Parish Register from 1538 to 1599

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(taken from a transcript by Rev.J.H. Bloom, with some amendments from the original at Warwick R.O., by S.D. Holdsworth 1978)
Note transcribers opinion in square brackets [ ] }.

Volume 1
The earliest register dates from 1538 -1670 (Warwick RO DR55A - 1).
It is made of parchment and is 20" height x 6" wide.
All or part of the register may have been copied from loose notes at a later period.
The rector at this period was Dominus William Robbins.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Donald Holdsworth for transcribing and providing this data

The Booke of christeninges, weddinges and beryales beginning in the yeare of our Lorde God 1538.

EntryMonth DayYear
William s. of Richarde James [bapt.]Marxi1538
Richarde s. of Roberte Gibbe [bapt.]Aprvii1538
Katherine d. Edwarde Robins [bapt.]Maiexvii1538
Alice Bate of Saietts Cowels buried at ChippingworthSep291539
[Charringworth in Ebrington Parish]
George s. of John Higgin [bapt.]Nov(?)xxi1540
Thomas s. John Lowe [bapt.]Sepxx1540
John Higgins of Staets Ewas buried at BlockleyAugxxiii1540
Ales Alcock was buriedOct11540
Ann d. George Johns [bapt.]Sepxix1541
Anthony d. Robert Gibbs [bapt.]Sepix1541
Jane(?) d. Thomas James [bapt.]Decxi1541
Richard Steven(?) and An Mude were married Julix1541
Richard Allsope s. of John [bapt.]Febxxvi1542
Bidget d. William Robins [Rector] [Bapt.]Sepxviii1542
Richard s. John Auste [bapt.]Sepxx1542
Agnes Fowler was buriedMarchxviii1542
Ann Crosse(?) was buriedJul xxxi1542
Margaret Gibbes [bapt.]Sepxxii1543
Margaret Long was buriedMarxxvii1543
Richard James was buriedAprxxviii1543
Ales Bushell was buriedJunexiii1543
Goddit Robbins was buriedJanxxxi1544
John Lambert was buriedMaiexxvii1544
John Hicklin was buriedNovx1544
John Jonson was buriedDecxxviii1544
Margaret Gibbes was buried?xix1544
John Turner and Ales Tayler were marriedFebiii1544
William Tell and Margaret Huide were marriedApr281544
Margerye Robins [bapt.]Aprxvii1545
Richard Bate and Ann Augur were marriedFebxiii1545
Jane Long was buriedJulyviii1545
William Myche was buriedJulyviii1545
Richarde Barre was buriedAugxii1545
William Allsope [bapt.]Feb(?)vii1546
Ann Higgins [bapt.] Febxvii1546
Christopher Harrison and Agnes Huide were marriedNov141546
Elipovunder (?) Dawson was buriedMayviii1546
John Gibbes [bapt.]Novvii1547
Anne Fowyler [bapt.]Decvii1547
Margaret Sonde(?) [bapt.]Janxxiiii1547
John Lowe [bapt.]Nov(?)1547
Margaret Robins [bapt.]Nov(?)1547
John Philips [bapt.]Feb21547
John Greene [bapt.]Mch21547
Robert Lenmon and Mary Musche were marriedJan231547
John Mysche and Ann Fowler were marriedMchviii1547
John Rote and Elizabeth Rede were marriedOct21547
Richard Greene and Agnis R?ighton were marriedNov291547
Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Novxiv1548
Richarde ......... [bapt.]Novxvi1548
Ales Saunders [bapt.]Febvi1549
John Huide [bapt.]Marxii1549
Margery Gibbs [bapt.]Maievii1549
Bartholomewe Huide was buriedJulyiii1549
Ann Fowler was buriedNovi1549
John Greene was buriedJulyi1549
William Robins parson of Stretton was buriedJanviii1549
Ales Saunders was buriedAprviii1549
Thomas Saunders [bapt.] ?xiii1550
Marierie Fowler [bapt.]Julyxii1550
Christopher Purser and Gillia Fowler were marriedJunxviii1550
John Huide was buriedSepxxiiii1550
-- mainly illegible --
Thomas Heath and Jane Gibbs were marriedMaiexvii1551
Thomas Towers and Agnes Thornett were marriedNoviii1551
Amy Huide was buriedOctxix1551
..... s. George Robins [bapt.]Mar81552
..... d. John Foxe [bapt.]Apr51552
John s. Rich. Paxford [bapt.]Oct221552
Maud Saunders was buriedJaniiii1552
Maud Tomes was buriedJulxvi1552
Anne d. of Thomas Warde [bapt.]Febvi1553
Ann d. of William Fowler [bapt.]..viii1553
Richarde s. of William Higgins [bapt.]Maiex1553
Richarde s. Richard Saunders [bapt.]Julyxxiii1553
Sibea Huide was buriedMaie xvii1553
William Tayler was buriedJuliexvi1553
Sed Huide was buriedAugii1553
Richard Saunders was buried Augx1553
Thomas Tayler and Ales Bate were marriedJuliixii1561
John Prockter and Elizabeth Long were marriedJanxvii1561
Robert Varrell and An Bate were marriedFebxxi1561
Arnold Rile, Curate of Stretton was buriedMaie21562
Merrill Tayler was buriedApr271562
Margaret Welles was buriedJanxi1562
Katherine Baker was buriedOct271562
John Beventon [bapt.]Mariii1563
Jane d. of Mr. Steaven Webb [bapt.]Oct71563
Thomas s. of Wm. Siccions [bapt.] Apr21563
John Thomes [bapt.]Apr131563
Richard Bate and Margerie Huide were marriedAprxi1564
Elizabeth Long [bapt.]Sepvi1564
Margery Dunster(?) was buriedSepxiiii1564
John Tayler was buriedJunexvii1564
Katherine Smith was buriedJunexxviii1564
Margaret wife of Henry Burt(?) was buriedNovvi1564
Edmond Simons [bapt.]Febi1565
Thomas Bieke [bapt.]Febxiii1565
Anis Tayler [bapt.]Febxv1565
Margaret Tommes [bapt.]Octxix1565
Marye Webb [bapt.]Decxvi1565
Thomas Long [bapt.]Decxxi1566
Richard Bate [bapt.]Janv1566
Margaret Simmons [bapt.]Janxxix1566
John Huid and Mary Couch were marriedFebvi1566
William Russell was buriedFebxi1566
Anthonye Canning was buriedMaie xiii1566
Thomas Taylor was buriedJunxvi1566
Agnes Taylor was buriedJulxxv1566
Jarrel Prockter and Agnes Lister(?)were marriedSepxix1566
Mary Simons was buried(?) Maiexviii1567
Jane wife of Thomas Fowler was buriedJunvii1567
John s. of John Prockter [bapt.]Julxiii1567
Eliz. wife of Thomas Taylor was buriedAugix1567
John s. Thomas Long [bapt.]Febxxiiii1567
Mary d. of William Siccions [bapt.]Febxiiii1567
Elizabeth wife of Wm. Wilcockes was buriedMarvi1567
Thomas s. of Jarrel prockter was buriedOctiii1567
Robert s. of Richard Bate [bapt.]Sepvii1568
Humfrey Miller [bapt.]Octi1568
Thomas Tayler and Ales his wife were marriedNovi1568
Jone Jolley [bapt.]Novxii1568
Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Novxii1568
Thomas Fowler and Christian his wife were married Febvi1568
Christiana Tombes [bapt.]Feb-1568
William Willkocke [bapt.]Jan1568
Peter ------ [bapt.]Aprxxi1568
Jane d. Thomas Tayler [bapt.]Sepxix1569
Ales d. Edward Hooke [bapt.]Novxxx1569
Margaret d. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Octxxvi1569
James Haynes [bapt.]Mch271569
John Huide and Sibell Arse were marriedOctxii1569
William Fowler and Juddith Lyndon were marriedOctxv1569
Nicholas Plant and Elizabeth Powell were marriedOctviii1569
Robert s. Thomas Long [bapt.]Marxxxi1570
Barbarowe d. Richard Barber [bapt.]Maieviii1570
John s. John Solley [bapt.]Janxxiv1570
Margery d. Jarrel Prockter [bapt.] Octiiii1570
Thomas s. of John Gibbs [bapt.]Octx1570
Nicholas s. of Gregory Townsend [bapt.]Novxi1571
Edmunde s. of John T(?)oleye [bapt.]Novxix1571
Thomas s. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Novxxii1571
Richarde s. of Thomas Longe [bapt.]Febix1571
Thomas s. of John Prockter [bapt.]Octxx1572
Mary d. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Octxii1575
Ales wife of Gregory Townsend was buriedOctxxiii1575
John Dunstall s. of Thomas [bapt.]Janxii1575
William s. of Thomas Long [bapt.]Janxvii1575
Thos. s. of Michael(?)Archarde was buriedMarxxviii1576
Richard s. of Thomas Bate [bapt.]Aprxxviii1576
Thomas Higgins and Maude Greeene were marriedOctviii1576
William s. William Simons [bapt.] Octxx1576
John s. of William Dowler [bapt.]Janxiii1576
John Canterbury ...[of]Eattington was buriedJanxxix1576
Mary d. of Mary Huickes [bapt.]Febxii1576
Mary d. of John Prockter [bapt.]Febxix1577
Richard s. of Thomas Higgins [bapt.]Julyxiiii1577
Richard s. of Jarrel Prockter [bapt.]Augxv1577
Dorris d. Richard Bate [bapt.]Oct311577
Kathleen d. Thos. Fowler [bapt.]Novvi1577
William Meddowes of Brailes and Margaret Gibbes d. of Robert Gibbes were marriedNovxxv1577
Nicholas s. of Thomas Long [bapt.]Febxiiii1577
Thos. s. Thomas Dunstall [bapt.]Apriii1578
George Usher and Anis Keyte were marriedJune-1578
John Huide was buriedJulyx1578
Margaret Higgins d. of Thomas [bapt.]Jun281579
Authur s. Richard Bate [bapt.]Oct251579
John & Joan s. & d. Thomas Fowler, twinnes [bapt.]Mchxxv1580
Tho. & John s. of Tho Bate twinnes [bapt.]May11580
bur. in 3 days
James Wedlowe and Eliz. Huide were marriedOct131580
Richard More and Godit Gibbes were marriedJan131580
Thos. s. of Thomas Fell [bapt.]Maie81580
Jane w. of Robert Gibbes was buriedFeb41580
Robert s. Thomas Dunstall [bapt.]Mchiiii1580
Thomas Evans, Clerke, Parson of Stretton, bur.Julyii1580
Joshua s. of William Dowler [bapt.]Octiiii1580
Edward s. Gregory Townsend bur.Octxvii1580
John s. Richard Bate [bapt.]Octxxviii1580
Nicholas s. Gregory Townsend bur.Dec.i1580
Christopher s. Robert Tomlins [bapt.]Janxxvi1580
Thos. Fowler the Elder bur.Jan291581
Ric. s. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Maye51581
Thos. s. Thomas Bate [bapt.]Octxxx1581
Richard s. Jarret Prockter bur.Janxxv1581
Thomas s. Gregory Townsend [bapt.]Decix1581
Richard s. Ann Toms [bapt.]Janxi1581
Christopher s. Robert Tomlins [bapt.?]Janxxi1581
Joane d. Thomas Dunstoll [bapt.] Febiii1581
Ann widow Richard Saunders bur.Febxi1581
Joane d. John Prockter bur.?Aprxiii1582
Anne d. Thomas Higgins [bapt.]-xiii1582
.. .. bur.xi Jul 1582
Thomas Plant & Augnis Freeman [mar.]Octxxi1582
John s. Robert Tomlins [bapt.]Mayexxiii1583
Richard Gibbes & Elizabeth SturcheNovxvii1583
Richard s. Jarret Proctor [bapt.]Octxvii1583
Stephen s. Richard Bate [bapt.]Janvii1583
Robert s. Richard Gibbes [bapt.]Aprxiii1584
Richard s. of William Gibbes bur.Augxxv1584
Anne d. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Septvi1584
Millicent d. Gregory Townsend [bapt.]Janxx1584
William s. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Febvi1584
William Wilkes (?) & Joane Gibbes [mar.]Febix1584
Henry s. Thomas Bate [bapt.]Augxv1585
Ann Andeler bur.Aprxxvii1585
Richard s. Edward Constable [bapt.]Novxxviii1585
Francis s. Richard Bate [bapt.]Decvii1585
Robert Fletcher & Francis Hobday [mar.]Feb-1585
Ann d. Robert Tomlins [bapt.]Febxx1585
Ann d. Jarrett Prockter [bapt.]Mchxiii1585
Elizabeth wife of Thomas Base [bur.]Aprxxv1586
William s. William Smith [bapt.]Junexxix1586
.. .. .. bur.Julviii1586
Mary s. John Davis [bapt.]Julviii1586
Thomas s. Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Sepxviii1586
William s. Richard Gibbes [bapt.]Marxxvi1587
Alice d. William Smith [bapt.]Maiexx1587
George s. Gregory Townsend [bapt.]Junexv1587
Robert Gibbes bur.Julxix1587
Robert Kuickes & Isabell Gibbes [mar.]Novxx1587
Robert Holmes of Northwicke & Elizabeth Allen of Blockley [mar.]Novxxvii1587
Elizabeth wife of John Prockter bur.Novvii1587
Mary d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Janxxiii1587
William Higgins bur.Febvi1587
Thomas s. John Tomes [bapt.]Febxii1587
Mary wife of Richard Base the Elder [bur.]Marix1587
Jane d. of ye said Richard BaseMarx1587
Margery Tomlins d. of Robert [bapt.]Mayxxvii1588
Annie d. of Thomas Higgins [bapt.]Junxxviii1588
John Prockter bur...xxvii1588
John s. of Jarret Prockter [bapt.] Sepxvii1588
Henry s. of Thomas Fowler [bapt.]Janxxvii1588
Johann d. of William Smith bur.Aprii1589
Richard s. Richard Gibbes [bapt.]Mayii1589
Timothy Harris & Marie Bate d. of Richard [bapt.]Junxii1589
Edward Riley of Blockley and Ann Freeman [mar.]Junxxiii1589
Thomas Taylor bur. Julii1589
Richard Base the Elder bur.Sepvi1589
Anne d.Thomas Higgins bur.Sepxxx1589
William Bradley & Alice Taylor [mar.]Janxv1589
Alice Horsman d. of Richard [bapt.]Janxxiii1589
Isabell wife of Richard Horseman [bur.]Janxxxi1589
Francis d. of Gregory Townsend [bapt.]Janxxxi1589
Christiana d. of John Kitte [bapt.]Febxxiii 1589
[page 7]   1590
Ann d. James Wadle [bapt]Jul51590
Ann d. Phillip Maunder [bapt]Sepxxii1590
Richard s. Richard Fowler [bapt]Sepxxvi1590
Ann d. Phillip Maunder bur. Octxvi1590
Richard Gibbes the Elder [bur.]Novxiiii1590
Frauncis s. of Robert Tomlins [bapt]Novxvii1590
Frauncis s. of Jarret Prockter [bapt]Novxxii1590
Thomas s. Fernando Walker (?)r [bapt]Novxxvi1590
Christiana d. Thomas Bongsyo [bapt]Janxvii1590
Robert Robins & Eleanor Dide [mar.]Janxix1590
Frauncis s. of Jarret Prockter [bapt.]Aprx1591
Richard s of William Bentley [bapt.]Aprxii1591
William s. Thomas Higgins [bapt.]Julxxviii1591
Richard s. William Smith [bapt.]Augxvi1591
[ditto] bur.Sepi1591
Margery d. Phillip Maunder [bapt.]Octxi1591
Margaret d. Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Janxv1591
James Gras(?f)ton & Joane Gibbes [bapt.]Janxii1591
Margaret Gibbes ... bur.Janxviii1591
William s. Thomas Fowler bur.Marii1591
Elizabeth d. Jarret Prockter [bapt.]Ap.v1592
Joane d. Gregory Townsende [bapt.]Augxxx1592
Thomas s. of Agnes(?) Harris [bapt.]Octxxiii1592
William Huide & Mildard Tipping [mar.]Octxxiii1592
Thomas s. William Smith [bapt.]Octxxx1592
Joane d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Janix1592
William s. of Thomas Domiston [bapt.]Janxxi1592
Joane d. Richard Fowler [bur.]Janix1592
Margerie d. Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Janxxvi1592
John Chadwell & marie Fowler [mar.]Febv1592
James s. of James Woodlowe [bapt.]Febvi1592
Richard s. Richard Base [bapt.]Julxiii1593
Richard s. Richard Gardner [bapt.]Augxxvi1593
William Hind [bur.]Augxxix1593
William Travesse & Maria Fletcher [mar.] Noviiii1593
William s. Robert Tomlins [bapt.]Febix1593
Thomas s. Thomas Fletcher of Long Compton was buriedOctxxviii[1594]
[page 8]   [1594]
John s. Thomas Prockter [bapt.] Novxvii[1594]
Dorothie d. Richard Base [bapt.]Octviii[1594]
George Robins buriedNovxvi[1594]
Micall Hobday & Marie Gibbes [mar.]Febxiii[1594]
Elizabeth d. Jarrett Prockter [bur.]Febxxvii[1594]
John Bate bur.Aprxxi1595
Richard Saunders bur.Junxix1595
Thomas s. Michall Hobdaye [bapt.]Julx1595
Bartholemew s. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Sepvi1595
Richard s. William Hinde [bapt.]Sepxxvii1595
Katherine d. Jarett Prockter [bapt.]Octxii1595
Thomas s. John Dide [bapt.]Novxvi1595
Edward Brarlery & Joane Paine [mar.]Novxvi1595
Ann d. Peter Gardner [bapt.]Janxvii1595
John s. Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Novii1595
William s. William With [bapt.]Marxvi1595
William Freeman & Katherine Fowler [mar.]Maievii1596
Alice wife of John Gibbes [bur.]Junvii1596
James Smith arow (?) [bur.]Julx1596
Thomas Gibbes & Elizabeth Britten [mar.]Sepviii1596
Elizabeth d. Micall Hobday [bapt.]Octii1596
Mary d. John Edden bapt.Octvi1596
.. .. .. bur.Octxxx1596
Nicholas Archard & Elizabeth Beauford [mar.]Octxviii1596
John Tomes bur.Novxxii1596
Thomas Meades bur.Novxvi1596
Elizabeth Hobday bur. Decxxiii1596
Margaret Higgins, widdow bur.Decxxvi1596
J(?)asper Gardner bur.Decxxix1596
Thomas Higgings [bur.]Janxiii1596
Henry Bushell & Margaret Tomes [mar.]Janxvii1596
William s. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Marxiii1596
Francis Hunt, parson of Stretton bur.Jul81597
.....tine d. Nicholas Archard [bapt.]Julx1597
Ann d. William Freeman [bapt.]Julxvii1597
Maud wife of Thomas Higgins bur.Julxxvi1597
1597 cont.
Richard s Thomas Gibbes [bapt.]Jul311597
William Gibbes the Elder bur.Aug231597
Francis d. Henry Bushell [bapt.]Octxiii1597
Thomas s. of Henry & Katherine Meades [bapt.] Oct241597
Alexander s of Henry & Elizabeth Rickes [bapt.]Oct241597
[page 9]   1597
Thomas Long & Appelin Gardner [mar.]Novxxi1597
Anne d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Marxxvii1598
Thomas s. Thomas Long [bapt.]Augxxx1598
Elizabeth wife of Richard Tomes [bur.]Sepix1598
Richard s. William Evans [bapt.]Novxx1598
Marie d. Henry Bushell [bapt.]Octx1598
John s. Nicholas Archard [bapt.]Marxxii1598
Thomas Prockter & Joane Whitley [mar.]Octxxi1599
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Gibbes bur.Julx1599
Thomas s. William Freeman [bapt.]Sepxxix1599
Elizabeth d. Richard Base [bapt.]Sepii1599
Thomas s. of William Bushell [bapt.]Octxx1599
Maud d. Thomas Prockter [bapt.]Sepiiii1599
Nicholas s. John Dide [bapt.]Novxxiiii1599
Rebecca d. John Elkes [bapt.]Novxxx1599
Joane d. Richard Fowler [bapt.]Jan-1599

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