Brownsover St Michael's Burials 1813 - 1916

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This file is a list of the burials taken from the registers of St Michael's Brownsover from 1813 to 1916.
If you find something of interest you are advised to check the original record. WRO Film Reference 719/3 - S

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Abercombie, Arthur, Bicknill, Biddle, Billingham, Birch, Bird, Blaisdell, Bloxam, Boughton Leigh, Brunt, Burgess,
Clark, Curtis, Datson, Davenport, Durad, England, Everton, Field, Flowers, Gamble, Gambold, Gayler, Gibson, Godwin,
Halford, Hancox, Hawkins, Haynes, Higgs, Higham, Hill, Hutchins, Johnson, Jones, Lee, Leeson, Leigh, Letts, Long,
Masters, Miller, Moore, Mucklow, Newton, Packman, Parsons, Pittem, Redgrave, Richardson,
Sanders, Sanderson, Saunders, Shute, Siddons, Smith, Smithe, Stowe, Taylor, Till, Timms, Watson, Welford, Whitwell, Woodings, Woodward.

Date Given Name Surname Abode Age Notes
5 February1813WilliamMastersBrownsover7 months 
17 June 1814ElizabethBicknillBrownsover22 weeks 
12 November 1814AnneDavenportBrownsover39yrs 
1 October 1815AnnBillinghamBrownsover64yrs 
15 October 1816JohnBillinghamBrownsover67yrs 
15 March 1818JaneGambleBrownsover10months 
29 September 1818JamesJohnsonBrownsover38yrs 
17 October 1818HannahSandersBrownsover9yrs 
6 March 1820ElizabethGambleBrownsover37yrs 
29 August 1820SarahBruntCosford12yrs 
21 January 1821SamuelHutchinsBrownsover63yrs 
11 January 1822EdwardLeighNewbold on Avon56yrs 
25 Septeber 1822EdmundGamboldBrownsover14yrs 
29 July 1823JaneJonesBrownsover79yrs 
4 October 1823JohnPackmanNot KnownAbout 15yrsA stranger supposed from the neighbourhood of Worcester, accidentally killed by a kick from a boat horse in this parish, buried Oct 4 removed again to Worcester
9 February 1824JohnGibsonBrownsover59yrs 
29 January 1828MaryMastersBrownsover21yrs 
12 May 1828EmmaJohnsonBrownsover9yrs 
31 August 1828A Person Unknown UnknownUnknownFound drowned
8 May 1832AnnHutchinsRugby7? (blotted) 
16 May 1832WilliamEvertonRugby78yrs 
2 November 1832ElizabethJonesBrownsover64yrs 
23 November 1832JohnJonesBrinklow40yrs 
26 April 1833KatharineParsonsBrownsover88yrs 
4 May 1833DavidEnglandBrownsover43yrs 
14 February 1834AnnParsonsRugby57yrs 
3 April 1834WilliamHaynesBrownsover23yrs 
9 May 1834Mary AnnHawkinsBrownsover1month 
24 September 1834MaryEvertonWalcott, Leicestershire82yrs 
30 December 1834FredericMastersBrownsover18yrs 
(no date) April 1836ElenorBirdBrownsover62yrs 
15 July 1837Ann MariaLeeNewbold on Avon72yrs 
20 November 1840JohnSandersBrownsover12yrs 
4 March 1841JamesDuradBrownsover20yrs 
20 June 1841JaneSaundersBrownsover4yrs 
29 December 1841SarahHiggsBrownsover49yrs 
15 September 1842EllenSandersRugby72yrs 
2 February 1845WilliamSandersonBrownsover18yrs 
29 October 1846WilliamJonesRugby Alms House87yrs 
27 january 1847MarthaWhitwellBrownsover Toll Gate51yrs 
9 April 1847ElizabethEnglandRugby22yrs 
18 February 1848MaryMastersBrownsover71yrs 
4 May 1848ThomasParsonsWoolston78yrs 
5 May 1848FannySmithBiltonNone given 
2 July 1849SamuelGambleNewton74yrs 
18 August 1852RebeccaSaundersRugby Alms House84yrs 
29 October 1852JohnSaundersRugby Alms House82yrs 
18 January 1853Ann MariaWatsonBrownsover63yrs 
9 August 1853RobertWatsonBrownsover Mill65yrs 
11 November 1854ElizabethParsonsWolston84yrs 
28 February 1855MarthaTaylorNewbold67yrs 
19 July 1855HenrySaundersRugby51yrs 
19 October 1855CatherineParsonsRugby85yrs 
31 March 1857AnnSaundersBrownsover66yrs 
3 August 1857LouisaGodwinThe Puddle Brownsover6yrs 4months 
26 November 1857Florence AdaWelfordThe Mill Brownsover9months 
21 April 1858WilliamCurtisBrownsover7months 
20 November 1858Harry WalterWelfordBrownsover Mill6 weeks 
14 March 1859John LeeWatsonClifton upon Dunsmore34yrs 
13 June 1860Martha Mary AnnSandersonNew Bilton2yrs 3 months 
24 July 1861AnnRedgraveBrownsover80yrs 
16 February 1863WalterMooreBrownsover4months 
5 April 1864WilliamHancoxBrownsover3yrs 
2 August 1865Julia FrancesWoodwardBrownsover2yrs 
5 february 1866WilliamSaundersBrownsover64yrsSexton
12 January 1870Thomas HenryHalfordBrownsover10 months 
14 December 1870ElizabethSandersRugby late of Brownsover(None Given) 
29 September 1871Mary DunnBirchElmshall, Yorkshire29yrs 
3 August 1872EdwardBiddleBrownsover7yrs 10months 
24 January 1873ThomasHalfordBrownsover7months 
10 October 1873JohnHiggsBilton79yrs 
20 February 1874Isabella AbelSiddonsBrownsover15yrs 
1 December 1874LucyHalfordBrownsover1month 2days 
3 March 1877Cornelius AmosLettsBrownsover9months 
11 October 1877WilliamGaylerNot Known41yrsKilled at Brownsover Mill
12 January 1878HarrietHalfordCosford Puddle House Brownsover10months 
6 March 1878Frederick Bertram OverParsonsBrownsover1yr 6days 
25 August 1878GeorgeSiddonsBrownsover(None Given) 
1 April 1879EdwardLongBrownsover58yrs 
30 April 1879MaryHillRugby69yrs 
3 September 1879Frederick ShuteBrownsover7months 
19 October 1879ElizabethLongNew Bilton60yrs 
7 November 1879William EdwardArthurBrownsoverInfant 
4 August 1880HarriettBlaisdellNot GivenSupposed to be 36yrsFound drowned in canal at Brownsover
24 November 1880JosephHancoxBrownsover18yrs 
18 October 1880 or 81SidneyMucklowBrownsover20days(There is no date given against the PR entry and the child does not appear to be in the civil registration on FreeBMD or UKBMD Warwickshire)
1 April 1882Charles RobertHalfordBrownsover16yrs 
14 october 1882JaneFlowersBrownsover75yrs 
3 October 1884Florence LucyClarkBrownsover4months 
17 December 1884WilliamHillLawrence Sheriff's Almshouse, Rugby74yrs 
27 April 1888Matthew HolbecheBloxamRugby82yrs 
11 August 1889Sarah JaneFieldBrownsover32yrs 
19 April 1866Miriam EllenBillinghamBrownsover14months(This entry has been entered at this point in the register)
22 February 1890MatildaBoughton LeighChiswick64yrs 
5 January 1891ArthurPittemBrownsover1yr 8months 
19 January 1892Alice ElizabethMucklowBrownsover1yr 10months 
2 June 1894Edward Allesley Boughton WardBoughton LeighBrownsover73yrs 
1 February 1897LucyHalfordBrackley, Northants60yrs 
24 March 1897WilliamSmitheBrownsover18yrs 
13 February 1899Lydia LouiseTillBrownsover7weeks 
3 October 1900AlfredStoweBrownsover44yrs 
8 July 1902LucyMucklowBrownsover48yrs 
14 November 1903John LangfordMooreBrownsover4months 
14 May 1904Samuel JamesBillinghamBrownsover24yrs 
29 April 1905ThomasMooreLittle Lawford7months 
7 May 1907GeorgeMucklowBrownsover57yrs 
26 August 1907Mary AnnDatsonBrownsover69yrs 
29 December 1908JohnSmith13 West Street, Rugby63yrs 
21 October 1910John JosephBurgessHastings40yrs 
26 October 1911"Betty"WoodingsBrownsover3 days 
28 October 1911RomaWoodingsBrownsover6 days 
6 December 1912Ellen ElizabethLeesonBrownsover10yrs 
11 December 1912LeviHighamBrownsover68yrs 
31 December 1913Margaret CoplandRichardsonBrownsover42yrs 
6 January 1914LucyRichardsonBrownsover8days 
10 January 1914Marjorie Kathleen LucyNewtonHarboirough Magna8yrs 
6 February 1914Mary AnnAbercombieManor Road, Rugby85yrs 
13 March 1915Alianora AllesleyBoughton LeighBrownsover2 days 
12 March 1915ElsieMiller3 Houston Road Brownsover6days 
15 April 1915KathleenMiller3 Houston Road Brownsover2yrs 
1 January 1916Phyllis MayJones2 Houston Road Brownsover3yrs 
10 November 1916(None given)Timms21 Houston Road Brownsover17yrs 

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