Bishops Itchington - St Michael
Burials from 1813 to 1837

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This data is unchecked, thus if you find something of interest, you are advised to check
the actual record itself. Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Data kindly supplied by Nigel Draper

Surname Listing:

Askew, Aslerd, Attwood,
Barnacle, Bass, Beasley, Beesley, Bell, Bennett, Boonce, Bourton, Brandish, Brothers, Burman, Busby, Bushby, Butler,
Castle, Cole, Compton, Cowley, Dixon, Dodd, Drake, Draper, Ellard, Ellis,
Flamele, Flemell, Fountain, Freeman, French, Garner, Garrett, Giles, Goldby, Green, Gubbins,
Hall, Haw, Hawkes, Haynes, Heming, Heritage, Hewett, Hiorns, Hirons, Holtham, Humphries,
Jacques, Jeacock, Jennings, Keeney, Keyte, King, Lane, Ledbrook, Malin, Mason, Masters, Mills, Morgan, Moyan,
Over, Overton, Pain, Pariss, Pearson, Perkins, Pettifer, Pratt, Price, Prickett, Prue,
Randall, Rawbone, Reading, Reynolds, Rose,
Savage, Scull, Shelswell, Smith, Soden, Spencer, Spraggett, Spraggott, Spruce, Stanton,
Tew, Thacker, Tims, Tredall, Walter, Walton, Warner, White, Wilkes, Wilks, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Yorke.

Date Forename Surname Age Abode Notes
18 Feb 1813SusannaWALTON B. Itchington 
15 Feb 1813RichardCOLE89B. Itchington 
04 Aug 1813ElizabethFOUNTAIN41Spring Farm 
26 Nov 1813SarahSPRAGGOTT49B. Itchington 
29 Nov 1813AnnePEARSON76B. Itchington 
30 Mar 1814AnneRANDALL70B. Itchington 
09 Apr 1814CharlotteBASS27Grandborough 
29 Apr 1814SarahJEACOCK79B. Itchington 
22 Jun 1814AnneMILLS40Ashorne 
02 Dec 1814FrancisPRICKETT78B. Itchington 
15 Jan 1815ThomasRANDALL65B. Itchington 
02 Apr 1815MaryTEW15Barford 
25 Apr 1815MaryASLERD76Farnborough 
23 May 1815RichardJEACOCK72B. Itchington 
03 Aug 1815JohnGILES84B. Itchington 
09 Aug 1815GeorgeTREDALL53B. Itchington 
25 Sep 1815CatherineREADING18mB. Itchington 
19 Nov 1815MaryTREDALL76B. Itchington 
07 Dec 1815WilliamWHITE72B. ItchingtonParish Clerk
22 Dec 1815AnnWARNER6B. Itchington 
13 Jan 1816SarahBEESLEY60B. Itchington 
10 Mar 1816AnnWILLIAMS82B. Itchington 
10 Apr 1816JohnFLAMELE15Banbury 
28 May 1816ElizthPRICKETT80B. Itchington 
10 Sep 1816RichardHEWETT70B. Itchington 
27 Aug 1817ElizthHIORNSInfantB. Itchington 
30 Aug 1817RichardDODDInfantB. Itchington 
26 Dec 1817JohnBUSHBYInfantB. Itchington 
08 Jan 1818MaryGREEN86B. Itchington 
12 Jan 1818WilliamHEMINGInfantB. Itchington 
10 Feb 1818ThosHIORNS67B. Itchington 
22 Feb 1818ElizthSPRUCE60B. Itchington 
02 Mar 1818AliceFRENCH28B. Itchington 
24 Mar 1818ElizthCOLE90B. ItchingtonWidow
28 May 1818DavidSCULL40B. ItchingtonTraveller
31 May 1818JohnDRAPERInfantB. Itchington 
21 Mar 1819MaryBROTHERS80B. ItchingtonWidow
03 May 1819JohnBOURTONInfantB. Itchington 
06 Sep 1819SarahBENNETT52B. Itchington 
06 Nov 1819Priscilla BOONCE79B. Itchington 
03 Jan 1820Elizth CompsonWILLSONInfantB. Itchington 
01 Mar 1820MaryLANE70B. Itchington 
24 Apr 1820MaryHEWETT67B. Itchington 
07 Mar 1820EleanorBUSBYInfantB. Itchington 
15 May 1820JamesBUSBYInfantB. Itchington 
17 May 1820JamesSMITHInfantB. Itchington 
25 May 1820EleanorROSEInfantB. Itchington 
22 Jun 1820SarahSTANTONInfantB. Itchington 
18 Aug 1820JohnBARNACLE15B. Itchington 
25 Aug 1820SarahPRATTInfantB. Itchington 
24 Jan 1821WilliamWALTON67B. Itchington 
12 Feb 1821EdwardPEARSON86B. Itchington 
19 Apr 1821WilliamCOWLEY39St Mary Warwick 
01 May 1821JohnPETTIFER85B. Itchington 
03 Jun 1821TimothyPERKINS70B. Itchington 
21 Aug 1821HannahDIXON18Sow Near Coventry 
01 Nov 1821MaryPRUE77B. Itchington 
13 Nov 1821WilliamPAIN65B. Itchington 
25 Nov 1821ThomasCOLE59B. Itchington 
07 Dec 1821SarahLEDBROOK77Gaydon 
15 Dec 1821SarahSODEN3B. Itchington 
14 Dec 1821WilliamOVER9Butlers Marston 
02 Jan 1822JohnRAWBONE77B. Itchington 
05 Feb 1822JosephJENNINGS82B. Itchington 
22 Feb 1822AnnePETTIFER81B. Itchington 
18 Mar 1822HenrySPRAGGETT53B. Itchington 
16 Jul 1822AnneMALIN39Coventry 
12 Aug 1822ElizabethATTWOOD4mB. Itchington 
15 Nov 1822SarahBENNETT82Mill Pitts 
13 May 1822ElizabethSMITH69B. Itchington 
15 Oct 1822ElizabethRANDALL68B. Itchington 
24 Nov 1822JohnBEESLEY58B. Itchington 
06 Dec 1822JohnLANE75B. Itchington 
30 Dec 1822SarahJENNINGS81B. Itchington 
13 Jul 1823ThomasPRATT8Gaydon 
15 Sep 1823JamesFRENCH7B. Itchington 
08 Nov 1823JohnHAWKES5B. Itchington 
16 Nov 1823MarySPRAGGETT65B. Itchington 
12 Jan 1824EdwardGREEN82B. Itchington 
22 Jan 1824MaryBRANDISHInfantB. Itchington 
25 Jul 1824WilliamFREEMAN6mB. Itchington 
11 Sep 1824SusannahCOMPTON53B. Itchington 
06 Oct 1824MaryCOLE63B. Itchington 
21 Nov 1825JohnBARNACLE67B. Itchington 
27 Jan 1826ElizabethFLEMELL49B. Itchington 
30 May 1826DorothyHALL71B. Itchington 
20 Jul 1826JohnWALTER75B. Itchington 
03 Aug 1826HenryWILKS80B. Itchington 
08 Sep 1826ElizabethBASS24B. Itchington 
19 Oct 1826ElizabethBEESLEY80B. Itchington 
31 Dec 1826EstherHUMPHRIES1B. Itchington 
21 Jan 1827AnneBEESLEY65B. ItchingtonDropsy. Wife or John Beesley
19 Mar 1827ElizabethRANDALL1y10mB. ItchingtonMeasles. Daughter of John & Mary Randall
06 Apr 1827JohnJACQUES1B. ItchingtonMeasles. Son of James and Martha Jacques
19 Apr 1827WilliamPRICKETT60B. ItchingtonLip Cancer
26 Apr 1827ThomasGARNER31HarburyMeasles
02 May 1827PeterBRANDISH1B. ItchingtonSon of Mary Brandish, now wife of Edw Beesley
30 May 1827Mary AnneLANE28B. ItchingtonSurname LANE otherwise GREENWAY found drowned and murdered W. Miller executed for deed)
03 Jul 1827RachelTEW69BarfordDropsy. Widow of Robert Tew
25 Oct 1827MaryELLARD68B. Itchingtonapoplexy Daughter of Richd & Sarah Spraggett Widow of Edward Ellard
17 Nov 1827JohnBENNETT26HarburyFever Son of John and Sarah Bennett
22 Nov 1827SarahPRATT35GaydonComsumption Wife of Thomas Pratt
07 Apr 1828WilliamDRAKE66B. ItchingtonDropsy Son of William and Sarah Drake
20 May 1828ElizabethBEASLEY49B. ItchingtonBrain Fever Wife of John Beasley
10 Jun 1828MaryKING83B. ItchingtonWidow died of old age
06 Jul 1828SarahSTANTON47B. ItchingtonWife of Augustus Stanton
18 Jul 1828HannahKEYTE19Christmas HillConsumption Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth
23 Aug 1828WilliamHERITAGE86B. ItchingtonOld age
30 Aug 1828SarahFLEMELL19B. ItchingtonConsumption Daughter of Edward and Elizth Flemmell
10 Nov 1828ElizabethKEYTE23Christmas HillFever Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth
14 Nov 1828ElizabethOVER57Brookhampton Combrokedied of Stone Wife of William Over
02 Mar 1829JohnHOLTHAM1y4,B. ItchingtonInflamation Son of Joseph and Elizabeth
14 Mar 1829ThomasHAWKES70B. Itchingtonpulmonic
24 Mar 1829MariaCOWLEY44B. ItchingtonFever
26 Mar 1829ElizabethHIRONS23B. ItchingtonConsumption
29 Apr 1829SophiaKEYTE68B. ItchingtonInflamation Wife of Joseph
17 May 1829ElizabethBUTLER36B. ItchingtonConsumption Wife of Thomas
27 May 1829CharlesKING26B. ItchingtonRheumatic fever Son of Thomas & Mary King
27 May 1829EdwardBUTLER1B. ItchingtonSon of Thomas & Elizabeth Butler
02 Sep 1829AnneBARNACLE94HarburyOld age. Widow of George Barnacle
10 Feb 1830NicholasBROTHERS32LondonDecline
16 Feb 1830JosephSPRAGGETT64WarwickDropsy
08 Jun 1830ThomasJACQUES3mB. ItchingtonConvulsions Son of James & Martha
23 Jun 1830CarolineMORGAN5mB. ItchingtonDecline Daughter of Harriett Morgan
30 Jul 1830AliceMORGAN18B. ItchingtonTyphus fever Daughter of John & Alice Morgan
14 Sep 1830ThomasBROTHERS69B. ItchingtonTyphus Son of John & Mary Brothers
27 Oct 1830JosephKEYTE71B. Itchingtonapoplexy
08 Dec 1830WilliamCOLE69Claydon Cropredy OxonSon of Richard & Mary Cole
17 Jan 1831DanielSHELSWELL71B. ItchingtonApoplexy
04 Apr 1831ElizabethDODD5dB. ItchingtonConvulsions. Daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Dodd
10 May 1831HenryGOLDBY4wB. ItchingtonConsumption. Son of Hannay Goldby
19 May 1831JohnBEESLEY1wB. ItchingtonConsumption. Son of Joseph & Anne Beesley
16 Jul 1831AnneBROTHERS24B. ItchingtonDecline. Daughter of William & Anne Brothers
20 Jul 1831MaryBURMAN59B. ItchingtonDropsy with chest Wife of Charles Burman
04 Dec 1831JohnSPENCER4B. ItchingtonSon of William & Sarah Spencer
10 Mar 1832WilliamMASTERS1B. ItchingtonConvulsions Son of William and Frances Masters
21 Apr 1832MaryKING67B. ItchingtonInflamation in chest. Wife of Thomas King
11 Jul 1832RebeccaBELL34B. ItchingtonConsumption: William of Northampton. Wife of William Bell
25 Jul 1832JaneSTANTON6B. ItchingtonConsumption. Daughter of Mary Stanton
09 Sep 1832SamuelHALL72B. ItchingtonMortification in toe
07 Oct 1832ThomasASKEW84B. ItchingtonParalysis
02 Nov 1832JosephCOMPTON15mB. ItchingtonInflamation. Son of James & Esther Compton
13 Dec 1832Mary AnnBEESLEY11wB. ItchingtonDaughter of William & Elizabeth Beesley
29 Mar 1833GeorgeELLARD3dB. ItchingtonConsumption. Son of William & Anne Ellis
29 Mar 1833WilliamPARISS1yB. ItchingtonMeasles. Son of Thomas & Sarah Pariss
31 Mar 1833ElizaGARRETT7B. ItchingtonMeasles
02 Apr 1833RichardRANDALL82? HastingsOld age
01 Jun 1833ElizabethREYNOLDS53B. ItchingtonInfluenza. Wife of Thomas Reynolds
14 Jul 1833ElizabethASKEW27B. ItchingtonInfluenza. Wide of Henry Askew
28 Jul 1833MaryHAYNES36B. ItchingtonConsumption. Wide of Henry Haynes
01 Sep 1833EstherTIMS1B. ItchingtonMeasles. Daughter of Thomas & Hannah Tims
08 Sep 1833JohnKEYTE2B. ItchingtonMeasles. Son of Richard & Betsy Keyte
28 Nov 1833SarahREADING1B. ItchingtonDecline. Daugher of Maria Reading
30 Nov 1833ElizabethTHACKER44B. ItchingtonMortification Daughter of John and Sarah Thacker
10 Dec 1833CharlesSMITH85B. ItchingtonParalysis
12 Dec 1833SarahATTWOOD66B. ItchingtonParalysis Sudden death. Wife of Thomas Attwood
31 Dec 1833JohnSPRAGGETT73Old town B. ItchingtonParalysis. Son of Richard & Sarah Spraggett
27 Jan 1834EmmaTIMS9mB. ItchingtonHooping cough. Daughter of William & Mary Tims
27 May 1834RichardOVERTON78B. ItchingtonBroken thigh
16 Jul 1834MaryOVERTON75B. ItchingtonDropsy. Widow of Richard Overton
18 Aug 1834JohnTHACKER80B. Itchingtonparalysis
13 Oct 1834MarySTANTON44B. Itchington2nd wife : Consumption. Wife of Austin Stanton
26 Oct 1834JohnHUMPHRIES20RadfordBrain Fever. Son of John & Mary Humphries
29 Dec 1834WilliamHAYNES70B. ItchingtonDebility
17 feb 1835AnneWILKES42B. ItchingtonConsumption
23 Feb 1835ThomasHAW57B. ItchingtonDropsy
28 Feb 1835HenryGUBBINS72B. ItchingtonHernia
24 Mar 1835AnneASKEW77B. ItchingtonDropsy
20 Apr 1835FrancisBASS51Barford2nd wife: abcess. Wife of William Bass
03 May 1835ElizabethDRAKE72B. Itchingtonparalysis. Widow of William Drake
05 May 1835SamuelELLIS1dB. ItchingtonConvulsions. Son of William & Anne Ellis
26 May 1835ElizabethTHACKER11B. ItchingtonDecline. Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Thacker
10 Jun 1835JohnELLIS6B. ItchingtonFever. Son of William & Ann Ellis
23 Jun 1835JamesBEESLEY12dB. ItchingtonConvulsions. Son of James & Elizabeth Beesley
25 Jul 1835JosephKEYTE52KnightcoteApoplexy
03 Aug 1835AnneJACQUES4mB. ItchingtonDecline. Daughter of James & Martha Jacques
06 Sep 1835HannahMASON8mB. ItchingtonDaughter of Anne Mason
07 Sep 1835WilliamMOYAN7mB. ItchingtonDiabetes. Son of Joseph & Sarah Moyan
10 Oct 1835JosephCOMPTON1y10mB. ItchingtonDecline Son of James Esther Compton
01 Nov 1835AnneATTWOOD41B. ItchingtonApoplexy. Wife of Thomas Attwood Jnr
07 Dec 1835EstherTIMS8mB. ItchingtonMeasles. Daughter of William & Mary Tims
18 Dec 1835Francis MasonPEARSON25B. ItchingtonConsumption. Son of John and Anna Maria Pearson
* Dec 1835AnnePETTIFER66B. ItchingtonDecline. Daughter of John and Anne Pettifer
29 Dec 1835ThomasATTWOOD78B. ItchingtonPalsy
02 Apr 1836GeorgeWILSON4hB. ItchingtonConvulsions. Son of Charles & Sarah Wilson
18 Apr 1836WilliamELLIS39B. ItchingtonConsumption. Son of William & Elizath Ellis
05 May 1836AlicePAIN77B. ItchingtonWidow of William Pain
09 May 1836HannahSODEN1B. ItchingtonDecline. Daughter of Joseph & Susannah Soden
26 Jun 1836JobELLIS11B. ItchingtonDecline. Son of William and Elizth Ellis
04 Jul 1836SarahTHACKER81B. ItchingtonCancer in cheek. Widow of John Thacker
12 Aug 1836ElizabethBEESLEY34B. ItchingtonConsumption after smallpox. Wife of William Beesley
22 Aug 1836EdwinBEESLEY7mB. ItchingtonDecline. Son of William and Elizabeth Beesley
13 Sep 1836RichardYORKE1wB. ItchingtonConvulsions S/o Luke BELL & Anne YORKE
10 Oct 1836AliceFLEMELL1B. ItchingtonIntenal inflamation. D/o Joseph & Harriet Flemmel
24 Oct 1836WilliamWALTER32WolfhamcoteConsumption. S/o Simon Warner
26 Dec 1836EllenSAVAGE6mStanhold B. ItchingtonDecline :d/o Henry CHAPMAN & Sarah SAVAGE
29 Dec 1836AugustusSTANTON55B. ItchingtonSmall pox
08 Jan 1837MarySHELSWELL86HarburySmall pox. Widow of Daniel Shelswell
07 May 1837EleanorBEESLEY1B. ItchingtonInflamation. Daughter of Edward & Mary Beesley
17 Jun 1837ElizabethBUSBY46B. ItchingtonDecline. Wife of Robert Keeney
22 Jun 1837MaryKEENEY26B. ItchingtonDecline. Wife of Thomas Keeney
03 Jul 1837EdwardFLEMELL76B. ItchingtonOld age
20 Jul 1837HarrietPRICE1dB. ItchingtonConvulsions. Daughter of James & Anne Price
29 Sep 1837ElizabethCASTLE76B. ItchingtonDropsy. Wife of Francis Castle
17 Dec 1837ThomasDODD10dB. ItchingtonDecline. Son of Charles and Charlotte Dodd

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