Priors Marston, St Leonards
Burials from 1891 to 1895

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Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
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        Surname Listing:

Allwood, Baxter, Boswell, Burbidge, Garrett, Good, Haines, Hart,
Hyatt, Ivens, Low, Nicol, Pratt, Rawlings, Reading, Smith, Sweatman,
Taylor, Tew, Tolley, Turvey, Wagstaff, Waring, Watson, Webb, Wing.

NoDateName AgeAbodeNotes
14121 May 1891Celia CHESTER67Northampton 
1428 June 1891Eva Georgina WATSON3Priors Marston 
14324 June 1891Walter WATSON73Print Farm, Long Itchington 
14429 July 1891Mary Ann ELLIMAN59Priors Marston 
1454 October 1891Selina GARRETT20Priors Marston 
14614 October 1891Elizabeth BURBIDGE86Southam Union Workhouse 
14723 October 1891John BURBIDGE92Southam Union Workhouse 
14829 January 1892Emma SMITH1 monthPriors Marston 
14917 March 1892John CLAYDON74Priors Marston 
15022 March 1892George Coleman IVENS41Priors Marston 
15130 May 1892Henry MOLD82Southam Union Workhouse 
15229 August 1892Mary PRATT78Priors Marston 
15315 October 1892James CARVELL76Southam Union Workhouse 
15415 October 1892Arthur WAREING3 monthsPriors Marston 
15527 January 1893Ann GARDNER70Priors Marston 
15628 April 1893William David TOLLEY31/2Marston Doles 
15726 July 1893Phyllis Mabel WHEELER10Shutwell Springs 
15828 August 1893James BADGER83Southam Union Workhouse 
1595 October 1893Mary Anne GOODE77Priors Marston 
1609 January 1894Percy Edward COCKERILL7 monthsPriors Marston 
16124 January 1894John FIELD82Priors Marston 
16225 January 1894Frances HALE69Priors Marston 
16316 February 1894Henry GARDNER74Southam Union Workhouse 
16410 April 1894Hannah MASTERS44Priors Marston 
16526 April 1894Jane COCKERILL44Priors Marston 
16624 September 1894Caroline Martha COOK60Priors Marston 
16720 February 1895Daniel MASTERS77Priors Marston 
16811 March 1895Robert BRADSHAW77Priors Marston 
16919 March 1895Job ALLITT86Priors Marston 
17016 August 1895Joseph LINES68Priors Marston 
17123 August 1895George GOSSAGE70Priors Marston 
1722 September 1895Mary Ann KING53Priors Marston 
17311 September 1895Thomas Ellard HART55Priors Marston 
17425 October 1895Lorenzo Fountain Stanley SMITH4Priors Marston 
17521 November 1895Catherine Smith BROWN52Priors Marston 
1764 December 1895Edmund WATTS56Priors Marston 
17710 December 1895William Henry WIGGINS79Priors Marston 
17820 December 1895John YARDLEY77Southam Union Workhouse 
17924 December 1895Edward Thomas SANDERS4 monthsPriors Marston 
1801 January 1896John ELLIMAN66Priors MarstonBurial certified by Frederick Elliman (Napton) under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
1818 January 1896Ann PRENTICE85Priors Marston 
18223 March 1896Mary Ann LAMBERT69Priors MarstonBurial certified by James Lambert under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
1832 April 1896Emily Elizabeth WAGSTAFF6Priors Marston 
18421 May 1896Arthur Richard WILKINS6Priors Marston 
1857 July 1896Sarah Matilda SMITH12Priors Marston 
18622 July 1896Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR6Shutwell Springs, Priors Marston 
18720 August 1896Henry GARRETT55Priors Marston 
1882 October 1896William COCKERILL43Priors MarstonBurial certified by Jane Cockerill under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
18921 October 1896Henry John COCKERILL5Priors MarstonBurial certified by Jane Cockerill under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
19017 November 1896William KING80Priors Marston 
19125 January 1897Florence Maggie SHEPHERD8 monthsPriors Marston 
19227 January 1897William Ezekiel TAYLOR2 monthsPriors Marston 
19328 January 1897Mabel Elizabeth COCKERILL1 year 10 mthsPriors MarstonBurial certified by Frederick Cockerill under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
19411 February 1897Ann BULL80Priors Marston 
19522 February 1897Ann HART82Priors Marston 
19627 February 1897Lilian Ellen MASON8 monthsPriors Marston 
19717 March 1897Mary LEA (unbaptised)1 monthPriors MarstonBurial certified by George William Lead under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
19831 March 1897Louisa BAND59Buckley House, Creuddyn District,(North Wales) 
19914 April 1897Smith William JESTER46Priors Marston 
20023 April 1897Sarah HORN80Priors Marston 
20121 May 1897Susannah ALLITT89Priors Marston 
20231 July 1897Julia COCKERILL50Priors MarstonBurial certified by Henry Cockerill under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
2037 September 1897Arthur George Victor WATSON5 monthsPriors Marston 
20423 November 1897Elizabeth BOLTON78Leamington 
20527 January 1898Lucy Mabel GARRETT20 monthsPriors Marston 
2062 February 1898James WATSON79Priors MarstonBurial certified by William Burdett under the Burial Law Amendment Act 1880
2075 February 1898Annie Jane COOK 24Southam and Bromsgrove visiting at Priors Marston 
20818 March 1898Letitia YARDLEY81Southam Union  

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