Parish Register from 1600 to 1653

ëWarwick Info
(taken from a transcript by Rev.J.H. Bloom, with some amendments from the original at Warwick R.O., by S.D. Holdsworth 1978)
Note transcribers opinion in square brackets [ ] }.

Volume 1
The earliest register dates from 1538 -1670 (Warwick RO DR55A - 1).
It is made of parchment and is 20" height x 6" wide.
All or part of the register may have been copied from loose notes at a later period.
The rector at this period was Dominus William Robbins.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Donald Holdsworth for transcribing and providing this data

The Booke of christeninges, weddinges and beryales beginning in the yeare of our Lorde God 1538.
Volume 1 (cont)

EntryMonth DayYear
Margery d. Thomas Long [bapt.]Junx1600
Eleanor d.Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Junxiii1600
Anne d. of Walter Andrew(?) [bapt.]Julxii1601
Margarete d. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Julxvii1601
Ann d. Walter Prockter [bapt.]Julxx1601
Ann d. Henry Bushell [bapt.]Augv1601
Thomas s. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Sepxxii1601
Elenor d. Thomas Provckter [bapt.]Octvii1601
Margaret d. John Childwell [bapt.]Octx1601
Margaret d. Thomas Long bur.Febiv1601
Dorothie d. Ricard Blake [bapt.]Aprxv1602
Joane d. William Bushell [bapt.]Octx1602
Marye d. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Novxv1602
Christian d., John Elkes [bapt.]Janiiii1602
Elizabeth wife Nicholas Archard bur.Sepiii1602
Thomas s. Thomas Prockter bur.Jan.viii1602
Margaret d. Thomas Prockter bur.Janxxvi1602
John s. Thomas Prockter bur.Decxx1602
Elizabeth wife of William Symons bur.Apr xxix1603
Elizabeth d. Richard Diball [bapt.]May v1603
William Symons the younger & Ann Taylor marriedMay xxvi1603
Thomas s. William Smith [bapt.]Jun xxx1603
A d. Thomas Long bur.Sep xxx1603
Margaret d. Henry Bushell [bapt.]Nov viii1603
Robert s. John Dide [bapt.]Nov viii1603
.. .. .. bur.Nov xvi1603
Church Warden: William Smith
[Page 10]
Richard s. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Nov vii1603
Richard s. John Longe bur. Jan xxiv1603
John White & Joane Butcher married by LicenceFeb xxi1603
Thomas s. Richard Dyer [bapt.]Apr xix1604
in the absence of the Minister of Stretton the foresaid
Thomas was carried and baptised at Tadnum [Todenham, Glos.]
John Fowler & Elizabth Allit married at Priors MarstonMayxii1604
Katheryne w. of Thomas Perkins bur.Mayxxvii1604
John Brookes servant to Thomas Fowler bur.Jun xii1604
John s. Oliver Moore bur. Jun xii1604
Henry s. Thomas Fowler bur.Aug xxix1604
Robert s. William Longe [bapt.]Oct viii1604
Raffe Tuttell & Anne Bushe marriedDec i1604
Thomas s. Thomas Prockter the Elder [bapt.]Jan vi1604
Alse Whitler an Olde Widdowe bur.Feb viii1604
Wm. Smith Church Wardens
Henry Bussell
Marie d. Richard Bate [bapt.]Apr xiiii1605
John s. Wm. B(R)ushall bur. Jun i1605
Joane d. Raffe Tuttell [bapt.]Jul iii1605
.. .. .. bur.Jul iv1605
Elizabeth d. Nicholas Archard [bapt.]Jul vi1605
Elizabeth Rushall d. of William [bapt.]Sep xxv1605
John s. John Dide [bapt.]Oct xxiiii1605
William Symons the Elder bur.Oct xiiii1605
Nicholas Archarde bur.Oct xxv1605
Richard s. Thomas Longe [bapt.]Jan xv1605
Robert s. Thomas Prockter the Younger [bapt.]Feb xiiii1605
[note in the margin]
Mr. Burton chose Mr. Richard Bate Church Warden in Bussells place the xiiii day of July 1605
and so at the Visitation at Parsher [Pershore] the next week following the said Mr. Richarde Bate and William Smith are Church Wardens.
John Whittley & Margaret Prockter married by Lic.Mar iiii1605
A manchild of Thomas & Jane Gibbs bur. Mar iiii1605
Jane Gibbs bur.Mar vi1605
Elisabeth d. Henry Bussell [bapt.]Mar xxi1605
[note in the margin]
Richard Bate and William Smith are continued as Church Wardens.
Robert Gibbs & Jane Widdowes married Jun xix1606
Anne wife of Thomas Hanley bur.Jul xix1606
John Roughberry & Elizabeth Noble married Oct 21606
Anne Berry (ill) widow bur.Oct xxix1606
Thomas Weely & Jane Griffe married by Lic.Feb iii1606
John s. of Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Feb xxii1606
filia Thome Long Jun. sepMaie x1607
uxor Henrii Bussell sepJun 101607
Elizabeth Filia Richardus Bates sepJun 261607
Joane d Richard Fowler [bapt.]Sep 231607
Margarte d. Richard Tuttill bur.Oct 11607
Hester d. Richard Dibdale [bapt.] Nov 221607
Richard Proctor & Elizabeth Knight mar.Nov 251607
Robert Tomlins bur.Feb 271607
Fraunces Bate s. Richard [bapt.]Mar 141607
.. .. .. bur.Mar 151607
Anne wife of Jarrel Prockter bur.Mar 291608
William Prockter & Ales Wheatcroft married May 241608
William s. Michael Longe [bapt.]Jul xxix1608
Phillip Farmer & Mary Ranales married by Lic.Oct ix1608
William s. Thomas Procter [bapt.]Nov xxiii1608
[Page xii] 1608
Eglantyne d. Henry Bussell [bapt.] Nov vi1608
Frances d. Michael Hayward [bapt.]Oct iiii1608
John s. William Gibbs [bapt.]Jan 11608
A s. of Robert Gibbs Sep. sine nomineJan xiiii1608
Ales d. William Prockter [bapt.]May xiv1609
Matthew s. Thomas Plant [bapt.]Jul xvi1609
Mary d. of Thomas Prockter bur.Jul 261609
Elizabeth d. Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Oct vii1609
.. .. .. bur.Oct x1609
Maria wife of Thomas Gibbes bur.Oct 141609
Edith d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Oct 291609
Anne Tombs bur.Oct 21609
Elizabeth filia Nicolai Long [bapt.]Oct 171609
Jocosa filia Henrii Bussell [bapt.]Jan 281609
Richardus filius Roberti Gibbes [bapt.]Apr 191610
Thomas Gibbes & Anne Procter nupt.Jun 171610
Elizabetha filia Richardi Prockter [bapt.]Aug ?1610
William Symmons sep.Nov 81610
John Filii Wm. Proctor [bapt.]Nov 171610
Ricardus Filius Roberi Gibbes sep.Nov 181610
[Page 13] 1610
Gulielmus filius Ricardi Bate [bapt.]Jan 271610
Maria filia Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Feb x1610
Ricardus filius Josias Weston [bapt.] Feb 171610
Nicholaus f. Nicholai Long [bapt.]Mar 311611
Maria f. Thomae Prockter bur.Jul91611
Stephanus filius Richardi Fowler [bapt.]Nov31611
Elizabetha filia Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Nov31611
.. .. .. sep.Nov91611
Henricus filus Henrici Bussell [bapt.]Jan191611
Margeria filia Guilelmi Long [bapt.]Feb51611
Gulielmus filius Guilielmi Gib(b)s [bapt.]Apr51612
Maria filia Agneti(s) Freeman [bapt.]Apr51612
Dorotia filia Marionae Tomblins [bapt.]Apr xi1612
Robertus Bussell & Maria Hobday [nupt.]Mai 101612
Thomas Eden & Francisa Feasher [bapt.]Mai 121612
Johannes Freeman sui sep.Jul 151612
Edwardus filius Edwardi Brown [bapt.]Aug 21612
Elizabetha filia Roberti Gibbes [bapt.]Aug 91612
Edwardus filius Edwardi Browne sep.Aug 91612
Filius Johanni Cooper sep.Oct 241612
Johannes filia Thomae Gibbes [bapt.]Dec 61612
Anthonius filius Josias Weston [bapt.]Dec 201612
Johannes filius Johannae Townsend [bapt.]Dec 201612
Richardus filius Richardii Proctor [bapt.]Jan 171612
Georgius filius Georgii Nibles [bapt.]Jan 241612
Henricus filius Richardi Bate sep.Mar 241612
Gulielmus filius Nicolaus Longe [bapt.]Apr 41613
Widdow Tomlins bur.May 41613
[Page 14] 1613
Richardus filius Richardi Prockter sep.Jun 111613
Joanna filia Richardi Fowler sep.Jul 251613
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi [bapt.]Sep 51613
Widdow Gybbes bur.Oct xviii1613
Thomas filius Richardi Fowler [bapt.]Jan 151613
The wife of John Cowper [sep.]Feb 81613
Filius/a Johannes Cowper ab utere natus morticus [sep]Feb 81613
Maria filia Richardi Procter [bapt.]Apr 101614
Richardus filius Johannes Townsend [bapt.]Apr 231614
Nicholas Longe sep.Sep 111614
Marca filia Thomae Prockter [bapt.]Nov 131614
Isabell Long widdow bur.Dec 81614
Gregory Townsend de Ditchford [sep.]Jan 71614
Thomas Longe Senior bur.Feb 111614
John s. John Foller [bapt.]Feb 51614
Thomas Hanley bur.Feb 61614
Maria filia Josias Weston [bapt.]Apr 251615
Anna filia Richardi Fowler sep. Apr291615
Edwardus filius Richardi Gibbes [bapt.]Apr 231615
Hunfredie Alflete and Ann Clifton als Sheppeard mar.Jun 291615
Samuel filius William Gibbes [bapt.]Aug 61615
Jerardus Procter bur.Dec 91615
Christopherus filius Richardi Fowler [bapt.]Dec 161615
Thomas filius Thomae Gibbes [bapt.]Jan 281615
Richardus filius Rochardi Fowler [bapt.]Mar 171615
Richardus filius William Procter [bapt.]Mar 301616
Johannis Prockter & Franncisca Fletcher [nup.]Apr 291616
Robertus Cressingham & Margerie Maunder [nup.]May 11616
Johannes filius Nicholai Cotterell [bapt.]Jun 141616
William Smith sep.Jan 71616
Crissilia filia Josyns Weston [bapt.]Mar 21616
Margeria Long, vidua nup.Mar 141616
filius/a Joanis Whatcote, spurius natus, [bapt.]Mar 151616
Johannis filius Nicolai Cotterell [bapt.]Apr 271617
William Rushall sep. Jun 181617
Henricus Streekes sep.Sep 71617
Johana Whatecote sep.Jun 121617
Thomas filius Johana Procter [bapt.]Oct 141617
Francisca filia Roberti Gibbes [bapt.]Feb 11617
Joseph s. Richard Procter [bapt.]Feb 81617
John s. John Fowler [bapt.]Feb 151617
Margerie wife Thomas Gybbes sep.Feb 181617
Thomas Gybbes sep.Feb 281617
Joan d. John Fowler sepultaMar 21617
Joane d. William Smith [bapt.]Mar 151617
Nathanaell s. William Gybbes [bapt.]Mar 151617
Humffery Gibbes & Ales Smith [mar.] by Lic.Jun xi1618
Filius/a Richardi Fowler sep. sine nomine Jul 171618
Franciscus filius William Procter [bapt.]Sep 51618
Johannis Gibbes sep.Sep 191618
[Page 16] 1618
Anne Townsend sep.Oct -?1618
Lawrence Fowler sep. Nov 301618
Sarah filia William Sonder [bapt.]Dec 61618
Rebecca filia William Gibbes [bapt.]Oct 131618
Sarah filia Nicolai Cotterell [bapt.]Jan 101618
Jane d. Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Feb 71618
Christiana d. John Fowler [bapt.]Apr 111619
Jane d. John Gibbes [bapt.]Apr 111619
Joane d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Jul 41619
Jane d. Thomas Townsend [bapt.]Sep 41619
Nicholas Tybbets & Katherine Co(o)per mar.Jul 281619
Mary d. John Procter [bapt.]Sep 261619
William s. of Robert Cressingham [bapt.]Dec 41619
John Gibbes bur.Oct 91619
John s. James Dudeley [bapt.]Nov 141619
John s. John Procter [bapt.]Jan 161619
Thomas Louthe & Elizabeth Horseman mar. Jun 201619
Richard s. William Gybbes [bapt.]Mar 51619
Marie d. John Gubbes [bapt.]Jul 231620
Michaell s. Marie Pane, a bastard [bapt.]Sep 291620
William s. William Smith [bapt.]Oct 221620
Jane d. Thomas Lowthe [bapt.]Oct 211620
Elizabeth d. John Whatcote [bapt.]Jan 71620
William s. of William Sondon [bapt.]Jan 141620
Robert s. Robert Gybbes [bapt.]Jan 281620
[the next entry is out of context and in a differing hand]
Robert Workes was buried Jan 1 about 7 or 8 of the clock 1653
[Page 17]
Robert Hanley bur.Apr 21621
Marie d. Nicholas Cotterell [bapt.]Apr vi1621
Thomas filius Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Oct 281621
Gulielmus filius Johanni Gibbs [bapt.]Nov xviii1621
Johannus filius Thomae Gibbs [bapt.]Jan 11621
Richardus filius Richardi Fowler JuniorJan 121621
Elizabetha filia Gualteri (Walter) Adams [bapt.]Feb xxii1621
Maria filia Gulielmi Gibbs [bapt.]Maiexxiii1621
Josephus filius Johannae Prockter [bapt.]Mar xxiiii1621
Edwardus filius Johanni Fowler [bapt.]May 311622
Egidius (Giles) Thorberie & Ann Andrews mar.May 91622
Elizabetha filia Thomae Hayward [bapt.]May 51622
Johannes Nurse & Dorothea Bate mar.Jun 111622
Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Gibbs [bapt.]Mar 231622
.. .. .. sep.Aug xxiii1622
Elizabetha filia Thomae long [bapt.]Oct 311622
Eglantine filia Richardi Bentley [bapt.]Nov viii1622
Thomas Fowler sep.Jan 261622
Ursula filia Gulielmi Sonden [bapt.]Feb 241622
Elizabetha uxor Jacobi Wordley sep.Feb 251622
Joanna filia Nicholai [bapt.]Mar 121622
Thomas filius Johanni Higgins [bapt.]Apr 111623
Gulilmus filius Gwalteri Addamus sep.Apr 201623
Elizabetha filia Gwalteri Addamus sep.Mai 191623
Maria filia Johanni Procter sep.Jul 101623
Christina Fowler vidua Thomae sep.Sep 121623
Jonne filia Nicholas Cotterell sep.Sep 211623
Robertus filius Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Sep 261623
Auth filia Richardi Fowler [bapt.]Nov 301623
.. .. .. sep.Dec 11623
1623 cont.
[Page 18]
Johannes filia Wm. Smith [bapt.]Jan 11623
Henricus filius Thomae Mallard [bapt.]Jan xi1623
Henricus filius Ricardi Bentley [bapt.]Feb 91623
Katherine filia Richardi Cardwell De Longdon [bapt.]Mar 21623
Filius/a Thomae Gibbs sep. sine nomine Mar 21623
Eedy f. Nicholai Coterill [bapt.]Mar 231623
Eedy f. Nicholai Coterill sep.Mar 251624
Thomas filius Edwardi Plant [bapt.]Mar xxix1624
Gulielnus filius Gulielmi Gibbs [bapt.]Apr 41624
Gerardus filius Gerardi Bretton [bapt.]Jun xiii1624
Barnabas filius Thomae Greene mendici (beggar) [bapt.]Jun xi1624
Thomas Greene & Susanna Holl nupt. Jun 181624
Elnor filia Thomae Hayward de Ditchford [bapt.]Sep xix1624
.. .. .. sep.Oct xi1624
Margareta filia Richardi Fowler [bapt.]Nov xxvii1624
Tryphana filia William Soden [bapt.]Feb xiii1624
Johannis filius Johanni Procter [bapt.]Feb xx1624
Johanna filia Nicholai Cotterell [bapt.]Feb xxv1624
Thomas Gibbes sep. Mar 281625
Theophilus filius Thomae Cooke de Codderidge [bapt.]Apr vi1625
Elizabetha filia Johanni Lea [bapt.]Mai 271625
Jane uxor Johanni Lea sep.Jun viii1625
Richardus filius Roberti Gibbs [bapt.]Jun ix1625
.. .. .. sep.Jun x1625
Edwardus filius Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Jul x1625
Johannis Ffowler sep.Jul 161625
Humfredis Underhill & Merriall Colchester nupt.Aug viii1625
Richardus Fowler Senior sep.Nov iii1625
Thomas filia Thomae Long [bapt.]Nov vii1625
Ann Freeman [sep.]Nov xviii1625
Edwardus filius Edwardi Plant [bapt.]Jan xxii1625
Filius/a Thomae Clark sep.Feb xvi1625
Maria filia Roberti Gibbs [bapt.]Aug 11626
Fraunciscus filius Francisci Hughes [bapt.]Sep xv1626
Anna filkia Thomae Gbbs [bapt.]Oct xviii1626
Thomas filius Thomae Mallard [bapt.]Dec xxvii1626
Elizabetha filia Thomae Clarke [bapt.]Feb 41626
Maria filia Thomae Hayward de Ditchford [bapt.]Apr viii1627
[Page 19] 1627
Thomas Boyss & Maria Bussell [nupt]Aprxiii?1627
Anna filia Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Mai 61627
Thomas filius Willaim Smith [bapt.]Mai xvi1627
Michael filius William Sowden [bapt.]Sep xxx1627
Anna filia Johanni Procter [bapt.]Oct xviii1627
Gulielimus filius Thomae Boysse [bapt.]Oct xxv1627
Maria uxor Thomaee Boyyse sep.Oct xxv1627
Gulielmus filius Nicholi Cotterill [bapt.]Nov iii1627
Johanna Rushall spuria filia sepNov xvi1627
Sarah filia Edwardi Plant [bapt.]Dec 21627
Johannis filius Thomae Longe [bapt.]Feb 51627
Francisca filia Richardi Bentley [bapt.]Mar xvi1627
Sarah filia Francisci Hughes [bapt.]Mar xxx1628
Maria Glase sep.Apr xxv1628
Johannes Philpott & Ann Plant nupt Mai vi1628
Samuel filius William Gibbes sepult.Mai xxv1628
Maria Filia Johannis Lea [bapt.]Oct xxx1628
Elizabetha Filia Roberti S(?)olley [bapt.]Oct iiii1628
Jeffery Cooper sep. Jan xvi1628
Katherine Townsend sep.Jan xx1628
Philippus Maunder [sep.?] Mar xxv1629
Richardus filius Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Apr x1629
Richardus Long & Eglantine Bussell [nupt]Apr xxvi1629
Georgius filius Thomae Hayward de Ditchford [bapt.]Jul 51629
Richardus filius Johanni Savidge [bapt.]Jul v1629
Richardus filius Johanni Proctor [bapt.]Nov xvii1629
Maria filia Thomae Clarke [bapt.]Nov xxii1629
Jane filia Roberti Gibbes [bapt.]Oct xxvii1629
Anna filia Edwardi Plant [bapt.]Jan x1629
Thomas filius Thomae Fowler [bapt.]Jan xvii1629
Thomas Nicholls sep.Jan 311629
Johannes filius Richardi Hanley [bapt.]Feb xiiii1629
William filius Katherine Billing [bapt.]Feb 141629
Fraunciscus Hughes bur. Feb xvi1629
Elenor Maunder bur.Feb xxvii1629
Thomas filius Thomae hayward de Ditchford [bapt.]Mar iii1629
Elizabetha filia Nicholas Cotterell [bapt.]Mar xiii1629
[Page 20]
Elizabetha Smith vidua sep.Mar xxi1629
Thomas Morris & Joane Mallard nupt Apr v1630
Maria filia Richardi Fowler [bapt.?]Apr xi1630
Edwardus filius Edwardi Plant sep.Jun xxiiii1630
Gulielmus Kelly & Elizabeh Elswell nuptJul i1630
Jacobus Woodley sep.Aug v1630
Ales Procter sep.Sep ii1630
Samuel filius William Sowden [bapt.]Sep xxiii1630
Gulielimus Sims & Maria Okley nuptOct xiii1630
filius/a Richardi Fowler sep.Oct xxiiii1630
Maria filia Thomae Long [bapt.]Nov xxi1630
Joane Archard vidua sep.Nov xxv1630
Thomas Boyse & Ann Hughes nuptNov 281630
Richardus filius Richardi Longe [bapt.]Feb 81630
Thomas filius Thomae Hayward de D[itchford] sep.Feb xx1630
Joseph s. William Gibbs [bapt.]Mai 11631
Ann filia Johanni Philpott [babt.]Oct 21631
Elizabetha filia Thomae Boyss [babt.]Oct 71631
Robert Gibbs & Pillip Redfearne [nupt]Nov 281631
Richardus filius Richardi Fowler seput Dec xxi1631
Johnathan filius Johanni Prockter [bapt.]Jan viii1631
Anna filia Rogeri Rouse [bapt.]Jan xv1631
Richardus Filius Philippa Rouse [bapt.]Jan xv1631
Ann uxor Rogeri Rouse sep.Jan 181631
Maria filia Thomae Fowler [bapt.]Feb 21631
Phillipus filius Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Apr x1632
Margaret uxor Josephi Taylor sep.Mai v1632
Katherina Bushell vidua sep.Jun 161632
Marie filia Edwardi Bentley [bapt.]Jul 161632
Josph Taylor & Margaret Smith nuptJul 111632
Edward Bentley sep.Jul xviiii1632
Michaelis filius Plant [bapt.]Oct vii1632
[Page 21] 1632
Phillipa filia Roberti Cressingham [bapt.]Nov 71632
Susanna filia Johanni Hobday [bapt.]Nov xi1632
Robertus Bussell sep.Nov xxv1632
Johannis filius Thomae Long sep. Dec iiii1632
Sarah filia Thomae Hayward [bapt.]Oct xxiii1632
Jane filia Richardi Hanley [bapt.]Jan xxvii1632
Filius/a Josephi Tayler sep.Jan xv1632
Matthew Serjeant & Ann Bentley [nupt]Feb x1632
Thomas filius Thomae Clarke [bapt.]Feb xvii1632
Johannes filius Thomae Long [bapt.]Mar xiii1632
Jacobus Curteis & Elizabeth Rushall [nupt]Apr xviii1633
Edumundus filius William Gibbs [bapt.]Jun 171633
Richardus filius johanni Procter sep.Aug 41633
Lawrence filius Ricardi Fowler [bapt.]Aug 251633
Robert Gibbs [sep]Sep 131633
Johannis filius Thomae Fowler [bapt.]Oct iii1633
Margaret filia Georgii Plant [bapt.]Oct vi1633
Maria filia Roberti CressinghamDec viii1633
Joan Rancome sep.Oct xx1633
Agathie filia Mathaei Serjeant [bapt.]Jan xxvi1633
Maria filia Josphi Tayler [bapt.]Feb xxiii1633
Thomas filius Thomae Boysse [bapt.]Mar ii1633
Frauncesca filia Johanni Proctor [bapt.]Mar x1633
Johannis filius William Sowden [bapt.]Apr xx1634
.. .. .. sep.--1634
Gillyan uxor Johanni Okley sep.--1634
Richardus filius Richardi Bentley [bapt.]Jun viii1634
Edwardus filius Edwardi Plant [bapt.]Jun xvi1634
Maria Hobday vidua [sep.]Jun xiiii1634
Georgius Filius Thomae Hayward sep.Aug vii1634
Jane filia Johanni Hobday [bapt.]Oct 251634
John Sawlter & Elizabeth Procter [nupt]Dec 281634
Anna filia Richardi Fowler Junior [bapt.]Jan 251634
John filius Richardi Long [bapt.]Feb 151634
Rebecca filia Thomae Long sep.Feb 141634
Johannis Okley sep.Feb 241634
Issheah s. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Apr 51635
Dinah d. William & Ursulah Sowden [bapt.]May 31635
Margaret d. Richard & Margaret Fowler [bapt.]Jun 51635
Mary d. John Alse Lowthe [bapt.]Aug 41635
[Page 22] 1635
Mathew s. of William Sarjeant [bapt.]Jan 221635
Sarah d. William & Jane Quinton [bapt.]Oct 111635
Sarah d. John Savage bur. Nov 31635
Sarah d. William Quinton bur.Nov 221635
Robert Gibbes & Alce Halifax [bapt.]Apr 251635
Joseph s. of Joseph & Margaret Taylor [bapt.]Nov 221635
Robert s. Thomas & Elizabeth Long [bapt.]Oct 111635
Elizabeth d. Richard & Alce Gibbs [bapt.]Jan 11635
Frauncis d. of Thomas & Ursulah Mosely [bapt.]Jan 31635
John s. Thomas & Mellicent Clarke [bapt.]Jan 161635
.. .. .. bur.Jan 291635
Mary d. William & Agatha Gibbs [bapt.]Feb 61635
John s. Richard & Anne Fowler [bapt.]Feb 101635
Jane d. John & Anna Hobday [bapt.]Mar 81635
William Procter [bur.]Feb 141635
Thomas Hayward sep.Sep 91636
Joshuah s. Thomas Fowler bur.Jun 51636
Marie d. Edward Bentlie [bapt.]Aug 231636
John Longe bur.Sep 71636
William Gibbes bur.Sep 201636
Christiana d. Thomas Penn [bapt.]Jan 11636
Anna d. Thomas & Anna Boses [bapt.]Mar 51636
Thomas s Thomas & Susan Paddock [bapt.]Mar 191636
John s. John & Alce Salter [bapt.]Apr 21637
Edward s. Henry & Mary Cornwell [bapt.]Apr 111637
Elizabeth d. Richard & Elizabeth Bentley [bapt.]Jun 41637
John Procter bur.Aug 91637
Richard s. Richard & Anne Fowler [bapt.]Aug 131637
Hannah d. William & Agatha Gibbs [bapt.]Nov 51637
Thomas s. Robert Cressingham [bapt.]Dec 101637
John s. Richard & Alce Gibbs [bapt.]Jan 141637
Elizabeth & Sarah ds. Thomas & Elizabeth Fowler [bapt.]Apr11638
Robert s. of Richard & Margaret Fowler [bapt.]Apr 11638
Sarah d. Thomas & Elizabeth Long [bapt.]Jun 231638
[Page 23] 1638
Mary d. Elizabeth Mosley [bapt.]Jul 221638
Thomas Gibbes bur.Jul 301638
Mary Fowler bur.Oct 11638
Frauncis Pery bur.Oct 241638
John Townsend bur.Feb 121638
Frauncis d. Richard & Anne Fowler [bapt.]Mar 101638
John s. of Joseph Tayler [bapt.]Feb 171638
Katherine Paine [bur.]Apr 151639
John s. Daniel Kite [bapt.]Mar 261639
Johnathan s. Henry Cornwell [bapt.]Jun 51639
Richard Fowler Senior bur. Jul 191639
Anne d. Thomas Paine [bapt.]Jul 281639
William S. Thomas Paddock [bapt.]Sep 11639
Richard Moore bur.Oct 21639
William s. John Salter [bapt.]Oct 81639
William Sims bur. [bapt.]Feb 181639
Sussanah d. John Townsend [bapt.]Feb 211639
(Izard s. of John Salter & Alce [bapt.]Feb 1 1647)
John s. Richard Fowler [bapt.]May 101640
Rebecca d. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Jun 21640
Thomas s. Thomas Simkins [bapt.]Sep 271640
Thomas Penn bur.Oct 21640
Anne wife of William Long bur.Oct 261640
Hannah d. Richard Fowler Junior [bapt.]Oct 261640
Christopher Freeman & Jone Robbins mar. by Lic.Feb 211640
John s. of Thomas Boyse [bapt.]Mar 71640
(John filius Henrici Bayliss [bapt.] Nov2 1649)
(Maria filia Henrici Bayliss [bapt.]Jun61652)
(Richardi filius Henrici Bayliss [bapt.] Oct 4 1656)
(Anna filia Henrici Bayliss [bapt.] Feb 23 1658)
[Page 24]
Elizabeth d. Mathew Sergeant & Hannah [bapt.]--1641
Hannah d. Thomas Long [bapt.]Jul 111641
Richard s. William Merriell [bapt.]eod die1641
William Long bur. Jul 211641
Joane d. of Humffrey Cornwell [bapt.]Oct 101641
Apline wife of Thomas Long bur.Nov 121641
Elizabeth wife of William Gibbs bur.Nov 211641
John Ballard Gent. & Anne Fletcher mar. by LicenceDec 231641
Richard s. John Townsend [bapt.]Dec 271641
Anne d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Jan 61641
Joane d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Jan 161641
Anne d. John Simkins [bapt.]Jan 261641
Elizabeth d. John Salter [bapt.]Feb 61641
John s. William Edwards [bapt.]Mar 151641
Edward(?) s. Richard Bentley [bapt.]Mar 271642
Ann (?) Croftes (?) bur.May 51642
Mary d. William Gibbes [bapt.]Aug 131642
Francis s. Thomas Padocke [bapt.]Sep 41642
William s. Mathew Serjeant bur. Apr 21643
Mary d. Richard Gibbs [bapt.]May 211643
Margaret d. Edward Greene [bapt.]May 281643
Samuel s. William Sowden [bapt.]Jun 141643
Margaret d. Richard Fowler bur.Jun 151643
Henry s. Richard Long [bapt.]Jun 201643
William s. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Dec 171643
Elizabeth d. William Merill [bapt.]Dec 241643
Jane d. Henry Chaston [bapt.]Apr 11643
Anthony s. of Henry Baylis [bapt.]Apr 71643
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Thomas Merriell bur.Apr 211644
Agatha d. Richard Gibbs [bapt.]Oct 41644
John s. Richard GibbesOct 41645
Robert s Robert Gibbs the Younger born 24thMar 261645
Eleanor d. Thomas Cotterell and Mary born 22nd [bapt.]May11645
Thomas s. Thomas Longe bur.Feb 11646
Ann d. Richard GibbsFeb 81646
Margaret d. John SavageFeb 281646
Elizabeth d. Thomas AcockesMay 201646
Izard s. of John Salter & Alce [bapt.]Feb 11647
Mary d. Richard & Anne Gibbes [bapt.]Jul 281648
John filius Henrici Bayliss [bapt.]Nov 21649
Elizabeth d. Richard & Anne Gibbs [bapt.]Apr 111650
Mary d. Thomas and Mary Cotterell born 12th Jul bapt.Aug 141650
Thomas s. Thomas & Marie Keck [bapt.]Oct 41650
Sarah d. John & Joan Salter [bapt.]Oct 121650
Elizabeth d. Thomas Berry [bapt.]Dec 141650
Joanna Cotterill sep.Mar 131651
Johannes filius Henrici & Mariae Easton [bapt.]Mar 161651
Johannes filius Thomae & Elizabethae Acoxe [bapt.]Apr 281651
John s. John Savidge [bapt.]Oct 51651
Maria filia Roberti Gibbs [bapt.]Jun 221651
Maria filia Henrici Bayliss [bapt.]Jan 61652
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Eglantine s. Thomas Berry [bapt.]Oct 71652
William s. Thomas Keck [bapt.]Nov 71652
Edward s. John & Joan Salter [bapt.]Nov 231652
Henry s. Richard Longe the Younger [bapt.]Feb 21652
Jane d. Thomas & Mary Cotterell born 11 Jan [bapt.]Feb 41653
Robert s. Robert Acoks [bapt.]Jan 11653
Robert Workes bur.Jan 11653
Thomas Longe the Elder bur.May 211653

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