Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1900 to 1911

ëWarwick Info
These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
A copy is in the Rugby library, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.
Warwick Record office Reference DR152/8.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Allen, Baker, Bates, Bird, Bolton, Bradshaw, Brierley, Bullock, Burbery,
Chamberlain, Colban , Coles, Congreve, Crofts, Curtis,
Dent, Edwards, Frost, Gamble, Gill, Hales, Hall, Hallam, Herbert, Hitchcock, Howes,
Isom, Ivens, Loomes, Malpass, Martin, Mills, Morris, Moules, Moxon,
Robinson, Rowley, Sears, Steane, Turner, Turrall, Varney, Voss, Wain, Walton, Weston.

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Abode Age and Comments
21 January 1900MillsFlorence JosephineHarborough Magna4 months
31 March 1900BoltonThomasHarborough Magna84 yrs
7 April 1900VossJohnHarborough Magna79 yrs
16 April 1900MartinEdith Rugby V.Harborough Magna2 yrs
12 May 1900BullockElizabethHarborough Magna4 days
26 May 1900VarneyHarryHarborough Magna69 yrs
13 September 1900ColesThomasDied at Harborough Magna78 yrs Parishioner of Brinklow
19 September 1900TurnerThomasDied at New Bilton65 yrs Old Parishioner of Harborough Magna
25 September 1900BirdThomasHarborough Magna50 yrs
8 November 1900HallamElizabethHarborough Magna78 yrs Died at Hatton Asylum
2 December 1900CurtisGeorgeHarborough Magna73 yrs
3 March 1901GambleThomasHarborough Magna89 yrs
27 April 1901TurnerJohnHarborough Magna69 yrs
30 October 2001MartinAliceHarborough Magna3 yrs
9 June 1902GillGeorgeRugby Workhouse71 yrs Late of Harborough Magna
5 July 1902WestonEmmaHarborough Magna39 yrs
19 August 1902HitchcockAdaHarborough Magna14 yrs
13 November 1902BradshawMary AnnHarborough Magna68 yrs
27 January 1903CroftsJamesHarborough Magna62 yrs
12 February 1903TurrallJosephHarborough Magna62 yrs
21 February 2003WainFrederick JohnHarborough Magna2 months
6 March 1903RowleyBenjaminHarborough Magna78 yrs
10 February 1903IsomSidneyHarborough Magna8 days
13 April 1903MillsDorothy EthelHarborough Magna3 months Unbaptised
7 July 1903BatesWilliam HenryHospital of St Cross, Rugby71 yrs Late of Easenhall
6 August 1903SteaneRichardHarborough Magna76 yrs
8 November 1903SearsMay Edith EmmaHarborough Magna8 months
15 December 1903WaltonElizaHarborough Magna72 yrs
3 January 1904RobinsonElizaHarborough Magna74 yrs
8 January 1904Bird(None Given)Harborough Magna2 days Son of Annie Julia Bird
23 June 1904WaltonJosephHarborough Magna82 yrs
30 November 1904MalpassFrederick StewartHarborough Magna3 yrs
13 December 1904MoulesEllenHarborough Magna50 yrs
8 February 1905BradshawJamesHarborough Magna69 yrs
1 March 1905CongreveSamuel BuryHarborough Magna78 yrs
6 April 1905HallMary AnnHarborough Magna23 yrs
29 April 1905IsomJohnRugby Workhouse78 yrs Late of Harborough Magna
27 September 1905HallPercy WilliamHarborough Magna9 months
7 December 1905IvensWilliamHarborough Magna75 yrs
9 December 1905DentErnestHarborough Magna4 weeks
1 June 1906EdwardsJohnHarborough Magna79 yrs
7 July 1906HerbertEmma JaneHarborough Magna21 yrs
16 August 1906CurtisMarthaHarborough Magna77 yrs
21 August 1906BatesRichardHarborough Magna60 yrs
5 January 1907MorrisJaneHarborough Magna73 yrs
18 December 1907ChamberlainHettieHarborough Magna27 yrs
26 March 1908MoxonThomas Dand(?)Easenhall72 yrs
23 April 1908AllenHarryHarborough Magna3 yrs
25 April 1908WainAnnHarborough Magna84 yrs
16 April 1909BatesElizabeth OdamEasenhall78 yrs
24 April 1909BradshawPhoebe51 Victoria Avenue New Bilton77 yrs
18 November 1909Colban JuliaHarborough Magna59 yrs
9 November 1909LoomesMary AnnDied at 21 St John Street Rugby89 yrs
1 January 1910BatesLouisa ElizabethDied at the General Infermary Leicester73 yrs
6 October 1910HalesFrederickEasenhall66 yrs
17 December 1910BakerKate ElizabethHarborough Magna3 yrs
24 December 1910BradshawJohnHarborough Magna75 yrs
16 January 1911FrostWilliam105 Albert Street, Rugby50 yrs
12 February 1911HowesJohnHarborough Magna79 yrs
3 March 1911BurberyCatherine ElizabethHarborough Magna70 yrs
3 August 1911BrierleyMary AnnHarborough Magna84 yrs
30 September 1911CroftsMary AnnHarborough Magna84 yrs

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