Monks Kirby, St Edith's
Burials from 1653 to 1660

ëWarwick Info
These Burials are from the Parish Registers of St Edith's Church, Monks Kirby.
They do not appear on the IGI, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only. The dates are original (ie not corrected for order or starting the year in Jan)
Warwick Record office Reference DR380/1.

There is a poem at the front of the register:

If any one desires to look
And know the subject of this book,
Here's first who borne and who baptised
Next honord marriage so high prized
And last who buried were in grownd
All which within this book is found.
The day, the moneth, and eke the yeare,
You have it all recorded here.
This booke was was made for Mounkes Kerbie
In Sixteen Hundred Fiftie Three.
And (as I very well remember)
Begin the 8th day of November.
One Churchwarden Edward Johnson
And then William Boddington
By Richard Martin Minister
Sworn and appointed Registrar
Who praises their names enrolled may be
In books of life eternally.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Adcocke, Bagot, Baily, Baker, Balie, Ball, Baly, Barnwell, Bayley, Baylie, Baylis, Bazeley, Beale, Bemish, Binley, Boddington, Bosworth, Bould, Bradford, Brammidge, Browne, Bull, Burges, Buzwell, Capes, Cassaway, Cattell, Chaplin, Clark, Clarke, Coke, Cole, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Corner, Craft, Crafts, Crofts, Crosse, Dale, Davenport, Edmunds, Elborow, Elmes, Enoch, Essex, Farmer, Firebrace, Fletcher, Fox, Franklin, Gamadge, Gammage, Gilbert, Godson, Good, Goode, Goodman, Grace, Graham, Grant, Greenhill, Haines, Hall, Harper, Haycock, Heele, Herbert, Higgs, Hill, Hive, Holmes, Humphrey, Hurst, Hutchins, Johnson, Kebble, Kem, Knibbs, Ladkin, Ladkins, Langham, Ley, Lichfield, Litchfield, Lole, Malin, March, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Maurice, Meek, Miller, Milner, Mobbs, Moe, Money, Morton, Morton , Moulton, Mr. Graham, Non given, Packwood, Paine, Palmer, Pebodie, Perkins, Prowet, Read, Reeve, Ridgley, Roe, Roote, Russell , Satchwell, Scotten, Scrivener, Sharman, Sherman, Skinner, Smith, Smyth, Soden, St Nicholas, Staine, Stapleton, Syks, Tailour, Tilton, Towers, Trentham, Trevers, Trevis, Varnham, Vincent, Ward, Warner, Waterton, Watts, Wells, Wheatly, Wightman, Wilson, Wolverston, Woodburne, Woodward, Wright.

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Comments
19 Nov 1653VincentJohnSon of John Vincent of Copston
20 Nov 1653LeyElizabethDaughter of Thomas Ley
21 Nov 1653HerbertSibbilWife of Richard Herbert of Pailton
20 Dec 1653WellsMarieDaughter of Christopher Wells
14 Jan 1653LeyIsabellAn old widdow
25 Jan 1653DaleEdgwinAn old blind man of Pailton
8 Feb 1653VincentAliceA wdidow of Copston
19 March 1653PerkinsJohnOf copston
5 April 1654GoodElizabethA widdow of Stretton
9 April 1654FranklinGraceWife of John Franklin of Copston
28 April 1654ProwetFrancisSon of Thomas Prowet of Copston
2 May 1654WrightRichardOf Copston
6 May 1654SmithMaryDaughter of John Smith of Stretton
6 May 1654BagotFridigweed 
14 May 1654SharmanSarahDaughter of Richard Sharman
14 May 1654BakerSamuelSon of John Baker of Copston
17 May 1654CassawayJohnOf Copston
29 May 1654ProwetJoaneWife of Thomas Prowet of Copston
31 May 1654ProwetThomasThe said Thomas Prowet of Copston buried
6 June 1654ClarkRichardOf Copston
1 July 1654MoneyWilliamOf Esnell
5 July 1654ClarkeAnneA widdow of Copston
9 July 1654CapesThomas 
18 July 1654LadkinGraceA widdow of Copston
22 July 1654HillElizabethDaughter of Henry Hill
26 July 1654StaineMargariteThe wife of Richard Staine of Copston
6 Aug 1654ClarkeAnnA virgin of Copston
11 Aug 1654GreenhillElizabethA poore virgin of Stretton
17 Aug 1654BullElizabethWife of James Bull of Copston
30 Aug 1654StaineElizabethA widdow of Copston
8 Sept 1654MarshElizabethWife of George Marsh of Pailton
19 Sept 1654BullJamesOf Copston
25 Sept 1654Scotten[none given in PR]A man child of Thomas Scotten
1 Oct 1654LanghamMaryWife of William Langham
22 Oct 1654BarnwellMaryA widdow of Copston
23 Oct 1654LanghamAnneDaughter of Randolf Langham
25 Oct 1654HerbertMargariteDaughter of Christopher Herbert
13 Nov 1654TiltonAnnThe wife of Thomas Tilton of Walton
16 Nov 1654EssexWilliamSon of John Essex
21 Nov 1654PaineJohnOf Copston
21 Nov 1654ElborowJoaneA widdow of Copston
5 Dec 1654BayleyMargaritA widdow of Pailton
13 Dec 1654TreversMaryA poore widdow of Pailton
15 Dec 1654BoddingtonMaryDaughter of William Boddington
31 Dec 1654BagotEdwardA very poor old man
17 March 1654StaineAliceDaughter of William Staine of Copston
16 April 1665HerbertAnneDaughter of Christopher Herbert of Pailton
11 May 1655SatchwellWilliamOf Esnell
20 May 1655BosworthWilliamOf Walton
23 May 1655GoodeJoyceA virgin of Stretton
24 May 1655HerbertAnnAn aged widdow of 78yrs
25 May 1655PaineAliceAn ancient virgin of Copston
28 May 1655DavenportWilliamSon of Richard Davenport
8 July 1655ShermanRichardOf Stretton
19 July 1655CraftEdwardSon of Edward Craft
19 July 1655BoddingtonMargaritAt the same time [as the above burial]
9 Aug 1655BradfordElizabethBeing a virgin of Stretton who lay bedrid 10 years and more
15 Aug 1655ScrivenerAnneA child of John Scrivener
23 Aug 1655TrenthamElizabethA child of William Trentham
9 Sept 1655HeeleJohnA child of Thomas Heele
26 Sept 1655GilbertThomasOf Street Ashton
30 Oct 1655PackwoodThomasA child of Edward Packwood
17 Nov 1655PackwoodJohnAnother child of the said Edward Packwood
25 Sept 1655SmythMargaritA child of William Smyth
1 Dec 1655RoeJoaneDaughter of John roe of Pailton
10 Dec 1655ClarkeRichardA very old man of Stretton
23 Dec 1655LanghamThomasA child of Richard Langham
9 Jan 1655FarmerJohnOf Pailton
14 Jan 1655GrantAliceA virgin
19 Jan 1655St NicholasElizabethA child of Captain Timothy St Nicholas
25 Jan 1655HallElizabethA child of Richard Hall
31 Jan 1655PackwoodMaryWife of John Packwood
6 Feb 1655GrahamEdwardA child of John Graham
16 Feb 1655TowersAliceWife of William Towers
11 March 1655LadkinsMaryA child of Richard Ladkins of Copston
29 March 1655BrowneAliceA vagrant died in the field and was buried
31 March 1656WolverstonJohnGent
8 April 1656WattsAliceWife of John Watts of Pailton
13 April 1656PackwoodAnneThe wife of Robert Packwood
The last day of April 1656BradfordMaryA young child of William Bradford
17 June 1656MauriceJohnOf Newbold Hall
22 June 1656HerbertJaneDaughter of Christopher Herbert of Pailton
7 August 1656St NicholasJohnA child of Timothy St Nicholas
12 Aug 1656BuzwellAnneWiddow of Pailton
15 Aug 1656GilbertMaryWife of Richard Gilbert of Esnell
25 Aug 1656CookeElizabethWife of Thomas Cooke of Pailton
26 Aug 1656GilbertEdwardMiller of Street Ashton Water Mill
30 Aug 1656MobbsWilliamSon of Edward Mobbs of Pailton
8 Sept 1656BurgesFrancesDaughter of Francis Burges
25 Sept 1656SmythJoaneWife of Thomas Smyth of Esnell
29 Sept 1656HallClementSon of Clement Hall of Brockhurst
5 Oct 1656BagotAnneA child of George Bagot
6 Oct 1656PackwoodJohnOf Brockhurst
24 Oct 1565WightmanJohnOf Pailton
8 Nov 1656HerbertMaryThe child of Robert Herbert
10 Nov 1656WoodwardThomasA child of William Woodward of Esenhule
13 Nov 1656VarnhamNone givenA still born child of John Varnham
20 Nov 1656VarnhamNicholasA child of John Varnham
28 Nov 1656BagotJohnSon of George Bagot was slaine by a horse
1 Dec 1656ScottenSimonSon of Thomas Scotten
9 Dec 1656BaylisEdwardA child of William Baylis
10 Dec 1656DaleMargaritWiddow of Pailton
17 Dec 1656FoxSarahWife of Theophilus Fox of Pailton
17 Jan 1656WattsElizabethDaughter of John Watts of Pailton
18 Jan 1656GilbertEdwardSon of Edward Gilbert of Street Ashton
26 Jan 1656HiveElizabethA child of George Hive
2 Feb 1656HallRichardSon of Clement Hall
13 Feb 1656ScottenValentineA bastard son of Elizabeth Scotten Widdow of Street Ashton
8 Feb 1656KnibbsAliceWife of Thomas Knibbs
28 Feb 1656GamadgeMaryWife of John Gamadge
6 March 1656KemElizabethA child of William Kem of Copston
23 March 1656ScottenJohannesGrandaevus Sepultus
24 March 1656BallMarthaThe child of James Ball
28 March 1657WardEsterA virgin of Pailton
19 April 1657BrammidgeMaryA widow of Esnell
28 April 1657HiggsRichardA child of William Higgs of Esnell
3 May 1657BagotWillielmPauperism granaevus sepult
26 May 1657HallRichard 
13 June 1657BailyThomasA child of Richard Baily of Pailton
7 Aug 1657WilsonThomasOf Pailton
11 Aug 1657SodenEllenWife of Thomas Soden the elder
15 Aug 1657CornerJoaneOf Pailton
16 Aug 1657PalmerEdwardOf Stretton
18 Aug 1657EnochJohn 
19 Aug 1657CraftsMaryWife of Edward Crafts of Pailton
22 Aug 1657RooteElizabethWife of Thomas Roote
24 Aug 1657WrightStockwellOf Pailton
27 Aug 1657HarperElizabethWife of William Harper of Pailton
29 Aug 1657BalieEdwardOf Pailton
30 Aug 1657SmythFrancesA very old widdow of Brockhurst
2 Sept 1657ScottenKatherineOf Brockhurst widdow
4 Sept 1657HallClementOf Pailton
4 Sept 1657TiltonThomasOf Walton
5 Sept 1657AdcockeJohnA child of John Adcocke of Copston
11 Sept 1657GodsonEdwardSchoolmaster of Pailton
19 Sept 1657ClarkeAnneWidow
22 Sept 1657MobbsAliceWife of Edward Mobbs of Pailton
28 Sept 1657HallMaryWiddow of Pailton
4 Oct 1657ReeveWilliamOf Pailton, Tailor
9 Oct 1657HutchinsAnthony & Mary his wifeWere both buried in one grave
11 Oct 1657Non givenNon givenA pore beggar boy died at Newbold Hall and was buried
13 Oct 1657ProwetThomasOf Copston
12 Nov 1657LanghamMaryWife of William Langham of Street Ashton
17 Nov 1657ChaplinJohnOf Pailton
17 Nov 1657HerbertSarahA child of Thomas Herbert
22 Nov 1657ClarkeAnneA child of Willm Clarke of Copston
23 Nov 1657StaineRichardOf Copston
22 Dec 1657LoleElizabethWidow of Pailton
2 Jan 1657BakerSamuelA child of John Baker of Copston
? Jan 1657BemishThomasA lame child of Copston
9 Jan 1657StaineThomasA child of Copston
24 Jan 1657HurstJohnA child of William Hurst of Stretton
11 Feb 1657HolmesThomas 
13 Feb 1657HerbertChristopherOf Pailton
13 Feb 1657CroftsRichardA child of John Crofts
2 March 1657PackwoodRichard 
16 March 1657WatertonJosephA child of John Waterton of Copston
11 April 1658PackwoodRichardOf Brockhurst
?25 April 1658MillerThomasThe son & heir of William Miller of Brockhurst
8 May 1658MarshallElizabethWife of Henry Marshall of Pailton
31 May 1658BallAliceWiddow of Pailton
9 June 1658SmythCaeserA child of George Smyth a Glassman
10 June 1658SmythElizabethWife of John Smyth of Stretton
15 July 1658PackwoodAnthony 
21 July 1658LichfieldFridiswedAn old midwife, the wife of Christopher Lichfield
31 July 1658SmythSarahA child of William Smyth
14 Aug 1658MarchGeorgeOf Pailton
26 Aug 1658RidgleyGeorgeOf Stretton
28 Aug 1658MalinThomasOf Esnell (Joint entry with below)
28 Aug 1658HainesJohnOf Kirby (Joint entry with above)
29 Aug 1658BazeleyThomasOf Esnell
2 Sept 1658Morton MargeryWife of Thomas Morton &
2 Sept 1658Russell JoaneWiddow Were buried both in one grave
2 Sept 1658KemElizabethWife of William Kem of Copston
6 Sept 1658BakerElizabethWiddow of Copston
7 Sept 1658EssexWilliamOf Copston
11 Sept 1658HaycockMaryA child of Edward Haycock
12 Sept 1658SmythJohnOf Stretton
15 Sept 1658RidgleyAliceWiddow of Stretton
18 Sept 1658BinleyWilliamOf Stretton
18 Sept 1658KebbleChristopherOf Stretton
22 Sept 1658MoultonCaptain James 
24 Sept 1658PackwoodRobertOf Brockhurst
29 Sept 1658PerkinsJohnOf Brockhurst
5 Oct 1658FletcherJohn 
7 Oct 1658MasonEdwardOf Pailton
19 Oct 1658GilbertRichardOf Esenhall
13 Nov 1658KemWilliamOf Copston
13 Nov 1658SmythMargaritThe wife of William Smyth of Street Ashton
22 Nov 1658CattellMargerieOf Pailton widdow
26 Nov 1658TailourThomasAn old butcher
1 Dec 1658BakerWilliamOf Rookby
2 Dec 1658MortonThomasOf Pailton
2 Dec 1658FletcherMargaritWiddow
6 Dec 1658GoodmanElizabethWiddow of Stretton
7 Dec 1658ColeRichardOf Stretton
10 Dec 1658SatchwellHannahA virgin
11 Dec 1658MasonJaneWife of Edward Mason of Esenhall
15 Dec 1658WarnerJohnA child of Thomas Warner of Copston
16 Dec 1658ReadFrancis 
21 Dec 1658SyksWilliamA vagrant
22 Dec 1658StapletonMaryThe wife of William Stapleton
25 Dec 1658HerbertThomasThe son of Robert Herbert
2 Jan 1658GreenhillWilliamA very old man of Pailton
12 Jan 1658GoodmanGodithA virgin of Stretton
20 Jan 1658SkinnerMargaritOf Walton
22 Jan 1658HurstSusannaThe wife of William Hurst of Stretton
24 Jan 1658MoeElizabethThe wife of William Moe of Stretton
26 Jan 1658BosworthGodithThe daughter of John Bosworth
28 Jan 1658PerkinsThomasOf Brockhurst
4 Feb 1658WardKatherineAn old maid of Esenhall
7 Feb 1658LitchfieldChristopherOf Brockhurst
12 Feb 1658FletcherWilliam 
14 Feb 1658ElmesMaryThe wife of Peter Elmes
19 Feb 1658Bealenone givenA man child of Richard Beal of Late (?)
26 Feb 1658MalinFrancesWiddow
4 March 1658CrosseFrancesThe wife of William Crosse
17 March 1658WilsonDorothieWiddow
MEMORANDUMCookeBasiiMemorandum, that upon the 13th day of this instant March a sad judgment of God fell upon one Basii Cooke for his breach of the Lords Day who going to on his way to Stamford Faire on the said Lords Day was taken away suddenly in Willie said (?chgled) off his horse died peacefully.
29 March 1659HerbertRobert 
30 March 1659GraceAnnThe wife of Henry Grace
5 April 1659MilnerAnneThe daughter of William Milner
9 April 1659WheatlyElizabethThe wife of William Wheatly of oCopston
11 April 1659PebodieKatherineOf Brockhurst widdow
14 April 1659BaylieRichardOf Pailton
21 April 1659TrevisRichardOf Brockhurst
21 April 1659TowersThomasOf Pailton
25 April 1659EssexJohnSon of John Essex of Copston
2 May 1659FirebraceJohnA child of Mr Henry Firebrace
9 May 1659CookRichardButcher
10 May 1659CooperAnneThe wife of William Cooper of Pailton
15 May 1659PackwoodMaryA virgin of Brockhurst
15 May 1659GilbertElizabethDaughter of Edward Gilbert
31 May 1659ScottenMargaritThe wife of William Scotten
7 June 1659Mr. GrahamJohnOf Pailton
8 June 1659FirebraceElizabethWife of Henry Firebrace
26 June 1659HallClementOf Pailton
7 July 1659SmythEdwardOf Esenhall
22 Aug 1659ElmesPeter 
1 Sept 1659StapletonDorothyA child of Richard Stapleton
16 Sept 1659ScrivenerJohnThe son of John Scrivener
21 Sept 1659CokeSusan 
21 Sept 1659VarnhamElizabethWife of George Varnham
1 Oct 1659GammageHenry 
10 Oct 1659BouldJamesThe son of Mr John Bould, Minister of Altenas in the countie of Stafford
27 Nov 1659MartinAnneThe wife of Richard Martin, Minister of this Parish having been married to her husband for 50 years and 11 days
28 Nov 1659PerkinsJohnThe son of George Perkins
14 Dec 1659HumphreyThomasOf Esenhull
15 Jan 1659JohnsonEdward 
6 Feb 1659SmythGeorgeThe son of William Smyth of Street Ashton
3 March 1659ScottenDanielSon of Elizabeth Scotten of Street Ashton
26 March 1660BalyJohnOf Pailton
5 April 1660CookeElizabethWife of Richard Cooke of Pailton
27 April 1660EdmundsMaryA bastard child of Mary Edmunds
9 May 1660WoodburneDorothyA virgin
 MeekHannahThe wife of William Meek of Pailton did upon the said 9 May 1660 apparently cut her own throat and languished thereof until the 11th day of May and then died and was buried in her own back yard in Pailton the 15th of the same
24 May 1660HallRobertOf Brockhurst
5 June 1660WardAnneThe wife of John ward
11 June 1660BakerNone givenAn infant female of John Baker of Copston
24 July 1660KemWilliamOf Copston
6 Aug 1660PaineMaryThe daughter of Richard Paine of Copston

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