New Bilton, St Oswald's
Burials from 1868 to 1907

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These Burials are from the Parish Registers of St Oswald's Church, New Bilton.
They have not been independently double checked and are intended for guidance only.

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Ades, Adkins, Ager, Alcock, Aldridge, Allen, Alsop, Anderson, Angell, Avery,

Bagley, Bailey, Banks, Barnacle, Barnett, Barratt, Bartlett, Bassett, Bathe, Baxter, Beagle, Beasley, Beck, Bee, Beer, Belcher, Bell, Bench, Benjamin, Bennet, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bird, Bishop, Bonds, Borsley, Botterill, Box, Bradshaw, Brain, Bray, Brewer, Bright, Brightwell, Brinley, Britton, Brockley, Bromley, Bromwhich, Bromwich, Brown, Bryan, Bull, Burr, Burton, Busby, Bushill, Buskett, Butler, Buxton, Byford,

Cadd, Carter, Cave, Chamberlain, Charles, Chater, Cherry, Claridge, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Cobley, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Collyer, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Coppock, Cornall, Cotton, Cox, Crick, Cross, Crump, Cudlington, Currington,

Dadley, Dalzell, Daniels, Darby, Davies, Davis, Day, Dean, Deane, Denny, Derby, Dickins, Downes, Driver, Dunkley,

Eagles, Earl, Edkins, Edwards, Edwins, Eeles, Elliott, Ellis, Elson, Ely, Emery, Everton,

Facer, Fairfield, Farfield, Farn, Farnsworth, Farrier, Faulkner, Favell, Fell, Feltham, Flavel, Flavell, Fletcher, Flint, Flowers, Ford, Foster, Fothergill, Fox, Frances, Frances?, Francis, Freeman, French, Frost, Fuller, Furniss,

Gamble, Gardener, Gardner, Garner, Garratt, Gartersfield?, Gascombe, Gaskill, Gateskell, Gee, George, Getliff, Glover, Golby, Goode, Grant, Green, Greenhill, Grookcock, Grubb, Gutteridge,

Halford, Hall, Hampton, Hancox, Hands, Hardwick, Harris, Hartopp, Haswell, Hawkins, Hayes, Hicks, Higham, Hill, Hillyard, Hinks, Hipwell, Hirons, Hodges, Holland, Hone, Horn, Houghton, Howkins, Howlett, Hubbard, Hudd, Humphries, Hunt, Hydon,

Ingram, Ison, Izzard, Jackson, James, Jarvis, Jenning, Jennings, Jessett, Jones, Jordan, Judd, Judge,

Kell, Kempin, Kiddell, King, Kitchener, Lacey, Landon, Langham, Lansbury, Lawrence, Leeson, Lickorish, Line, Lines, Loweth, Loydall, Lyon,

Mace, Manley, Manning, Margerrison, Markham, Marlow, Marsh, Mason, Matcham, Matthews, Mawbey, Mawby, Meadwell, Menzies, Middleton, Mills, Milne, Mokes, Montgomery, Moon, Morgan, Morley, Morris, Mortimer, Morton, Munday, Mushing, Musson,

Neal, Negus, Newbery, Newitt, Newman, Noon, Oakland, Oldham, Oliver, Orton,

Pacey, Page, Paine, Palmer, Paremain, Payne, Pearson, Pendrey, Perkins, Phazey, Picking, Pike, Pinder, Pinfold, Pitham, Portman, Powner, Pratt, Prestidge, Price, Pritchard, Puxley,

Radbourne, Rae, Rainbow, Rand, Rands, Ratcliffe, Ravenhall, Raybould, Reading, Redding, Reeve, Reid, Reynolds, Richardson, Roberts, Robins, Rogers, Rollins, Round, Rowley, Rubery, Rushall, Russel, Russell,

Salmon, Sanderson, Satchell, Scott, Seaton, Sharp, Sharpe, Shelley, Sherlrng, Sherman, Shuttlewood, Shuttleworth, Sidwell, Slatcher, Slater, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Spicer, Spraggett, Stallard, Stanton, Stean, Steane, Stearn, Steptoe, Stevens, Stevenson, Strong, Swyer,

Tailby, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Timms, Tisor, Toates, Tolcher, Tomes, Tranter, Treadwell, Trinder, Truslove, Turner, Turner?, Turrall, Turton, Turvey, Tuttell, Twigger, Tysall,

Underwood, Upton, Vann, Veasey, Vernon, Vertigan,

Wainwright, Wait, Wakelin, Walden, Waldin, Walker, Walter, Ward, Warren, Waters, Watson, Watts, Webb, Welch, Wheeler, Whitehead, Wilcox, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Willcox, Williams, Wills, Wilson, Wiltshire, Wing, Woodfield, Woodward, Wright,

Yapp, Young.

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Abode Age and Comments
29 February 1868AmyCarterNew Bilton3 months
24 March 1868MargaretMilneNew Bilton29 yrs
1 April 1868Mary Sophia CranfieldSmithNew Bilton9 yrs
12 May 1868AnnieCarterNew Bilton1yr 8 months
10 June 1868HenryGoodeNew Bilton11 months
2 September 1868Ambrose B.C.RushallNew Bilton5 months
2 September 1868JanetEaglesNew Bilton5 months
14 September 1868Albert OswaldMargerrisonNew Bilton8 months
16 September 1868Alice JanePayneNew Bilton2 yrs 4 months
6 December 1868ElizabethCooperNew Bilton61 yrs
6 February 1869JohnBaxterNew Bilton4 yrs
11 February 1869Edith Sarah WatersStantonNew Bilton2 days
12 March 1869GeorgeBeasleyNew Bilton42 yrs
29 March 1869LizzieJonesNew Bilton3 yrs
2 May 1869Laura LouisaLandonNew Bilton1 day
3 June 1869Emily ElizabethDownesNew Bilton6 yrs
24 August 1869ThomasGetliffNew Bilton27 yrs
4 November 1869RichardGeeNew Bilton43 yrs
1 December 1869Mary AnnGarrattNew Bilton1yr 9 months
22 January 1870FrederickBeasleyNew Bilton11 yrs
2 February 1870JohnLickorishNew Bilton43 yrs
22 February 1870DavidCleaverNew BiltonInfant
28 February 1870EstherFrancisNew Bilton53 yrs
4 March 1870Margaret AnnStevensNew Bilton3 weeks
10 March 1870JosephBenchNew Bilton12 yrs
24 March 1870Edith MaryCarterNew Bilton2 months
10 May 1870LucyPayneNew Bilton28 yrs
9 July 1870JaneNegusNew Bilton4 yrs
10 July 1870Frances AnneToatesNew Bilton2 yrs 5 months
12 July 1870John BottrillToatesNew Bilton6 yrs
14 July 1870Henry ThomasToatesNew Bilton4 yrs 8 months
23 July 1870Mary AnnLowethNew Bilton78 yrs
25 July 1870CatherineBeasleyNew Bilton9 yrs
8 August 1870HenryHydonNew Bilton13 yrs
26 August 1870Charlotte LucyHowkinsNew Bilton1yr
25 September 1870WilliamBarnettNew Bilton52 yrs
27 September 1870JohnSteanNew Bilton10 yrs 11 months
31 October 1870WilliamCooperNew Bilton67 yrs
13 December 1870SarahSatchellNew Bilton59 yrs
14 February 1871Ellen AndriaCarterNew BiltonInfant
17 February 1871AnnPaceyNew Bilton41 yrs
17 June 1871Matthew W.RussellNew Bilton2 yrs
11 July 1871Anne SophiaDeaneNew Bilton1 month
22 September 1871Henry BromwichCleaverNew Bilton6 months
4 October 1871GeorgeBaileyNew Bilton53 yrs
2 Dec 1871George WilliamMarlowNew BiltonInfant
22 January 1872Jane EllenHandsNew BiltonInfant
25 January 1872Sarah RebeccaFosterNew Bilton2 yrs
24 February 1872Edward JohnSteaneNew Bilton4 months
4 March 1872Mary AnnSlatcherNew Bilton9 months
8 March 1872JamesSlaterNew Bilton45 yrs
25 March 1872JamesJonesNew Bilton87 yrs
11 May 1872MaryTurrallNew Bilton77 yrs
17 May 1872EmmaSlaterNew Bilton44 yrs
3 July 1872Isaac WilliamCudlingtonNew Bilton5 yrs
17 July 1872JamesStevensNew Bilton84 yrs
7 August 1872Edwin HenryHayesNew Bilton1 month
15 August 1872ElizabethShuttleworthNew Bilton82 yrs
10 September 1872MarthaBanksNew Bilton46 yrs
14 October 1872JosephBorsleyNew Bilton60 yrs
25 November 1872Sarah AnnHaswellNew Bilton24 yrs
3 January 1873John ThomasHayesNew Bilton2 yrs
12 February 1873EllenWatersNew Bilton1yr 5 months
14 March 1873John ThomasPownerNew Bilton1yr
31 March 1873EstherTrusloveNew Bilton72 yrs
19 April 1873ElizabethSherlrngNew Bilton10 months
23 May 1873Edith EllenWillsNew Bilton5 months
21 June 1873JosephSharpeNew Bilton50 yrs
2 August 1873WilliamWillsNew Bilton22 yrs
2 September 1873AnnFlavellNew Bilton61 yrs
6 December 1873EmilyDarbyNew Bilton9 hours
29 January 1874Caroline IsabellaOliverNew Bilton2 months
29 January 1874Mary Jane ElliottJonesNew Bilton4 yrs
27 March 1874JohnMawbeyNew Bilton68 yrs
15 May 1874George HenryMoonNew Bilton3 weeks
10 August 1874CharlesSandersonNew Bilton6 weeks
17 August 1874WilliamColemanNew Bilton50 yrs
9 December 1874GeorgeBeasleyNew Bilton77 yrs
14 December 1874Thomas JohnHayesRugby1yr
22 December 1874Emma ThorizaWalkerNew Bilton23 yrs
5 April 1875GeorgeThomasNew Bilton11 months
23 June 1875FrederickDalzellNew Bilton2 yrs
1 July 1875AlbertPearsonNew Bilton7 months
21 August 1875WilliamRainbowNew Bilton19 yrs
16 September 1875GeorgeFrenchNew Bilton31 yrs
27 September 1875William SamuelFrostNew Bilton5 months )twins
27 September 1875Ellen SelinaFrostNew Bilton5 months )twins
22 November 1875ElizabethDanielsNew Bilton61 yrs
1 January 1876John CollisPageNew Bilton7 months
3 January 1876AndrewCollinsNew Bilton3 yrs
19 February 1876William HenrySlaterNew Bilton4 days
9 March 1876WillAdkinsNew Bilton5 yrs
19 March 1876JosephSharpNew Bilton7 yrs
21 March 1876JohnWilsonNew Bilton61 yrs
6 April 1876Arthur John WilliamHalfordNew Bilton17 months
11 April 1876EthelWoodwardNew Bilton33 yrs
20 May 1876Frederick EdwardFlavellNew Bilton7 months
30 October 1876Rose AmeliaIngramNew Bilton12 months
30 October 1876Alice ElizabethAgerNew Bilton9 weeks
3 November 1876Pricilla MayJordanNew Bilton18 months
16 November 1876Mary ElizabethEdwardsNew Bilton10 months
22 December 1876FrederickPearsonNew Bilton7 months
30 December 1876Julia EyreHamptonNew Bilton22 yrs
3 January 1877Jane OliverLansburyNew Bilton8 months
30 January 1877Sarah SelinaIngramNew Bilton5 yrs
13 February 1877Mary AnnSmithNew Bilton43 yrs
6 March 1877RobertDanielsNew Bilton70 yrs
9 March 1877EdithMortonNew Bilton1yr 9 months
16 March 1877AnnieEdwardsNew Bilton23 yrs
20 March 1877John ThomasBeasleyNew Bilton5 months
13 April 1877FrederickSteaneNew Bilton36 hours
19 June 1877ElizaFrenchNew Bilton28 yrs
5 August 1877Sidney HowardFarrierNew Bilton4 and a half yrs
15 August 1877ArthurWoodwardNew Bilton3 and a half yrs
16 August 1877EdwardMeadwellNew Bilton68 yrs
21 August 1877Thomas PercyRusselNew Bilton2 yrs
7 September 1877AbrahamWainwrightNew Bilton75 yrs
10 September 1877WalterBromwhichNew Bilton15 weeks
28 September 1877HannahManleyNew Bilton74 yrs
19 October 1877JosephIngramNew Bilton65 yrs
29 October 1877ThomasRobertsNew Bilton84 yrs
8 November 1877Emma WoodwardBrayNew Bilton5 months
4 January 1878JaneRainbowNew Bilton53 yrs
15 January 1878George AlexanderNewberyNew Bilton9 weeks
25 January 1878CharlottePayneNew Bilton87 yrs
9 March 1878SarahWebbNew Bilton70 yrs
23 March 1878AlexanderWarrenNew Bilton46 yrs
13 May 1878Gertrude JaneKingNew Bilton1yr
12 June 1878FlorenceWarrenNew Bilton1yr
7 October 1878Charles John HenryWilcoxNew Bilton4 months
27 November 1878HarrietSteaneNew Bilton4 months
28 November 1878SarahCottonNew Bilton34 yrs
25 December 1878ThomasHandsNew Bilton3 yrs
9 January 1879WilliamFlavellNew Bilton74 yrs
9 January 1879GeorgeRandNew Bilton68 yrs
19 January 1879RobertDavisNew Bilton65 yrs
8 February 1879MaryCookeLong Lawford31 yrs
18 February 1879ElizabethDunkleyNew Bilton8 yrs
12 March 1879JohnDarbyNew Bilton5 days
12 May 1879AlfredMokesNew Bilton18 yrs
19 June 1879ElizabethBusbyNew Bilton7 yrs
28? July 1879George RoderickKingNew Bilton11 months
27 August 1879Arthur JamesBusbyNew Bilton16 yrs
24 September 1879ElizabethAdkinsNew Bilton58 yrs
16 October 1879WilliamHarrisNew Bilton62 yrs
7 November 1879EmilyAldridgeNew Bilton37 yrs
24 November 1879JohnWillsNew Bilton30 yrs
11 December 1879HarrietSteaneNew Bilton35 yrs
11 December 1879Charles FrederickCoppockNew BiltonAbout 3 days
23 January 1880RolandHinksNew Bilton11 days
5 February 1880RoseThomasNew Bilton2 yrs
11 February 1880Ernest RichardWilsonNew Bilton5 months
13 February 1880Florence MaudHumphriesNew Bilton6 weeks
18 March 1880HerbertThomasNew Bilton13 months
10 June 1880EdwardBarnettNew Bilton62 yrs
13 June 1880GeorgeCooperNew Bilton47 yrs
17 July 1880AnnDownesNew Bilton51 yrs
7 August 1880Lucy AnnWillsNew Bilton14 days
5 October 1880Mary AnnBromwichNew Bilton40 yrs
19 October 1880WalterBromwichNew Bilton14 days
8 November 1880FannyJenningsNew Bilton33 yrs
21 November 1880Ethel MaryFellNew Bilton6 days
7 January 1881JohnMortonNew Bilton40 yrs
18 January 1881Arthur AdcockSmithNew Bilton3 yrs
22 January 1881AnnMorleyNew Bilton87 yrs
8 February 1881AliceWheelerNew Bilton14 days
25 March 1881SarahGeeNew Bilton48 yrs
20 April 1881WilliamFacerNew Bilton58 yrs
21 May 1881Thomas WilliamSpencerNew Bilton18 yrs
4 June 1881ElizabethCookeNew Bilton88 yrs
28 June 1881LucyHancoxNew Bilton3 yrs 9 months
8 July 1881WilliamBirdNew Bilton68 yrs
7 August 1881MargaretWainwrightNew Bilton65 yrs
27 August 1881JohnWilkinsNew Bilton36 yrs
7 September 1881CharlesDaviesNew Bilton4 weeks
13 October 1881ElizaBarnettNew Bilton58 yrs
30 November 1881Elizabeth EllenSeatonNew Bilton14 days
15 December 1881ThomasCleaverNew Bilton78 yrs
30 January 1882George FrederickCollierNew Bilton2 yrs
30 January 1882WilliamGreenhillNew Bilton63 yrs
23 April 1882CharlesCornallNew Bilton64 yrs
17 May 1882FrederickBeasleyNew Bilton15 weeks
7 June 1882Joseph CharlesPaceyNew Bilton18 months
8 June 1882James AlfredPendreyNew Bilton7 months
1 July 1882EdmundMawbyNew Bilton74 yrs
9 July 1882ElizabethHironsNew Bilton2 yrs 11 months
16 July 1882Ethel EllenBromwichRugby8 months
18 July 1882LillyEdkinsNew Bilton5 months
26 July 1882Edward WilliamBromwichNew Bilton8 months
8 August 1882TomGateskellNew Bilton13 months
9 August 1882MaryWhiteheadFormerly of New Bilton now of Rugby61 yrs Grave 7ft deep
7 November 1882WilliamPriceNew Bilton23 yrs
9 November 1882HenryCottonNew Bilton10 yrs
13 November 1882HenryBennetNew Bilton28 yrs
17 November 1882WilliamJuddNew Bilton4 months
5 February 1883WilliamFosterNew Bilton80 yrs
8 February 1883Sarah LouisaPearsonNew Bilton17 yrs
19 February 1883FrancesShermanNew Bilton60 yrs Double grave about 7ft deep
28 February 1883Mary AnnPaceyNew Bilton32 yrs
28 March 1883Julia AnnCoppockNew Bilton14 months
4 April 1883AliceHicksNew Bilton3 months
25 April 1883Fanny EstherMorrisNew Bilton7 months
2 May 1883FrancisGoodeNew Bilton35 yrs
5 May 1883Albert HenryBromleyNew Bilton9 yrs
8 August 1883ThomasGloverNew Bilton32 yrs
3 September 1883AlbertCleaverNew Bilton9 days
9 September 1883William Ewen RobertsMiddletonNew Bilton14 weeks
15 November 1883Samuel WestUptonNew Bilton17 months
17 November 1883SarahWillcoxNew Bilton64 yrs
18 November 1883Charles ErnestCherryNew Bilton6 months
13 December 1883Prudence CharlotteFlavellNew Bilton7 months
23 December 1883EmmaClarkeNew Bilton32 yrs
26 December 1883PhoebeWebbNew Bilton4 months
2 January 1884Mebel Louisa MarySharpeNew Bilton1yr 7 months
4 January 1884PhilipTurnerNew Bilton66 yrs
20 January 1884JohnMortimerNew Bilton53 yrs
10 April 1884HenryCleaverNew Bilton3 yrs 11 months
21 May 1884ThomasJonesNew Bilton4 days
27 June 1884JohnBromwichNew Bilton61 days??
30 June 1884LilyTurnerNew Bilton7 months
22 July 1884RichardEllisDied in New Bilton30 yrs
1 August 1884EllenTreadwellDied in New Bilton22 yrs
13 August 1884Percy EdwardSharpeNew Bilton6 months
24 August 1884John ThomasCoppockNew Bilton16 months
10 September 1884William FrederickPrestidgeNew Bilton17months
12 September 1884Richard ErnestCoppockNew Bilton3 weeks
21 October 1884Edith MaryBullNew Bilton7 months
23 November 1884Arthur RobertGoodeNew Bilton9 yrs
4 December 1884Sarah AnnShuttlewoodNew Bilton7 weeks
4 December 1884Samuel PercyBuskettNew Bilton13 months
11 January 1885EleanorJenningsNew Bilton5 months
25 January 1885EmmaShuttlewoodNew Bilton3 months
12 February 1885ElizaSwyerNew Bilton27 yrs
30 April 1885ElizabethTreadwellNew Bilton77 yrs
22 June 1885Adeline CoxVernonNew Bilton3 weeks
12 July 1885JamesBassettNew Bilton51 yrs
11 July 1885EmilyCarterNew Bilton22 yrs Buried without the rights of the Church.
Certified under the burial law and amendment Oct 1865.
+more info in register but difficult to read.
22 July 1885William Joseph CoxVernonNew Bilton7 weeks
2 September 1885JaneWattsNew Bilton62 yrs
8 September 1885AnnFreemanNew Bilton86 yrs
14 September 1885Sarah AnnFordNew Bilton1 and a half yrs
28 October 1885MaryEmeryDied in New Bilton34 yrs
29 October 1885William JonesWhiteheadRugby28 yrs
5 December 1885Sarah AnnColemanNew Bilton66 yrs
5 December 1885Lydia Jane ClarkeWilsonNew Bilton8 days
4 January 1886Ellen Eliza SmithHallNew Bilton18 months
5 January 1886Emma Jane BranstonWaldinNew Bilton5 yrs 7 months
9 February 1886MarionBellNew Bilton7 yrs
25 February 1886Stephen HenryGreenNew Bilton28 days
27 February 1886John GeorgeSlatcherNew Bilton5 weeks
4 March 1886Clara RosinaClaridgeNew Bilton8 yrs 7 months
20 March 1886SarahRichardsonNew Bilton88 yrs
20 April 1886WilliamGambleNew Bilton47 yrs
23 April 1886ThomasHumphriesNew BiltonAbout 40 yrs
26 April 1886CarolineLeesonNew Bilton62 yrs
27 May 1886JohnVannNew Bilton66 yrs
4 June 1886RebeccaWebbNew Bilton5 yrs
11 June 1886EmmaRandsNew Bilton57 yrs
24 June 1886EllenChamberlainNew Bilton13 yrs
4 July 1886JohnFlavelNew Bilton54 yrs
8 July 1886AnnieTranterNew Bilton9 days
8 August 1886JohnRichardsonNew Bilton86 yrs
2 September 1886HenryGartersfield?New Bilton40 yrs
15 October 1886Mary Ann Eyre BeetGaskillNew Bilton40 yrs
20 October 1886Charles EdwardDavisNew Bilton11 weeks
21 October 1886FelixReynoldsNew Bilton55 yrs
25 October 1886MarthaNegusNew Bilton57 yrs
7 January 1887Alfred GeorgeRainbowNew Bilton14 months
22 January 1887ZachariahMarshNew Bilton9 months
26 January 1887ElizabethDavisNew Bilton46 yrs
9 March 1887ThomasJonesNew Bilton3 months
22 May 1887CharlesJenning4 Dunsmore Terrace New Bilton43 yrs
28 June 1887WilliamButlerNew Bilton66 yrs
1 July 1887RichardWhiteheadRugby formerly New Bilton68 yrs
18 August 1887FlorenceCollyerNew Bilton5 yrs
26 September 1887Herbert DumbletonPinfoldNew Bilton7 months
26 October 1887EllenCleaverNew Bilton6 yrs
27 October 1887WilliamHornNew Bilton52 yrs
30 October 1887Henry John BallardDownesNew Bilton62 yrs
29 November 1887JosephTrusloveNew Bilton87 yrs
11 January 1888Ethel MaudHartoppNew Bilton6 months
30 January 1888LilySlatcherNew Bilton7 weeks
31 January 1888Ann ElizabethGreenhillNew Bilton18 days
12 March 1888Ellen FrancesNewmanNew Bilton6 months
25 March 1888William HenryTolcherNew Bilton31 yrs
9 April 1888Edward ErnestJessettNew Bilton2 days
29 April 1888EmilyFarnsworthNew Bilton26 yrs
19 July 1888EdmundSteaneNew Bilton57 yrs
26 August 1888HarriettBromwichNew Bilton46 yrs
3 October 1888ThomasPinderNew Bilton77 yrs
9 October 1888MaryLyonNew Bilton2 days
18 October 1888John CharlesWhiteheadNew Bilton3 weeks
2 November 1888LouisaPearsonNew Bilton55 yrs
2 November 1888Ethel AnnaCoppockNew Bilton6 months
2 November 1888Lily LouisaFurnissNew Bilton4 months
28 November 1888Mary SilbyDaviesNew Bilton14 months
23 December 1888JohnJonesNew Bilton72 yrs
1 January 1889KateFlavellNew Bilton8 months
20 January 1889Florence MaryOldhamNew Bilton4 months
19 February 1889Elizabeth AnnaTolcherNew Bilton5 months
21 March 1889Mary ElizabethCobleyNew Bilton4 months
25 March 1889Mary AnnOrtonNew Bilton31 yrs
30 April 1889Lucy Constance ElizabethMorrisNew Bilton15 yrs
5 May 1889Charles JonesSwyerNew Bilton58 yrs
9 May 1889William HenryIzzardNew Bilton14 months
1 Junes 1889AnnRollinsNew Bilton74 yrs
7 July 1889CharlesDavisNew Bilton25 yrs
6 October 1889AnnCrossNew Bilton70 yrs
5 January 1890James SmithWilsonNew Bilton49 yrs
8 February 1890MaryWatsonNew Bilton73 yrs
19 February 1890Lily BeatriceHancoxNew Bilton7 months
23 February 1890Sarah ElizabethBarnettNew Bilton29 yrs
28 March 1890EllenBeagleNew Bilton8 months
29 March 1890ElizabethWilsonNew Bilton82 yrs
5 May 1890HenryBeerNew Bilton8 hours
18 May 1890RolandFurnissNew Bilton7 yrs
23 May 1890JosiahDennyNew Bilton63 yrs
10 July 1890ElizabethWakelinNew Bilton61 yrs
5 August 1890William PerkinsDerbyNew Bilton48 yrs
28 August 1890AlfredDavisNew Bilton24 yrs
18 October 1890Frances ElizabethCleaverNew Bilton29 yrs
18 November 1890George JohnSpencerNew Bilton19 months
24 December 1890WilliamWilliamsNew Bilton3 months
25 January 1891AnnCarterNew Bilton57 yrs
6 February 1891LilyBeerNew Bilton36 hours
15 February 1891WilliamBusbyNew Bilton54 yrs
27 February 1891GeorgeBeckNew Bilton10 hours
1 March 1891ElizaBromwhichRugby32 yrs 6ft grave
5 March 1891WilliamBeagleNew Bilton25 yrs
5 March 1891WilliamHardwickNew Bilton10 weeks Under the Burial Act of 1880.
This infant was supplied by Frank Hardwick
having the charge of the burial of the deceased.
16 March 1891EllenCaddDied at New Bilton45 yrs
18 March 1891Rose CatherineBishopNew Bilton4 months
26 March 1891Alfred WilliamsonCoxNew Bilton1yr
27 March 1891ThomasCookNew Bilton66 yrs
7 April 1891Charles HenryCottonNew Bilton5 weeks
14 April 1891Frances CatherineLeesonSomis? Town London24 yrs
18 April 1891WilliamBradshawNew Bilton6 months
7 May 1891Frances EdithTailbyNew Bilton4 years
10 May 1891Arthur HenryCoppockNew Bilton8 months
25 May 1891LucySlatcherNew Bilton4 days
9 June 1891JannettLawrenceNew Bilton54 yrs
2 July 1891HarietBeckNew Bilton60 yrs
?13 July 1891CarolineFrances?New Bilton24 yrs
14 September 1891RobertBellNew Bilton23 yrs
28 October 1891ThomasWrightNew Bilton54 yrs
5 November 1891Hannah BurtonSidwellNew Bilton15 days
21 November 1891JosephSmithNew Bilton50 or 52 yrs Ages as shown in PR
28 November 1891James StockfordCleaverNew Bilton13 months
1 December 1891EmilyMarkhamNew Bilton6 yrs
10 January 1892ElizabethFosterNew Bilton74 yrs
17 January 1892JohnScottNew Bilton88 yrs
19 January 1892ElizaSmithTank Cottage New Bilton65 yrs
7 February 1892WilliamHandsNew Bilton65 yrs
12 March 1892Thomas HerbertSlaterNew Bilton6 months
22 April 1892Alfred ThomasDarbyNew Bilton21 yrs
12 May 1892Catherine LaviniaBensonNew Bilton10 yrs
9 June 1892Laura AnnStevensonNew Bilton8 yrs
14 June 1892William JamesRoundNew Bilton1yr 5 months
28 June 1892LizzyBeckNew Bilton2 and a half yrs
2 July 1892William BarfootWaldenNew Bilton38 yrs
23 July 1892AlexanderMilneNew Bilton60 yrs
10 August 1892CharlesSandersonNew Bilton64 yrs
28 August 1892William JohnHandsNew Bilton8 yrs
27 December 1892RobertBellNew Bilton54 yrs
7 January 1893EdwardThomasNew Bilton52 yrs
?11 February 1893Emma MaryTurnerNew Bilton4 yrs
Feb/March 1893ThomasGardenerFormerly living in New Bilton but died at the Rugby Union Workhouse74 yrs Without the rights of the Church.The Burial Act 1880.
That the burial took place was satisfied under the Act of 1880 by
John A Crisp, Master of the Rugby Union Workhouse
3 March 1893Edith MaryCoxNew Bilton3 months
16 April 1893Mary Ellen?Turner?New Bilton30 yrs
30 May 1893LottieNewmanNew Bilton3 weeks
10 June 1893MinnieChaterNew Bilton27 yrs
17 June 1893DavidGolbyNew Bilton33 yrs
27 June 1893ArthurNealIn a train? van? at New Bilton11 months
2 August 1893GeorgePuxleyNew Bilton8 months
7 August 1893MaryMawbyRugby88 yrs
7 September 1893JosephBrockleyNew Bilton65 yrs
23 September 1893SarahIngramNew Bilton73 yrs
24 November 1893ElizabethBradshawNew Bilton65 yrs
7 December 1893WilliamFrancesNew Bilton82 yrs
10 December 1893JohnRobinsNew Bilton67 yrs
24 December 1893AbrahamJacksonNew Bilton73 yrs
30 December 1893Ida LouiseGrookcockNew Bilton14days
7 February 1894JohnBeasleyOf New Bilton died in the Rugby Union69 yrs
4 March 1894Thomas BeasleyReynoldsNew Bilton18 months
15 March 1894Lional BurridgeBrittonDied at 27 Lawford Road New Bilton1yr 5 months Without the rights of the Church under the burial act of 1880. That this burial took place was satisfied under the act of 1880 by Charlotte Fisher? of 2 Lawford Road New Bilton
14 March 1894William ThomasWilsonNew Bilton14 yrs
2 May 1894JosephPritchardDied at New Bilton52 yrs
20 June 1894JohnTisorNew Bilton8 months
24 June 1894MatthewWilsonNew Bilton55 yrs
5 July 1894FrederickAlsopNew Bilton10 months
8 July 1894Joseph GeorgeBeerNew Bilton14 months
11 July 1894PhilipFrenchNew Bilton60 yrs or 57? Ages as shown in PR
9 August 1894FrederickHodgesNew Bilton7 months
15 August 1894AmeliaCottonNew Bilton64 yrs
2 September 1894ElizaCookNew Bilton67 yrs?
HerbertNew Bilton (The rest of this entry is either blank or too faded to read on microfilm) There is a note at the bottom of the page: Name given was Checkley but parents were not married when the child was born * more details in PR
30 October 1894MaryMawbyDied at Rugby Union26 yrs
3 November 1894AbrahamElyNew Bilton64 yrs
November 1894(None given)BeerNew Bilton12 hours Female unbaptised child of Harry & Matilda Rachel Beer. This child was of course buried without our service of the ?
19 November 1894SamuelHamptonNew Bilton87 yrs
24 November 1894Ethel JaneShelleyNew Bilton4 months
22 December 1894Elsie EmmaIngramNew Bilton3 months
6 January 1895HarryReynoldsNew Bilton16 months
15 January 1895ElizabethBartlettNew Bilton48 or 49 yrs Ages as shown in PR. Without the rights of the church
20 January 1895JohnTrusloveNew Bilton55 yrs
25 January 1895Edith EllenUptonNew Bilton16 months
14 February 1895ThomasReadingNew Bilton58 yrs
16 February 1895GeorgeMawbyNew Bilton2 yrs
16 February 1895Rhoda AmeliaHuddNew Bilton8 yrs
27 February 1895HenryWatsonNew Bilton78 yrs
7 April 1895CecilFosterNew Bilton10 weeks
19 April 1895John RossSmithNew Bilton5 days
27 April 1895JohnWilsonNew Bilton55 or 65 yrs
24 May 1895Albert EdgarFrostNew Bilton4 months
27 May 1895Florence May JuliaHipwellNew Bilton18 months
2 June 1895Matilda ElizabethBuxtonNew Bilton74 yrs
19 September 1895Sidney CharlesIzzardNew Bilton2 yrs Son of William Izzard
26 September 1895Florence EmilyGreenhillNew Bilton5 months Daughter of Alfred Greenhill
5 November 1895HarrietKempinNew Bilton45 yrs Wife of (?) Kempin
12 December 1895TomHancoxSpring Hill Road Glasgow40 yrs Son of John Hancox
14 January 1896DaisyFordNew Bilton4 hours Daughter of Emmanual Ford
1 February 1896Lottie DeakinsStrongNew Bilton7 months Daughter of Hariet Strong
10 February 1896Emily ElizabethBushillNew Bilton51 yrs Wife of (?)Bushill
24 February 1896Albert EdwardLanghamNew Bilton3 months Son of John Langham
4 March 1896Julia IvyOldhamNew Bilton16 days Daughter of (?)Oldham
31 March 1896SidneySmithNew Bilton73 yrs
6 June 1896SarahPikeNew Bilton51 yrs Wife of W. Pike
28 June 1896HenryFreemanNew Bilton died at Rugby Union Workhouse64 yrs
2 July 1896Arthur WilliamCleaverNew Bilton21 yrs Son of William Cleaver
29 July 1896EmmaBullNew Bilton36 yrs Wife of Frederick John Bull
21 September 1896CharlesFlowersNew Bilton4 yrs Son of (?)Flowers
25 September 1896Frank WilliamThomasNew Bilton7 weeks Son of John William Thomas
7 October 1896ElizabethLinesNew Bilton58 yrs Wife of (?) Lines
19 October 1896AnnieKiddellNew Bilton4 yrs Daughter of William W. Kiddell
25 October 1896MariaKellNew Bilton18 months Daughter of George Kell
31 October 1896James CharlesKiddellNew Bilton8 months Son of William W. Kiddell
3 November 1896AnnieBaileyNew Bilton14 months Daughter of (?) Bailey buried with a special form of service being unbaptised
13 November 1896Gladys AnnieCollinsNew Bilton4 yrs
7 December 1896ElizaTurveyNew Bilton75 yrs Wife of (?)Turvey
17 December 1896Albert CharlesMatthewsNew Bilton2 months Child of Minnie Elizabeth Matthews
31 December 1896JamesReynoldsNew Bilton8 months Child of William Reynolds
7 January 1897AnnHandsNew Bilton67 yrs Widow of William Hands
27 January 1897Dorothy MayIzzardNew Bilton3 yrs Child of I. Izzard
2 February 1897ElizaHighamNew Bilton20 yrs Daughter of Edward Higham
18 February 1897MariaFaulknerNew Bilton32 yrs Wife of Edmund Faulkner
28 March 1897EdwardHancoxNew Bilton51 yrs Son of (?)Hancox
2 April 1897William FrederickCoxNew Bilton2 days Child of Frederick Cox
22 April 1897BertramEdkinsNew Bilton17 months Child of (?) Edkins
28 April 1897CarolineHumphriesNew Bilton77 yrs
18 May 1897SarahCobleyNew Bilton76 yrs Widow of William Cobley
31 May 1897FlorenceCoppockNew Bilton7 months Child of Charles Coppock
24 July 1897William ErnestDavisNew Bilton18 yrs Son of (?) Davis
5 August 1897GeorgeWrightNew Bilton48 yrs Son of (?) Wright
26 August 1897Mary AnnBeasleyNew Bilton79 yrs Wife of John Beasley
31 August 1897FrankDavisNew Bilton4 months Child of Frank Davis
25 September 1897JohnBeasleyNew Bilton84 yrs
27 September 1897AlbertReeveNew Bilton3 months
4 October 1897HarryHillNew Bilton25 yrs
9 October 1897EllenTomesNew Bilton69 yrs
11 October 1897Mabel MayTysallNew Bilton6 weeks
21 October 1897Doris EllinGrantNew Bilton4 months )Buried in one coffin
21 October 1897Beatrice MayGrantNew Bilton4 months ) (this is a joint entry)
30 October 1897Mary AnnMillsNew Bilton53 yrs Wife of John Mills
3 November 1897Alfred GeorgeGreenhillNew Bilton9 weeks
3 November 1897AlfredMasonNew Bilton2 weeks
20 November 1897JosephNegusHillmorton late of New Bilton40 yrs
26 December 1897JohnUnderwoodRugby69 yrs
29 December 1897Olive MabelBushillNew Bilton7 yrs
4 January 1898WilliamWheelerNew Bilton85 yrs
24 May 1898Charles Galard AlbertBrainNew Bilton11 yrs
3 June 1898Sidney CharlesElliottRugby15 months Child of (?) Elliott
4 June 1898Laura MayBenjaminNew Bilton19 months
27 June 1898HenryRavenhallNew Bilton72 yrs
21 July 1898Ada LilianSmithNew Bilton18 months
1 August 1898MaudLaceyNew Bilton4 months
10 August 1898MillicentGrantNew Bilton31 yrs
17 August 1898George LouisEvertonNew Bilton19 months
23 August 1898HannahFrenchNew Bilton70 yrs
6 September 1898George AbrahamWheelerNew Bilton14 months Certified by Reuban Barron Primitive Methodist Minister under the Burial Laws 1880
20 September 1898GeorgeEdkinsNew Bilton38 yrs
29 September 1898TomWebbNew Bilton13 yrs
30 September 1898Elizabeth JaneBenchNew Bilton38 yrs
20 October 1898GeorgeReddingRugby63 yrs
3 December 1898Matthew MairRussellNew Bilton64 yrs
5 December 1898Percy WalterMushingNew Bilton7 yrs
29 December 1898AnniePearsonNew Bilton37 yrs
29 December 1898Eva AlicePaineNew Bilton19 yrs
19 January 1899William ArthurMundayNew Bilton3 months
2 february 1899ElizabethBarnacleNew Bilton70 yrs
4 February 1899Beatrice MayTurnerNew Bilton1yr
5 February 1899William CoxDarbyNew Bilton30 yrs
18 February 1899AnnPinderNew Bilton84 yrs
20 March 1899SarahBaileyRugby79 yrs
30 March 1899ThomasGambleAvon Lodge New Bilton27 yrs
11 April 1899CharlesDavisNew Bilton3 weeks ) Twins buried together
11 April 1899EdwinDavisNew Bilton3 weeks ) in one grave (joint entry)
22 April 1899Joseph GeorgeHinksBushbury31 yrs
13 May 1899Violet KateHubbardNew Bilton10 months
20 May 1899Hosea WilliamThomsonAvon Cottages New Bilton6 months
1 June 1899Sarah AnnBromwich96 Dunsmore Terrace Rugby71 yrs
16 July 1899Alfred DanielTurnerNew Bilton8 yrs
8 August 1899WilliamPayneAvon Cottages New Bilton10 yrs
14 August 1899John GeorgeGardnerNew Bilton17 yrs
19 August 1899BessieGardnerNew Bilton3 yrs
21 August 1899JosephJarvisNew Bilton47 yrs
27 August 1899JaneOaklandNew Bilton33 yrs
20 August 1899CyrilJudgeNew Bilton1yr
30 October 1899RuthFairfieldNew Bilton16 months
14 November 1899EmmaMawbyNew Bilton62 yrs
21 December 1899CecilNewittNew Bilton6 weeks
22 December 1899RobertEelesNew Bilton37 yrs
30 January 1900EdwardVeaseyNew Bilton68 yrs
2 February 1900(None given)ClarkeNew Bilton14 months Buried without Church service. This child died unbaptised. The name on the death certificate was Albert Victor
3 February 1900ThomasJonesNew Bilton78 yrs
5 February 1900SarahDadleyNew Bilton69 yrs
17 February 1900CharlesYappNew Bilton59 yrs
21 March 1900EllenVeaseyNew Bilton79 yrs
21 March 1900ArthurSpencerNew Bilton3 months
21 March 1900Gladys A.JenningsNew Bilton6 months
7 April 1900HenryCleaverNew Bilton61 yrs
19 April 1900TomWebbNew Bilton57 yrs
24 April 1900ElsieSlatcherNew Bilton22 months
9 May 1900Leslie Joseph CharlesBurtonNew Bilton3 weeks
14 May 1900Robert HenryFrostNew Bilton41 yrs
? May 1900RebeccaElyNew Bilton73 yrs
26 May 1900Harriet JaneClarkeNew Bilton9 months
5 June 1900CatherineBennettNew Bilton34 yrs
7 June 1900Charles FrederickCrossNew Bilton2 yrs
7 June 1900IsaacCurringtonNew Bilton80 yrs
16 June 1900CharlesGardnerNew Bilton2 yrs
22 June 1900ClaraCleaverNew Bilton31 yrs
26 July 1900Ivy Winifred MaudAveryNew Bilton3 months
13 July 1900ElizabethGreenNew Bilton No Service
30 July 1900Mary AnnCaveNew Bilton6 months
14 August 1900(None Given)LoydallNew Bilton9 days No Service. Unbaptised. Registered as Mary in register of deaths
22 August 1900Doris MayDavisNew Bilton3 months
25 August 1900ArthurHironsNew Bilton11 months
8 September 1900AnnChaterNew Bilton65 yrs
9 September 1900Rose FraserWingNew Bilton28 yrs
19 Sptember 1900JohnHinksNew Bilton65 yrs
9 October 1900Albert JohnFullerNew Bilton8 months
9 October 1900Henrietta EmmaGrubbNew Bilton2 yrs
10 October 1900Harold EdwinTurnerNew Bilton4 months
2 November 1900Edward ThomasJonesNew Bilton18 months
10 November 1900Emma ElizabethCleaverNew Bilton6 yrs
11 November 1900ArthurKempinNew Bilton18 yrs
11 November 1900Annie IsabellaBatheNew Bilton22 months
28 November 1900WilliamMawbyNew Bilton11 months
17 December 1900Winifred MayHighamNew Bilton17 yrs
18 December 1900Susan ElizabethJonesNew Bilton3 yrs
9 January 1901Gladys VictoriaEdwinsNew Bilton5 weeks
12 January 1901Edwin FrancisCottonNew Bilton73 yrs
16 January 1901AnnTranterNew Bilton48 yrs
24 January 1901(None Given)FlintNew Bilton2 hours No Service, unbaptised registered as Elizabeth Winifred
26 January 1901LouisaFelthamNew Bilton2 yrs
21 February 1901EstherMaceNew Bilton77 yrs
23 February 1901CatherineSmartNew Bilton76 yrs
25 March 1901MaryMenziesNew Bilton83 yrs
6 April 1901AgnesVeaseyNew Bilton35 yrs
13 April 1901JamesWilsonLong Lawford38 yrs
15 April 1901Martha AnnTwiggerNew Bilton17 yrs
15 May 1901Mary AnnLaceyNew Bilton40 yrs
8 June 1901Sarah AnnWoodfieldNew Bilton20 yrs
19 June 1901HaroldAngellNew Bilton8 yrs
22 June 1901George ArthurBotterillNew Bilton11 yrs
28 June 1901Ethel JaneHollandNew Bilton11 yrs
16 July 1901AnnSlatcherNew Bilton68 yrs
2 August 1901Jonathon RogersJonesNew Bilton39 yrs
6 August 1901AdaPerkinsNew Bilton31 yrs
19 August 1901Ivy Nellie MayBurtonNew Bilton2 months
10 September 1901Lily VictoriaTuttellNew Bilton37 yrs
14 September 1901JosephBenjaminNew Bilton51 yrs
8 October 1901Sarah MayWoodfieldNew Bilton4 months
20 November 1901JohnElsonNew Bilton42 yrs
23 November 1901SarahWrightNew Bilton61 yrs
26 November 1901Ernest GeorgePithamNew Bilton9 months
3 December 1901John Ernest MoultonWelchNew Bilton18 days
16 December 1901ErnestJonesNew Bilton28 yrs
21 December 1901Ada FlorenceGeorgeNew Bilton2 yrs
30 December 1901Arthur OswaldBradshawNew Bilton11 months
7 January 1902Albert GeorgeIson192 Victoria Street New Bilton5 months
26 February 1902HenryHuntNew Bilton16 days
1 March 1902AnnieFullerNew Bilton6 hours
1 March 1902GeorgeBirdNew Bilton6 months
1 March 1902ThomasChaterNew Bilton67 yrs
1 March 1902Edgar BadenFavellNew Bilton1yr Certified by John Audoire Salvation Army Officer under the Burial Laws 1880
3 March 1902ThomasBrewerNew Bilton70 yrs
8 March 1902LeonoraMundayNew Bilton7 days
8 March 1902Alfred EphraimeFlowersNew Bilton5 months
8 March 1902(None Given)JamesNew Bilton3 hours No Service. Unbaptised
29 March 1902SamuelTurtonNew Bilton37 yrs
7 April 1902Edith FlorencePickingNew Bilton20 months
28 April 1902FrederickTimmsNew Bilton56 yrs
1 May 1902(None Given)BartlettNew Bilton No service. Unbaptised Registered as Gertrude Margory
24 May 1902(None Given)RaeNew Bilton10 minutes No Service. Unbaptised Registered as Lily
27 May 1902BenjaminBishopNew Bilton61 yrs
28 May 1902Marjory Gladys SelinaWrightRugby26 days
1 June 1902Emily JaneRaeNew Bilton23 yrs
11 June 1902ArthurGreenNew Bilton3 yrs
11 July 1902(None Given)HubbardNew Bilton12 hours No Service. Unbaptised Registered as Lily
23 July 1902WilliamHoneNew Bilton5 months
25 July 1902Alfred FrankLinesNew Bilton8 months
27 July 1902HarryWattsNew Bilton34 yrs
28 July 1902John AlfredBerryNew Bilton55 yrs
14 August 1902LeonardPithamNew Bilton2 days
15 August 1902FrederickFoxNew Bilton42 yrs
30 August 1902JohnNegusNew Bilton81 yrs
23 September 1902Isaac GeorgeGardnerNew Bilton42 yrs
30 October 1902LucyPrattNew Bilton50 yrs
1 November 1902Frederick JobTurnerNew Bilton8 days
8 November 1902ErnestYoungNew Bilton4 months
19 November 1902Florence MaryReidNew Bilton12 days
24 November 1902Albert EdwardSmithNew Bilton12 days
24 November 1902Dorothy AlexandraSmithNew Bilton11 days
12 December 1902AnnSmithNew Bilton77 yrs
27 December 1902Eliza ElizabethFlowersNew Bilton5 weeks
9 January 1903Margaret ElizabethHallNew Bilton2 yrs
15 January 1903WilliamLeesonHarborough Magna83 yrs
14 January 1903FrankCoxNew Bilton9 months Certified by Rev John H. Lees Baptist Minister in Rugby.
23 January 1903Noel JohnLynnCrickNew Bilton3 months
28 January 1903Eleanor MaryHancoxNew Bilton23 yrs
11 February 1903WilliamMarlowNew Bilton61 yrs
25 February 1903Charles ReubenDriverNew Bilton11 weeks
28 February 1903(None Given)TaylorNew Bilton10 hours No Service. Unbaptised Registered as Edith Ann
7 March 1903(None Given)WilsonNew Bilton4 hours No Service. Unbaptised
13 March 1903CatherineThompsonNew Bilton51 yrs
14 March 1903Lily ElizabethBoxNew Bilton9 months
13 March 1903(None Given)JamesNew Bilton1 hour No Service. Unbaptised
21 March 1903Winifred Doris BrownsonSteptoeNew Bilton8 months
21 March 1903Henry HerbertBradshawNew Bilton? months
25 March 1903FlorenceWalterNew Bilton36 yrs
25 March 1903SarahWalterNew Bilton14 days
30 March 1903ElsieNoonNew Bilton11 weeks
30 March 1903(None Given)TaylorNew Bilton5 weeks No Service. Unbaptised Registered as Alfred
1 April 1903(None Given)StearnNew Bilton10 days No Service. Unbaptised Registered as John Reginald
15 April 1903RhodaMorganNew Bilton54 yrs
20 April 1903EllenFarfieldNew Bilton5 yrs
27 April 1903LucyWarrenNew Bilton63 yrs
7 May 1903Harriet AnnCleaverNew Bilton43 yrs
6 May 1903Annie IsabelBagleyNew Bilton23 yrs Certified by the Rev John H Lees Baptist Minister, Rugby
9 May 1903LeonardBurrNew Bilton4 months
24 May 1903EdwinHighamNew Bilton54 yrs
15 June 1903Cicely AlexandraAlcockNew Bilton4 months
1 July 1903Elizabeth HarrietPhazey3 New St. New Bilton41 yrs
10 August 1903ClaraBaileyNew Bilton54 yrs
20 August 1903WalterWaitNew Bilton74 yrs
23 August 1903Vincent JohnTurnerNew Bilton59 yrs
24 August 1903RuthJonesNew Bilton88 yrs
27 August 1903William EdwardHarrisNew Bilton5 weeks
18 September 1903ThomasBuxtonNew Bilton85 yrs
21 September 1903Charles WilliamCoppockRugby4 months
30 September 1903AnnBeasleyThe Union88 yrs
30 September 1903Redvers JamesPalmerNew Bilton2 yrs
10 October 1903(None Given)DeanNew Bilton16 hours No service. Unbaptised Registered as Benjamin
14 October 1903Adelaide MinnieFreemanNew Bilton24 yrs
29 October 1903Edith LouiseWilsonNew Bilton32 yrs
3 November 1903JohnDadleyNew Bilton68 yrs
5 November 1903GertrudeHillyardNew Bilton10 yrs
11 November 1903Dora BurrowsGardenerNew Bilton6 months Name on certificate Elizabeth Dora
12 November 1903AnnFletcherNew Bilton63 yrs
4 December 1903JosephCoxNew Bilton93 yrs
11 December 1903(None Given)GascombeNew Bilton5 months
17 December 1903(None Given)HallNew Bilton5 days No service
18 January 1904ElizabethWilsonNew Bilton23 yrs
7 February 1904Margaret RachelBrightNew Bilton1yr
18 February 1904ElizabethFlavelNew Bilton67 yrs Certified by Rev R.S. Smith. Roman Catholic Priest
22 February 1904CharlesTurveyNew Bilton75 yrs
23 February 1904Amy LouiseFullerNew Bilton17 months
2 March 1904ElizaHarrisNew Bilton87 yrs
5 March 1904Winifred AmyEarlNew Bilton5 yrs Certified by Rev John H. Lees,Baptist Minister in Rugby
26 March 1904Thomas HenryBarrattNew Bilton6 weeks
11 April 1904WilliamHallNew Bilton65 yrs
17 April 1904David LeonardClarkNew Bilton34 yrs
1 May 1904Noel ThomasCrumpNew Bilton22 yrs
8 May 1904Walter EdwardBondsNew Bilton9 months
11 May 1904(None Given)GoodeNew Bilton6 weeks Unbaptised Registered as Sydney Frank
12 May 1904William JohnFletcherNew Bilton15 weeks
27 May 1904Stanley GeorgeFrenchNew Bilton18 months
28 May 1904John SamuelManningNew Bilton73 yrs
16 May 1904(None Given)WardNew Bilton11 weeks Unbaptised Registered as Annie Laurie Elizabeth
6 June 1904WilliamWattsRugby81 yrs
18 June 1904AnnFothergillNew Bilton59 yrs
30 June 1904ClaraBuxtonNew Bilton45 yrs
8 July 1904HarrietKitchenerNew Bilton24 yrs
20 July 1904ElizabethCollinsNew Bilton67 yrs
26 July 1904Ethel MayClaridgeNew Bilton3 months
20 August 1904Leonard HerbertPaineNew Bilton9 months
1 September 1904(None Given)LinesNew Bilton2 days No service
21 September 1904Helen GertrudeRadbourneNew Bilton3 weeks
28 September 1904ThomasRowleyNew Bilton7 yrs
1 October 1904Isaac AlbertVertigan44 Avenue Road, New Bilton39 yrs
3 October 1904Winifred ElsieStallardNew Bilton10 months
9 October 1904Cyril ErnestFrostNew Bilton6 weeks This burial was certified by the Rev George Norton, Congregational Minister, Rugby
28 October 1904NinaRatcliffeNew Bilton10 weeks
6 November 1904WilliamJonesNew Bilton55 yrs
10 November 1904GeorgeBrightwellNew Bilton14 months
4 December 1904JohnMillsNew Bilton67 yrs
11 December 1904EmmanuelFordNew Bilton36 yrs
24 December 1904Walter ThomasJarvisNew Bilton1 yr
31 December 1904ThomasHalfordNew Bilton68 yrs
11 January 1905(None Given)MussonNew Bilton8 weeks No Service. Unbaptised Registered names George William
15 January 1905EdithHironsNew Bilton13 yrs
17 January 1905GeorgeDayNew Bilton2 weeks
20 January 1905AlexanderWarrenNew Bilton8 months
25 January 1905Gertrude AliceBatheNew Bilton13 months
4 February 1905Alice ElizabethWilkinsonNew Bilton4 yrs
5 February 1905HarrietBelcherNew Bilton83 yrs
8 February 1905MaryBeasleyLawford Road New Bilton23 yrs
18 February 1905Joseph CharlesWilkinsonNew Bilton2 yrs
20 February 1905IssacFellNew Bilton74 yrs
24 February 1905FrankGascombe10 Pinfold Street New Bilton3 yrs No service (child unbaptised)
28 February 1905George CockerillHillyard2 Campbell Terrace New Bilton5 yrs
4 March 1905Gertrude ElsieHillyard2 Campbell Terrace New Bilton11 months
8 March 1905SarahSalmon59 Pinfold Street, New Bilton88 yrs
10 March 1905Ivy Eugene RoseWilkinson6 Campbell Terrace, New Bilton2 months
12 March 1905Winifred MayHillyard2 Campbell Terrace, New Bilton2 yrs
13 March 1905Gertrude RoseMatcham2 Avenue Road, New Bilton13 yrs
13 March 1905ElizaPerkins48 Campbell Street, New Bilton49 yrs
14 March 1905Beatrice MayWilcox20 Bridget Street, New Bilton4 yrs
14 March 1905Edith HarrietFarnAdams Street, New Bilton18 months
22 March 1905JosephHoughtonAvenue Road, New Bilton65 yrs
28 March 1905SamPalmerBakehouse Lane, New Bilton10 months
1 April 1905Alfred CharlesBox194 Lawford Road, New Bilton19 months
5 April 1905EvaHarrisPinfold Street, New Bilton1yr
6 April 1905HollySpencer80 Avenue Road, New Bilton15 months
6 April 1905(None Given)GoodeBridget Street, New Bilton4 hours Female child of Albert Goode, unbaptised
9 April 1905Florence HildaWilson34 Victoria Street, New Bilton2 yrs
12 April 1905ElizabethHayesNew St. New Bilton2 hours Unbaptised
12 May 1905ArthurAdes44 Victoria Avenue, New Bilton10 days
16 May 1905Elsie EthelLineAvon Cottage, New Bilton4 months
26 May 1905Dorothy MaudGardner28 New Street, New Bilton8 days Unbaptised
15 June 1905WilliamGoode65 Pinfold Street, New Bilton85 yrs
2 July 1905Ada EvelineChamberlain45 Lawford Road, New Bilton5 yrs
15 July 1905Walter GeorgeHolland10 Jubillee Street, New Bilton18 yrs
12 August 1905William Henry JamesRaybould61 New Street. New Bilton8 yrs
18 August 1905Frank CecilRogersNew St. New Bilton21 months
4 September 1905Alice AnnieAllen10 Avenue Road, New Bilton11 months
26 September 1905CharlesBeasley29 Lawford Road, New Bilton30 yrs
3 October 1905ArthurChater45 New Street, New Bilton7 hours Unbaptised
16 October 1905John CharlesSpicer9 Bull Street, New Bilton42 yrs
29 October 1905(None given)Wiltshire45 Victoria Street, New BiltonNo age Femaile infant child of Annie Louisa Wiltshire. Unbaptised
11 November 1905Sarah AnnChater45 New Street, New Bilton39 yrs
11 November 1905Reginald WalterBradshaw89 Victoria Street, New Bilton18 months
16 November 1905AlbertJamesNew Bilton40 yrs
27 November 1905Sarah AnnMontgomery53 New Street, New Bilton43 yrs
13 December 1905John Robert EdwardPortman28 New street, New Bilton2 yrs
17 December 1905Thomas EdgarClarke27 New Street, New Bilton9 yrs
4 January 1906CharlesSpraggett67 Lawford Road, New Bilton48 yrs
12 January 1906ArthurGarner7 New St. New Bilton1hr Unbaptised
25 January 1906William JohnMorganClariadon Cottage, New St. New Bilton64 yrs
27 January 1906Edith EllenCox14 Jubillee Road, New Bilton9 months
29 January 1906MarthaFrenchPinfold Street, New Bilton65 yrs
2 February 1906TomFairfield214 Lawford Road, New Bilton11 yrs
29 January 1906Frank Victor JohnBrownAvenue Road, New Bilton4 weeks Unbaptised
3 February 1906ZaccheusBishop62 Pinfold Street, New Bilton66 yrs
12 February 1906Dorothy KateBull128 New Street, New Bilton22 months
27 February 1906ThomasHowlettNew St. New Bilton31 yrs
3 March 1906HarryMawby62 Victoria Street New Bilton17 yrs
6 March 1906AnnAnderson37 Victoria Avenue New Bilton73 yrs
8 March 1906MariaMarkham37 Lawford Road. New Bilton59 yrs
13 March 1906Arthur John JamesMontgomery59 New Street, New Bilton10 weeks
17 March 1906CharlesSlater16 Pinfold Street, New Bilton46 yrs
19 March 1906Kathleen LilianHarrisCampbell Terrace, Lawford Road, New Bilton7 weeks
21 April 1906Alfred JeffreyWheeler18 Campbell Street, New Bilton1 month
11 May 1905GeorgeDickinsRugby Workhouse69 yrs
12 May 1906EmmerlineHigham12 Newland Street, New Bilton55 yrs
15 May 1906GeorgeHawkinsNew Bilton11 hours Unbaptised
18 July 1906Dorothy BessyBryan6 Campbell Terrace, New Bilton3 yrs
1 August 1906IsaacFrench13 Lawford Road, New Bilton67 yrs
6 August 1906ElizaBusby91 Lawford Road, New Bilton58 yrs
22 August 1906Stanley George EdwardSmith41 Pinfold Street, New Bilton15 months
6 September 1906William CharlesBennett57 Campbell Street, New Bilton3 yrs
13 September 1906Frances FannyBryan6 Campbell Terrace, New Bilton24 yrs
15 September 1906ArthurByford13 Victoria Avenue, New Bilton3 months
25 September 1906ElizabethBeagleCampbell Terrace, Lawford Road, New Bilton6 months
29 September 1906JohnParemain45 Lawford Road, New Bilton9 months
23 October 1906(Nellie)Smith1 Clarence Road, New Bilton5 weeks Unbaptised
9 November 1906MaryTrinderLawford Road, New Bilton81 yrs
9 November 1906William WrightRuberyRubery Hill Asylum46 yrs
9 November 1906HarrietBrinley28 Lawford Road, New Bilton52 yrs
15 November 1906JohnLines45 Newland Street, New Bilton72 yrs
17 November 1906Joseph WilliamSmith1 Clarence Road, New Bilton3 yrs
21 November 1906Charles FrederickDayLawford Road, New Bilton32 yrs
21 November 1906Stanley EdgarBee123 Lawford Road, New Bilton5 months
1 December 1906(None Given)Jones42 Avenue Road, New BiltonA few hours Female child of Frederick Jones Prematurely born & Unbaptised
3 December 1906ElizabethReynoldsNew St. New Bilton73 yrs
7 December 1906Ernest HenryCave3 Addison Road, New Bilton10 days
11 December 1906Florence MayGutteridge6 Gladstone Street, New Bilton24 days
19 December 1906Katherine MildredHall48 Victoria Avenue, New Bilton3 weeks
28 December 1906AnniceBerryBishops Itchington54 yrs
29 December 1906Alfred ErnestHall47 Campbell Street, New Bilton10 Months
9 January 1907Fanny EllenGoode6 Bridget Stret, New Bilton6 months
23 January 1907MaryElliott2 Bakehouse Lane, New Bilton82 yrs
2 February 1907Lois MayCleaver3 Clarence Road, New Bilton10 months
2 February 1907(None Given)Charles14 Jubillee Street, New Bilton6 hours Infant child of Mr Charles. Unbaptised

End of Register

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