Street Index to the Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2229
Charlecote, Fulbrooke, Hampton Lucy Loxley, Newbold Pacey, Wellesbourne Hastings, & Wellesbourne Mountford.

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
In villages with no or few street names, the village name is repeated Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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Charlecote, Fulbrooke, Hampton Lucy Loxley,
Newbold Pacey, Wellesbourne Hastings, & Wellesbourne Mountford.

Civil Parish Eccl. District Street Name Piece Number
FulbrookFulbrookSherbourne Hill2229
Hampton LucyHampton LucyFulbrook2229
Hampton LucyHampton LucyHampton Lucy2229
Hampton LucyHampton LucyIngon2229
Hampton LucyHampton LucyIngon Lane2229
Hampton LucyHampton LucyNineveh2229
Newbold PaceyNewbold PaceyAshorne2229
Newbold PaceyNewbold PaceyAshorne Hill2229
Newbold PaceyNewbold PaceyBanbury Road2229
Newbold PaceyNewbold PaceyBromson Hill2229
Newbold PaceyNewbold PaceyNewbold Pacey2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsBridge Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsCherry Orchard Warwick Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsChurch Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsInfant School Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsMount Pleasant Walton2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsWalton Hill2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsWalton Village2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsWarwick Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsWarwick Road2229
Wellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne HastingsWellesbourne Hastings2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordBrick Yard2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordCharlecote Park2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordHorse Park2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordNineveh2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordOld Stage Road2229
Wellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne MountfordWellesbourne Mountford2229

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