Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1872 to 1899

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These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
A copy is in the Rugby library, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.
Warwick Record office Reference DR152/8.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Addington, Aris, Barnett, Bateman, Bates, Birchall, Bloxam, Bolton, Boughton-Leigh, Boyson, Bradshaw, Brunt,
Carpenter, Cleaver, Colban, Compton, Congreve, Crofts, Curtis, Davenport, Eales, Edwards, Everton,
Farndon, Fiddler, Flavell, French, Frost, Gamble, Gee, Gilbert, Hall, Harris, Hatton, Hodgkins, Houghton, Howes, Hughes,
Isom, Ivens, Jenkins alias Jinks, Jones, Lantsbury, Liddington, Lodge, Looms, Markham, Meddows, Mills, Morris, Moxon,
Roadnight, Rowley, Rush, Sear, Sharlock, Shaw, Sheffield, Sherlock, Skeels, Skipwith, Steane, Sutton,
Thorneycroft, Thornicroft, Townsend, Tuckey, Turner, Turrall, Varney, Veasey, Voss,
Wain, Walkin, Walton, Watson, Webb, West, Wheeler, Woodford, Wright, Yates.

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Abode Age and Comments
14 January 1872FarndonElizabethHarborough Magna73yrs
30 January 1872BatesSamuel HillEasenhall17yrs
7 May 1872JonesJohn WardHarborough Magna25yrs
20 August 1872GambleMary AnnHarborough Magna60yrs
11 September 1872HarrisMary ElizabethHarborough Magna1 & a half yrs
9 October 1872HallDinahHarborough Magna63yrs
24 November 1872Jenkins alias JinksJohnHarborough Magna55yrs
29 December 1872WatsonSarahHarborough Magna70yrs
The last individual buried in the churchyard in a brick grave on the remains of her husband close adjoining to the entry
12 February 1873WheelerAmandaHarborough Magna1yr
24 March 1873CroftsKateHarborough Magnainfant
9 April 1873WheelerAlbertHarborough Magna9yrs
17 April 1873TurnerMariaHarborough Magna67yrs
7 September 1873TurnerThomas CattleHarborough Magna78yrs
18 September 1873BradshawAnnHarborough Magna51yrs
15 January 1874SheffieldMary AnnHarborough Magna18yrs
30 August 1874BoltonMaryHarborough Magna82yrs
29 October 1874FrenchMaryHarborough Magna84yrs
19 November 1874ThornicroftMaryHarborough Magna82yrs
14 January 1875IvensAlice MurielLittle Harborough14 months
28 February 1875LoomsGeorge EdwardHarborough Magna15yrs
11 May 1875WatsonWilliam JoshuaHarborough Magna50yrs
18 June 1875FarndonJohnAston74yrs
15 October 1875EalesSamuelAmpthill32yrs
2 November 1875CongreveElizabethHarborough Magna52yrs
24 November 1875BatesFannyWithybrook33yrs
4 February 1876LiddingtonHerbert RichardHarborough MagnaInfant 11 weeks
22 February 1876RowleySarahHarborough Magna57yrs
11 April 1876MeddowsMaryHarborough Magna57yrs
19 June 1876AddingtonRichardHarborough Magna64yrs
14 November 1876BoltonAlice KateHarborough Magna17yrs
25 November 1876HodgkinsJobHarborough Magna47yrs
30 November 1876BatesEdwardSouth Kilworth56yrs
5 December 1876CurtisLouise AnnHarborough Magna3 months
17 February 1877ArisMarthaBerkswell70yrs
14 April 1877BatesThomasNewton Harcourt42yrs
22 April 1877IvensElizabethLittle Harborough36yrs
4 August 1877BoysonSarah ElizabethHarborough Magna28yrs
11 August 1877LodgeAzelia MaryHarborough Magna8 months
3 October 1877EalesElizabethHarborough Magna68yrs
16 January 1878MoxonEmilyEasenhall43yrs
6 February 1878BloxamAndrewHarborough Magna76yrs
Rector MA.
22 May 1878SteaneThomasHarborough Magna82yrs
24 June 1878CurtisFrederickHarborough Magna11 weeks
10 November 1878RoadnightJamesHarborough Magna76yrs
18 January 1879ThorneycroftRobertHarborough Magna89yrs
8 April 1879WatsonEileen MariaHarborough Magna32yrs
11 April 1879WoodfordCharlesHarborough Magna66yrs
31 August 1879VeaseyWilliamHarborough Magna79yrs
29 September 1879MarkhamJaneHarborough Magna30yrs
6 October 1879MeddowsElizabethRugby80yrs
23 November 1879GambleMary AnnHarborough Magna54yrs
4 January 1880RoadnightWm.Harborough Magna48yrs
4 February 1880SteaneMaryHarborough Magna92yrs
16 February 1880BatesLouisa ElizabethHarborough Magna49yrs
20 June 1880CroftsJaneHarborough Magna2 days
15 August 1880CroftsEdith KateHarborough Magna5yrs
27 August 1880WaltonEliza JaneHarborough Magna3 days
18 December 1880BatesElizabeth SarahHarborough Magna2yrs
27 November 1880ComptonHenry GeorgeHarborough Magna60yrs
16 February 1881SuttonJosephHarborough Magna82yrs
23 May 1881WainGeorge Wm.Harborough Magna9 months
4 June 1881WatsonPhilip HenryHarborough Magna42yrs
6 June 1881SharlockJobHarborough Magna61yrs
19 June 1881HallHenryHarborough Magna69yrs
17 August 1881EvertonAnnHarborough Magna48yrs
20 August 1881BatemanWilliamHarborough Magna65yrs
20 August 1881WebbThomasHarborough Magna74yrs
17 September 1881WrightWilliam JohnHarborough Magna6yrs
4 October 1881CroftsCharles WilliamHarborough Magna7yrs
18 October 1881WrightErnest EdwinHarborough Magna4yrs
25 October 1881CroftsSarah AnnieHarborough Magna15months
1 November 1881BradshawAlbertHarborough Magna11 months
9 November 1881BradshawErnestHarborough MagnaNon given
10 November 1881MorrisThomasHarborough Magna7yrs 9months
10 November 1881EdwardsFlorence HannahHarborough Magna5yrs 5months
16 February 1882CroftsGeorgeHarborough Magna20hours
8 March 1882RoadnightThomas WardHarborough Magna18yrs
15 April 1882GeeCatherineHarborough Magna84yrs
7 January 1883VarneyRoseHarborough Magna17yrs
25 February 1883HughesDavidHarborough Magna78yrs
26 March 1883LantsburyAnnHarborough Magna81yrs
1 April 1883BradshawMaryHarborough Magna81yrs
15 June 1883CroftsThomasHarborough Magna46yrs
17 June 1883MeddowsKate SelinaNewbold on Avon27yrs
10 November 1883BloxamAnnRugby74yrs
11 January 1884TownsendWilliamHarborough Magna30yrs
2 March 1884WestEmmaHarborough Magna82yrs
4 May 1884BirchallWilliamHarborough Magna11months
17 June1884WainCharlesHarborough Magna19yrs
Fell off the timber carriage
30 July 1884TownsendElizaHarborough Magna55yrs
20 August 1884FlavellJaneHarborough Magna25yrs
28 September 1884LantsburyHannahHarborough Magna49yrs
2 October 1884EvertonSarahHarborough Magna92yrs
9 February 1885HallMary ElizabethHarborough Magna2months
1 June 1885YatesAlbert RowlandHarborough Magna4months
14 June 1885CarpenterMaryHarborough Magna62yrs
28 July 1885WestMaryHarborough Magna45yrs
6 September 1885EvertonGeorgiana RoseHarborough Magna26yrs
22 November 1885GamblePercy RichardHarborough Magna1yr 9months
15 Dec 1885MeddowsRosannaHatton Lunatic Asylum55yrs
2 February 1886ShawWilliamHarborough Magna61yrs
11 February 1886ShawHannahHarborough Magna60yrs
27 February 1886HoughtonElizabethSt Johns Coventry late of Harborough Magna83yrs
5 May 1886TurrallRichardHarborough MagnaNone given
11 July 1886FiddlerMary JaneHarborough Magna2yrs 9months
7 September 1886WainWilliamHarborough Magna65yrs
20 September 1886GilbertThomasHarborough Fields64yrs
14 December 1886WalkinGeorgeHarborough Magna85yrs
21 December 1886SuttonElizabethRugby75yrs
21 September 1887HallWalter JamesHarborough Magna14months
22 January 1888EvertonGeorgeHarborough Magna60yrs
For 32 years Clerk of this Parish
18 May 1888CroftsRoseHatton County Lunatic Asylum16yrs
27 October 1888CroftsNone givenHarborough MagnaFull age
11 November 1888RoadnightMaryHarborough Magna83yrs
20 December 1888BruntWilliamHarborough Magna69yrs
12 April 1889HallFlorence Gertrude FrancesHarborough Magna14months
29 July 1889FrostMariaHarborough Magna66yrs
21 September 1889BradshawHenryHarborough Magna23yrs
8 December 1889HallLucyHarborough Magna80yrs
15 December 1889BradshawAnn ElizabethHarborough Magna46yrs
17 December 1889Boughton-LeighAlice19 Cottesmore Gardens Kensington48yrs
Widow of Rev Egerton Boughton-Leigh late Rector of this Parish
27 February 1890IsomCharlotteHarborough Magna27yrs
28 December 1890BradshawEdwardHarborough Magna14yrs
Note: Edwin on Certificate
6 July 1890ColbanHarryHarborough Magna8 months
9 December 1890MeddowsHenryNewbold on AvonNo age
20 December 1890MeddowsElizabethNewbold on Avon54 yrs
Sister of above
16 May 1891SkipwithPeyton EstotevilleLeamington Hastings34yrs
Sir P.E. Skipwith Bart.
25 August 1891LoomsEdwardHarborough Magna57yrs
25 August 1891CroftsBenjaminHarborough Magna57yrs
16 August 1891IvensEleanorHarborough Magna91yrs
30 September 1891BarnettHannahClifton but died at Harborough Magna29yrs
15 October 1891HallGeorge BartlettDunchurch sub District81yrs
15 October 1891MoxonEmily CatherineEasenhall19yrs
9 November 1891BatemanMary Ann Harborough Magna78yrs
29 November 1891 Advent SundayBarnettEdith NellieHarborough Magnainfant
Daughter of no 562
27 December 1891SteaneAnnCathiron late of Harborough Magna65yrs
20 March 1892FrenchHenryHarborough Magna62yrs
8 November 1892EalesSamuelHarborough Magna83yrs
5 January 1893CleaverJosephHarborough Magna72yrs
8 January 1893WestThomasHarborough Magna55yrs
25 September 1893HowesJosephHarborough Magna21yrs
Killed at Newbold Lime Kilns died in Rugby Hospital
17 December 1893CleaverJaneHarborough Magna71yrs
6 July 1894IsomRoseHarborough Magna15 months
28 Februay 1895TuckeyJohnHarborough Parva80yrs
31 May 1895HughesSarahPailton81yrs
31 January 1896SherlockSarahHarborough Magna76yrs
16 November 1896TownsendNone givenHarborough MagnaNo age
9 May 1896CroftsJamesHarborough Magna31yrs
8 September 1896WestWillieHarborough Magna15yrs
24 November 1896TownsendJohnHarborough Magna52yrs
18 April 1897HowesArthur ThomasHarborough Magna6months
18 April 1897VossAbigailHarborough Magna74yrs
21 April 1897MillsHaroldHarborough Magna21days
3 July 1897BradshawPauline LordHarborough Magna7 weeks
16 July 1897TurnerSarah ElizabethHarborough Magna58yrs
26 August 1897SkeelsJamesHarborough Magna54yrs
20 January 1898GilbertCatherine SophiaBirdingbury70yrs
Sophia not engraved on plate in grave
10 February 1898HallWilliam GeorgeEasenhall4 months
22 February 1898DavenportSophiaHarborough Magna67yrs
27 February 1898BoltonJohnHarborough Magna76yrs
1 March 1898SearDorothy AnnieHarborough Magna14 days
7 February 1898RushFrederickHarborough Magna46yrs
20 March 1898FrenchNone givenHarborough MagnaNo age
6 April 1898TurrallSarahHarborough Magna58yrs
8 June 1899TownsendMaryHarborough Magna72yrs
12 August 1899HattonLuardHatton Asylum58yrs
2 December 1899VarneySarahHarborough Magna70yrs

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