Warwickshire Ancestors Project — 1861

UNCHECKED Surname Index of Piece RG09/2434 (Alcester)

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UNCHECKED Surname Listing
Abbotts, Abel, Abell, Adams, Adcock, Addis, Adkins, Ainge, Aitray, Alcock, Aldington, Alibon, Allcock, Allen, Allwood, Alwood, Ambrose, Anderten, Anderton, Andrews, Anker, Ankiss, Applebee, Archer, Aris, Arkell, Arnall, Arnold, Ashwin, Averill, Avery.

Babb, Badger, Bailey, Baily, Baker, Baldwin, Bale, Bamford, Bannister, Barker, Barlow, Barnbrook, Bartlam, Barttam, Batchlor, Bate, Bates, Baylis, Bayliss, Bayzand, Beach, Beasley, Beauchamp, Beck, Bedwell, Bee, Beeman, Beesely, Beesley, Bennett, Benton, Berry, Bessey, Biddle, Binaker, Binton, Bird, Bishop, Blaby, Blackband, Blake, Blakeman, Bleaney, Blewer, Blumhall, Blundell, Blundle, Blyth, Boddington, Bollard, Bolt, Bolton, Bomford, Bonehill, Bonrou, Booker, Boston, Boswell, Bott, Boucher, Boulton, Bowkett, Bowl, Box, Boyce, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brain, Brandis, Breakspear, Briggs, Briney, Bromley, Brook, Brooke, Brookes, Brotherton, Brown, Brush, Bryan, Bryon, Buckler, Buckley, Buggins, Bullock, Bundy, Bunn, Burke, Burman, Burton, Busby, Busley, Butler, Buttock.

Cad, Caffien, Calcott, Calcutt, Cale, Candy, Canning, Care, Careless, Carleton, Carpenter, Carter, Case, Cashmore, Chamberlin, Chambers, Chamberuth, Chapman, Charles, Chater, Chattaway, Cheakitts, Chesters, Child, Chinn, Churchley, Churchman, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clemants, Clements, Climer, Clues, Coates, Cole, Collett, Collicot, Collidge, Colling, Collins, Constable, Cook, Cooke, Coombs, Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Copson, Cornmill, Cornwell, Cottrell, Couin, Court, Cowley, Cowper, Cox, Craddock, Craner, Croft, Crookes, Crouch, Crow, Crows, Crump, Cull, Cund, Curby, Currier.

Dadge, Daffin, Dafforn, Dance, Darvell, Davies, Davis, Dawkins, Dawson, Day, Days, Deakens, Deakins, Dekoster, Dennis, Dickens, Dipple, Dolphin, Donahue, Douglas, Dowdeswell, Dowler, Downing, Draper, Drury, Dudley, Duffin, Duke, Dunbar, Dunn, Dye, Dyer, Dyke, Dyson.

Eaten, Edge, Edgington, Edginton, Edkins, Edwards, Ellens, Ellery, Ellins, Elliott, Ellis, Elvins, Embling, Emms, Evans, Evitts.

Fagge, Fairfax, Faithfull, Farbrother, Farley, Farnell, Farr, Faulkner, Fellippe, Fenimore, Field, Filbon, Findon, Fisher, Fiske, Fletcher, Fourt, Fourtman, Fowler, Foxlow, Franklin, Freeman, Freer, French, Friar, Frier, Frost, Fryer, Furber.

Gale, Gardner, Garforth, Garner, Garrett, George, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gilbert, Giles, Gill, Gladwell, Godwin, Gold, Goodway, Gough, Gould, Gray, Green, Greenhill, Gregory, Greves, Griffin, Griffiss, Grimmett, Grimmitt, Grinaway, Grizzell, Grouck, Grove, Gunnan.

Haile, Haines, Hale, Haley, Halford, Hall, Hallam, Hambler, Hamilton, Hancock, Hancox, Hand, Handford, Hands, Handy, Hankon, Hansell, Hanson, Harbridge, Harding, Hardwidge, Hariss, Harman, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Hartle, Harvey, Harwood, Hathaway, Hatton, Hawker, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hawtin, Hayes, Haynes, Haytree, Haywood, Hazzett, Heath, Heck, Heming, Hemming, Hemmings, Henly, Herbert, Heritage, Hewins, Hewit, Hewitt, Higgins, Higley, Hill, Hillier, Hinton, Hison, Hissins, Hitchings, Hitchman, Hobbins, Hobbs, Hobday, Hodges, Hodgkins, Hole, Hollyoake, Holme, Holmes, Holtham, Holtom, Holton, Holyoak, Holyoake, Homans, Homer, Hooper, Hope, Hopkins, Horbourne, Horn, Horne, Horniblow, Horsley, Hortin, Horton, Houghton, Howks, Huband, Hudson, Hughes, Hulston, Humphreys, Humphries, Hunt, Hurst, Hutton, Huxley, Hyde.

Ingram, Innocent, Irons, Ivens.

Jackson, James, Jaques, Jee, Jeffs, Jelfs, Jenkins, Jephcott, Jephs, Jesson, Jobson, Joesbury, Johns, Johnson, Joiner, Jones.

Karnsey, Keasey, Keely, Kendrick, Kesey, Keyte, Kiblett, Kinder, King, Kinson, Kirby, Kite, Knight, Knowles.

Ladbrook, Ladbury, Laing, Lamb, Lambley, Lampit, Lancaster, Lane, Langston, Lardner, Lary, Laugher, Lawrence, Layton, Lea, Leach, Leek, Leske, Lewing, Lewis, Loach, Lock, Loder, London, Long, Loxley, Luck, Lucke, Ludson, Lunn.

MacArly, MacWay, Maddock, Maddocks, Maddon, Maker, Malin, Malins, Mander, Mandor, Mann, Manns, Mansfield, Marsh, Marshall, Mascall, Mason, Masters, Mathews, Matters, Matthews, Maycock, Mecland, Meek, Melen, Merry, Metcalf, Middleton, Millington, Milllward, Mills, Millward, Minett, Mitchell, Mogg, Moilery, Molesworth, Moore, Morgan, Morrall, Morrell, Morris, Morriss, Mortiboys, Mucklow, Mullington, Mulliss, Munns, Munslow, Murrell, Mustin.

Nash, Nason, Neale, Nearth, Neigbour, Newbery, Newey, Newton, Niah, Niblet, Niblett, Norriss, Norten, Nutting.

Oldaker, Oliver, Onion, Onions, Orton, Osborn, Osborne, Oughton, Overbury, Owen.

Pace, Pack, Paine, Palmer, Papele, Pardoe, Pardow, Pardy, Parker, Parr, Parsonage, Parsons, Partington, Partridge, Payne, Pearce, Pearson, Peek, Penn, Pennett, Pensen, Penson, Perkins, Perks, Perry, Petford, Petipher, Petty, Philips, Phillips, Philpin, Phipps, Pickering, Pile, Pill, Pinfield, Piper, Pippit, Pitcher, Plester, Plesters, Plew, Plumb, Pole, Pool, Porter, Pountney, Powell, Pratt, Price, Pridy, Priest, Pritchard, Proctor, Pugh, Pulley, Purks, Purlon, Purton.

Quiner, Quiney, Quinton.

Radbone, Ragbouke, Rainbow, Raisen, Ramsey, Randall, Randle, Rawbone, Rawlins, Raybold, Reading, Reaman, Reason, Redding, Reding, Reeve, Reeves, Restall, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Ricketts, Rimmer, Robbins, Roberts, Robins, Roger, Rogers, Rollins, Rositer, Ross, Rouse, Rowley, Russel, Russell, Rusten, Rutter.

Sadler, Sale, Salmon, Salmons, Salt, Salter, Samuel, Sanders, Sargeant, Sarsons, Savage, Sayce, Scambler, Seeley, Serman, Seward, Seymour, Sharp, Sharpe, Shayler, Shaylor, Sheakel, Sheppard, Shepperd, Sheriff, Shillam, Shrimpton, Shurventon, Shurvington, Sidgley, Silvestor, Simenons, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Sisam, Skinner, Slade, Slide, Small, Smallwood, Smith, Smout, Soley, Solliss, Sophia, Sorrell, Sorrill, Sparrow, Spelteny, Spires, Spooner, Squires, Sreeves, Standley, Stanford, Stanley, Staples, Staunton, Stebbing, Steed, Steel, Stephens, Stephenson, Stevens, Steward, Stiles, Stockley, Stone, Stonhall, Strain, Street, Styles, Such, Sullavan, Sumner, Sutor, Sykes, Symcox.

Tahalton, Tailor, Talbot, Tandy, Tanner, Tarzwell, Taylor, Terrill, Terry, Thackwell, Thomas, Thurshlow, Tillesley, Timms, Tipping, Tisa, Tiso, Tisor, Tolley, Tombling, Tomes, Tomkins, Tooley, Townsend, Tram, Tredgal, Tredgold, Tredwell, Troath, Truslove, Tudge, Turner, Tyres.


Vale, Vickerage, Violes.

Wadams, Wadkins, Wagstaff, Walcroft, Waldering, Walding, Waldron, Waldun, Walker, Wall, Wallington, Walliss, Walsingham, Walters, Ward, Waring, Warner, Washbourn, Washbourne, Washbrook, Washburn, Wastbury, Watcut, Waterhouse, Waters, Watson, Watton, Watts, Webb, Wells, Wespury, Wesson, Westbury, Weston, Wheatcroft, Wheeler, Whissell, Whitby, White, Whitehead, Whitford, Whittery, Whittingham, Whitwell, Whyatt, Wiggin, Wiggot, Wiggott, Wilcox, Wilkes, Wilkin, Wilkins, Wilks, Willard, Williams, Willis, Williss, Wilson, Wimblet, Wimlett, Wincot, Windle, Winket, Winkett, Winnett, Winter, Witford, Witt, Woodfield, Woodward, Woolley, Workman, Wren, Wright, Wyatt, Wyman, Wyon.

Yates, Young.

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