Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1800 to 1812

ëWarwick Info
These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
A copy is in the Rugby library, they have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.
Warwick Record office Reference DR68/2.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Bartlett, Bate, Bollard, Bolton, Bradford, Buckingham,

Catterns, Cattle, Childs, Chown, Compton, Cross, Dison, Dyson,

Eales, Egglestone, Gamble, Goode, Hall, Hobley, Hobly, Hollis, Hughes,

Ivins, Jones, Martin, Meddows, Minor, Newsham, Overton, Peacy, Percy, Rircy,

Scotten, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Stean, Sutton, Tuckey, Tucky, Turner, Veasey,

Date of Burial Surname Given Name Comments
25 January 1800CatternsMaryDaughter of Gabriel Catterns
30 March 1800SuttonElizabethDaughter of Christopher & Sarah Sutton
2 December 1800SuttonSarahWife of Christopher Sutton
10 December 1800SuttonWilliamSon of William & Annabell Sutton
22 March 1801BartlettStephen(?) 
15 July 1801JonesRichard 
1 September 1801SuttonMariahDaughter of Sam & Eliz Sutton
6 September 1801TurnerSamuelSon of William & Sarah
14 October 1801TurnerSarahWife of William Turner
6 March 1802HughesElizabeth 
6 March 1802MeddowsSarahWife of Richard Meddow
6 March 1802TuckeyThosSon of Mary(?) Tuckey
30 August 1802SpencerSamuel 
1802MeddowsHannahWife of Henry Meddows
???1803???JemimaDaughter of ???
??? 1803VeaseyAbraham 
???1804BuckinghamAnnDaughter of???
22 January 1804PeacyGeorgeSon of ???
21 March 1804HoblyAnnWife of John Hobly
28 March 1804MeddowsHenry 
30 April 1804SteanSamuelSon of Richard & Ann Stean
??? 1804BradfordJohnSon of William & Elizabeth Bradford
11 April 1805SteanSamuel 
??? 1805??????Rector
??? 1805ScottenHenry 
3 June 1805HobleyAnn 
11 October 1805BartlettMary 
11 March 1806OvertonWilliam 
4 May 1806ComptonMarthaDaughter of William & Elizabeth Compton
18 May 1806SteanMatthiasSon of Edward & Ann Stean
10 July 1806VeaseyElizabethWife of George Veasey
29 August 1806BoltonThomasSon of Thomas & Esther Bolton
20 November 1806MartinJamesSon of Sarah Martin
9 May 1807SmithMarthaDaughter of Henerey & Sarah Smith
13 September 1807SuttonSamuelSon of Christopher & Jane Sutton
14 November 1807ChownAliceWife of Joseph Chown
7 January 1808BollardSarahDaughter of Thomas & Ann Bollard
13 January 1808CrossMaryWife of William Cross
27 January 1808SteanEdward 
1 March 1808ComptonThosSon of William & Elizabeth Compton
9 March 1808DysonAnnWife of Joseph Dyson
17 March 1808EalesMary 
3 April 1808GambleJoseph 
16 June 1808SuttonThomasSon of William & Elizabeth Sutton
20 June 1808SteanAnnDaughter of William & Ann Stean
January 12 1809DisonJoseph 
20 May 1809NewshamMaryWife of the Reverend Peers(?) Newsham
22 June 1809TuckeyMary 
17 September 1809ChownJoseph 
October 21 1809ComptonThomasSon of William & Elizabeth
31 December 1809IvinsHannahWife of William Ivins
25 July 1810PercyGeorge 
26 December 1810TuckeySamuel 
8 March(?) 1811ComptonWilliam 
13 March 1811Tuckey(?)MaryDaughter of Thomas & Mary Tuckey(?)
25 July 1811SmartRichard 
26 January 1812TuckySamuelSon of Samuel & Martha Tucky
20 January 1812EalesMary 
25 February 1812BateRichard 
27 February 1812GoodeSarahWife of Richard Goode
3 March 1812ChildsThomas 
10 April 1812RircyRichardHusband of Sarah Rircy
26 May 1812MinorElizabeth 
30 May 1812BateElizabethWife of Edward Bate
2 October 1812EgglestoneJohnSon of Thomas & Sarah Egglestone
11 July 1812HollisWilliam 
4 November 1812HallFrancisWife of William Hall
27 November 1812CattleMaryWife of Thomas Cattle

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