Birdingbury St Leonard's Marriages 1755 - 1812

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This file is a list of the marriages taken from the registers of St Leonard's BBirdingbury from 1755 to 1812.
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Abbotts, Adams, Allen, Arnold, Awood, Barker, Barratt, Bartlet, Baseley, Bicknell, Bond, Bowen, Bromley, Brooks, Burdon, Calloway, Chambers, Cleaver, Cooke, Cooper, Corral, Cotterill, Curtiss, Drake, Finch, Franklin, Garrat, Gilbert, Hands, Hence, Henrey, Hopkins, Lane, Loins, Manton, Masters, Miller, Neal, Newman, Powell, Reading, Rench, Samuel, Scotten, Smith, Thompson, Thornicroft, Tibbits, Tilley, Townsend, Truslove, Ward, Watts, Webster, West, White, Whitehead, Wright.

Abbotts, Allen , Backon, Barnett, Benson, Bicknell, Biddulph, Black, Bond, Burden, Burrows, Calloway, Clark, Coales, Cooper, Davis, Docia, Drake, Edmonds, Fairfax, Field, Flavell, Goode, Harding, Harris, Harvey, Hence, Heritage, Holmes, Jeffcote, Johnson, Jones, King, Leicester, Lilly, Manton, Marriott, Masters, Mills, Neal, Nix, Proctor, Richards, Roleson, Shepherd, Smith, Stean, Thompson, Thornecroft, Thornicraft, Tibbats, Walker, Wallis, Walter, White, Whitehead, Whitehead , Woodfield, Wootton, Wright.

B/L Date Groom Abode Bride Abode Witnesses Notes
L7 May 1755JohnArnoldOTPCatherineJonesFranktonJohn Jones & Sarah BarkerGroom Signed Jonh Arnol
B21 May 1755WilliamCallowayMartonSusannahWalkerOTPJohn Gilbert & Mary Walker 
B22 September 1755CorneliusTrusloveOTPElizabethLillyOTPJohn Gilbert & Ann Willson 
L22 September 1755JohnGilbertMartonElizabethCalloway (x)OTPCornelius Truslove & Susannah Calloway(x) her mark
B14 December 1755FrancisBromleyOTPMaryCoales (x)OTPWm Awood & Thos Woolfe(x) her mark
L29 September 1757William AwoodOTPAnnWalterMartonJohn Walter & Eliz Congrave 
B5 June 1758JohnBartletOTPMaryHarrisWormleightonRichard Houghton & Edwd Shrowsbury 
B31 July 1758Thomas ThompsonOTPAnnFairfax (x)MartonThos Woolfe & Ben Chapman (x)(x) their marks
L11 September 1759Thomas AbbottsOTPAnnMastersBourtonWm Awood & William Bond (x)(x) his mark
B2 October 1759WilliamFinchOTPElizabethWallisOTPWilliam Wallis & Joseph Hewitt 
B30 September 1760JohnHenceBourtonAnnAbbotts (w)OTPJohn Neall & Mary Cooke(w) her mark
B31 May 1761ThosWest (x)WilloughbySarahWhitehead (x)OTPJ. Cooke & Ben Chapman (x)(x) their marks
B11 April 1762Thomas Drake (x)OTPMary Calloway (x)MartonWilliam Bone & Benjamin Chapman (x)(x) their marks
B9 August 1763JohnBaseleyOTPRebeccaWhiteOTPWm Awood & J Biddulph 
B6 May 1765WilliamAbbottsMartonElizabethTibbatsOTPThos Tibbits ( ) ) & Rlizabeth Edmonds( ) ) his mark Bride signed Elizabeth Tibbits
B27 July 1766WilliamNealOTPElizabethWright (x)OTPEdward Alsop & Frances Whitehead(x) her mark
B22 April 1768JohnCookeOTPElizabethEdmondsOTPRichard Edmonds & William Wood 
L23 May 1769RichardBurdon (x)OTPElizabethClarkPriors HardwickRichard Homer & Richard Harding(x) his mark
B16 October 1769JamesScottenOTPAnnFieldOTPSarah Johnson & Richard Pedley 
B23 October 1769HumphreyCurtissUftonElizabethBondOTPWilliam Wood & William Bond (x) father(x) his mark
B20 January 1771WilliamAwoodOTPMary JeffcoteOTPThos Longrove & Elizabeth Mayo 
B7 April 1771JosephTownsendOTPMaryClarkOTPElizabeth Bennett & William Townsend 
B13 August 1772WilliamBondOTPSarahJohnsonOTPWm Awood, Charlotte Biddulph & Elizabeth Acton 
B25 February 1773William Miller (V)StrettonJoyceBlack (l)OTPMary Alcock & William Wood(V) his mark (l) her mark
B27 April 1777 (sic)Thomas Tibbits (x)OTPRuthBicknell (n)OTPBenjamin Shepherd & Hannah Shepherd (x)(x) their marks (n) her mark
B4 October 1773JohnBowenOTPCatherineNix (x)OTP Mary Matthews & Henry Loins(x) her mark
B22 October 1775WilliamCotterillBishops ItchingtonMaryDrake (w)OTPCharles Smith & Elizabeth Tredwell(w) her mark
B10 August 1777EdwardBarrattKenilworthElizabethFlavellOTPFrancis james & Margaret Calloway 
L10 November 1777JohnCooperOTPJaneDavis (x)FranktonWilliam Elkington & William Cave(x) her mark
B7 May 1781WilliamManton (x)OTPAnnBenson (x) (widow)MartonWilliam Cave & William Smith (x)(x) their marks
L10 June 1782HenryLoinsOTPRachelSmith (o)OTPWilliam Bond & William Cave(o) her mark
B1 September 1783CharlesWhiteheadOTPAnnHardingMartonJames Whitehead & Thos Homan 
B4 September 1783JohnHenrey (o)OTPAnnHenceOTPCharles Whitehead & Ann Whitehead(o) his mark. No banns in PR
B17 October 1783William Hopkins(\=)Leamington HastingsAnnMarriottOTPHenry Loins & William Cave(\=) his mark
B11 October 1784AdamTilleyOTPAnnThornecroft (x)OTPWilliam Cave & William Smith(x) her mark
B25 October 1784MosesWardOTPMaryHarveyMartonJohn Hiorns & Hannah Hiorns(x) her mark
B17 October 1786JosephHandsFranktonElizabethBackonOTPHenry Loins & Susannah Cavel 
B23 November 1788Edward ThornicroftOTPSusannah Smith (x)BourtonJoseph Thornicraft & William Cave(x) her mark
B23 December 1788John Samuel (x)Church LawfordElizabeth Manton (x)OTPWilliam Cave & Jacob Bartlett (x)(x ) their marks
L5 February 1789Thomas MastersOTPEsther BurdenOTPJoseph Welton & William Cave 
B *17 November 1789Thomas CorralStrettonAnn Manton (x)OTPNo witnesses(x) her mark *See Entry Below
B17 November 1789Thomas Corral (\)StrettonHannah Manton (x)OTPSamuel Corrall & William Cave(\) his mark (x) her mark
L27 June 1771 (sic) Assume 1791Thomas AllenKinetonElizabeth Whitehead OTPAnn (?) & Hannah Wright 
B8 August 1791John LaneOTPSarah Goode (x)OTPJoseph Reeve & Mary Burrows(x) her mark
B16 September 1792William SmithTrinity in City of CoventryMary BurrowsOTPJoseph Facer & Elizabeth Cleaver 
L29 July 1793John PowellKenelworthAnn BarnettOTPThos Barnett & Martha Barnett 
B30 July 1793Joseph CookeOTPHannah ShepherdMartonJohn Hewitt & Frances King 
L28 August 1794John Newman (x)FranktonAnn Cooper (x)OTPThomas Morris (x) & Jane Newman (x) their marks
L21 April 1795John BaseleySouthamFrances KingOTPJohn Selby & Mary Baseley 
L8 September 1796William Reading (x)MartonElizabeth Proctor (x0OTPCharles Whitehead & Samuel Mason(x) their marks
B7 February 1797John SmithOTPSarah ThornicraftOTPMary Carter & John Lane 
B19 May 1800John WhiteOTPMary SteanOTPEdward Whitehead & Ann Whitehead 
B5 August 1802Samuel Whitehead (x)CubbingtonMartha MillsOTPThomas Shepherd & Simon Warner(x) his mark
L21 February 1803George WrightOTPAnn Elizabeth Leicester (x)OTPJohn Lickorish & Elizabeth Warner(x) her mark
B21 July 1803William WhiteOTPHannah Roleson (x0OTPElizabeth Richards & Thomas Olorenshaw(x) her mark
B19 June 1804William Garrat (x)OTPAnn Manton (x)OTPJohn Baker & Mary Manton(x) their marks
B18 November 1805Thomas Webster (l)OTPElizabeth Masters (i)GrandboroughWilliam Webster (x)(l) their marks (x) his mark (Only one witness)
B13 December 1805Richard AdamsBanbury, OxfordshireElizabeth RichardsOTPJoseph Ollerenshaw & Elizabeth Watson 
B13 October 1806William Rench (H)OTPSarah Wootton (-)OTPThomas Rench & Elizabeth Rench (l)(H) his mark, (-) her mark, (l) her mark
B17 November 1807Thomas Bicknell (-)OTPSarah Manton (x)OTPJohn Packwood & Katherine Bicknell (-)(-) their marks (x) her mark
B13 October 1808Richard Franklin (x)OTPHannah Clark (x)OTPJn Webb (x) & Susannah Masters(x) their marks
B7 February 1809Henry ChambersOTPMary HolmesOTPWilliam Chambers & Mary Bustin (?)Groom Signed Henery
B27 November 1809John Brooks (-)StrettonSarah Woodfield (\)ORPJohn Woodfield (x) & Ann Woodfield (-)(-) their marks, (\) her mark, (x) his mark
L9 June 1810(Captain) William BarkerOf the Royal NavyFrances Ann BiddulphOTPCharlotte Biddulph & Thos Biddulph 
L28 March 1811Thomas BondOTPFrances Neal (x)OTPHenry Neal & Ann Burton(x) her mark
B15 April 1811John Cleaver (x)StocktonAnn Docia (x)OTPMary Burton & (\) Mumford(x) his mark (\) her mark
B4 November 1811 *Joseph WardOTPMary WhiteheaDOTPLeonard Worall & Elizabeth Hutchings (x)(x) her mark. *NB This marriage was signed by Robert Watts & Mary Allen ** see entry below
B4 November 1811 *Robert WattsOTPMary Allen OTPWilliam Whitehead & Elizabeth Masters*NB This marriage was signed by Jos Ward & Mary Whitehead ** see entry above
L24 December 1811Henry NealOTPElizabeth ThompsonSt John, Clerkenrwell, LondonWm Thompson & Martha Doling 
B16 November 1812John WardOTPElizabeth Heritage (x)EathorpeWilliam Harvey (x) & Elizabeth Parker (x)(x) their marks
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