Honington - All Saints
Marriages from 1571 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.--The Marriage Registers of this parish are contained in five volumes, of these the earliest includes all entries,
under separate heads, of Baptisms, 1571-1653; Burials, 1753-1654, and Marriages, 1571-1653.
The volume consists of 26 folios of parchment, measuring 12??5 inches by 6 inches, and has been rebound.
Its chief feature is the double entry of all events from 1571-1606. The second version of this differs considerably in the spelling of surnames.
When such variation occurs among the Marriages, the latter spelling is placed in brackets immediately after the former.

The second volume, which, like the first, has been rebound, contains Marriages and Burials from 1653-1701 and
Baptisms from 1657-1812. It consists of 17 folios of parchment and measures 12 inches by 4 3/4 inches.

The third volume contains Baptisms and Burials 1712-1780, and Marriages 1714-1754.

The fourth volume has Marriages only, 1754-1811.

The fifth of printed forms, those for 1812. These Marriages have been transcribed by the Rev. J. Harvey Bloom, Rector of Whitchurch,
and were printed, after comparison with the original, by permission of the Rev. E. A. Boddington, Vicar.


Adams, Addams, Adkins, Alcock, Aliband, Allibone, Ambler, Amphlett, Appleby, Archer, Ashbie, Ashfeld, Ashley, Ashton, Asplin, Astley, Austin, Avrey, Bachelor, Bachiler, Backhouse, Badger, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barton, Bate, Batsford, Baxter, Baylis, Bearley, Beavington, Beedell, Beete, Bellers, Berry, Bevington, Birt, Bishop, Blackford, Blakeman, Bond, Bostocke, Box, Boyce, Bradley, Brain, Braine, Brandis, Brandys, Bratt, Brewer, Bricknell, Brittaine, Brooks, Broundes, Brown, Brownent, Brownswood, Broyle, Bryan, Bub, Buckingham, Burroughs, Burton, Campden, Canning, Carpenter, Cartar, Carter, Cattell, Chamberlain, Chattell, Chewe, Chilmot, Claredge, Claridge, Clarke, Cleavinger, Clements, Clent, Clerk, Cleyden, Cleydon, Cluff, Clyffe, Cockbell, Cockbill, Cockerill, Coldicoat, Coldicote, Cole, Colegrave, Collet, Collins, Compton, Cooke, Cooper, Copeland, Corke, Cotton, Court, Courte, Courtise, Cox, Cradock, Crapper, Crewse, Croofts, Curteyse, Curtis, Davies, Davis, Dawes, Dawkins, Deane, Deene, Dickens, Dickin, Dirrand, Dobbins, Dowdswell, Durham, Durrand, Dyer, Dyrrand, Eden, Elson, Enock, Fanbit, Farr, Fauckener, Faulkener, Fearne, Field, Forster, Fowler, Foxall, Franklin, Franklyn, Freeman, French, Fullerton, Gaff, Gardener, Gardiner, Gardner, Garret, Gibbes, Gibbs, Gibs, Gilks, Goddard, Goff, Gough, Green, Grimes, Grimmett, Groves, Gun, Gwalter, Hadland, Hadley, Haines, Hale, Hall, Hallawaye, Hancock, Hancocke, Hancocks, Handes, Hands, Hannes, Hans, Hanwell, Harington, Harleston, Harris, Harrwood, Harrysone, Harwood, Hathaway, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hawtin, Hemins, Hemmings, Hemmins, Heritage, Hewit, Heyden, Hibbs, Hine, Hiron, Hirons, Hitchman, Hobbins, Hobday, Hobdey, Hollins, Hollod, Holtam, Holtome, Homlins, Hone, Hopkins, Horseman, Horton, Houghton, Hulston, Humphreys, Hunt, Hunte, Hurleston, Hurlston, Hurlstone, Hutchens, Hutchins, Hyatt, Hyde, Hyron, Ingram, Ireland, Isare, Izod, Jackson, James, Jenkins, Jeves, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judge, Keyt, Kilbee, King, Kings, Kington, Kite, Kylbey, Kyngton, Kynton, Lambe, Lampett, Lawrence, Lee, Leonard, Lidsey, Lightfoote, Lloyd, Lockley, London, Longe, Lucas, Lyttleton, Mace, Malins, Mallett, Marshal, Marshall, Martine, Mason, Masters, Mauncell, Maunder, Maunton, Meades, Meriall, Merriall, Merriell, Merril, Midleton, Miles, Millaine, Mills, Milway, Morley, Moseley, Mountford, Mullis, Mumford, Mumphord, Muskin, Nash, Nason, Neal, Neale, Neles, Newett, Newman, Nuett, Ockley, Page, Palmer, Parker, Parnell, Parr, Parrot, Paschall, Paulmer, Peate, Perry, Petty, Philpot, Phipps, Pike, Pilkington, Pitway, Plestow, Podmore, Pontney, Porter, Potter, Powell, Pratt, Prestidge, Preston, Prestridge, Pretty, Price, Print, Proctor, Purser, Pyttwaye, Randall, Rawbone, Rawlins, Ray, Reeve, Reynoldes, Richards, Riley, Rivers, Roberts, Robins, Rollright, Rood, Rose, Rouse, Rushall, Russel, Russell, Rutland, Sale, Salmon, Salter, Sanders, Sands, Sanford, Saulburye, Savage, Scarlet, Sears, Seeley, Shaw, Sheldon, Shepherd, Shepherde, Sidney, Simkins, Simondes, Sitch, Skipwith, Skray, Slatter, Smerley, Smith, Smythe, Soden, Soller, Sollor, Southam, Spencer, Stanley, Staymaker, Stock, Stocke, Straine, Suell, Sylvester, Symkins, Tandy, Tarver, Tasker, Tayler, Taylor, Teal, Temple, Tenant, Thorn, Thornit, Tibbats, Tibbets, Tidman, Tidmarsh, Tidzell, Timmes, Tomas, Tomes, Tomlinson, Tomson, Townsend, Travers, Treadwell, Tredwell, Trolley, Trolly, Turner, Turnor, Tyner, Underhill, Waddup, Wadnall, Walker, Walton, Ward, Warde, Waring, Warkeman, Warner, Washbrooke, Watkins, Watts, Weale, Webb, Welles, Wells, West, Weston, Wheatcroft, White, Whitehead, Whytacre, Wiblet, Wickes, Wilkins, Willis, Wincut, Winnall, Wirdnam, Wood, Woode, Wotton, Wyllyams, Yardeley, Yates.

MARRIAGES 1571 to 1812

Date Groom forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname Notes
Volume 1.
26 Jul 1571RichardeCourte&AnneSmerley 
14 Oct 1571ThomasJudge&Dorothy,Fowlerd. of Robert Fowler
12 Apr 1574EdwardPyttwaye&AlceSmythe 
3 Jul 1574EdwardeGwalter&ElizabethMartine 
22 Aug 1574WilliamBevington [Beavington]&AnneChewe, w. 
26 Jan 1574RandleBroundes [Brandys]&JoaneLucas 
22 Jun 1577HenryeLondon&AnneHorseman 
3 Jul 1577EdwardHorseman&JoaneTasker 
2 Aug 1578HenryeJohnson&IsabellBachiler 
5 Oct 1578RychardHutchins&ElizabethTomes [Toms] 
10 Nov 1578HenryBeete&IsabellMaunder 
8 Aug 1579WilliamClyffe&ElizabethDurham [Dyrrand] 
10 Oct 1579OliverBate&AgnesSaulburye [Salisbury] 
4 Oct 1580GeorgeAdams&JudythHawkins 
25 Oct 1580WilliamJones&ElianorIreland 
12 Nov 1580RobertNeale&JaneJeves 
20 Jul 1581RychardCleavinger, of Woulford,&ElizabethNuett 
17 Oct 1584RobertHancocke&EllenMauncell 
29 Nov 1585RichardWhytacre&JudytheAdams 
3 Jan 1587JohnHollod, of Blackwell,&ElizabethDeene 
Oct 1589JohnTasker&SisleyHunte 
7 Nov 1590RichardFowler&JoneClaredge 
15 Jun 1592JohnCooke&AlceMaunder 
21 Oct 1592WilliamSimkins, of Over Pyllardton,&JoneMillaine [Millin] 
5 May 1593WilliamNeale&MargeryBroyle 
30 Jul 1593MathewLightfoote&KatherineCurteyse 
29 Oct 1593EdwardPaulmer&MargaretKylbey 
24 Jan 1593RobertCleyden&AnneLee [Leyh] 
21 Oct 1594RichardCourt&KatherineWyllyams 
10 Feb 1594WilliamHutchens&AlceHutchens 
14 Feb 1594NicolawsHarrysone&KatherineOckley 
19 Oct 1595JohnCleyden&ElizabethHoltome 
17 Nov 1595JohnBlakeman&DeanesMaunder 
4 Dec 1595JohnCroofts, gent.,&KathFauckener 
17 Jan 1596ChristopherHannes&JooneAshley 
23 May 1597RandleClyffe&JooneCurteyse 
30 Jan 1597JohnSmythe, of Over Pillardtone,&YedyeHannes 
4 Jun 1599WilliamHannes&JoneMaunton 
29 Oct 1599ThomasMerriall&ElizabethCurtis 
12 Nov 1599WilliamBrandys&KatherineBeavington 
21 Nov 1599WilliamBeavington&MargaretPalmer 
25 Jun 1600RichardLucas&ElizabethPontney 
11 Aug 1600ThomasWard, of Tysoe,&MargaretKyngton 
9 Oct 1600HenryShepherde&HesterFearne 
[The earlier entries end here.]
5 Apr 1606NicolasReynoldes&EllynDyrrand 
16 Jun 1606HenryJohnson&IsabelBachiler 
20 Sep 1607JohnSollor&KatherineStraine 
26 Nov 1607SymonGarret&KatherineBeavington 
3 Feb 1607WilliamAmphlett&IsableParker 
8 Feb 1607WilliamAmbler&IsabelleParker[This entry is erased and placed among the Baptisms.]
20 Apr 1610RobertBachiler&EllenBeavington 
29 Apr 1611HenryAdams&AnnHutchins 
30 Jan 1611HenryGibbs, Esq.,&Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Temple, Kt.Temple 
21 May 1612ThomasBrownent&EllynBackhouse 
22 Jun 1612JohnKington&ElizabethWarde 
18 May 1612RobertCurtis&SusannaSmith 
1 Oct 1612HenryWhite&MargaretNeale 
13 Oct 1612RichardMerriell&ElizabethWest 
4 May 1613ThomasTomson&ElizabethBeavington 
21 Sep 1613FrancesSymkins&ElizabethHomlins 
18 Oct 1613ThomasHallawaye&MaryJeves 
21 Oct 1613RichardKilbee&FrancesBeavington 
23 Jun 1617JohnSeeley&MaryKington 
23 Sep 1617HughCotton&AnnaStocke 
21 Sep 1618RichardMerriell&ElizabethHobdaymar. at Idlicot
21 Oct 1618SymonMountford&BarbaraMace 
22 Oct 1618ThomasWood&ElizabethPretty 
18 Jan 1618WilliamMiles&AdrianCleydon 
27 Jul 1619RichardRobins&MaryBeavington 
26 Oct 1619RichardRose&MaryParker 
16 Nov 1619RichardHancock&ElizabethBeavington 
28 Feb 1619EdwardWarkeman&AnneBeavington 
9 Oct 1620ThomasBradley&MarieIsare 
16 Oct 1620RobertHobday&KatherineHans 
6 Feb 1620WilliamLondon&LucieBrownswood 
3 May 1621ThomasGibs&SarahHarleston 
5 May 1621JohnLondon&KatherineBerry 
9 Sep 1622ThomasSoden&AnnePretty 
20 Jan 1622JohnCourt&MargaretClent 
6 Oct 1623WilliamHollins&ElizabethKington 
9 Oct 1623PhilipClarke&MarySuell 
5 Jun 1624JohnDeane&JaneMuskin 
29 Jun 1624WilliamLondon&MaryTaylermar. at Birmington
1 Aug 1624RichardBrandys&MaryHainesmar. at Eatington
2 Aug 1624JohnFowler&MaryPike 
2 May 1626GabriellSimondes&RebeccaMace 
2 Feb 1626WilliamLondon&ElizabethEden 
8 May 1626JohnBrittaine&MellisantCarter 
9 May 1626RichardBeavington&AnneSeeleymar. at Wellesbourne
12 Aug 1627WilliamWest&MaryFearne 
4 Jun 1627JohnTrolley, jun.,&MaryDirrand 
30 Oct 1627JefferyBeavington&MaryClaredge 
27 Nov 1628WilliamAstley&ElizabethParker 
16 Nov 1629RichardParker&IsableStanley 
5 Apr 1630JohnHone&ElizabethBeavington 
14 Apr 1630AnthonySavage&JaneWestmar. at Whatcott
26 Apr 1630ThomasJackson&FrancesCurtismar. at Burcheston
19 Oct 1630WilliamLondon&BarbaraRose 
15 Nov 1630ThomasHathaway&ElizabethBeavington 
4 Sep 1631WilliamWotton&JoiceLambemar. at Birmington
12 Oct 1631ThomasWoode&AliceBarton 
5 Jul 1632WilliamYates&MaryElsonmar. at Shipston
3 May [sic]ValentinePilkington&ElizabethGreen, mar. at Whatcottmar. at Whatcott
20 Nov 1633JohnHarington, Esq.,&Hester,Gibbsd. of Sir Henry Gibs, mar. at London
26 Jan 1633MathewTreadwell&ElnerFearne 
[blank] 1634WilliamBeavington&ElizabethClaridge 
2 Jun 1634RobertLonge&ElizabethMeades 
7 Jul 1634RichardShepherd&AnneBrandis 
[blank] WilliamSoller&RebeccaJames 
23 Apr 1635ThomasTomson&AnnScarlet 
29 Oct 1635JohnSidney&JoneTurnormar. at Barcheston
24 Sep 1635JefferyBeavington&AliceCurtismar. at Stratford
16 Jan 1635JohnPaschall, Esq.,&MarthaGibbesd. of Sir Henry Gibbes, Knt.
2 Feb 1635WilliamHans&MaryWest 
21 May 1636ThomasFearne&ChristianCopeland 
12 Jun 1636EdmundWarner&AnnEnock 
14 Jun 1636RichardSalter&JoneCrappermar. at Barcheston
21 Jun 1636WilliamDurrand&AnnHurleston 
5 Oct 1636RaphePrestidge&FrancesGarret 
11 Oct 1636GeorgeAshbie&AliceYardeley 
17 Oct 1636ThomasTomlinson&EllynTredwell 
22 Oct 1636ThomasKington&FrancesSmith 
26 Apr 1638RichardJackson&AnnMasters 
7[9 erased] Jun 1638RobertMilway&AnneRawlins 
11 Jun 1639ThomasCollet&DorothyWarner 
30 Jul 1639ThomasTrolly&AnneHarrismar. at Halford
2 Nov 1639ThomasPeate&ElizabethHone 
1 Feb 1639JohnWinnall&ElizabethWestmar. at Bercheston
25 Apr 1640JamesCooke&JoneWalton 
1 May 1640WilliamPotter&KatherineCourt 
12 Sep 1640RogerHunt&ElizabethWilkins 
13 Jan 1640WilliamCooper&MarySheldon 
23 Jan 1640FrancisHibbs&GraceHumphreys 
3 May 1641WilliamEnock&ElizabethBeavington 
10 Aug 1641EzekiasRushall&MaryWood 
23 Apr 1642ThomasBostocke&ElizabethChilmot 
10 Oct 1642RichardCrewse&JaneHobday 
15 Oct 1642GeorgeAdams&ElizabethHannes 
1 May 1643JobAllibone&ElizabethSlatter 
21 Jun 1646ThomasHans&MarthaSeeleymar. at Tidmington
18 May 1646WilliamBrandis&AnneCourtise 
27 May 1647RichardGun&RachelSheldon 
23 Apr 1648JohnHobdey&MargeryMason 
18 Dec 1648JohnRood&CatherineBevington 
16 Jan 1648ThomasWiblet&KatherineGibbs 
11 Dec [-]FrancisWaring&MaryWest 
24 Mar 1653HenryGibbs, Gent&MargaretUnderhill 
16 Apr 1653PaulHirons&AnneNeale 
2 May 1653JohnMidleton&MaryBeavington 
Volume 2.
1653RalphGibbes&KathrinAdkinsMaster Ralph Gibbes asked the 13 Nov at the church, being the first time, the 20 Nov was the second time of asking, the 27 Nov being the third time of asking, betwene him and Mrs Kathrin Adkins of the Burrow of Warwick, 1653.
18 Oct 1654ThomasGibbes&MargaretAustinThomas Gibbes asked at the church the 1 Oct, being the first time, the second time being the 8 Oct, and the 13 Oct was the third time of asking betweene him and Margaret Austin, of Teysow, and were married the 18 Oct 1654.
25 Oct 1654HenrySands&AnnHeminsHenry Sands & Ann Hemins were asked three Sabbath Dayes, and were marryed the 25 Oct 1654.
25 Jun 1655RichardNeles&AnBevington 
2 Nov 1656TimothyMarshall&KathrenHobdey 
12 Dec 1656GeorgeMeriall&MaryAllibone 
18 May 1656WilliamMarshall&KathrenWadnall 
14 Jul 1652RobertNeal&Sarah, d. of JefferyBeavington 
27 Aug 1662WilliamHandes, of St. Dennis Chapell,&MaryNash, of Banswell 
29 Jun 1668RobertKynton&MaryRichards, of Chadson 
20 Feb 1670ThomasChattell, of Quynton,&AnneKington 
13 Jun 1671WilliamRawlins, of Charringworth,&ElizabethHancocks, of Brayles 
12 Sep 1681JohnDawes&LucyDawkins 
6 Nov 1683WilliamBeedell&AnneAdams 
19 Jul 1701EdmundHopkins&MaryWalker 
Volume 3.
26 Dec 1714JohnBanks, of Nobold, p. Treddington,&FrancesStaymaker 
6 Sep 1715WilliamHadland&AnneWelles 
31 Oct 1715EdmundHopkins&AmeBevington 
21 Jul 1716WilliamAppleby, of Bourton on ye Water,&HannahStock, of Dascott 
2 Oct 1716RichardKings&AnneHyde 
29 Dec 1716WalterWebb, of Blackwell,&BridgettCooper, of Shipston 
4 Jul 1717IsaacFranklyn, of Treddington,&AnneMarshal 
3 Oct 1720ThomasMills, of Horton,&ElizabethTealof Combrooke, vagrants, lic.
10 Apr 1721SamuelBevington&AnneGoddardGoddard, both of Campden, vagrants
7 Oct 1721ThomasTyner, of Aston Subedge,&ElizabethSanford 
17 Nov 1724WilliamBrown, of Lillington,&AnneBevington 
3 Jun 1726WilliamHanwell, of Ilmington,&ElizabethBellers 
1 Oct 1726WilliamHadland&ElizabethPage 
5 Feb 1726JonathanDickin, of Loxley,&AnneSavage 
17 Jun 1728JohnJones&MaryCollins 
21 Sep 1728HughBub&MaryHobbinsof Shipston, lic.
30 Sep 1729ThomasBrewer, of Brayles,&BridgetSmith 
1 Feb 1729JohnRouse&AliceJonesboth of Ettington
15 Nov 1730HenryAdams&ElizabethFanbit, of Idlicott 
18 Nov 1730WilliamCooper&SusannaTurner, of Shipston 
3 Oct 1731WilliamWeston&AnneShaw 
8 Jan 1731HenryAdams&ElizabethDawkins, of Idlicottlic.
30 Apr 1732JohnTaylor, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&MaryFoxall 
31 May 1732WilliamGaff&HannahPrice 
19 Jan 1736CharlesStanley, of Preston-on-Stour,&SarahAdams 
19 Oct 1738SamuelBishop&MaryHemmins 
5 Dec 1738JohnBevington, of Shipston,&AliceBevington lic.
23 Apr 1739JamesAddams&AnneFranklin 
24 Apr 1739HenryAddams&MaryDobbins, of Shipston 
22 Oct 1740JohnGardiner&MaryMarshall (at Treddington) 
28 Jun 1741RichardBrain&MaryHulston 
1 Oct 1741JohnPrint&MaryProctor 
14 Feb 1741JohnHulston&ElizabethGardiner 
26 Oct 1742NehemiahCarter, of Brayles,&MarySands 
9 Jun 1745HenryFarr, of Tysoe,&ElizabethSands 
26 Sep 1747JohnSale&AliceHarwood, of Whatcoat lic.
16 Feb 1747JohnAlcock, of Brayles,&MaryHall  
10 Apr 1748RichardHands, of Blackwell,&AnnBrown  
17 Apr 1748RichardBraine, of Long Compton,&EleanorHeyden, of Shipston lic.
19 Jun 1748TimmesDickens, of Whichford,&SarahSmith, of Brayles lic.
19 Sep 1748JohnBraine&MaryTimmes, both of Long Compton lic.lic.
3 Oct 1748StephenMorley&ElizabethTenant 
28 Apr 1749WilliamCanning&SarahBatsford, of Whatcoat lic.
11 May 1749JohnTimmes&MaryHawkes, of Whichford 
1 Jul 1749BenjaminHoughton, of Old Stratford,&MarthaFrench, of Shipston lic.
26 Mar 1750JohnCattell&ElizabethBoyce, both of Halford lic.
16 Apr 1750WilliamDyer, of Compton Wymate&SarahPitway 
17 Jun 1750JohnJones&MaryGrimmett, both of Stretton-on-the-Foss lic.
22 Jul 1750AaronColdicoat, of Ilmington,&MaryCooper  
26 Aug 1750RichardHall&MaryTenant, both of Brayles lic.
30 Aug 1750EdwardWalker&MaryRouse, both of Wolford lic.
11 Oct 1750JohnSkray, of Long Compton,&AliceRollright, of Great Rollright, co. Oxon lic.
19 Dec 1750EdwardSale&MargaretAdams 
8 Jan 1750WilliamMalins, of Lighthorne,&HannahWashbrooke, of Kington lic.
8 Jan 1750ThomasMalins&AnneJenkins, both of Lighthorne lic.
18 Jan 1750JosephHitchman, of Long Compton&MaryDavis, of Brayles lic.
7 Apr 1751JamesAdams&EleanorMorley 
12 Aug 1751ThomasSears, of Ebberton,&DianaCox, of Blockley lic.
2 Oct 1751LionelHawkins, commorant. of Shipston,&AnneLampett, of Hook Norton, co. Oxon lic.
13 Oct 1751RichardIngram&MaryGough 
19 Nov 1751RichardPreston, of Shutford, co. Oxon,&AnneGough 
4 Dec 1751JohnGoff, of Preston,&ElizabethSmith, of Barcheston lic.
18 Dec 1751BenjaminCooper&MaryAdams 
12 Jan 1752JohnWatts&ElizabethFreeman, both of Old Stratford lic.
6 Mar 1752JohnSands&ElizabethNewman 
5 Apr 1752ThomasRussel, of Stretton,&SarahClements, of Ilmington lic.
31 Jul 1752RobertPerry, of Kitsford, co. Somerset,&AnneParr, of Shipston-on-Stour lic.
6 Jan 1753JohnWalker, of Bloxam, co. Oxon,&HannahBond, of Shipston 
22 Feb 1753RichardWebb&ElizabethGardener, of Shipston lic.
6 Mar 1753JohnGardner&Eliz.Watts, both of Tysoe lic.
24 Apr 1753RobertMountford&MargaretFreeman, of Tysoe lic.
6 Jun 1753RichardCole&AnneFaulkener, both of Tysoe lic.
13 Jun 1753JohnTomas&ElizabethPrestridge, both of Brayles lic.
19 Jun 1753GilesCockbell&MaryKeyt 
24 Jun 1753NicholasIzod, of Moreton in the Marsh,&HannahHiron, of Whatcoat lic.
8 Jul 1753JohnCompton&ElizabethCampden, both of Whatcoat lic.
3 Sep 1753RichardPlestow, of Tysoe,&SusannaPurser, of Epwell  
5 Oct 1753RichardMason, of Todenham,&AnneHyatt, of Long Compton lic.
6 Oct 1753PeterLeonard&MarthaJordan, both of Shipston lic.
20 Oct 1753JohnTownsend&CassandraWatkins, both of Tysoe lic.
27 Nov 1753JohnSanders&ElizabethTibbets, both of Henley in Arden lic.
24 Dec 1753SamuelBerry, of Roxdon, co.3Oxon,&EmmeTownsend, of Tysoe lic.
31 Dec 1753JosephCorke, of Birmingham,&HannahMerril lic.
3 Feb 1754WilliamHine&AnnKing, both of Welsborne lic.
25 Feb 1754JohnHitchman&ElizabethCradock lic.
3 Mar 1754HenryMarshall, of Salford,&SarahBaxter, of Davington lic.
24 Mar 1754EdmundBaldwin, of Brayles,&SarahBadger lic.
Volume 4.
21 Jul 1754SamuelTidmarsh, of Tredington,&MaryNewman 
23 May 1755ChristopherHyron, of Clifford,&SarahBratt lic.
26 Jul 1756CharlesHeritage, of Kington,&MaryNason lic.
22 Sep 1756ThomasGardner&MaryPowell lic.
2 Jul 1757LeonardClarke, of Brayles,&AnnBratt lic.
1 Jan 1758WilliamPorter&AnneWeston 
22 Apr 1758ThomasMarshall&SarahHadley 
5 Sep 1758SamuelLawrence&SarahGardner 
6 Apr 1759WilliamBuckingham&SusannaCooper lic.
8 May 1759GilesCockbill, w.,&AnnHadland lic.
12 Aug 1759WilliamAlcock&MaryBlackford 
12 Nov 1759MartinWillis&AnnPreston 
25 Jun 1761WilliamRiley, of Tredington,&CassandraBishop 
27 Nov 1761ThomasHurlston&MarySale lic.
28 Dec 1761WilliamHobbins, of Shipston-on-Stour,&MaryPratt lic.
28 Jun 1762TimothyMiles, of Todnam,&AnnRawlins 
7 Aug 1762JohnChamberlain, of Willington,&HannahCooper 
13 Sep 1762JohnMarshall, of Halford,&MaryTidmarsh 
16 Jan 1763JonahCockerill&ElizabethForster 
19 Jun 1763JohnHale, of Willersey, w.,&AnnFranklin lic.
1 May 1764ThomasWhitehead&ElizabethGroves 
4 Jun 1764WilliamGroves&AnnWhitehead 
22 Jul 1765HenryPurser&ElizabethCooper 
29 Mar 1766ThomasBearley&MaryWheatcroft, of Toddenham 
5 May 1766JohnLloyd, of Charringworth,&AnnPurser lic.
11 Oct 1767RichardKite&ElizabethLockley, of Shipstone 
29 Jun 1768EdwardWells, of Brailes,&AlicePurser 
5 Dec 1768GeorgeAdams&SarahBaylis 
6 May 1769RobertMoseley&ElizabethBurroughs 
21 Jul 1769ThomasGardner&AnnHurlston lic.
13 Oct 1769JohnBlakeman&MaryAdams lic.
3 Dec 1769ThomasCooper&SarahAdams 
7 Dec 1769ThomasHone&AliceBishop 
6 Mar 1770RichardBryan, of Brailes, w.,&MaryGroves lic.
1 Jul 1771WilliamHale&MaryColdicote, of Tredington 
9 Jul 1771JohnHurlston&ElizabethHawtin lic.
30 Sep 1771NathanielBratt&HannahHancock, of Shipston lic.
22 Oct 1771WilliamLidsey&AnnSale 
17 Nov 1771WilliamMallett, of Shipston,&HannahGroves lic.
6 Jan 1772EdwardWatts&ElizabethTurner, of Tysoe, w. lic.
9 Feb 1772GeorgeAdams&AnnTidman lic.
10 Mar 1772GeorgeRoberts, of Eatington,&MaryCartar lic.
30 Mar 1772WilliamTidman&ElizabethTibbats, of Shipston 
21 Apr 1772JeffereyTreadwell, of Sibford-Gore, co. Oxon.,&AnnSale lic.
7 Sep 1772RobertLyttleton&LeonoraRutland, of Warwick lic.
22 Dec 1772WilliamRay, of Stanton St. John, co. Oxon.,&HannahWeston lic.
17 Apr 1773ThomasHurlston&AnnHawtin lic.
3 May 1773JohnWatkins&ElizabethHands lic.
13 Sep 1773JohnWeale&ElizabethHadley 
3 Jan 1774ThomasWard&ElizabethWincut, of Pillerton 
10 Jan 1774GeorgeBirt, of Holywell, Oxford&AnnMorley lic.
17 Jan 1774WilliamMiles, of Stretton,&ElizabethRose 
22 Aug 1774JohnPurser&MarthaCooper lic.
11 Oct 1774EdwardCluff&MaryWells 
24 Nov 1774JosephMiles, of Brailes,&MaryHands lic.
8 Mar 1775RobertGardner&MaryTidman lic.
3 Apr 1775WilliamBishop&AliceGroves lic.
13 Jun 1776JohnMumford, of Brailes,&ElizabethSale 
7 Jul 1776RichardThornit&MaryHarris lic.
4 Aug 1777HenryRivers, of Shipston,&MaryHewit lic.
20 Oct 1777RichardAsplin&KeziaDawes 
30 Oct 1778WilliamSitch&MaryDavis 
20 Dec 1778JohnHancock, of Oxhill,&MaryAdams lic.
2 Mar 1779EzekielCarpenter&MarySmith lic.
11 Nov 1779JohnReeve, of Shipston,&MaryHurlston lic.
1 Apr 1780HenryAdams&MaryTaylor, of Morton-in-Marsh lic.
20 Aug 1781JohnParr&MaryRawbone 
5 Nov 1781JamesFoxall, of Bersale,&SarahMorley 
11 Apr 1782RichardTarver, of Viniatt Compton,&SarahBadger lic.
8 Oct 1782ThomasIngram&SusannaBox lic.
1 Sep 1783GeorgeTidzell&MaryWeston 
7 May 1784JohnSale&SarahAdams 
24 Jan 1785WilliamAdams&MaryParnell 
2 Feb 1785JohnMarshall, of Tredington,&MaryCotton 
14 Aug 1785WilliamBuckingham&LydiaWhitehead 
13 Mar 1787WilliamAshfeld, of Blackwell, Tredington,&AnnParrot 
16 Jul 1787RichardAvrey&SarahRussell 
10 Oct 1787JohnWells&MaryRandall 
10 Aug 1788ThomasHunt&ElizabethDavies 
30 Jun 1789WilliamSylvester, of Quinton,&ElizabethMorley lic.
27 Jul 1789WilliamPorter&AnnClerk 
6 Nov 1790JohnHarrwood&MargretHoltam 
12 May 1791HenryBrandis&ElizabethBishop 
16 Oct 1791JohnAshton&MaryBrooks lic.
22 Feb 1792SamuelHancock, of Oxhill,&MaryFreeman 
11 Oct 1792WilliamColegrave, of Butler's Marston,&ElizabethGrimes 
6 Feb 1793ThomasHitchman&JaneSalmon 
7 Oct 1794ThomasWhitehead&MargaretCooper, of Shipston 
2 Feb 1796MichaelHorton, of Quinton,&ElizabethCluff 
7 Apr 1796JohnGibbs&ElizabethField 
14 Nov 1796WilliamPurser&MaryWalton 
3 Aug 1797ThomasSmith&DeborahGardener lic.
23 Oct 1797WilliamAdamsandCicelyDowdswell lic.
27 Sep 1798WilliamHone&MaryShepherd 
25 Mar 1799JosephGardener&SarahTandy 
5 Dec 1799RichardGilks&AnnHemmings 
26 Dec 1799WilliamBachelor, of Tredington,&ElizabethBurton lic.
18 Jan 1801RobertWirdnam, of Idlicot,&ElizabethHurlstone 
22 Apr 1801GraySkipwith, Esq., of Newbold Revel, in Monk's Kirby,&HarriettTownsend lic.
21 Jun 1801JosephPetty, of Tredington,&AnnHemmings 
25 Jun 1801GeorgeBrown&SusannahHoltam 
18 Oct 1801WilliamWhitehead&MarySmith lic.
10 Dec 1801JohnFullerton, Esq., of Barton-on-the-Heath,&LouisaTownsend lic.
31 Dec 1801RichardStanley&AnnWaddup lic.
18 Jan 1802JohnCockbill, of Brailes,&SarahRussell lic.
4 May 1802JacobTarver&MaryLidsey 
6 Sep 1802JohnPalmer&HannahPhipps lic.
13 Sep 1802ThomasHone&ElizabethThorn lic.
30 Oct 1802PhineasBachelor&ElizabethAliband 
1 Nov 1802JohnCluff&AnnWalton 
1 Nov 1803WilliamBaker, of Sutton-under-Brailes,&MaryMiles lic.
10 Sep 1804JohnBerry&DeborahGardener 
17 Dec 1804AllenJones, of Tiddington, co. Oxon.,&MaryHemmings 
24 Dec 1804ThomasAdams, w.,&MaryCollins lic.
27 Feb 1806JohnCockbill, of Tredington,&SarahBricknell 
22 Dec 1806WilliamHyatt&SusannahTandy, w. 
29 Jun 1807JohnMiles&ElizabethEden lic.
27 Nov 1808ThomasFreeman&MaryPhilpot 
14 May 1811JohnPodmore, of St. Martin's, Birmingham,&MaryGardner 
1 Aug 1811JohnSmith&ElizabethNewett 
3 Aug 1811WilliamBaldwin, of Morton-in-the-Marsh,&MaryBadger lic.
8 Aug 1811ThomasLidsey&MarthaSavage 
21 Oct 1811JohnMumphord, of Swalcliff,&SarahArcher lic.
Volume 5.
23 Apr 1812WilliamSpencer, of Brailes, w.,&ElizabethHemmings, w. lic.
9 May 1812ThomasSoutham&CharlotteHone 
4 Jun 1812MathewBatsford&CicleyAdams 
6 Aug 1812WilliamBishop&ElizabethMullis 
8 Dec 1812WilliamParker&ElizabethHunt 

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