Harborough Magna, All Saints Church
Burials from 1737 to 1799

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These Burials are from the Parish Registers of All Saints Church, Harborough Magna.
They have not been independently double checked and
are intended for guidance only.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham and other libraries.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Baggot, Bagit, Barit, Barrot, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bate, Bates, Bean, Benn, Binon(?), Bradford, Bradshaw, Breadford, Brown, Brunt, Buckingham,
Cattell, Catterns, Charnel, Charnell, Checkland, Childs, Chown, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Colman, Compton, Cox, Crofts, Croofts, Cross,
Draytone, Eagleston, Eales, Ealls, Eals, Edkins, Elezebeth, Ellsony(?), Farren, Gamble,
Haldor(?), Hall, Harford, Hefford, Hewit, Hewitt, Hifford, Higgs, Hollis, Holywell, Howkins, Hughes, Ikwil, Ivens, Ivins,
Jeffocat, Jephcote, Johnson, Jones, Leggins, Liggins, Lines, Mawby, Med, Medders, Meddows, Meed, Miller, Mole, New, Newsom,
Onley, Only, Overton, Packwood, Parker, Pearce, Pearson, Peercy, Percy, Piercy, Purcy, Reed, Rose, Rowe,
Scotten, Shoyles(?), Sidwell, Slater, Slayter, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Stean, Steane,
Tew, Thos, Tibbats, Tibbets, Tibbits, Toon, Towers, Tucings, Tuckey, Turner, Varnham(?), Veasey, Vernham, Vernon, Ward, West.

Date Surname Given Name Comments
4 May 1737LegginsSamuel 
24 May 1737ChildsAnn 
13 January 1737NewAnnWife of Johathon New
20 November 1737CroftsWilliam 
15 January 1737IvensMaryOf Little Harborough, Infant
19 March 1737LigginsAbigale 
22 March 1737ToonElizabethAn infant
27 July 1738Ellsony(?)HumphreySon of Humphrey & Hannah Ellsony(?) Aff entered
17 September 1738Shoyles(?)SusannahAff
2 April 1739HarfordAnnWife of Samuel Harford
???BrownJohn(? Very faded)
???  (? Very faded)
???  (? Very faded)
23 NovemberHaldor(?)Ann 
11 June 1741IvinsMaryAff ent
6 Dec 1741BruntThomasAff ent
11 January 1741BartletHannahAff ent
10 April 1742GambleSarah 
19 April 1742CrooftsAnnWiff of John rofts
1742BradshawSusannah(very smudged, almost erased)
2 June 1742PearceMary 
28 February 1742/3SteaneElezebethWiff of Thomas Steane Aff entered 6 march
25 February 1752/3SteaneSarahDau of Elezebeth Steane Aff entered 6 march
12 February 1752/3BartlettElezebethAff ent 19 march
24 October 1744SmithPeterAff made
26 March 1745SteanSamuelAff made
13 April 1745BeanIsiahAff made
9 May 1745MoleAllsWife of Johnathon Mole
14 May 1745MeedChristfer 
19 July 1745ReedMarthaWife of Christfer Reed
27 October 1745ParkerElezebethWife of Thomas Parker
18 November 1745MillerRobert 
19 November 1745ChildsElezebeth 
15 February 1745GambleMichell 
15 June 1746MoleJohnathon 
23 September 1746CleaverThomas 
12 December 1746ClarkMary 
25 February 1746LigginsKaterineWidow
16 March 1746BagitHannahWife of William Bagit
30 March 1747EallsJohnBacheler
4 April 1747SteanEdwardChild
19 April 1747TucingsWilliamWidower of Little Harborough
12 June 1747OnlyValentine 
11 June 1747MedEdwardInfant
8 May 1748GambleMichelInfant
31 July 1748PackwoodElezebeth 
1 November 1748BarrotWilliamOf Easenhall
2 December 1748ElezebethSteaneWidow
10 August 1749BaritMary 
6 September 1749GambleThomas 
4 January 1750GambleSusannahWidow
2 May 1751TuckeyJohn 
28 December 1751ChecklandRichard 
26 May 1752VernhamJohnSon of Tho & Mary Vernham was buried
8 February 1753ScottenThomas 
18 June 1754ScottenElezebeth 
6 June 1755SteanElizThe wife of Tho Stean
3 September 1756BarrotElizOf this Parish
26 December 1756Varnham(?)JohnSon of John Varnham (there is a hole in the page =Varnh-am
(no date)January 1757EdkinsRobPauper of this parish
(no date)February 1757LigginsElizPauper of this parish
11 February 1757CleaverWmThe son of Edward and Sarah Cleaver
15 February 1757BaggotWmOf this parish
7 January 1757CoxMaryDaughter of Robt & Anne Cox
10 July 1758MawbyAnnThe wife of John Mawby
19 March 1759SteanThomasButcher
5? or 15? February 1760GambleJoseph 
16 March 1760ColmanMaryA pauper was buried
27 July 1760Smart?Daughter of Richd Smart was buried
6 August 1760SteanElizDaughter of Edward Stean
11 August 1760GambleAnnWidow
17 September 1762SmithJn 
7 August 1762ChildsFrancis 
17 May 1763ChildsAnnThe wife of John Childs buried. Certificate of her being buried in woollen only from The Rev Mr Richd Willson, Curate of Lutterworth
16 July 1763EalesMaryDaughter of Richd & Mary Ea;es of Easenhall. Affd was made by Mary Barnet of being buried in woollen only
9 September 1763CleaverJoseph 
14 November 1764MillerRobAff from Mr Parker of Newbold
3 May 1765TewTho.
12 May 1765CatternsGabrielAn infant son of Gabriel & Mary Catterns Aff made
25 August 1765CharnelRichardAff was made
2 March 1766FarrenElizDaughter of Richd & Eliz Farren Aff was made by Ann Pearcy of this town
2 October 1766GambleJohnAff was made by Susanna Bradshaw
2 October 1766PearsonJohnAff was made by Mary Tibbatts
15 March 1767BradshawSusanneAff made
21 April 1767EdkinsSarahWidow
26 April 1767JonesMaryDaughter of Richd & Mary Jones Aff was made
26 April 1767GambleSarahWidow Aff made
6 August 1767HiffordHannahWife of John Hifford Aff made by Ann Baggot
11 Dec 1767CatternsGabrilSon of Gabril & Mary Catterns
18 January 1768JeffocatMaryWife of John Jeffcoat
8 October 1768SteanThomas
30 October 1768PackwoodThomasSon of Edward & Elizabeth Packwood Aff made
2 November 1768VeaseySarahWife of Richd Veasey Aff made by An Bagot
4 November 1768PackwoodElezebethDaughter of Edwd & Elizabeth Packwood Aff made by Elizabeth Cross/ Croft?
4 March 1769SlayterSarahDaughter of Richard & Sarah Slayter
27 March 1769SlaterSarahWife of Richd Slater Affidavit made by Ann Baggott of being buried in woolen only
8 April 1768BartletThomasAff made by Jain Stean
17 April 1769SmartHannahDaughter of Richarrd & Mary Smart Aff made by Jane Stean
27 August 1769BradshawEdwardAff made by Jain Steane
5 November 1769MeddersElezebethThe wife of Henery Medders Aff made by Ann Baggot
?? 11 March 1770SmartSusannahDaughter of Richard & Mary Smart
19 November 1770SteanJaneWidow Aff made
5 July 1771ToonJohnAff made
17 August 1771SteanWilliamSon of Anne Stean
31 August 1771PackwoodJohnAff made
16 October 1771VeaseyJohnAff made
16 October 1771CroftsJohnAff made
20 December 1771TewWilliamAff made
2 September 1772GambleWilliam 
11 October 1772TibbatsThos.Very old
No date 1773EalesNone givenShown as widw Eales of Easenhall
27 June 1773ClarkeMaryWidw. Aff made
31 August 1773TuckeySarahWidw. Aff made
10 Feb 1774Binon(?)None givenShown as widw. Binon(?) Aff made
7 March 1774CharnelNone givenShown as widw. Charnel Aff made
7 June 1774HallMargarettaWife of the Rev Mr Hall & daughter of Sir John Shuckburgh Aff made
5 September 1774BartlettWm.Aff made
26 November 1774PiercyAnneWife of Richard Piercy
26 1775ToonMarthaAff made
7 June 1775SmithEliz.Wife of Joseph Smith Aff made
8 December 1775HallThomasThe Revd Thomas Hall L.L.B. Rector of this Parish (blank) years and of Beandesert near Henley in the County of Warwick (blank) years was buried on the 8th Day of Decr by me Thomas Boyce Curate of Church Over
11 March 1776CharnellMartha 
15 May 1776BennAnnWidow
27 December 1776OnlyJohn 
20 May 1777SteaneThos. 
27 Mary 1777PurcyMary 
5 August 1777EalesMaryEasenhall
13 December 1777ChecklandWilliamLittle Harborough
?date May 1778CattellThos 
14 October 1778SmithJoseph 
7 May 1779OvertonElizabethinfant
21 March 1779IkwilAnnInfant
??? 1779Tuckey??Son of ??? (hardly readable very blurred and feint)
6 September 1779TibbetsElizabeth 
12 September 1779OnleyAnn 
21 January 1780HeffordAnn 
4 June 1780PercyGeorgeAn infant
18 July 1780BaggotAnn 
21 October 1780VeaseyMary 
17 November 1780HolywellElizabeth 
21 November 1780PackwoodMary 
26 December 1780JohnsonHannah 
8 June 1781PackwoodAnnDaughter of Edward & Elizabeth Packwood
24 June 1781SteaneMaryWife of Richard Steane
20 January 1782SteaneThos 
21 June 1782SteaneJohnSon of Samuel & Ann Steane
22May 1783HeffordJohn 
2 June 1783TibbitsEdward 
2 September 1783RoseJohnOf Little Harborough
4 December 1783ChownWilliamSon of Joseph & Alice Chown
18 January 1784GambleMaryWife of Samuel Gamble
18 January 1784GambleThos 
8 April 1784NewsomJamesSon of Peers & Mary Newsom
7 May 1784TowersMary 
21 May 1785RoseElizabethOf Little Harborough
21 September 1785TibbetsMaryPauper
8 December 1785PeercyElizabethDaughter of Richard & Sarah Peercy
4 January 1786BartlettThosSon of John & Mary Bartlett, pauper
19 January 1786ComptonWilliamSon of William & Elizabeth Compton
7 February 1786SteaneElizabethWife of Richd Steane
21 February 1786HollisAnnDaughter of Willm Hollis
22 February 1786TuckeyJohn 
26 February 1786HewittThosSon of John & Elizabeth Hewitt
31 March 1786VernonElizabethDaughter of Thos & Elizabeth Vernon
7 May 1786CrossThosSon of William & Mary Cross
27 May 1786GambleJaneDaughter of Thos & Mary Gamble
31 August 1786HewittMaryDaughter of John & Elizabeth Hewitt
14 September 1786GambleElizabethDaughter of Thos & Mary Gamble
31 December 1786EalesRichardOf Easenhall
20 March 1787ComptonAliceWife of Robert Compton
5 April 1787ThosIvens 
21 April 1787HewitEdwardSon of John & Mary Hewit
26 April 1787SteaneAnnWidow
7 May 1787JephcoteJohnPauper
19 July 1787ComptonWilliamSon of William & Elizabeth Compton
22 July 1787ComptonElizabethWife of William Compton
10 September 1787PackwoodMaryPauper
9 August 1788CatternsGabriel 
11 November 1788CroftsAnn 
11 January 1789VeaseyElizabethWife of Wm Veasey, pauper
15 January 1789HewittElizabethDaughter of John Hewitt
15 January 1789PackwoodSamuel 
20 June 1789ChildsAnnPauper
28 October 1789RoweElizabethDaughter of Elizabeth Rowe, pauper
11 April 1790SteanSamuelPauper, (Parish Clerk)
17 April 1790SteanMaryDaughter of Samuel & Ann Stean, pauper
11 September 1790TurnerMaryDaughter of William & Sarah Turner (pauper)
14 March 1791HewittMaryDaughter of John & Elizabeth Hewitt
17 April 1791CroftsMaryPauper
10 May 1791MeddowsEdwardSon of Richard & Sarah Meddows
18 July 1791ComptonRobert 
15 June 1792TurnerThomasSon of William & Sarah Turner, pauper
22 January 1793CatternsAnn 
28 January 1793CatternsSamuel 
4 February 1793PackwoodElizabethWife of Edward Packwood, pauper
30 April 1793SteaneThosSon of Edward & Alice Steane, pauper
23 September 1793GambleMaryIllegitimate daughter of Sarah Gamble, pauper
14 December 1793ComptonGraceWife of William Compton
2 February 1794WestThomasSon of Thomas & Sarah West, pauper
19 October 1794BatesSarahWife of Edward Bates
2 January 1795WardJohn 
2 June 1795LinesWilliam 
5 August 1795SteanSamuelSon of John & Mary Stean
30 September 1795TibbitsSarahWife of John Tibbits
17 November 1795BreadfordJamesSon of John & Elizabeth Breadford
17 January 1796EalsEysby 
13 April 1796BrownSarah 
16 May 1796SteaneWilliamSon of Edward & Alice Steane
30 May 1796HughesMaryDaughter of John & Elizabeth Hughes
19 June 1797SteanAlice Wife of Edward Steane (different spellings in PR)
13 August 1797BartlettMaryDaughter of John & Mary Bartlett
27 August 1797SpencerSamuel 
2 April 1797HiggsAnnDaughter of Wm & Elizth Higgs
5 May to 11 June 1797OnlyRobert 
8 August 1797MeddowsHenrySon of Richd & Sarah Meddows
15 November 1797HowkinsThos 
24 December 1797MeddowsJamesSon of Richard & Sarah Meddows
20 February 1798SidwellAnnWife of Rd Sidwell
27 March 1798ChownElizabeth 
10 June 1798EaglestonWilliamSon of Thos & Sarah Eagleston
7 June 1798BradfordElizabeth 
17 September 1798JonesMaryWife of Richd Jones
30 September 1798DraytoneThosSon of Thos & Eliz Draytone
15 October 1798BrownMary 
11 December 1798HallElizabethWidow of Lawrence Hall
15 September 1799BuckinghamThosSon of Thos & Sarah Buckingham
16 December 1799BateEdward 

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