Marriage Index for Foleshill, Warwickshire

List of Marriages taken from the Parish Records of
St Laurence Church in Foleshill from 1770 to 1844 and
1845 (many Missing), and 1846-77 and
1892 - 1911

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Year Groom NAME Bride Name
1778Abbotts, JohnBlackwell, Elizabeth
1840Adams, DanieCarpenter, Mary Ann
1783Adams, Thomas Heley, Sarah
1833Adcock, John?, Eliza
1790Adcock, WilliamCarpenter, Mary
1791Aden, James Gibbs, Mary
1851Adie, JohnBeaufoy, Caroline
1822Adie, John LeighCollins, Hannah
1780Adie, WilliamHands, Mary
1815Adkins, Newcomb Chattaway, Mary
1858Adler, ThomasPayne, Elizabeth
1856Adler, WillliamFlowers, Sarah
1900Adnitt, Walter ErnestPearson, Annie Maria
1826Aitken, Edward West, Sarah
1822Aitken, JamesStew, Emmer
1859Akers, GeorgeClarke, Elizabeth
1876Akers, GeorgeWalker, Selina
1842Akers, JohnJephcott, Maria
1819Akers, Joseph Smith, Elizabeth
1826Akers, Joseph Davenport, Elizabeth
1851Akers, WilliamHewitt, Sarah
1797Akins, EdwardOver, Mary
1877Alcock, WilliamBates, Mary Ann Lomas
1909Allen, Ernest AlfredNicholls, Nellie Maria
1904Allen, Frederick WalterClarke, Alice Maria
1863Allen, GeorgeLiggins, Ann
1873Allen, George ThomasMorton, Margaret
1830Allen, John Dodd, Letitia
1835Allen, John Picken, Eliza
1866Allen, JohnBant, Jane
1872Allen, JohnPatrick, Elizabeth
1795Allen, JosephWyatt Hannah
1841Allen, JosephElliott, Alice
1819Allen, ThomasRowney, Rebecca
1821Allen, ThomasOughton, Sarah
1849Allen, ThomasButler, Ellen
1788Allen, WilliamLaland, Ann
1796Allen, William Page, Ann
1814Allen, WilliamCarpenter, Mary
1857Allitt, AndrewBerry, Mary
1781Allton, Ambrose Marlowe, Mary
1847Amas, RichardBradford, Mary
1792Amerson, WilliamBereclough, Ann
1788Ammason, Samuel Bodell, Mary
1877Amos, [Richard] JohnClarke, Mary Ann
1797Amos, Edward Lee, Elizabeth
1893Amos, John Parker, Mary Jane
1833Amos, WilliamKimberley, Maria
1894Amos, WilliamSidwell, Ellen
1820Angliss, BenjaminCramp, Eleanor
1844Angliss, William CrampAtkins, Martha
1874Ansley, JosephSutton, Emily
1817Ansty, Thomas Hubbard, Ann
1848Apletree, SamuelSidwell, Jane
1816Arch, AmosHaughton, Maria
1825Arch, Amos Pearson, Maria
1842Arch, Benjamin Atkins, Ann
1784Arch, John Hudson, Ann
1816Arch, John Shepherd, Elizabeth
1794Arch, Joseph Hands, Mary
1778Arch, WilliamJackson, Ann
1839Archer, CharlesVernon, Sarah
1868Archer, CharlesWarwick, Ann
1796Archer, John Showell, Elizabeth
1838Archer, JohnAuxford, Esther
1873Archer, JohnClewes, Caroline
1827Archer, RobertNeale, Ann
1857Archer, ThomasCotton, Anne
1803Archer, William Stringer, Maria
1910Archer, William JohnColledge, Florence Hannah
1839Arculus, WilliamCarpenter, Rachel
1779Arlidge, Abel Stean, Ann
1864Arlidge, EdwardHill, Martha
1858Arlidge, JohnStrong, Mary
1863Arlot, John DeemingWhitehall, Maria
1843Arnesley, JohnCadman, Mary
1852Arnett, ThomasSmith, Deborah
1837Arnitt, ThomasCross, Sarah
1846Arnold, JamesFitchett, Sarah
1831Ashbey, Thomas Biddle, Sarah
1815Ashby, Edward Harris, Rachel
1843Ashby, John Payne, Sarah
1875Ashby, JohnHodierne, Elizabeth
1865Ashby, ThomasClarke, Ann
1904Ashby, ThomasSmith, Esther
1843Ashby, William Edmonds, Mary Ann
1898Ashley, JohnLester, Flora
1809Ashton, Thomas Marriott, Mary
1825Asquith, GeorgeWarner, Hannah
1894Astill, DavidBenn, Hannah
1909Astill, JosephBrookes, Minnie
1827Astill, RichardWeston, Rose
1849Astley, CharlesRollason, Elizabeth
1781Athersuch, WilliamGould, Phoebe
1798Athersuch, WilliamBurnham, Elizabeth
1807Athersutch, WilliamBarlow, Elizabeth
1866Athersych, James PotterPalmer, Elizabeth
1837Athersych, Job Simpson, Hannah
1780Athersych, John Tame, Catherine
1832Athersych, John Bradley, Maria
1809Athersych, Joseph Allsop, Mary
1838Athersych, Joseph Bird, Eliza
1820Athersych, WilliamWoodhead, Hannah
1900Atkins, AmosAtkins, Mary
1836Atkins, ArthurPeake, Sarah
1859Atkins, JacobJennings, Miraim
1863Atkins, JamesWilliams, Mary
1829Atkins, JeremiahSweetman, Rhoda
1822Atkins, JohnSmith, Mary Ann
1838Atkins, John Oughton, Caroline
1854Atkins, JohnMagee, Jemima
1871Atkins, JohnShard, Rose Ann
1825Atkins, Joseph Haskey, Hannah
1829Atkins, Joseph Judd, Mary Anne
1833Atkins, Joseph Sidwell, Mary Ann
1855Atkins, SamuelHaughton, Emma
1788Atkins, ThomasGreen, Ann
1825Atkins, Thomas Randle, Mary
1847Atkins, ThomasCotton, Hannah
1872Atkins, ThomasJackson, Esther Ann
1900Atkins, Thomas HenryCarnell, Elizabeth
1895Atkins, WilliamBrandish, Ann Sophia
1903Atkins, William JamesSutton, Ellen Ethel
1904Atter, Thomas WilliamPayne, Emily
1795Ault, JosephHurst, Elizabeth
1859Avery, WilliamJudd, Mary
1852Avry, EdwardMoor , Sarah
1849Bachelor, JohnGoode, Hannah
1795Bacon, Joel Clare, Ann
1782Bacon, JohnHeathcot, Elizabeth
1813Bacon, JohnGlenn, Ann
1820Bacon, JohnFletcher, Hannah
1828Bacon, JohnThornett, Mary Adams.
1861Bacon, JosephNixon, Jane
1787Bacon, Thomas Lloyd, Hannah
1800Bacon, WilliamColtman, Sarah
1846Bacon, WilliamMarston, Elizabeth
1852Bacon, WilliamGreen, Jemima
1827Badenock, JamesBanks, Elizabeth
1903Baggott, Thomas JamesBennett, Agnes Lizzie
1865Baggott, WilliamRawston, Keziah
1809Bagot, ThomasDillon, Mary
1843Bailey, GeorgeBenton, Loaisa
1803Bailey, John Field, Mary
1909Bailey, ThomasHarrison, Ellen Frances
1815Baker, Benjamin Wale, Hannah
1859Baker, GeorgePrice, Phoebe
1817Baker, Isaac Lester, Jane
1825Baker, JohnLane, Elizabeth
1788Baker, Richard Barkby, Ann
1790Baker, William Hall, Mary
1813Baker, William Salesbury, Elizabeth
1824Baker, William Beliss, Elizabeth
1825Baker, William Taylor, Mary Ann
1835Ball, AsaCole, Hannah
1850Ball, CharlesCleaver, Elizabeth
1863Ball, DanielHands, Mary Ann
1826Ball, David Meek, Hannah
1863Ball, DavidGilbert, Catharine
1790Ball, Francis Patchett, Phebe
1826Ball, Francis Smith, Arrabella
1780Ball, HezekialHall, Mary
1842Ball, Hosea Drakeford, Eliza
1807Ball, John Camp, Mary
1816Ball, John Messenger, Liberty
1820Ball, John Kimberley, Mary
1837Ball, John Kimbley, Mary Priscilla
1850Ball, JohnSoutham, Mary Ann
1859Ball, JohnButler, Hannah
1865Ball, JohnClarke, Martha
1815Ball, Joseph Smith, Sarah
1865Ball, JosephPatrick, Kezia
1850Ball, RichardSargent, Hannah
1859Ball, ThomasWest, Ann
1793Ball, William Goodman, Frances
1820Ball, William Hinks, Sarah
1821Ball, William Hodson, Phoebe
1834Ball, WilliamHorton, Harriet
1842Ball, WilliamLiggins, Elizabeth
1846Ball, WilliamGrim, Mary
1852Ball, WilliamHarban, Selina
1869Ball, WilliamStanley, Eliza
1777Balls, RobertOughton, Elizabeth
1821Baly, HenryNickson, Maria
1847Bamford, JohnRogers, Elizabeth
1791Band, GeorgeAdkins, Mary
1871Band, John WalkerHarris, Hephzebah
1823Banks, George Cotton, Mary
1824Bant, Humphrey Byfield, Ann
1868Barber, GeorgeStew, Emma
1839Barber, JohnWhite, Mary
1815Barber, Joseph Palmer, Catherine
1847Barber, SamuelBiddle, Elizabeth
1779Barfoot, Thomas Harrison, Jane
1787Bark, JamesBirch, Elizabeth
1792Bark, John Millis, Sarah
1808Bark, John Brooks, Phebe
1806Bark, Robert Woodhouse, Mary
1780Barkbe, William Patrick, Catherine
1778Barkby, ThomasBennett, Elizabeth
1779Barkby, William Bennett, Mary
1894Barker, HerbertJervis, Annie Emma
1814Barlow, John Towers, Ann
1843Barlow, JohnJudd, Ann
1804Barlow, JoshuaWilson, Ann
1906Barnacle, JohnJackson, Alice Maria
1788Barnacle, Thomas Taylor, Mary
1862Barnes, GeorgeHill, Mary
1813Barnes, James Edwards, Sarah
1827Barnes, JohnBirch, Elizabeth
1828Barnes, JohnParsons, Martha
1864Barnes, JohnChaplin, Hannah
1803Barnes, John StrutesfordHurford, Louisa Ann
1780Barnes, WilliamDaulton, Hannah
1807Barnes, WilliamPegg, Sarah
1847Barnett, FrederickChattaway, Hannah
1842Barnett, George Jackson, Selina
1784Barnett, John Haywood, Ann
1830Barnett, John Johnson, Esther
1848Barnett, JohnWarner, Mary Ann
1857Barnett, JohnWoodhouse, Hannah
1813Barnett, Thomas Pickard, Sarah
1847Barnett, ThomasPickard, Mary Maria
1840Barnett, William Dutton, Maria
1841Barnett, William Goode, Martha
1875Barnett, WilliamClarke, Sarah
1809Barnit, JamesRushton, Jane
1823Barns, Robert Payne, Sarah
1844Barnsley, DavidPayne, Martha
1849Barnsley, HenryRose, Elizabeth
1852Barnsley, HenryHaywood, Hannah
1794Barnsley, Joseph White, Charlotte
1876Barnsley, Louis GeorgeWagstaff, Sarah
1869Barnsley, SamuelCotton, Elizabeth
1853Barnsley, WilliamMoore, Ellen
1793Barnwell, Richard Flemings, Elizabeth
1791Barr, John White, Sarah
1817Barr, Joseph Randle, Elizabeth
1828Barr, Joseph Page, Susanna
1842Barr, William Neal, Roseannah
1862Barratt, FrederickClarke, Harriett
1866Barratt, GeorgeBosworth, Elizabeth
1811Barratt, ThomasPayne, Mary
1847Barratt, WilliamNutting, Maria
1857Barratt, WilliamRayson, Ann
1787Barrett, Charles Blunt, Sarah
1847Barrett, GeorgeWilkins, Ann
1806Barrot, William Clever, Ann
1810Barrot, William Stew, Mary
1794Barrott, Thomas Cornish, Hannah
1799Barrs, HenryWest, Mary
1827Barrs, Joseph Randle, Frances
1780Barrs, RichardWarden, Elizabeth
1827Barrs, ThomasChillingsworth, Eliza
1870Barrs, ThomasTinsley, Ann
1876Barrs, ThomasLee, Martha
1825Barrs, William Rowley, Rebecca
1902Barrs, WilliamFarndon, Rosabell Rebecca
1783Barsall, WilliamClark, Sarah
1874Barson, Albert Blackford, Mary Ann
1897Barson, Frederick WilliamAtkins, Charlotte Alice
1828Barson, GeorgeSwain, Rebecca
1803Barson, John Westley, Elizabeth
1848Barson, JohnBennet, Elizabeth
1871Barson, JosephBrowell, Ann
1805Barson, Richard Fleming, Sarah
1789Barson, Thomas Brogden, Katherine
1822Barson, ThomasBell, Jane
1848Barson, WilliamOrton, Emma
1861Barson, William BennettMorris, Mary
1811Barston, Thomas Flemming, Susanna
1803Bartlam, Thomas Cooley, Sarah
1794Bartlam, William Mattlass, Mary
1836Barton, HenryNewsome, Mary Ann
1862Barton, John HillTroughton, Harriett
1791Barwell, Thomas Hopkins, Sarah
1822Basefoot, Charles Marston, Martha
1895Bassett, WilliamFranks, Rosetta
1841Bateman, JamesLoon, Hannah
1893Bates, Charles HenryCopson, Hannah
1828Bates, Daniel Mahala Rollason
1898Bates, ErnestSidwell, Harriet
1870Bates, GeorgeTaylor, Hannah
1835Bates, John Whitmore, Hannah
1893Bates, JohnBull, Elizabeth
1859Bates, John OscarLee, Sophia
1842Bates, William Arch, Eliza
1905Bates, WilliamHirons, Clara
1862Batten, Matthew HumphreyCox, Fanny
1837Batty, Edward Perkins, Sarah
1838Baufoy, HenryLewis, Fanny
1896Baum, JohnHawkins, Ellen
1838Bawdicott, George Downes, Harriet
1807Bayless, John Shetler?, Ann
1796Bayley, John Asbury, Elizabeth
1786Bayley, WilliamMorley, Mary
1873Baylis, JohnIngram, Ann
1798Baylis, William Acres, Hannah
1816Baylis, William Wilkinson, Ann
1837Bayliss, EdwardCowley, Lydia
1788Bayliss, William North, Ann
1851Bayliss, WilliamWhetstone, Theodosia
1836Beabby, John Vernon, Susannah
1803Beabery, Thomas Hood, Mary
1809Beaby, John Blackford, Sarah
1909Beacham, RichardMarriott, Nellie
1850Beailey, FrederickHolton, Mary
1827Beale, JohnBurton, Mary
1861Beamish, HenryBason, Eliza
1906Bearsley, George ErnestStyle, Florence
1850Bearsley, JamesCoates, Eliza
1853Bearsley, JamesHoman, Caroline
1876Bearsley, JamesDeeming, Elizabeth
1863Bearsley, JosephBailey, Mary Ann
1851Bearsley, William HenryLucas, Mary Jane
1893Beasley, George Ward, Kezia
1846Beasley, IsaacSmith, Eallen
1821Beasley, JohnWarner, Elizabeth
1842Beasley, JohnClark, Elizabeth
1854Beasley, JohnStubbs, Sophia
1819Beasley, Thomas Bolstridge, Esther
1832Beasley, Thomas Blyth, Susanna
1822Beaufield, Thomas Colledge, Mary
1847Beaufoy, GeorgeBall, Catharine
1846Beaufoy, JamesBeaufoy, Hannah
1816Beaufoy, John Day, Susanna
1822Beaufoy, John Morton, Sarah
1842Beaufoy, ThomasBrunt, Sarah
1840Beck, JeremiahAtkins, Jane
1894Beck, Joseph HortonDuggins, Emma Jane
1856Beck, WilliamChaplin, Caroline
1910Beckett, William HenryClarke, Ada Ellen
1843Bedder, WilliamHolton, Charlotte
1861Beddows, JosephNicklin, Hannah
1836Beebey, JohnCarpenter, Elizabeth
1837Beesley, JosephLacey, Ann
1792Bell, John Jones, Mary
1873Bell, JohnUpton, Eliza
1787Bell, William Dudley, Ann
1824Benjamin Wilkinson Martha Cramp
1866Benn, WilliamSouthorne, Sarah
1849Bennet , WilliamVernon, Mary
1839Bennett, CharlesFurnifer, Sarah
1842Bennett, CharlesRandle, Elizabeth
1829Bennett, Christopher Barlow, Ann
1905Bennett, Ernest Albert Prince, Annie
1850Bennett, GeorgeLloyd, Eliza
1839Bennett, James Lenton, Sarah
1787Bennett, Job Brion, Mary
1821Bennett, Thomas Bottrill, Ann
1831Bennett, William Cantrel, Mary
1848Bennett, WilliamCollidge, Sarah
1823Bennitt, Charles Hunter, Rebecca
1843Benson, Henry Kennell, Harriott
1799Benson, Michael Carter, Ann
1841Bentley, JosephFoster, Eliza
1896Berry, ArthurHowes, Kate
1877Berry, HenryRoberts, Sarah Ann
1902Berry, ThomasGolby, Clara
1841Besley, John Tame, Rebecca
1827Betts, Joseph Bennitt, Elizabeth
1855Betts, Joseph ElijahJaques, Mary Maria
1853Betts, JosiahHaughton, Hannah
1814Betts, Thomas Smith, Mary
1820Betts, Thomas Jefferys, Anne
1785Betts, William Bennett, Elizabeth
1835Bickerton, HenryVilliers, Elizabeth
1895Bicknall, ArthurClarke, Mary Ann
1873Bicknell, ArthurWright, Sarah Ann
1873Bicknell, AustinHerbert, Sarah Ann
1872Bicknell, JohnDeeming, Ellen
1829Bicknell, RichardHarding, Sarah
1855Bicknell, ThomasSouthall, Harriett
1856Biddle, CharlesFreeman, Mary Ann
1808Biddle, JamesBywater, Mary
1851Biddle, JosephCoats, Eliza
1836Biddle, WilliamRollason, Libra
1840Bidmead, William Bull, Eliza
1852Biggs, GeorgeButler, Selina
1824Biggs, JonathanLongfield, Mary
1828Biggs, JosephNix, Charlotte
1779Biggs, Thomas Howiss, Mary
1824Biggs, ThomasKent, Catherine
1800Biggs, WilliamLuckman, Frances
1799Bindley, Benjamin Adley, Lucey
1778Bindley, CharlesWoode, Elizabeth
1781Bindley, JamesHemingsley, Mary
1782Bindley, Joseph Simmonds, Mary
1782Bindley, WilliamElliott, Mary
1836Birch, Benjamin White, Maria
1845Birch, CharlesWilliamson, Emma
1873Birch, DavidChambers, Amy
1788Birch, Francis Reddall, Eliza
1792Birch, FrancisEarl, Mary
1833Birch, Francis Poltney, Charlotte
1847Birch, GeorgeWoodward, Mary
1853Birch, HenryPickard, Ann
1868Birch, HenryWaggstaff, Mary
1846Birch, JamesRose, Catharine
1843Birch, JobJudd, Sarah
1780Birch, John Morton, Mary
1814Birch, John Oughton, Elizabeth
1838Birch, John Rose, Mary Ann
1835Birch, John ClementsYardley, Milley
1788Birch, JosephGilbert, Charlotte
1803Birch, JosephWilkinson, Mary
1828Birch, Joseph Sephton, Hannah
1849Birch, JosephLiggins, Caroline
1862Birch, LeviRice, Mahala
1850Birch, RichardBall, Elizabeth
1803Birch, Thomas Dorson, Elizabeth
1873Birch, ThomasRandle, Ann Maria
1824Birch, Wiliam Cooley, Jane
1811Birch, William Arnold, Ann
1846Birch, WilliamBrogdon, Eliza
1873Birch, William PaineRainbow, Jane
1829Birchall, WilliamHaynes, Mary
1899Bird, Arthur JosephWakelin, Ellen
1830Bird, BenjaminBenton, Mary
1857Bird, George JamesHoggins, Maria Sabina
1853Bird, HenryLudford, Eliza
1871Bird, Henry JamesHands, Emma Smith
1820Bird, John Hackett, Sarah
1900Bird, JohnPhillips, Sarah Ann
1831Bird, Jonathan Haywood, Mary
1853Bird, SamuelTurner, Sarah
1830Bird, Thomas Taylor, Ann
1840Bird, ThomasBudworth, Elizabeth
1849Bird, ThomasRandle, Ann
1900Bird, ThomasBurdett, Elizabeth Ann
1848Bird, WilliamMarston, Mary Ann
1849Bird, WilliamMoore, Mary
1869Bird, WilliamPhillips, Ann
1873Bird, WilliamBlick, Mary Ann
1897Bird, William HenryWright, Sarah
1825Birditt, Joseph England, Mary
1789Birditt, William Wagstaff, Mary
1801Bissiker, JamesGoodaker, Jane
1906Bivins, Arthur JosephRiley, Emma
1871Bivins, ThomasMarston, Elizabeth
1907Bivins, William HenryMowe, Kate
1854Blackford, JamesFlowers, Sarah Ann
1875Blackford, JobOver, Martha
1837Bladen, Thomas Cattel, Mary
1854Blake, WilliamHarris, Ann
1779Bland, JohnMoore, Sarah
1778Blaymires, Eli Beezeley, Lydia
1818Blaymires, ThomasRayson, Mary
1855Blick, EdwinBall, Tabitha
1821Blick, George Wright, Eleanor
1850Blick, IsaacThacker, Ann
1824Blick, JosephOrton, Esther
1817Blick, ThomasMarby, Ann
1823Blinco, IsaacLiggins, Elizabeth
1897Blow, JohnKilburn, Matilda
1867Blower, FredericBall, Eliza
1796Blower, John Pratt. Mary
1857Blower, JohnWallbank, Sarah
1861Blower, JosephMoore, Jane
1906Blower, JosephDudley, Mary Ann
1828Blower, Thomas Roe, Elizabeth
1828Blower, ThomasHands, Sarah
1829Blower, Thomas Canfield, Charlotte
1811Blower, William Starkey, Mary
1827Blower, William Clark, Elizabeth
1851Blower, WillliamGascoyne, Ann
1831Blundal, William Strong, Ann
1825Blundel, George Smith, Susanna
1851Blundel, JohnRandle, Fanny
1838Blundell, William Francis, Sarah
1812Blunt, John Perry, Mary
1820Blunt, Thomas Stoney, Ann
1911Blyth, Charles BartonPotts, Florence
1817Blyth, William Cox, Sarah
1815Blythe, John Warner, Jane
1858Blythe, JohnSwain, Ann
1852Blythe, WilliamWright, Jane
1780Boddington, ThomasSmith, Ann
1815Bodicott, Thomas Bucknell, Sarah
1778Bodington, RichardSmith, Elizabeth
1839Bolden, Samuel Cross, Margaret
1867Boldstridge, BenjaminWilday, Martha
1830Bollard, John Fenton, Catharine
1787Bollf, Nicholas als Ralph Higginson, Elizabeth
1807Bolstridge, Samuel.Dimmeck, Elizabeth
1898Bolton, John McFirlinePhillips, Emma
1840Bolton, RichardMorris, Dinah
1781Boncer, HenryGreenwood, Elizabeth
1900Bond, Phillip JamesBunn, Fanny
1909Boneham, Albert EdwardTranter, Amelia Jane
1859Boneham, JohnLomas, Betsy
1874Boneham, JosephWhite , Hannah
1897Boneham, JosephPearson, Kezia
1832Bones, John Liggins, Dinah
1838Bonham, JamesTaylor, Mary
1835Bonham, Samuel Sidwell, Ann
1827Bonham, William Sidwell, Mary
1863Bonham, WilliamElliott, Emily
1818Bonsir, ThomasTruslove, Ann
1856Bonsor, AbrahamBestridge, Ann
1900Bonsor, AlbertHolmes, Maggie May
1908Bonsor, Arthur WilliamCapell, Rhoda
1910Bonsor, OliverClarke, Edith Elizabeth
1860Bonsor, SamuelGolby, Selina
1860Bonsor, ThomasCarpenter, Mary Ann
1899Bonsor, Walter JosephStafford, Hannah
1867Bonsor, WilliamCharlton, Mary Ann
1783Boot, RichardWigston, Elizabeth
1857Booth, Benjamin Edward William Bacon, Emily
1904Booth, Charles GregoryOrton, Christine Carrie
1857Booth, JohnSmith, Hannah
1815Bostock, Joseph Scrivener, Hannah
1902Bosworth, HaroldEvans, Lizzie
1868Bosworth, HenryFawcett, Rosina
1827Bosworth, John Taylor, Rebecca
1832Bosworth, JohnCopson, Eliza
1857Bosworth, JohnLowe, Hannah
1859Bosworth, JohnPayne, Hannah
1860Bosworth, JohnCarpenter, Dinah
1846Bosworth, WilliamGravenor, Maria
1867Bosworth, WilliamPatrick, Hannah
1869Bott, JosephBirch, Hannah
1787Botterill, JeremiahWood, Mary
1871Bounds, HenryJohnson, Hannah
1830Bourne, RichardBarker, Ann
1901Bourton, Thomas HenryGill, Fanny
1833Bowen, William Hammond, Ann
1830Boyard, SamuelSmith, Elizabeth
1851Boyes, AbrahamBirch, Adelaide
1846Boyes, BenjaminPoltney, Maria
1848Boyes, IsaacMuddiman, Hannah
1823Boyes, John HeathcottWhetstone, Hannah
1851Boyes, ThomasWhetstone, Eliza
1812Boyes, William Hunter, Sarah
1830Boyes, William Kenning, Harriet
1837Boylan, JohnOwen, Hannah
1778Bracnick, Thomas Lord, Elizabeth
1837Bradbury, John Dalton, Amelia
1829Bradbury, Robert Adie, Jane
1792Bradbury, Thomas Chanderlin als Quynney, Ann
1838Bradbury, William Gazey, Ann
1910Bradley, Cyril BertieRussell, Eliza
1851Brain, ThomasAtkins, Rosanna
1841Brandes, John Harding, Sophia
1907Brandish, Thomas HenrySidwell, Sarah Ann
1908Bray, Arthur HenryLowe, Ethel May
1815Bray, BenjaminClewes, Sarah
1798Bray, John Taylor, Sarah
1840Bray, John Deavonport, Jane
1864Bray, ThomasSmith, Mary Ann
1795Bray, WilliamMasser, Sarah
1896Brazier, Richard smithSparkes, Eliza
1781Brewer, JosephBoswell, Elizabeth
1904Bricknell, JamesNeal, Ann
1897Bricknell, John HenryHaddon, Lizzie
1844Briggs, James Waring, Ann
1785Bright, JohnJewess, Ann
1898Brightwell, JohnRiley, Clara Gertrude
1823Brison, Soloman Heatherley, Elizabeth
1788Broadbent, Charles Wheatley, Elizabeth
1850Broadhead, DavidBetts, Harriet
1815Brogdan, John Taylor, Susanna
1797Brogden, George Harrison, Sarah
1794Brogden, John Perry, Ann
1804Brogdon, William Barlow, Mary
1819Brogdon, William Folks, Mary
1783Bromfield, JohnTaylor, Jane
1840Bromwich, Joseph Yates, Catherine
1820Brook, William Checkland, Sarah
1842Brookes, Ezekiel Buckingham, Charlotte
1797Brookes, Thomas Price, Ann
1899Brookes, WilliamBricknill, Mary Louisa
1788Brooks, Abraham Webb, Mary
1863Brooks, AbrahamStanley, Ann
1791Brooks, James Davis, Mary
1803Brooks, Thomas Showell, Catherine
1805Brooks, ThomasSmith, Hannah
1856Brooks, ThomasTinsley, Emily
1810Brooks, WilliamAtkins, Elizabeth
1905Brophy, WilliamMakepeace, Sarah
1841Brown, AlfredFarrar, Eliza
1855Brown, EphraimNeale, Anne
1828Brown, GeorgeBarr, Alice
1847Brown, IsaacChecklin, Ann
1788Brown, JohnAshby, Elizabeth
1809Brown, John Harris, Mary
1836Brown, JohnBacon, Amelia
1895Brown, John ThomasRandle, Clara Kate
1818Brown, Samuel Masters, Judith
1899Brown, SamuelBacon, Louisa
1783Brown, Thomas Boyd, Rebecca
1821Brown, Thomas Carter, Mary Ann
1859Brown, ThomasGreen, Rachel
1909Brown, WalterGoode, Charlotte
1804Brown, WilliamRolinson, Elizabeth
1818Brown, WilliamHopkins, Lucy Elizabeth
1820Brown, WilliamHughes, Mary Anne
1827Brown, William Lock, Mary Ann
1839Brown, William Smith, Jane
1849Brown, WilliamJackson, Mary
1791Brownsley, John Gilbert, Ann
1831Brunt, Benjamin Birdett, Ann
1837Brunt, Thomas Sambrook, Susannah
1848Bryan, AbrahamTaylor, Sarah
1851Bryan, AbrahamBlick, Hannah
1839Bryan, JohnTaylor, Ann
1781Bryan, JosephBocock, Mary
1800Bryan, Joseph Riley, Elizabeth
1835Bryan, Joseph Smith, Mary Ann
1838Bryan, Soloman Beeby, Susannah
1856Bryan, WilliamHull, Hannah
1798Bryon, John Taylor, Elizabeth
1827Bryon, Samuel Jackson, Anne
1831Buckingham, CharlesBarnes, Sarah
1831Buckingham, GeorgeEarl, Hannah
1827Buckingham, Habukah Barnes, Mary
1794Buckingham, John Elliott, Mary
1834Buckingham, JohnLane, Charlotte
1789Buckingham, William Buffey, Sarah
1784Bucknall, JohnBucknall, Mary
1825Bucknell, Henry PowellAddington, Hannah
1812Buffell, John Birch, Mary
1798Buffery, John Cowley, Elizabeth
1787Buffey, William Arch, Sarah
1818Buffey, William Badkins, Mary
1834Bufoy, John Biddle, Caroline
1829Buggins, Thomas Hayes, Ann
1869Bull, JohnMontgomery, Eliza
1811Bull, Joseph Brown, Sarah
1828Bullock, JohnHaddon, Amelia
1837Bullock, Thomas Jephcott, Elizabeth
1899Bunn, CharlesHollis, Catherine Hannah
1862Bunn, FrederickMorris, Maria
1834Bunn, Henry Treen, Sarah
1856Bunn, JamesTurrall, Hannah
1827Bunney, Avery White, Sarah
1788Burbery, George Smith, Hannah
1821Burbery, John Lee, Elizabeth
1814Burbidge, JohnSparrow, Ann
1850Burbidge, ThomasSmith, Elizabeth
1846Burby, JohnSmart, Jane
1851Burden, JamesYardley, Ann
1855Burden, Samuel JamesHowes, Martha
1853Burden, WilliamCooper, Mary
1809Burdet, WilliamMunday, Ann
1847Burdett, Dann Hunter, Sarah
1847Burdett, HannahHodson, Ann
1874Burdett, HenryClarke, Selina
1901Burdett, HenryStubbs, Annie Elizabeth
1848Burdett, JosephSmith, Esther
1870Burdett, JosephJones, Sarah Ann
1905Burdett, Joseph DanielTurner, Mary
1778Burdett, Thomas Waters, Sarah
1843Burdett, Thomas Tuckey, Sarah
1907Burdett, ThomasBasketts, Ada
1876Burditt, ArthurHaywood, Sarah Ann
1801Burditt, Joseph Band, Sarah
1851Burditt, JosephWard, Amelia
1786Burnham, Thomas Hall, Elizabeth
1806Burr, William Walker, Elizabeth
1813Burrows, DavidBrown, Elizabeth
1863Burrows, DavidToone, Matilda
1781Burrows, WilliamRichardson, Elizabeth
1826Burrows, WilliamBurbery, Lydia
1849Burrows, WilliamSmith, Caroline
1808Burton, DavidWhitehead, Mary
1843Burton, GeorgeQuinney, Harriott
1841Burton, John Lester, Mary
1807Burton, ThomasJackson, Charlotte
1863Butcher, EdwardLeader, Ellen
1871Butcher, GeorgeWalton, Mary
1870Butcher, WilliamCotton, Emma
1876Butler, AlfredNorth, Ellen
1822Butler, Edward Randle, Catharine
1791Butler, James Winkley, Ann
1857Butler, JamesBullock, Emma
1838Butler, John Eliza Lomas
1798Butler, Joseph Johnson, Esther
1856Butler, JosephRandle, Eliza
1859Butler, JosephLucas, Ann
1863Butler, JosephCrutchlow, Zillah
1848Butler, ThomasNason, Sarah
1792Butler, Timothy Wheatley, Mary
1788Butler, William Low, Catherine
1807Butler, William Gilbert, Alley
1855Butler, WilliamEngland, Hannah
1860Butlin, DanielThornton, Ann
1861Butlin, ThomasMoore, Dorcas
1842Buttler, George Checkley, Maria
1814Buttler, William Adie, Jane
1807Bywater, John Riley, Frances
1837Bywater, JosephTinsley, Hannah
1784Bywaters, William Long, Rebecca
1855Cadd, ThomasWatkins, Eliza
1813Cadman, Edward Williamson, Ann
1850Cadman, EdwardUpton, Mary
1824Cadman, Enoch Orton, Sarah
1831Cadman, Enoch Heatherley, Martha
1832Cadman, Francis Noon, Jane
1817Cadman, GeorgeBray, Maria
1836Cadman, George Underwood, Betsy
1798Cadman, Henry Harpur, Catherine
1790Cadman, John Quinney, Susannah
1799Cadman, John King, Mary
1857Cadman, JohnBodington, Anne
1858Cadman, JohnWhitehall, Hannah
1838Cadman, Jonathan Buckingham, Jane
1835Cadman, Joseph Bodington, Harriott
1794Cadman, Thomas Hanes, Hannah
1825Cadman, Thomas Searjent, Elizabeth
1868Cadman, ThomasBeaufoy, Eliza
1810Cadman, William Jeffs, Mary
1857Cakebread, RobertSmith, Martha
1898Calcutt, WilliamSidwell, Catherine
1840Callow, William Ashby, Amelia
1791Cambey, John (signed Cubey)Venebles, Helen
1854Cambridge, WilliamHolmes, Elizabeth
1841Campton Isaac Stokes, Mary
1847Campton, GabrielEdwards, Hannah
1804Campton, JohnCatterns, Mary
1852Campton, JohnMatthews, Selina
1845Campton, MosesBlyth, Jane
1815Campton, Thomas Green, Elizabeth
1841Campton, Thomas Dunn, Mary Ann
1828Campton, WilliamSmith, Jane
1839Cantrill, Ambrous Hodson, Selina
1836Cantrill, Caleb Wincott, Elizabeth
1851Cantrill, CalebCole , Hannah
1840Cantrill, Lewis Bannister, Sophia
1824Cantrill, Lot Hunter, Rhoda
1823Cantrill, MartinFairfield, Mary
1847Cantrill, RichardButler, Caroline
1783Cantrill, RobertMasser, Mary
1792Cantrill, RobertSmith, Mary
1783Cantrill, Samuel Walker, Sarah
1818Cantrill, Samuel Hudson, Ann
1792Cantrill, Thomas Jarvis, Mary
1848Cantrill, ThomasPayne, Mary
1784Capper, CharlesRowe, Mary
1902Carding, George HarryWheatley, Jane
1876Carey, CharlesWright, Mary
1866Carey, JohnFlude, Jemima
1783Carpenter, Abraham Theay, Mary
1823Carpenter, CharlesCramp, Sarah
1818Carpenter, George Fossit, Mary
1819Carpenter, IsaacBray, Alice
1803Carpenter, JamesHill, Martha
1847Carpenter, JamesBarnes, Elizabeth
1862Carpenter, James ThomasHughes, Mary
1826Carpenter, JesseRandle, Margaret
1788Carpenter, John Messenger, Elizabeth
1801Carpenter, JohnBaker, Mary
1810Carpenter, JohnMunday, Frances
1825Carpenter, John Arnold, Anne
1812Carpenter, JonathanSmith, Dinah
1827Carpenter, JonathanCarpenter, Hannah
1792Carpenter, JosephSmith, Christian
1795Carpenter, Joseph Hewitt, Sarah
1849Carpenter, NathanielSmith, Hannah
1789Carpenter, Samuel Smith, Ann
1846Carpenter, SamuelHartlett, Kezia
1785Carpenter, ThomasJackson, Fanny/Frances
1795Carpenter, Thomas White, Ede
1780Carpenter, WilliamPhillips, Hannah
1788Carpenter, William Hutchinson, Mary
1808Carpenter, WilliamWhite, Elizabeth
1827Carpenter, WilliamDaulton, Mary Ann
1828Carpenter, WilliamWheatley, Elizabeth
1838Carpenter, William Jeffs, Mille
1844Carpenter, William Hudson, Jane
1815Carson, WilliamSmith, Sarah
1876Carter, Frederick WilliamClare, Caroline
1815Carter, GeorgeEdwards, Sarah
1845Carter, GeorgeLadkin, Margaret
1793Carter, Richard Walker, Mary
1796Carter, SamuelShurley, Susannah
1802Carter, SamuelHays, Mary
1898Carter, Samuel ChurchillSephton, Catherine Alice
1821Carter, WilliamColtman, Hannah
1908Carter, William JohnWilliams, Florence May
1805Cashmore, EdwardGriffen, Elizabeth
1903Cashmore, George EdwardTreadwell, Frances Ethel
1907Cashmore, James JosephHomer, Florence
1851Cater, JohnPotts, Hannah
1817Cater, JosephRichardson, Ann
1843Cater, Samuel Bennett, Mary
1847Cater, WilliamPage, Susannah
1836Cattall, William Grimmett, Cathrine
1898Chamberlain, JosephMoor, Millicent
1839Chambers, James WilliamDeeming, Mille
1815Chambers, JohnRiley, Ann
1868Chandler, HenrySmith, Elizabeth
1871Chandler, JosephWagstaff, Ann
1828Chandler, WilliamHancox, Elizabeth
1842Chaplin, AmosHarband, Hannah
1852Chaplin, AmosClarke, Ann
1850Chaplin, CharlesJohnson, Mary
1810Chaplin, DanielWarner, Mary
1836Chaplin, EdwardEld, Mary
1874Chaplin, EdwardTuckey, Sarah
1904Chaplin, EdwardWhetstone, Selina
1864Chaplin, EdwinHewitt, Catharine Elizabeth
1844Chaplin, EphraimCoates, Elizabeth
1837Chaplin, GeorgeJackson, Hannah
1855Chaplin, GeorgeDowning, Hannah
1904Chaplin, HenryGoode, Ellen
1824Chaplin, Isaac Orton, Amelia
1851Chaplin, JosephFennell, Elizabeth
1847Chaplin, WilliamPoultney, Mary Ann
1863Chaplin, WilliamFlavell, Frances Elizabeth
1876Chaplin, WilliamBeasley, Eliza
1908Chaplin, William Thompson, Eva
1865Chapman, HenryWilson, Cecily Ann
1896Chater, William ArthurWagstaff, Martha
1899Chattaway, AlbertWagstaff, Mary Ann
1837Chattaway, BenjaminJeffs, Sarah
1851Chattaway, BenjaminElliman, Sarah
1840Chattaway, ChristopherJones, Catherine
1847Chattaway, ChristopherCourts, Rebecca
1858Chattaway, DavidLombard, Harriett
1830Chattaway, Henry Long, Mary Ann
1779Chattaway, JohnJohnson, Mary
1810Chattaway, John Shilton, Jane
1815Chattaway, John Oldhams, Hannah
1824Chattaway, John Baufoy, Mary
1843Chattaway, John Blackner, Sarah
1830Chattaway, Joseph Baufoy, Sarah
1791Chattaway, Samuel Sharp, Elizabeth
1874Chattaway, ThomasBolton, Mary Ann
1831Chattaway, WilliamClarke, Anne
1824Chatterway, William Harding, Sarah
1902Cheary, EdwinPressland, Fanny
1780Checkley, Edward Marten, Mary
1782Checkley, Edward Cowley, Sarah
1823Checkley, James Edwards, Mary
1847Checkley, JamesGreynough, Frances
1851Checkley, JamesBall, Hannah
1869Checkley, JamesLowe, Mary Ann
1871Checkley, WilliamDownes, Frances
1838Checklin, William Neale, Mary
1810Cherry, Matthew Southern, Elizabeth
1783Child, FrancisJackson, Elizabeth
1791Childs, AbrahamWheeler, Ann
1809Chillingsworth, Henry Rolason, Sarah
1849Chillingsworth, HenryWalker, Hannah
1836Chillingsworth, JamesWhithall, Ann
1848Chillingsworth, JesseLiggins, Eliza
1836Chillingsworth, JohnLester, Sarah
1820Chillingsworth, SamuelSanders, Elizabeth Norman
1804Chillingsworth, Thomas Checkley, Sarah
1813Chillingsworth, Thomas Sargent, Elizabeth
1846Chillingsworth, ThomasBarnsley, Harriett
1815Chillingsworth, William Haughton, Sarah
1825Chimes, RichardBray, Elizabeth
1871Chittem, GeorgeCotton, Emily
1841Chittim, GeorgeLenton, Matilda
1842Chittim, GeorgeStokes, Frances
1868Chown, JosephHunt, Mary
1825Chown, WilliamWard, Ann
1874Chronicle, PeterHarriett, Hannah
1901Chronicle, PeterSmith, Annie Holmes
1787Clare, John Lowe, Sarah
1895Clare, JosiahMarriott, Ann
1858Clare, WilliamSmith, Ann
1848Clark , JacobHall, Hannah
1868Clark , ThomasStorer, Sarah Ann
1851Clark, BenjaminBarrs, Eliza
1817Clark, DanielBaker, Elizabeth
1827Clark, Edward Cadman, Margaret
1843Clark, HenryPerkins, Hannah
1830Clark, JohnBuckingham, Alice
1837Clark, John Cooper, Elizabeth
1897Clark, JohnLanchbury, Elizabeth
1792Clark, Joseph Smith, Frances
1843Clark, Joseph Stanley, Elizabeth
1826Clark, Samuel Gilbert, Ann
1805Clark, Thomas Arris, Elizabeth
1816Clark, Thomas Payne, Mary
1824Clark, Thomas Coltman, Lydia
1836Clark, Thomas Turner, Sarah
1809Clark, William Wall, Elizabeth
1825Clark, William Rushen, Anne
1830Clark, WilliamRollason, Eliza
1899Clarke, BenjaminWood, Emma Hannah
1872Clarke, CharlesPickard, Elizabeth
1909Clarke, ChristopherBruton, Emilie Florence Annie
1799Clarke, Daniel Rollason, Hannah
1833Clarke, DanielCombe, Rhoda
1896Clarke, EnochWoodhouse, Hannah
1901Clarke, Francis JohnLole, Harriet
1846Clarke, IsaacTaylor, Martha
1864Clarke, JamesWilliams, Eliza
1870Clarke, JamesChittem, Jane
1873Clarke, JamesTrickett, Rebecca
1797Clarke, JohnKelley, Ann
1804Clarke, JohnRigby, Mary
1849Clarke, JohnRollason, Mary Ann
1874Clarke, JohnBray, Emma Knight
1896Clarke, JohnStrong, Laura
1864Clarke, JonathanRandle, Sarah Ann
1870Clarke, JosephHarban, Frances Maria
1875Clarke, JosephSavory, Elizabeth
1905Clarke, JosephWard, Clara
1895Clarke, Joseph HenryCotton, Drusilla
1826Clarke, SamuelTomkins, Martha
1850Clarke, SamuelTilson, Elizabeth
1865Clarke, Samuel Marston, Mary Ann
1782Clarke, ThomasClarke, Mary
1846Clarke, ThomasAllen, Mary
1847Clarke, ThomasColtman, Mary
1854Clarke, ThomasHewitt, Louisa
1865Clarke, ThomasClarke, Elizabeth
1869Clarke, ThomasPickering, Ellen
1897Clarke, ThomasHackett, Elizabeth
1871Clarke, TomAmos, Sarah Ann
1812Clarke, William Clare, Mary
1827Clarke, WilliamSedgley, Mary
1851Clarke, WilliamBoneham, Harriet
1872Clarke, WilliamTinsley, Eliza
1875Clarke, WilliamBatty, Emma
1893Clarke, WilliamGoalby, Susannah
1906Clarke, WilliamStew, Edith Alice
1787Clarkson, JamesLucas, Joanna
1861Clay, GeorgeJackson, Ann
1908Clay, George Thomas Midwinter, Mary Maria
1863Clay, JemMorris, Elizabeth
1846Clay, JohnBetts, Elizabeth
1857Clay, Joseph HoodReynolds, Martha
1859Clay, ReubenHarper, Hannah
1901Clay, RobertHillier, Sarah Ann
1843Clay, ThomasFebey Wane
1854Clay, UriahWiles, Mary
1852Clay, WilliamCopson, Hannah
1782Cleaver, John Limbee, Mary
1843Cleaver, John Green, Mary
1892Cleaver, WilliamEllis, Eliza
1809Clewer, Josiah Marston, Mary
1850Clewes, JeremiahBetts, Mary Ann
1852Clewes, JohnBonham, Mary Ann
1819Clewes, ThomasBosworth, Elizabeth
1848Clewes, ThomasWarwick, Matilda
1896Clews, Edward WilliamGolby, Tryphena Selina
1851Clews, HenryWarner, Caroline
1843Clews, John Chaplain, Emile
1810Clews, Thomas Randle, Ann
1823Clews, ThomasDaniel, Mary
1831Clifford, Thomas Sutton, Allice
1805Clifton, ThomasPell, Mary
1791Clifton, William Sheasby, Martha
1784Cluer, JosiahElliott, Mary
1871Cluley, ThomasHoare, Sarah Annie
1876Cluley, ThomasEdgley, Eliza
1818Clulow, WilliamGarner, Mary
1898Coates, Arthur EdwinMarston, Elizabeth Sarah
1813Coates, William Warren, Martha
1797Cobson, JohnGoode, Mary
1902Cockerill, EdwardRandle, Sarah
1826Coldicote, JamesPayne, Sarah
1853Coleman, Charles MeadsBolton, Harriet Anne
1794Coleman, DanielColeman, Mary
1823Coleman, EdwardMeads, Margery
1898Coleman, EdwardJones, Elizabeth
1820Coleman, JamesShepherd, Mary
1875Coleman, JamesLawrence, Elizabeth
1873Coleman, JohnFaulks, Mary
1795Coleman, ThomasShepherd, Elizabeth
1797Coleman, ThomasYardley, Alice
1855Coleman, ThomasHarris, Charlotte
1829Coleman, William Copson, Elizabeth
1850Coleman, WilliamEdmonds, Sarah
1848Coles, HenryGrimmet, Hannah
1847Coles, JohnHickman, Grace
1907Coley, ThomasVaughan, Ann Maria
1904Colledge, Albert EdmundHartlett, Kate Eleanor
1868Colledge, ArtherWatts, Mary
1904Colledge, Carey ThomasAston, Laura Louisa
1829Colledge, HenryBenton, Hannah
1854Colledge, IsaiahCadman, Martha
1856Colledge, IsaiahStanley, Selina
1873Colledge, JohnCopson, Elizabeth
1840Colledge, Levi Jarvis, Mary
1831Colledge, Nathan Copson, Ann
1903Colledge, PercyLomas, Mary Ann
1840Colledge, ThomasDunkley, Harriot
1857Colledge, WilliamChaplin, Emma
1831College, IsaacNix, Hannah
1794College, JohnDalton, Catharine
1828College, William Hatfield, Mary
1839Collett, ThomasHandbridge, Jemima
1823Collidge, Charles Liggins, Jane
1819Collidge, David Buck, Mary
1824Collidge, Henry Herbert, Mary
1819Collidge, John Wheatley, Mary
1861Collier, James BlottShort, Eliza
1837Collingwood, WilliamHaymes, Ann
1825Collins, Henry Osbourn, Jane
1782Collins, JohnPritchett, Elizabeth Atterbury
1788Collins, JohnGoode, Martha
1793Collins, ThomasJephcott, Sarah
1825Collins, Thomas Barton, Rosanna
1855Collyer, GeorgeWalker, Jane
1847Collyer, WilliamRollason, Dinah
1820Coltman, Abraham Landsly, Elizabeth
1861Coltman, GeorgeStanley, Caroline
1784Coltman, JohnCarpenter, Ann
1817Coltman, John Spicer, Hannah
1828Coltman, John Riley, Elizabeth
1778Coltman, ThomasBatts, Jane
1828Coltman, Thomas Rowney, Jane
1832Coltman, ThomasBarnes, Priscilla
1827Coltman, WilliamConaway, Bridget
1803Comb, William Bray, Rhoda
1844Compton, John Haywood, Eliza
1852Compton, JohnLiggins, Priscilla
1836Compton, Thomas Morris, Edeth
1848Compton, ThomasDavenport, Mary
1873Compton, ThomasMillwood, Ann
1859Compton, WilliamAppletree, Sarah
1851Conalton, MichaelJubb, Eliza
1834Connop, EdwardHiorns, Elizabeth
1857Cook, JamesHarris, Emma
1907Cook, WalterCross, Mary Ellen
1783Cook, WilliamKeene, Rebecca
1852Cooke, BenjaminRoberts, Sophia
1819Cooke, John Young, Mary
1836Cooke, JohnCooley, Elizabeth
1851Cooke, RichardRinsley, Elizabeth
1792Cooley, Edward, signed CuleyCadman, Elizabeth
1828Cooley, Richard Turner, Mary
1897Coombes, JohnMatilda Golby
1896Coombs, LeonardHughes, Mary Jane
1846Cooper, CharlesHurst, Emily Jane
1815Cooper, John Stain, Ann
1819Cooper, John Moore, Sarah
1898Cooper, JohnFinch, Sarah Ann
1802Cooper, JonathanLee, Sarah
1799Cooper, JosephSilvester, Hannah
1820Cooper, JosephSolven, Mary
1825Cooper, Michael Hawkins, Catharine
1787Cooper, Robert Quinney, Mary
1834Cooper, SamuelButlin, Letitia
1852Cooper, StephenBullock, Hannah
1857Cooper, StephenLee, Charlotte
1816Cooper, ThomasSmith, Ann
1868Cooper, ThomasWildsmith, Emma
1903Cooper, TomCotton, Nellie Elizabeth Hannah
1903Cooper, WalterMarriott, Lily Kate
1834Cooper, William Jays, Caroline
1858Cooper, WilliamOsborn, Louisa
1803Coper, William Page, Sarah
1897Coplin, Frederick JohnRose, Mary
1803Coplin, Samuel Tinsley, Esther
1843Coplin, SamuelWalker, Elizabeth
1895Coplin, William JosephHackett, Sarah
1910Copson, Arthur WilliamStafford, Leah
1819Copson, Benjamin Burbery, Hannah
1861Copson, DavidOrton, Hannah
1866Copson, JohnJohnson, Eliza
1830Copson, Jonathan Daniel, Jane
1820Copson, Richard Wiberley, Isabellah
1830Copson, Richard Oldham, Ann
1802Copson, SamuelTaylor, Susanna
1806Copson, Samuel Stafford, Sarah
1813Copson, SamuelSmith, Sarah
1817Copson, Samuel Puffett, Elizabeth
1829Copson, Thomas Wibberley, Ann
1820Copson, William Whitehall, Mary
1831Copson, WilliamGibbs, Hannah
1841Copson, William Dudley, Hannah
1862Copson, WilliamAston, Mary
1860Copson, William HenryHarding, Sarah
1787Corbett, JohnWard, Mary
1858Corbett, ThomasHaughton, Ann
1802Corr, MichaelTyrrell or Terral, Mary
1800Cort, Henry Jephcote, Rebecca
1822Corts, Thomas West, Elizabeth
1828Corts, William Smith, Ann
1801Corttis, James Kimberley, Mary
1898Cotton, Albert JosephClarke, Louisa
1825Cotton, CharlesBarr, Mary
1856Cotton, CharlesGoldbye, Anne
1831Cotton, DanielStringer, Mary
1822Cotton, GeorgeSmith, Frances Pato
1849Cotton, GeorgeHatton, Emily
1846Cotton, JohnHiorns, Ann
1847Cotton, JohnFriswell, Dinah
1792Cotton, Thomas Moore, Mary
1822Cotton, Thomas Wall, Mary
1849Cotton, ThomasGoode, Ann
1894Cotton, ThomasCross, Alice
1850Cotton, WilliamMay, Ann
1863Cotton, WilliamClarke, Eliza
1832Court, EphraimWarner, Eliza
1838Court, Henry Bonham, Catharine
1803Court, ThomasOldhams, Dorothy
1855Courts, AbrahamElliott, Harriett
1822Courts, Edward Rollason, Mary
1861Courts, EdwardBall, Jemima
1827Courts, Henry Hewen, Mary
1848Courts, HenryEarl, Hannah
1849Courts, IsaacWebster, Emma
1855Courts, IssacCarpenter, Mary
1825Courts, John Butler, Sarah
1825Courts, Joseph West, Sarah
1865Courts, NathanielEarl, Mary Ann
1822Courts, Thomas Packer, Hannah
1848Courts, ThomasLowe, Hannah
1858Courts, ThomasWarner, Elizabeth
1871Courts, WilliamTaylor, Martha
1797Cowley, IsaacHutt, Edy
1824Cowley, IsaacEnzer, Jane
1895Cox, Charles WilliamBates, Selina
1784Cox, JamesBenfoot, Sarah
1827Cox, James Hill, Elizabeth
1827Cox, JohnHurley, Jane
1856Cox, LewisLillo, Charlotte
1785Cox, Richard Carpenter, Elizabeth
1792Cox, Richard Clarke, Alice
1784Cox, ThomasBettridge, Sarah
1838Cox, Thomas Judd, Eliza
1859Cox, ThomasOughton, Mary Ann
1867Cox, ThomasClark, Rachel
1819Cox, William More, Charlotte
1841Cox, William Lomas, Hannah
1874Cox, WilliamFurniss, Annie
1793Craft, William Rolinson, Ann
1794Craft, William Smith, Hannah
1849Cramp, AmosBuckingham, Eliza
1831Cramp, AzariahAllen, Hannah
1877Cramp, Charles EdwardTallis, Eliza Jane
1780Cramp, John Cantril, Ann
1809Cramp, JohnBall, Hemmey
1845Cramp, JohnChattaway, Emma
1871Cramp, John RileyFennell, Fanny
1852Cramp, JosephButler, Eliza
1779Cramp, ThomasDrakeford, Elienor
1862Cramp, ThomasLole, Ann
1793Cramp, William Woodhead, Hannah
1820Cramp, William Cramp, Mary
1836Cramp, WilliamRiley, Ann
1841Cramp, WilliamDavis, Martha
1846Cramp, WilliamWilkins , Elizabeth
1857Cramp, WilliamFleetwood, Julia Ann
1871Cramp, WilliamHorsley, Sarah
1783Crew, WilliamWheatley, Sarah
1794Crew, William Spritley, Ann
1904Cribdon, AlfredLombard, Clara
1782Croft, John Postins, Sarah
1854Croft, ThomasMoore, Elizabeth
1833Croft, WilliamHarband, Mary
1849Crofts, HenryGreadon, Elizabeth
1822Crofts, JohnAlexander, Jane
1835Crofts, JohnFacer, Elizabeth
1849Crofts, JosephDevile, Harriett
1807Crofts, WilliamOakes, Hannah
1814Cross, CharlesLiggins, Mary
1901Cross, Charles WilliamCooper, Mary Gertrude
1847Cross, Joseph SamuelRiley, Harriett
1869Cross, Joseph SamuelRowley, Ellen Anne
1783Cross, RichardWoodfield, Mary
1788Cross, Thomas Smith, Hannah
1781Croxall, Christopher Marson, Mary
1906Crump, Percy Ernest CoxKeyte, Sylvia Constance Louise
1811Cummings, JosephCort, Elizabeth
1808Cupper, Thomas Hall, Sarah
1784Cure, JohnHanbury, Elizabeth
1865Cure, RichardPerkins, Hannah
1784Curson, WilliamWelch, Ann
1852Curtis, WilliamClarke, Rachel
1828Cuthbert, GeorgeHurley, Sarah
1853Daft, JamesBacon, Caroline Ann
1844Dalton, AmosHall, Rachel
1777Dalton, DanielEverett, Sarah
1871Dalton, ElijahDimmock, Ann
1850Dalton, HenryCollins, Jane
1897Dalton, Jesse CollinsRandle, Minnie
1785Dalton, John Jackson, Martha
1792Dalton, Richard Goodman, Mary
1875Dalton, RichardBird, Sarah Ann
1815Dalton, William .Davis, Tomasin
1783Dan, John Edwards, Ann
1830Dancer, ElijahKerby, Elizabeth
1835Daniel, JamesCross, Ann
1808Daniel, Thomas Williams, Mary
1830Daniels, AlexanderBryon, Caroline
1867Daniels, WilliamSparkes, Sarah
1865Danks, CharlesSanders, Mary Elizabeth
1791Darlinson, Thomas (signed Darlison)Evans, Ann
1832Darlison, JohnGreen, Hannah
1838Darlison, John Liggins, Hannah
1810Darlison, ThomasPerkins, Sarah
1825Daulton, AmosSeargent, Elizabeth
1832Daulton, ElijahArnold, Charlotte
1785Daulton, George Gasside, Ann
1807Daulton, George Turneyclifft, Ann
1778Daulton, John Jackson, Elizabeth
1812Daulton, John Truslove, Hannah
1803Daulton, Richard Harris, Sarah
1787Daulton, ThomasMorris, Elizabeth
1778Daulton, William Barrott, Mary
1840Daulton, William Coltman, Ann
1814Davenport, John Burbury, Charlotte
1822Davenport, Joseph Towers, Mary
1863Davenport, JosephDavenport, Hannah
1910Davenport, WalterFairbrother, Caroline Elizabeth
1829Davis, CharlesHarvey, Elizabeth
1903Davis, ErnestHartlett, Ellen
1809Davis, James West or Wist, Priscilla
1812Davis, James Ward, Mary
1810Davis, John Elliott, Alice
1811Davis, John Lomex, Ede
1826Davis, JohnArch, Elizabeth
1838Davis, Joseph Liggins, Elizabeth
1815Davis, LukeCramp, Mary
1778Davis, RichardBarkby, Sarah
1780Davis, Thomas Hill, Christian
1828Davis, William Wildsmith, Elizabeth
1899Davis, William ArthurLomas, Hannah Elizabeth
1872Dawson, SamuelRoberts, Alice
1859Dawson, ThomasHewitt, Martha
1844Day, GeorgeLowe, Charlotte
1843Day, JohnLenton, Elizabeth
1796Deacon, James Hall, Sarah
1790Deacon, John Dalton, Letitia
1793Deacon, Thomas Ridgaway, Ann
1790Deacon, William Butler, Comfit
1824Deacon, WilliamGoode, Mary
1784Deakins, Daniel Orton, Sarah
1840Deavenport, Jonathan Lester, Ann
1871Deavenport, WilliamBuckingham, Harriett
1812Deeming, CharlesWard, Jane
1874Deeming, JohnMessenger, Mary
1807Deeming, Samuel Hill, Martha
1830Deeming, Samuel Turner, Martha
1851Deeming, SamuelHolmes, Sarah
1835Deeming, Thomas Ford, Ann
1857Deeming, ThomasWhitehall, Ann Hassell
1835Deeming, William Vernon, Elizabeth
1857Deeming, WilliamEvans, Ellen
1831Dent, WilliamBeasley, Eleanor
1793Devis, JohnMontgomery, Amy
1874Devonport, JohnBird, Elizabeth
1868Devonport, SamuelCramp, Sarah Eaves
1787Dewell, John Clarke, Mary
1900Dewis, Charles HenryWarner, Agnes
1809Dickins, Daniel Avins, Elizabeth
1836Dickinson, William Fawcet, Sarah
1843Dickison, John Fossett, Mary Ann
1861Dickson, WilliamDickson, Mary Ann
1820Dillam, John Savage, Hannah
1873Dillam, JohnHarrison, Sarah
1853Dillam, ThomasOughton, Elizabeth
1847Dillon, JohnJames, Ann
1815Dillum, John Arch, Amelia
1787Docker, Thomas Deacon, Elizabeth
1851Docker, ThomasNutting, Sarah
1801Dod, RichardHodson, Mary
1817Dodd, Joseph Bray, Charlotte
1822Dodd, Joseph Dellam, Elizabeth
1818Dodd, WilliamJackson, Sarah
1801Dolton, AmosOrton, Mary
1836Done, John ThomasLea, Ellen
1787Doody, John Gold, Ann
1865Dowell, Henry Clark, Harriet Mary
1901Downes, George JamesQuinn, Catherine Ellen
1807Downes, WilliamLatham, Jane
1795Downing, ThomasHurst, Hannah
1827Downing, Thomas HenrySargeant, Catharine
1798Downs, CharlesCarpenter, Ann
1812Downs, CharlesFroggett, Martha
1838Downs, Charles Jarvis, Ann
1803Dowson, ThomasGoode, Susanna
1839Dracott, CharlesOrton, Eliza
1815Drake, JohnChandler, Elizabeth
1777Drake, RichardSmith, Mary
1786Drakeford, James Goode, Ann
1786Drakeford, John Pears, Ann
1805Drakeford, John Porter, Elizabeth
1808Drakeford, John Hall, Hannah
1847Drakeford, JohnTuckey, Rebecca
1867Drakeford, JohnBlockley, Eliza
1839Drakeford, Thomas Watson, Hannah
1791Drakeley, WilliamCreswell (or Cresley), Ann
1830Drakeley, William Birdett, Sarah
1778Drakford, ThomasPage, Mary
1830Drakley, John Marlow, Mary
1841Drakley, Thomas Bawdicote, Harriott
1803Drakley, William Bosworth, Mary
1828Draper, Joseph Darlison, Sarah
1803Draper, William Field, Elizabeth
1842Dubock, WilliamPoltney, Mary
1865Duckett, ThomasLenton, Ann
1862Duckett, WilliamBagot, Ellen
1903Duckham, FrankFlavell, Alice Maria Maud
1849Dudley, JesseHollick, Jane
1812Dudley, JohnBurton, Susannah
1853Dudley, JohnGoode, Mary Ann
1872Dudley, JohnJackson, Ann
1876Dudley, JohnBray, Charlotte
1793Dudley, Thomas Hall, Sarah
1796Dudley, ThomasChew, Elizabeth
1818Dudley, ThomasSmith, Mary
1839Dudley, Thomas Holloway, Harriott
1818Dumbleton, George Carter, Sarah
1847Dumbleton, RichardLowe, Ann
1817Dunkley, ThomasCramp, Maria
1843Dunn, Thomas Stevens, Mary
1906Dunn, William George EdgarJones, Hannah Millicent
1836Dunning, William Adie, Mille
1852Dutton, JamesRandle, Mary
1790Dutton, Richard Oakley, Jane
1857Dyke, SamuelWilkins, Fanny Halford
1900Eades, OliverCross, Ina Augusta
1783Eagleton, JohnMillip, Ann
1852Earl, JohnTibbits, Ann
1850Earl, JosephCopson, Elizabeth
1852Earl, JosephMitchell, Emma
1841Earl, William Hall, Ann
1825Earle, John Nassau, Ann
1823Earps, Edward Burbidge, Susanna
1908East, Joseph CharlesSmith, Ada
1874Eaton, GeorgeMoore, Hannah Maria
1893Eaton, JohnHarris, Hannah
1867Eaton, ThomasLawrence, Catharine
1833Eavery, Edward Jeffs, Harriett
1796Eaves, Thomas Pemberton, Rosannah
1840Ebburn, GeorgeWhiting, Rebeckah
1840Eburall, Henry JohnReeve, Eliza
1837Eburn, Thomas MasonTuckey, Rebecca
1826Edden, ThomasHartlett, Mary
1855Eden, JonathanHolmes, Mary
1861Eden, ThomasMoss, Harriett
1806Eden, WilliamButler, Elizabeth
1865Edge, Henry HewittOughton, Rebecca
1831Edginton, JohnEld, Mary Ann
1838Edmonds, John Ebburn, Ann
1858Edmonds, JohnShard, Hannah
1820Edmonds, JonathanLatham, Ann
1803Edmonds, ThomasChamberlin, Dorothy
1849Edmonds, WilliamTurrall, Lydia
1908Edwards William ThomasWhitehall, Rosa Maud
1874Edwards, DemsterTedds, Sarah
1847Edwards, GeorgeDrakeford, Ann
1851Edwards, GeorgeSidwell, Lydia
1851Edwards, IsaacCheckley, Mary Hannah
1872Edwards, JamesHill, Eleanor
1861Edwards, JaneOrton, Anne Elizabeth
1792Edwards, John Lester, Sarah
1817Edwards, JohnPerry, Charlotte
1820Edwards, JohnBennett, Rebecca
1910Edwards, ReginaldBrittain, Annie
1826Edwards, Richard Truslove, Ann
1815Edwards, Thomas Clark, Mary
1822Edwards, Thomas White, Mary
1904Edwards, WalterFlowers, Gertrude Florence
1788Edwards, WilliamGreen, Hannah
1814Edwards, WilliamLomes, Elizabeth
1833Edwards, WilliamDavies, Sarah
1841Edwards, WilliamRathbone, Mary
1870Edwards, WilliamJackson, Mary Jane
1800Eld als Ells, Francis Serjeant, Jane
1787Eld, JohnBrown, Elizabeth
1799Eld, Joseph Barber, Mary
1815Eld, Joseph Burbery, Comfort
1828Eld, Joseph Tinsley, Elizabeth
1830Eld, JosephHartlett, Ann
1824Elkington, ThomasBrown, Sarah
1806Elkinton, Richard Moore, Kisiah
1827Elliman, RobertBarnes, Sabery
1903Elliott, AlfredSharratt, Eliza Anne
1839Elliott, David Brown, Eliza
1811Elliott, JamesBarrott, Ann
1833Elliott, James Chattaway, Hannah
1850Elliott, JamesMarston, Phoebe
1807Elliott, JohnHarbutt, Ann
1822Elliott, John Collins, Sarah
1836Elliott, John Beebey, Sarah
1842Elliott, JohnSpencer, Amelia
1835Elliott, JosephBoyes, Mary
1893Elliott, Joseph Randle, Florrie Elizabeth
1779Elliott, RogerRow, Catherine
1836Elliott, Roger Smith, Elizabeth
1784Elliott, ThomasTibbitts, Mary
1800Elliott, WilliamWood, Elizabeth
1839Elliott, WilliamSalmons, Selina
1860Elliott, WilliamSidwell, Jane
1862Elliott, WilliamClarke, Ann
1876Elliott, WilliamDudley, Sarah
1839Ellis, JohnCopson, Margaret
1787Ellis, Richard Clulow, Martha
1849Ellis, WilliamWhetstone, Harriet
1895Ellis, WilliamWood, Sarah
1796Ellson, BryanBarrs, Alice
1846Elpes, HenryBrooks, Eliza
1907Elson, EdwardRadburn, Keziah Emily
1860Elson, GeorgeHands, Hannah
1858Elson, JohnRandle, Hannah
1851Elton, HenryNicholls, Eliza
1844Elton, John NutthallMoore, Emma
1825Elton, ThomasChecklin, Martha
1828Ely, AbrahamMaycock, Mary
1816Endon, JamesJackson, Martha
1843England, George Callow, Sarah
1844England, HenryCopson, Ann
1837England, JosephKent, Martha
1833England, StephenSutton, Ann
1874Enson, JohnPickard, Leah
1852Ensor, JosephTaylor, Harriett
1901Ernest Albert LeighJacques, Hannah
1816Essex, A. Dillam, Mary
1806Essex, Aaron Moore, Susanna
1900Essex, GeorgeWagstaff, Hannah
1904Essex, HarryAtkins, Annie
1865Essex, JamesHorton, Harriett
1864Essex, SamuelKimberley, Ann
1865Essex, ThomasIngram, Frances Maria
1874Essex, WilliamWright, Matilda
1859Evans, EdwardSmith, Caroline
1853Evans, James BullockBoastridge, Maria
1862Evans, James BullockBelfield, Catherine Graham
1777Evans, SamuelLenton, Ann
1875Evans, ThomasJackson, Mary Ann
1779Eveleigh, ThomasBright, Elizabeth
1783Everton, Edward Buntin, Sarah
1816Everton, EdwardStean, Elizabeth
1794Eveson, William Johnson, Mary
1791Evings, Edward Campton, Sarah
1805Evings, WilliamCarpenter, Fanny
1803Eweston, James Rumley, Elizabeth
1802Eyre, CharlesSwain, Anne
1788Fairfax, George Arnold, Hannah
1910Falconbridge, CharlesNeal, Alice Rebecca
1814Fancum, Joseph Ball, Martha
1849Farmer, JohnLiggins, Eliza
1815Farmer, WilliamWard, Jane
1835Farncomb, WilliamDavis, Jane
1874Farndon, AlfredHighway, Eliza
1782Farndon, John Standley, Ann
1865Farndon, ThomasBooth, Emma
1836Farne, Thomas Lenton, Maria
1786Farrar, CharlesKeys, Hannah
1808Farrar, CharlesPayne, Ann
1831Farrar, Charles Taylor, Hannah
1808Farrar, Thomas Pickering, Ann
1903Farren, DavidBlunsom, Rebecca
1834Farren, JohnWilkins, Jane
1869Farren, NathanielAtkins, Sarah Ann
1816Farren, ThomasCompton, Martha
1812Farrin, John Smith, Elizabeth
1864Faulconbridge, CharlesTurner, Mary
1865Faulconbridge, JohnCourteney, Elizabeth
1896Faulconbridge, Samuel CharlesHarris, Mary Ann
1847Faulkinbridge, SamuelCourts, Catherine
1877Faulkonbridge, David BarsonWest, Eliza
1856Faulkonbridge, JosephSanders, Ann
1866Faulks, ThomasSouthorne, Elizabeth
1803Fauson, AbrahamJillings, Elizabeth
1838Fawcett, JamesTinsley, Mary Ann
1838Fawcett, John Heatherley, Hannah
1785Fawcett, PhilipPegg, Mary
1817Fawset, John Carpenter, Mary
1838Fawson, Abraham Hodrin, Ann
1829Fawson, David White, Mary
1783Fawson, SamuelDix, Ann
1873Faxon, WilliamGolby, Emma
1807Feaney, Thomas Rainer, Ann
1850Fell, Zechariah EatonJudd, Hannah
1819Feltham, Francis Jones, Meria
1862Fenn , JohnBryce, Priscilla
1854Fenn , ThomasWilday, Elizabeth
1854Fenn, SimeonJames, Mary
1854Fennell, GeorgeWarner, Eleanor
1863Fennell, HenryAthersych, Maria
1856Fennell, JohnFord, Fanney
1854Fennell, SamuelCarter, Eliza
1871Fennell, StephenColledge, Jane
1789Fewtrell, JamesRiley, Sarah
1795Fielding, Joseph Nash, Ann
1828Fisher, Thomas Woodward, Anne
1838Fitchett, William Orton, Selina
1830FitzPatrick, BenjaminSmith, Hannah
1817FitzPatrick, JonathanMoore, Ann
1796Fitzpatrick, JosephAtkins, Hannah
1816FitzPatrick, Richard Smith, Ann
1827FitzPatrick, Richard Goode, Elizabeth
1892Flannagan, Henry Flavell, Ellen Elizabeth
1897Flavell, Albert ManassehLeadbeater, Eliza Alice
1837Flavell, JohnNorth, Mary
1873Fletcher, GeorgeBoddy, Mary Ann
1827Fletcher, Henry Butler, Catharine
1827Fletcher, JohnGibbs, Sarah
1872Fletcher, JohnNicks, Sarah Ann
1786Fletcher, Thomas Arnel, Sarah
1848Fletcher, ThomasVernon, Ellen
1869Flint, JohnBurdett, Sarah
1828Flint, ThomasHartshorn, Theodosia Steel
1867Flowers, DavidPearson, Amy
1858Flowers, JohnStopp, Mary
1870Flowers, JohnFord, Mary
1785Flude, HenryBarnwell, Sarah
1846Ford, CharlesPearson, Elizabeth
1864Ford, CharlesBlower, Margaret Elizabeth
1870Ford, EdwinLiggins, Ann
1811Ford, John Eals als Hayes, Fanney
1862Ford, JohnSmith, Sarah
1835Ford, Jonathan Harding, Mary
1872Ford, JosiahDrewry, Elizabeth
1805Ford, Thomas Hudson, Dorothy
1832Ford, ThomasRichardson, Ann
1860Ford, ThomasHunter, Drusilla
1787Fossett, William Bates, Alice
1910Foster, WilliamSimpson, Emma Jane
1778Fox, WilliamNickling, Catherine
1826Fox, WilliamRandle, Mary
1832Francis, TimothySteane, Mary Ann
1844Francis, WilliamFriswell, Hannah
1859Franklin, AlbertBambury, Mary
1910Franklin, Wallace WilliamBates, Olive Ethel Daisy
1849Franklin, WilliamBeaufoy, Sarah
1779Franks, Edward Jackson, Mary
1798Franks, George Warner, Elizabeth
1903Franks, Harry Seaman, Emma
1853Freeman, AbrahamKelley, Hannah
1807French, George Hamson, Catherine
1838French, GeorgeHarris, Mary Ann
1856French, Richard Jacques, Lucy
1849Fretwell, AnthonyHewitt, Mary
1829Friswell, Thomas Coleman, Phebe
1798Friziel, William Wesley, Ann
1810Frizwell, William Clark, Sarah
1830Frogett, John Berrey, Elizabeth
1825Froggett, William Hinks, Charlotte
1802Froggit, John Brown, Martha
1825Furlong, JohnLapwith, Mary Ann
1839Furnival, George Whitehall, Susannah
1839Furnival, John Atkins, Sarah
1824Furnival, William Wilcox, Alice
1852Furnival, WilliamMarriott, Frances
1808Gadsby, Thomas Masser, Frances
1847Gadsby, ThomasChaplin, Eliza
1894Gagan, JosephWhitehall, Hannah Maria
1863Gagan, JoshuaHarban, Hannah
1808Galsey, James Neall, Priscilla
1872Gamble, AbrahamFrancis, Emily
1832Gamble, William Hill, Jemima
1837Gamble, William Eld, Sarah
1835Gandy, EdwardPover, Esther
1908Gandy, JamesTreadwell, Rosetta Caroline
1908Gardener, Percy AugustusThompson, Mary
1827Gardner, JohnHewitt, Mary
1862Gardner, StephenJackson, Mary Ann
1852Garner, FrancisHaughton, Emily
1815Garner, John Smalley, Elizabeth
1875Garner, JohnCarpenter, Eliza
1838Garner, Richard Smith, Hannah
1836Garner, William Rollings, Mary
1841Garratt, CharlesPascoe, Jane
1835Garratt, JamesOldham, Hannah
1842Gascoigne, WilliamWestwick, Martha
1899Gazey, George RobertCleaver, Hannah Elizabeth
1848Gazey, HenryCowley, Eliza
1832Gegan, JosephMarriott, Amelia
1861Gethings, GeorgeKinder, Rowena
1851Getting, GeorgeSoutham, Elizabeth
1787Gibbard, ThomasHurst, Mary
1820Gibberd, JohnMonk, Mary
1804Gibbins, SamuelHorton, Hannah
1806Gibbins, VanianSergeant, Mary
1894Gibbs, JamesStokes, Phoebe
1797Gibbs, John Kennel, Susanna
1828Gibbs, John Forster, Sarah Marten
1866Gibbs, JohnFarndon, Emma
1831Gibbs, Robert Brandford, Sarah
1823Gibbs, Thomas Hubberd, Charlotte
1825Gibbs, William Trivett, Fanny
1858Gibbs, WilliamJudd, Maria
1870Gibson, James ThomasClare, Elizabeth
1856Giddens, WilliamHance, Sarah
1803Gilberd, James Fearfield, Mary
1781Gilbert, ArthurLiggins, Hannah
1821Gilbert, Gabriel Gibbs, Ann
1853Gilbert, HenryPalmer, Jemima
1860Gilbert, JamesElson, Harriett
1847Gilbert, JohnMillerchip, Ann
1822Gilbert, Joseph Ashby, Mary
1860Gilbert, Richard Wright, Eunice
1864Gilbert, ThomasHickingbottom, Ellen
1787Gilbert, William Croft, Martha
1861Gilbert, WilliamLudford, Hannah
1898Gill, SamueFoster, Alice
1784Gilliver, James Moore, Ann
1847Ginks, William HenryShirley, Sarah
1828Glaze, ThomasBlick, Elizabeth
1830Glenn, William Carpenter, Alice
1805Glinn, John Lowe, Elizabeth
1800Glover, John Perry, Sarah
1848Glover, JohnPayne, Martha
1778Glover, Richard Dudley, Sarah
1837Glover, ThomasMaddon, Jane
1817Glynn, John Orton, Sarah
1817Glynn, John Freeman, Hannah
1869Goalby, JamesSmith, Emma
1860Goalby, JohnJacques, Mary Ann
1875Goalby, WilliamWhitehall, Eliza
1838Godson, JohnLee, Susan
1828Godwin, Thomas Wilkinson, Elizabeth
1854Golby , SamuelDavis, Hannah
1907Golby, George WilliamNewey, Eva Lucy
1875Golby, JamesGoode, Agnes
1900Golby, JohnBirch, Zillah
1858Golby, ThomasWillcox, Emma
1902Golby, WalterLowe, Martha
1830Golby, WilliamHubbert, Hannah
1856Golby, WilliamHerbert, Jane
1859Golbye, GeorgePargetter, Hannah
1854Golbye, JosephPhipps, Martha
1873Goldby, WilliamBroadway, Mary Ann
1793Golding, JohnBushel, Ann
1787Goodal, JohnTaylor, Ann
1825Goode, AbrahamBrogdan, Elizabeth
1866Goode, HeneryOughton, Agnes
1819Goode, HenryCadman, Frances
1833Goode, HenryMee, Elizabeth
1837Goode, HenryRowney, Hope
1853Goode, HenryAllen, Sarah
1829Goode, James Wagstaff, Sarah
1800Goode, Jeremiah Green, Mary
1821Goode, Jeremiah Kelley, Elizabeth
1833Goode, Jeremiah Jones, Hannah
1867Goode, JesseHewitt, Angelina
1785Goode, JohnHopkins, Hannah
1790Goode, John Barrott, Phene
1846Goode, JohnWard, Ann
1846Goode, JohnNorth, Susannah
1788Goode, Matthew Fletcher, Mary
1846Goode, SamuelHiorns, Fanny
1865Goode, Samuel HenryLinnell, Rebecca
1786Goode, Thomas Haywood, Sarah
1815Goode, Thomas Blunt, Mary
1827Goode, Thomas Nicholls, Ann
1900Goode, Walter HenryFaulconbridge, Hannah
1839Goode, William Porter, Sarah
1850Goode, WilliamAshby, Eliza
1857Goode, WilliamHall, Hannah
1893Goode, WilliamLee, Alice
1797Goodridge, CharlesWallington, Mary
1812Goodwin, Thomas Marriott, Rhodea
1900Goodyer, TimothyHandley, Charlotte
1852Gore, AlfredJones, Sarah
1783Gore, LambethJee, Mary
1851Gorsuch, AlfredMillward, Jane
1894Gossage, ThomasBurrell, Elizabeth
1790Gould, John Wagstaff, Mary
1850Gould, RichardGoode, Mary Ann
1858Gould, Richard Tibbals, Martha
1788Gould, Thomas Jenkins, Sarah
1798Grafton, JamesAult, Elizabeth
1869Grant, JamesChecklin, Hannah
1901Grant, JamesWheatley, Agnes Bertha
1843Grant, JohnBirch, Sarah
1863Grant, JosephTurner, Eliza
1895Grant, JosephBurditt, Mary Ann
1901Grant, Joseph AlfredGoring, Florence Mary
1782Grant, ThomasVillers, Ann
1902Grantham, AlexanderBarnett, Mary Ann
1905Grantham, John HenryHambridge, Charlotte
1862Green , SamuelGrant, Priscilla
1828Green, CharlesCarpenter, Phebe
1836Green, Charles Fox Fell, Ann Eaton
1865Green, DavidFarmer, Rosanna
1840Green, Edward Turneclift, Ann
1827Green, FrancisFarrin, Esther
1897Green, FredWright, Elizabeth Jane
1870Green, GeorgeBarson, Caroline
1899Green, George EliasChaplin, Sarah Ann
1793Green, JamesBeech, Elizabeth
1819Green, Job Worth, Sarah
1784Green, John Willmore, Sarah
1875Green, JohnDalton, Elizabeth Mary
1797Green, JosephSharp, Sarah
1819Green, Joseph Watts, Elizabeth
1797Green, Richard Barnes, Elizabeth
1833Green, RichardDalton, Lydia
1824Green, Robert Bray, Ann
1871Green, RobertKing, Hannah
1793Green, Samuel Lenton, Mary
1828Green, Samuel Strong, Hannah
1867Green, SamuelMarriott, Hannah
1789Green, Thomas Tinsley, Elizabeth
1789Green, William Taylor, Ann
1800Green, William Willson, Kitty
1808Green, William Rowlason, Sarah
1809Green, William Ward, Mary
1824Green, William Watts, Ann
1832Greenaway, JamesBentley, Elizabeth
1893Greenway, GeorgeMoore, Emma
1906Greenway, HarryGodsell, Esther Ruth
1837Greenway, ThomasWalton, Maria
1858Greenway, Thomas BirdPearson, Martha
1851Greenway, William RileyScruby, Ann
1817Greenwood, JamesYates, Ann
1788Griffin, GeorgeHarden, Elizabeth
1807Griffiths, PhilipMyring, Sarah
1826Griffiths, ThomasBeasley, Sarah Hines
1813Grim, Francis Riley, Hannah
1846Grim, JohnCox, Sarah
1838Grim, Richard Payne, Mary
1810Grim, William Hodson, Sarah
1835Grim, William Ball, Catherine
1861Grimley, JohnHall, Hannah
1902Grimley, RichardHaywood, Eliza
1858Grimly, WilliamHull, Jane
1851Grimm, JosephMatthews, Jane
1828Grisell, ThomasRason, Elizabeth
1876Groutage, JohnLatham, Esther
1833Gulliver, Samuel Rowland, Hannah
1851Gunnery, JosephAshby, Matilda
1908Gwinn, DavidBarnsley, Florence
1811Hacket, John Burbery, Sarah
1826Hackett, CharlesLiggins, Hannah
1851Hackett, CharlesMorriss, Lucy
1857Hackett, JohnOughton, Sarah
1900Hackett, JosephBall, Mary Ann
1832Hackett, ThomasWoodhouse, Frances
1857Hackett, ThomasTimms, Mary
1894Hackett, ThomasWarner, Harriett
1814Haddan, James Cooper, Elizabeth
1819Haddan, Joseph Clues, Frances
1807Haddaway, William Wellings, Elizabeth
1851Hadden, DavidDrakeford, Betsy
1849Hadden, JosephSidwell, Selina
1835Haddon, CharlesBywater, Sarah
1895Haddon, ErnestBarnacle, Fanny Louisa
1839Haddon, John Dalton, Ann
1829Haddon, Thomas Fletcher, Anne
1862Haddon, WilliamBaxton, Fanny
1806Haden, William Stean, Mary
1907Halford, Thomas Sanders, Annie
1779Hall, Charles Blackwell, Mary
1832Hall, Charles Bodycote, Sarah
1835Hall, Charles Lythal, Hannah
1843Hall, Charles Brogden, Mary
1873Hall, ElishaBaylis, Selina
1846Hall, GeorgeWilkinson, Mary Ann
1853Hall, JamesRollason, Ann
1786Hall, John Porter, Elizabeth
1797Hall, John Alibone, Susanna
1806Hall, John Rice, Dinah
1807Hall, John Westley, Mary
1829Hall, John Clewes, Maria
1894Hall, JohnSmallwood, Elizabeth Anne Tranter
1851Hall, JonathanReeves, Jane
1792Hall, Joseph Starkey, Mary
1807Hall, Joseph Taylor, Ann
1905Hall, JosephFalconbridge, Emily
1807Hall, Richard Fields, Ann
1900Hall, StephenClark, Hannah Mariah
1788Hall, Thomas Rollinson, Mary
1797Hall, Thomas Guest, Ann
1804Hall, Thomas Rush, Elizabeth
1814Hall, Thomas Tomrisson, Elizabeth
1814Hall, Thomas Goode, Frances
1823Hall, ThomasStrong, Ann
1824Hall, Thomas Green, Maria
1825Hall, Thomas Furnival, Mary
1830Hall, Thomas Thomas, Elizabeth
1830Hall, Thomas Randle, Sophia
1808Hall, WilliamStafford, Mary
1817Hall, William Barr, Mary
1817Hall, William Wykes, Elizabeth
1837Hall, William Oliver, Sarah
1848Hall, WilliamCantrill, Mary
1905Hambridge, James Halford, Rosa
1834Hammersley, Jeremiah Randle, Ann
1899Hammersley, JeremiahFreeman, Emily Gertrude
1825Hammersley, JosephSmith, Martha
1876Hammersley, JosephHarrison, Mary
1850Hammersley, RobertRandle, Esther
1784Hammersley, SamuelParker, Martha
1876Hammersley, Samuel Harris, Mary Ann
1849Hammersley, ThomasBanister, Fanny
1791Hammond, James Chandler, Mary
1827Hancocks, JohnAtkins, Libra
1783Hancox, JohnHall, Mary
1859Hancox, ReubenMarston, Caroline
1908Hancox, Sidney JohnDutton, Frances Harriett
1792Hancox, Thoma Wilson, Elizabeth
1835Hancox, WilliamLakin, Mary
1852Hancox, WilliamCoates, Martha
1902Hancox, WilliamPhillips, Ada Eliza
1807Handcox, Thomas Toone, Elizabeth
1838Hands, George Hanson, Phebe
1808Hands, John Newcome, Mary
1796Hands, Joseph Hardy, Ann
1861Hands, JosephSmith, Sarah
1847Hands, WilliamBarratt, Jemma
1822Handy, William Adie, Elizabeth
1784Hankinson, RichardCottrill, Mary
1848Hanson, JohnJones, Caroline Jemima
1808Hanson, Matthias Whitmore, Sushannah
1858Harban , JosiahBarrs, Alicia
1830Harban, George Whitehall, Hannah
1864Harban, GeorgeDeeming, Mary Ann
1824Harban, Henry Kelley, Anne
1832Harban, JamesWale, Mary Ann
1863Harban, JonathanHudson, Caroline
1826Harban, Josiah Wale, Ann
1811Harban, Thomas Spooner, Mary
1849Harban, ThomasScott, Mary Ann
1866Harban, WilliamFennell, Caroline
1852Harband, JamesColledge, Mary
1821Harband, JohnShepherd, Hannah
1858Harband, JohnFoster, Emily
1869Harband, JohnCadman, Elizabeth
1857Harband, JosephWilliams, Ann
1821Harband, Thomas Allen, Jane
1803Harberd, Thomas Clay, Mary
1851Harbourn, ThomasClulow als Williams, Elizabeth
1800Harbut, William Hartelow, Ann
1796Harbutt, Henry Sammons, Phebe
1783Harbutt, JohnReader, Elizabeth
1787Harbutt, Thomas Kelley, Mary
1794Harbutt, Thomas Martin, Ann
1849Harden, John WalterBacon, Selina
1849Harden, WilliamYoung, Elizabeth Cramp
1828Hardiman, JohnGillings, Ann
1829Harding, JosephHinks, Hannah
1853Harding, JosephHull, Ann
1871Hardy, Herbert Perry, Sarah Ann
1859Hardy, JohnStain, Sarah Ann
1805Harmon, Thomas Moore, Mary
1858Harper, CharlesSwan, Ann
1848Harrad, WilliamClark, Hannah
1819Harrard, Samuel Tinsley, Jane
1791Harratt, William Poulteney, Hannah
1801Harratt, William Sharp, Elizabeth
1847Harris , DavidWard, Elizabeth
1857Harris , GeorgeSandbrook, Mary Maria
1871Harris , HenryCantrill, Mary Jane
1874Harris , JamesGolby, Catherine
1803Harris, Benjamin Haston, Mary
1835Harris, Benjamin Knight, Ann
1849Harris, BenjaminCourts, Eliza
1853Harris, CharlesBeck, Maria
1827Harris, DavidSmart, Mary
1784Harris, George Green, Hannah
1874Harris, GeorgeWarner, Eliza
1781Harris, James How, Elizabeth
1851Harris, JamesStorer, Eliza
1898Harris, JamesHarban, Ellen
1783Harris, JohnCave, Mary
1824Harris, John Cantrill, Esther
1844Harris, John Williamson, Mary
1905Harris, John WilliamWise, Sarah Ann
1803Harris, Joseph Pell, Jane
1805Harris, Joseph Mills, Sarah
1841Harris, Joseph Shaw, Sarah
1853Harris, JosephWilkinson, Hannah
1896Harris, JosephButler, Emma
1837Harris, Joseph WilkinsBeasley, Sophia
1814Harris, Ralph Garner, Abigail
1817Harris, RichardChillingsworth, Sarah
1810Harris, ThomasTaylor, Ann
1823Harris, WilliamAscough, Ann
1829Harris, William Pargetter, Mary
1852Harris, WilliamHassall, Ann
1902Harrison, AlfredWhite, Mary
1855Harrison, EnochDexter, Jane
1825Harrison, Francis Neal, Jane
1850Harrison, HenryDavis, Mary
1851Harrison, JobClarke, Ellen
1838Harrison, JohnCarpenter, Louisa
1851Harrison, JohnElliott, Mary
1791Harrison, Thomas Butler, Jane
1847Harrison, ThomasWest, Ellen
1848Harrison, ThomasSaunt, Eliza
1875Harrison, ThomasMarriott, Emma
1895Harrison, ThomasEbbern, Florence Rebecca
1910Harrison, ThomasDudley, Annie
1794Harrison, Valentine Brookes, Elizabeth
1817Harrison, Valentine Jaycox, Martha
1905Harrison, Walter LeonardWatson, Mary Elizabeth
1829Harrison, William Lamb, Mary
1832Harrison, William Judd, Ann
1866Harrison, WilliamJorden, Charlotte
1902Harrison, WilliamSmith, Gertrude Rawston
1899Harrod, WilliamLakin, Catherine Alice
1873Harrold, JohnStubbs, Eliza
1853Harrow, WilliamSmith, Sophia
1803Harson, Samuel Masters, Eleanor
1836Hart, WilliamNewey, Ann
1856Hartlett, JohnScruby, Martha
1874Hartlett, John Furnival, Ann
1873Hartlett, JonathanBirch, Sarah
1799Hartlett, JosephArcher, Elizabeth
1840Hartlett, Joseph Perry, Sarah
1798Hartlett, Thomas Terrell, Elizabeth
1826Hartlett, ThomasWoodhouse, Ann
1819Hartlett, WilliamOrton, Eleanor
1832Hartlett, WilliamParston, Sarah
1872Hartlett, WilliamLund, Betsy
1898Hartley, Edward JarvisFletcher, Rose
1801Hartlitt, John Keene, Elizabeth
1813Hartlitt, JohnDarlison, Sarah
1839Hartop, JohnPrice, Ann
1871Hartop, JohnHassall, Lucy
1825Hartop, RichardWhitmore, Mary
1830Hartop, RichardCox, Hannah
1862Hartopp, WilliamSpencer, Charlotte
1818Hartshorn, EdmundShepherd, Elizabeth
1846Hartshorn, EdwinLiggins, Maria
1845Hartshorn, JamesHartshorn, Hannah
1820Hartshorn, William HillHolliday, Deborah
1844Hartwell, WilliamSedgeley, Mary Ann
1786Harvey, AmbroseKelley, Elizabeth
1865Harvey, DavidBall, Emma
1872Harvey, IsaacClarke, Maria
1868Harvey, JamesPickard, Emma
1836Harvey, JohnRollason, Jane
1904Harvey, JohnJacques, Dora
1871Harvey, JosephWagstaff, Martha
1876Harvey, JosephRawston, Mary Jane
1848Harvey, RichardHarban, Ann
1894Harvey, RichardLester, Jemima
1867Harvey, ThomasPickard, Eliza
1795Harvey, WilliamBarkby, Elizabeth
1903Harvey, WilliamBarnett, Agnes Hetta
1868Harvey, William PottsHill, Dinah
1792Hassal, BenjaminBarnett, Martha
1811Hassell, Joseph Haughton, Mary
1910Hatfield, John HenryOldham, Violet
1908Hatfield, ThomasTwigger, Hannah
1824Hatfield, WilliamGilbert, Mary
1849Haughton, EdmundPickard, Sarah
1823Haughton, WalterDrakeford, Hannah
1827Haughton, William Chaplin, Esther
1841Haughton, William Orton, Eliza
1822Havins, George Hale, Hannah
1839Hawkes, Henry WilliamHopkins, Rachael
1780Hawkes, IsaacJackson, Elizabeth
1834Hawkes, John Kimberley, Sophia
1782Hawkes, RichardBray, Mary
1842Hawkesford, ArthurCuthbert, Mary Ann
1875Hawkins, Charles FrederickWhitehall, Eliza
1786Hawkins, Thomas Broadbent, Mary
1826Hawley, JohnJones, Charlotte
1840Haycock, Thomas Cramp, Matilda
1899Haydon, JamesBarnett, Mary (
1829Hayes, JamesSmith, Mary
1872Hayes, ManassehLowe, Mary
1903Hayes, ThomasCooper, Eliza
1836Haymes, FrederickNewsome, Ann
1841Haynes, GeorgeBull, Sarah
1839Hays, William Whitmore, Phoene
1834Hayward, GeorgeSpencer, Hannah
1866Haywood, AlfredHarrison, Sarah Ann
1834Haywood, Ephraim Rowe, Maria
1851Haywood, GeorgeTurrell, Sarah
1863Haywood, GeorgeBall, Catharine
1861Haywood, IsaiahJohnson, Henrietta
1798Haywood, John Ball, Elizabeth
1826Haywood, JosephStrong, Mary
1843Haywood, JosephLenton, Dorcas
1851Haywood, JosephMitchell, Sarah
1843Haywood, Manassas Cantrell, Sarah
1808Haywood, Richard Phipps, Catherine
1836Haywood, Samuel Court, Ann
1814Haywood, Thomas Dalton, Phoeby
1865Hazlewood, GeorgeNeal, Rhoda
1803Headey, William Wright, Ann
1825Heatherley, Abraham Birch, Elizabeth
1827Heatherley, Benjamin Lloyd, Jane
1833Heatherley, Benjamin Clark, Lydia
1839Heatherley, BenjaminCadman, Mille
1846Heatherley, HenrySouthern, Mary
1819Heatherley, John Hall, Sarah
1861Heatherley, JosephWilliams, Sarah
1858Heatherley, WilliamSmith, Rachel
1871Heatherley, WilliamFurnival, Mary
1798Heatley, John Pemberton, Lucey
1867Heaton, HenryButcher, Fanny
1789Heawood, John Newton, Elizabeth
1786Hedge, WilliamRalphs, Mary
1875Helps, ThomasTaylor, Harriett
1906Helps, Thomas TaylorTranter, Sarah Ada
1835Hembury, IsaacBurr, Harriet
1791Hemingsley, Joseph Sargent, Sarah
1902Hence, AlbertGore, Annie Louisa
1896Hence, JosephGoode, Emma
1868Henshaw, JohnKennell, Mary Ann
1908Henson, Francis SidneyPenney, Lavinia
1850Henson, GeorgeLole, Louisa
1861Henson, JohnWright, Harriett
1876Henson, JohnJephcott, Ada Ellen
1791Henson, William Ellis, Martha
1909Henson, William HenryCharde, Gertrude
1857Henton, GeorgeRandle, Elizabeth
1829Herbert, JohnKnight, Sarah
1851Herbert, RichardSmith, Hannah
1858Herbert, Richard Payne, Ann
1846Herbert, ThomasMiles, Elizabeth
1825Heritage, Richard Smith, Elizabeth
1833Herratage, Richard Rollason --
1829Hewett, NathanielOakes, Sarah
1790Hewit, Thomas Douglas, Roseman
1857Hewitt, Eli Elliott, Mary Ann
1873Hewitt, GeorgePercy, Jane
1907Hewitt, GeorgeLeigh, Sarah Ellen
1799Hewitt, Henry Masser, Nealey
1876Hewitt, HenryWhitehall, Harriett
1848Hewitt, Henry CharlesJarvis, Mary
1910Hewitt, JamesClarke, Frances Margaret Edith
1797Hewitt, John Hardeman, Ann
1824Hewitt, JohnHeays, Sarah
1826Hewitt, John Farrar, Ann
1847Hewitt, JohnHiorns, Elizabeth
1850Hewitt, JohnBonham, Hannah
1857Hewitt, JohnClewes, Hannah
1832Hewitt, Joseph Draper, Sarah
1864Hewitt, JosephBrown, Susan Elizabeth
1859Hewitt, LukeChaplin, Sarah Ann
1867Hewitt, LukeHands, Elizabeth
1819Hewitt, Nathaniel Everton, Mary
1849Hewitt, RichardHiorns, Mary Ann
1818Hewitt, ThomasCarpenter, Mary
1850Hewitt, ThomasEden, Elizabeth
1861Hewitt, ThomasTurner, Sarah
1836Hewitt, William Spencer, Elizabeth
1813Hewitte, Thomas Johnson, Mary
1831Hewitte, WilliamWood, Ann Maria
1862Heyden, WilliamShepherd, Mary
1784Heywood, WilliamBond, Catherine
1819Hiatt, JohnGrissell, Elizabeth
1824Hickabottom, William Hatfield, Sarah
1827Hickabottom, William Joyner, Mary
1861Hickingbottom, WilliamBricknell, Charlotte
1783Hickling, GeorgeDarlinson, Mary
1850Hickman, JamesFarren, Sarah
1833Hickman, John Grendon, Mary
1838Hickman, JohnLane, Harriet
1864Higginson, JosephDavis, Jane
1785Higginson, William Green, Hannah
1793Higginson, William Smith, Frances,
1840Highway, JohnGadesby, Mary Ann
1846Hill, DanielAkers, Ann
1858Hill, JobCompton, Selina
1866Hill, JobMowe, Mary Ann
1780Hill, John Butler, Sarah
1791Hill, John Limber, Mary
1798Hill, JohnPatrick, Elizabeth
1802Hill, JohnParker, Elizabeth
1851Hill, JohnRose, Eliza
1851Hill, JosephOrton, Mary
1860Hill, JosephWhitehall, Mary Ann
1893Hill, JosephSidwell, Emma Thrasher
1789Hill, RichardCarpenter, Elizabeth
1838Hill, Samuel Millerchip, Hellen
1785Hill, Thomas Bedder, Ann
1787Hill, ThomasBrooks, Ann
1855Hill, TomRandle, Susan
1814Hill, William Copson, Jane
1832Hill, WilliamBudworth, Sarah
1834Hill, WilliamRogers, Eleanor
1857Hill, WilliamTranter, Elizabeth
1866Hill, WilliamStrong, Eliza
1905Hill, William ThomasPerry, Phoebe
1809Hilton, JamesSidwell, Hannah
1819Hilton, James Strong, Ann
1830Hilton, JamesMessenger, Amelia
1860Hilton, JamesWallace, Emily Anne
1849Hilton, JesseWoodward, Patience
1867Hilton, JosephBradbury, Emma
1815Hilton, Thomas Clark, Sarah
1843Hilton, ThomasClamions, Elizabeth
1816Hilton, WilliamWhetston, Mary
1857Hinton, ThomasClark , Martha
1821Hiorns, EdwardPoltney, Mary
1816Hiorns, JohnBrown, Ann
1843Hobbins, William Thompson, Mary
1840Hobley, JesseGadsby, Elizabeth
1836Hobley, JohnHitchins, Hannah
1909Hodson, AaronHatfield, Keziah
1802Hodson, Arthur Serjeant, Hannah
1808Hodson, George Arch, Elizabeth
1850Hodson, GeorgeWale, Mary
1839Hodson, Henry Hudson, Ann
1843Hodson, Henry Lee, Phebe
1865Hodson, HenryBarson, Sarah
1848Hodson, JohnSephton, Sarah Ann
1903Hodson, John ThomasBroadhurst, Mary
1846Hodson, JosephSmith, Sarah
1874Hodson, JosephStew, Eliza
1823Hodson, WilliamWoodhouse, Sarah
1851Hodson, WilliamRiley, Phoebe
1903Hodson, William HenryLatham, Rebecca
1801Hogwood, Joseph ShearsSmith, Elizabeth
1785Holbache, MartinPickering, Ann
1783Holdsworth, JohnKing, Elisabeth
1832Holland, JosephRollason, Mary
1894Holland, William JohnBlower, Elizabeth
1804Hollick, JohnPriest, Rebecca
1840Hollick, JohnMasser, Elizabeth
1870Hollick, JohnOrton, Kathleen Mary
1837Hollingsworth, Richard Carpenter, Elizabeth
1909Hollis, BenjaminBarnsley, Ethel
1855Hollis, JohnTaylor, Harriett
1895Hollis, JohnJackson, Jemima
1865Hollis, SamuelHartlett, Elizabeth
1865Holloway, WilliamDevonport, Ann
1828Hollyoake, ThomasHancox, Cathrine
1823Holmes, JohnKerbey, Harriot
1839Holmes, John Allen, Susannah Ann
1865Holmes, John AllenMitchel, Sarah
1812Holmes, RichardLiggins, Hannah
1876Holmes, Richard AllenJones, Clara
1832Holmes, Samuel RichardRowney, Mercy
1907Holmes, Walter HenryMorson, Mary
1849Holmes, WilliamCantrill, Rhoda
1910Holt, Arthur Edward Howard, Rosa Sarah
1816Holtham, William Orton, Mille
1781Holtram, JamesWale, Mary
1830Homan, WilliamNorth, Mary Ann
1894Hood, SamuelStew, Eliza
1777Hood, WilliamWor, Mary
1800Hood, WilliamPickin, Sarah
1863Hopcraft, JohnElliott, Ann
1830Hopcraft, WilliamStringer, Ann
1807Hopkins, Edward Blower, Mary
1799Hopkins, JamesOwen, Elizabeth
1837Hopkins, JohnGreen, Charlotte
1778Hopkins, WilliamGolding, Mary
1814Horner, DavisWatson, Elizabeth
1844Horobin, SamuelTaylor, Lydia
1828Horsfall, JohnWetton, Mary
1853Horsfall, JosephGilbert, Catherine
1863Horton, AmbroseSmith, Mary
1839Hosier, Thomas Bindley, Hannah
1836Hosier, WilliamBindley, Mary
1837Hostins, Joseph Jelley, Elizabeth
1843How, JohnWormwood, Mary Ann
1896How?, Alfred Hall, Rose
1859Howes, Eli YardleyMorris, Ann
1794Howes, ThomasYardley, Sarah
1820Howes, ThomasOrton, Hannah
1846Howes, ThomasWallace, Hannah
1868Howeth, John TaylorHosgood, Mary Jane
1801Howis, ThomasJohnson, Hannah
1861Hubbard, AmosCorrall, Ann
1824Hubbard, JobEbburn, Mary
1813Hubbard, Robert Nussall, Sarah
1820Hubbard, Robert Green, Hannah
1835Hubbard, Robert Strong, Sebra
1833Hudson, Joseph Butler, Martha
1805Hudson, RobertBurbidge, Mary
1833Hudson, Samuel Fearefield, Jane
1848Hull, SamuelDrakeley, Mary
1792Hull, Thomas Lambeth, Rebecca
1796Hull, Thomas Akers, Ann
1797Hullson, Francis Ball, Hannah
1898Humble, SamuelWright, Florence Emily
1910Hunkin, PeterFreeman, Harriett
1826Hunt, JohnCrofts, Olivia
1837Hunt, Thomas Budworth, Mary
1861Hunt, WilliamBanbury, Elizabeth
1853Hunter, AbrahamBlick, Jane
1813Hunter, David Young, Sarah
1823Hunter, George Bennet, Mary
1820Hunter, Henry Rush, Elizabeth
1781Hunter, JohnWard, Sarah
1791Hunter, John Ashby, Ann
1863Hunter, JohnRogers, Catharine
1807Hunter, Richard Goodman, Sarah
1815Hunter, Richard Hunter, Shusanna
1820Hunter, RichardFarrar, Elizabeth
1816Hunter, Robert Coltman, Jane
1821Hunter, William Birch, Mary
1794Hurley, Thomas Luckman, Elizabeth
1785Hurst, Jesse Wright, Ann
1795Hurst, JohnGrafton, Martha
1811Hutchinson, Thomas Wale, Mary
1830Hutchinson, Thomas Baraclough, Emma
1804Hutt Richard Sharp, Alice
1825Hutt, AbelMiles, Sarah
1802Hutt, Samuel Grummet, Phoebe
1802Hutt, William Arnold, Elizabeth
1825Hutt, WilliamBeaumont, Sarah
1846Hutt, WilliamHenson, Miriam
1850Hutt, WilliamRiley, Ann
1855Hyatt, ThomasFox, Caroline
1836Hyde, RobertPonser, Eleanor
1827Iliff, CharlesGreen, Anne
1846Iliff, JohnMorris, Eliza
1850Iliff, JohnGodders, Jane
1844Iliff, ThomasTibbits, Jane
1811Ingram, John West, Patience
1825Ingram, John Morris, Elizabeth
1827Ingram, Richard Breedon, Sarah
1826Ingram, ThomasSummers, Mary Ann
1783Ingram, William Hammersley, Mary
1822Ingram, William Copson, Jane
1847Ingram, WilliamBloxham, Hannah
1791Inks, James Bamford, Elizabeth
1847Inwood, William JohnKendall, Ann
1788Ireland, Thomas Spooner, Sarah
1873Isaac, JohnFenn , Priscilla
1852Isaac, WilliamArnett, Ann
1846Jackman, JohnGarner, Ann
1906Jackman, William StephenColledge, Katie Mary
1845Jackson, AmosHudson, Amy
1850Jackson, AmosHolmes, Mary
1899Jackson, Arthur FrancisRiley, Emma
1818Jackson, Benjamin Wright, Mary
1797Jackson, DavidGoode, Mary
1779Jackson, Edward Bollard, Martha
1843Jackson, Edward Thornloe, Sarah
1899Jackson, Frederic SylvesterRandle, Laura Ellen
1870Jackson, George HenryClarke, Drusilla
1820Jackson, HenryAtkins, Elizabeth
1894Jackson, Herbert OliverLole, Emma
1844Jackson, JacobHutchins, Maria
1820Jackson, James Croft, Charlotte
1875Jackson, JohnKimberley, Emma
1896Jackson, John ClarkPhillips, Mary Ann
1901Jackson, John JamesMowe, Florence Annie Draper
1905Jackson, Lester CharlesCanning, Mary Margaret Fletcher
1903Jackson, Richard WinstanleyJervis, Alice
1807Jackson, Thomas Tinsley, Lydia
1835Jackson, Thomas Willday, Harriot
1779Jackson, William Daulton, Phebe
1785Jackson, WilliamCarpenter, Elizabeth
1786Jackson, WilliamGreen, Ann
1787Jackson, WilliamTaylor, Sarah
1790Jackson, William Hands, Ann
1810Jackson, WilliamDaulton, Sapphira als Sophiah
1813Jackson, WilliamBrookes, Hannah
1839Jackson, WilliamNewbury, Charlotte
1839Jackson, WilliamBolton, Maria
1854Jackson, WilliamDillon, Ellen
1808Jacocks, William Hurd, Martha
1866Jacques, JohnGlover, Martha
1910Jacques, RobertPagett, Allen
1906Jacques, ThomasBolton, Annie Lois
1848Jacquies, JohnDunkley, Mary
1831Jakes, HenryTew, Charlotte
1792James, EdwardBarnes, Elizabeth
1849James, EdwardStafford, Jane
1847Jaques, WilliamBuckingham, Hannah
1876Jaques, ZachariahKilburn, Selina
1840Jaquiss, SamuelClewer, Mary
1841Jaquiss, ZachariahClewer, Sarah
1802Jarvis, SarahWarner, Mary
1896Jee, CharlesMillerchip, Mary Ann
1786Jee, James Percival, Elizabeth
1804Jeffes, William Cadman, Shusana
1828Jeffrey, WilliamEssex, Mary
1805Jeffris, John Goode, Sarah
1846Jeffs, JobGoldby, Sarah
1827Jeffs, John Keen, Dinah
1869Jeffs, JohnBacon, Mary Jane
1862Jeffs, SamuelPorter, Sarah
1828Jeffs, William Harrison, Frances
1833Jeffs, William Smith, Ann
1870Jellife, JesseWood , Margaret
1847Jelly, GeorgePerkins, Mary Ann
1839Jelly, RichardCooper, Mary Ann
1858Jennings, DavidBooth, Maria
1813Jennings, John Green, Ann
1779Jephcote, John Becks, Mary
1826Jephcote, JosephAllinton, Achsah
1785Jephcott, Abraham Dudley, Elizabeth
1810Jephcott, EnochCope, Sarah
1824Jephcott, JamesDalton, Hannah
1843Jephcott, John Bennett, Dinah
1847Jephcott, JohnBirch, Emma
1799Jephcott, JosephKimberley, Ann
1856Jephcott, JosephWallace, Selina
1787Jephcott, RichardJackson, Ann
1843Jephcott, WilliamClews, Mary
1815Jervise, Samuel Sherrin, Martha
1836Jewis, Abraham Tinsley, Lydia
1807Jilks als Gilkes, John Stean, Elizabeth
1811Jillks, William Hopkins, Mary
1777Joans, ThomasSargent, Ann
1868Johnson, Cornelius Perry, Mary Ann
1873Johnson, DavidMills, Elizabeth
1851Johnson, EdwardCarpenter, Hannah
1897Johnson, ErnestGodsell, Ada
1904Johnson, ErnestMarston, Mary Ann
1796Johnson, James Liggins, Mary
1843Johnson, JamesBleakeman, Elizabeth
1825Johnson, John Mow, Sarah Taylor
1830Johnson, JohnHeatherley, Elizabeth
1837Johnson, JohnCourt, Sarah
1840Johnson, JohnStorer, Selina
1841Johnson, JohnBray, Elizabeth
1866Johnson, JohnOver, Ann
1869Johnson, JohnJackson, Charlotte
1872Johnson, JohnMorris, Ann
1797Johnson, JosephNapton, Mary
1847Johnson, JosephPearson, Hannah
1876Johnson, RichardWarner, Emma
1788Johnson, ThomasAldridge, Sarah
1820Johnson, ThomasLee, Elizabeth
1841Johnson, Thomas GeorgeMoore, Elizabeth Angliss
1902Johnson, Walter Eugene ClawrenSmith, Emily Jane
1789Johnson, William Moore, Sarah
1871Johnson, WilliamRowley, Eliza
1904Jones, AlbertPenney, Elizabeth Ann
1875Jones, AndrewPickard, Alice
1867Jones, EdwinJones, Martha
1902Jones, EvanDarby, Harriet
1833Jones, GeorgeKimberley, Sarah
1847Jones, HenryJennings, Sarah
1844Jones, James Walker, Mary Ann
1836Jones, JeremiahBryan, Elizabeth
1812Jones, JohnBall, Martha
1863Jones, JohnSeeney, Eliza
1895Jones, JohnRandle, Martha
1876Jones, JosiahBurdett, Amelia Kezia
1895Jones, JosiahVeasey, Eliza
1836Jones, PhillipHabbins, Eliza
1789Jones, RichardEll, Mary
1860Jones, Richard Chattaway, Mary
1849Jones, SolomanBlundell, Mary Ann
1826Jones, ThomasChillingsworth, Letitia
1841Jones, Thomas Heayes, Elizabeth
1860Jones, ThomasBarson, Hannah
1900Jones, Thomas BaconWarner, Ellen Jemima
1804Jones, WilliamFlowers, Ann
1851Jones, WilliamGreenway, Millicent Bird
1868Jones, WilliamWest, Sarah
1872Jones, William HenrySeeney, Ruth
1801Jordan, RichardGardner, Letitia
1899Joyce, Henry JamesCopson, Sarah Jane
1815Jubb, Thomas Taylor, Mary
1847Judd, AbrahamEdwards, Fanny
1893Judd, EdwardSwain, Emily
1826Judd, HenryLenton, Ann
1844Judd, Isaac Smith, Maria
1841Judd, JamesPhippes, Ann
1790Judd, JohnStafford, Rebecca
1807Judd, Richard Charles, Ann
1796Judd, ThomasWhitehead, Elizabeth
1822Judd, Thomas George, Sarah
1781Judd, WilliamBarrott, Sarah
1858Judd, WilliamWallace, Ellen
1902Judd, WilliamEast, Mary Elizabeth
1842Keatley, ThomasYoung, Mercy
1812Keen, John Gamble, Hannah
1785Keene, Benjamin Wilday, Mary
1868Keene, ThomasRollason, Ann
1834Kelem, William Daulton, Ann
1869Kellam, HenryStrong, Charlotte
1860Kellam, WilliamThrasher, Martha
1894Kellam, WilliamWoodcock, Eliza
1796Kelley, DanielWhitehall, Elizabeth
1861Kelley, JohnDowson, Eliza
1822Kelley, Thomas Treen, Mary
1859Kelley, ThomasBirch, Matilda
1828Kelley, William Lichfield Atkins, Emma
1854Kelly, GeorgeGrim, Emma
1858Kelly, WilliamHudson, Elizabeth
1791Kelsey, Thomas Muddiman, Elizabeth
1854Kelsey, ThomasWilliamson, Catherine
1902Kendrick, GeorgeBird, Mary Ann
1837Kenning, WilliamSheffield, Hannah
1836Kent, HenryRadburn, Ann
1834Kent, JohnChattaway, Catherine
1815Kent, ThomasShawcross, Drusilla
1825Kent, ThomasHadley, Sarah
1828Ketchley, JosephClements, Rebecca
1856Key, ThomasGilbert, Harriett
1825Keyte, JosephMillerchip, Hannah
1850Kilburn, FrancisWright, Matilda
1870Killbourne, FrederickLucas, Rachel
1842Killpack, WilliamWarner, Hannah
1803Kimberley, Bettin Bolstridge, Mary
1875Kimberley, EdwardHaynes, Ann
1815Kimberley, George Grimley, Catherina
1902Kimberley, HarrySharratt, Mary Jane
1822Kimberley, JohnBirditt, Hannah
1833Kimberley, John Lenton, Hannah
1847Kimberley, JohnLiggins, Amelia
1852Kimberley, JosephJephcott, Catharine
1864Kimberley, JosephDalton, Sarah
1795Kimberley, Thomas Taylor, Ann
1829Kimberley, Thomas Smith, Mary
1858Kimberley, ThomasHaddon, Emma
1907Kimberley, Thomas GeorgeColey, Hannah
1783Kimberley, William Buchanan, Annabella
1852Kimberley, WilliamWiles, Martha
1790Kimberlin, Samuel Suffolk, Elizabeth
1826Kimberly, Batting Yardley, Sarah
1902Kimnell, John HenryThompson, Elizabeth
1788Kinder, Jonathan Webb, Ann
1837King, CharlesKnight, Isabella
1839King, George Powell, Elizabeth
1781King, JohnSpencer, Jane
1784King, John Swain, Ann
1792King, John Boulter, Sarah
1807King, John Clarke, Lucey
1821King, John Poltney, Hannah
1780King, ThomasPeake, Frances
1784King, Thomas Garrett, Elizabeth
1797King, Thomas Hitchcox, Mary
1877King, ThomasJaques, Prudence
1825King, William Rowley, Hannah
1867Kirk, HenryTrinder, Elizabeth
1837Kirkby, Thomas CrossPiggott, Mary
1832Kittermaster, Richard Walton, Mary
1872Knight, EdwardCluley, Jane
1843Knight, SamuelCooper, Susan
1897Knight, SamuelTurner, Clara
1811Lacey, John Blaymires, Mary
1813Lager, JohnLebard, Mary
1848Lamb, AmosMorris, Ann
1853Lamb, ElijahDrakeford, Louisa
1797Lamb, Jeremiah Poulteney, Sarah
1825Lamb, Jeremiah Wilson, Sarah
1865Lamb, JosiahCantrell, Hannah
1825Lambard, JohnDrakeford, Elizabeth
1802Lambeth, Joseph Sutton, Frances
1779Lambeth, WilliamTaylor, Elizabeth
1821Lambrook, BenjaminWestley, Ann
1901Lanchbury, Joseph CollinsBricknell, Millie
1800Landon, SamuelRadford, Elizabeth
1803Lane, Henry Shred, Hannah
1836Lane, Henry Sedgley, Charlott
1802Lanton, John Downs, Elizabeth
1824Latham, David Sidwell, Hannah
1826Latham, JohnQuinney, Sarah
1874Latham, JosephHill, Jane
1847Latham, RichardRushen, Mary
1900Latham, RichardSephton, Ada Miriam
1844Latham, Richard WilliamWhetston, Selina
1898Latham, ThomasSmith, Eliza
1804Latham, WilliamJoans, Catherine
1910Lawlor, Ambrose, CharlesCotton, Ada
1836Lawrance, ThomasTuckey, Elizabeth
1827Lawrance, WilliamWhitehouse, Elizabeth
1867Lawrence, JohnFawcett, Maria
1842Lawrence, ThomasChillingsworth, Susannah
1799Lawson, James Goode, Hannah
1798Lawson, William Booth, Elizabeth
1897Lawton, Carls JosephCross, Jane
1838Lawton, GeorgeWoodfield, Frances
1870Layland, BenjaminMann, Frances Ann
1854Lea, EdwardCompton, Priscilla
1831Leader, JamesRogers, Mary
1838Lear, GeorgeMorris, Mary
1811Lee, BenjaminBurnam, Mary
1834Lee, Charles Harding, Ann
1807Lee, Edward Hall, Hannah
1820Lee, George Ball, Sarah
1870Lee, GeorgeColledge, Betsy
1848Lee, JessePayne, Dorcas
1788Lee, John Lee, Elizabeth
1829Lee, JohnDarlison, Hannah
1853Lee, JohnMillerchip, Hannah
1900Lee, JohnWilliams, Edith Mary
1827Lee, JosephFitzPatrick, Anne
1828Lee, JosephTaylor, Sarah
1837Lee, Joseph Purselow, Jane
1862Lee, JosephDavis, Ellen
1793Lee, Thomas West, Elizabeth
1810Lee, Thomas Oldham, Ann
1814Lee, ThomasPearson, Elizabeth
1815Lee, Thomas Woodford, Elizabeth
1832Lee, Thomas Palmer, Sarah
1838Lee, ThomasOldham, Isabelah
1846Lee, ThomasHarris, Martha
1815Lee, William Garrett, Susanna
1817Lee, William Kimberlin, Ann
1837Lee, William Goldby, Mary
1849Leeson, Joseph HenryQuinney, Mary Jane
1906Lenton, AlbertStanley, Ann
1826Lenton, Charles Rollinson, Elizabeth
1899Lenton, CharlesAshby, Ruth Elizabeth
1811Lenton, Edward Walker, Sarah
1836Lenton, Edward Hunter, Mary Ann
1837Lenton, ElijahHorobin, Mary
1846Lenton, GeorgeWarner, Ann
1868Lenton, GeorgeTaylor, Selina
1819Lenton, James White, Hannah
1810Lenton, John Moore, Mary
1826Lenton, JohnMatthews, Jemima
1827Lenton, John Haywood, Mary
1837Lenton, JohnWhetstone, Jane
1850Lenton, JohnChambers, Frances
1797Lenton, Joseph Harris, Mary
1832Lenton, JosephSmith, Dorcas
1803Lenton, RichardWorthey, Mary
1867Lenton, ThomasDewis, Betsy
1791Lenton, William Buckingham, Mary
1843Lenton, WilliamOrton, Hannah
1850Lenton, WilliamMarston, Hannah
1854Lenton, WilliamPickard, Hannah
1863Lenton, WilliamGlenn, Hannah
1864Lenton, WilliamDark, Ann
1906Leonard, Charles labourerSteane, Sarah
1806Lesson?, JohnBark, Elizabeth
1905Lester, Charles WilliamMoore, Elizabeth
1894Lester, EdwardPhipps, Caroline
1846Lester, GeorgeHull, Frances
1904Lester, GeorgeFairbrother, Sarah Jane
1851Lester, JamesMoore, Mary Ann
1857Lester, JamesWarner, Hannah
1872Lester, James Barson, Mary
1808Lester, JohnButler, Mary
1836Lester, John Hall, Maria
1805Lester, JosephElliott, Elizabeth
1898Lester, JosiahHunt, Emma Maria
1795Lester, Robert Hemingley, Mary
1812Lester, Samuel Odams, Mary
1784Lester, ThomasEdwards, Elizabeth
1799Lester, Thomas Worrell, Mary
1854Lester, ThomasWillcox, Sarah
1783Lester, WilliamOrton, Sarah
1788Lester, William Cox, Susannah
1788Lester, WilliamBarnett, Mary
1803Lester, William Rolings, Ann
1808Lester, WilliamMorris, Susanna
1825Lester, William Hubard, Sarah
1828Lester, WilliamWhitehall, Alice
1799Lettleton, GauntBatson, Hannah
1845Lewin, SamuelHolmes, Harriett
1843Lewis, DavidBaker, Hannah
1783Lewis, William Crammer, Mary
1798Lewis, WilliamHall, Mary
1784Lewiss, GeorgeMiller, Kitty
1858Liggins, AmosLester, Elizabeth
1785Liggins, BassilEdwards, Sarah
1795Liggins, BenjaminBrogdin, Mary
1805Liggins, Benjamin Hood, Mary
1826Liggins, Daniel Sephton, Charlotte
1847Liggins, DanielJackson, Ann
1841Liggins, EphraimCrew, Elizabeth Hartop
1875Liggins, GeorgeRoberts, Mary
1835Liggins, JamesHodson, Ann
1787Liggins, JohnCadman, Jane
1805Liggins, John Bacon, Sarah
1814Liggins, John Williamson, Mary
1822Liggins, John Lee, Sarah
1825Liggins, John Vernon, Anne
1826Liggins, JohnChaplin, Elizabeth
1827Liggins, John Waters, Martha
1831Liggins, JohnLiggins, Hannah
1833Liggins, John Lee, Sarah
1843Liggins, JohnWright, Mary Ann
1820Liggins, JonathanBail, Ann
1823Liggins, JonathanBlick, Catherine
1792Liggins, Joseph Warner, Ann
1817Liggins, Joseph Meak, Mary
1828Liggins, JosephBacon, Mary
1830Liggins, Joseph Furnival, Susannah
1841Liggins, JosephBray, Mary
1848Liggins, JosephOverton, Elizabeth
1842Liggins, Stephen Soden, Amelia
1796Liggins, William Hilton, Ann
1815Liggins, William Johnson, Jane
1827Liggins, William Morris, Sarah
1828Liggins, William Cork, Mary
1829Liggins, William Arch, Maria
1846Liggins, WilliamTerrelll, Sarah
1850Liggins, WilliamCadman, Eliza
1851Liggins, WilliamCakehead, Caroline
1858Liggins, WilliamCope, Sarah
1873Liggins, WilliamFranklin, Ann Maria
1897Liggins, William HenryBurdett, Emma
1836Lindon, JosephCantrall, Rachel
1788Lindon, Samuel Shorton, Susannah
1847Lindon, ThomasBuckingham, Emma
1896Lines, GeorgeDewis, Eliza
1838Lingard, Edward Cotton, Mary
1800Lingard, William Berry, Elizabeth
1784Linge, Richard Johnson, Ann
1842Lissaman, Benjamin Willcox, Ann
1865Lissaman, JamesHewitt, Mary Ann
1794Lithgoe, JohnLambeth, Elizabeth
1837Little, JosephDunn, Abigail
1851Lloyd, AmosLloyd, Eliza
1797Lloyd, BenjaminGriffin, Susanna
1829Lloyd, James Burton, Hariett
1786Lloyd, JohnDaulton, Penelope
1812Lloyd, JohnPorter, Catharine
1827Lloyd, WilliamMorris, Ann
1858Lloyd, WilliamMorris, Mary
1814Lloyde, Richard Cooley, Jane
1860Loach, BenjaminPerkins, Eliza
1865Loach, BenjaminDevonport, Lucy
1858Lock, WilliamSharratt, Priscilla
1848Lockley, ThomasHassall, Hannah
1846Loke, FrederickSuthen, Jane Manley
1874Loke, ThomasCox, Mercy Ann
1900Lole, ArthurStanley, Mary Ann
1873Lole, BenjaminPatrick, Arabella
1874Lole, BenjaminGoalby, Eliza
1852Lole, JosephSmith, Dinah
1855Lole, JosiahGoode, Martha
1875Lole, NathanielJacques, Emily
1851Lole, SimonHarris, Eliza
1820Lole, ThomasNeale, Martha
1872Lole, WilliamKimberley, Emma
1822Lomas, Edward Weal, Jane
1829Lomas, Edward Goode, Mary
1854Lomas, GeorgeWilliams, Elizabeth
1875Lomas, JamesHall, Roseina
1858Lomas, WilliamDudley, Emma
1827Lomax, Edward Smith, Mary
1851Lombard, GeorgeWiberley, Elizabeth
1790Longdale, ThomasPettifer, Hannah
1875Love, WilliamTurrall, Ann
1829Lovegrove, JohnHewitt, Sarah
1909Lovell, HarryJones, Mary
1833Loveridge, HezekiahThompson, Sarah
1832Loveridge, JohnEssex, Catherine
1821Low, JosephChaplain, Catherine
1792Low, Samuel Rolinson, Sarah
1850Lowe, FrancisWest, Eliza
1811Lowe, John Randle, Elizabeth
1840Lowe, John Tyler, Mary Ann
1850Lowe, JohnCowley, Mary Sophia
1865Lowe, JohnHerbert, Caroline
1844Lowe, Joseph Wright, Mary
1784Lowe, Thomas Taylor, Ann
1909Lowe, Walter ErnestHunt, Mary
1828Lowe, WilliamTreen, Mary
1850Lowe, WilliamLiggins, Ann
1813Lower, WilliamAscough, Winefred
1865Lowke, JosephGibbs, Caroline
1849Lucas, AbrahamCheckley, Dinah
1902Lucas, Albert JamesMason, Elizabeth Jane
1875Lucas, ArthurOughton, Mary Ann
1825Lucas, JohnWright, Jane
1845Lucas, ThomasPemberton, Sarah
1821Lucas, WilliamDunning, Susanna
1873Lucas, WilliamTaylor, Ada
1842Luckas, Thomas Shilton, Martha
1825Luckman, JohnGreen, Hannah
1792Luckman, LukeMoore, Elizabeth
1810Luckman, WilliamCompton, Sarah
1842Luckman, WilliamPill, Ann
1900Ludford, WalterWorwood, Emma
1850Lumbard, HenryWright, Ann
1803Lusgrove, Thomas Ealkington, Ann
1785Lydall, William Brunt, Elizabeth
1875Lynch, WilliamBurnett, Ellen
1866Lynes, Henry GrendonNickolls, Eliza Ann
1848Macey, JohnHall, Sarah
1848Macknally, Henry ThomasWiles, Jemima
1829Maddox, ThomasRandall, Mary
1817Maggs, Richard George, Sarah
1866Makin, James KaySawbridge, Emma
1848Mallaband, JohnJohnson, Sarah
1854Mallaband, SamuelPerkins, Mary Ann
1853Mallaband, ThomasNeale, Maria
1821Manley, James Barber, Elizabeth
1819Manley, Thomas Rew, Martha
1810Margit, John Lindon, Elizabeth
1903Marklew, HarryRogers, Louisa
1833Marler, William NorrisWhite, Martha
1903Marlow, AlbertPatrick, Mary
1820Marlow, Charles Harris, Jane
1847Marlow, CharlesPasston, Ann
1813Marlow, DanielBarnwell, Dinah
1897Marlow, Francis JosephWiles, Cassandra
1833Marlow, Joseph Rollason, Maria
1863Marlow, JosiahTompson, Mary Ann
1900Marlow, JosiahNeale, Sarah Ellen
1838Marlow, Thomas Strong, Hannah
1872Marlow, WilliamOwen, Caroline Ann
1906Marlow, WilliamBates, Eliza
1780Marriot, SamuelClaridge, Mary
1872Marriott, HenryWoods, Sarah Ann
1807Marriott, John Orton, Martha
1846Marriott, JohnRiley, Mary
1834Marriott, Josiah North, Ann
1828Marriott, RichardWhitewell, Harriet
1778Marriott, SamuelWarner, Elizabeth
1872Marriott, ThomasLawrence, Ellen
1872Marriott, WilliamSmith, Elizabeth
1851Marsden, DanielSidwell, Eliza
1869Marsden, DanielSmart, Martha
1849Marsden, SolomanAthersych, Deborah
1858Marshall, JoshuaEales, Sarah Elizabeth
1853Marshall, MosesWhitehall, Rhoda
1804Marshall, Thomas Bartlam, Sarah
1833Marshall, ThomasHall, Sarah
1830Marshell, ThomasReynolds, Hannah
1896Marson, Charles John Hill, Sarah Jane
1898Marson, Thomas HenryGolby, Mary
1784Marson, William Croft, Ann
1792Marson, William Cooper, Hannah
1896Marsten, ThomasWarnsley, Mary Ann
1804Marston, Joseph Yeld, Elizabeth
1836Marston, JosephNock, Dorothy
1825Marston, Samuel Orton, Amelia
1814Marston, Thomas Hall, Mary
1825Marston, Thomas Morriss, Elizabeth
1858Marston, ThomasRiley, Elizabeth
1805Marston, WilliamGreen, Mary
1809Marston, WilliamSwan, Sarah
1859Marston, WilliamStrong, Sarah
1803Martin, Joseph Mann, Elizabeth
1868Martin, JosephNeale, Eliza
1869Martin, ThomasWalker, Hannah
1872Masefield, JosephBister, Harriett
1851Mason, GeorgeGodridge, Ann
1791Mason, James Throley, Jane
1876Mason, JosephDudley, Eliza
1860Masser, DanielWiberley, Ann
1789Masser, GeorgeMasser, Susannah
1868Masser, Herbert Charles Pickard Chaplin, Emma Elizabeth
1835Masser, JohnWilkinson, Sarah
1786Masser, RichardHartlett, Neley
1846Masser, ThomasJubbs, Maria
1830Masser, William Lambeth, Charlotte .
1788Masson, John Buckler, Esther
1832Masters, GeorgeCharley, Sophia
1854Masters, JamesBickley, Jane
1820Masters, Jeremiah Hall, Fanny
1792Masters, John Wale, Elener
1833Masters, WilliamHaddon, Maria
1840Masters, WilliamLucas, Ann
1779Maston, ThomasRichardson, Sarah
1870Mather, GeorgeBarnwell, Kate
1871Mathews, ElliottMoore, Elizabeth
1832Mattay, James Smalley, Margaret
1828Matterson, JohnRoe, Maria
1792Matthas, Joseph Green, Mary
1804Matthas, William Harvey, Bridgit
1868Matthews, HarryClar, Clara
1812Matthews, John White, Susanna
1833Matthews, John Rollason, Selina
1846Matthews, JohnBirch, Hannah
1829Matthews, JosephHarding, Hannah
1905Matthews, JosephBarnett, Amelia
1829Matthews, ThomasBarnett, Mary
1844Matthews, William Harrison, Martha
1903Matts, CharlesEdwards, Blanche
1822Maycock, John French, Emey
1800McCleane, JamesTilt, Jane
1904McDonagh, Arthur GeorgeWheatley, Betsy
1859McDonald, ThomasSidwell, Mary Ann
1837McMunn, CharlesMoore, Mary Ann
1841Mead, EdwardSmith, Elizabeth
1786Meade, Charles Judd, Hannah
1842Meakin, Charles Chattwin, Sarah
1836Meddows, Joseph Lester, Sophia
1846Mee, ThomasTurnicliff, Theodosia Marston
1825Meek, Samuel Stew, Anne
1905Melbourne, GeorgeSmith, Louisa
1780Melkin, Samuel Mills, Elizabeth
1804Mellerchip, JamesLambath, Hannah
1778Mellerchip, WilliamRead, Mary
1811Mellership, William Sidwell, Sarah
1831Mellor, JohnHowell, Mary
1784Merchant, JosephMizon, Elizabeth
1826Mercy, Thomas Dimmex, Jane
1785Messenger, AbrahamPerkins, Elizabeth
1853Messenger, HenryLove, Mary
1785Messenger, Thomas Cottrill, Elizabeth
1908Midwinter, LeviFreeman, Laura
1870Milbourne, William HenryWright, Mary
1851Miles, JohnWilliams, Rachel
1814Miles, William Morris, Sarah
1871Miller , JosephBarrs, Harriett
1854Miller, JamesPalmer, Anne
1876Millerchip, AlfredWilley, Ann Catherine
1816Millerchip, James Elliott, Ann
1868Millerchip, JohnSmith, Hannah Elizabeth
1821Millerchip, Richard Wright, Eleanor
1858Millerchip, Richard Cox, Elizabeth
1873Millerchip, RichardShilton, Ann
1813Millerchip, ThomasSmith, Elizabeth
1847Millerchip, ThomasChillingsworth, Amelia
1852Millerchip, ThomasWiberley, Rosanna
1866Millerchip, ThomasSmith, Jemima
1895Millerchip, WilliamLenton, Elizabeth Ann
1871Millership, CharlesLester, Mary Ann Sabell
1859Millership, JohnWalker, Mary
1795Mills, John Muddyman, Sarah
1824Mills, ThomasOughton, Mary
1828Mills, WilliamRose, Dorothy
1820Mitchell, William Strong, Jane
1825Mitchell, William Worrall, Lucy
1827Mitchell, WilliamClark, Sarah
1893Mold, George EdwardFalconbridge, Sarah Ann
1865Molds, CharlesEdmonds, Lydia
1814Molloy, JohnWillmottson, Elizabeth
1784Moneypenny, SamuelStreets, Jane
1840Montgomery, Charles Gibbs, Jane
1820Montgomery, JamesHaywood, Sarah
1876Montgomery, James AshbyWallace, Sarah
1794Montgomery, JosephSanders, Elizabeth
1846Montgomery, ThomasMowe, Mary
1817Monton, Thomas Woodhouse, Mary
1874Monton, ThomasWhitehall, Eliza
1792Monton, William Parsons, Deborah
1784Moor, John Worthy, Ann
1815Moore, AbrahamRoss, Catherine
1875Moore, BenjaminRichards, Harriett
1842Moore, Daniel Atkins, Ann
1871Moore, DavidBlackford, Sarah Ann
1843Moore, Edwin Reader, Emma
1826Moore, EphraimOdams, Mary
1836Moore, GeorgeCopelin, Sarah
1851Moore, HenryGreen , Dorcas
1868Moore, JamesWoodhouse, Ann
1907Moore, JamesLane, Lois
1817Moore, John Hopkins, Anne
1825Moore, John Tame, Susanna
1829Moore, John Dewis, Ann
1838Moore, John Yardley, Libra
1842Moore, John Harper, Catherine
1901Moore, JohnWhite, Sarah Jane
1908Moore, JohnClay, Annie Elizabeth
1902Moore, John JamesMoore, Ann
1805Moore, Joseph Mellichip, Mary
1846Moore, JosephSummers, Mary
1854Moore, JosephLowe, Mary Anne
1872Moore, JosephWatts, Emma
1875Moore, JosephWoodhouse, Hannah Elizabeth
1897Moore, Joseph HenryWagstaff, Sarah
1831Moore, Richard Pickard, Ann
1827Moore, Samuel Smith, Mary Elizabeth
1813Moore, Thomas Smith, Mary
1822Moore, Thomas Coltman, Ann
1848Moore, ThomasSpencer, Sarah
1876Moore, TimothyCroft, Mary Ann
1897Moore, Walter Leeson JarvisWaite, Elizabeth Ann
1815Moore, William Ball, Catherine
1827Moore, WilliamRandle, Anne
1841Moore, William Burton, Mary
1867Moore, WilliamHarvey, Mary Jane
1875Moore, WilliamBeasley, Mary Jane
1852More, WilliamRollason, Rachel Bird Greenway
1846Moreton, ThomasGazey, Susannah
1870Morris, Albert Harrod, Mary Jane
1872Morris, ArthurBarnsley, Harriet Ann
1845Morris, CharlesCarpenter, Sarah
1780Morris, George Onion, Elizabeth
1805Morris, George Bennett, Margaret
1807Morris, George Holloway, Ann
1816Morris, GeorgeWalton, Hannah
1847Morris, JeromeBayliss, Sarah
1849Morris, JesseHewitt, Elizabeth
1852Morris, JesseWhite, Elizabeth
1792Morris, JohnPhillips, Sarah
1803Morris, John Dalton, Elizabeth
1820Morris, John Allen, Mary
1857Morris, JosephHarvey, Sophia
1898Morris, JosephBall, Hannah
1789Morris, RobertBirch, Mary
1788Morris, Thomas Lester, Elizabeth
1838Morris, ThomasRandle, Jane
1857Morris, ThomasGoode, Sarah
1808Morris, William Smith, Sarah
1809Morris, William Cramp, Elizabeth
1827Morris, WilliamBuckingham, Eve
1836Morris, WilliamDalton, Susanna
1898Morris, WilliamBarrs, Ada Hannah
1907Morson, JosephBall, Emma Drakeford
1901Morson, WilliamHenson, Ethel
1838Moss, JosephWard, Maria
1779Mould, ThomasMould, Elizabeth
1782Mountsford, ThomasRoe, Sophia
1823Mow, Joseph Jeffs, Eliza Jane
1831Mow, Richard Martin, Elizabeth
1836Mow, Richard Hughes, Ann
1842Mow, ThomasCater, Mary
1821Mow, William Bunney, Martha
1865Mowe, JesseCotton, Mary
1849Mowe, JohnRogers, Ann
1856Mowe, JohnWillcox, Mary Ann
1902Mowe, JohnRiley, Elizabeth
1847Mowe, JosephSargent, Eliza
1859Mowe, JosephLownds, Matilda
1850Mowe, RichardBurdett, Sarah
1865Mowe, RichardSimpson, Zillah
1858Mowe, SamuelEngland, Mary
1853Mowe, ThomasTowers, Sophia
1854Mowe, WilliamBrown, Lucy
1865Mowe, WilliamSutton, Sarah
1856Moxon, ThomasLee, Catharine
1789Moy, Thomas Kirk, Hannah
1828Mucklow, Emanuel West, Emma
1828Muddeyman, Richard Akers, Sarah
1851Muddiman, CharlotteThorneloe, Charlotte
1790Muddiman, John Jackson, Catherine
1900Mumford, Thomas WellsRollason, Susan
1783Murdock, Patrick Harvey, Martha
1821Murdy, JamesHabits, Ann
1796Napton, Richard Horme, Milliscent
1816Nash, ThomasEverton, Hannah
1847Nash, ThomasSmith, Hannah
1790Nash, WilliamLloyd, Elizabeth
1827Nassau, Thomas Jeffris, Sarah
1862Nassau, William ThomasPickard, Sarah
1822Nassaw, Reuben Cadman, Sarah
1785Nassaw, Thomas Round, Sarah
1835Nassaw, William Jeffris, Mary
1802Naylor, Thomas Cross, Lucy
1838Neail, Daniel Payne, Eliza
1825Neal, EzekielAtkins, Jane
1845Neal, JamesCheckley, Elizabeth
1856Neal, ThomasPeters, Jane
1904Neal, WilliamTedds, Eliza Elizabeth
1815Neale, Benjamin Payne, Hannah
1902Neale, George WilliamHill, Dinah
1876Neale, JohnWhitehall, Hannah
1815Neale, William Atkins, Elizabeth
1848Neale, William HenryWarner, Ann
1901Neale, William HenryCopeland, Mary Ellen
1834Neddel, John Hammon, Margaret Swale
1777Nelson, LukeGreenway, Ann
1780Newhouse, JohnOldham, Mary
1861Newitt, JosephPriest, Mary Ann
1815Newland, Thomas Bywater, Rebecca
1828Newland, Thomas Smith, Mary
1836Newland, Thomas Plumber, Maria
1808Newman, John Spencer, Sarah
1858Newman, JohnSeeney, Mary Ann
1830Nicholls, Charles Parker, Susannah
1842Nicholls, Charles Campton, Mary
1842Nicholls, John AlexanderGreen, Harriott Caroline
1836Nicholls, RichardCharley, Sarah
1827Nicholls, Stephen Rollason, Hannah
1897Nicholls, Thomas JacobPhipps, Hannah
1852Nichols, CharlesWilliams, Susannah
1815Nichols, Thomas Ball, Mary
1818Nichols, William Rowney, Hannah
1868Nicklin, JosephNeale, Harriett
1855Nicklin, WilliamBall, Hannah
1868Nickols, CharlesSeeney, Rose
1859Nickols, RobertHall, Rachel
1808Nicks, Samuel Bonsir, Hannah
1800Nightengell, James Linford, Ann
1902Nightingale, WilliamReece, Amy Jane
1821Nix, RichardLokes, Mary
1790Nixon, StephenMarrow, Elizabeth
1794Nixon, Stephen Bennett, Elizabeth
1865Nixon, ThomasRollason, Emma
1872Nixon, ThomasSmith, Grace Wells
1858Nixon, WilliamWinkless, Mary
1857Noble, ThomasRandle, Emma
1839Noon, Charles Barr, Hannah
1832Norris, ThomasSteane, Sarah
1849North, BenjaminWarner, Hannah
1811North, John Goode, Mary
1907North, John William Taylor, Mary Ann
1794North, Samuel Perry, Mary
1815North, SamuelLiggins, Mary
1820North, Thomas Compton, Mary
1829North, Thomas Knight, Mary
1854North, ThomasTurner, Hannah
1863North, ThomasBricknell, Martha
1806North, William Court, Sarah
1838North, William Smith, Mary
1851Nurse, EdwardArnold, Ann Roe
1839Nut, William Brewer, Mary
1784Nutt, EdwardBint, Ann
1847Nutting, ThomasCroft, Emma
1806Oakes, GeorgeJones, Sarah
1852Oakes, JohnJones, Elizabeth
1895Oakes, Peter WilliamWhitehall, Mary Ann
1795Oakes, SamuelNeal, Ann
1834Oakes, WilliamHarding, Alice
1860Oldbury, EdwardLenton, Elizabeth
1847Oldham, EdwinPen, Hannah
1905Oldham, Joseph HenryMarlow, Eliza
1803Oldham, Nathaniel als Nathan Marson Worthy, Ann
1808Oldham, Thomas Wilkins, Mary
1825Oldhams, JohnCopson, Sarah
1826Oldhams, John Allen, Rebecca
1836Oldhams, Nathan Smith, Elizabeth
1865Oliver, JohnHartop, Mary Jane
1816Oliver, Thomas Bacon, Mary
1825Oliver, ThomasRose, Susannah
1805Oliver, Wolstein Morris, Mary
1814Oltham, William Matthew, Catherine
1809Orton, Charles Adkins, Sarah
1826Orton, Edward Warner, Mary
1835Orton, Edward Harrison, Mary
1836Orton, GeorgeStafford, Hannah
1865Orton, GeorgeTaylor, Susanna
1793Orton, John Franks, Elizabeth
1800Orton, JohnHarrison, Mary
1822Orton, John Cleaver, Sarah
1827Orton, JohnPerry, Elizabeth
1831Orton, JohnSmith, Sarah Ann
1839Orton, John Bell, Maria
1867Orton, JohnCamwell, Martha
1858Orton, John JamesDeeming, Catherine
1797Orton, Joseph Weston, Elizabeth
1820Orton, Joseph Warner, Elizabeth
1897Orton, Joseph HawkesWard, Eliza
1837Orton, Luke Dudley, Mary Ann
1797Orton, Martin Pellet, Susanna
1822Orton, Matthew Jephcott, Anne
1799Orton, Thomas Onion, Sarah
1840Orton, Thomas Wyatt, Sarah
1806Orton, Timothy Dewell, Martha
1799Orton, WilliamWorthey, Ann
1810Orton, William Warner, Catherine
1835Orton, William Taylor, Mary
1838Orton, WilliamHarper, Sarah
1839Orton, William Johnson, Elizabeth
1851Orton, WilliamOldham, Mary
1835Osborn, JohnRussell, Ann
1837Osborn, JohnDeeming, Mary Ann
1840Osborn, John Woodhouse, Mary
1904Osborne, JohnGreenway, Ellen
1827Oswin, JohnRead, Sarah
1778Ottley, Richard Page, Ann
1849Oughton , FrancisBennet, Sarah
1865Oughton, AmosChatwin, Elizabeth
1853Oughton, JamesSmith, Hannah
1827Oughton, Job Smith, Helena
1820Oughton, John Yardley, Elizabeth
1846Oughton, JohnCramp, Sarah
1838Oughton, Joseph Barkby, Ann
1865Oughton, JosephRowley, Eliza
1778Oughton, Robert Knight, Mary
1787Oughton, ThomasCantrill, Mary
1857Oughton, ThomasBall, Frances
1901Oughton, ThomasHull, Mirriam Lucy
1819Oughton, WilliamFitzpatrick, Sarah
1861Oughton, WilliamWright, Elizabeth
1872Oughton, WilliamCramp, Mary
1847Over, JohnShirrin, Rachel
1863Over, JohnHarvey, Sarah Ann
1894Over, JohnWright, Minnie
1843Over, RichardAthersyuch, Phebe
1896Over, ThomasPearson, Mary Ann
1862Over, WilliamKent, Hannah Elizabeth
1900Owen, Herbert Cornelius Knibbs, Mary Ann
1822Owen, JosephStoney, Mary
1834Owen, RichardWhiting, Ann
1844Owen, Thomas Turner, Emma
1863Oxford, FrancisPinfold, Elizabeth
1833Packwood, DavidGarratt, Susanna
1901Pacy, Arthur JamesBrandish, Frances Fanny
1826Padbury, JamesJephcott, Hannah
1798Padmore, JohnHemmings, Elizabeth
1830Page, Joseph Reading, Ann
1815Page, Samuel Camp, Sarah
1846Page, SamuelJohnson, Hannah
1783Page, Thomas Fairfield, Isabella
1789Pain, Jonathan Ashby, Ann
1810Pain, William West, Ann
1817Pain, William Goode, Martha
1792Paine, James Birch, Mary
1783Paine, Jonathan Woolf, Mary
1811Paine, Thomas Baylis, Sarah
1826Paine, William Bunney, Elizabeth
1832Painter, CharlesReeves, Margaret
1868Palmer, CharlesChecklin, Mary
1903Palmer, DavidJohnson, Ada
1805Palmer, Edward Phillips, Rebecca
1853Palmer, GeorgeWoodhouse, Elizabeth
1866Palmer, JamesGroves, Phoebe Hannah
1780Palmer, John Hewitt, Elizabeth
1782Palmer, RichardRoe, Mary
1828Palmer, Thomas Green, Elizabeth
1841Pargeter, HenryFletcher, Reservoi
1855Pargetter, HenryStacey, Mary
1904Parham, Henry WilliamStorer, Kezia
1847Parish, ThomasRiley, Maria
1845Parker, CharlesCox, Maria
1842Parker, IsaacWright, Emma
1846Parker, IsaacWhetstone, Comfort
1826Parker, James Davis, Mary
1791Parker, John Parsons, Mary
1832Parker, John Lythal, Mary
1846Parker, JohnWhetstone, Eliza
1843Parker, RichardBeaver, Maria
1848Parker, RichardRhodes, Emma
1784Parkes, Samuel Lapworth, Ann
1828Parrish, JohnEbbern, Sarah
1867Parrish, ThomasCartlidge, Sarah
1829Parsons, John Carr Low, Elizabeth
1841Parsons, John Carr Holloway, Hannah
1896Parsons, JosephTurner, Sarah Ann
1800Parsons, ThomasPearson, Mary
1815Parsons, William Newcombe, Elizabeth
1785Parton, JosephHassall, Elizabeth
1854Passton, WilliamWilkins , Ann
1850Patrick, DanielTurner, Mary Ann
1843Patrick, JamesHodson, Grace
1792Patrick, John Atkins, Ann
1789Patrick, Richard Orton, Pheney
1792Patrick, Thomas Riley, Mary
1796Patrick, Thomas Hayes, Mary
1795Paul, ThomasQuinney, Elizabeth
1911Paxton, ThomasBarnacle, Ellen Hannah
1835Paxton, WilliamGilbert, Mary Ann
1801Payen, ThomasMilles, Elizabeth
1909Payne, HerbertEast, Catherine Hannah
1836Payne, James Hardey, Mary
1796Payne, John Orton, Elizabeth
1798Payne, John Taylor, Sarah
1814Payne, JohnArnold, Sophia
1862Payne, JonathanClare, Drusilla
1813Payne, Thomas Jeffcoat, Charlotte
1836Payne, Thomas Carpenter, Frances
1840Payne, ThomasMills, Sarah
1850Payne, ThomasPoultney, Martha
1782Payne, WilliamGray, Ann
1790Payne, William Lester, Ann
1825Payne, WilliamRolinson, Elizabeth
1851Payne, WilliamReeves, Hannah
1857Payne, WilliamSmith, Anne
1851Peach, SamuelSavage, Phoebe Ann
1844Peake, JohnCraddock, Mary
1802Pearey, JohnMorris, Elizabeth
1892Pearson, AlfredStanley, Ann Louisa
1899Pearson, ArthurMarlow, Sarah Jane
1857Pearson, CalebCorrall, Jane
1858Pearson, CharlesMarlow, Jane
1836Pearson, EdwardPayne, Elizabeth
1894Pearson, Enoch dealerBarrs, Mary
1858Pearson, EnockBarrs, Dinah
1843Pearson, George Smith, Ann
1858Pearson, GeorgeFalconbridge, Hannah
1895Pearson, George Smith, Hannah Lavinia
1850Pearson, HenryKimberlin, Mary Ann
1855Pearson, HenryDixon, Elizabeth Lee
1895Pearson, HenryRandle, Harriett
1843Pearson, IsaacWhitehall, Ann
1872Pearson, IsaacPickard, Ann
1850Pearson, JesseWarner, Mary Ann
1795Pearson, JohnCoates, Ann
1831Pearson, JohnWilson, Martha
1852Pearson, JohnSteane, Eliza
1853Pearson, JohnLamb, Louisa
1822Pearson, John, jun.Farrow, Grace
1819Pearson, RichardHolmes, Elizabeth
1860Pearson, SamuelBarrs, Hannah
1895Pearson, SamuelEssex, Ann
1864Pearson, ThomasSherrein, Hannah
1893Pearson, ThomasOver, Phoebe Hannah
1906Pearson, ThomasBoneham, Alice
1910Pearson, ThomasWhitmore, Emily Rose
1877Pearson, TomBurdett, Kezia
1842Pearson, WilliamDeavonport, Sarah
1847Pearson, WilliamCantrill, Eliza
1902Pearson, William Henry Clarke, Sarah
1904Pearson, William HenryPalmer, Clarenda
1823Peeran, EdwardCarr, Anne
1874Peers, GeorgeWhitehall, Eliza
1873Pegg, HenryNixon, Eliza
1792Pegg, Richard Asby, Sarah
1863Pegg, WilliamBone, Ann
1837Pell, GeorgeMarvin, Mary Ann
1825Pepper, JamesGascoigne, Hannah .
1853Percival, GeorgeSharpe, Sarah
1862Percival, John WalterTaylor, Sarah Ann
1839Perkings, James Perry, Eliza
1860Perkins, FrederickBirch, Eliza
1804Perkins, Humphrey RedfordSargent, Kisiah
1792Perkins, JohnYardley, Mary
1837Perkins, John Maden, Elizabeth Adams
1875Perkins, JosephWhitehall, Emily
1905Perkins, JosephFaxon, Mary Ann
1825Perkins, Thomas George, Lydia
1792Perkins, William Jackson, Mary
1845Perkins, WilliamSmith, Mary
1805Perkins?, JosephGrant, Ann
1867Perks, EnochDillam, Ellen
1836Perks, John Shaw, Jane
1828Perks, Thomas Dudley, Elizabeth
1838Perrey, JamesPickard, Susannah
1837Perrey, JosephCourts, Hannah
1777Perrins, IsaacBiggs, Mary
1862Perry, Henry ArthurTaylor, Phoebe
1807Perry, James Liggins, Ann
1841Perry, James Pitt, Sarah
1857Perry, JamesBirch, Jane
1841Perry, John Heatherley, Elizabeth
1908Perry, Oliver SamuelAtkins, Matilda Ellen
1810Perry, Richard Bennit, Ann
1778Perry, ThomasSmith, Mary
1804Perry, Thomas Morris, Hannah
1811Perry, Thomas Willcox, Jane
1833Perry, WilliamWilliamson, Sarah
1839Perry, William Purselow, Ann
1846Peters, AlfredWright, Abigail
1831Peters, JosephJones, Maria Owen
1807Pettefer, James Whitall, Alice
1835Pettey, George Rowney, Elizabeth
1902Pettipher, James WilliamWatkins, Alice
1865Petty, ThomasDrakeford, Mary
1877Phelps, EdwardClarke, Mary Ann
1820Philips, JohnGreen, Mary
1800Philips, William Billinton, Mariah
1900Phillips, Amos StephenGreenway, Florence
1826Phillips, John Dickinson, Agness
1854Phillips, JohnTomlin, Emma
1863Phillips, JosephMould, Harriett
1798Phillips, William Hill, Martha
1806Phillips, William Hall, Lydia
1907Phillips, WilliamRiley, Sarah Elizabeth
1859Phipps, HenryTranter, Elizabeth
1850Phipps, JohnGibbs, Hannah
1797Phipps, WilliamMorris, Mary
1850Phipps, WilliamCoats, Matilda
1798Pickard, DavidClare, Hannah
1875Pickard, ElijahHewitt, Ellen
1825Pickard, George Clark, Mary
1900Pickard, GeorgeBeechey, Harriet
1829Pickard, George HastelowNeal, Mary
1815Pickard, John Barnwell, Maria
1842Pickard, JohnTaylor, Hannah
1807Pickard, Joseph Woodhouse, Ann
1867Pickard, JosephHarvey, Elizabeth
1866Pickard, JosiahGlover, Mary
1896Pickard, Richard WilliamTaylor, Selina
1807Pickard, Robert Poultney, Hannah
1831Pickard, Thomas Liggins, Mary
1848Pickard, ThomasWall , Sarah
1778Pickard, William Croft, Ann
1803Pickard, WilliamButler, Elizabeth
1826Pickard, William Lovegrove, Martha
1848Pickard, WilliamSmith, Ann
1865Pickard, WilliamBullock, Hannah Maria
1807Pickerd, FrancisBedder, Hannah
1850Pickering, Benjamin BarrSmith, Catherine
1872Pickering, EdwinTallis, Mary
1876Pickering, JosephSmith, Mary Ann
1791Pickering, Samuel Priest, Mary
1847Pickering, SamuelDudley, Elizbeth
1854Pickering, SamuelHowes, Jemima
1786Pickering, ThomasWatkin, Hannah
1833Pickering, Thomas Oldams, Ann
1868Pickering, ThomasDuckham, Harriett
1837Pickering, WilliamBurbage, Eliza
1815Pickin, JosephBell, Mary
1814Pickrin, Edward Far, Shusanna als Susan
1866Pigeon, WilliamNichols, Hannah
1844Pill, David Buckingham, Selina
1803Pill, Thomas How, Ann
1833Pinches, WilliamLester, Mary
1781Pittom, JamesCramp, Sarah
1893Plummer, Arthur JohnBall, Kezia
1834Plummer, William Archer, Phoebey Ann
1899Plumridge, JohnCross, Sarah
1849Pollard, GeorgeWood , Sarah
1871Pollard, NathanielFlowers, Sarah Ann
1815Poltney, Daniel Harris, Mary
1833Poltney, Henry Latham, Cathrine
1818Poltney, Thomas Wilson, Sarah
1803Poltney, William Buffey, Mary
1819Pool, JohnMarriott, Rebecca
1815Pool, Robert Wright, Hannah
1821Poole, John Reader, Sophia
1865Poole, JohnThompson, Mary Ann
1871Porter, AbelWiberley, Ann Elizabeth
1902Porter, Arthur EdwinButcher, Florence, Emma
1814Porter, Benjamin Ward, Sarah
1838Porter, DanielRollason, Ann
1869Porter, JamesWhitmore, Sarah
1812Porter, John Keen, Elizabeth
1792Porter, Thomas Keene, Elizabeth
1820Porter, ThomasCotton, Sarah Davenport
1788Porter, William Wilmer, Sarah
1797Porter, William Boston, Catherine
1807Porter, William Waggstaff, Sarah
1831Porter, WilliamMarriott, Sarah
1845Pots, SamuelPargetter, Ann
1814Potts, Joseph Millerchip, Hannah
1796Poulteney, Joseph Chillingsworth, Mary
1792Poulteney, Thomas Warner, Sarah
1852Poultney, EphraimOver, Mary Ann
1809Poultney, James Buffey, Shusannah
1852Poultney, RobertCroft, Sebrey
1832Powell, ThomasRussell, Esther
1911Powner, John JamesTurner, Martha
1827Pratt, BenjaminJarvis, Mary
1910Pratt, HarryThrasher, Edith Emma
1825Pratt, JohnDowning, Martha
1833Pratt, JohnWright, Ann
1865Pratt, JohnGardner, Mary
1893Pratt, WilliamWhitehall, Sarah
1807Preen, IsaacTaylor, Mary
1828Preston, JamesPerry, Mary
1849Price, JamesWarner, Phoebe
1843Price, John Fosset, Mary Ann
1828Price, John LeicesterBaraclough, Lucy
1784Price, ThomasHawkins, Elizabeth
1792Priest, Edward White, Sarah
1798Priest, Edward Mullis, Sarah
1865Priest, IsaacRandle, Sophia
1786Priest, JohnRason, Mary
1785Priest, Thomas Bird, Mary
1866Priest, ThomasOughton, Jane
1802Procter, ThomasAshley, Ann
1904Proctor, EdwinFern, Elizabeth Piercy
1895Proctor, James LeonardTimms, Frances Eliza
1831Proctor, JohnRichards, Ann
1898Proctor, LeonardThacker, Emily Kate
1802Pruff, Thomas Lee, Mary
1799Puffett, JohnEwing, Hannah
1896Pugh, John HowellGutteridge, Jessie Bertha
1875Purnell, Albert Beasley, Frances
1818Purselow, EdwardHilton, Jane
1848Purselow, EdwardHarrad, Hannah
1849Purselow, JohnPreston, Mary Ann
1787Q/Twinney, Joseph Tame, Catherine
1826Quinney, Elijah Tomkins, Catharine
1823Quinney, Enoch Jenson, Elizabeth
1900Quinney, HerbertBacon Jones, Caroline
1846Quinney, IsaacBarber, Rebecca
1848Quinney, JohnCarpenter, Comfort
1801Quinney, Joseph Goode, Phoebe
1816Quinney, JosephSherrin, Milley
1820Quinney, Joseph Cooper, Susanna
1873Quinney, JosephBeesley, Elizabeth
1849Quinney, SolomanCantrill, Hannah
1838Quinney, ThomasJeffs, Sarah
1840Quinney, ThomasHancox, Mary
1849Quinney, WilliamPoultney, Hannah
1894Radburn, Arthur HarryWagstaff, Mary Maria
1853Radburn, CharlesWilson, Betsy
1856Radburn, JohnWard, Ann
1827Radburn, RichardKent, Elizabeth
1859Rainbow, JamesBall, Martha
1808Rainbow, JosephKirk, Esther
1862Rainbow, William JenningsNassau, Sarah
1813Ralph, WilliamDashfield, Ann
1862Randle, AbrahamHembury, Charlotte
1835Randle, Benjamin Harrison, Ann
1868Randle, BenjaminLamb, Emily
1872Randle, BenjaminKimberley, Martha
1839Randle, DanCattell, Alice
1855Randle, DanielAtkins, Emma
1814Randle, George Johnson, Sarah
1842Randle, George Woodhouse, Mary Ann
1858Randle, GeorgePercival, Rebecca
1868Randle, GeorgeSmith, Emma
1871Randle, GeorgeEdwards, Ellen
1894Randle, GeorgeTurner, Harriett
1865Randle, HenryHewitt, Mary
1871Randle, HenryRandle, Emma
1860Randle, IsaacWiles, Frances
1840Randle, Jacob Spencer, Sarah
1825Randle, James Sargeant, Sarah
1874Randle, JamesTurrall, Mary Essex
1813Randle, John Millerchip, Mary
1823Randle, John Sheffield, Sarah
1825Randle, JohnTownsend, Martha
1836Randle, John Yardley, Ann
1839Randle, John Pace, Sarah
1840Randle, John Barkby, Martha
1847Randle, JohnStanley, Sarah
1852Randle, JohnMarkham, Elizabeth
1852Randle, JohnTurrell, Sarah
1873Randle, JohnPickard, Edith
1896Randle, JohnHarban, Alice
1857Randle, JonathanAshbourn, Mary
1824Randle, Joseph Russell, Ruth
1850Randle, JosephDrakeford, Harriett
1850Randle, JosephBirch, Mary Ann
1867Randle, JosephLeadam, Elizabeth
1905Randle, Josiah EvelynHarban, Harriet Frances
1796Randle, RichardCollege, Elizabeth
1832Randle, Richard Clark, Sarah
1851Randle, RichardBlundel , Hannah
1804Randle, Robert Ashley, Elizabeth
1819Randle, Robert Westley, Sarah
1847Randle, RobertHunter, Sarah
1811Randle, Samuel Woodhouse, Sarah
1828Randle, Samuel Pickard, Elizabeth
1836Randle, SamuelHarvey, Mary
1852Randle, SamuelStanley, Mary Ann
1867Randle, SamuelJaques, Amelia
1844Randle, Shadrack Quinney, Eliza
1872Randle, SolomonStew, Mary
1910Randle, Stephen George LeonardClarke, Sarah
1799Randle, Thomas Shepherd,Sarah
1815Randle, Thomas Cox, Susannah
1817Randle, Thomas Chaplin, Ann
1840Randle, Thomas Randle, Sarah
1849Randle, ThomasClarke, Sarah
1859Randle, ThomasWhitehall, Sarah Ann
1871Randle, ThomasWebster, Hannah
1874Randle, ThomasRogers, Hannah
1907Randle, TomJackson, Emily
1907Randle, Walter ThomasHumphris, Mary Jane
1797Randle, WilliamBinley, Mary
1833Randle, William Shaw, Mary
1846Randle, WilliamWilkinson, Sarah
1849Randle, WilliamColeman, Sarah
1859Randle, WilliamHill, Anne
1873Randle, WilliamByfield, Ann
1876Randle, WilliamSutton, Theresa
1857Randle, William HenryThompson, Emma
1824Rasbery, John Masters, Elizabeth
1797Raven, HenryWarwick, Mary
1848Raven, HenryHadden, Maria
1825Raven, WilliamHeatherley, Sarah
1807Rawband??, JohnHerritage, Ann
1847Rawson, WilliamRichardson, Harriet
1871Rawston, ThomasAmos, Hannah
1861Read , AbrahamDoherty, Susannah
1895Read, John GeorgeWoodcock, Ellen Walton
1835Read, ThomasBrittain, Charlotte
1856Reader, GeorgeCramp, Jane
1825Reader, JosephAllen, Mary
1782Reader, Thomas Bullock, Elizabeth
1825Reader, Thomas Masser, Mary
1826Reader, Thomas Smith, Mary
1843Reader, ThomasMasser, Jane
1849Reader, ThomasHarrison, Eliza
1820Reader, WilliamPetty, Susanna
1830Reading, JohnShelley, Jane
1852Reading, JosephTurrell, Eliza
1861Reading, JosephHoltham, Sarah
1828Reaney, RobertHill, Anne
1849Reece, OwenChambers, Ann
1904Rees, William Henry SherringDavenport, Ellen Elizabeth
1826Reeve, William Copestakes, Sarah
1819Reeves, Benjamin Millerchip, Anne
1896Reeves, JohnHill, Florence Mary
1781Reeves, Richard Charlsworth, Mary
1838Rencher, JosephSmith, Mary
1799Renolds, Thomas Barton, Hannah
1805Rewbottom als Rachbottom, SamuelMillerchip, Sarah
1841Reynolds, JosephEdwards, Maria
1854Reynolds, WilliamHarrison, Hannah
1795Rhodes, Benjamin Higginson, Mary
1820Rhodes, JohnWest, Milisent
1832Rhodes, JosephMeredith, Ellen
1806Rice, John Green, Elizabeth
1875Rice, John ThomasSharratt, Susan
1838Rice, Jonathan Holtam, Ellen
1804Rice, Joseph Burton, Dinah
1839Rice, JosephHarban, Eliza
1847Rice, Joseph West, Elizabeth
1847Rice, WilliamLomas, Harriett
1898Richards, SamuelGolby, Minnie
1867Richardson, CharlesShirren, Dinah
1798Richardson, JohnBrown, Rachel
1805Richardson, JohnAdkins, Ann
1848Richardson, JohnLester, Rebecca
1781Richardson, RichardSlingsby, Ann
1832Richardson, RichardDewes, Harriette
1798Richardson, Thomas Ward, Sarah
1850Richardson, WilliamBarson, Phoebe
1874Richmond, William Pickard, Ellen
1841Rigby, WilliamThompson, Caroline
1839Riggitt, BenjaminHickman, Ann
1801Riley, EdwardParish, Mary
1892Riley, Fred LentonLester, Tresa Mary Ann
1781Riley, JamesDixon, Jane
1806Riley, JamesLetham, Mary
1897Riley, JamesBurdett, Harriett
1849Riley, JesseRandle, Elizabeth
1849Riley, JohnLenton, Ann
1818Riley, JosephBywater, Mary
1867Riley, JosephBirch, Emma
1906Riley, JosephReece, Mary Ann
1779Riley, Thomas Morris, Mary
1798Riley, ThomasRussell, Ruth
1822Riley, ThomasMillerchip, Elizabeth
1826Riley, ThomasRiley, Eliza Jane
1875Riley, ThomasChattaway, Betsy
1862Riley, Thomas HenrySteane, Ann
1798Riley, William Parish, Elizabeth
1813Riley, William Hilton, Mary
1842Riley, William Buttler, Mary
1849Riley, WilliamBirch, Comfort
1869Riley, WilliamRawston, Maria
1875Riley, WilliamLester, Emma Orton
1906Riley, WilliamLeigh, Sarah Ellen
1857Rilley, JamesLomas, Anne
1852Roads, BenjaminWilson, Ann
1813Robbins, John Glynn, Mary
1900Roberts, Charles HenryChronicle, Eliza Ellen
1874Roberts, JonathanPorter, Eliza Drakeford
1905Robinson, Arthur JohnEssex, Louisa
1805Robinson, DanielDodd, Sarah
1845Robinson, HenryWilson, Ann
1785Robinson, JohnThompson, Elizabeth
1820Robinson, SamuelRiley, Mary
1839Robinson, SamuelPerks, Elizabeth
1900Robinson, ThomasMartin, Miriam
1808Robinson, William Porter, Hannah
1800Robottom, JosephColtman, Mary
1798Robottom, SamuelProcter, Rhoda
1821Rocklow, Richard Clark, Ann
1903Roden, Robert HenryWills, Fanny Elizabeth
1873Rogers, FrederickBurdett, Harriett
1852Rogers, HughAtkins, Eliza
1874Rogers, JamesSwain, Eliza
1908Rogers, James HughLole, Ada Mary
1847Rogers, JesseCramp, Ruth
1903Rogers, Joseph JesseCourts, Hannah Elizabeth
1806Rogers, Thomas Palmer, Elizabeth
1847Rogers, ThomasSephton, Selina
1809Rogers, WilliamWilson, Ann
1876Rogers, WillliamMowe, Harriett
1806Roggers, ThomasCheatley, Sarah
1825Rolason, John Brown, Mary
1799Rolinson, Benjamin Smith, Ann
1790Rolinson, Charles Starkey, Ann
1788Rolinson, George Cross, Priscilla
1792Rolinson, John Clare, Sarah
1792Rolinson, Richard Commander, Catherine
1798Rolinson, William Clare, Mary
1796Rollason, Charles Drury, Dorothy
1840Rollason, Charles Overton, Sarah
1861Rollason, DavidMarlow, Eliza
1900Rollason, DavidJackson, Harriet Elizabeth
1904Rollason, David HenryWhite, Martha Jane
1904Rollason, David HenryWhite, Martha Jane
1805Rollason, EdwardHarris, Sarah
1805Rollason, Edward Hollond, Sarah
1838Rollason, Elijah Green, Maria
1842Rollason, George Payne, Sarah
1869Rollason, IsaacBrogden, Ellen
1806Rollason, John Hopkins, Elizabeth
1827Rollason, JohnMeigh, Ann
1831Rollason, John Copson, Mary Ann
1839Rollason, John Taylor, Emma
1845Rollason, JohnChattaway, Eliza
1846Rollason, JohnHodson, Caroline
1834Rollason, John PerkinsAmes, Helen
1828Rollason, JonathanBartlam, Elizabeth
1829Rollason, Jonathan Hilton, Jane
1842Rollason, JonathanBall, Dinah
1817Rollason, JosephWilliamson, Mary
1837Rollason, Joseph Lenton, Ann
1893Rollason, JosephEmery, Sarah
1848Rollason, JosiahHitchings, Susanna
1822Rollason, Samuel Walker, Sarah
1832Rollason, StephenClewer, Ann
1819Rollason, Thomas Billing, Anne
1803Rollason, William Clare, Jane
1843Rollason, William Neale, Mary
1859Rollason, WilliamLenton, Catherine
1847Rolleson, GeorgeQuinney, Harriett
1793Rollins, John Hall, Ann
1803Rollinson, John Perkins, Elizabeth
1837Rose, Charles Edwards, Esther
1832Rose, Ely Akers, Mary
1793Rose, UriahLacey, Martha
1791Roskell, RichardAshby, Ann
1899Rothwell, William ThomasAlderson, Sarah Alice
1899Rouse, FrederickWalker, Ellen
1846Rowbotham, HenryThomas, Rebecca
1811Rowlason, Joseph Jillks, Elizabeth
1808Rowleson, WilliamDaulton, Mariah
1822Rowley, John King, Hannah
1850Rowley, MarkMallaband, Sarah
1803Rowley, RandleJohnson, Mary
1842Rowley, Samuel Oldhams, Mary
1814Rowlinson, William Pickering, Hannah
1820Rowney, AaronGoode, Anne
1825Rowney, Isaac Cross, Phoebe
1814Rowney, JamesOldhams, Hannah
1851Rowney, JamesRoberson, Sarah
1794Rowney, John Marriott, Mary
1819Rowney, John Biggs, Anne
1794Rowney, Joseph Morris, Edie
1818Rowney, Joseph Harris, Leah
1794Rowney, SamuelElliott, Mary
1783Rowney, William Roston, Hannah
1834Rowney, William Johnson, Mary
1910Rowney, William FrederickDudley, Mary Jane
1902Rowstron, AlbertBird, Eliza
1901Rowstron, JamesDale, Florence Mabel
1907Rowstron, NathanielCarseley, Jennie Elizabeth
1788Rubly, John Scarrol, Hannah
1808Rugless, Nathaniel Whithall, Sarah
1801Rush, Joseph Pearson, Rebecca
1823Rushen, GeorgeRushen, Mary
1824Rushen, HenryPickering, Hannah
1822Rushen, JosephCrofts, Anne
1798Rushen, ThomasCarpenter, Mary
1794Rushen, William Warner, Hannah
1815Rushin, William Butler, Jane
1846Rushton, DavidBrownson, Mary
1836Rushton, Thomas Chattel, Mary
1813Russell, John Hancox, Sarah
1893Russell, SamuelHaddon, Emily
1854Russell, ThomasCopson, Hannah
1827Russell, William Musson, Anne
1833Russell, WilliamYates, Julia Ann
1857Russell, WilliamBoyes, Martha
1864Russell, WilliamBennett, Mary
1897Rutherford, WilliamSimpson, Catherine Ann
1873Ryall, Alphens CharlesJacques, Ann
1788Ryley, William Tunnycliff, Elizabeth
1833Sabell, Edward Lester, Mary Ann
1864Salesbury, JamesBall, Elizabeth
1830Salsbury, Henry Rainer, Sarah
1843Salsbury, JamesNeal, Mary
1808Salt, JohnHarme, Mary
1828Sambrook, Thomas Boon, Sarah
1849Sambrooks, GeorgeKing, Sarah
1825Sanders, JohnPickering, Rebecca
1876Sanders, JohnPoole, Ann
1908Sanders, JohnRichards, Minnie
1811Sanders, Joseph Marlor, Elizabeth
1806Sanders, William Brome, Ann
1895Sanders, William Clifton, Hannah
1849Sands, EbenezerDeeming, Elizabeth
1826Sansome, WilliamWilkins, Cassandra
1830Sargeant, JosephWilliams, Ann
1824Sargent, GeorgeFitzpatrick, Mahala
1836Sargent, GeorgeSummers, Jane
1865Sargent, ThomasRowney, Charlotte
1782Sarjeant, Roger Pinks, Sarah
1898Satchwell, Herbet BenjaminLombard, Ellen
1814Sattchwell, Joseph Phillips, Mary
1784Saunders, MichaelVillers, Mary
1848Savage, JohnPearson, Phebe
1876Savory, JohnBarnett, Rosetta
1894Savory, John GeorgeRandle, Sarah Ann
1784Sawrey, WilliamLindon, Ann
1784Sayer, William Norton, Ann
1817Scampton, JohnDowning, Drusilla
1826Scampton, WilliamSutton, Mary Ann
1821Scott, John Glynn, Ann
1790Scott, Matthew Hicklin, Mary
1848Scott, WilliamHarrad, Mary
1782Scotton, ThomasSlingsby, Mary
1785Scotton, WilliamSlingsby, Elizabeth
1847Scouch, JohnRogers, Sarah
1815Scragg, JohnSwain, Elizabeth
1802Scruby, Henry Hubbard, Hannah
1857Scruby, SamuelLole, Sarah
1830Scruby, ThomasOakes, Martha
1861Scruby, ThomasArcher, Ann
1868Sears, William FrederickWillcox, Matilda
1814Seavens, Joseph Darleson, Hannah
1896Seckington, GeorgeBarnett, Hannah
1786Sedgley, WilliamHolmes, Ann
1900Sephton, ArthurTaylor, Elizabeth
1844Sephton, FrancisHodson, Elizabeth
1872Sephton, GeorgeWebster, Maria
1806Sephton, JamesRollason, Sarah
1831Sephton, JohnSmith, Ann
1872Sephton, JohnSteane, Emma
1873Sephton, WilliamWarner, Ann
1872Sephton, William HenryRalley, Faith
1814Sergeant, William Taylor, Sarah
1802Serjeant, Robert Rushen, Mary
1789Serjeant, Roger Warner, Mary
1853Settle, JamesCotton, Selina
1839Sewell, David Wood, Mary
1842Shakespear, JohnPowell, Hannah
1808Shakespear, Joseph Gabbet, Ann
1870Shakespeare, HenryChurch, Ann
1816Shakespeare, JosephDowning, Jane
1815Sharp, John Darlinson, Susanna
1821Sharp, Richard Malabone, Ann
1850Sharratt, AmosGoalby, Mary Ann
1872Sharratt, DavidHartlett, Elizabeth
1825Sharratt, George?uckett, Anne
1836Sharratt, GeorgeHeatherley, Mary
1867Sharratt, HenryWalker, Mary
1852Sharratt, JosephBird, Sarah
1814Sharratt, Thomas Matthews, Sarah
1903Sharratt, William GeorgeRiley, Ann
1861Shaw, Enoch HarrisOughton, Hannah
1839Shaw, John Bayley, Alice
1844Shaw, John Drakeley, Susannah
1855Shaw, ThomasCooper, Harriett
1798Shawcross, MatthewHunt, Decilla
1858Sheffield, CharlesMoore, Ann
1817Shelley, John Young, Jane
1823Shenstone, WilliamWright, Anne
1851Shephard, ThomasPoultney, Harriet
1804Shephard, William Hill, Elizabeth
1837Shepherd, FrederickChillingsworth, Amelia
1836Shepherd, JamesPickard, Sarah
1848Shepherd, JohnPayne, Martha
1822Shepherd, ThomasLewis, Fanny
1826Shepherd, Thomas .Corby, Sarah
1799Shepherd, WilliamOrton, Elizabeth
1787Sheppard, ThomasWightman, Hannah
1872Sherrein, JohnGreen, Sarah
1896Shilcock, ArthurBates, Emma Elizabeth
1876Shilcock, WilliamSmith, Ann
1907Shillcock, FrederickBearsley, Ellen Louisa
1846Shillcock, ThomasBywater, Maria
1862Shillcock, ThomasChattaway, Catharine
1792Shillingsworth, Henry Paddock, Abigail
1784Shillwell, JohnSpencer, Mary
1815Shilton, JohnWard, Ann
1785Shilton, RobertCroft, Jane
1853Shilton, SamuelDixon, Elizabeth
1787Shipley, Joseph Noble, Mary
1910Shirley, Frank WilliamUsher, Emily
1840Shirley, George Kenning, Sarah
1849Shirley, JamesKing, Mary
1823Shirley, John Edwards, Christiannah
1849Shirley, JohnPriest, Sarah Ann
1832Shirley, William Payne, Hannah
1831Showel, John Gibson, Ann
1836Showell, John Marston, Isabella
1843Showell, John Copson, Mary
1860Sidwell, AbelSmith, Ann
1831Sidwell, George Dudley, Sarah
1864Sidwell, GeorgeGethin, Mary
1851Sidwell, HenryHewitt, Ann
1818Sidwell, Isaac Green, Mary
1867Sidwell, JacobThrasher, Ann
1862Sidwell, JamesWest, Eliza
1907Sidwell, JamesOldham, Sarah
1827Sidwell, Job Wells, Mary
1829Sidwell, JobDaulton, Penelope
1870Sidwell, JobGolby, Elizabeth
1824Sidwell, John Perks, Ann
1901Sidwell, John Atkins, Alice
1823Sidwell, JosephSmith, Elizabeth
1847Sidwell, JosephIliff, Ann
1855Sidwell, JosephBarrs, Esther
1864Sidwell, SamuelPegg, Ann
1845Sidwell, ThomasWale, Ann
1864Sidwell, WilliamRandle, Mary Ann
1791Silverstone, George Jarvis, Sarah
1815Simmoms, ThomasHodson, Hannah
1901Simmonds, ArthurFletcher, Eliza
1899Simmonds, John AlbertRandle, Elizabeth Ann
1790Simpool, WilliamProctor, Elizabeth
1876Simpson, DanielWood , Harriet
1860Simpson, EnochWhitehall, Eliza
1861Simpson, EnochLeader, Ann
1862Simpson, EnochWard, Caroline Hayes
1862Simpson, GeorgeDeeming, Sarah
1860Simpson, HenryHubbard, Sarah
1893Simpson, HenryHall, Hannah
1808Simpson, James Letitia Carpenter
1803Simpson, John Troughton, Ann
1849Simpson, JohnClowes, Ann
1901Simpson, Sidney EnockOldham, Caroline
1872Simpson, ThomasClarke, Maria
1874Simpson, ThomasGrant, Mary Elizabeth
1906Simpson, Thomas AlfredMorson, Agnes Maria
1836Simpson, William Hopkins, Mary Ann
1832Sinclair, RichardMalin, Elizabeth
1778Slingsby, JohnHigginson, Elizabeth
1813Smalley, William Taylor, Mary
1802Smallwood, AbrahamShilton, Sarah
1854Smallwood, EdwardOrton, Martha
1839Smallwood, JosephRiley, Jane
1854Smallwood, PeterBirch, Eliza
1815Smallwood, Thomas Jephcott, Elizabeth
1865Smallwood, WalterWhitehall, Ann
1896Smallwood, WalterLamb, Annie Maria
1902Smart, AlfredFlavell, Frances Mary
1862Smart, EphraimBradbury, Jane
1792Smart, Richard Paddock, Amy
1780Smart, SamuelGibson, Jean
1800Smedley, Thomas Tinsley, Ann
1908Smith, Alexander ThomasBarson, Hannah
1801Smith, Benjamin Warner, Phoebe
1833Smith, BenjaminIliffe, Esther
1851Smith, BenjaminTame, Mary Ann
1847Smith, CharlesButler, Mary
1851Smith, CharlesKilpack, Maria
1784Smith, Cornelius Cord, Jane
1832Smith, DanStain, Eliza
1842Smith, DanWilkins, Hellen
1851Smith, DavidBatty, Sarah
1835Smith, EbenezerGodfrey, Hannah
1807Smith, Edward Sperrin, Mary
1829Smith, EdwardBuckingham, Emma
1857Smith, EdwardSidwell, Rosannah
1830Smith, EzekialChaplin, Ann
1871Smith, FrederickGuoite, Jane
1824Smith, GeorgeTerral, Mary
1858Smith, GeorgePickard, Mary
1872Smith, GeorgeRogers, Mary
1871Smith, HarryMorris, Emiler
1901Smith, HarryBonsor, Mary Ellen
1859Smith, HattonChambers, Mersey
1874Smith, HenrySmith, Betsy
1901Smith, Herbert AlfredCleaver, Emma Jane
1909Smith, HoraceHill, Harriet Eliza
1858Smith, HumphreyWalker, Elizabeth
1840Smith, IsaacRandle, Ann
1814Smith, JacobHulm, Maria
1787Smith, James Matthews, Susannah
1828Smith, James Lovegrove, Catharine
1830Smith, James Nassaw, Hannah
1839Smith, James Carpenter, Maria
1856Smith, JamesSmith, Hannah
1893Smith, JamesRogers, Ruth Ann
1832Smith, JesseCompton, Martha
1843Smith, JesseBoyes, Ann
1785Smith, John Rowney, Hannah
1788Smith, John Knott, Sarah
1794Smith, JohnWalton, Sarah
1796Smith, JohnLudford, Hannah
1798Smith, John Wilmer, Mary
1800Smith, JohnPerkins, Hannah
1817Smith, JohnBanford, Ann
1819Smith, John Carpenter, Martha
1824Smith, JohnBayle, Priscilla
1824Smith, JohnDudley, Mary
1827Smith, JohnGoode, Sarah
1831Smith, John Haywood, Elizabeth
1843Smith, John Barnett, Charlotte
1846Smith, JohnHammersley, Ann
1854Smith, JohnCollins, Anne
1863Smith, John Barrett, Priscilla
1864Smith, JohnPrentice, Fanny
1831Smith, John HenrySeale, Mary Ann
1825Smith, John OldhamsWells, Sarah
1841Smith, John WellsAtkins, Eliza
1871Smith, JonathanHaycock, Emily
1899Smith, Jonathan FrederickMiles, Alice
1786Smith, Joseph Moore, Ann
1797Smith, JosephPilgrim, Mary
1809Smith, JosephBarber, Maria
1821Smith, Joseph Banford, Hannah
1830Smith, Joseph Moore, Ann
1842Smith, Joseph Webb, Mary Ann
1848Smith, JosephRushin, Eliza
1849Smith, JosephMorris, Sarah
1850Smith, JosephHeatherley, Mary Ann
1851Smith, JosephHarbourn, Emma
1852Smith, JosephDencer, Harriet
1858Smith, JosephWebster, Jane
1875Smith, JosephCarpenter, Mary Ann
1907Smith, Joseph JamesEdwards, Harriett
1785Smith, MatthewBrass, Mary
1874Smith, MatthewShirley, Sarah Ann
1794Smith, PeterSmith, Ann
1862Smith, PeterAllen, Hannah
1781Smith, RichardKeen, Sarah
1785Smith, RichardWhite, Mary
1791Smith, RichardDarlinson, Sarah
1796Smith, RichardOdams, Sarah
1802Smith, RichardFlowers, Elizabeth
1807Smith, RichardBrunt, Sarah
1815Smith, Richard Barkby, Eleanor
1817Smith, Richard Heatherley, Ann
1823Smith, Richard Blyth, Jane
1854Smith, Richard Hutchinson Hewitt, Prudence
1781Smith, SamuelAshborn, Amy
1787Smith, Samuel Thompson, Sarah
1828Smith, Samuel Burbery, Anne
1831Smith, Samuel Wykes, Maria
1837Smith, SamuelPerry, Mary Ann
1849Smith, SamuelJames, Hannah
1869Smith, SamuelFord, Harriett
1875Smith, Samuel GreenwayFarndon, Isabel
1780Smith, Thomas Knot, Elizabeth
1796Smith, ThomasFrizwel, Ann
1796Smith, ThomasMulliss, Mary
1804Smith, Thomas Thay, Mary
1805Smith, ThomasAtkins, Mary
1809Smith, Thomas Stew, Elizabeth
1822Smith, ThomasWhetstone, Elizabeth
1826Smith, Thomas Ball, Hannah
1828Smith, ThomasOrton, Mary Ann
1831Smith, ThomasWard, Sarah
1833Smith, ThomasWarner, Esther
1838Smith, ThomasSmith, Maria
1842Smith, ThomasPayne, Caroline
1844Smith, Thomas Haywood, Selina
1851Smith, ThomasClarke, Mary
1857Smith, ThomasHolmes, Eliza
1858Smith, ThomasGoode, Frances
1859Smith, ThomasLiggins, Mary Ann
1867Smith, ThomasWagstaff, Eliza
1870Smith, ThomasHands, Betsy
1872Smith, ThomasCoates, Harriett
1899Smith, ThomasFletcher, Patience
1904Smith, Thomas HenryGolby, Lucy
1872Smith, Thomas WilliamWagstaff, Sarah
1804Smith, TimothyChaplin, Ann
1838Smith, TimothyHarris, Selina
1901Smith, TomMoore, Martha
1803Smith, WellsPerry, Jane
1778Smith, WilliamRowney, Elizabeth
1783Smith, William Martin, Ann
1787Smith, WilliamPaggit, Elizabeth
1789Smith, WilliamBrass, Elizabeth
1790Smith, WilliamHutchinson, Mary
1795Smith, WilliamOakes, Nelly
1796Smith, William Gilbert, Elizabeth
1803Smith, WilliamHarrison, Sarah
1806Smith, WilliamBroadhurst, Elizabeth
1807Smith, William Godfrey, Elizabeth
1814Smith, WilliamRiley, Mary
1814Smith, William Taylor, Elizabeth
1817Smith, William Troughton, Mary
1824Smith, WilliamWatts, Mary
1830Smith, WilliamCopstick, Ann
1839Smith, WilliamCarpenter, Dinah
1842Smith, William Dowson, Elizabeth
1842Smith, William Chattaway, Ann
1846Smith, WilliamSmith, Mary
1850Smith, WilliamRushen, Jane
1850Smith, WilliamReader, Charlotte
1862Smith, WilliamDixon, Eliza Maria
1865Smith, WilliamAkers, Fanny
1867Smith, WilliamChattaway, Mary Ann
1875Smith, WilliamStrong, Mary Ann
1909Smith, WilliamPopplewell, Florrie
1876Smith, William HenryMiller, Mary Elizabeth
1855Smith, William HutchinsonChaplin, Hannah
1825Sorton, JohnBeesley, Charlotte
1780Southern, JohnManley, Jane
1797Southern, Lot Collins, Abigail
1818Southourn, JamesHilton, Sarah
1865Sparkes, BenjaminGreen, Eliza
1834Sparkes, Samuel Cole, Mary
1836Sparkes, ThomasPinches, Mary Ann
1898Sparkes, WilliamMoore, Mary Elizabeth
1804Sparrow, RichardOakley, Lydia
1831Spencer, DavidSutton, Tabitha
1850Spencer, HenryRandle, Sarah
1783Spencer, John Cashmore, Hannah
1810Spencer, John Smith, Elizabeth
1821Spencer, JohnHammersley, Eleanor
1832Spencer, John Adkins, Elizabeth
1821Spencer, Samuel Rollason, Esther
1829Spencer, Samuel Pickard, Hannah
1784Spencer, Thomas Oakes, Martha
1898Spencer, ThomasHadden, Lillian
1797Spencer, William Ball, Frances
1804Spenser, WilliamWoodhead, Anne
1854Spicer, JohnReading, Catherine
1869Spicer, JohnAtkins, Hannah
1783Spillman, Samuel Timbs, Mary
1809Spires, JosephSmith, Mary
1832Spittle, WilliamSatchwell, Ann
1806Spooner, RobertRadburn, Mary
1797Spooner, Thomas Glover, Mary
1855Spraggott, CharlesSedgley, Jane
1857Sprigg, GeorgeTinsley, Mary Jane
1786Squelch, William Morris, Lydia
1825Squires, WilliamCalloway, Ellen
1868Stafford, GeorgeMarriott, Ann
1823Stafford, JohnTimms, Sarah
1906Stafford, JohnRandle, Emily
1899Stafford, SamuelFaulconbridge, Sarah
1896Stafford, Walter Edward ClarkePearson, Lizzie
1793Stafford, William Browning, Sarah
1846Stain, EdwardWetton, Eliza
1844Stain, RichardSmith, Sarah
1826Stain, William Smith, Eliza
1859Stain, WilliamBettdige, Jane
1843Standley, Henry Ball, Sarah
1843Standley, JohnLudford, Sarah
1868Stanley, FrancisWoodhouse, Selina
1872Stanley, HarryHolt, Mary Twynham
1834Stanley, John Harris, Hanah
1856Stanley, JohnRandle, Sophia
1871Stanley, John French, Eliza
1893Stanley, John CharlesEdmonds, Ann
1848Stanley, JosephSteane, Eliza
1872Stanley, JosephWebb, Elizabeth
1908Stanley, MichaelWiles, Emma Keziah
1897Stanley, PhilipBurditt, Selina
1871Stanley, ThomasColledge, Mary
1898Stanley, WilliamSmith, Polly
1904Stanley,William EdwardGodsell, Alice
1901Starkey, EliDavenport, Harriet Ann
1853Starkey, HenryHowe, Mary
1790Starkey, JohnBrooks, Elizabeth
1871Steain, IsaacWood, Mary Jane
1834Stean, JosephWhitmore, Sarah
1852Steane, EdwardCantrill, Eliza
1875Steane, EdwardRollason, Rachel
1900Steane, JessePearson, Lois
1873Steane, WilliamMorris, Fanny
1898Steane, William RichardMoore, Sarah Rose
1823Stein, William Rollason, Mary
1836Stephen, ThomasMoore, Sophia
1819Stephens, John Hall, Mary
1866Stephens, ThomasPickard, Ann
1875Stephens, ThomasPhillips, Martha
1867Stevens, LotTaylor, Martha
1838Stevens, Wiliam Cotton, Jane
1809Stew, John Hartop, Elizabeth
1821Stew, John Eld, Mary
1847Stew, JohnStanley, Harriette
1843Stew, William Warner, Jane
1822Stiles, John Hilton, Elizabeth
1818Stoane, JamesMerridew, Rebecca Howell
1842Stokes, CharlesWarner, Frances
1902Stokes, Hempsted HenryGill, Rose
1814Stokes, Joseph Pegg, Martha
1843Stokes, Soloman Sidwell, Libra
1848Stokes, SolomanGoddard, Susannah
1851Stokes, StephenCalloway, Selina
1838Stokes, ThomasBradley, Elizabeth
1832Stokes, Thomas DanielMarlow, Ann
1792Stoney, DanielOakes, Ann
1795Stoney, Enoch Stafford, Ann
1815Stoney, John Allsop, Mary
1836Storer, CharlesJones, Ann
1828Storer, GeorgeWarner, Hanah
1838Storer, James Barrnett, Mary
1852Storer, JohnBarson, Sarah
1822Stretton, William West, Mary
1858Stringer, AaronCadman, Emma
1857Stringer, DavidNorth, Eliza
1835Stringer, JamesWhitmore, Eliza
1898Stringer, JamesPhillips, Alice
1801Stringer, SamuelEld, Alice
1802Stringer, Thomas Lenton, Ann
1839Stringer, ThomasBoydecott, Matilda
1846Stringer, ThomasChaplin, Emma
1893Stringer, Tom GupwelGrant, Mary Ann
1894Stringer, WallaceBirch, Charlotte Jane
1824Stringer, WilliamBirdit, Anne
1861Stringer, WilliamRussell, Martha
1831Strong HenryOrton, Charlotte
1804Strong, Charles Mills, Ann
1837Strong, Charles Porter, Charlotte
1807Strong, JamesMillerchip, Mary
1850Strong, JamesLowe, Eliza
1794Strong, JohnNorth, Sarah
1832Strong, John Barnes, Mary
1838Strong, JohnLee, Hannah
1795Strong, Joseph Hutchinson, Hannah
1830Strong, RichardCadman, Jane
1783Strong, ThomasWalker, Ann
1805Strong, Thomas Gibbs, Sarah
1827Strong, ThomasBray, Charlotte
1833Strong, ThomasDodd, Elizabeth
1864Strong, Thomas PorterCorrall, Sarah
1786Strong, WilliamOrton, Elizabeth
1808Strong, William Green, Ann
1850Strong, WilliamParsons, Eliza
1868Stubbs, JamesArcher, Hannah
1865Stubbs, JohnGilbert, Mary
1907Stubbs, JosephWilliams, Eliza Jane
1860Stubbs, Richard Jewell, Julia
1861Stubbs, WilliamHartless, Hannah
1835Stubes, John Banninster, Frances
1847Suffolk, CharlesKelley, Eliza
1802Suffolk, James Suffolk, Elizabeth
1825Summers, JamesQuinney, Ann
1828Summers, JamesHickson, Sarah
1828Surman, WilliamDyer, Hannah
1872Sutton, AlfredMoore, Harriett
1839Sutton, James Hill, Sarah
1905Sutton, Joseph WilliamTurner, Sarah Ann
1862Sutton, WilliamMowe, Ann
1855Swain, GeorgeBonsor, Sarah
1836Swain, John North, Mary
1858Swain, JohnSmith, Miner
1893Swain, JohnHilton, Jane
1897Swain, John WilliamBales, Mary Ann
1866Swain, JosephSmith, Mary
1803Swain, Samuel Smith, Rebecca
1815Swain, Samuel Wood, Fanney
1862Swain, SamuelRandle, Mary Ann
1869Swain, SamuelHarban, Dinah
1803Swain, William Barnet, Mary
1823Swain, William Pickard, Margaret
1837Swain, WilliamRason, Catherine
1897Swain, WilliamMowe, Hannah
1820Swan, JohnHackett, Catharine
1825Swann, JohnCooke, Esther
1901Talbot, GeorgeKeyte, Gertrude Evelyn
1830Tame, Joseph Yardley, Ellen
1903Tarver, ArthurRandle, Alice
1841Tatlow, JamesJohnson, Mary Ann
1778Taylor, CharlesLarge, Elizabeth
1805Taylor, Charles Hands, Martha
1832Taylor, EzerWarner, Harriott
1781Taylor, GeorgeTompson, Mary
1791Taylor, GeorgeDrakeford, Elizabeth
1818Taylor, George Hunter, Sarah
1843Taylor, GeorgeBeesley, Caroline
1847Taylor, GeorgePhillips, Mary Browning
1854Taylor, GeorgeBetts, Drusilla
1896Taylor, GeorgeSavory, Lucy
1843Taylor, Henry Grubb, Sarah
1831Taylor, IsaacHarrison, Mary
1846Taylor, IsaacHull, Mary
1853Taylor, JesseBall, Selina
1778Taylor, JohnDavis, Sarah
1805Taylor, John Brook, Mary
1821Taylor, JohnHartop, Ann
1838Taylor, JohnDaulton, Sophia
1839Taylor, JohnPerkins, Ann
1873Taylor, JohnCotton, Hannah
1795Taylor, JosephPickering, Esther
1846Taylor, JosephFitzpatrick, Sarah
1895Taylor, Joseph EdwardDownes, Marian Ellen
1833Taylor, MarkHarband, Sebrey
1834Taylor, MarkPratt, Tabitha Dorcas
1846Taylor, MarkJones, Amelia
1812Taylor, Peter Hall, Mary
1782Taylor, RichardKimberley, Mary
1782Taylor, RichardMuddiman, Alice
1787Taylor, RichardHall, Sarah
1792Taylor, RichardCarpenter, Phebe
1803Taylor, RichardClifton, Sarah
1803Taylor, RichardBray, Elizabeth
1812Taylor, RichardCheckley, Ann
1859Taylor, Richard Warner, Mary
1866Taylor, RichardOrton, Sarah Ann
1848Taylor, TheodoreWebster, Elizabeth
1795Taylor, ThomasPickering, Elizabeth
1795Taylor, ThomasMasser, Ann
1804Taylor, Thomas Randel, Elizabeth
1806Taylor, Thomas Campton, Hannah
1810Taylor, Thomas Shread, Catherine
1811Taylor, Thomas Hunter, Sarah
1828Taylor, Thomas Bryon, Eliza
1833Taylor, ThomasHodson, Sarah
1848Taylor, ThomasTew, Elizabeth
1895Taylor, ThomasMorson, Alice
1904Taylor, WilfredArnold, Melinda
1803Taylor, William Hinson, Elizabeth
1814Taylor, William Dalton, Mary
1815Taylor, WilliamWhyott, Ann
1840Taylor, William Blower, Maria
1847Taylor, WilliamTimms, Selina
1851Taylor, WilliamHaywood, Susannah
1857Taylor, William HenryMacklow, Emma
1909Tedd, WilliamRowstron, Betsy
1824Terral, Joseph Warner, Mary
1792Terrel, John Doison, Elizabeth
1790Tew, GregoryWright, Mary
1824Tew, JamesMasser, Anne
1827Thomas, JohnTurner, Ann
1895Thomas, Walter, JosephHill, Martha
1813Thomas, WilliamBrookes, Charlotte
1897Thompson, ArthurAustin, Sarah
1786Thompson, JamesChattaway, Martha
1839Thompson, JamesWebb, Susanna
1816Thompson, John Fitchett, Mary
1835Thompson, John Kimberlin, Ann
1842Thompson, JohnSmallwood, Ann
1812Thompson, John AyresJudd, Sarah
1826Thompson, Thomas Crofts, Ann
1876Thorne, ThomasPayne, Eliza
1836Thorneloe, JohnHill, Hannah
1845Thorneloe, JohnCockerell, Mary Ann
1840Thornelow, JohnWoodhead, Ann
1835Thornelow, RichardWilson, Amelia
1842Thornloe, HenryGreen, Emma
1855Thornton, JosephParker, Sarah
1813Thorp, JohnRalley, Ann
1780Thorp, ThomasShenton, Frances
1819Thorp, WilliamPerry, Sarah
1873Thorpe, JohnChattaway, Eliza
1831Thrasher, Charles Whitehall, Mary
1781Thresher, William Hill, Hannah
1805Thresher, William Hill, Mary
1842Tibbels, William Holding, Martha
1824Tibbitts, WilliamWills, Jane
1903Tidman, DanielJacques, Mary
1816Tillson, JohnStrong, Hannah
1783Tillson, RichardKirby, Elizabeth
1843Tilson, Richard Smith, Caroline
1820Tims, WilliamWoodhouse, Mary
1799Tindley, Thomas Frizel, Sarah
1833Tinsley, Henry Riley, Hannah
1789Tinsley, JamesJohnson, Esther
1821Tinsley, JamesPickard, Hannah
1814Tinsley, John Thresher, Elizabeth
1833Tinsley, John Whitmore, Hannah
1841Tinsley, John Williams, Ann
1813Tinsley, Richard Coltman, Mary
1818Tinsley, Richard Blower, Mary Anne
1846Tinsley, RichardWhitehall, Sarah
1841Tinsley, Thomas Clulow, Sarah
1875Tinsley, ThomasEdwardes, Ann
1869Tinsley, WilliamHeeps, Elizabeth Anne
1826Tinsley,Thomas Tompson, Mary Maria
1784Tipper, Thomas Bush, Ann
1816Tirrall, Charles Crew, Elizabeth
1818Tivits?, JamesGriffin, Sarah
1839Tomes, Thomas Lester, Hannah
1860Tomlinson, PharaohOver, Mary
1847Tomlinson, PharohHilton, Ann
1842Tompkins, CharlesHall, Harriett
1846Tompkins, DavidOliver, Harriett
1849Tompkins, ElijahTrivet, Ann Gibbs
1849Tompkins, GeorgeHewson, Ellen
1837Toney, John Johnson, Elizabeth
1787Toneyclift, William Turner, Ann
1821Tookey, William Downs, Elizabeth
1808Tooth, JosephYardley, Elizabeth
1897Towe, HenryLole, Dinah
1814Towe, WilliamHarris, Elizabeth
1910Towell, WilliamWhitehouse, Edith Annie
1787Towers, John Radburn, Elizabeth
1798Towers, John Perkins, Mary
1813Towers, John, jun.Manders, Rebecca
1789Towers, ThomasSmith, Mary
1796Towers, Thomas Cox, Ann
1907Townley, William Albert Barnett, Eliza
1809Townsend, Samuel Millerchip, Margaret
1810Townsend, WilliamJones, Ann
1904Toy, Thomas HowardMorson, Charlotte
1793Tozeland, Jonathan Collison, Mary
1824Traden, Brighton Sheriff, Maria
1906Tranter, Charles JohnBrown, Mary Jane
1861Tranter, JohnReeves, Emma
1896Tranter, John ThomasClark, Eliza
1846Tranter, SamuelNicholls, Amelia
1908Tranter, Samuel PeterDutton, Annie Edith Mary
1855Tranter, ThomasChillingsworth, Elizabeth
1908Tranter, WilliamLakin, Leah Shaw
1903Tredell, JohnChronicle, Harriett Elizabeth
1849Treen, BenjaminMorris, Mary
1795Treen, John Hunter, Mary
1851Treen, JohnClay, Maria
1794Treen, Richard Porters, Ann
1839Treen, RichardGoldby, Lydia
1874Trickett, EliMarginson, Hellen
1819Trippers, WilliamHewzer, Arney
1818Troughton, Joseph Poltney, Sarah
1848Troughton, JosephBosworth, Rebecca
1781Troughton, Nathaniel Toft, Ann
1793Troughton, Nathaniel West, Ann
1839Troughton, Thomas Fawcett, Hannah
1848Trowbridge, JamesPasston, Hannah
1864Truslove, JohnWatts, Harriett Greenway
1821Truslove, ThomasMoore, Frances
1843Truslove, ThomasLenton, Ann
1816Tubert, Edward Strong, Sarah
1849Tuckey, CharlesWoodhouse, Sarah
1874Tuckey, Francis JosephEdmonds, Sarah
1797Tuckey, John Patrick, Sarah
1796Tuckey, Thomas Ballard / Bollard, Susannah
1798Tuckey, Thomas Daniel, Elizabeth
1833Tuckey, ThomasBarr, Rebecca
1821Tunacliff, William Frisill, Charlotte
1788Tunnyclift, James Carpenter, Mary
1849Turbut, GeorgeBant, Hannah
1849Turnecliff, WilliamIngram, Mary Ann
1843Turneclift, John William MarstonLiggins, Jane
1799Turnefoot, Charles Smith, Mary
1836Turner, FrancisWhithall, Maria
1873Turner, FrancisDrakeford, Louisa
1849Turner, GeorgeMowe, Harriett
1901Turner, HenryBonsor, Eliza Hannah
1857Turner, JamesWagstaff, Ann
1868Turner, JamesEdwards, Sarah Ann
1874Turner, JohnWelford, Susannah
1814Turner, Joseph Coltman, Ann
1828Turner, Joseph Smith, Frances
1831Turner, Joseph Quley, Sarah
1909Turner, ThomasOwen, Clara
1843Turner, William Robbins, Sarah
1858Turner, WilliamPhipps, Eliza
1844Turniclift, Henry Thomas MarstonCrofts, Harriott
1895Turrall, AlexanderTaylor, Hannah Maria
1902Turrall, DavidAldridge, Rosa
1906Turrall, Herbert WhitehallVenners, Martha Helena Estella
1839Turrall, John Ball, Eliza
1873Turrall, JohnLamb, Sarah Ann
1851Turrall, ThomasBurton, Susanna
1864Turrall, ThomasWhitehall, Jane
1852Turrell, JohnParish, Mary
1858Turrell, JosephEssex, Sarah
1853Turrell, ThomasSephton, Hannah
1853Turrell, WilliamMore, Susannah
1853Turville, JohnTaylor, Ann
1790Twaitts, William Padbury, Hannah
1786Twigg, Benjamin Trussell, Elizabeth
1787Twigg, Wiliam Pears, Elizabeth
1783Twigg, William Moore, Sarah
1793Twigg, William Ashton, Elizabeth
1853Twigger, HenryEbbern, Sarah
1863Twigger, JosephGoalby, Harriett
1841Twigger, Richard Taylor, Elizabeth
1841Twigger, ThomasCattell, Anne
1833Twites, William Shenston, Mary
1783Twycross, WilliamSilvester, Elizabeth
1861Twynham, HenryScragg, Mary
1796Tylar, WilliamWhitehall, Susana
1821Tyrrell, Thomas Orton, Elizabeth
1831Underhill, James Carey, Sarah
1824Underwood, John Rogers, Hannah
1840Upton, John Moore, Ann
1817Upton, Joseph Young, Elizabeth
1828Usher, ReubenNeal, Elizabeth
1852Valentine, EdwardTurner, Mary Ann
1847Varney, GeorgeJude, Mary
1809Varney, John Page, Susanna
1783Vaughn, Thomas Griffin, Mary
1804Vernon, AbrahamDillin, Elizabeth
1813Vernon, Edward Lester, Sarah
1838Vernon, Edward Whitehall, Mary
1839Vernon, EdwardCarter, Hannah
1874Vernon, ElijahVernon, Ann
1790Vernon, James Stanley, Elizabeth
1814Vernon, Joseph Lester, Mary
1824Vernon, Joseph Marlow, Sarah
1844Vernon, Stephen Whitehall, Elizabeth
1832Vernon, William Coltman, Sarah
1861Vickers, ArthurSidwell, Elizabeth
1838Villers, Edward Beasley, Dinah
1830Villers, Thomas Brooks, Shelemiah
1842Villers, WilliamGilbert, Susannah
1792Wade, GeorgeTaylor, Hannah
1832Wagstaff, DanielWatkins, Martha
1841Wagstaff, Daniel Farrow, Eliza
1869Wagstaff, DanielPargetter, Maria
1871Wagstaff, EdwardAmos, Sarah
1867Wagstaff, JamesStrong, Ellen
1793Wagstaff, John Fletcher, Ann
1837Wagstaff, John Holliday als Shaw, Ann
1840Wagstaff, John Farrow, Elizabeth
1848Wagstaff, JohnFawson, Mary
1785Wagstaff, JosephHutt, Mary
1824Wagstaff, Thomas Choice, Mary
1798Wagstaff, William Waring, Sarah
1803Wagstaff, William Taylor, Mary
1838Wagstaff, WilliamBrown, Ann
1864Wagstaff, WilliamSharratt, Ann
1893Waite, ArthurJacques, Victoria Emma
1789Wakelin, Thomas Hopkins, Hannah
1874Wakelin, WilliamBirch, Dinah
1907Walden, JohnHodson, Harriett Emma
1860Walden, WilliamHarding, Charlotte
1786Wale, Daniel Judd, Ann
1844Wale, Daniel Baker, Ann
1809Wale, Edward Liggins, Elizabeth
1872Wale, JohnBirch, Hannah
1898Wale, John ThomasRiley, Catherine
1808Wale, Joseph Edwards, Elizabeth
1809Wale, JosephGrimmit, Hannah
1790Wale, Robert Smith, Elizabeth
1824Wale, Robert Randle, Leah
1795Wale, Thomas Wisley, Elizabeth
1906Wale, Thomas WilliamBennett, Sarah Ann
1785Wale, William Low, Elizabetha
1796Wale, William Eburne, Mary
1799Wale, William Asby, Priscella
1851Walker, AmosHall, Sarah
1871Walker, GeorgeShepard, Kezia
1821Walker, Henry Smith, Elizabeth
1780Walker, John Whitwell, Mary
1789Walker, JohnWard, Sarah
1822Walker, John Smith, Ann
1822Walker, JohnTaylor, Susannah
1842Walker, JohnElliott, Amelia
1850Walker, JohnOrton, Hannah
1866Walker, JohnLamb, Harriett
1872Walker, JohnTaylor, Sarah
1838Walker, Josiah Dutton, Martha
1811Walker, Morris Jee, Shusanna
1803Walker, Nathaniel Oliver, Elizabeth
1829Walker, Richard Marshall, Mary Ann
1784Walker, Samuel Ashley, Ann
1810Walker, Samuel Neale, Elizabeth
1806Walker, Thomas Millerchip, Eleanor
1828Walker, Thomas Greasley, Sarah
1855Walker, ThomasGreen, Hannah
1858Walker, ThomasPickard, Eliza
1787Walker, William Hopkins, Loveday
1825Walker, William Brown, Sarah
1837Walker, William Bonser, Mary
1875Walker, WilliamColeman, Sarah
1787Wall, Thomas Daniel, Mary
1848Wallace, HenryLiggins, Jane
1839Wallbank, JohnOrton, Ann
1895Wallden, WilliamSephton, Agnes Maud
1817Wallis, Joseph Cotton, Ruth
1824Wallsgrove, James Smith, Susanna
1903Walton, CharlesEmery, Eliza
1857Walton, EdwardWorthy, Emma
1816Walton, Francis Walton, Hannah
1835Walton, HenryCooper, Mary
1835Walton, JosephCooper, Sarah
1802Walton, Richard Hunter, Hannah
1824Walton, Thomas Ralley, Anne
1836Wanley, James Bates, Sarah
1867Wanley, JamesWilliams, Rosanna
1834Wanley, JosephLiggins, Elizabeth
1821Wanley, WilliamFitzpatrick, Rebecca
1874Ward, EliHartlett, Sarah
1803Ward, George Saunder, Elizabeth
1804Ward, George Hutchinson, Elizabeth
1825Ward, GeorgeGreen, Elizabeth
1874Ward, George ThompsonTwycross, Elizabeth
1852Ward, HenryGoode, Mary
1803Ward, John Lentford, Elizabeth
1847Ward, JohnSharratt, Elisabeth
1828Ward, Joseph Elliott, Esther
1872Ward, JosephPhipps, Jane Elizabeth
1837Ward, PeterGittins, Mary
1817Ward, Richard Morris, Sarah
1823Ward, Richard Wilson, Elizabeth
1810Ward, ThomasWest, Elizabeth
1875Ward, Walter CharlesLowe, Mary Jane Elton
1847Ward, WilliamRiley, Rosanna
1860Ward, WilliamAllen, Hannah
1862Ward, WilliamElliott, Esther
1871Ward, WilliamHaddon, Eliza
1910Ward, WilliamBarnett, Hannah Ellen
1874Wareham, Walter Strong, Susannah
1873Wareham, Walter JamesJones, Mary Jane
1903Waring, ThomasBryan, Florence Ellen
1837Waring, WilliamKenning, Phillis
1843Waring, WilliamAtkins, Ann
1870Warner, AbelShirley, Harriett
1857Warner, AlfredSmith, Mary
1812Warner, DanielSmith, Mary
1803Warner, Edward Hadden, Mary
1833Warner, Elijah Rollason, Ann
1862Warner, ElijahCarry, Catherine
1844Warner, Henry Reeves, Phoebe Ann
1854Warner, HenryLenton, Caroline
1855Warner, HenryWilliams, Mary
1807Warner, James Marriott, Hannah
1813Warner, James Smith, Hannah
1818Warner, James Ward, Elizabeth
1830Warner, JamesRollason, Sarah
1853Warner, JamesLowe, Sarah
1787Warner, JohnSwain, Mary
1834Warner, John Garner, Eliza
1836Warner, Joseph Poltney, Sarah
1797Warner, RichardOrton, Mary
1794Warner, Samuel Warner, Sarah
1847Warner, SamuelCourts, Hannah
1784Warner, Thomas Wright, Sarah
1858Warner, ThomasEssex, Mary
1861Warner, ThomasBennett, Hannah
1893Warner, ThomasRussell, Rose Hannah
1788Warner, William Young, Jane
1810Warner, WilliamBall, Elizabeth
1815Warner, William Clare, Sarah
1815Warner, William Harrison, Mary
1842Warner, WilliamWright, Hannah
1841Warran, GeorgeBurbage, Harriot
1828Warran, JosephSmith, Lydia
1831Warran, William Twogood, Amy
1875Warren, EdwinCarver, Esther
1855Warren, JosephWarner, Eliza
1806Warren, Robert Atkins, Jane
1827Warren, ThomasRandle, Sarah
1839Warren, ThomasDowns, Eliza
1813Warwick, JohnJenson, Mary
1840Warwick, John Nicholls, Ann
1875Warwick, JohnMickelright, Mary Ann
1896Warwick, ThomasRoberts, Lucy Ann
1832Waterfall, EdmundJephcott, Libra
1839Waters, JamesTowngate, Ann
1822Watkin, Thomas Saunt ?, Anne
1852Watkins, ThomasGoode, Jane
1901Watkins, William ThomasClarke, Libra
1815Watson, Charles Carpenter, Sophia
1876Watson, DanielLowe, Fanny Elizabeth Ellon
1799Watson, JohnMellowchip, Sarah
1812Watson, Thomas Adam Narman, Mary
1809Watson, William Moor, Prudence
1793Watts, Arthur Hawkes, Mary
1797Watts, Arthur Adley, Elizabeth
1853Watts, DavidWilliams, Elizabeth
1874Watts, DavidSteane, Emily
1863Watts, EdwardCooke, Catherine
1866Watts, GeorgeTaylor, Ann Maria
1797Watts, John Cox, Alice
1827Watts, John Kelley, Sarah
1865Watts, JosephTurner, Martha
1846Watts, WilliamTurner, Maria
1856Watts, WilliamEdmonds, Elizabeth
1848Webster, HenryBeasley, Maria
1847Webster, NoahNorth, Jane
1813Webster, Richard Barney, Susanna
1816Webster, Richard Hill, Elizabeth
1846Webster, RichardRandle, Mary
1810Weigham, JohnBall, Mary
1787Welch, John Smith, Elizabeth
1799Wells, CharlesBrogden, Elizabeth
1795Wells, John Haddon, Elizabeth
1863Wells, StephenBatty, Keziah
1828Wells, Thomas WilliamJephcote, Rebecca
1835Welton, JohnCornwell, Sarah
1843Weson, CharlesWoodhouse, Ann
1850West , John AllisonBannister, Sarah
1858West, AbijahTurner, Jane
1791West, Francis Hunter, Elizabeth
1783West, GarrettLinton, Ann
1857West, GeorgeBall, Elizabeth
1786West, John Suffolk, Alice
1838West, Joseph Hudson, Elizabeth
1795West, Thomas Hayes, Elizabeth
1785West, WilliamHutt, Mary
1789West, William Wilmer, Ann
1832West, WilliamDaniel, Sarah
1844West, William Dillam, Sarah
1857West, WilliamJudd, Susannah
1861West, WilliamPalmer, Elizabeth
1844West, William Lovegrove Cantrill, Elizabeth
1844Westley, JohnPayne, Elizabeth
1786Westley, Joseph Rasbond, Martha
1780Westley, WilliamCross, Ann
1793Westley, WilliamHenson, Elizabeth
1847Weston, HenryLamb, Eliza
1784Westwick, JosephGibson, Ann
1785Weyham, William Tinsley, Ann
1819Whatson, William Rubley, Hannah
1905Wheat, EbonAston, Annie Maria
1910Wheatley, Ernest ArthurPearson, Edith
1785Wheatley, Richard Clulow, Mary
1787Wheatley, Robert Davies, Hannah
1859Wheatley, WilliamPercival, Mary Ann
1842Wheeler, JohnCeasa, Knappy
1788Whetston, William Hull, Margaret
1857Whetstone, AndrewChaplin, Elizabeth
1851Whetstone, HenryCramp, Ellen
1789Whetstone, John Franks, Sarah
1795Whetstone, John Evans, Hannah
1822Whetstone, John Miles, Hannah
1826Whetstone, John Strong, Mary
1826Whetstone, JohnLomas, Hannah
1841Whetstone, JohnDeeming, Fanny
1851Whetstone, JohnMarsters, Mary
1852Whetstone, JohnAvins, Hannah
1828Whetstone, JosephKent, Mary
1901Whetstone, JosephStockley, Fanny
1815Whetstone, Samuel Smith, Dinah
1819Whetstone, WilliamJackson, Selina
1822Whetstone, William Haywood, Catharins
1857Whetstone, WilliamReaney, Sarah
1793Whitall, Randle Akers, Mary
1809Whitall, RobertOrton, Sarah
1900Whitcroft, GeorgeRollason, Thirza Ellen
1861Whitcroft, WilliamRandle, Sarah
1871White , JohnBiggs, Lucy
1839White, Alfred CharlesHull, Ann
1802White, CharlesCrew, Elizabeth
1840White, DavidWebb, Roseanne
1876White, DavidOughton, Sarah
1853White, FrancisCarpenter, Hannah
1859White, FrancisCollyer, Jane
1843White, George Hill, Hephzibah
1791White, HenryEvans, Mary
1860White, HenryNicklin, Anne
1825White, James Carpenter, Maria
1847White, JamesClark, Selina
1812White, John Tomson, Elizabeth
1837White, John Mowe, Sebre
1864White, JohnWilliams, Emma
1863White, SamuelWilliams, Hannah
1790White, William Monk, Ann
1845White, WilliamWilson, Alice
1877White, WilliamBurdett, Eliza
1896White, WilliamWalker, Alice Bertha
1907White, William Bond, Sarah
1849White, ZechariahBall, Martha
1847Whitehall, GeorgeRushen, Lucy
1851Whitehall, George Jacob RichardMiddleton, Ann Catherine Hughes
1872Whitehall, HarryBurrows, Sarah Jane
1838Whitehall, John Pickard, Amelia
1846Whitehall, JohnDavis, Eliza
1850Whitehall, JohnAthersuch, Hannah
1850Whitehall, JohnCramp, Eliza
1806Whitehall, Joseph Wright, Mary
1824Whitehall, Joseph Green, Mary
1830Whitehall, LukeSutton, Ann
1863Whitehall, LukeMessenger, Miraim
1896Whitehall, LukeBrookes, Selina
1835Whitehall, Richard Hassal, Maria
1857Whitehall, SamuelHarrad, Eliza
1814Whitehall, Thomas Phillips, Charlotte
1854Whitehall, ThomasAmos, Mary Ann
1871Whitehall, ThomasPickering, Hannah
1827Whitehall, William Lucas, Ann
1841Whitehall, WilliamPickard, Eliza
1865Whitehall, WilliamSteane, Rebecca
1892Whitehead, Joseph HenryJubbs, Elizabeth Susan
1850Whitehouse, JosephRoberts, Mary Ann
1824Whiteman, Thomas Monk, Ann
1900Whitemoss, Charles ThomasAtkin, Clara Maud
1804Whithall, Samuel Glover, Elizabeth
1810Whithall, Thomas Jee, Frances
1840Whitley, BenjaminRevill, Eliza
1903Whitmore, AmosHatfield, Florence
1865Whitmore, CharlesReynolds, Ann
1906Whitmore, David RichardClifton, Selina Elizabeth
1816Whitmore, John Harris, Elizabeth
1819Whitmore, Joseph Chaplin, Phoene
1859Whitmore, JosephPorter, Ann
1813Whitmore, Thomas Budding, Elizabeth
1791Whitmore, William Whitehall, Hannah
1848Whitmore, WillliamEdwards, Hannah
1786Whitwell, SamuelLester, Elizabeth
1798Wibberley, ThomasOldham, Isabella
1822Wiberley, John Lee, Elizabeth
1825Wiberley, ThomasHartlett, Ann
1846Wiberley, ThomasAtkins, Ann
1856Wiberly, George WilliamLiggins, Hannah
1823Wilbee, FrancisFletcher, Elizabeth
1831Wilcocks, John Wale, Elizabeth
1831Wilcocks, Joseph Spicer, Rebecca
1785Wilcox, George Butler, Sarah
1850Wilcox, JamesCorral, Elizabeth
1876Wilcox, JamesDrakeford, Sarah
1835Wilcox, John Moore, Hannah
1824Wilcox, Richard Vernon, Mary
1826Wilday, James Barkby, Sophia
1838Wilday, William Roons, Mary
1907Wildsmith, DanielRowley, Sarah Jane
1909Wildsmith, HarryHollis, Ada
1874Wildsmith, JohnRogers, Edna
1809Wildsmith, Joseph Barson, Sarah
1865Wiles, HenryRaven, Emma
1850Wiles, IsaacHenson, Maria
1829Wiles, James Pill, Maria
1839Wiles, William Wiles, Eliza
1841Wilford, NoelCarter, Mary
1815Wilkins, CharlesSmith, Sarah
1894Wilkins, Charles AlfredGreen, Hannah
1862Wilkins, Harry Halford Evans, Eliza Bullock
1834Wilkins, JohnLinney, Mary
1820Wilkins, John WalkerCheckland, Sarah
1784Wilkins, RichardSmith, Mary
1783Wilkins, Thomas Hart, Dolley
1789Wilkins, ThomasKirkpatrick, Ann
1822Wilkins, ThomasWebb, Mary
1832Wilkins, ThomasTaylor, Mary Ann
1854Wilkins, ThomasHobley, Rebecca
1784Wilkins, WilliamGolding, Mary
1819Wilkins, WilliamHartshorn, Mary Maria Hill
1822Wilkins, William Wells, Mary
1823Wilkins, WilliamClark, Catherine
1841Wilkins, WilliamButler, Ann
1850Wilkins, WilliamOver , Elizabeth
1876Wilkins, WilliamPritchard, Mary
1797Wilkinson, Arthur Pell, Ann
1785Wilkinson, BenjaminBirch, Elizabeth
1840Wilkinson, Benjamin Ashworth, Letitia
1831Wilkinson, Charles Strong, Mary Ann
1823Wilkinson, John Bauffoy, Ann
1898Wilkinson, John ThomasTurner, Louisa
1790Wilkinson, JosephWilkinson, Mary
1813Wilkinson, Joseph Elliott, Nancy
1824Wilkinson, Joseph Bayless, Hannah
1792Wilkinson, ThomasWalker, Ann
1794Wilkinson, ThomasWickinson??, Elizabeth
1802Wilkinson, ThomasJarvis, Rodey
1815Wilkinson, Thomas Blaymires, Sarah
1865Wilkinson, ThomasSteane, Sarah Jane
1781Wilkinson, WilliamMortimore, Hannah
1803Wilks, Thomas Hemmens, Mary
1834Willcox, Richard Hill, Mary
1834Willday, William Barkby, Mary
1866Williams , IsaacCowley, Mary Ann
1856Williams , JosephNash, Elizabeth
1825Williams, Charles Liggins, Susanna
1857Williams, CharlesWatts, Hannah
1894Williams, CharlesChillingsworth, Ann
1836Williams, Ebenezer CartwrightHawkes, Dinah
1827Williams, EdwardHiorns, Elizabeth
1873Williams, EdwardDewis, Mary Ann
1858Williams, JamesMorris, Ann
1816Williams, John Bates, Mary
1818Williams, John Haband, Elizabeth Orton
1831Williams, John Clulowe, Martha
1864Williams, JosephHarban, Eliza
1872Williams, JosephButler, Jane
1872Williams, LewisHaywood, Emma
1843Williams, RichardJohnson, Mary Anne Hunter
1783Williams, Thomas Kendrick, Jane
1824Williams, Thomas Hickabottom, Mary
1896Williams, Walter JohnSparks, Mary Ann
1871Williamson, CharlesMoore, Eliza
1827Williamson, JamesMasters, Mary
1798Williamson, JohnLambeth, Mary
1816Williamson, JohnNichols, Mary
1829Williamson, John Jones, Maria
1832Williamson, JohnRowney, Ann
1841Williamson, JohnRiley, Selina
1842Williamson, JohnHilton, Mary
1853Williamson, JohnAtkins, Eliza
1787Williamson, Joseph Cotton, Mary
1814Williamson, Joseph Leigh, Mary
1817Williamson, RichardWard, Mary
1865Williamson, RichardPatrick, Mary
1853Williamson, ThomasHewitt, Eliza
1873Williamson, ThomasSephton, Elizabeth
1828Williamson, WilliamNeedham, Lucy
1838Willner, JohnAtkins, Eliza
1817Wills, John Vernon, Ann
1826Wills, Samuel Carter, Ann
1815Wills, William Bartham, Mary
1820Wills, WilliamWheatley, Elizabeth
1829Wills, William Smedley, Mary
1790Wilmer, JamesHankison, Ann
1790Wilmer, William Emmings, Sarah
1840Wilson, Andrew Lee, Elizabeth
1858Wilson, CharlesGoode, Martha
1902Wilson, CharlesFarmer, Lucy
1808Wilson, John Nicols, Sarah
1817Wilson, WilliamHowlette, Mary Joanne
1903Wilson, William HerbertCourts, Louisa Jane
1836Wilson, WilloughbyTaylor, Elizabeth
1802Winn, EdwardDowning, Hannah
1795Winn, RobertLeigh, Sarah
1834Winterton, CharlesDarley, Elizabeth
1797Wonley, James Corbet, Mary
1852Wood, SamuelBryan, Ann
1814Wood, William Culey, Amy
1784Woodcock, ThomasSmith, Mary
1810Woodfur, Thomas Evins, Elizabeth
1789Woodhead, John Taylor, Mary
1815Woodhead, JohnTreen, Elizabeth
1805Woodhead, Joseph Lloidel, Hannah
1810Woodhead, Joseph Betts, Mary
1814Woodhead, Thomas Stafford, Elizabeth
1786Woodhouse, BenjaminHunter, Ann
1869Woodhouse, BenjaminSteane, Eliza
1789Woodhouse, FrancisOakes, Elizabeth
1813Woodhouse, Francis Oughton, Hannah
1833Woodhouse, FrancisOakes, Elizabeth
1837Woodhouse, FrancisRandle, Mary
1858Woodhouse, FrancisCompton, Eliza
1857Woodhouse, GeorgeWoodhouse, Hannah
1788Woodhouse, John Cottrell, Mary
1833Woodhouse, John Dowson, Mary Ann
1847Woodhouse, JohnSuffolk, Sarah
1854Woodhouse, JohnBlundell, Eliza
1873Woodhouse, John OughtonWoodhouse, Sarah
1786Woodhouse, JosephMasser, Elizabeth
1816Woodhouse, Joseph Oughton, Mary
1861Woodhouse, JosephWoodhouse, Elizabeth
1778Woodhouse, ThomasKeene, Martha
1812Woodhouse, ThomasWoodhouse, Ann
1833Woodhouse, Thomas Moore, Ann
1835Woodhouse, ThomasSmith, Sarah
1838Woodhouse, ThomasCooper, Martha
1839Woodhouse, Thomas Warner, Elizabeth
1873Woodhouse, ThomasStanley, Sarah Ann
1820Woodhouse, William Wetton, Mary
1843Woodhouse, William Blick, Mary
1910Woodman, Arthur ErnestBarnett, Edith Emily
1852Woodward, CharlesCotton, Mary
1803Woodward, FrancisTippen, Sarah Hannah
1861Woodward, JosephWagstaff, Eliza
1875Woodward, JosephMowe, Eliza
1822Woodward, Thomas Landsley, Mary
1871Woodward, ThomasSmith, Mary
1791Woodward, WilliamCowley, Elizabeth
1908Woodward, WilliamClarke, Mary Jane
1778Woollen, WilliamBaylis, Ann
1835Woore, JamesDalton, Jane
1853Wootton, HenryClarke, Eliza
1872Wootton, RobertColeman, Mary Ann
1778Wootton, ThomasLockton, Ann
1816Worcester, MartinChilds, Ann
1827Worrall, William Johnson, Hannah
1785Worrell, Thomas Lowe, Mary
1822Worthey, Samuel Rowley, Harriett
1871Worthington, ThomasRandle, Ann
1787Worthy, Thomas Oaks, Sarah
1853Worton, WilliamClewes, Elizabeth
1803Wrench, Thomas Berry, Elizabeth
1830Wrench, WilliamBarfoot, Mary
1856Wright, AlfredChambers, Sarah
1904Wright, George HenryStafford, Edith Eleanor
1894Wright, JamesWard, Caroline
1799Wright, John Goode, Sarah
1814Wright, John Matthews, Elizabeth
1815Wright, JohnSidwell, Alice
1824Wright, JohnBall, Sarah
1831Wright, JohnNind, Harriot
1844Wright, John Eves, Mary
1852Wright, JohnNeale, Elizabeth
1859Wright, JohnWright, Elizabeth
1874Wright, JohnWiles, Eliza
1818Wright, Joseph Mace, Mary
1826Wright, Joseph Nason, Sarah
1829Wright, JosephJee, Elizabeth
1836Wright, JosephAbbots, Ann
1839Wright, Joseph Latham, Mary Ann
1798Wright, Michael Mawbey, Anne
1797Wright, RichardWarner, Martha
1809Wright, RobertWright, Sarah
1829Wright, SamuelKent, Ann
1851Wright, SamuelJones, Sarah
1782Wright, Thomas Craft, Elizabeth
1782Wright, Thomas Gold, Mary
1789Wright, ThomasThompson, Ann
1826Wright, ThomasDowns, Phoebe
1832Wright, Thomas Whitehall, Eliza
1870Wright, ThomasAshby, Betsy
1842Wright, Thomas DoveWiles, Mary
1822Wright, William Stringer, Maria
1833Wright, WilliamCramp, Mahala
1779Wrightman, William Brogdon, Susannah
1793Wyatt, William Drakeford, Elizabeth
1848Yardley, ElijahTinsley, Selina
1864Yardley, ElijahCoats, Ann Maria
1833Yardley, George Rhodes, Mary
1841Yardley, GeorgeAdler, Mary
1791Yardley, John Birch, Ann
1811Yardley, John Sedgley, Sarah
1816Yardley, John Walker, Ann
1837Yardley, John Makepeace, Elizabeth
1829Yardley, JosephJarvis, Maria
1802Yardley, Thomas Giddins, Ann
1838Yardley, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Ann
1894Yardley, Walter AlfredTurrall, Mary Ann
1781Yardley, William Oliver, Elizor
1787Yardley, WilliamWagstaff, Elizabeth
1797Yardley, William Cross, Mary
1817Yardley, William Harrison, Jane
1820Yardley, WilliamNichols, Esther
1844Yardley, WilliamWarner, Elizabeth
1831Yeomans, JohnDam or Darn, Priscilla
1788Yetherley, William Dry, Ann
1843Young, JamesAngliss, Elizabeth Cramp
1822Young, John Taylor, Sarah
1840Young, JosephChatwin, Martha
1825Young, SamuelHeacock, Elizabeth
1787Young, SimeonKibler, Lucy
1789Young, WilliamSmith, Mary

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