Exhall and Wixford Marriages - 1813 to 1836

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This data is unchecked, thus if you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO, or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Data kindly supplied by: Andrew Bore who Is transcribing Baptisms 1813-1876 and will do lookups on request email
You might also be able to look at the LDS film number 555435 which should cover this time period as well.

Surname Listing:
Acocks, Adcock, Aldington, Allen, Aston. Bayley, Baylis, Bee, Bennett, Blundell, Bolling, Boyce, Brewer, Bushel,
Charles, Cook, Cooper, Cox. Dance, Davis, Days, Dickens, Dunn or Gunn, Dyer, Edwards.
Feather, Fisher, Forrester, Freeman, Freman, Grimes, Gunn or Dunn,
Haggett, Harris, Haywood, Heath, Hemming, Hendly, Hopkins, Horton, Hunt, Hurdman, Huxley,
James, Joins, Lawford. Manley, Marshall, Mills, Morris, Odell, Odill, Packwood, Payne, Perkins, Pollard, Price,
Rawlins, Rickets, Sanders, Simpson, Smith, Sonele? Tinson, Towns, Vickrige, Vincent,
Wadams, Warner, Wheeler, White, Whiteaker, Wilks, Williams, Willis

PgeNoGroomSurnameConditionGroom's Parish BrideSurnameConditionBride's ParishBanns /
11JosephHARRIS (X)Bachelorof this parishHannahWILLISSpinsterof this parishB19 Apr 1813Wiliam Smith
William Hunt
 2RichardHUNT (X)Bachelorof this parishElizabethDYER (X)Spinsterof this parishB18 Oct 1813John Dyer
Hannah Hunt
 3JohnADCOCKBachelorof AlcesterMaryALDINGTONSpinsterof this parishB01 Nov 1813Thomas Adcock
Elizabeth Adcock
24ThomasHORTON (X) of Morton BaggottMaryJAMES (X) of this parishB31 Jan 1814John Clark
William Hunt
 5WilliamWADAMSBachelorof this parishAnnDAVISSpinsterof this parishL25 May 1814George Hunt
Ann Hunt
 6RichardFREEMAN (X)Bachelorof this parishElizabethPERKINS (X)Spinsterof this parishB12 Oct 1814Richard Hunt
William Hunt
37WilliamBENNETTBachelorof this parishHannahEDWARDS (X)Spinsterof this parishB08 Dec 1814John Bennett
Mary Edwards
 8JohnSMITHBachelorof this parishElizabethBLUNDELL (X)Widowof this parishB20 Apr 1815Charles Hendly
Elizabeth Hendly
 9GeorgeJAMES (X)Bachelorof this parishHannahGUNN or DUNN (X)Spinsterof this parishB11 Sep 1815Richard Hunt
Elizabeth Hunt
Wm Hunt
410EdwardDAVISBachelorof this parishElizabethHUXLEY (X)Spinsterof this parishB19 Oct 1815George Cowper
Wm Hunt
Ann Huxley
 11WilliamCOOKBachelorof this parishAnnHAGGETT (X)Spinsterof this parishB08 Feb 1816Joseph Vickrige
Susanna Sanders
 12SamuelMORRIS (X)Widowerof this parishSarahMORRIS (X)Spinsterof this parishB14 Feb 1817John Mills
Wm Hunt
513JosephVICKRIGEBachelorof this parishSusannahSANDERSSpinsterof this parishB12 Jun 1817Wm Vickrige
Ann Barnes
 14WilliamPAYNE (X)Bachelorof WixfordPattyBREWER (X)Spinsterof SalfordB18 Aug 1817Wm Bennett
Mary Aston
 15WilliamCOX (X)Bachelorof WixfordMaryASTON (X)Spinsterof ExhallB02 Mar 1818George Cox
Mary Stocks?
616GeorgeBEEBachelorof WixfordAnnBOLLINGSpinsterof WixfordB in Wixford12 Nov 1821Elisha Bee
Ann Bee
 17CharlesHEATHBachelorof this parishSarahWHITE (X)Spinsterof this parishB07 Jan 1822William Holling
Wm Hunt
 18ThomasPACKWOOD (X)Bachelorof ArrowAliceHARRIS (X)Spinsterof this parishB09 Apr 1823Edmund? Hurman?
Hannah Freeman
719WilliamSMITHBachelorof this parishSarahALLENSpinsterof this parishL21 Apr 1823Charley? Allen
Peter Allen
 20RichardRICKETSBachelorof this parishMaryMILLS (X) of BidfordB20 Nov 1823John Woodward
Caroline Woodward
 21JesseWILKSBachelorof this parishMaryHENDLYSpinsterof GraftonB father's consent14 Oct 1824Thos Hendly
Amy Wilks
822WilliamHARRISBachelorof ExhallMariaHOPKINS (X)Spinsterof ExhallB29 Nov 1824John Harris
Alice Stanford
 23WilliamBAYLEY (X)Bachelorof Aston CantlowHannahODILL (X)Spinsterof ExhallB16 Oct 1825William Heritage
Elisabeth Odill
 24HenryCHARLESBachelorof BlockleyElizabethSMITHSpinsterof ExhallL30 Nov 1825John Smith
Ann Charles
925JosephWILLIAMSBachelorof BidfordMaryHEMMING (X) of ExhallB30 Jan 1826John Fulley?
Hannah Freeman
 26SamuelFEATHERBachelorof All Saints; EveshamMariaBENNETTSpinsterof WixfordB08 Oct 1826W. Watkins
Rebecca Beechey?
 27ThomasSMITH (X)Bachelorof ExhallSarahJOINS (X)Spinsterof ExhallB09 Dec 1826John Roberts
Mary Smith
1028WilliamVINCENT (X)Bachelorof ExhallMaryMARSHALL (X)Spinsterof ExhallB07 Jun 1827George Vincent
Ann Joiner
 29BenjaminDANCEBachelorof WixfordRebeccaBEESpinsterof WixfordB at Wixford07 Aug 1827Thos Edwards
Susan Edwards
 30JohnTOWNSBachelorof AlcesterFrancesSMITHSpinsterof this parishL at Exhall13 Sep 1827Ann Wakefield
John Smith
1131CharlesFORRESTER (X)Bachelorof WixfordHannahWHITEAKER (X)Spinsterof this parishB at Wixford15 Oct 1827Thomas Matthews
Sarah Matthews
 32SamuelDAYSBachelorof WixfordAnnWHEELER (X)Spinsterof WixfordB at Wixford19 Nov 1827John Days
Maria Wheeler
 33JohnWARNERWidowerof Temple GraftonElizabethEDWARDS (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall10 Apr 1828Thomas Edwards
Emma White?
1234WilliamBAYLISBachelorof AlcesterSarahPOLLARDSpinsterof WixfordL at Wixford05 May 1828George Baylis
Mary Pollard
Elizabeth Pollard
 35WilliamSIMPSONBachelorof SalfordElizabethTINSON (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall19 Nov 1828John Tinson
Ann Tinson
Sarah Harris
 36WilliamMORRIS (X)Widowerof HaselorCharlotteCOOPER (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall18 Mar 1829Joseph Cooper
Hepsibah Cooper
1337ThomasWADAMSBachelorof ExhallMaryMANLEYSpinsterof BidfordL at Exhall29 Apr 1829Wm Eades Manly
Mary Sheaf
 38GeorgeCOWPERBachelorof ExhallHannahHEMMING (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall01 Feb 1830Henry Cowper
Mary Ann Watts
 39JohnDICKENS (X)Bachelorof Wootton WawenElizabethFREMANWidowof ExhallB09 Apr 1832Robert H. Browne
George Hunt
1440JohnODELL (X)Bachelorof Temple GraftonAnnRAWLINS (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall13 Oct 1832Robert Taylor
Charlotte Rawlins
 41GeorgeBUSHEL (X)Bachelorof ExhallHannahBOYCE (X)Spinsterof ExhallB26 Dec 1832Charles Boice
George Hunt
 42DanielGRIMES (X)Bachelorof ArrowEstherSONELE? (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall28 Jan 1833Thomas Towney?
Mary Towney?
1543JosephFISHERBachelorof WixfordMaryPOLLARDSpinsterof WixfordL in Wixford08 May 1833Matthew Fisher
Charlotte Pollard
 44ThomasPRICE (X)Widowerof this parishSarahMORRIS (X)Widowof this parishB at Exhall24 Jul 1833William Walker
Elizabeth Mills
 45JamesDAVIS (X)Widowerof ExhallElizabethHURDMAN (X)Spinsterof ExhallB at Exhall21 Nov 1833John Tinson
Mary Tinson
1646JohnBREWER (X) of ExhallMaryTINSON (X) of ExhallB at Exhall24 Dec 1833John Tinson
Mary Ann Watts
 47JamesHAYWOOD (X)Bachelorof this parishSarahACOCKSSpinsterof this parishB at Exhall10 Sep 1834Thomas Watts
Sarah Watts
 48JosephCOOPERWidowerof ExhallSarahLAWFORDSpinsterof Rouse LenchB at Exhall27 Oct 1836Thomas Harris
Sophia Hopkins

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