Brownsover St Michael's Marriages 1813 - 1896

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This file is a list of the marriages taken from the registers of St Michael's Brownsover from 1813 to 1896.
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Bates, Birch, Briggs, Burgess, Burnham, Burt, Burton, Cave, Chaplin, Crane, Daniel, Davenport, Dyson,
Fairweather, Francis, Frankton, Gawthorp, Gibbs, Goode, Homan, Howit(?), Howkins, Hutchins,
James, Joding(?), Johnston, Jones, Lambert, Lamborn, Reynolds, Ridley, Ross, Russell,
Sanders, Skipley, Steele, Swann, Treen, Uff, Underwood, Webb, West, White, Wormleighton, Worrall

Aymes, Barnett, Bateman, Beech, Bicknell, Bird, Burnham, Castle, Cattel, Cave, Chambers, Crane,
Douglas, Fennell, Flowers, Franklin, Gibson, Glenn, Herbert, Hewet, Hill, Ingram, Johnson, Jones, Lomas,
Madderson, Martin, Mason, Musson, Parker, Placket, Rathbone, Redley, Richardson, Ridley, Sanders,
Townsend, Turrel, Watts, West, Wilkins, Willson

B/L Date Groom Age, Condition, Occupation, Abode Grooms Father Bride Age, Condition, Occupation, Abode Brides Father Witnesses Notes
L5 Oct 1813Richard FrancisChurchover Elizabeth BicknellOTP John Clement Bicknell & John CliftonMarried with consent of parents. (The bride is) Only daughter of Revd John Clement Bicknell by Elizabeth his late wife formerly Elizabeth Cox, spinster.
B12 Oct 1815Stephen HutchinsOTP Mary Turrel (x)OTP Mary Gilbert & Wm Jones ClarkMarried with consent of parents. (x) her mark
B24 Oct 1815George Wormleighton (x)Guilsborough Mary Castle (x)OTP Thos Edwards & Elizabeth BradshawMarried with consent of parents (x) their marks
L15 Jan 1815Robert DavenportLutterworth in the county of Leicester Ann BicknellOTP J.G. Bicknell, J.C. Bicknell & Wm Jones ClarkMarried with consent of parents
B11 Nov 1816Thomas Ross (x)OTP Elizabeth Gibson (x)OTP Robt Reynolds & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B19 Dec 1816Robert ReynoldsWeeden Beck in county of Northampton Mary Gibson (x)OTP Wm Jones Glark & Thomas Ross (x)(x) their marks
B7 Jun 1817Francis Underwood (x)OTP Mary Barnett (x)OTP William Grant, Ester Rushall & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B18 Oct 1820John HutchinsOTP Anne Placket (x)OTP Richard Hutchins (x), Francis Smith (x) Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B14 Mar 1822John Webb (x)OTP Susanna Martin (x)OTP Joseph Webb (x), Elizabeth Webb (x) & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B18 Oct 1823John Frankton (x)OTP Jane Mason (x)OTP Elizabeth Saunders (x), Henry Frankton (x) & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
L4 Nov 1823Edward SwannWeeden Bec in county of Northampton Elizabeth ChambersOTP John Billingham, Ann Johnson & Wm Jones Clark 
L2 Mar 1826John BurtonNewbold on Avon Ann JohnsonOTP Thos Burton, A Billingham & Wm Jones ClarkThe Groom's name John is underlined in PR - A Marginal Note -= Henry altered in the presence of the parents married by me JHC Moore curate 2nd March 1826
B12 Oct 1823Henry Sanders (x)OTP Elizabeth WillsonChurchover in this Parish Stephen Dandud, Ann Brunt & Wm Jones Clark(x) his mark
B12 Oct 1827William Joding(?) (x)Daddington in the county of Leicester Elizabeth Sanders (x)OTP William Sanders (x), Ann Brunt & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B23 Jun 1827William BurnhamOTP Sarah Hewet (x)OTP Joseph Constance (x) Elizabeth Gray (x) & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B22 Nov 1831James Burnham (x)OTP Elizabeth Parker (x)OTP Thomas Masters, Sarah Burnham (x) & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B18 Sep 1833Joseph WestCotesbach in county of Leicester Sarah Jones (x)OTP Jeremiah Jones, Jane West (x) & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B29 May 1834Jeremiah JonesOTP Jane WestRugby in the county of Warwick William Forester(?), Martha Jones & Wm Jones Clark 
B13 Oct 1834George Goode (x)OTP Jane Rathbone (x)OTP Henry Hedge (x), Phoebe Rathbone & Wm Jones Clark(x) their marks
B17 Oct 1836Francis Homan (x)OTP Mary Burnham (x)OTP William Burnham (x), Jane Burnham(x) their marks
B27 Apr 1837Edward BatesSwinford, Leicestershire Anne Ingram (x)OTP John Jones & May Burgiss(x) her mark
Complete entries in this register
 29 May 1839William Chaplin (x)20, Bachelor, Brickmaker, Newbold on AvonCharles Chaplin, labourerEliza Douglas (x)19, Spinster, Servant, CosfordJoseph Douglas, LabourerSamuel Penn & Eliza Penn (x)(x) their marks
 5 or 6 June 1843John Folwell Danielfull, Bachelor, Farmer, FlooreJames Daniel, farmerEmma Cattelfull, Spinster, BrownsoverWilliam Cattel, InnkeeperWilliam Moreton & Catherine CattellThe bride signed Cattell
 20 Nov 1838Henry Howit(?) (x)full, Bachelor, Sawyer, NewtonJohn Howit, labourerMary Cave (x)full, Spinster, NewtonThos Cave, carpenterSarah Sutton (x) & John ClarkEntry completed and crossed out (x) their marks
 5 Oct 1846Edward Treen20, Bachelor, Tailor, RugbyEdward Treen, tailorEmma Douglas21, Spinster, Servant, BrownsoverJoseph Douglas, LabourerWilliam Hector & Jane Pinder 
 12 Oct 1846Joseph Cave22, Bachelor, Labourer, NewboldChristopher Cave, coal dealerAnn Glenn21, Spinster, Servant, BrownsoverJames Glenn, labourerJohn Farmer (x) & Mary Kemmis (x)(x) their marks
 20 Aug 1848Enoch James20, Bachelor, Labourer, BrownsoverJohn Jones, labourerMaria Watts (x)19, Spinster, Servant, BrownsoverWilliam Watts, labourerJames Watts (x) & Emma Tomes (x)(x) their marks
 8 Jan 1849William Skipleyfull, Bachelor, Gardener, BrownsoverHenry Skipley, clark on the railwayHarriet Maddersonfull, Spinster, Servant, BrownsoverJohn Madderson, farmerElizabeth Bird & William Madderson 
L5 Oct 1858John Worrallfull, Bachelor, Railway Clark, RugbyJames Worrall, rope makerJane Bird (x)full, Spinster, BrownsoverJohn Bird, publicanThomas Albert Bird (?) & Jane Hifford(?)(x) her mark
L7 Jul 1869Edlin Whitefull, Bachelor, Farmer, Swanbourne, BucksRobert White, farmerSusannah Flowersfull, Spinster, BrownsoverJohn Flowers, farmerEdwin(?) Giles & Elizabeth Giles 
B2 Apr 1867George Gibbsfull, Bachelor, Butcher, CubbingtionGeorge Gibbs, butcherSarah Hillfull, Spinster, BrownsoverWilliam Hill, gardenerWilliam Hill & Jane Hill 
B5 May 1868Thomas Dunn Birchfull, Bachelor, Gardener, Kriby, YorkshireThomas Dunn Birch, gardenerMary Hillfull, Spinster, BrownsoverWilliam Hill, gardenerWilliam Hill & Thomas Hill 
B25 Dec 1883Walter Gawthorp24, Bachelor, Gardener, Ryhill near WakefieldGeorge Gawthorp, blacksmithSarah Jane Aymes21, Spinster, BrownsoverThomas Aymes, shoemakerThomas Aymes & Annie Eliza Aymes 
 25 May 1885Louis Johnston22, Bachelor, Goods Guard, RugbyThomas Johnston, builder (deceased)Elizabeth Redley21, Spinster, BrownsoverThomas Redley, farmerCharles Lines & Mary Hannah Jones 
B27 Jul 1885John Lamborn22, Bachelor, Bricklayer, BicesterLaban(?) Lamborn, bricklayerMary Elizabeth Beech Townsend19, Spinster, BrownsoverGeorge Beech, labourerFrederick Wolfe & Elizabeth Lamborn 
B16 Mar 1886Charles Billingham Steele18, Bachelor, Labourer, Brownsover(blank in register)Kate Ridley20, Spinster, BrownsoverJohn Ridley, farmer (decd)Samuel Ridley, Ginny Beech 
B29 Sep 1890Thomas William Lines Ridley24, Bachelor, Labourer, Little BowdenThomas Ridley, publicanFanny Beech22, Spinster, BrownsoverGeorge Beech, labourerGeorge Beech, Mary Elizabeth Beech, Lamborne Frederick Beech, Mary Hannah Jones 
B7 Sep 1891John Henry Lambert24, Bachelor, Baker, CongletonGeffe(?) Lambert, general grocerMary Louisa Fennell23, Spinster, BrownsoverEbenezer Fennell, gardenerEllen Beatrice Fennel & Edward Fennell 
B26 Dec 1892Arthur Charles Crane21, Bachelor, Rly Porter, Clifton on DunsmoreWilliam Crane, railway servantLucy Agnes Wilkins23, Spinster, Clifton on DunsmoreWilliam Wilkins, bricklayerRebecca Marie Foulgar & Thomas Gillings 
B7 Feb 1893Thomas Howkins24, Bachelor, Milk Dealer, NewtonWilliam Howkins, carterHannah Elizabeth Crane21, Spinster, CliftonWilliam Charles Crane, (?occupation)William Charles Crane & Sarah Jane Crane 
B3 Apr 1893Charles Edward Fairweather28, Bachelor, Railway Labourer, NewboldHenry Fairweather, foremanMary Ann Herbert30, Spinster, Clifton on DunsmoreThomas Herbert, labourerJohn Herbert & Florence Fairweather 
B23 May 1893George Richard Briggs26, Bachelor, Fireman on Railway, Parish St Andrews, RugbyRobert Bird Briggs, postmanEdith Eliza Cave27, Spinster, CliftonThomas Cave, labourerElizabeth Russell Briggs & George John Turland 
B18 Jul 1893William Howkins39, Bachelor, Butcher, NewtonWilliam Howkins, labourerLucy Jane Franklin22, Spinster, NewtonRichard Franklin, labourer Frederick William Franklin & Emma Elizabeth Franklin 
B20 Aug 1893Joseph Dyson19, Bachelor, Shoemaker, LutterworthJohn Dyson, labourerEdith Lomas20, Spinster, NewtonThomas Lomas, labourerThomas Ankers & Henry Clarke 
B11 Sep 1895William Burt24, Bachelor, Drayman, Emscote WarwickJohn Burt, labourerMary Jane Bateman29, Spinster, CliftonJohn Bateman, caretaker of clubJohn Bateman & Sarah Elizabeth Bateman 
B7 Aug 1894Walter Russell28, Bachelor, Caretaker, RugbyJohn Russell, fishmongerFlorence Franklin21, Spinster, BrownsoverRichard Franklin, labourer (decd)Frederick William Franklin & Lucy Jane HowkinsOut of sequence in PR
B12 Feb 1896John Edward Uff57, Widower, Rly Goods Carrier, RugbyWilliam UffElizabeth Musson55, Spinster, BrownsoverAbel Musson, farmerWilliam Musson & Annie Musson 
B5 Aug 1896John Joseph Burgess28, Bachelor, Schoolmaster, HastingsJohn Burgess, joinerAnn Richardson25, Spinster, BrownsoverWilliam Richardson, farmerSarah Elizabeth Richardson & Alice Eleanor Burgess 
Register continues to 1966

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