Burials from 1734 to 1812

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Transcribed from the original registers DR55A-6 Warwick RO by S. D. Holdsworth

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Volume 6
BURIALS 1734 - 1812

EntryDay MonthAgeNotes
Sarah wife of John PETTY4April- 
Nathan s. Henry & Elizabeth MILES28April10 months 
Alice wife of William GIBBES2May- 
Elizabeth wife of John GIBBES7Oct- 
Mary d. John & Mary HALFORD18Nov- 
Stephen s. Richard & Mary TAYLOR26Feb- 
Bapt. Hykes: Rector
Robert Purser &
Richard Taylor: Ch. Wardens
John BARKER of Tiddington10May- 
Thomas s. David & Jane CASTLE14May- 
Samuel s. Edward & Hannah DYER12Jun- 
John HALL 30Jun- 
Sarah d. Henry & Richard MILES7Jul- 
Anne d. Henry & Elizabeth PITWAY25Aug- 
William s. Rev. Mr. John & Mary CRAVEN7Feb- 
Anne WIDDOWS of Hanging Aston2Mar- 
Bapt. Hykes: Rector
Robert Purser &
Richard Taylor: Ch. Wardens
Mrs. Mary BEAL Widow12Jul- 
Anne d. Richard & Mary CHARLES23Dec- 
Francis s. John & Mary HALFORD3Jan- 
Elizabeth SARGEANT widow4Feb- 
Joseph HEMMINGS 17Mar- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
Richard Grimet &
Richard Robins: Ch. Wardens
Richard GIBBES25Mar- 
John PETTY12May- 
John FINCH26May- 
John TOWNSEND29May- 
William s. Timothy & Susannah MILES21Jun- 
Robert PLAISER4Aug- 
Richard COX17Oct- 
Thomas TAYLOR30Nov- 
Mary wife of Richard CHARLES14Dec- 
Edward WHITE the Elder26Dec- 
John s. John & Margaret LIFELY5Feb- 
Timothy s. Timothy & Susan MILES19Mar- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
Richard Robins &
Richard Grimet: Ch. Wardens
Mrs. Anne PALMER, widow4Jun- 
Richard CHARLES19Jul- 
William s. John & Lucy GIBBES10Nov- 
Lucy d. John & Lucy GIBBES20Dec- 
Hannah d. Edward & Hannah DIER4Feb-[DYER]
Jane COTTERILL, widow24Mar- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
Richard Robins &
Richard Grimet: Ch. Wardens
Thomas SAVAGE28Sep- 
George s. Richard & Mary TAYLOR4Dec- 
Jane d. John & Alice COTTERILL24Dec- 
Isaac WHITE19Feb- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
Richard Robins &
Richard Grimet: Ch. Wardens
Jane d. George & Jane BASKET10Apr- 
George s. Richard & Mary TAYLOR--  
William s. John & Elizabeth WHITE1Jun- 
Henry ROBBINS17Jun- 
Anne d. John & Margaret THOMAS1Jul- 
Hannah d. Wm. & Mary BERRY23Sep- 
Jane wife of Benjamin CASTLE30Sep  
John s. John & Catherine WHITE23Oct- 
Mary d. Abraham & Anne CORNWELL9Jan- 
Anne d. Joan HALL27Feb- 
Mary d. William & Elizabeth POTTER3Jul- 
George s. George & Jane BASKET23Aug- 
John SANSOME26Aug- 
Margaret wife of John THORNET11Oct- 
John s. Richard & Mary DIER31Oct- [DYER]
William s. William & Lucy EDEN of Darlingscott29Nov- 
Christobel wife of William LEX8Jan- 
Richard s. John & Lucy GIBBES28Feb- 
Hannah wife of Edward DIER20Mar- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
William s. Thomas & Catherine LONG4Apr2 years 
Elizabeth d. Manessah & Sarah SMITH17Apr- 
William GIBBES from Lighthorn15Jun- 
Anne d. William & Sarah SHIRLEY18Sep- 
William s. Wm. & Eleanor SLATTER of Darlingscott3Mar- 
Bap. Hykes: Rector
Francis s. John & Mary HALFORD2Sep- 
Jane wife of Edward GIBBES21Oct- 
Mary wife William ARCHER18Dec- 
Rev. Mr. Baptist HICKES, Rector18Jun- 
John s. Francis TOWSEND3Feb- 
Richard s. Samuel & Jane ROBBINS26Feb  
Hannah d. William & Jane PLUMB20Mar  
W. Hawes: Rector
Thomas s. Thomas & Mary BERRY9May- 
Elizabeth d. Manessah & Sarah SMITH3Jun- 
Richard GRIMMIT19Aug- 
Edward PITWAY21Dec- 
Henry WILKES, Labourer7Feb- 
W. Hawes: Rector
Wm. Evins Ch. Warden.
Robert s. Nathan & Elizabeth PLEADEN31Mar- 
JANE wife William EVANS23Jul- 
Anne SMUDGE (?)27Oct- 
Elizabeth GRIMMET, widow29Oct- 
William MILES5Dec- 
Anne d. Eli & Jane ARCHER17Jan- 
Anne wife of Henry VADLY (?)19Jan- 
Mary D. William & Anne HUDSON26Jan- 
Jane wife of Eli ARCHER11Mar- 
W. Hawes: Rector
Wm. Evins Ch. Warden
John husband of Mary HALFORD21Dec- 
Betty d. Elizabeth & Edward WHITE19Mar- 
William POTTER3Sep- 
William LEA3Dec- 
Mary BERRY 9Dec- 
affidavit made by Frances Townsend before Rector of Shipston
Alice ARCHER5Jun- 
The Revd Mr. Samuel Tobias SANDERY31Aug- 
William GIBBONS25Sep- 
Edward GIBBES29Oct- 
Thomas s. of John & Margaret GEORGE20Feb-Received certificate
[ from here onwards]
W. Hawes: Rector
Wm Evins Ch. Warden
Richard son of widow Townsend9Apr- 
Joseph HADLAND, Labourer1May- 
Hannah d. Edward & Rebecca OSBORSTON13May-[OSBALDSON]
Elizabeth PITWAY21Sep- 
Ann d. John & Mary PITWAY14Dec- 
Ann d. Nathan & Elizabeth PLEGEN 24Dec-[PLEADEN]
Judith GIBBES17Feb- 
Mary GEORGE5May- 
Nanny illegitimate d. Jane MILES24Jul- 
Edward GIBBES12Feb85 
Timothy MILES21Feb49 
William ARCHER14Mar75 
Wm. Pagett: Curate Wm. Evins [Ch. Warden]
Mary wife of John JONES17Apr- 
Esther D. John & Mary JONES9May- 
Jane d. Faulk & Elizabeth ADAMS of Admington16Feb- 
Anne d. John & Elizabeth COURT21Feb- 
John GRIMMET 8Mar23 
Alice wife of John GILLET9Jul- 
Mary wife William PITWAY5Oct- 
Richard DYER19Jan- 
Mr. Robert PURSER6Feb- 
John s. Benjamin & Mary CASTLE30Mar- 
John s. David MILES6Jan- 
Robert s. John THORNET6Jan- 
Samuel ARCHER17Mar85 
Samuel Robbins23May- 
Angel wife of William HATHAWAY21Jun- 
Mary d. Samuel & Mary ROBBINS7Aug  
Elizabeth wife of William WHITE10Aug79 
Margaret wife of Richard COX10Aug81 
Samuel s. of William & Frances MILES13Oct- 
John s. of John & Elizabeth WHITE22Oct- 
Robert JOHNSON9Jan- 
John s. John & Elizabeth MILES9Jan- 
Richard DYER killed by the kick of a Horse23Mar- 
Ann ASHFIELD widow38May- 
Mary HADLAND9Jul- 
John GIBBS24Aug- 
John s. William & Francis MILES23Feb- 
Mary DYER6Apr- 
John HIRON17Sep- 
Hannah d. Faulk & Elizabeth ADAMS 2Oct-an infant of Blockley
Widow ASHTON of Compton Grounds--- 
Richard LIFELY26Jan- 
Widow EDEN9Feb- 
Robert WINTER24Feb- 
Hannah illegitimate d. of S. SMITH17Apr- 
Elizabeth wife of David MILES12Aug- 
Ann d. Robert & Elizabeth SAVAGE5Jan- 
Elizabeth BRISTON, widow26Feb- 
John WHITE3May- 
Edward PITWAY3Jun- 
Richard LIFELY11Jul- 
Henry MILES27Sep- 
Mary PITWAY13Oct- 
Richard HEATH21Feb- 
Thomas GEORGE23Feb- 
Richard LONG4Mar- 
William WIDDOWS11Apr- 
[none recorded]    
Elizabeth d. John & Margaret GEORGE14Apr- 
Stephen PITWAY11Aug- 
William s. John & Eleanor THORNIT27Oct- 
Wincoat STOKE29Nov- 
Frances RAWLINGS24Feb- 
Rebecca wife of Edward OSBERSON26Feb- [OSBALDSON]
Francis HALFORD16Mar- 
Daniel SAVAGE29Mar- 
Margaret d. John & Margaret GEORGE26May- 
Thomas WIDDOWS2Jul- 
Hannah BRAIN, widow [of Robert]7Jul- 
Mary d. Samuel & Mary BEASLEY1Oct- 
R. Lumbert: Curate. J. Evins, Ch. Warden
Isaac s. Benjamin & Mary CASTLE27Jun- 
John MILES22Aug- 
Alice wife of John COTTERELL1Oct- 
Thomas s. Thomas & Elizabeth PRICE21Oct- 
Elizabeth wife Thomas PRICE24Nov- 
John s. William & Hannah GIBBES24Jan- 
Thomas s. Samuel & Mary BEASLEY16Jul- 
Anne wife of SAMUEL ARCHER8Dec- 
William PLUMB25Jan- 
Mary d. Manasses & Sarah SMITH7Feb- 
William s. Thomas & Johnnah PRICE8Mar- 
Elizabeth PITWAY2Jun- 
Richard s. John & Elizabeth ROBBINS25Dec- 
Samuel s. John & Eleanor THORNETT19Jan- 
Hannah d. Fawke & Elizabeth ADAMS2Feb- 
William s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN25Feb- 
William EVINS20Oct- 
William s. Richard & Ester CHARLES9Nov- 
Jenny d. John & Eleanor THORNETT4Jan- 
Mary wife Joshua ADAMS28Oct- 
Mary wife of Richard GRIMMETT27Dec- 
Hanna d. Edward & Sarah WHITE18Feb- 
Jane MILES17May- 
William s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN10Apr- 
Mary d. Thomas & Alice EDDEN8Jul- 
Richard TAYLOR, Senior14Jul- 
Sarah d. George & Mary WOODWARD20Jul- 
Richard BERRY, Widdower7Aug- 
Robert JOHNSON9Aug- 
Lucy d. Richard & Esther CHARLES4Oct- 
William s. William & Anne Berry24Jun(15) 
Elizabeth wife of John EDDEN29Jun- 
Mary wife of Samuel BAZELY1Sep-[BEASLEY]
Mary GIBBES of Ditchford3Nov- 
Wm. Hawes:Rector
The Rector [Wm. Hawes] was buried at Shalstone, Bucks.26Jan - 
Mary d. John Elizabeth ROBBINS24Jan- 
Thomas Long29Feb- 
William s. of Edward & Ann GIBBS17May- 
John s. Richard & Hannah CLARKE2Sep- 
John LANGSTON26Dec- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
E. Gibbs, Churchwarden
Frances THOMSON1Jan- 
Katherine LONG17Feb- 
Edward EVANS,24Aprinfant  
William STANLEY (?)14Sep- 
John DYER15Feb- 
William s. John & Elizabeth PRITCHET23Mar- 
Thomas s. William & Elizabeth LONGFORD24Jun- 
John s. Edward & Sarah WHITE19Nov- 
Mary SAVAGE27Dec- 
Anne d. Joshua & Sarah ADAMS?-  
Elizabeth d. John & Elizabeth THORNIT27May- 
Jane d. Benjamin & Mary CASTLE4Aug- 
David HEATH late [parish] Clark31Aug77 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Ed. Gibbs, Churchwarden
James s. Edward Sarah WHITE31Marinfant 
Ann GIBBS, widow3Jul75 
John s. Edward & Sarah WHITE10Julinfant  
John s. Thomas & Jenney LEECH21Octinfant 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Edw. Gibbs, Churchwarden
Lucy HEATH, widow21Feb72 
William s. Thomas & Ann KEEN9Marinfant 
Thomas s. John & Elizabeth HEWINS15May- 
Mary LIFELY, widow14Jun- 
Elizabeth d. Rev. William & Eliz. LONGFORD 14Jun- 
Mary d. Thomas & Mary LEECH29Jun- 
Samuel s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN14Jul- 
William s. John & Jenny WATSON24Jun- 
William JOHNSON25Aug84 
Sarah SHIRLEY, widow31Aug77 
James s. James & Mary SMITH2Sep- 
John LIFELY2Nov88 
Edward OSBALDSON, widower13Dec57 
Margaret, wife of William PITWAY25Dec- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Edw. Gibbs, Churchwarden
Ann PILKINGTON, single woman14May- 
Elizabeth d. Richard & Hannah CLARK21Jun- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Wm. Hales, Churchwarden
Lucy GIBBS, widow17Jan80 
Mary BERRY, cohabitant of Benjamin CASTLE22Feb- 
William s. William & Theodosia POTTER23Feb-of Compton in Ilmington
Bartholomew s. Bartholomew & Eliz. TARPLETT4May- 
Edward s. Richard & Mary LANGSTON9Sep- 
George s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN15Sep- 
William s. William & Hannah GIBBES2Oct- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Foulk Addams, Churchwarden
Margaret, wife of John GEORGE13Jan- 
Mary d. William & Mary GIBBS19Feb- 
Mary, wife of John PITTAWAY10May- [PITWAY]
Elizabeth MILES, widow26Jul- 
Hester d. Richard & Hester CHARLES24Oct- 
Mary d. William & Catherine ROUSE14Nov- 
Sarah d. Edward & Sarah WHITE31Dec- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Thomas Roberts, Churchwarden
John Long19Jan-smallpox
Susannah MILES, widow30Mar- 
Samuel s. John & Elizabeth ROBBINS3Apr-smallpox
Samuel BEEZLEY15Apr-smallpox
Elizabeth, wife of Samuel BARNSLEY26May- 
William MILES, husband of Frances Miles25Jun71 
Mr. William HALL28Jul62 
Eli ARCHER13Aug63 
Mary d. Joshua & Sarah ADDAMS10Sep-of Todenham
William BERRY19Oct86 
Joshua s. Joshua & Sarah ADDAMS20Oct-of Todenham
Anne wife of William HUDSON10Nov- 
Mary BERRY widow of William BERRY16Nov87 
Hannah, wife of Richard DYER18Dec- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Thomas Roberts, Churchwarden
Elizabeth PILKINGTON, widow of William21Jan94 
Samuel s. William & Esther HUGHES9Feb-infant
Joseph s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN19Apr- 
Hannah d. William & Hannah GIBBES26Apr  
Hannah ARCHER, spinster26Oct- 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Robert Lumbert, Churchwarden
John COTTERILL, Junior17Jan- 
Jane ROBBINS, widow of Samuel 10Jul- 
Mary, wife of William GIBBS20Aug-Ditchford in Blockley
Elizabeth d. Anthony & Mary BRAIN7Sep- 
Elizabeth, wife of William GIBBS, Senior31Oct-Ditchford in Blockley
Wm. Longford, Rector
William Halford, Churchwarden
Faulk ADDAMS19Feb79 Ditchford
Camilla d. Anthony & Mary BRAIN27Mar- 
William HUGHES19Apr. -Death in a sudden fit
Benjamin CASTELL19Jun- 
Mary GRIMMETT, widow3Sep85 
Hannah PILKINGTON, widow8Sep77 
Robert s. Edward & Elizabeth WHITE22Sep30 
Charles CROOKS25Nov72 
Wm. Longford, Rector
Edward Gibbes, Churchwarden
William s. Thomas & Mary ROBERTS26Jan- 
John THORNIT2Mar- 
Samuel EDDEN18Mar64 
Samuel s. Thomas & Alice EDDEN14Aug- 
Here begins the Stamp Duty: William Longford, Rector licensed by the Authority of Mr. John Brown to enter and write in this Register Book only.
Jane PLUMB, widow21Oct813d.
George s. Richard & Mary NEAL27Oct3d. 
Margaret LIVELY, widow30Dec-pauper
Alice LONG, widow17Jan91pauper
Mary d. John & Sarah GRIMES11Mar-pauper
Mary JOHNSON, widow19Aug78pauper
Samuel ARCHER9Nov82pauper
William s. William & Ann SAVEDGE12Dec-pauper
The Stamp Duty was paid 1st Jan 1785 2d.
Hannah d. Edward & Sarah WHITE12Apr[1 yr.]pauper
Esther WILKES, widow19Apr82pauper
William s. David & Mary JOBSON12Aug-pauper
Hannah d. Thomas & Mary PENN21Aug-pauper
Edward DYER15Nov84pauper
Wm. Longford, Rector
William Evins, Churchwarden
Ann d. Bartholomew & Elizabeth TARPLETT5Feb-3d.
John COTTERILL2Apr77pauper
Susannah d. David & Mary JOBSON26Nov-pauper
Elizabeth, widow John WHITE8Dec863d
Elizabeth, wife of William POTTER14Dec773d
John PITTWAY29Dec77pauper
Mary, wife of David JOBSON10Jan-pauper
Esther ARCHER, single woman27May25pauper
John BRAIN, Bachelor22Jul293d
Sarah, wife of Edward WHITE21Aug-3d.
Richard NEALE30Sep72pauper
Anne, wife of John BERRY5Oct-3d
Paid the Duty Nov. 3rd 1787  
William s. William & Hannah GIBBES20Nov-pauper
Mary ROBBINS, widow5Dec623d
Mary HALFORD, widow of John Halford19Mar783d
Thomas ROBERTS15May- 3d
Thomas HALE, bachelor20Sep743d
John GEORGE, widower30Dec783d
Thomas DAVIS s. Wm. & Ann GIBBS31Dec- 3d
Elizabeth, wife of Isaac WHITE4Mar-pauper
John WIDDOWS21Mar603d
Anne, wife of William BERRY16Jun-3d
William HUDSON13Jan-pauper
Thomas s. Edward & Sarah BRYAN22Mar-3d
William ROUSE20May-pauper
Anne, illeg. d. of Rosanna GIBBS22May-pauper
Richard BUMPUS17Jun663d
Isaac WHITE8Sep-pauper
Ann d. John & Elizabeth GRIFFIN23Sep-pauper
Elizabeth MILES, widow of John MILES, Shipston7Oct-3d
Mary wife of John GIBBS13Jan- pauper
Elizabeth, widow of Foulk ADDAMS14Jan-3d
Hannah ROUSE, spinster8May-pauper
Hannah EDDEN16Oct-pauper
Rachel d. James & Elizabeth MITCHEL7Nov--
Sarah HALE, widow of William HALE7Dec-3d
Hannah, wife of Richard CLARK20Dec-pauper
William GODSON1Apr-3d
William s. Richard CLARK14Apr-pauper
Elizabeth d. William & Mary JOHNSON25Apr-3d
Ann, wife of John EDDEN19Jul-pauper
John BERRY, bachelor15Oct283d
Ellin THORNIT, widow21May-pauper
Mary, widow of Ralf SAVIDGE, Darlingscott5Jun-pauper
Thomas PRICE21Jun-pauper
John BUMPUS1Aug-3d
Ann d. of John & Elizabeth GRIFFIN5Aug-pauper
Mary, wife of William JOHNSON31Aug- 3d
George s. William & Jane HALFORD23Nov-3d
John EDDEN27Dec-pauper
Elizabeth, widow of Ely ARCHER3Feb-pauper
Thomas EDDEN27Mar-pauper
Joseph s. Thomas & Ann KEEN7May-pauper
Mary d. Edward & Sarah WHITE31Jun-pauper
William POTTER of Compton Scorpion5Jul88-
William, illeg. s. Elizabeth WHITE31Aug-pauper
John GRIMMETT23Sep--
Frances, widow of William MILES7Jan--
Elizabeth, wife Edward WHITE18Jan-pauper
William WHITE1Feb-pauper
Wm. Longford, Rector
John GRIFFIN1Mar-pauper
An infant of Charles DIXON, a chimney sweeper25Oct--
John SHORT of Shipston, by ye Visitation of God8Feb--
Ann HOLTHAM16Feb--
William PITWAY, Parish Clark28Sep--
William BERRY26Dec--
Wm. Longford, Rector
Rachel d. James & Elizabeth MITCHELL8Jan  
Jane, wife George BASKET21Feb- 
John BERRY11Mar- 
Margaret TIDMARSH, an infant8Jun- 
Abraham PILKINGTON25Jul- 
Anne PRICE8Jan- 
Richard CHARLES25Jan- 
Hannah HUGHES24Apr- 
William GIBBES26Apr- 
Anthony BRAIN25Jun- 
Jonathan EDEN5Nov- 
Mary ROBINS30Dec- 
Richard ROBBINS23Jan- 
Jonathan HALFORD26Jan- 
George YEATS1Feb85 
Mary ROBINS d. of ye above Mary & Richard18Feb- 
Jonathan s. of William LONG27Mar- 
Mary HEWINS28Mar- 
Sarah EDEN31Mar- 
Sarah JOHNSON4Apr89 
Mary Elizabeth TIDMARSH7May- 
Richard DYER13May77 
William HOLTHAM18May- 
Elizabeth LONG, infant17Jul- 
George WOODWARD28Aug- 
Edward WHITE6Sep82 
Mary DYER30Nov78 
Hannah DYER15Dec- 
Wm. Hale: Churchwarden
Wm. Longford: Rector
Mary CHARLES5Apr36 
George BASKET10Apr  
Mrs. Mary BARNSLEY12Apr78 
Jonathan GIBBS19Jul63 
Jonathan STEELE18Jan- 
Fanny PENGREE19Aprinfant? 
Richard GRIMMETT25Apr79 
Hester CHARLES11Aug66 
Mary SAVAGE31Dec- 
Sarah JILSON5Janinfant 
Mary SMITH30Janinfant 
Sarah SOUTHAM2Febinfant 
Hannah RAWLINS14Sepinfant 
Mary NICHOLLS10Mar- 
The Revd Wm. LONGFORD, Rector of this Parish12Mar66 
William GIBBS24Mar72 
Mary d. Edmund and Mary TIDMARSH22Aprinfant 
Mary NEAL1Jun52 
Ann JOHNSTON4Sepinfant 
Mary WOODWARD1Feb80 
Thomas s. Edmund & Mary TIDMARSH3Julinfant 
Elizabeth GRIMMETT27Aug41 
Mary BRAIN29Dec73 
Samuel RAWLINS11Juninfant 
James PRITCHART15Juninfant 
Sarah & Mary twin ds. Richard & Sarah SOUTHAM23Juninfants 
Elizabeth HATHAWAY22Mar- 
Ann PRICE21May30? 
Mary PITWAY7Aug- 
Bartholomew TARPLETT25Oct61 
Mary PROCTOR4Dec76? 
J.P.Jervoise LLD: Rector
Elizabeth d. William Ann RAWLING3Febinfant 
Ann d. Mary GREEN19Marinfant 
Mary SMITH18May31 
Joseph Cupper [COOPER]16May- 
Hannah d. John & Mary SMITH23Mayinfant 
Thomas s. Thomas & Ann Gilson13Sepinfant 
William SAVAGE2Nov- 
John DYER18Nov40+ 
Jane WATSON24Apr65 
Elizabeth d. William & Elizabeth KEEN8Auginfant 
John s. John & Susanna GIBBS10Auginfant 
Sarahd. Thomas & Anne LONG22Auginfant 
Henry s. William & Anne RAWLINGS3Sepinfant 
Mary d. William & Elizabeth KEEN5Sepinfant 
Thomas BERRY22Apr50+ 
Jane LEECH12May60+ 
Patience LOVERIDGE, a travellerís child17Oct- 
Elizabeth d. Edward & Hannah BAYLIS19Decinfant 
George s. Thomas & Hannah JOHNSON6Febinfant 
John WATSON10Feb70+ 
John EVINS11Feb- 
George LONG22Auginfant 
John base-born of Elizabeth GRIFFIN3Sepinfant 
Elizabeth d. John & Margaret GIBBS14Janinfant 
[End of Register]

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