Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1850 to 1871

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These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
A copy is in the Rugby library, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.
Warwick Record office Reference DR152/8.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Allsop, Bate, Bates, Bolton, Boughton-Leigh, Boulton, Bradshaw, Brierly, Brown, Buckingham, Butt,

Cattle, Collier, Compton, Congreve, Crofts, Cross, Davenport, Davy, Devereux, Dickman,

Eales, Elkington, Ellingham, Ellis, Everton, Farndon, Flavel, Flavell, French, Frost,

Gamble, Gee, Goddard, Groocock, Hall, Hancox, Hewit, Hewitt, Hollowell, Houghton, Hughes, Hutchings, Hutchins, Jane,

Jenkins (?), Jenkinson alias Jinks, Jenkson (alias Jinks), Jinks, Lansbury, Line, Long, Loydall, Marriott, Meddows, Minor, Minors,

Norman, Norton, Pearcy or Percy (sic), Percy, Rainbow, Roadnight, Ross, Sharlock, Skipwith, Stean, Steane,

Taylor, Tuckey, Veasey, Voss, Ward, Watkins, Watson, Watts, West, West , Whitwell, Woodford

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Abode Age and Comments
21 May 1850EvertonThomasHarborough Magna63 yrs
4 July 1850HughesCharlesCock Sparrows Hall Harborough Magna8 months
19 September 1850CroftsElizabethHarborough Magna66 yrs
2 November 1850CrossAnnHarborough Magna57 yrs
24 December 1850CollierElizabethRugby57 yrs
26 December 1850MeddowsSarahBerkswell77 yrs
2 January 1851FarndonThomasHarborough Magna86 yrs
21 January 1851WatsonAaronHarborough Magna51 yrs
25 February 1851EllisMaryHarborough Magna (Late of Draycote)81 yrs
2 March 1851RoadnightJosephHarborough Magna3weeks
11 March 1851FarndonWalter Wm. Harborough Magna4 yrs 5mo
31 March 1851Jenkinson alias JinksCharlesHarborough Magna85 yrs
11 April 1851HallWilliamHarborough Magna77 yrs
8 May 1851PercyJohnHarborough Magna68 yrs
10 August 1851MeddowsMaryStoneleigh co Warwick77 yrs
31 March 1852ComptonElizabethHarborough Lodge70 yrs
9 May 1852LansburyJohnHarborough Magna55 yrs
16 June 1852WatkinsHannahHarborough Magna52 yrs
16 June 1852FrenchBartholemewHarborough Magna28 yrs
5 July 1852EllinghamWilliamHarborough Magna 50 yrs
17 July 1852TuckeyMarthaNewbold Fields77 yrs
31 July 1852FlavellHenryHarborough Magna57 yrs
3 September 1852BoultonWilliamHarborough Magna8 yrs
7 October 1852HallCharlotte SusanaHarborough Magna10 months
13 November 1852VossWilliamHarborough Magna38 yrs
11 February 1853MinorAnnHarborough Magna70 yrs
15 January 1853HutchingsClara Elizabeth BailyHarborough Magna3 yrs
15 March 1853WestEleanorHarborough Magna52 yrs
31 March 1853GroocockMaryHarborough Magna38 yrs
5 April 1853HoughtonGeorgeHarborough Magna26 yrs
6 May 1853CrossHenry JephcottHarborough Magna19 yrs
15 May(?) 1853CrossEdwardNewark23 yrs
6 June 1853NormanJohnHarborough Magna59 yrs
4 July 1853Jenkson (alias Jinks)Harborough Magna88 yrs
27 October 1853HallJamesHarborough Magna46 yrs
22 November 1853BatesWilliam Edward NormanLittle Harborough part of Newbold3 yrs
22 March 1854CrossTomHarborough Magnainfant
16 April 1854SteaneMaryHarborough Magna78 yrs
26 April 1854SteaneJaneHarborough Magna1yr
27 April 1854EvertonThomasHarborough Magna2 yrs
8 May 1854GeeJohnHarborough Magnainfant
18 June 1854NortonRichardHarborough Magna10 yrs
6 August 1854MeddowsWilliamStoneleigh73 yrs
1 October 1854WestFrederickHarborough Magnainfant
8 October 1854TaylorElizabethHarborough Magna44 yrs
22 November 1854ElkingtonSarahHarborough Magna73 yrs
11 February 1855SteanRichardHarborough Magna66 yrs
25 February 1855BradshawWilliamHarborough Magna64 yrs
8 August 1855HewittJohnHarborough Magna71 yrs For 41 yrs Clerk of this Parish
and his father was Clerk before him
19 August 1855HallMaryHarborough Magna75 yrs
6 September 1855JinksSarahHarborough Magna53 yrs
23 October 1855HancoxWilliamHarborough Magna5 months
5 December 1855SteanJohnHarborough Magna42 yrs
8 December 1855EalesAnnHarborough Magna20 yrs
9 December 1855BrownLouisaHarborough Magnainfant
29 January 1856MeddowsThomasHarborough Magna80 yrs
16 April 1856GoddardWilliamHarborough Magna61 yrs
18 May 1856CroftsWilliamHarborough Magna59 yrs
30 May 1856HutchinsJames Lidsey(?)Harborough Magnainfant
3 July 1856CattleThomasHarborough Magna58 yrs
31 August 1856MeddowsSarah LapworthHarborough Magna41 yrs
15 September 1856VeaseyJohnHarborough Magna15 months
1 February 1857DickmanSusannahHarborough Magna60 yrs
17 May 1857FarndonSusannahHarborough Magna64 yrs
1 September 1857FlavelElizabethHarborough Magna65 yrs
4 March 1858ComptonMaryLeamington41 yrs
1 April 1858West WilliamHarborough Magna69 yrs
School Master & Colour Sergeant Pensioner
12 June 1858BateGeorgeEasenhall33 yrs
26 June 1858LineLetitiaHarborough Magna70 yrs
31 July 1858HughesElizabethHarborough Magna9 weeks
15 August 1858GambleWilliamHarborough Magna77 yrs
23 August 1858TaylorAnnHarborough Magna20 yrs
29 August 1858GoddardWilliam HallHarborough Magna19 yrs
26 September 1858GoddardSarahHarborough Magna46 yrs
24 September 1858GoddardJaneHarborough Magna11 yrs
3 October 1858GeeMaryHarborough Magna21 yrs
19 October 1858GambleIsaacHarborough Magna71 yrs
20 November 1858ComptonThomas HenryLeaminton3 yrs
23 November 1858CongreveCarolineHarborough Magna3 yrs
14 December 1858WattsWilliamHarborough Magna78 yrs
10 February 1859CongreveWalter ThomasHarborough Magna5 yrs
20 February 1859AllsopElizabethHarborough Magna4 yrs
9 March 1859HancoxSarah AnnHarborough Magna1yr
4 August 1859EalesJaneHarborough Magna18 yrs
12 September 1859VossWilliamHarborough Magna70 yrs
11 November 1859BrierlyHenryPailtoninfant
25 December 1859TuckeyJohnHarborough Magna89 yrs
26 February 1860SharlockMarthaHarborough Magna75 yrs
12 May 1860CollierElizabethHarborough Magna79 yrs
21 July 1860RainbowFrancesHarborough Magna44 yrs
28 January 1861Pearcy or Percy (sic)79 yrsHarborough Magna
Wife of John Percy Entry 292
8 August 1861DavyEleanorPaddington Green London29 yrs
Eleanor Davy was the First person buried in
The new cemetary
2 January 1862TaylorElizabethHarborough Magna19 yrs
27 March 1862MinorsWilliamHarborough Magna77 yrs
8 May 1862JaneSkipwithLowndes Square London34 yrs
Lady Skipwith
27 May 1862NormanSophiaHarborough Magna33 yrs`
12 February 1863FrenchRichardHarborough Magna68 yrs
Cut his throat
26 April 1863GoddardAlfredHarborough Magnalinfant
4 June 1863CollierAbrahamHarborough Magna72 yrs
Drowned in canal
12 July 1863Jenkins (?)Catherine AnnHarborough Magna7days
27 August 1863BatesMaryEasenhall44 yrs
Burnt to death
2 September 1863FarndonThomasHarborough Magna70 yrs
6 October 1863CollierElizabethHarborough Magna52 yrs
1 December 1863CollierWilliamHarborough Magna82 yrs
3 December 1863SkipwithThomas GeorgeLaunsdowne Place Leamington Spa60
Sir Thomas George Skipwith Bart.
17 December 1863HewitAnnHarborough Magna76 yrs
25 January 1864CongreveEdithHarborough Magna11 yrs
23 March 1864HughesDavidHarborough Magna4 yrs
24 April 1864MeddowsThomasHarborough Magna4 yrs
10 June 1864FrostRichardHarborough Magna16 months
30 June 1864WardAnnRugby79 yrs
2 August 1864BatesMaryEasenhall70 yrs
2 September 1864RoadnightJamesHarborough Magna3 yrs
27 September 1864TuckeyElizabethHarborough Magna93 yrs
2 December 1864WoodfordMarthaHarborough Magna51 yrs
12 January 1865SteaneElizabethHarborough Magna4 yrs
26 February 1865BuckinghamSarahHarborough Magna93 yrs
1 March 1865DevereuxJohnHarborough Magna81 yrs
16 November 1865MeddowsBetseyHarborough Magna67 yrs
12 April 1866FlavelPricillaHarborough Magna24 yrs
2 August 1866TaylorGeorgeHarborough Magna63 yrs
25 January 1867SteanElizabethHarborough Magna1yr
6 July 1867RossJohnFrom Rugby Union formerly of the parish of Harborough Magna48 yrs
29 August 1867BatesEdwardEasenhall74 yrs
8 April 1868EvertonThomasHarborough Magna38 yrs
25 March 1868DevereuxHannahHarborough Magna75 yrs
26 March 1868WhitwellMarthaEasenhall late of Rugby67 yrs
29 April 1868WhitwellWilliamRugby59 yrs
14 July 1868EvertonEmilyHarborough Magna43 yrs
14 July 1868FlavelThomasHarborough Magna37 yrs
Run over by Timber Carriage of W. Ivens
24 August 1868LongEpheraimHarborough Magna44 yrs
Hung himself
30 August 1868HallSophiaHarborough Magna35 yrs
4 October 1868ButtHarriet JaneHarborough Magnainfant
19 March 1869MeddowsEdwardHarborough Magna78 yrs
27 April 1869Boughton-LeighGrace AgathaThe Rectory Harborough Magna18 months
10 October 1869RossJohnHarborough Magna83 yrs
24 November 1869SharlockWilliamHarborough Magna77 yrs
28 November 1869DavenportFrankHarborough Magna17 months
5 December 1869BradshawHarietHarborough Magna6 yrs
8 February 1870MarriottGeorgeHarborough Magna5 yrs
13 March 1870HoughtonRichardHarborough Magna73 yrs
6 April 1870EalesSarahHarborough Magna32 yrs
1 May 1870BoltonJohnHarborough Magna77 yrs
22 August 1870WhitwellJohn WilliamsonEasenhall late of Rugby4 yrs
25 August 1870HollowellWilliamRugby36 yrs
5 September 1870Boughton-LeighEgerton Leigh R.W.(?)Harborough Magna44 yrs
Rector of Harborough Magna M.A.
14 September 1870LoydallWilliamHarborough Magna71 yrs
16 December 1870TuckeySarahNewhold on Avon50 yrs
9 December 1871GoddardJohnHarborough Magna56 yrs
Died suddenly the Previous Sunday

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