Parish Register from 1654 to 1670

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(taken from a transcript by Rev.J.H. Bloom, with some amendments from the original at Warwick R.O., by S.D. Holdsworth 1978)
Note transcribers opinion in square brackets [ ] }.

Volume 1
The earliest register dates from 1538 -1670 (Warwick RO DR55A - 1).
It is made of parchment and is 20" height x 6" wide.
All or part of the register may have been copied from loose notes at a later period.
The rector at this period was Dominus William Robbins.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Donald Holdsworth for transcribing and providing this data

The Booke of christeninges, weddinges and beryales beginning in the yeare of our Lorde God 1538.
Volume 1 (cont)

EntryMonth DayYear
Joyce d. John & Joane Salter [bapt.]Aug81654
William s. of Thomas Berry [bapt.]Dec211654
Richard s. Richard Longe the Younger [bapt.]Aug41655
Mary d. John & Joane Salter [bapt.]Nov231656
Richardi filius Henrici Bayliss [bap]Oct41656
nne d. Thomas Berry [bapt.]Dec71656
Thomas s. Thomas Acocks [bapt.]Oct41656
hanna d. Richard & Ann Gibbs [bapt.]Jun131656
Marie d. Thomas Keck [bapt.]Apr41657
Marie d. Thomas & Marie Clarke [bapt.]Mar21657
Maryd. William Croftes [bapt.]Mar261657
Anna filia Henrici Bayliss [bapt.]Feb231658
Robert Gibbes bur.Sep101658
William Gibbes [bur.]Sep201658
Elizabeth d. Thomas & Marie Clarke [bapt.]Oct271658
Elizabeth d. William Croftes [bapt.]May131659
Thomas s. Thomas Nobbe(?)[bapt.]Jul151659
None recorded1660
Mary d. Wiliam Gibbes Jun. [bapt.]Julvii1661
Margaret Pankeridge filia Ricardi [bapt.]Jul161661
Edward s. Thomas & Elizabeth Acockes [bapt.]May101661
Margaret Fletcher servant to William Gibbes bur at BlockleyAug261661
Jane d. Edmund Gibbs [bapt.]Dec161661
Anna filia Thome Hewes [bapt.]Oct61661
Thomas filius Thomae Cotterill [bapt.]Octxxi1661
Sarah filia Thome Kecke [bapt.]Nov31661
Anna Serjeant [bur.]Dec-1661
Johanna filia Georgii Sandle [bapt.]Mar161661
Johannes Gibbes sep.Mar181661
Samuell filius Thome Acocke [bapt.]Mar231661
Henry Procter sepultApr31662
William Badsey of Middle Ditchford bur.Jan251662
Mary d. Richard Gibbes bur. Jan251662
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Sarah d. of John Solter [bapt.]Octxii1662
Joyes d. John & Jonne Solter [bapt.]Aug41662
Mary d. John Solter [bapt.]Nov231662
Edward s. John Solter [bapt.]Nov231662
Anne d. William and Ann Lea [bapt.]--1663
Elizabeth filia William & Anniae Gibbes [bapt.]Nov21663
Ralph s. John Savidge [bapt.]Oct301663
Elizabeth Buswell, widow, bur. Nov31663
Joane Savage spinster bur. Nov91663
Katheryn d. Eden & Chrisogen Gibbs [bapt.]Nov161663
Valentyne wife of James Wordley [bur.]Jan211663
John s. John Humphries [bapt.]Apr141663
John Longe & Elizabeth Finch Mar. at Chipping CampdenAprxi1664
Jane d. William Gibbes [bapt.]May151664
Eglantine d. Elizabeth Bentley widow, bur. Jun71664
Margaret d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Junxi1664
Francis s. Thomas Hughes [bapt.]Aug251664
Maryd. Thomas Acockes [bapt.]Jan41664
- s. Richard Gibbes [bapt.]- -1664
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Valentyne s. Valentyne Rawlings [bapt.]Feb131664
Francis Ward & Elizabeth Simpkins mar.Oct291664
Elizabeth d. Richard Gibbes bur.Aprvii1665
Elizabeth d. thomas Cotterill [bapt.]Apr91665
Robert s. George Sandle bur.Jul131665
Mary d. John Longe [bapt.]Jul91665
Elizabeth d. Thomas Cotterill [bapt.]Jul271665
Edward s. John Savidge [bapt.]Sep241665
Jane filia Johane & Maria Freeman [bapt.]Jan161665
Elizabeth d. Edmund Gbbes [bapt.]Nov261665
Jane wife of Richard Procter [bur.] Dec291665
William s. William Lea [bapt.]Feb121665
Thomas s. Richard Longe [bapt.]Feb191665
Anne wife William Gibbes junior bur.Apr161666
Mary wife of William Humphries bur.Jun-1666
Richard Procter & MaryWest mar.Jul121666
Anne d. Mathew Sarjeant [bapt.]Oct211666
Mary d. Timothy Myles [bapt.]Dec181666
Margarett d. John Dyer [bapt.]Dec231666
William Gibbes & Jane Edwards at Barcheston Mar.Dec221666
Mary Procter, spinster, bur.Jan121666
Thomas s. John Humphreys [bapt.]Mar241666
William s. William Gibbes [bapt.]Mar291666
John s. John Purser [bapt.]Apr141667
Samuel s. Thomas Hughes [bapt.]May261667
John Phillips bur.May231667
Edward Gibbes & Elizabeth Robbins mar.Junxx1667
Margaret d. Thomas Hardwike [bapt.]Sep271667
Margaret d. John Dyer [bapt.]Nov131667
Elizabeth d. John Freeman [bapt.]Nov211667
Anne d. Edmund Gibbes [bapt.]Dec121667
Richard s. John Townsend bur.Dec191667
Elizabeth d. William Gibbes bur,Dec201667
Margaret Fowler widow [bur.]Feb231667
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Mary d. Valentyne Rawlyns [bapt.]Apr201668
Edward s. Edward Gibbes [bapt.]Jun241668
Anne d. Henry Hickes, Clerke, Rector [bapt.]Jul251668
Maurice s. Thomas Powell [bapt.]Aug21668
Edward s. William Gbbes junior [bapt.]Sep151668
John Ward & Alice Keyte marOct61668
Elizabeth wife of Richard Kyte [bur.]Nov131668
Anne d. Gresigon Savage Jun. bur.Nov291668
Elizabeth d. Willliam gibbes [bapt.]Jan311668
Eglantyne wife Richard Longe bur.Feb251668
Anne d. John Ward [bapt.]Apr81669
Alice d. Robert Pilkington [bapt.]Jun71669
Baptist s. Henry Hickes, Clerke, Rector [bapt.] [on Separate page]Jul-1669
Elizabeth d. John Purser [bapt.]Sep191669
Edward s Henry Bentley [bapt.]Oct241669
Margaret d. Thomas Hughes [bapt.]Feb131669
William s. Edmund Gibbes, born Feb 6, [bapt.]Mar101669
Sarah d. Tymothy Myles [bapt.]Jul251669
James Woodley bur. Oct311669
William s. John Freeman [bapt.]Jun261670
John s. Henry Hickes, Rector [bapt.]Sep61670
Thomas s. Robert Longe [bapt.]Sepxi1670
William Croftes bur.Sep261670
Elizabeth d. John Longe [bapt.]Sep271670
William s. John Freeman bur.Jan21670
Susanna Freeman widow [bur.]Jan151670
Elizabeth d. Robert Pilkington of Lower Ditchford [bapt.]Mar71670
Henry Cornwell bur.Mar71670
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