Monks Kirby, St Edith's
Marriages from 1653 to 1660

ëWarwick Info
These marriages are from the Parish Registers of St Edith's Church, Monks Kirby.
They do not appear on the IGI, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only. The dates are original (ie not corrected for order or starting the year in Jan)
Warwick Record office Reference DR380/1.

There is a poem at the front of the register:

If any one desires to look
And know the subject of this book,
Here's first who borne and who baptised
Next honord marriage so high prized
And last who buried were in grownd
All which within this book is found.
The day, the moneth, and eke the yeare,
You have it all recorded here.
This booke was was made for Mounkes Kerbie
In Sixteen Hundred Fiftie Three.
And (as I very well remember)
Begin the 8th day of November.
One Churchwarden Edward Johnson
And then William Boddington
By Richard Martin Minister
Sworn and appointed Registrar
Who praises their names enrolled may be
In books of life eternally.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

(?*)tton, Anstey, Ardingworth, Arnsdall, Ashby, Asley, Baker, Banburie, Barton, Baxter, Clothier, Beale, Beesley, Beighton, Bend, Bent, Bentley, Binley, Bishop, Boddington, Bostokes, Boys, Bradney, Bright, Broughton, Bull, Carpenter, Chad, Checkland, Checkly, Cheny, Claire, Clarke, Coles, Collins, Cornborow, Cox, Croft, Crofts, Crosse, Darby, Drakeley, Drakley, Ducket, Easton, Ellis, Essex, Farmer, Fletcher, Friswell, Gammage, Gardiner, Gardner, Garner, Gidley, Gilbert, Greene, Hale, Hall, Harrison, Haycock, Haycocke, Herbert, Hidson, Hollingworth, Hollis, Holmes, Houst, Humphreys, Hunt, Jackson, Jeffcott, Johnson, Jones, Komming, Langham, Ley, Liquorish, Malin, Mansfield, Marshall, Mason, Mathew, Mauby, Meeke, Millhouse, Morris, Neale, Newton, Osborne, Packwood, Partridge, Paybody, Pegg, Perry, Plover, Robinson, Rogers, Roole, Rose, Sandford, Sargin, Scotten, Sefton, Sharman, Shell, Smyth, Soden, Staine, Swaine, Sweetlad, Thurstons, Tirry, Townsend, Trist, Varnham, Vere, Walker, Ward, Waren, Watson, Watts, Web, Weile, Whitmore, Wightman, Wilkinson, Wilson, Woodcocke.
* Obliterated by a blot on the page
Abbot, Ballard, Bazeley, Beamish, Bell, Binley, Bratford, Brimage, Brodgat, Brooks, Browne, Bud, Burrows, Burton, Carter, Chamberlain, Clarke, Cleaver, Clever, Clour (?), Cocks, Cole, Compton, Cooper, Cowley, Cox, Crooke, Crow, Croxall, Eales, Eldred, Ellis, Fletcher, Fowkes, Franklin, French, Garrat, Gilbert, Glascot, Good, Granger, Graunt, Grey, Grub, Haddon, Haken, Hall, Harris, Harrison, Haycocke, Haywood, Herbert, Heycocke, Higgs, Hobley, Howler, Hughes, Hurst, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnstone, Kidney, Lackson, Lakins, Langdon, Langham, Lee, Lissiman, Longdon, Lydbrook, Marshall, Masters, Meakins, Meigh, Morton, Nuton, Packwood, Paine, Palmer, Paybody, Pebodie, Perfatt(?), Perkins, Pollard, Reade, Relfe, Robbts, Robinson, Roe, Sadler, Satchwell, Sawbridge, Shaw, Sheers, Shires, Smart, Smith, Smyth, Stafford, Staine, Stapleton, Taylor, Temple, Thornton, Toons, Townsend, Tows, Turner, Ule, Wafforne, Wagstaff, Wale, Ward, Warden, Waterton, Web, Wheate, Wilkins, Williams, Winbourton, Witeman, Wright.

Date Groom From Bride From
8 Nov 1653William SmythHillmortonJane SmartLawford
15 Dec 1653Richard BentleyComr Lord?Deborah WardThe same
15 Dec 1653Henry MorrisClaybrooke in Co of LecesterElizabeth WardenBurton Hastings in Co of Warr
14 March 1653Thomas PackwoodBrinklow in Co WarrBarbara CrowDunchurch in said County
22 Apl 1654Edward GardinerClifton in the County of WarrElizabeth HiggsOf the same town
29 Apr 1654John FarmerBorehason(?) in the psh of Ratby in the Countie of LecesterAnn HaywoodClaybrook in the said Countie
4 May 1654Thomas ThurstonsLonglawfordAlice GrubThurlaston
11 May 1654John HidsonAnseley in the Co of WarrElizabeth WaleBurbage in the Co of Lecester
11 May 1654Edward WilsonCarleton in the psh of Market Bosworth in the Co of LecesterChristian CowleyChurchover in the Co of Warr
18 May 1654Robert HoustNether Broughton in the Co of LecesterMary SawbridgeHillmorton in the Countie of Warr
26 May 1654John GarnerWilley in the Co of WarrMary GilbertOf the same town
26 May 1654John Baxter, ClothierThe Citie of CoventryAnn BrodgatUllesthorpe in the Co of Lecester
24 May 1654William BinleyStrettonElizabeth StapletonMonkes Kerby
4 July 1654John BakerBrimingehamAnn CarterEsnell
10 July 1654Henry VarnhamNun EatonElizabeth BazeleyEsenhull
20 July 1654Peter DucketCoventryMary CooperPailton
3 Aug 1654Thomas GardnerBarton in the Beans in the Co of LecesterAnn MortonMercat Bosworth in the said Countie
25 July 1654Henry WattsHill Morton in the Co of WarrEkzabeth WardOf the same towne
7 Aug 1654Thomas TristRugby in the Co of WarrAnn FranklinCosford in the said Countie
15-08-1654Robert SmythBadby in the Countie of NorthantsJudith HallStretton in the Co of Warr
5 Oct 1654John BeesleyBurton Hastings in the Co of WarrMargaret WheateOf the same towne
12 Oct 1654John ChecklandPailtonAnn CleaverOf the same towne
24 Oct 1654James BullCopstonMary WilliamsOf the same towne
4 Nov 1654William ChecklyBradfordHannah LydbrookOf the same towne
9 Nov 1654Robert CroftsNewbold upon AvonMary ShawOf the same towne
10 Nov 1654Edward WalkerNewbold on AvonRebecca WilkinsFlecknow
14 Nov 1654Thomas AnsteyWoolstonElizabeth PebodieOf the same towne
14 Nov 1654Jonathan MansfieldBramcoteEllenor SheersOf the same towne
15 Nov 1654John Crofts Suzannah Graunt 
14 Dec 1654Richard SharmanStrettonElizabeth BurrowsKerby
21 Dec 1654Thomas EllisCopstonSarah CarterWolston
26 Dec 1654Thomas NealeWeston in Bulkington parishSusannah TaylorNun Eaton
9 Jan 1654John WilkinsonDunchurchDorothy JohnstoneOf the same towne
11 Jan 1654Thomas BartonRugbyElizabeth EalesOf the same towne
2 Feb 1654Francis ColesRugbyBridgit WafforneLong Lawford
15 Feb 1654John SeftonRookbyAnne KidneyOf the same towne
27 Feb 1654John SmythBulkingtonMargarit PackwoodMonks Kirbie
28 March 1655Richard JacksonLedgers AshbyMary RobinsonHillmorton
5 Apr 1655Thomas ClarkeBrookhurstAnn BrowneStreet Ashton
10 Apr 1655John DarbyFenny DraitonJoan CocksWolvey
14 Apr 1655Thomas ColesDunchurchAnn BellOf the same town
17 Apr 1655William CoxLong LawfordMary HobleyRookeby
17 Apr 1655Matthew GidleyLutterworthAnn GilbertClaybrook
20 Apr 1655John PerryWolveyMargarit SmithWithybrooke
8 May 1655William MarshallKirbie MaloryElizabeth EldredNun Eaton
15 May 1655Jacob PeggNun EatonJane Perfatt(?)Of the same towne
4 June 1655William WhitmoreCotonAnn GarratAtleborow
4 June 1655Abraham MillhouseNun EatonAnn ClarkeCoton aforesaid
26 June 1655Henry RogersCoventryAbigale CarterEsnel in the psh of Monks Kirby
10 July 1655Henry BeightonGriffe in the psh of Chilvers CotonSusannah SmartClaybrook
11 July 1655William BakerGriffe in the psh of Chilvers CotonMaxy TempleOf the same psh
16 July 1655Edward BoddingtonHillmortonElizabeth MastersOf the same towne
23 July 1655William WebSow in the Co of WarrAnn BratfordRugby
31 July 1655Joseph BishopRookbyRhebecca NutonOf the same town
6 Aug 1655Thoma CoxChurch LawfordMary LacksonWithybrook
7 Aug 1655Steven BentNarbarow in Co LecestElizabeth CooperSapcote in the same Countie
28 Aug 1655John FriswellHinkleyDorcas PaineCopston
11 Oct 1655Richard ClarkeStrettonElizabeth ComptonOf the same town
18 Oct 1655Roger AshbyGryff in the Co if WarrElizabeth PollardBurbage in Co Leicester
15 Oct 1655William LanghamStrettonMary HerbertPailton
16 Oct 1655Thomas WeileHinkleyElizabeth HeycockePailton
26 Dec 1655Roger WarenNun EatonMary CroxallOf the same towne
26 Dec 1655William GreeneNun EatonOlive SadlerOf the same towne
26 Dec 1655Thomas WightmanAnsteyJoane LongdonOf the same towne
16 Jan 1655Job VereNun EatonAnn MeighOf the same towne
18 Feb 1655Richard StaineCopstonSarah BeamishAttleborough in Nuneaton Parish
5 March 1655Thomas ArdingworthBiltonMary BallardOf the same towne
6 March 1655Thomas SweetladWilleyAnn PerkinsWibtoft
25 March 1656John WatsonAnsteyffrances HakenOf the same town
8 April 1656Anthony RobinsonNun EatonFrances RelfeOf the same towne
6 May 1656John EssexCopstonMartha PaineOf the same towne
21 May 1656William PloverWolveyElinor HarrisOf the same towne
27 May 1656Richard BendChurch LawfordKatherine LissimanBrandon in the pish of Wolston.
2 June 1656William SarginNun EatonElizabeth FrenchOf the same towne
3 June 1656Joseph EastonEast Haddon in Co NorthamptonElizabeth SmythEsenhul in this pish
9 June 1656Abraham DrakeleyNuneatonAnn PaineOf the same towne
14 June 1656Thomas HumphreysEsenhullAnn BrooksOf the same towne
14 June 1656Thomas MasonUlstropElizabeth WatertonCopston
10 July 1656Joseph ClaireWolveyUnitie BurtonOf the same towne
14 July 1656George NewtonGriff in the parish of Coton in the Co WarrAnn LeeBedworth
14 July 1656John HollingworthNun EatonFrances JacksonOf the same town
15 July 1656John MarshallStoke Godding in the Co of LecestElizabeth BrimageHillmorton in Co Warr
21 July 1656William BrightBurton Hastings in the Co of WarrAnn HaddonAttleborow in psh of Nuneaton
22 July 1656John CornborowBramcote in psh of Bulkington in the Co of WarrAnn GreyOf the same town
24 July 1656Edward HaleComb Abby in the countie of WarrAnn ShiresBinley in the same countie
29 July 1656Robert WoodcockeGrindon in the Co of WarrTabitha LakinsOf the same town
30 July 1656Deliverance JohnsonNun Eaton in the Co of WarrAnn PalmerHinkley in the Co Lecs
5 Aug 1656William KommingCoventrieBarbara WinbourtonWibtoft in the psh of Claybrooke in the Co of Lecs
9 Aug 1656Thomas BoysShawell in the Co of LecMary GrangerBrinkloe in the co of Warr
12 Aug 1656Samuel PartridgeAstley in the Co of WarrSarah LeeBulkinton in the same Co
18 Aug 1656John ArnsdallChilvers Coton in the Co of WarrAlice ReadeAnstey in the said co
18 Aug 1656Thomas CoxChilvers CotonElizabeth GlascotOf the same towne
29 Sept 1656Edward JonesRugbyLidia WebOf the same towne
29 Sept 1656Robert RoseNun EatonFrances HowlerOf the same towne
3 Dec 1656Benjamin MathewKenelmworthSusanna PalmerStretton
16 Dec 1656John ChenyHuntcoat in the Co of LecesterMary HurstUlstrop in the psh of Claybrooke co afforesaid
6 Jan 1656Richard WardHinkley in the countie of LeicElizabeth GilbertClaybrooke in the same co
6 Jan 1656John CollinsSow in the Co of WarAnne LangdonWikin in the said co
30 Jan 1656John CroftCliftonMary ChamberlainOf the same towne
10 March 1656George BostokesBilton in the Co of WarrMary TowsOf the same towne
16 March 1656John OsborneChilvers Coton in the Co of WarrAnn WagstaffOf the same town
17 March 1656Henry BradneyNun Eaton in the co of WarrElizabeth HarrisonOf the same town
4 April 1657John JeffcottShilton in the co WarrMary JenkinsBulkington in the same Countie
21 May 1657John DrakleyAtleborow in the Countie of WarrAnn StaffordOf the same towne
29 May 1657John BanburieLaire in the Co of LecestrMary TownsendOf the same towne
2 June 1657Thomas SandfordHinkley in the Co of LecSibbell WitemanPailton in this pish
5 June 1657Richard BealeLaire in the Countie of LecestrKatherine BinleyStretton in this pish
10 June 1657Andrew LeyOf this pshAnn CrookeOf the same
6 July 1657William HollisChilvers Coton in the Co of WarrAlice HughesOf the same towne
15 July 1657John HarrisonDunchurch in the Co of WarrAlice UleOf the same towne
21 July 1657John TirryDunchurchDorothy HarrisOf the same
20 Aug 1657Daniel Mauby Isabell Robbts 
29 Sept 1657George ShellRookby in the Co of WarrJane WebOf the same
11 Nov 1657Richard LiquorishWoolstonAnn Clour (?)Weston in the pish of Bulkington
21 Dec 1657Thomas HaycockPailtonAnne SatchwellEsnell
24 Dec 1657Thomas SodenPailtonAnn SmythOf the same
28 Apr 1658Thomas CarpenterKnapton on the HillGrace HaycockePailton
4 May 1658Robert CoxBassoil (?)Margarit HerbertPailton
20 May 1658John HallPailtonKatherine GoodOf the same towne
30 Apr l658Thomas Holmes Mary Packwood 
12 June 1658John (?*)ttonBrinklowJane MarshallPailton
19 June 1658Richard ChadCopstonSarah EllisOf the same
21 July 1658Thomas Roole Elizabeth Cox 
18 June 1658Steven Malin Elizabeth Packwood 
12 Nov 1658John Gammage Anna Cole 
8 Jan 1658William Fletcher Elizabeth Johnson 
7 May 1659William Townsend Katherine Bud 
25 Apr 1659Thomas Paybody Elizabeth Roe 
16 May 1659William Crosse Margery Clever 
30 Aug 1659William Meeke Hannah Wright 
9 Sept 1659William Smyth Anne Abbot 
15 Sept 1659William Swaine Mary Gilbert 
30 Aug 1659Richard Hunt Elizabeth Fletcher 
5 Nov 1659William Herbert Anne Thornton 
21 Nov 1659Thomas Smyth Elizabeth Paybody 
12 Jan 1659William HaycockeCoventryMary Meakins 
22 Oct 1659William Scotten Elizabeth Hall 
8 April 1659Richard Ley Agnes Packwood 
19 Jan 1659Henry Broughton Elizabeth Fowkes 
21Apr 1660Thomas Checkland Elizabeth Turner 
26 May 1660James AsleyWolveyAnne ToonsWolvey
4 Oct 1660Thomas Gilbert Godith Langham 
6 Oct 1660Edward ScottenWolveyMary StaineWilley

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