Dunchuch Baptist Baptisms 1844 - 1851

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This file is a list of the early members of Dunchurch Baptist Church from 1844 to 1851

The data is on fiche in the WRO and also in a book called
"What House Will You Build Me?" by Sid Kennard
published by Dunchurch Baptist Church, 1992. 
A copy of the book is in Rugby Library & BMSGH
Kindly supplied by Sheila Steane


Askew, Barnacle, Barrs, Batchellor, Bott, Butler, Carter, Chapman,
Foster, Goodman, Harris, Holt, Howe, Hurley, Ingram, Kennard, Kitts,
Lowe, Norman, Norton, Richardson, Smith, Toon.

Name Baptised Became a member Abode Notes
William NormanDecember 1838May 1844Thurlaston 
George BottAugust 1838May 1st 1844ThurlastonDeacon
Elizabeth BottAugust 1838May 1844ThurlastonWife of GB
Elizabeth LoweApril 1842May 1844Thurlaston 
Mary Ann HarrisJune 1843May 1844  
Simon ToonOctober 1838July 1844  
Thomas HurleyOctober 1838May 1844  
Charles HoltAugust 1838May 1844Thurlaston 
Richard LoweAugust 1838May 1844Thurlaston 
Elizabeth AskewOctober 1841May 1844  
William KennardMarch 1842May 1844  
Rachel KennardOctober 1841May 1844  
Elizabeth ToonOctober 1841July 1844  
Thomas KennardSeptember 1840May 1st 1844ThurlastonDeacon
John Kitts      ThurlastonFirst Member of the Church (transferred)
Margaret Kitts       Wife of above
Joseph Smith  TransferredMay 1845Thurlaston 
Thomas Askew  TransferredMay 1844  
Sarah Kennard   May 1845Thurlaston 
Charlotte GoodmanJuly 1845July 1845  
John NortonFebruary 1846February 1846  
Helen NortonFebruary 1846February 1846  
Elizabeth ButlerFebruary 1846February 1846  
Jos BatchellorFebruary 1846February 1846  
Anne HoweSeptember 1849September 1849  
Mary Ann RichardsonSeptember 1849September 1849Halfway Hamlet 
Elizabeth BottSeptember 1849September 1849Thurlaston 
Elizabeth BarrsSeptember 1849September 1849Thurlaston 
Elizabeth IngramApril 1849     
Mary FosterApril 1849     
Isa BarrsApril 1849     
William KennardJune 2nd 1850June 2nd 1850  
Robert KennardJune 2nd 1850June 2nd 1850  
Eliz ChapmanJune 2nd 1850June 2nd 1850  
William Richardson   June 10th 1850 By letter
Eliz Richardson   June 10th 1850 By letter
William BarnacleApril 27th 1851April 27th 1851  
Mary BarnacleApril 27th 1851April 27th 1851  
Johnatan CarterApril 27th 1851April 27th 1851  
Mary KennardApril 27th 1851April 27th 1851  
Alice BarrsApril 27th 1851April 27th 1851  

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