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Marriages from 1813 to 1835

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Archer, Atkins, Ballard, Bardbury, Barfoot, Barrett, Baskott, Bennet, Berry, Borsley, Box, Brandis Mills, Branston,
Clark, Colledge, Constable, Cooknell, Cosford, Downes, Franklin, Frost, Gardner, Gibbens, Glenn, Goode, Gubbings, Guoite,
Hall, Handy, Harris, Harvey, Haynes, Heales, Hedge, Hill, Hixon, Langley, Lines, Locton,
Mander, Manton, Marriott, Masters, Maycock, Mills, Newbold, Osband, Pearson, Roadknight,
Sandalls, Shepherd, Shettle, Smith, Snelson, Spencer, Spraggett, Standly, Stean, Sutton, Tasker, Taylor, Thornicroft, Turner,
Warner, Webb, White, Wilkins, Winkley, Woodfield, Wootten.

Alibone, Baker, Barrett, Baskott, Berry, Borsley, Brandis, Branston, Chaplin, Charles, Constable, Gilbert, Greffier?,
Hall, Halls, Hayward, Ingram, Ivens, Marriot, Marriott, Masters, Meeton?, Mills, Mountford, Newbold, Oldham,
Pearson, Peyton, Reeve, Roadknight (Senr), Sandells, Shettle, Snelson, Standley, Standly, Stean, Steane, Steedon,
Taylor, Tew, Thornicroft, Tuckey, Walker, Warner, Webb, Welton, Whitehead, Wickes?, Wilkins, Wills.

MARRIAGES 1813 - 1835

No. Date Groom, Abode, Status Bride, Abode, Status Witnesses Notes
109 May 1813Edward MANDER of MartonAnn WHITE of MartonJohn BRANDIS & John MARRIOTTShe signs X
211 Nov 1813Joseph MASTERS of Stretton on DunsmoreAnn BARRETT of MartonWillm MASTERS & Jane BARRETTBy Licence He Signs X
325 Nov 1813John BRANDIS MILLS of MartonElizabeth CLARK of MartonCharles STANDLEY & Elvs MARRIOT 
431 Oct 1814Thomas LOCTON of MartonAnn SNELSON of MartonWillm REEVE & James SNELSONHe Signs X She Signs X
522 Nov 1814John MAYCOCK of MartonSarah SUTTON of MartonElizabeth PEARSON & John WEBB 
611 Apr 1815William GARDNER of Addesbury OXF, Widower.Ann ROADKNIGHT of Marton, SpinsterWm ROADKNIGHT (Senr) & M. A. CHARLESBy Licence
704 May 1815Edward DOWNES of Holy Trinity Coventry, BachelorCatherine BARFOOT of Marton, SpinsterJohn WEBB & Kezia WEBBShe signs X
823 May 1815John TASKER of WappenburyElizabeth PEARSON of MartonJohn STANDLEY & Willm REEVEHe Signs X
902 Nov 1815Richard MILLS of MartonAnn WOODFIELD of MartonRichard TAYLOR & Elizabeth ? MEETON?He Signs X
1009 May 1816Thomas BOX of BirdingburyHarriett BORSLEY of MartonJames INGRAM & Ann BORSLEY 
1108 Jul 1816Thomas HEALES of WappenburyHannah COOKNELL of MartonJohn MARRIOTT & Jane TUCKEYHe Signs X She Signs X
1204 Jun 1817Joseph WOOTTEN of MartonMary MARRIOTT of MartonCharles BAKER & John MARRIOTTHe Signs X
1310 Nov 1817Thomas SMITH of Brandon in WolstonRebecha LANGLEY of MartonJohn TEW & John MARRIOTTHe Signs X She Signs X
1416 Nov 1818Samuel FROST of MartonMary HAYNES of LadbrokMary WICKES? & John MARRIOTTHe Signs X She Signs X
1524 Feb 1820John HILL of Long ItchingtonDecima BARRETT of MartonRichard BARRETT & Sarah BARRETT 
1630 Jul 1820Joseph OSBAND of BinleyElizabeth WHITE of MatonWilliam MASTERS & Mary WILLSHe Signs X She Signs X
1705 Oct 1820William WINKLEY of SouthamMary Anne HEDGE of MartonJohn OLDHAM & Rebecca OLDHAMBy Licence
1828 Dec 1820George HARRIS of Eathorpe in WappenburySarah STEAN of MartonSimeon STEAN & Elizabeth STEAN 
1916 May 1822Thomas SHETTLE of Morden DorsetElizabeth BARRETT of Marton, SpinsterJohn SHETTLE & Sarah BARRETTBy Licence
2020 May 1822John COSFORD of CliftonElizabeth BASKOTT of MartonRichard BASKOTT & Mary WEBB 
2131 Aug 1822Richard BASKOTT of MartonAnna WILKINS of MartonWilliam WILKINS & Mary WILKINS 
2223 Oct 1822John HEDGE of Marton, BachelorHannah SHEPHERD of MartonJohn STANDLY & Sarah STANDLEYHe Signs X She Signs X
2320 MAr 1823Thomas MARRIOTT of Long ItchingtonAnn THORNICROFT of MartonThomas THORNICROFT & Mary THORNICROFT 
2424 Dec 1823William BALLARD of MartonElizabeth MANDER of MartonJohn STANDLY & Hannah MASTERS 
2502 Feb 1824James HARRIS of MartonElizabeth MARRIOTT of MartonJoseph CHAPLIN & George MARRIOTT 
2625 Mar 1824Edward WARNER of Leamington HastingsElizabeth MASTERS of Marton, SpinsterElizabeth HAYWARD & John WARNERBy Licence
2722 Apr 1824William COLLEDGE of Southam , Widower.Mary SMITH of Marton, SpinsterGeorge SANDELLS & Elizabeth SANDELLS 
2810 Jan 1825Joseph ARCHER of Bourton on DunsmoreElziabeth WILKINS of MartonWilliam WILKINS & John MARRIOTTHe Signs X
2928 Apr 1825William FRANKLIN of Newbottle NTHLeah Wilcox HALL of Marton, SpinsterDaniel STEEDON & Kezia HALLBy Licence
3005 Sep 1826Richard TAYLOR of Marton, BachelorMary MARRIOTT of Marton, WidowJohn PEYTON & Hannah PEYTONShe signs X
3114 Nov 1826Thomas TURNER of WormleightonJane MARRIOTT of MartonThomas MARRIOTT & Ann MARRIOTT 
3208 May 1827David MANTON of Leamington HastingsHannah BENNET of MartonThomas THORNICROFT & Elizabeth THORNICROFTShe signs X
3316 Oct 1827William SPENCER of Kings Sutton NTH, BachelorMartha HALL of Marton, SpinsterWilliam IVENS & Elizth HALLBy Licence
3427 Oct 1828Richard MILLS of MartonCharlotte GUBBINGS of MartonJohn WHITEHEAD & John MARRIOTTHe Signs X She Signs X
3514 May 1829Thomas BARDBURY of Padbury BKMElizabeth HALL of Marton, SpinsterWilliam IVENS & Jane HALLSBy Licence
3608 Jun 1830John NEWBOLD of St Michaels Coventry, BachelorMaria BRANSTON of Marton, SpinsterRobert BRANSTON & Ann NEWBOLD 
3709 Sep 1830Thomas SANDALLS of MartonElizabeth STANDLY of MartonWilliam STEANE & Elizabeth GILBERT 
3802 Feb 1832John CONSTABLE of MartonSarah BERRY of MartonMary BERRY & John MOUNTFORDWitness 3: Wm BERRY
3913 Sep 1832Edward GUOITE of MartonFanny HIXON of MartonRichard MILLS & Charlotte MILLSShe signs X
4007 Dec 1832Charles GLENN of MartonAnn HARVEY of MartonWilliam WALKER & Ann WALKERHe Signs X She Signs X
4103 Feb 1834Richard LINES of Eathorpe in WappenburySarah CONSTABLE of MartonJohn MOUNTFORD & Ann CONSTABLE 
4220 Apr 1834Edmund SPRAGGETT of Marton , BachelorAnne WEBB of Marton, SpinsterAnne GREFFIER? & Thos WELTON 
4312 Oct 1835William GIBBENS of MartonElizabeth SMITH of MartonRichard MILLS & Charlotte MILLSHe Signs X
4403 Nov 1835Samuel FROST of Marton, Widower.Elizabeth GOODE of Marton, WidowRichard MILLS & Mary WELTONHe Signs X She Signs X
4509 Nov 1835John HANDY of Holy Trinity Coventry, BachelorLucy ATKINS of Marton, SpinsterThomas ALIBONE & Mary ALIBONE 

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