Bishopton - St Peter (Chapelry of Stratford)
Burials from 1844 to 1865

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This data is unchecked, thus if you find something of interest, you are advised to check
the actual record itself. Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Data kindly supplied by Nigel Draper

Surname Listing:

Alford, Applebee, Baron, Bennett, Brookes, Brothwood, Bull, Buller,
Calloway, Cattell, Chatterley, Climer, Coombes, Duffin, Emms, Facer,
Gardner, Grant, Greves, Griffin, Gubbins, Hawkes, Hinton, Hodgkins, Hughes,
Jones, Kendrick, Kenton, Ladbury, Moore, Osborne, Padbury, Pomfrey, Potts, Powell,
Richmond, Riley, Sarjeant, Shirley, Smith, Stead, Swinborn, Swinbourne,
Teale, Trinder, Webb, Westbury, Wilday, Woodward, Wright.

Date Forename Surname Age Abode
21 Jan 1844ThomasCLIMER45Bishopton
25 May 1844HannahRILEY22Pathlow
02 Jun 1844MaryWILDAY65Stratford on Avon
03 Jul 1645ThomasBROOKES30Stratford
09 Oct 1845HannahGARDNER32Stratford
08 Nov 1845ThomasCALLOWAY13Oak Farm
18 Apr 1846JosephSMITH37Bishopton
22 Oct 1846MabelHINTON42Stratford
14 Mar 1848HenriettaGRIFFIN65Stratford
30 Apr 1848AnnWRIGHT9mBishopton
02 Jan 1849MaryOSBORNE85Bishopton
19 Apr 1849AnnePOMFREY44Parish of Old Stratford
21 May 1849EllenAPPLEBEE5wParish of Old Stratford
07 Apr 1850Ann EllenWESTBURY2mBishopton
09 Aug 1850Sarah AnnGARDNER5dParish of Old Stratford
22 Jan 1851FrancisKENTON67Parish of Old Stratford
10 May 1851SusannaHUGHES8mStratford
11 Jun 1851EmmaEMMS3Stratford
31 Dec 1851JosephWRIGHT57Bishopton
09 Jan 1853HannahGRANT33Bishopton
06 Mar 1853JohnRILEY70Bishopton
28 Feb 1854Henry JamesFACER19mStratford
15 Aug 1854LucySWINBORN79Stratford
02 Nov 1854JosephGUBBINS63Stratford
03 May 1856Ralph HenryPOTTS64Bishopton
15 Oct 1856JonathanSMITH49Bishopton
16 Apr 1857EdwardPOMFREY18Stratford
27 May 1857MaryBROTHWOOD54Stratford
09 Oct 1857Mary AnnKENDRICK2mOld Stratford
18 Oct 1857WilliamCOOMBES25Stratford
20 Dec 1857Henry MOORE41Bishopton
01 Feb 1858JamesJONES84Bishopton
09 May 1858SusanCHATTERLEY80Bishopton
30 Jun 1858WilliamPOMFREY2Stratford
24 Jul 1858ThomasSHIRLEY4Bishopton
25 Sep 1858EllenEMMS4Old Stratford
09 Oct 1858Charles EdwardPOWELL7Stratford
08 Dec 1858EdithHODGKINS80Stratford
16 Jan 1859SusannahBENNETT3wBishopton
24 Aug 1859JamesALFORD36Bishopton
03 Sep 1859ElizabethJONES84Bishopton
07 Apr 1860RichardCALLOWAY71Wayfield
11 Apr 1860JamesSMITH58Stratford
21 Nov 1860MaryPADBURY1Bishopton
28 Jan 1861AnnGUBBINS79Stratford
04 Feb 1861HenryGREVES75Bishopton
20 Feb 1861Mary AnnWOODWARD42Lapworth
17 Mar 1861MaryWEBB26Walton
10 Aug 1861RichardTEALE54Bishopton
01 Nov 1861BarbaraTRINDER30Bishopton
30 Dec 1861Sarah AnnLADBURY23Bishopton
24 Feb 1862Sarah HAWKES66Old Stratford
21 Jun 1862ElizaDUFFIN16Old Stratford
23 Sep 1862FrankSMITH11mBishopton
29 Oct 1862WilliamCATTELL87Stratford
26 Nov 1862SarahRILEY76Bishopton
08 Dec 1862RichardSWINBOURNE75Lapworth
16 May 1863Sarah AnnSTEAD8mOld Stratford
13 Nov 1863GeorgeRICHMOND75Old Stratford
23 Feb 1864SarahBULL45Bishopton
11 May 1864JohnPOMFREY58Stratford
26 Aug 1864DuncanBULLER4Stratford
04 Jan 1865EllenHUGHES56Stratford
09 Apr 1865Nimrod ElijahTRINDER22Stratford
10 Sep 1865SarahBARON29Stratford
18 Nov 1865EdwardSARJEANT23dBishopton

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