. Thomas Plaistoe [bapt.]Mar221680
Valentyne Rawlings & Alce Porter [mar.]Apr41681
John s. John Gibbes [bapt.] Henry Hickes, Rector [page 4]Jun111681
Elizabeth d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Jun111681
Edmund s. Edmond Gibbes [bapt.]Jul51681
Margaret d. William Berry [bapt.]Jul241681
William s. of William Myles of Ditchford [bapt.]Aug71681
Henry s. Henry Hayward [bapt.]Oct301681
William s. of John Savidge bur.Nov11681
Samuel s. of Richard Pankeridge bur.Nov101681
Anne Hughes spinster bur.Dec181681
William Pankeridge & Joane Baldwyn [mar.]Dec261681
Hannah d. Henry Long [bapt.]Jan151681
Richard Pankeridge bur.Feb181681
Robert s. Robert Longe [bapt.]Mar261682
Fraunces d. Valentyne Rawlyns [bapt.] Mar311682
John s. William Woodward [bapt.]Apr21682
William Morrice & Jone Gibbes [mar.]Jun111682
Anne d. Timothy Myles Bur.Jul51682
Anthony Smith & Mary Taylor [mar.]Aug31682
Timothy s. Timpothy Miles Bur.Sep281682
William s. William Woodford Bur.Oct271682
Elizabeth d. Johnathan Liseley [bapt.]Feb21682
Anne d. Thomas Plaistoe [bapt.]Feb71682
John s. William Pitway [bapt.]Mar251683
Robert Purser bur.May131683
Lucy h[is] d[aughter]Jun31683
Danyell s. William Couldecott [bapt.]Sep21683
Elizabeth d. Valentyne Rawlyns [bapt.]Oct61683
.. .. .. bur.Oct61683
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Camelia wife of Thomas Plaistoe bur.Oct251683
Elioner d. Henry Clarke [bapt.]Nov251683
Richard Kinges bur.Dec141683
Emma d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Jan271683
Richard s. William Woodford [bapt.]Mar21683
Alice wife of William Gibbes Senior [bur.]Apr61684
Alice d. John Ward [bapt.]May181684
Jane wife of William White [bur.] Jul81684
Mary d. Robert Pilkington bur. Jul191684
Anne d. Valentyne Rawlyns [bapt.]Oct51684
Alice Kyte, widow [bur.] Jan41684
John s. William Berry [bapt.]Mar81684
John Finche & Joyce Slater [mar.]Apr211685
Eleanor wife of John Howbridge bur.May61685
Edward White bur.May291685
Mary wife of John Jobson bur.Jun251685
Emmanuell Dyer & Katherine Martin [mar.]Nov11685
Sarah d. Jane Purser [bapt.]Nov31685
Mary wife of Thomas Clarke [bur.]Jan11685
Robert s. Thomas Plaistie [bapt.]Dec221685
William s. William Woodford [bapt.]Jan171685
Stephen s. William Pitway [bapt.]Mar71685
Anne d. Valantine Rawlins [bapt.]Aug251685
Margaret d. Joseph Hornesby [bapt.]Mar251686
Elizabeth Clarke, spinster, bur.Mar311686
Joseph s. Henry Clarke [bapt.]Jun61686
Elizabeth d. Ralph Savidge [bapt.]Jun61686
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Richard & William, Twynes, ss. of John Gibbes bur.Jun131686
William ............ bur.Aug311686
John s. John Finch [bapt.]Sep261686
Sarah d. of John Lisley [bapt.]Nov211686
Elizabeth d. Emmanuell Dyer [bap.]Nov281686
Anne d. Jeremiah Gibbs [bapt.]Jan301686
Anne d. John Canninge [bapt.]Mar131686
Arthur Longe & Mary Price [mar.]Mar301687
Benjamin s. John Hitchcox of Engevere ? [bapt.]May11687
Thomas s. of William Bevan [bapt.]Jun221687
William s. William Berry [bapt.]Jul91687
John s. Ralph Savidge [bapt.]Nov131687
Thomas s. John Perrin [bapt.]Jan11687
Thomas s Samuel Hughes [bapt.]Jan81687
Thomas Eckley bur.Feb261687
William Enston & Katherine Tommes [mar.]Apr181688
Mary d. Emmanuell Dyer [bapt.]Jun181688
Mary d. Valentyne Rawlyns [bapt.]Jul121688
Sarah wife of Thomas Plaistoe [bur.]Sep211688
Thomas s. John Finch [bapt.]Nov301688
John s. John Lisley [bapt.]Dec161688
Alce wife of William Archer bur.Jan21688
Lydia d. John Pankeridge bur.Jan261688
Margaret wife of Francis Greene bur.Feb41688
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Elizabeth d. John & Christian Teoey [bapt.]Feb101688
William s.William Gibbes the Younger [bapt.]Feb261688
Anne d. Henry Clarke [bapt.]Mar241688
Thomas Taylor & Judith Renwicke [mar.]Apr61689
Thomas Pankeridge bur.Apr131689
Elizabeth d. Johnathan Canynge [bapt.]May121689
Elizabeth d. William Berry [bapt.]Jun101689
Samuel s. John Sauold ? of Longdon [bapt.]Aug181689
William s. of Anne Sarjeant [bapt.]Aug251689
Thomas Longe & Judith Fowler [mar.]Sep261689
Thomas s. William Woodford bur.Oct161689
Daniel s. Ralph Savidge [bapt.]Nov171689
Elizabeth d. Samuel Hughes [bapt.]Nov171689
Thomas Cotterill & Jane Gibbes [bapt.]Nov201689
William s. Anne Sargeant spinster bur.Oct181689
Jane d. William Enston [bapt.]Oct291689
John Savidge [Bur.]Jan121689
William s. William Gibbes bur.Jan201689
Mary d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Feb231689
William s. William Gibbes bur.Mar301690
Mary d. Thomas Taylor [bapt.]May181690
John Salter bur.Jul101690
Richard s. Thomas Longe [bapt.]Aug251690
Mary d. William Bury [bapt.]Aug311690
John s. John Tovey [bapt.]Aug311690
Mary d. Thomas Hayward [bapt.]Nov161690
Edward s. John Finch [bapt.]Jan41690
Mary d. Valantine Rawlyns [bapt.]Mar291690
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John s. Jeremiah Gibbes [bapt.]Jan261690
Robert s. William Pilkington [bapt.]Feb151690
Thomas Alcockes bur.Mar71690
John s. William Gibbes [bapt.]Apr191691
Mary d. William Savill [bapt.]Aug261691
Anne d. Jeremiah Gibbes bur.Aug281691
Mary, wife of Henry Enston bur.Sep241691
Mary,wife of William Sandes bur.Nov281691
John Allen, Gent. & Elizabeth Hickes [mar.]Oct291691
Thomas Savidge, Gent. & Anne Hickes [mar.]Dec81691
Thomas s. Thomas Longe [bapt.]Feb91691
Frauncis Greenway bur.Mar31691
John s Emmanuell Dyer [bapt.]Mar61691
Henry s. William Enston [bapt.]Mar131691
.. .. .. bur.Mar141691
Robert s. Robert Gibbes bapt. att DitchfordJul101692
Judith d. Thomas Taylor [bapt.]Oct11692
William s. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Oct91692
Annie d. William Enston [bapt.]Jan151692
Mary d. Thomas Cotterill [bapt.]Nov131692
Alice d. Valantine Rawlins [bapt.]Sep231692
Elizabeth d. of Mr. John Allen [bapt.]Feb271692
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Anne d. William Enston [bapt.]--
Anne d. Jeremiah Gibbs [bapt.]Apr11692
William s. William Pilkington [bapt.]Mar111692
Edward s. of Fletcher & Isobell Collett [bapt.]Jul21693
John s. William Archer [bapt.]Jul131693
John s. Mr. Thomas Savidge [bapt.]Jul201693
William s. William Berry [bapt.]Apr231693
Mary d. of Thomas long [bapt.]Oct91693
Thomas s. of Ralph Cavage [bapt.]Oct311693
William s. John Finch [bapt.]Apr171694
.. .. .. bur.Apr181694
Thomas s. Thomas Taylor [bapt.]Jun191694
Richard s. Emmanuell Dyer [bapt.]Jun301694
Edward Salter bur.Jul231694
John s. Mr. John Allen [bapt.]Aug71694
Richard Procter bur.?Aug141694
[page 10]1694
Edward s. Robert Gibbs [bapt.]Sep31694
William s. Jeremiah Gibbs [bapt.]Oct121694
Alice d. William Woodfod [bapt.]Nov251694
John Smart, Gent. & Mary Hyckes [mar.] Dec191694
Johnathan s. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Jan131694
Richard s. John Townsend, Senior [bapt.] Jan191694
Anne wife of Richard Slicer Bur. Jan281694
Alice Bayliss, widow Bur.Feb71694
Margaret d. Valantyne Rawlyns [bapt.]Feb221694
Elizabeth Bentley, widow Bur.Feb231694
Evins s. of Evins Hughes [bapt.]Mar101694
Anne d. Robert Savage [bapt.]Mar311695
Sarah d. Samuel Cox [bapt.]Apr71695
William Gibbes Bur.May161695
Lucy d. Richard Cox [bapt.]Jun21695
Anne, wife of William Lea bur.Jun121695
Judith, wife of Thomas Long bur.Aug261695
John s. Michael Hitchcox Bur.Sep61695
Mary, wife of Robert Long Bur.Nov91695
Jane d. Mrs.Jane Purser Bur.Dec31695
Thomas s. Thomas Cotterill [bapt.]Dec131695
John Lawrence & Hester Whitfield, both of Mickelton [mar.]Dec171695
Anthony s. John Finch [bapt.]Mar41695
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William s John Canning [bapt.]Mar181695
Thomas Whakely [bur.]Mar211695
Mary d. William Pilkington [bapt.]Apr71696
Anthony s. John Finch [bapt.]Apr141696
Mary d. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Apr161696
Anthony Juggins of Cleve & Elizabeth Juggins of Campden mar. by LicenceJun181696
Henry s. William Enston [bapt.]Jun281696
William s. George Grimet [bap.]Jul51696
John Bentley bur.Aug161696
Samuel s. Samuel Cox [bapt.]Aug301696
Edward s. Robert Savage [bapt.]Sep191696
Joane Salter, widow bur.Sep201696
Richard s. Jeremiah Gibbs [bapt.]Dec271696
Catherine d. Emmanuell Dyer [bapt.]Dec271696
John s. Mr. John Smart [bapt.]Feb161696
Mary d. William Woodford [bapt.]Mar191696
Edward Kindrick & Anne Smith of Campden [mar.]Apr41697
William Canning of Quinton & Grisigon Gibbs [bapt.]Apr71697
Richard s. Thomas Taylor [bapt.]Apr111697
Mary, wife of Thomas Prockter bur.May131697
George Sands & Sarah, his wife bur.May131697
Alice Whakely, widow bur.May181697
Anthony White of Broadway & Jane Truby of Campden [mar.] May 25May251697
[page 12] Henry Hyckes
Mathew Blick of Snitterfield & Mary Rose of Hidcott by LicenceMay261697
John s. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Jun61697
Margaret d. Ralph Savage [bapt.]Jun61697
Catherine d. John Gibbs [bapt.] Jun71697
John Lisley Bur. Jun81697
Thomas Proctor Bur. Jun101697
Thomas Hewell of Dracot & Mary Robbins [mar.]Jun131697
Robert s. Wiliam Pilkington [bapt.]Jun191697
Thomas Holtham & Mary Keyte both of CampdenJul61697
Thomas Clark bur.Jul111697
Hannah d. William Gibbs, Junior [bapt.]Aug291697
John Mart of Broadway & Susan Hath of Campden mar. by licenceNov41697
William Braodway & Ann Hiron of Campden mar.Nov71697
Joseph s. Joseph Keek [bapt.]Nov161697
Anne s. Thomas Lea [bapt.]Dec51697
.. .. .. bur.Dec111697
Elizabeth d. Elizabeth Hughes Bur.Jan281697
Rose, wife of Jeremiah Gibbes bur.Mar11697
Mary d. Samuel Plaistoe [bapt.]Mar131697
Jeremiah Gibbes bur.Mar241697
Ann his daughter bur.Mar241697
Henry Hickes
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Hannah & Anne ds. William & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]Apr111698
Edward Freeman & Honor Walker of Campden [mar.] Apr251698
William Gibbes, Senior [bur.]Jun291698
Henry Campden of Arrow & Sarah Lane of Campden [mar.]Jul51698
Anne Dyer, widow bur.Jul211698
Edward s. Robert Savage, Shoemaker Bur.The King’s duty paid by Robert Savage ye FatherAug171698
Lucy d. Richard Cox, Day Labourer Bur. 4 shillings to be payed by Richard Cox Oct241698
John Lindsey of Broad Campden, Labourer and Anne Ward [mar.] 2s.&6d. to be paeid by John LindseyDec181698
Mary d. Edmund Gibbs, Husbandman Bur. 4s. - to be payed by Edmund Gibbes ye Father.Feb141698
Margaret d. Thomas Taylor born May 5 bapt be payd by Thomas Taylor ye fatherMay151699
William Miles & Jane Gibbes [mar.] 2s & 6dJun41699
Edward Gibbes, Senior, Husbandman Bur.Jul11699
Jane d. Thomas Catterill [bapt.]Jul301699
Richard s. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Sep241699
William s. Emanuell Dyer [bapt.]Sep221699
William s. Samuell Archard [bapt.]Nov291699
Robert s. William Pilkington [bapt.]Oct291699
John Purser & Elizabeth White [mar.] (Bapt. Hyckes, Curate)Jan11699
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Edmund Gibbes Bur.Jan121699
Sarah d. John Petty [bapt.]Jan281699
Elizabeth d. George Grimet [bapt.]Feb111699
Margaret Proctor widow of Charringworth [bur.]Apr181700
Susannah d. William Woodford [bap.]May51700
Mary Cotterill, widow bur.May151700
Anne, widow of John Townsend bur.May151700
Elizabeth, d. Elizabeth Lisely bur.Jun191700
Catherine d. William & Jane Miles [bapt.]Aug41700
Edmund s. William Gibbs [bapt.]Sep11700
Sarah d. John Pretty bur.Sep31700
Mathew Sargeant & Elizabeth Melin [mar.]Oct71700
Elizabeth Acocks, widow bur.Nov241700
Samuel Hickson & Anne Churches [mar.]Jan301700
Baptist Hickes, Curate
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Samuel & Edmund sons of William & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]May51701
Samuel s. Samuel Archer [bapt.]Jun171701
Henry s. Baptist Hyckes, Clarke, & Christiana his wife bapt.Jun231701
.. .. .. .. bur.Jul191701
Samuel, s. William Gibbes bur.Aug171701
John s. Mary Mallins, a poor traveller [bapt.]Aug171701
Mary, wife Robert Pilkington bur.Aug211701
Elizabeth d. Michael Fletcher [bapt.]Sep211701
Susanna d. William Woodford [bapt.]Oct191701
Thomas s. Thomas Biddle, a poor traveller [bapt.]Nov231701
Elizabeth d. John Petty [bapt.]Dec71701
Anne Gibbes widow bur.Dec301701
Frances widow Thomas Berry bur.Feb51701
Richard Long bur.Mar151701
Lucy d. Richard Cox [bapt.]May101702
Jane d. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]May181702
Margaret d. James Hiron bur.May181702
[page 16] Baptist Hyckes
William Eston bur.Jul161702
Timothy s. William Mile [bapt.]Jul191702
Sarah d. William Archer, Junior [bapt.]Aug21702
Sarah d. William Rowland, a poor traveller from Winchcombe [bapt.]Sep201702
Dorothy d. of Francis Warner of Felbrook [bapt.]Sep211702
Edward s. Emanuel Dyer [bapt.]Oct111702
Stephen s. Thomas Taylor [bapt.]Nov11702
John s. William Pilkington [bapt.]Dec91702
Catherine d. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Dec271702
John Townsend Senior bur.Feb31702
Anne widow Mathew Sargeant bur.Feb111702
William s. Thomas Cotterill [bapt.]Mar51702
Jane d. Catherine Enston, widow, bur.Mar251703
Sussana d. William Woodford [bapt.]Apr201703
Richard s. of William & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]May21703
James s. of Samuel Archer [bapt.]May141703
Catherine d. Emanuel Dyer [bapt.]May141703
John Burlingham of Shipston & Mary Smith of Campden mar.Jun291703
Robert s. Robert Pilkington, Junior, [bapt.]Sep61703
Ralph Dutton of Campden & Margaret Smith of Piddle mar. by LicenceSep121703
Mathew Sargeant & Elizabeth HughsSep161703
Bap. Hyckes, Curate
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Baptist s. Baptist Hyckes b. 15th. bapt. 22nd bur. Sep 241703
Thomas Percockes & Anne Stephens of Ilmington mar.Oct51703
Jane d. Robert Purser & Mary his wife b. Sep3 bapt.Oct211703
Thomas s. Thomas Harrison of Ditchford [bapt.]Oct251703
Anne d. George Grimett [bapt.]Nov181703
John s. John Long of Darlingscott bur.Dec21703
Thomas s. of Thomas & Jane Long b. Feb 6 [bapt.]Feb81703
Hannah d. Anne Gibbes b, Feb 6 [bapt.]Feb81703
Hannah d. Edward & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]Feb211703
Robert Bennet of Whatcote & Annie Gibbes [mar.]Feb281703
Matthew s. William & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]Jun61704
Sarah Fowler bur.Jul81704
Mary d. William & Alice Gibbes [bapt.]Jul231704
William White & Elizabeth Long [mar.]Jul241704
Thomas Bennet of Wixford, a Traveller bur.Aug241704
William s. Ralph Savage [bapt.]Sep31704
Thomas s. Michael Hitchcox [bapt.]Sep31704
Joseph s. William Miles [bapt.]Oct81704
John s. of William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Oct131704
John Towsend & Elizabeth Smith [mar.]Nov71704
Baptist Hyckes [page 18]
Anne d. Baptist Hyckes, Clerke, b & bapt.Nov91704
William Keyte & Ruth Chapman [bapt.]Nov301704
Mary d. William Gibbes bur.Nov301704
Mary d. William & Anne Keck, Quakers, born Dec231704
Mary d. Samuel & Frances Cox [bapt.]Feb111704
Robert s. Robert & Mary Purser, Dissenters, bornFeb171704
Mary d. Samuel & Frances Cox [bur.]Mar181704
Elizabeth wife John Long [bur.]May251705
Margaret Pankeridge, Widow bur.Jun11705
Richard Cox of Ebrington & Elizabeth Purser of Hidcote [mar.]Jun31705
Elizabeth d. Thomas & Judith Taylor [bapt.]Jun171705
John s. John & Sarah Petty [bapt.]Jul291705
Hannah d. Samuel & Alice Archer [bapt.]Aug51705
Mr. William Smith, Minister & Mrs. Utrecia Hyckes both of Campden, [mar.]Sep111705
John s. Thomas Long & Sarah his wife [bapt.]Sep181705
Henry s.William Pilkington & Mary his wife [bapt.]Oct51705
Thomas Padwick bur.Oct51705
Henry Enston bur.Oct71705
Joyce, wife of John Finch bur.Oct111705
William Eden of Darlinscot & Lucy Purser [mar.] by LicenceNov201705
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Samuel Keyte & Mary Keyte, both of Ebrington [mar.]Dec11705
John s. Robert Pilkington, Junior, of Ditchford [bapt.]Jan241705
Mary d. William White, Junior [bapt.]Jan271705
Jane d. John & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Feb51705
Thomas Wells & Elizabeth Drinel of Ebrington [mar.]Mar271706
Hannah d. William Archer, Junior & Mary [bapt.]Apr191706
Mary d. Samuel & Sarah Rawlins [bapt.]Apr281706
Jane d. Michael & Mary Hitchcox [bapt.]Aug251706
Elizabeth d. William & Alice Gibbes bapt. Jun 2 bur.Sep241706
William s. Thomas & Mary Long [bapt.]Sep251706
John Hands & Elizabeth Ward of Greetworth, Northants [mar.]Oct141706
William Hartwell of Charringworth & Elizabeth Mulliss of Batsford[mar.]Oct161706
Mary d. William & Jane Miles [bapt.]Dec231706
William Evets & Alice Pap of Shipston, [mar.]Dec261706
Mary d. Edward & Hannah Gibbes [bapt.]Feb201706
Mary d. Valentyne Rawlins bur.Mar211706
Henry s. of Catherine Enston, widow, bur.Mar211706
[page 20] Baptist Hyckes
Christiana wife of Baptist Hyckes, Minister, [bur.]Apr161707
Isaac White & Anne Pankeridge [mar.]May11707
John Finch & Catherine Enston [mar.]May41707
Samuel Hughes bur.Jun181707
Anne wife of Ralph Savage bur.Aug281707
Hester d. Samuel Archer & AliceSep71707
John Keyte & Mary Clacke of HidcoteOct131707
Willian Dayes & Anne Prestage both of EbringtonNov91707
John s. Thomas & Judith Taylor [bapt.]Nov201707
Elizabeth d. William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Dec131707
Edward s. Israel & Anne White [bapt.]Feb261707
William s. Jonathan & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Mar281708
Mary Paddock widow Bur.Mar281708
Mary d. Thomas & Jane Long [bapt.]Mar291708
John s. of Thomas & Judith Long [bapt.]Apr41708
Mr. Robert Purser [bur.]Apr111708
Mr. Joseph Hunt of Stratford & Mrs Judith Hyckes of Shipston [mar.] by licenceAug21708
Robert s. Robert & Alice Johnson [bapt.]Aug81708
Phineas Batchelor & Hannah Cork of Hidcote [mar.]Sep281708
Robert Brain & Hannah Long both of Stretton [mar.]Oct171708
William s. William & Jane Miles [bapt.]Nov181708
John Townsend Senior bur.Oct281708
Jonathan Hand & Sarah Hands both of Campden [mar.]Oct311708
[page 21]
Thomas Berry bur,Jan281708
Sarah d. John & Sarah Petty [bapt.]Jan231708
Sarah & Elizabeth ds. of William Gibbes, Senior [bapt.]Feb61708
Wlizabeth d. of Elizabeth & William Gibbes [bur.]Feb151708
William s. Issac & Anne White [bapt.]Mar211708
.. .. .. .. bur.Mar241708
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Edward Gibbes
John Gibbes Churchwardens
William Lea of Todenham bur.Apr41709
Anne d. William Archer & Mary [bapt.]Apr261709
John s. John & Elizabeth White [bapt.]May81709
Elizabeth wife William Smith of Admington [bur.]Jul111709
Anne d. William & Margaret Pilkington [bapt.]Aug141709
Camelia d. Robert & Mary Brain [bapt.]Oct231709
Samuel s. Thomas & Jane Long [bapt.]Nov151709
Anne Townsend widow bur.Dec61709
Elizabeth d. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]Dec261709
Christiana wife John Humphries bur.Dec301709
Richard Spicer bur.Feb21709
Thomas Cotterill bur.Feb91709
Margaret wife of William Archer bur.Feb261709
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Joseph Hemmings
William Gibbes [Churchwardens]
Mary d. Thomas & Jane Long [bapt.]Apr31710
Henry Bentley bur.Apr191710
George s. Thomas & Judith Taylor [bapt.]Apr301710
Edward Pitway & Elizabeth Tovy [mar.]Jun71710
Sarah d. William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Jun191710
William s. William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Nov111710
[page 22]
John s. Edward & Elizabeth Pitaway [bapt.]Feb251710
Margaret d. Israel & Anne White [bapt.]Feb281710
John s. Thomas Procter of Compton [Scorpion] [bapt.]Mar241710
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Joseph Hemmings
Richard Gibbes [Churchwardens]
John s. William & JaneMiles [bapt.]Apr81711
Francis Smith widow bur.Apr131711
John Ward bur.Apr161711
Thomas s. Jonathan & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Apr201711
Elizabeth Savil widow Bur.May31711
Elizabeth d. Samuel & Alice Archer [bapt.]Jun101711
Mary d. William & Anne Woodford [bapt.]Jul121711
Samuel Cox bur. Oct141711
Henry Miles & Anne Enston [mar.]Nov41711
Baptist s. Baptist Hyckes Rector born Nov 23 bapt.Dec71711
Elizabeth Greenaway bur.Dec91711
Benjamin s. Thomas & Jane Long [bapt.]Feb291711
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Joseph Hemmings
Richard Gibbes [Churchwardens]
Thomas s. Sarah Cox bur.Jun121712
Jonathan Berry & Jane Claydon [mar.]Aug31712
Eglantine wife Timothy Miles Bur.Sep121712
Esau Russell & Margaret Dance [mar.]Oct121712
William Edden & Anne Bishop of Stourton [mar.] by LicenceNov11712
Thomas s. Jonathan Finch bur.Jan21712
Mary d. John & Jane Berry [bapt.]Jan41712
Nathan s. Henry & Anne Miles [bapt.]Jan251712
Henry s. Baptist & Jane Hyckes, Rector, Bur. Mar41712
Elizabeth d. Elizabeth & Edward Pitway [bapt.]Mar221712
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Joseph Hemmings
James Hiron [Churchwardens] p.23
William White Senior Bur.Apr91713
Alice d. of William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Apr121713
Elizabeth d. Sussanah Foster [bapt.]Apr121713
Edward s. Jonathan & Anne Ashfield [bapt.]May251713
Robert s. Robert & Anne Ashfield [bapt.]May261713
Ralfe Savage & Sarah Rawlins [mar.]May311713
Elizabeth Gibbes, widow, Bur.Sep291713
Richard Long & Sarah Haydon [mar.]Oct181713
John Cockes & Catherine Gibbes [mar.]Oct291713
Timothy Finch Bur.Oct301713
Thomas s. James Phipps (Timmes) & Martha [bapt.]Jan21713
Edward s. William & Jane Miles [bapt.]Jan81713
Timothy Miles Bur.Jan291713
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Charles Stock
Edward Gibbes Churchwardens
Anne d. Thomas Taylor & Judith [bapt.]Apr211714
Mary d. Baptist & Jane Hyckes Born 10 April bapt.Apr271714
John Humphries Bur.May11714
Richard s. Richard & Sarah Long [bapt.]May301714
Mary d. Robert & Hannah Brain [bapt.]Sep51714
John Long Senior [bur.]Sep241714
Mary d. William & Mary Proctor BornOct241714
William s. Isaac & Anne White [bapt.]Nov221714
William s. William & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Jan21714
Elizabeth s. Samuel & Alice Archer [bapt.]Feb61714
Baptist Hyckes [Rector]
Edward Gibbes
John Gibbes Churchwardens
Harry s. Henry & Anne Miles [bapt.]May151715
Mary Townsend, widow, bur. May221715
Stephen s. Thomas & Jane Long [bapt.]Jun91715
John Hadland & Anne Lisely [mar.]Jun111715
Francis d. John & Catherine Cocks [bapt.]Jun161715
Catherine, wife of John Cockes bur.Jun201715
[page 24]
Utrecia d. Baptist Hyckes, Rector, & Jane born Jun 20 [bapt.]Jul11715
Alice Ward, widow, bur. Jul121715
Mary & Flory ds. of Richard and Mary Hiron [bapt.]Jul271715
Charles s of Charles & Lavinia Boswel mar.Jul271715
Dr. Edmund Bray & Mrs. Brilliana Popham mar.Nov81715
Christian d. of Edward & Elizabeth Pitway bapt.Nov131715
Jane d. William & Mary Proctor bapt.Dec171715
Richard s. Thomas Procter, Junior, bur.Dec161715
Thomas Sherbrooke bur.Jan111715
John Jennings & Mary Mulliss..[mar.]Jun201715
John Gibbs, Senior, bur.Jan231715
James s. of James & Marllia Simms, bapt.Feb71715
Jane d. William & Jane Miles bapt.Feb121715
William Gibbes bur.Feb191715
Edward Gibbes
Charles Shucly Churchwardens
Elizabeth d. of Joseph & Anne Holland bapt.Apr21716
Thomas s. of Robert & Jane Ashfield bapt.Jul291716
Joshua s. of Baptist Hickes, Rector & Jane his wife born Jul 10 baptAug11716
Isac s. of Isaac & Anne White bapt.Aug231716
Thomas s. of John & Mary JenningsOct281716
John Lisley and William Freeman mar. at LemingtonNov11716
William s. of John & Sarah Gibbes bapt.Nov121716
Mary Smith, widow, bur.Dec201716
Edward Gibbes & Judith Taylor mar.Dec261716
Mary Bentley widow bur.Feb161716
William s. of William & Mary Proctor [bapt.]Jan231716
Joseph Hemming
Thomas Cotterill Churchwardens
Francis Cox, widow, bur.Apr51717
Elizabeth d. John White & Elizabeth bapt.Jun71717
Jane d. of Thomas & Ann LongJun161717
William Bury bur.Jun181717
Edward s. of Edward & Judith Gibbes [bapt.]Jun241717
Jane d. Baptist Hicks, Rector & Jane born Jul 17 bapt.Jul291717
Lucy widow of Wiliam Salter bur.Aug201717
Jonas s of Henry & Anne Miles bapt.Sep291717
Mary d. of Joseph & Anne Hadland bapt.Oct61717
William s of Mrs. Woodford bur.Oct81717
Sarah d. John & Sarah Gibbes bap.Nov261717
John s. of Hannah Perry, illegitimate, [bapt.]Dec71717
Edward s. of William & Hannah White [bapt.]Jan41717
Philip Merriman of Sciro & Mary Pilkington mar.Feb221717
Edward Hill bur.Mar51717
Thomas s. of Richard & Sarah Long bapt.Mar121717
Jane d. of Baptist Hicks, Rector & Jane bur.Mar201717
Joseph Hemming
Isaac White Churchwardens
Daniel Savage & Mary Sheldon mar.Apr141718
Sarah d. of John & Sarah Gibbes bur.Jul191718
Jane d. of Baptist & Jane Hickes born Jul 26, bapt.Jul261718
Mary d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Turner [bapt.]Aug91718
Jane wifwe of Joseph Ryland of Ditchford bur.Sep121718
John s. of Isaac & Anne White [bapt.]Sep191718
Thomas Long & Mary Hitchcox [mar.]Sep211718
William s. of Edward & Judith Gibbes bapt.Nov181718
Edward s. William & Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.Nov301718
William s. of Robert & Anne Ashfield bapt.Dec71718
David s. of William & Jane Miles bapt.Dec101718
William Basket & Susan Foster mar.Dec271718
Thomas s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Grey bapt.Dec271718
Anne d. of Baptist Hickes, Rector, bur. Jan21718
John s. of John & Mary Jennings bapt.Jan41718
Srah d. Edward & Elizabeth Pitway bapt.Jan251718
Anthony s. Robert & Hannah Brain1718
Matthew Sargeant Bur.Mar51718
Joseph Hemmings & John White Churchwardens
Mary d. of Mary Enstone (illegitimate)Mar301719
Mr. James Beal of Hook Norton & Mrs.Mary Purser, [mar.] by licenceApr81719
Samuel s. of John & Elizabeth White [bapt.]Apr211719
Robert Hopkins of Welsborne & Sarah Charles of Hanging Aston [mar.]May71719
Sarah d. of Joseph & Anne Hadland bapt.May101719
Jane d. Baptist Hickes, Rector & Jane bur.May271719
John Gibbes and Elizabeth Rousow mar.Jun111719
John s. John & Sarah Gibbes [bapt.]Jun211719
Thomas Plestoe bur.Jun301719
John s. of Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Aug161719
Thomas s. Thomas & Margaret Pritchet bapt.Aug161719
Margaret wife of Thomas Pritchet bur.Aug161719
Thomas s. of Thomas Pritchett bur.Aug221719
Richard s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor bapt.Sep21719
Elizabeth d. of John & Mary Dyer bapt.Sep61719
William White & Elizabeth Gibbes mar.Oct71719
John Keyte bur.Nov11719
Valantine Rawlins bur.Nov231719
Robert Long bur.Dec231719
Anne d. Thomas & Elizabeth Grey bapt.Jan161719
William s. Baptist & Jane Hickes born Feb 6 bapt. Feb151719
Robert s. of Hnery & Jane Miles bapt.Mar61719
George Crossley & John Gibbes Churchwardens
Elizabeth d. Thomas & Mary Berry bapt.May81720
Mary wife of James Hiron bur.May261720
Mary wife of Thomas Long, Junior bur.May281720
Mary d. Thomas Long, Junior bur.May281720
Sarah d. John & Frances Townsend bapt.Jun51720
William Pilkington bur.Jun81720
Judih d. Edward & Judith Gibbes bapt.Jun161720
Isabella, wife of William Smith bur.Aug131720
Hannah d. William & Hannah Berry bapt.Aug281720
Sarah Mellis of Tredington [bur.]Sep21720
John s. Issac & Anne White bapt.Sep71720
Richard s. Robert & Hannah Brain [bapt.]Sep161720
Grizigon Gibbes, widow bur.Oct191720
Mary Long, widow bur.Nov171720
William s. Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Nov201720
Jonathan s. William & Jane Miles bapt.Dec41720
John s. Thomas & Elizabeth Gray bapt.Dec111720
William s. William & Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.Dec181720
Edward Finch of Paxford bur.Jan41720
Robert s. John & Jane Berry bapt.Feb121720
Anne d. Mary Finch, widow bapt.Feb211720
Mary Smith of Alderminster, widow bur.Feb271720
Anne d. Issac & Anne White bapt.Mar141720
George Crossley & John Gibbes Churchwardens
Anne d. Baptist Hyckes, Rector, & Jane b. Mar 11 bapt. Mar 31Mar311721
Judith d. Richard & Sarah Long bapt.Apr231721
James Hiron, buriedMay41721
Joseph s. Robert & Anne Ashfield bapt.May71721
George s. George & Sarah Gibbes bap.May81721
Benjamin s. Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor bapt.May281721
Anne d. Baptist, Rector, & Jane Hickes bur.May301721
George Grimet buriedAug131721
Mary d. John & Mary Dyer(?) Bapt.Aug271721
William s. John & Mary Jennings bapt.Sep171721
Richard s. Joseph & Anne Hadland bapt.Dec101721
Edward s. Edward and Elizabeth Pitway bapt.Jan211721
Richard s. John & Frances Townsend bapt.Feb41721
.. .. .. .. bur.Feb61721
Jane d. of William & Elizabeth White bapt.Mar141721
Ralph Handy & William White Churchwardens
Daniel s. David & Mary Savage bapt.Apr291722
Benjamin s. Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor bur.May161722
Anne d. Baptist Hyckes, Rector & Jane b. Apr 30 bapt. May281722
William s. Thomas & Mary Berry bapt.Jul291722
Mr. John Potter & Mrs. Jane Mills mar.Aug261722
Francis Taylor, of Broadway & Elizabeth Hiron mar.Oct 61722
Mr. Robert Wotton & Mrs. Mary Wainwright mar.Oct181722
Mr. Francis Holyoake of Henley & Mrs. Grace Smart of Clifford [Chambers] marriedNov151722
Richard s. John & Sarah Gibbes bapt.Dec141722
Richard s. Edward & Judith Gibbes bapt.Dec181722
Joseph Moor of Hanging Aston & Alice Kilpicke of Shipston mar.Dec221722
Margaret, wife of Esau Russel, Bur.Dec221722
Judith d. Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor, bapt.Feb21722
Richard s. John & Mary Dyer bapt.Feb171722
William Woodford, buriedFeb231722
Catherine, wife of John Finch buriedMar31722
Mary d. John & Francis Townsend bapt.Mar51722
.. .. .. .. bur.Mar101722
Mary d. Thomas & Elizabeth Grey bapt.Mar171722
William White & John Such Churchwardens
John Hitchman buriedApr71723
Sarah d. John & Dave Berry bapt.Apr91723
John Jennings buriedApr141723
Elizabeth w. of Thomas Long bur.Apr301723
Edward s. William & Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.May51723
Michael Hitchcox bur.May71723
Eliz. wife of John White bur.May231723
Mr. Pitway, Senior bur.May251723
John White bur.Jun11723
Judith d. Thomas and Elizabeth bur.Jun101723
William s. William Pitway bur.Jul211723
Jane, wife of Baptist Hickes, Rector bur.Jul261723
Mary d. Stephen Pitawy, bapt.Jul281723
John s. John & Anne Smith bapt.Aug181723
Thomas Hunt of Long Compton & Elizabeth Sperricke of Clanvile(?) mar.Oct51723
Lego. Eglantine & Anne Bierley of Shipston, [mar.]Oct61723
Thomas s. of Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Oct131723
William Plomb & Jane Gibbes mar.Oct261723
Mary d. William & Elizabeh Pilkington bapt.Nov31723
John Smith of Hook Norton & Margaret Rawlins mar.Nov131723
John s. Joseph & Freelove Ryland bapt.Oct121723
Anne d. Henry & Anne Miles bapt.Dec111723
Henry s. Richard & Sarah Long bapt.Dec151723
John Lindow and Elizabeth Thornet, both of Shipston, mar.Dec271723
William Salter, bur.Jan301723
Hannah d. William & Alice Gibbes bur.Feb51723
Mary d. Richard and Mary Grimet bapt.Feb91723
Richard s. John & Frances Townsend bapt. Mar301723
Edward Gibbes and Joseph Hemmings Churchwardens
Richard Wilcox bur.Apr31724
William s. William & Mary Berry bapt.Apr51724
John Berry bur.Apr61724
Mary wife of William Procter of Dumbleton bur.Sep141724
Judith d. Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor, bapt.Apr201724
Richard s. John & Frances Townsend bapt.Apr241724
Richard s. John & Frances Townsend bap.Apr241724
Thomas s. William Procter of Dumbleton bur.Apr281724
Thomas s. Robert & Margaret Plaistow bapt. May51724
.. .. .. .. bur.Aug21724
Mary & Anne, twins, of Edward & Elizabeth Pitway bapt.Aug61724
Thomas Smyth, Clarke & Catherine Moore of Pillerton mar.Aug71724
Mary & Anne, twins, of Edward Pitway bur.Aug161724
Elizabeth d. William & Elizabeth White bapt.Oct181724
Nathan s. Henry & Anne Miles bapt.Nov271724
Robert Miles & Alice Green mar.Dec131724
Mary d. Thomas & Mary Berry bapt.Dec201724
Mary d. William & Mary Procter bapt.Jan91724
Ann d. Thomas & Elizabeth Grey bapt. Feb211724
Robert s. Robert & Anne Pilkington bapt.Feb281724
John s. John & Anne Townsend bapt.Mar71724
Anne d. Joseph & Anne Townsend bapt.Mar141724
Joseph Hadland & Edward Gibbes Churchwardens
Nathan Gibbes of Stretton & Mary Smith of CampdenMar291725
Nathan s. John & Sarah Gibbes bapt.Mar291725
Thomas Long & Catherine Miles mar.Mar301725
Robert s. Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Apr111725
Elizabeth & Sophia, twins, of Samuel & Elizabeth Archer bapt.Jul261725
Elizabeth Archer bur.Jul281725
Sophia Archer bur.Aug51725
Elizabeth d. Stephen & Mary Pitway bapt.Aug291725
William Lockly of Shipston & Catherine Hitchcox mar.Oct311725
Judith, widow of Thomas Taylor, Senior bur.Nov111725
Edward s.William & Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.Nov141725
David Heath & Lucy Cocks mar.Nov251725
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Taylor, Junior bur.Dec41725
Elizabeth d. Thomas Taylor, Junior bur.Dec41725
John s. John & Mary Dyer bapt.Dec191725
Mary d. Robert & Anne Ashfield bapt.Dec191725
Elizabeth Lisley widow buriedJan221725
Michael Pain of Stratford-upon-Avon & Anne Aiky(?) of Shipston-on-Stour mar.Dec271725
John Durham & Anne Hughes of Long ComptonJan171725
Jane d. Thomas & Catherine Long bapt.Feb41725
John Holyfield of Burmington & Margaret Keyte mar.Feb41725
Catherine d. Henry & Anne Miles bapt.Feb271725
Anne d. Edward & Elizabeth Pitway bapt.Mar61725
Edward Gibbes & Richard Grimet Churchwardens
Samuel s. John & Ann Bish(op) bapt.Mar251726
Mrs. Jane Purser, widow bur.Apr41726
Elizabeth d. Richard & Mary Grimet bapt. May11726
Edward Dyer & Hannah Archer mar.Jul11726
Mary d. William & Catherine Lockley bapt.Aug211726
William s. Richard & Sarah Long bapt.Aug211726
Samuel s. Richard & Mary Charles bapt.Aug251726
William s. Edward and Hannah Dyer bapt.Sep111726
John s. David & Lucy Heath bapt.Sep111726
Mary d. William & Mary Berry bapt.Sep191726
Robert Pilkington Senior bur.Oct91726
Jane Whitehead bur.Oct121726
Thomas Savage & Mary Rawlings mar.Nov11726
Ralph s. Daniel & Mary Savage bap.Jan81726
Anne d. Thomas & Catherine Long Junior bapt.Feb111726
Mark s. Robert & Anne Pilkington bapt.Feb121726
William s. William & Anne Plumb bapt.Mar121726
Robert s. Edward & Judith Gibbes bapt.Mar241726
William Gibbes & Richard Grimet Churchwardens
Thomas s. Thomas & Catherine Long bapt.Mar251727
Roland s. Robert & Margaret Plaistow bap.Apr21727
Robert s. Daniel & Mary Savage bur.Apr231727
William s. Richard & Sarah Long bur.Apr281727
Thomas s Daniel & Mary Savage bur.May11727
William s. Thomas & Mary Savage bur.May51727
Hannah d. John & Hannah Gibbes bapt.May171727
Sarah wife Richard Long bur.May191727
William s. William & Jane Plumb bur.Jul81727
Richard s. John & Frances Townsend bapt.Jul91727
William Archer, Senior bur.Jul101727
Thomas s. Thomas & Mary Berry bapt.Jul231727
Hannah d. William & Sarah Shirley bapt.Aug271727
Thomas s. Richard & Mary Charles bur.Sep111727
Catherine wife of Emmanuel Dyer bur.Sep201727
Elizabeth d. William & Elizabeth White bur.Nov191727
William s. Stephen & Mary Pitway bapt.Jan211727
Mary wife of William Archer bur.Feb101727
Thomas Taylor & Mary Gibbes mar.Feb141727
Thomas s. Richard & Mary Charles bur.Feb211727
Hannah d. Thomas & Mary Taylor mar.Feb251727
Emanuel Dyer bur.Mar191727
Baptist Hickes, Rector: Richard Charles & Richard Grimet Churchwardens
Samuel s. Edward & Hannah Dyer bapt.Apr141728
Elizabeth d. John & Mary Dyer bapt.Apr281728
Samuel s. Edward Dyer bur.Apr281728
John Canning bur..May181728
John. s. Robert & Mary Charles bapt.Jun61728
Catherine wife of Thomas Long The (Parish) Clarke bur.Jun191728
John Cocks bur.Aug211728
Robert Brain bur,Aug281728
William s. Thomas Savage bur.Sep251728
Elizabeth Leco (?), widow bur.Oct41728
Thomas s. Richard Charles bapt.Oct71728
John s. William & Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.Oct131728
John s. John & Joan Hall bapt.Oct131728
William White Bur.Oct201728
John Gibbes & Alice Woodford mar.Oct271728
Joseph Bragginton & Anne Freeman of Lemington mar.Nov11728
Mr. William Mumford & Mrs. Jane Middleton of Shipston mar.Dec161728
Thomas Bowers of Burmington and Ann Rawlins mar.Dec211728
Mary d. Robert & Ann Ashfield bur.Jan51728
John s. Robert & Margaret Plaistow bapt.Feb21728
Thomas s. Richard & Mary Charles bur.Feb91728
William Potter & John Gibbes, Churchwardens
Sarah Cox, widow bur.Apr111729
John s. Richard & Mary Grimet bapt.Apr131729
Elizabeth d. Daniel & Mary Savage bapt. Apr201729
Samuel s. Edward & Hannah Dew bapt.May111729
Anne d. Henry Miles bur.Jun11729
Mary d. John & Anne Pilkington bapt.Jun151729
Thomas Taylor, the younger, bur.Jun201729
Stephen Fisher of Hanging Aston & Frances Hiron mar.Jul51729
Robert s. Jane Berry, widow bur.Aug131729
Edward Gibbes bur.Aug311729
Alice White alias Plester, widow bur.Sep21729
Mary d. Henry & Sarah Melborne bur.Sep161729
Richard s. Richard & Mary Taylor bur.Apr301729
William White bur.Oct81729
Judith, wife of John Long bur,Oct171729
Alice Rawlins, widow bur.Oct261729
Anne Smith bur.Oct271729
Thomas s. Thomas & Catherine Long bur.Nov181729
William Salter & Sarah Cotes mar.Dec71729
Jane w. of Thomas Long bur.Dec161729
Sarah d. William & Sarah Shirley bapt.Dec261729
Samuel s. Richard & Alice Long bapt.Jan111729
Joseph Hemming & Richard Wilkes, Churchwardens
Hester d. Samuel & Alice Archer bapt.Mar251730
Edmund s. John & Sarah Gibbes bapt.Apr121730
Thomas Savage & Sarah C(?)harles mar.May211730
Thomas Long, the [Parish] Clarke bur.May211730
Lucy d. Richard & Mary Charles bapt.Jul41730
Robert s. Judith Gibbes, widow bur.Sep281730
John s. Thomas & Catherine Long bapt.Oct21730
Anne wife of Joseph Hadland bur.Oct21730
Judith wife of Richard Long bur.Oct111730
Richard Smith of Campden & Sarah Insell mar.Oct191730
Anne d. Daniel & Sarah Savage bapt.Nov151730
Hananh d. William & Jane Plumb bapt.Nov291730
Ann d. Benjamin & Jane Castle bapt.Dec261730
Anne d. Isaac & Anne White bapt.Jan31730
William s. Mr. John & Mary Halford bapt.Feb21730
John Johnson & Elizabeth Bishop of Stowerton (Stourton) mar.Mar31730
Joseph Hemming & Thomas Cottrel, Churchwardens
Samuel s. Thomas & Elizabeth Dance bapt.Apr251731
Ann d. John & Joan Hale bapt.May161731
Henry Miles & Elizabeth Dance mar.May181731
Mr. Whing Canning of Halford &1731
Mrs. Elizabeth Halford of Armscotte mar.May251731
Samuel s. Richard & Mary Charles bapt.Jun121731
Margaret d. Henry & Hannah Pilkington bapt.Jun131731
Thomas Long & Elizabeth White mar.Jun281731
Margaret Pilkington, widow, bur.Jul11731
James s. Richard & Deborah Wilkes bapt.Jul111731
Thomas s. John & Frances Townsend bapt.Jul181731
Anne d. Benjamin & Jane Castle bapt.Jul281731
Richard s. Richard & Mary Taylor bapt.Aug11731
John s. Mr. John Bolt & Mary his wife of St. Andrews, Holborn in London born . Jul 18, bapt.Aug151731
John s. Henry & Hester Wilkes bapt.Aug201731
John s. Robert & Margaret Plaister bur.Aug221731
John s. John & Joan Hale bur.Aug261731
Rowland s. Robert & Margaret Plaister bur.Aug261731
Elizabeth wife Samuel Archer, Junior bur.Oct81731
Margaret d. John & Anne Pilkington, bapt.Oct271731
William s. David & Jane Castle bapt.Dec51731
Thomas s. Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Jan91731
Mr. Baranabas Horseman & Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt mar.Jan171731
Edward s. William & Mary Johnson bapt.Jan231731
John s. Mr. John & Mary Halford bapt.Jan241731
Margaret d. Mr. Robert & Margaret Plaister bapt.Feb91731
Thomas s. Thomas & Catherine Long bapt.Mar51731
Hugh Wilson, a Traveller, bur.Mar221731
John Halford & Richard Grimet, Churchwardens.
Hannah d. Richard & Mary Grimet bapt.Apr21732
Samuel Robbins & Mary Hitchcox, mar.Apr101732
Abraham s. Mrs. Elizabeth Pilkington bapt.May211732
John s. William & Mary Berry bapt.Jun41732
Lucy d. David & Lucy Heath bapt.Jul231732
William s. William & Sarah Shirley bapt.Aug271732
James s. Edward & Hannah Dyer bapt. Sep31732
Richard Lisley & Mary Ashby mar.Sep301732
Thomas Hunt of Moreton & 1732
Ann Wright of Lemington mar.Oct131732
John White & Elizabeth Parker bapt.Oct231732
Stephen s. Samuel & Jane Robbins bapt.Oct291732
John s. Richard & Mary Charles bapt.Oct31732
John s. Stephen & Mary Pitway bapt.Nov51732
Andrew Steward, a Traveller bur.Nov221732
Mary d. Thomas & Mary Long bapt.Dec31732
Benjamin Wells & Sarah White mar.Dec281732
Anne Woodford, widow bur.Jan161732
Thomas s. Jane Cotterell, widow bur.Jan181732
Mary, wife of John Lisley bur.Feb21732
Timothy Miles & Susanna Woodford mar.Feb61732
Anne Pilkington, bur.Mar181732
William Potter & Richard Taylor, Churchwardens
Francis s. Mr. John & Mary Halford bapt.Apr61733
John s. Richard & Mary Taylor bapt.Apr81733
Robert s. Daniel & Mary Savage bapt.Apr151733
Francis s. Mr. John Halford bur.May11733
Benjamin Wells bur.May41733
Barabara wife of Mr. Anthony Gisbond of Longborough bur.May81733
Hester d. Thomas & Hester Savage bapt.May131733
Thomas Hitchcox bur.May221733
Anne d. Daniel & Mary Savage bur.May231733
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Long, Junior, bur.May251733
William Pilkington bur.May291733
Thomas Long, Junior, bur.May301733
John Long bur.Jun241733
Nathan s. Henry & Elizabeth Miles bapt.Jul11733
Thomas Long bur.Jul131733
Stephen s. Samuel & Jane Robbins bur.Jul141733
William s. Henry & Hannah Pilkington bapt.Aug51733
John s. John & Elizabeth White bur.Aug121733
Anne wife of Isaac White bur.Aug261733
Ralf Savage bur.Sep71733
William s. Richard & Mary Dyer bapt.Sep231733
Mary d. John & Frances Townsend Bapt.Oct281733
John s. John & Mary Dyer bur.Oct281733
Anne d. Timothy & Susannah Miles bapt.Nov251733
Mary d. Richard & Alice Long bapt.Dec21733
John s. Thomas & Mary Berry bapt.Dec91733
Hannah wife of Edward Gibbes bur.Dec291733
Mannaseh Smith & Sarah Petty mar.Jan131733
Samuel s. Richard & Mary Charles bapt.Jan251733
Mary d. Richard & Mary Lisely bapt.Feb171733
Thomas s. David & Jane Castle bapt.Feb241733
Baptist Hickes, Rector: William Polles & Richard Taylor, Churchwardens

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