Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1813 to 1849

ëWarwick Info
These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
A copy is in the Rugby library, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.
Warwick Record office Reference DR152/8.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Atkins, Baffin, Bale, Bartlett, Bate, Bates, Boulton, Bradshaw, Buckingham, Bucknill.

Carvel, Carvell, Cattell, Checkley, Cockerill, Collier, Collyer, Compton, Crofts, Cross.

Davey, Dickman, Drake, Dyson, Eaglestone, Eales, Edwards, Elkington, Ellingham, Everton.

Farndon, Flavel, French, Gamble, Garratt, Garvy, Gee, Gilbert, Goddard, Grant.

Hall, Hewitt, Hollyoak, Holmes, Horton, Houghton, Hughes, Ivens, Jeffcott, Jenkins, Jenkinson,
Jennings, Jinks or Jinkinson (sic), Knight, Lansbury, Launcebury(?), Meddows, Moore,

Neale, Newcombe, Norman, Norton, Odams, Overton, Packwood, Pain, Payne, Pearcy, Pearson,
Pell, Piercy, Pindar, Powell, Pullin, Roadnight, Rogers, Ross,

Scott, Sharlock, Sharlocks, Smith, Spencer, St John, Stean, Steane, Stone, Sutton,

Taylor, Tibbitts, Tuckey, Turner, Veasey, Voss,

Ward, Watkin, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wells, West, Whitmore, Wright, Wynne

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Abode Age and Comments
18 February 1813OvertonElizabethHarborough Magna45 yrs
17 March 1813SteanMaryHarborough Magna60 yrs
29 April 1813TibbittsJohnHarborough Magna72 yrs
13 July 1813PainGoodworthHarborough Magna34 yrs
6 January 1814JeffcottMaryHarborough Magna18 yrs
25 February 1814ComptonSarahHarborough Magna11 yrs
10 August 1814SteanAnnHarborough Parva46 yrs
10 August 1814FarndonLydiaHarborough Magna17 yrs
18 December 1814BateSamuel HillPailton33 yrs
19 December 1814DaveyJohnHarborough Magna29 yrs Curate of Great Harborough
29 April 1815GarvyMichaelGreat Harborough1yr
9 February 1816PellRobertEasenhall34 yrs
23 February 1816CollierJohnHarborough Magna6 months
9 April 1816MeddowsRichardHarborough Magna34 yrs
21 April 1816EaglestoneAnnHarborough Magna6 months
27 August 1816HewittElizabethHarborough Magna65 yrs
8 September 1816TurnerWilliamHarborough Magna66 yrs
9 November 1816SuttonJohnHarborough Magna20 yrs
8 December 1816SuttonJosephHarborough Magna46 yrs
4 May 1817FarndonJonathanHarborough Magna7 yrs
6 May 1817CrossWilliamHarborough Magna72 yrs
16 May 1817TuckeySarahCoventry19 yrs
12 January 1818ComptonSararah SophiaHarborough Fields8 months
27 January 1818BuckinghamJaneHarborough Magna78 yrs
18 February 1818SharlocksHenryHarborough Magna3 yrs
1 March 1818SharlocksAnnHarborough Magna1yr
20 March 1818MooreElizabethLong Itchington23 yrs
6 February 1819HallHenryHarborough Magna10 months
6 May 1819BartlettMaryHarborough Magna63 yrs
17 June 1819PiercySarahHarborough Magna74 yrs
4 July 1819TurnerAnneHarborough Magna2 yrs
12 August 1819BateMaryHarborough Magna90 yrs
20 October 1819OvertonSophiaHarborough Parva7 yrs
15 January 1820PindarAnnHarborough Magna35 yrs
22 March 1820SmithJaneHarborough Magna7 months
18 June 1820JenkinsSarahHarborough Magna4 months
9 July 1820EalesJohnEasenhall57 yrs
9 July 1820PindarCharlesHarborough Magna6 months
6 August 1820BoultonJohnHarborough Magna6 months
24 August 1820CollyerAnnHarborough Magna1yr
3 September 1820SuttonThomasHarborough Magna44 yrs
27 September 1820HallMary AnnHarborough Magna8 months
15 February 1821VeaseyElizabethHarborough Magna13 yrs
8 March 1821OdamsJohnRugby Fields88 yrs
5 April 1821OvertonElizabethHarborough Parva90 yrs
15 May 1821NealeMaryHarborough Magna24 yrs
26 September 1821HortonSarahHarborough Magna1yr
6 December 1821WrightJohnHarborough Magna4 yrs
5 January 1822TuckeySaml.Newbold Fields44 yrs
6 January 1822SteanRichardHarborough Magna1 yr
19 February 1822ElkingtonWilliamHarborough Magna17 yrs
21 March 1822JenkinsCharlesHarborough Magna2 yrs
9 April 1822GambleSamuelHarborough Magna81 yrs
11 April 1822SmithSarahBrinklow64 yrs
10 May 1822CollierElizabethHarborough Magna5 weeks
17 May 1822PearcyGeorgeBirmingham40 yrs
17 May 1822SteanWilliamHarborough Magna6 days
19 May 1822WellsElizabethBrinklow70 yrs
20 May 1822CollyerElizabethHarborough Magna24 yrs
16 June 1822PackwoodEdwardHarborough Magna86 yrs
22 July 1822SuttonElizabethHarborough Magna3 months
1 August 1822GambleIsaacHarborough Magna10 yrs
19 September 1822DickmanJaneHarborough Magna6 months
12 October 1822JenkinsCharlesHarborough Magna11weeks
24 October 1822TurnerFrancisHarborough Magna19 yrs
25 January 1823HughesElizabethKings Newnham57 yrs
28 February 1823DysonAnneClifton upon Dunsmore64 yrs
4 April 1823MeddowsSarahStoneleigh40 yrs
13 May 1823TurnerAnnLong Lawford22 yrs
22 June 1823FrenchBartholemewEasenhall18 months
8 July 1823SteanRichardHarborough Magna72 yrs
25 July 1823ComptonJohnHarborough Magna73 yrs
18 August 1823SteanTimothyHarborough Magna25 yrs
31 August 1823SpencerMaryHarborough Magna35 yrs
26 September 1823DrakeElizabethHarborough Magna55 yrs
13 December 1823MeddowsRichardHarborough Magna76 yrs
7 March 1824TurnerJosephCoventry6 yrs
29 May 1824BoultonThomasHarborough Magna72 yrs
26 August 1824TurnerSarahLong Lawford21 yrs
2 September 1824SteanAnneHarborough Magna71 yrs
8 January 1825HallSophiaHarborough Magna19 yrs
7 March 1825SteanJohnHarborough Magna64 yrs
16 March 1825CattellJohnEasenhall59 yrs
22 April 1825ComptonHannahHarborough Magna77 yrs
15 May 1825CrossJosephRugby22 months
6 September 1825IvensWilliamHarborough Magna63 yrs
16 October 1825EdwardsThomasCoventry4 months
25 October 1825SuttonMaryHarborough Magna67 yrs
4 November 1825GilbertElizabethHarborough Parva21 yrs
16 November 1825TuckeyAnneHarborough Magna18 yrs
6 February 1826FarndonCharles WilliamHarborough Magna3 weeks
3 December 1826TurnerSarahCoventry17 yrs
3 January 1827HallJohnEasenhall80 yrs
25 March 1827BateRichard HillHarborough Magna13 yrs
2 April 1827BoultonEstherHarborough Magna74 yrs
2 May 1827WynneWilliamHarborough Magna69 yrs
2 May 1827EvertonGraceHarborough Magna77 yrs
11 June 1827BuckinghamMary AnnLong Lawford11 months
13 July 1827StoneCatherineKenilworth46 yrs
29 August 1827BateLucyHarborough Magna1yr
22 November 1827FlavelHenryHarborough Magna18 months
31 December 1827HallElizabethHarborough Magna53 yrs
31 January 1828AtkinsWilliamHarborough Magna69 yrs
1 February 1828CroftsSarahHarborough Magna2weeks
5 August 1828EvertonMaryHarborough MagnaNo age given
27 September 1828HallJohnHarborough Magna31 yrs
17 October 1828EalesElizabethHarborough Magna25 yrs
1 February 1829RossSamuelHarborough Magnainfant
4 March 1829SteanWilliamHarborough Magna33 yrs
10 March 1829St JohnHenry BarbustHarborough Magna33 yrs
17 June 1829OvertonJohnHarborough Parva63 yrs
1 July 1829HallJaneEasenhall87 yrs
6 July 1829GambleIsaacHarborough Magna5 yrs
31 July 1829RogersEdwardHarborough Magna31 yrs
14 August 1829EalesSarahHarborough Magna23 yrs
23 August 1829SuttonWilliamComb4 yrs
14 December 1829SteanElizabethHarborough Magna64 yrs
6 February 1830CrossMary AnnRugby8 months
6 February 1830WatkinsHenry GeorgeHarborough Magna6 months
13 January 1830BartlettJohnHarborough Magna74 yrs
8 February 1830MeddowsWilliamCoventry3 yrs
24 February 1830SteanEdwardHarborough Magna35 yrs
24 March 1830VeaseyThomasHarborough Magna3 months
26 March 1830HewittJohnHarborough Magna80 yrs
6 April 1830WardSusannaWinnal?76 yrs
19 April 1830HallMariaHarborough Magna15 yrs
30 April 1830MeddowsHenryHarborough Magna52 yrs
6 December 1830JenkinsSarah AnnHarborough Magna3 yrs
9 December 1830WhitmoreJohnLutterworth13 yrs
20 January 1831SteanAnnHarborough Magna84 yrs
4 March 1831VeaseyHenryHarborough Magna2weeks
6 July 1831EvertonStephenFoleshill84 yrs
19 October 1831HollyoakJohn WilliamHarborough Magna5 months
19 October 1831GeeSarahHarborough Magna8 months
5 November 1831JenkinsGeorgeHarborough Magna17 months
20 December 1831PearsonSarah JaneHarborough Magna1yr
20 December 1831PullinAnnHarborough Magna9 months
28 May 1832BartlettAnnHarborough Magna67 yrs
29 June 1832CarvelJohnHarborough Magna47 yrs
3 July 1831BradshawElizabethHarborough Magna8 months
3 July 1832BradshawJohnHarborough Magna4 yrs
17 October 1832SteanElizabethHarborough Magna27 yrs
17 November 1832CattellMaryEasenhall61 yrs
17 November 1832FarndonMary MariaHarborough Magna6 yrs
13 December 1832CattellMary AnnChapel Fields parish of St Michael
city of Coventry
28 yrs
26 December 1832GambleWilliamHarborough Magna3days
4 February 1833RossLucyHarborough Magna7 months
24 February 1833DickmanAnnHarborough Magna12 yrs
27 May 1833BateElan SophiaHarborough Magna15 yrs
7 October 1833NormanWilliamHarborough Magna2 yrs
19 February 1834GambleAbrahamHarborough Magna24 yrs
21 March 1834EalesJohnHarborough Magna78 yrs
14 April 1834CroftsWilliamHarborough Magna55 yrs
7 July 1834BradshawBetseyHarborough Magna1yr
29 September 1834GambleEdwardHarborough Magna8 months
7 December 1834PullinWilliamHarborough Magna27 yrs
10 December 1834OvertonThomasHarborough Magna68 yrs
13 February 1835HoughtonAnnHarborough Magna3 yrs
25 February 1835SuttonCharlesHarborough Magna5 yrs
23 May 1835SharlockMaryHarborough Magna44 yrs
8 September 1835RossAmyHarborough Magna6 yrs
14 September 1835CroftsEmmaHarborough Magna4 months
10 December 1835LansburyJamesHarborough Magna4 months
24 January 1836WrightThomasHarborough Magna45 yrs
31 January 1836NewcombeWilliamHarborough Magna71 yrs
19 September 1836FrenchJohnHarborough Magna20 yrs
22 March 1836HallMary AnnHarborough Magna26 yrs
21 May 1836BatesEdwardHarborough Magna78 yrs
22 June 1836HallElizabethHarborough Magna(?) months (no figures given)
22 October 1836ElkingtonRichardHarborough Magna20 yrs
16 November 1836PayneElizabethHarborough Magna62 yrs
26 January 1837GrantSarahHarborough Magna70 yrs
1 February 1837FarndonRose HannahHarborough Magna9 yrs
19 February 1837SmithHenryHarborough Magna76 yrs
8 March 1837SteaneWilliamHarborough Magna68 yrs
3 May 1837FarndonElizabethHarborough Magna73 yrs
4 June 1837BaffinSamuelHarborough Magna26 yrs
4 July 1837GambleHannahHarborough Magna48 yrs
17 August 1837EvertonJohnHarborough Magna(?) yrs (no figures given)
27 August 1837HallThomasHarborough Magna71 yrs
31 August 1837CrossWilliamRugby55 yrs
23 November 1837MeddowsAnnHarborough Magna13 yrs
25 December 1837JenningsMaryHarborough Magna21 yrs
26 December 1837HewittHannahLong Lawford31 yrs
14 January 1838ElkingtonRichardHarborough Magna56 yrs
23 February 1838JenningsElizabethHarborough Magnainfant
20 March 1838RossThomasHarborough Magna14 yrs
4 July 1838HallHenryHarborough Magna1 and a half yrs
16 August 1838DickmanHenryHarborough Magna9 yrs
20 August 1838MeddowsJohnHarborough Magna64 yrs
9 November 1838RoadnightMaryHarborough Magna33 yrs
21 January 1839SteanJaneHarborough Magna65 yrs
28 January 1839FarndonHephzibaHarborough Magna41 yrs
24 March 1839IvensGeorge CowdellHarborough Magna10 yrs
15 April 1839SuttonWilliamHarborough Magna69 yrs
3 July 1839BradshawThomasHarborough Magna1yr
28 July 1839CarvellSamuelHarborough Magna8 yrs
17 December 1839EalesSuzannahEasenhall75 yrs
10 January 1840Launcebury(?)HannahHarborough MagnaInfant
18 January 1840GoddardCharlotteHarborough Magnainfant
24 January 1840EllinghamJaneHarborough Magna7 yrs
31 January 1840GambleWilliam MasonHarborough Magnainfant
31 January 1840BaleMaryPailtoninfant
8 February 1840VeaseyLouisaHarborough Magnainfant
12 March 1840SteanElizabethHarborough Magna68 yrs
24 March 1840SteanThomasHarborough Magna68 yrs
17 April 1840VeaseyElizaHarborough MagnaAbout a year and a half
30 May 1840NormanMaryHarborough Magna45 yrs
3 June 1840NormanLucyHarborough Magna6 yrs
29 June 1840HolmesEdwardHarborough Magnainfant
2 November 1840WestSarahHarborough Magna83 yrs
25 November 1840JenkinsonThomasHarborough Magnainfant
29 December 1840BucknillWilliamHarborough Magnainfant
1 January 1841CroftsWilliamHarborough Magna4 yrs
24 February 1841MeddowsHannahHarborough Magna64 yrs
1 March 1841OvertonMariaCoventry62 yrs
17 June 1841WrightElizabethHarborough Magna47 yrs
8 July 1841WatkinSarahHarborough Magna8 yrs
16 July 1841VeaseyMary AnnHarborough Magna35 yrs
None GivenVossAnnHarborough Magna55 yrs
4 December 1841SmithSarahHarborough Magna82 yrs
29 March 1842BaleSarah AnnPailton1yr
1 May 1842PowellElizabethHarborough Magna1 and a half years
2 May 1842ComptonJohnHarborough Fields62 yrs
13 Oct 1842BradshawHannah dau of Edward & Mary BradshawHarborough Magna2 yrs
13 January 1843RossMaryHarborough Magna23 yrs
28 February 1843GilbertElizabethHarborough Parva67 yrs
15 May 1843CattellJohn B.Easenhall31 yrs
4 June 1843HallThomasHarborough Magna59 yrs
7 June 1843WestThomasHarborough Magna81 yrs
3 November 1843CrossFrancis EdwardRugby17 months
4 December 1843WardWilliamBilton60 yrs
27 December 1843HallGeorgeHarborough Magnainfant
25 March 1844CroftsThomasHarborough Magna35 yrs
20 April 1844SpencerThomasHarborough Magna88 yrs
29 May 1844EalesRichardHarborough Magna84 yrs
8 June 1844BateFederick WilliamEasenhall17 yrs
27 June 1844KnightCharlotteRugby37 yrs
24 June 1844HallElizabethHarborough Magna45 yrs
1 September 1844WatsonJoisiah AlbertHarborough Magna2 yrs 9 months
20 October 1844Bucki nghamThomasHarborough Magna65 yrs
18 October 1844MeddowsJamesCoventry57 yrs
20 November 1844MeddowsMaryHarborough Magna55 yrs
30 December 1844CheckleyHannahEasenhall49 yrs
2 Jan 1845GeeSarah AnnHarborough Magnainfant
8 March 1845GeeMaryHarborough Magna46 yrs
16 March 1845VeaseyMaryHarborough Magna18 yrs
4 April 1845HallJaneHarborough Magna1yr
15 May 1845CrossMary JaneHarborough Magna4 yrs
2 July 1845BateGeorgeHarborough Magna25 yrs
10 August 1845GoddardThomasHarborough Magna10 yrs
9 September 1846WattsWilliamHarborough Magna3 yrs
23 September 1846TaylorMaryHarborough Magna5 yrs
27 October 1846HewittWilliamLong Lawford71 yrs
14 November 1846WatsonMary AnnHarborough Magna14 yrs
23 November 1846CattellThomasEasenhall76 yrs
23 December 1846EllinghamElizabethHarborough Magna11 yrs
23 December 1846WatkinsHenry GeorgeHarborough Magna6 months
29 December 1846FarndonWilliamHarborough Magna56 yrs
30 December 1846NortonThomasHarborough Magna25 yrs
23 January 1847CockerillCharlesHarborough Magna53 yrs
20 April 1847Jinks or Jinkinson (sic)Mary AnneHarborough Magna3 yrs
1 July 1847RoadnightJaneHarborough Magna50 yrs
7 September 1847TaylorGeorgeHarborough Magna9 months
10 September 1847SteanThomasCoventry24 yrs
18 January 1848FrenchBetseyHarborough Magna11 yrs
24 January 1848ScottRobert BartlettBrinklow22 yrs
4 March 1848VeaseyMaryHarborough Magna75 yrs
24 May 1848EalesMaryHarborough Magna67 yrs
3 September 1848GarrattWilliamHarborough Magna10days
12 November 1848CollierSamuelHarborough Magna4 months
15 November 1848VossJamesHarborough Magna30 yrs
3 January 1849SteanAnn (widow of Edwd Stean, butcher)Harborough Magna62 yrs
18 July 1849GrantThomasHarborough Magna82 yrs
20 October 1849HewittJemimaBrinklow (wo of Wm Hewitt
late of Long Lawford
78 yrs
29 November 1849GambleElizabethHarborough Magna69 yrs

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