Coventry 1826 Suitors List

Suitors list page
The above is a copy of one page from the 'Court Leet, List of Inhabitants, Broadgate, 25th Oct 1826', and shows the format of the listing, which is not in alphabetical order.

This was a once a year collection from each household, therefore you get not only the males, but where a female [normally a widow] is head of house, there name is on the list.

Note, Some names are repeated, this is because there is more than one person at the same, or different address [s].

Transcription kindly submitted by John Russell - Covkid
This data is for personal use only, and may not be sold, copied, and or transmitted in any form.

Abbots, Abbott, Abey?, Able, Abould?, Abron, Adams, Adcock, Adkins, Adson, Albutt, Alcote, Alcott, Allen, Amos, Ancox, Anderson, Angliss, Ansleyson?, Ansty, Archer, armstrong, Arnell, Arnold, Arnold jrn, Arnott, Arrowsmith, Arther, Ascough, Ashby, Ashton, Askins, Asplen, Astell, Astley, Aston, Atkins, Audley, Auther, Ayscough, Ayton.

Bache, Bacon, Baddenton, Badley, Bagshaw, Bahelock?, Baid, Bailes, Bailey, Bainard, Baker, Balemey, Ball, Ballard, Balley, Balliss, Balton, Balyley, Banbridge, Banbury, Band, Baneham, Banks, Bannick, Bant, Banton, Barber, Barefoot, Barford, Barker, Barllett, Barnbury, Barnes, Barnett, Barnwell, Barr, Barratt, Barricla, Barricliff, Bartlett, Barton, Bassard, Basscott, Bassett, Bateman, Bates, Batton, Baud, Baxter, Bayan, Bayley, Bayshaw, Beacampunt??, Beacham, Beahisboro??, Beaker, Beamish, Beamount, Beasley, Beates, Beatman, Beaumont, Beck, Beckwood, Bedder, Belinre?, Bench, Bent, Benton, Berry, Besecher, Betts, Bickley, Bicknell, Biddell, Biddle, Bidmead, Bikerton, Bill, Billinton, Bilson, Binley, Birch, Birchall, Bird, Birdett, Birges, Bishop, Black, Blackbourne, Blackwell, Blenke??, Blockley, Bloxham, Boddington, Boden, Bolen, Bone, Booth, Boren?, Borton, Bosworth, Botterdle, Botton, Bottrel, Bottrill, Bowen, Bowles, Bowley, Bowney, Bownsly, Boylis, Boys, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradshall, Bradshaw, Bradwich, Bradwick, Brainwell, Brasford, Brawn, Bray, Bread, Breadley, Brenley, Brewer, Bribury, Bridell, Bridges, Bright, Brind, Broadhurst, Brogdon, Bromcesh??, Bromfield, Brooks, Browett, Brown, Brudett, Bryan, Bryant, Buckby, Buckler, Buckley, Bucknall, Buerley?, Bug, Buick, Bull, Bullen, Bullock, Bunney, Bunning, Burberry, Burbidge, Burbidy, Burbirdge, Burbirge, Burbridge, Burbury, Burden, Burges, Buriss, Burmer, Burne, Burrows, Burton, Bury, Bushell, Buswell, Butler, Butlin, Butterworth, Byrn.

Cackle, Campbell, Campion, Campton, Camswell, Cannon, Careless, Carley, Carnstale, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Carters , Cartwright, Carvell, Castledine, Castles, Cattell, Catter, Catterns, Cave, Cavelle, Cavley , Chalmas, Chamberlain, Chamberlian, Chambers, Chandler, Chantra??, Chantriles, Chaplin, Charley, Chas, Chater, Chatham, Chatterway, Chatway, Cheaper, Cheater, Cheatly, Checkin, Cheeks, Cheeles, Chemist, Cherry, Cheslin, Chester, Chettam, Chin, Chinn, Chittan, Chittem, Chitten, Churchale, Clare, Clariage, Claridge, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Cleaver, Cleever, Clements, Clentson, Cleverley, Clifford, Clifton, Cluse, Cobley, Cock, Cockbill, Coldicot, Coldicott, Cole, Coleman, Coling, Collet, Colley, Collier, Collingborne, Collins, Collinson, Coltman, Comby, Comley, Coneley, Coneway, Connop, Connoy, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cookison, Cooper, Cope, Copestakes, Copesteak, Copestick, Copson, Corbertt, Corbett, Corbitt, Cork, Cosby, Cotterill, Cotton, Cousins, Coutston, Couzens, Cowley, Cox, Coxhall, Crabb, Cramp, Crane, Cranmer, Crisp, Crockall, Crockford, Croft, Crofts, Crosby, Crow, Croxall, Crump, Cure, Cureton, Cuzin.

Dafforn, Dagley, Dale, Dalman, Dalton, Dann, Danns, Dark, Darlinson, Darn, Darwell, Davenport, Daves, Davies, Davis, Davis Eqr, Dawnies?, Dawson, Day, Deacon, Deaves, Deman, Dencon, Denmen, Denney, Denniss, Denston, Devill, Dickerson, Dickewrson, Dickins, Dicks, Dillin, Dillon, Dingley, Dix, Dixon, Dodd, Dodwell, Dorington, Dormer, Dornford, Dorrington, Douglas, Douglass, Dowde, Dowell, Dowlen, Dowley, Downes, Drakeford, Dry, Dryson, Dulton, Dunn, Dutton, Dye, Dyer, Dyke.

Eames, Eason, East, Easton, Eaton, Eaves, Eboral, Eborale, Eborall, Eborne, Ebourne, Edgecock, Edmonds, Edmunds, Edwards, Egenton, Eggs, Eld, Elikington, Eliott, Elkington, Ellioh, Elliott, Ellis, Elliss, Ellivell, Emberton, Emberton , England, Enoch, Ensor, Essex, Evans, Everett, Ewer , Ewes, Eyers, Eyre.

Fairfield, Farden, Farmer, Farmer , Farren, Farrington, Farson, Faulconer, Fawcet, Fawson, Feckelton, Fellows, Feltham, Femason, Fennill, Fenton, Field, Fieldwell, Filtham, Findon, Fisher, Fitchel, Flavell, Fleavell, Flelcher, Fletcher, Foot, Ford, Foster, Francis, Franklin, Franks, Freeman, Freen, French, Fulwell, Furniss.

Gale, Games , Gamley, Gardener, Gardner, Garner, Garrett, Gascions, Gascoign, Gascoigne, Gaskins, Gazery, Gegens?, Gellens, Gent, Gibbins, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gill, Gillins, Glaze, Glover, Goddard, Godder, Godding?, Godfery, Godfrey, Godsby, Godson, Gold, Goldby, Golding, Gommery, Goodall, Goodard, Goode, Goodhead, Goodman, Goodridge, Goodwin, Gordan, Gore, Gouch, Gough, Graham, Graner, Grant, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenway, Gregorey, Gregory, Gregory , Greswell, Griffes, Griffin, Griffiths, Grimes, Grimmitt, Grimsby, Grimsley, Grove, Gulson, Gunn, Gutteridge.

Hacker, Hackett, Hadine, Haines, Hale, Hales, Halford, Hall, Halleck, Hallibone, Halliday, Halls, Hammersley, Hammerton, Hammond, Hancock, Hancox, Handerson, Hands, Hannch?, Harborne, Harbourne, Harding, Hardware, Harford, Harper, Harrer, Harris, Harrison, Harriss, Harritt, Harrold, Harrow, Harsfall, Harvell, Harvey, Harvis, Harvison, Haslock, Hassall, Hassell, Hatton, Haw, Hawby, Hawes, Hawkes, Hawkins, Haycock, Hayden, Hayes, Hayfield, Haymes, Haynes, Hayton, Haywood, Heales, Heap, Hearney, Heathcote, Heatley, Hellum, Hemming, Herbert, Herberts, Herbery??, Hevrett??, Hewes, Hewett, Hewitt, Hews, Hewson, Heywood, Hickling, Hickmen, Hiff, Hile, Hill, Hill , Hilton, Hine, Hinorns , Hions, Hirkland, Hirst, Hitchens, Hitchins, Hitts, Hobbins, Hobbs, Hobley, Hobly, Hodges, Hodivine, Holden, Holland, Hollensley, Hollins, Hollyer, Hollywell, Holman, Holmes, Holt, Holtham, Holton, Homes, Hopkins, Hopwood, Horbourne, Horrad, Horsefall, Horsfall, Horton, Houghs, Houghton, Howard, Hoyiott, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes, Hulk, Hulm, Humphries, Hunt, Hurford, Hutt, Hyde, Hylands, Hyott.

Ingram, Inocents, Ireland, Irons, Ison, Ivens.

Jackson, Jacobs, Jacox, Jakeman, James, Jarratt, Jarvis, Jarviss, Jasen, Jefcoat, Jefcroft, Jeffcote, Jeffers, Jefficott, Jeffis, Jeffs, Jelley, Jelly, Jenkins, Jenson, Jephcoat, Jesson, Jilley, Jobbins, Johns, Johnson, Joines, Jolly, Jones, Jordan, Judd.

Keane, Keen, Keene, Kelsey, Kemp, Kennel, Kennell, Kennerdy, Kenney, Kiberley, Kilpack, Kimberley, King, Kirk, Kiss, Knight.

Ladbury, Laing, Lamb, Lambert, Lambeth, Lambley, Lanes, Langshaw, Lapworth, Larvip, Latham, Laud, Lawerance, Lawson, Lax, Laxon, Layland, Lea, Leads, Leager, Leatham, Lecutties??, Lee, Leeson, Lelley, Lemon, Lenton, Lewin, Lewis, Liasley, Lidbrook, Ligason, Liggins, Lilley, Lindon, Lines, Linton, Lissaman, Litchfield, Lithill, Little, Littleton, Littlewood, Lloyd, Lockett, Lodger, Longshon, Looms, Loone, Lord, Lorner, Loudel?, Lovett, Lovitt, Low, Lowe, Lucas, Ludford, Lydall, Lynes.

Maind?, Makepeace, Man, Mander, Maning, Manley, Manming, Mann, Manning, Mansell, Mansfield, Mantisole ?, March, Marchall, Marden, Mardlin, Marriott, Marshall, Marson, Marston, Martin, Marton, Martson, Marvish, Mary, Maryetts??, Mason, Masters, Mathews, Matterson, Mattison, Mattocks, Mattox, Maund, Maxon, Maycock, Mayo, Mazey, Mc Clean, Mc Greoger?, Mc Halley, Mc Mern??, Meadows, Meakin, Mear, Mecken, Meckin, Medlecott, Meekin, Merci, Meridew, Merridew, Merry, Micklenight, Middlehurst, Miles, Millar, Miller, Millis, Mills, Millward, Minstell, Minster, Minstral, Mistrell, Mitchel, Mitchell, Molesworth, Montgomery, Moon, Moorcroft, Moore, Morbey, Morgan, Mornton, Morrall, Morris, Morriss, Morterson, Morton, Moy, Muchlow, Mudiman, Mullis, Munn, Murcoth.

Nasserey, Naul, Nawl, Neacham, Neal, Neale, Nearson, Neigh, Nelson, Nerrack?, Newark, Newcomb, Newcombe, Newcosnle, Newey, Newman, Newsome, Newson, Newton, Newwrot, Nex, Nhea??, Nibb, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicks, Nickson, Night, Nightingale, Nixon, Nock, Noon, Norriss, North, Norwood, Nuberry, Nune, Nunn, Nurton, Nutt.

Oakes, Odell, Oilfield, Oldhams, Olhams, Oltham, Onion, Onions, Orton, Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osmond, Oswin, Oughton, Oushen, Over, Overton, Owen, Owin, Oxell, Oxford.

Packer, Paddy, Padmore, Page, Pain, Palmer, Pardo, Pardon, Parker, Parkes, Parmer, Parnele, Parnell, Parnwell, Parr, Parrott, Parsons, Patrick, Patterson, Pattison, Payne, Payoyy??, Peake, Pear, Pearman, Pears, Pearson, Peaye, Peen, Pegg, Peirs, Penn, Pepper, Percy, Perkins, Perks, Perry, Peters, Petters, Pettifor, Phillips, Phips, Pickard, Pickering, Pickwood, Piggins, Piggott, Pikerell, Piper, Plant, Plarman?, Podmore, Pollarcd, Pollard, Poney, Poole, Pope, Porter, Potts, Poulten, Pourten, Poutlney, Powell, Pratt, Preedy, Prekard, Pretchett, Prevast, Price, Prichard, Pridmore, Prince, Pritchard, Pumer?, Punker, Pyatt.


Raby, Radcliff, Radford, Rady, Ralphs, Rammage, Randle, Rann, Read, Reader, Reading, Reas, Reddnighton, Redferam, Redgraves, Reed, Rees, Reeve, Reeves, Reyley, Reynolds, Reyonds, Reyonlds, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Rigby, Rigers, Rigg, Riggott, Riley, Rincher, Roadnight, Roberson, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Rolason, Rollason, Rose, Ross, Rotherham, Rowe, Rowley, Rowney, Royle, Rugleys, Ruler, Russell, Russhead, Ruston, Ryder, Ryley.

Sackerson, Saddler, Sadler, Sammons, Samson, Sanders, Sanderson, Sanson, Sargeant, Satchell, Satchwll, Saunders, Sawbridge, Sawbudge, Sawrey, Scampton, Scott, Scotton, Sealey, Searn, Seayer, Sedgley, Settle, Shaheshaft?, Shakespeare, Sharp, Shatchwell, Shatswell, Shaw, Shawright, Sheets, Sheffield, Shelsey, Shelton, Shennell, Shenton, Shevas??, Shilley, Shillingworth, Shilton, Shinstone, Shipley, Shirley, Shittle, Showell, Shufflebottom, Shuttleworth, Sidwell, Siminlow?, Simkins, Simmany ?, Simmons, Simpson, Simsmith, Sitherson, Skean, Skidmore, Skillington, Slingsby, Sly, Sly , Smallbrook, Smarch, Smedley, Smith, Snape, Soden, Southam, Southern, Spencer, Spicer, Spreeson, Sprigg, Squires, Staff?, Stafford, Stain, Stanbridge, Standley, Stanley, Stanton, Starkley, Starley, Staveley, Stawright, Steadman, Steal, Steam, Steane, Steavell, Stephenson, Stevens, Still, Stocks, Stoker, Stokes, Stone, Stott, Stow, Strange, Strickland, Stringer, Sturch, Suffolk, Summer, Summers, Suttle, Swan, Swane, Swanson, Swian, Swift.

Talesowry??, Talters, Talyor, Tame, Tandy, Tanley, Tann, Tanner, Tansley, Tanton, Tarr, Taylor, Teasdale, Teoth??, Tew, Thatcher, Thay, Thennile?, Thomas, Thompson, Thorncroft, Thornelow, Thornels, Thornes, Thornilow, Thornton, Thorpe, Thrift, Tidmas, Tidswell, Tidwell, Tilley, Tilt, Timerick, Tind, Tinney, Tinsley, Tipin, Tipson, Tiviter?, Tomkins, Tomkiss, Tompson?, Toms, Tonks, Toogood, Toogoode, Tooth, Townsend, Tranter, Tredwell, Treen, Trickett, Trivott, Troughton, Tunicliff, Tunnicliff, Turman, Turner, Twaites, Twigger, Twiner, Twins, Twites, Twogood, Twycroft, Twycross, Tyler.

Undercote, Underlin, Underwood, Upton.

Valance, Vaughan, Vernon, Vickers, Villers.

Wagstaff, Wakefield, Walker, Wall, Walles, Walmesley, Walter, Walton, Ward, Warden, Warding, Waring, Warren, Warring, Warrington, Washbrook, Washington, waterfall, Waters, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Waystaff, Webb, Webster, Weeb, Weeler, Weight, Wein, Welch, Wells, West, Westley, Weston, Westton, Westtrap, Westwick, Whale, Wheatley, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Whitham, Whitlemore, Whitlock, Whitmore, Whyby, Wickley, Wicks, Wigston, Wilday, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wills, Wilmott, Wilson, Wilton, Windnedge, Windsor, Winkliss, Winsor, Winter, Winterton, Wintidge, Wistley, Witton, Wlfery?, Wollen, Wood, Woodcock, Woodfield, Woodhead, Woodhouse, Woodward, Wool, Wooton, Wootten, Wootton, Worcester, Worrall, Worrell, Worthouse, Wotten, Wrenshaw, Wright, Wughman, Wyatt, Wyley, Yardley, Yates, Young,.

1William AbbotsBishop Street
1Robert AbbottCross Cheaping
amWilliam Abey?Broadgate
amThomas AbleBayley lane
amThomas Abould?Bishop Street
1Thomas AbronBishop Street
1Charles AdamsMuch Park Street
1Gerald AdamsBishop Street
1James AdamsBishop Street
amJames AdamsGosford Street
amJohn AdamsBishop Street
amJoshua AdamsBayley lane
1Michael AdamsSpon Street
amThomas AdamsBishop Street
1William AdamsBroadgate
1William AdamsMuch Park Street
amWilliam AdamsSpon Street
amWilliam AdamsSpon Street
1Widow AdcockBayley lane
1William AdkinsGosford Street
amJames AdsonMuch Park Street
1John AlbuttCross Cheaping
1John AlcoteBroadgate
1Mathias AlcoteCross Cheaping
1George AlcottCross Cheaping
amWilliam AlcottBroadgate
1James AllenEarl Street
1John AllenBishop Street
1Joseph AllenSpon Street
amWilliam AllenCross Cheaping
1Edward AmosBishop Street
amThomas AncoxCross Cheaping
amBenjamin AndersonBishop Street
1John AndersonJordan Well
amSamuel AndersonGosford Street
appWilliam AnglissCross Cheaping
amEdumd Ansleyson?Bayley lane
amJames AnstyBroadgate
amJoseph AnstyBishop Street
amJoseph AnstyCross Cheaping
amCharles ArcherMuch Park Street
amCharles ArcherMuch Park Street
1John ArcherBishop Street
amJohn ArcherBishop Street
1Thomas ArcherJordan Well
amGeorge armstrongBishop Street
1Samuel ArmstrongBroadgate
1Thomas ArnellSpon Street
amJohn ArnoldJordan Well
amJohn ArnoldMuch Park Street
amRobert ArnoldMuch Park Street
amRobert ArnoldMuch Park Street
1Willaim ArnoldBishop Street
a,William ArnoldJordan Well
amJohn Arnold jrnGosford Street
1William ArnottBishop Street
1Richard ArrowsmithBishop Street
amJoseph ArtherBayley lane
amThomas AscoughMuch Park Street
1William AscoughBroadgate
1William AscoughBroadgate
amJohn AshbyBishop Street
amRichard AshbyGosford Street
amJames AshtonSpon Street
1Joseph AshtonBroadgate
amThomas AshtonBayley lane
amThomas AshtonBroadgate
amJames AskinsCross Cheaping
amWilliam AsplenGosford Street
1Joseph AstellSpon Street
1Joseph AstleyCross Cheaping
1Samuel AstleyMuch Park Street
1John AstonSmithford Street
amSarah AstonGosford Street
amWilliam AstonCross Cheaping
amAnn AtkinsGosford Street
1Charles AtkinsGosford Street
1Daniel AtkinsCross Cheaping
amJacob AtkinsBishop Street
amJacob AtkinsCross Cheaping
amJohn AtkinsBishop Street
1John AtkinsCross Cheaping
amJoseph AtkinsJordan Well
amRichard AtkinsEarl Street
1Samuel AtkinsGosford Street
amThomas AtkinsBishop Street
1Thomas AtkinsMuch Park Street
amWilliam AtkinsMuch Park Street
amBenjamin AudleyBishop Street
amJohn AudleyBishop Street
pJoseph AutherJordan Well
amRichard AutherSmithford Street
amJesse AyscoughGosford Street
amJesse AyscoughGosford Street
amJohn AyscoughGosford Street
amJohn AyscoughGosford Street
amWidow AytonMuch Park Street
1John BacheBishop Street
1Thomas BacheBishop Street
1Thomas BaconBishop Street
1William BaddentonSpon Street
amBenjamin BadleyBishop Street
1Charles BagshawSpon Street
amJoseph BagshawJordan Well
amJoseph BagshawJordan Well
amWidow BagshawBayley lane
1Moses Bahelock?Bishop Street
amWidow BaidBayley lane
amJohn BailesJordan Well
amWidow BaileyMuch Park Street
1John BainardBishop Street
1Richard BainardBishop Street
1Amos BakerMuch Park Street
amJoseph BakerCross Cheaping
amJoseph BakerEarl Street
amRichard BakerBishop Street
1Widow BakerBayley lane
1William BakerGosford Street
1William BakerGosford Street
pWilliam BalemeyJordan Well
1Joseph BallBishop Street
1Thomas BallCross Cheaping
amThomas BallSpon Street
amJohn BallardBishop Street
1William BallardBishop Street
amThomas BalleyJordan Well
amJoseph BallissJordan Well
amJoseph BaltonEarl Street
amThomas BalyleyEarl Street
amThomas BanbridgeBishop Street
1James BanburyCross Cheaping
1James BanburyEarl Street
amJoseph BanburyBroadgate
1Thomas BanburyBroadgate
amThomas BandGosford Street
1Thomas BandSpon Street
amWilliam BanehamEarl Street
1William BanksJordan Well
1James BannickCross Cheaping
amJames BantSpon Street
1Joseph BantonBishop Street
1James BarberBishop Street
amJohn BarberGosford Street
amJohn BarberGosford Street
1William BarberCross Cheaping
1Charles BarefootCross Cheaping
amM BarfordCross Cheaping
1Alfred BarkerBishop Street
amEdward BarkerMuch Park Street
1William BarkerBishop Street
amJohn BarllettGosford Street
amThomas BarnburySpon Street
1?? BarnesSpon Street
amGeorge BarnesBishop Street
amHenry BarnesSmithford Street
1J BarnesBroadgate
amJoseph BarnesSpon Street
1Samuel BarnesBroadgate
amJohn BarnettBishop Street
amJoseph BarnettJordan Well
1Thomas BarnettSpon Street
amJohn BarnwellBishop Street
1Richard BarnwellMuch Park Street
pB BarrJordan Well
amBenjamin BarrBishop Street
1Henry BarrGosford Street
1Henry BarrGosford Street
amJohn BarrBishop Street
1John BarrBishop Street
amJohn BarrBishop Street
amWilliam BarrBishop Street
amThomas BarrattBayley lane
pWilliam BarriclaJordan Well
1John BarricliffJordan Well
amJohn BartlettGosford Street
1Richard BartlettCross Cheaping
1Ashton BartonBroadgate
amCharles BartonSpon Street
amGeorge BartonBishop Street
amGeorge BartonCross Cheaping
amJabel BartonEarl Street
amJohn BartonBishop Street
amJohn BartonCross Cheaping
amJoseph BartonBishop Street
1Thomas BartonCross Cheaping
amWilliam BartonBishop Street
1William BartonBroadgate
amCharles BassardCross Cheaping
1James BasscottJordan Well
1Joseph BassettSpon Street
amEdward BatemanEarl Street
1James BatemanMuch Park Street
1John BatemanBishop Street
amDavid BatesCross Cheaping
amEnoch BatesMuch Park Street
amEnoch BatesMuch Park Street
amJob BatesBishop Street
amThomas BatesBayley lane
amThomas BattonSpon Street
amThomas BaudGosford Street
amThomas BaxterJordan Well
1Thomas BayanBayley lane
amJohn BayleyBroadgate
amWilliam BayleyJordan Well
amJames BayshawSpon Street
amJoseph BayshawSpon Street
amSamuel Beacampunt??Gosford Street
1William BeachamSpon Street
1John Beahisboro??Bishop Street
1James BeakerSpon Street
amJames BeakerSpon Street
amBenjamin BeamishJordan Well
amDaniel BeamishBroadgate
pDaniel BeamishJordan Well
1Samuel BeamishBishop Street
amSamuel BeamishGosford Street
amSamuel BeamishGosford Street
1Thomas BeamishBishop Street
amWilliam BeamountGosford Street
1Thomas BeasleyCross Cheaping
amWilliam BeasleyBishop Street
amWilliam BeasleyGosford Street
amWilliam BeasleyJordan Well
amWilliam BeasleyMuch Park Street
1Richard BeatesSpon Street
amJames BeatmanSpon Street
1William BeatmanSpon Street
amThomas BeaumontJordan Well
amJames BeckSpon Street
1Jeriah BeckBishop Street
1John BeckBishop Street
amWilliam BeckwoodMuch Park Street
amBenjamin BedderBishop Street
amSamuel Belinre?Bishop Street
amEdward BenchMuch Park Street
amEdward BenchMuch Park Street
1Edward BentBishop Street
1Thomas BentonBishop Street
1Daniel BerryJordan Well
amRobert BerryJordan Well
1Thomas BerrySpon Street
amWidow BesecherSpon Street
1John BettsSmithford Street
amThomas BettsSmithford Street
1Robert BickleySpon Street
1Charles BicknellCross Cheaping
amWidow BiddellCross Cheaping
1Charles BiddleBishop Street
amWilliam BiddleGosford Street
1Benjamin BidmeadCross Cheaping
1William BikertonBishop Street
1John BillBishop Street
1William BillintonSpon Street
amWilliam BilsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam BilsonMuch Park Street
1Charles BinleyBishop Street
amJames BirchMuch Park Street
amJames BirchSpon Street
1Joscal? BirchBishop Street
amJoseph BirchSpon Street
1Laurance BirchMuch Park Street
amLawrence BirchMuch Park Street
1Thomas BirchMuch Park Street
1Ann BirchallSmithford Street
amBenjamin BirdSpon Street
1George BirdSpon Street
amGeorge BirdSpon Street
1Henry BirdBayley lane
1John BirdBishop Street
1John BirdCross Cheaping
1Josiah BirdEarl Street
amRobert BirdJordan Well
amW BirdBroadgate
amWidow BirdMuch Park Street
amWilliam BirdBishop Street
1William BirdBishop Street
amEdward BirdettMuch Park Street
amJohn BirgesJordan Well
amDavid BishopBroadgate
amJames BishopBroadgate
amJohn BlackJordan Well
amJames BlackbourneSmithford Street
amJohn BlackwellEarl Street
amThomas BlackwellJordan Well
amJames Blenke??Spon Street
amJoseph BlockleyBroadgate
1Thomas BlockleySpon Street
amJohn BloxhamGosford Street
amJohn BloxhamGosford Street
amSamuel BoddingtonBishop Street
1John BodenBishop Street
amGeorge BolenBayley lane
amGeorge BoneGosford Street
amGeorge BoneGosford Street
1Joseph BoothBishop Street
amJosiah BoothEarl Street
amMichael BoothJordan Well
amRichard BoothBishop Street
1Richard BoothBroadgate
amThomas BoothBishop Street
amThomas Boren?Bishop Street
amRichard BortonGosford Street
amWilliam BosworthCross Cheaping
1C BotterdleBroadgate
1Thomas BottonMuch Park Street
amCharles BottrelSpon Street
amJohn BottrillGosford Street
amJames BowenBishop Street
amJames BowenBishop Street
amClab BowlesCross Cheaping
amWilliam BowleySmithford Street
amSamuel BowneyJordan Well
1Joseph BownslyBishop Street
amWilliam BoylisMuch Park Street
1Samuel BoysGosford Street
1D BradburyBroadgate
amJohn BradburySmithford Street
amJoseph BradburyJordan Well
amJoseph BradburyMuch Park Street
amWilliam BradburyGosford Street
amWilliam BradburyGosford Street
amEdward BradfordSpon Street
1Joseph BradshallBroadgate
1James BradshawSpon Street
amJohn BradshawMuch Park Street
amJoseph BradshawMuch Park Street
amJoseph BradshawMuch Park Street
1Richard BradshawBishop Street
amWidow BradshawMuch Park Street
amWilliam BradshawBishop Street
1Richard BradwichBishop Street
amWilliam BradwickMuch Park Street
amR BrainwellMuch Park Street
1John BrasfordBishop Street
am?? BrawnSpon Street
1Samuel BrawnSpon Street
amWilliam BrawnSpon Street
1Arthur BrayMuch Park Street
1James BrayMuch Park Street
1John BrayGosford Street
1John BrayGosford Street
amMichael ? BrayJordan Well
1William BrayJordan Well
amWilliam BreadMuch Park Street
1Joseph BreadleySpon Street
amJoseph BrenleySpon Street
amJoseph BrewerBishop Street
1Richard BriburyMuch Park Street
amJoseph BridellMuch Park Street
amWidow BridgesBayley lane
amCharles BrightBayley lane
appJohn BrightSmithford Street
amJohn BrightSmithford Street
amThomas BrightJordan Well
1William BrightBishop Street
1Walter BrindBroadgate
amJohn BroadhurstBishop Street
1John BroadhurstCross Cheaping
1John BroadhurstGosford Street
amThomas BroadhurstMuch Park Street
1Widow BrogdonMuch Park Street
amJoseph Bromcesh??Bishop Street
amWilliam BromfieldBroadgate
amJohn BrooksBishop Street
amJoseph BrooksMuch Park Street
1Thomas BrooksSpon Street
amWilliam BrooksJordan Well
1John BrowettBishop Street
amJoseph BrowettCross Cheaping
1William BrowettCross Cheaping
1Benjamin BrownBishop Street
amBenjamin BrownSpon Street
amCharles BrownBishop Street
amCharles BrownBishop Street
1Daniel BrownBishop Street
1Daniel BrownSpon Street
1Darnes BrownMuch Park Street
amDavid BrownCross Cheaping
1Dr BrownEarl Street
1Henry BrownBayley lane
amIsaac BrownBishop Street
1Isaac BrownJordan Well
1J BrownBroadgate
1James BrownBroadgate
1James BrownSpon Street
amJohn BrownBishop Street
1John BrownBishop Street
amJohn BrownCross Cheaping
amJohn BrownGosford Street
amJohn BrownGosford Street
1John BrownJordan Well
amJohn BrownMuch Park Street
1Joseph BrownBishop Street
1Joseph BrownBroadgate
amJoseph BrownGosford Street
amJoseph BrownGosford Street
1Joseph BrownSpon Street
1Richard BrownBayley lane
amRuth BrownEarl Street
amThomas BrownMuch Park Street
amThomas BrownMuch Park Street
1Widow BrownBayley lane
1Widow BrownSpon Street
1William BrownBishop Street
amWilliam BrownCross Cheaping
amWilliam BrownSpon Street
amEdward BrudettMuch Park Street
amSamuel BryanSmithford Street
1Thomas BryanBroadgate
amWilliam BryantBroadgate
1Samuel BuckbyMuch Park Street
1Widow BuckbySpon Street
1James BucklerSpon Street
amR BucklerSpon Street
amWidow BucklerSpon Street
amHenry BuckleyCross Cheaping
amJohn BuckleyCross Cheaping
1Thomas BuckleyBroadgate
amW BuckleySpon Street
appenJ BucknallBroadgate
amJohn Buerley?Broadgate
1Henry BugBayley lane
amGeorge BuickEarl Street
amJoseph BullSpon Street
1John BullenBroadgate
amJoseph BullockEarl Street
1Thomas BullockEarl Street
1Captain BunneyBroadgate
1Robert BunneyBroadgate
amJames BunningEarl Street
amJoseph BunningEarl Street
amWidow BurberrySpon Street
amWilliam BurbidgeSmithford Street
1Thomas BurbidySmithford Street
amHenry BurbirdgeJordan Well
amJoseph BurbirgeMuch Park Street
amHenry BurbridgeMuch Park Street
amNo Entry BurbridgeCross Cheaping
1John BurburyGosford Street
1Thomas BurburyGosford Street
amJames BurdenBishop Street
amJames BurdenMuch Park Street
amJoseph BurgesGosford Street
ConstableJames BurissBroadgate
1Edward BurmerBroadgate
1James BurneCross Cheaping
amDavid BurrowsCross Cheaping
amHenry BurtonGosford Street
amHenry BurtonGosford Street
amJames BurtonBroadgate
amJames BurtonEarl Street
1John BurtonBishop Street
amJoseph BurtonBishop Street
1Joseph BurtonSpon Street
amWidow BurtonSmithford Street
amWilliam BurtonBroadgate
amWidow BuryEarl Street
amWilliam BushellMuch Park Street
1Joseph BuswellMuch Park Street
1Thomas BuswellBishop Street
amThomas BuswellEarl Street
amJames ButlerGosford Street
amJames ButlerGosford Street
1Joseph ButlerBishop Street
amThomas ButlerGosford Street
amJames ButlinMuch Park Street
amThomas ButlinGosford Street
1Benjamin ButterworthBroadgate
1Henry ButterworthCross Cheaping
1Henry ButterworthSmithford Street
1John ByrnCross Cheaping
1William CackleSpon Street
amJohn CampbellBishop Street
amEdward CampionGosford Street
1Robert CampionEarl Street
1Thomas CampionGosford Street
1Thomas CamptonBroadgate
amSamuel CamswellGosford Street
amSamuel CamswellGosford Street
1Evans & CannonCross Cheaping
1John CarelessMuch Park Street
amThomas CarleySpon Street
amWidow CarnstaleMuch Park Street
1George CarpenterGosford Street
1George CarpenterGosford Street
amSamuel CarpenterSmithford Street
1Widow CarpenterSmithford Street
1Edward CarrBishop Street
1John CarrBroadgate
amEdward CarterSpon Street
amEdward CarterSpon Street
amJohn CarterEarl Street
amJoseph CarterMuch Park Street
1Richard CarterBishop Street
amThomas CarterGosford Street
1Thomas CarterSmithford Street
1William CarterEarl Street
amWilliam CarterJordan Well
amWilliam CarterMuch Park Street
amWilliam CarterSmithford Street
1Gar ?? Carters Spon Street
1James CartwrightSpon Street
amAmos CarvellBroadgate
amJames CarvellSpon Street
amHenry CastledineCross Cheaping
amWilliam CastlesMuch Park Street
1Samuel CattellBishop Street
1Joseph CatterSpon Street
1Henry CatternsCross Cheaping
1John CatternsBishop Street
amJohn CaveCross Cheaping
amJoseph CaveSpon Street
1Josiah CaveBroadgate
amThomas CavelleGosford Street
amHenry Cavley Spon Street
1Thomas ChalmasSmithford Street
amJames ChamberlainBishop Street
1Thomas ChamberlianBishop Street
1Johnthan ChambersBayley lane
amSamuel ChambersEarl Street
amWilliam ChandlerJordan Well
1Richard Chantra??Spon Street
amJohn ChantrilesGosford Street
amJohn ChaplinGosford Street
amWilliam ChaplinBishop Street
amWilliam ChaplinBishop Street
amBenjamin CharleyMuch Park Street
amJames CharleyGosford Street
amJames CharleyGosford Street
1John CharleyMuch Park Street
1Joseph CharleyBishop Street
amThomas CharleyMuch Park Street
amJames ChasSpon Street
amWilliam ChaterEarl Street
1Henry ChathamEarl Street
amJohn ChatterwayBroadgate
amJohn ChatwayBayley lane
1Anthony CheaperEarl Street
1William CheaterSmithford Street
amWilliam CheatlyMuch Park Street
1Richard CheckinEarl Street
amThomas CheeksCross Cheaping
amWidow CheelesCross Cheaping
amJo? ChemistBishop Street
amJames CherryBroadgate
1John CheslinBishop Street
amJohn CheslinJordan Well
1John ChesterBishop Street
1William ChesterBishop Street
1Edward ChettamSpon Street
1Joseph ChinSpon Street
1Job ChinnGosford Street
1Job ChinnGosford Street
amJohn ChinnBishop Street
amEdward ChittanSpon Street
amJames ChittemCross Cheaping
amJohn ChittenGosford Street
amJohn ChittenGosford Street
1Joseph ChittenBishop Street
1Samuel ChurchaleGosford Street
amGeorge ClareJordan Well
1James ClareJordan Well
1Samuel ClareEarl Street
pWilliam ClariageJordan Well
amCharles ClaridgeEarl Street
amJohn ClaridgeBishop Street
amBenjamin ClarkSpon Street
amDavid ClarkBishop Street
amFrances ClarkGosford Street
amFrancis ClarkGosford Street
1Henry ClarkEarl Street
amJasse ClarkBayley lane
amJohn ClarkBishop Street
1John ClarkBishop Street
amJohn ClarkCross Cheaping
amJohn ClarkCross Cheaping
amJohn ClarkCross Cheaping
amJohn ClarkGosford Street
amJohn ClarkMuch Park Street
1Richard ClarkEarl Street
amRichard ClarkGosford Street
amRichard ClarkGosford Street
1Robert ClarkCross Cheaping
amSamuel ClarkCross Cheaping
amThomas ClarkBishop Street
amThomas ClarkBroadgate
1William ClarkCross Cheaping
amWilliam ClarkCross Cheaping
1William ClarkGosford Street
1William ClarkGosford Street
1William ClarkJordan Well
amWilliam ClarkSpon Street
1William ClarkSpon Street
amJames ClarkeMuch Park Street
amJohn ClarkeBroadgate
1John ClarkeMuch Park Street
1Mary ClarkeEarl Street
1William ClarkeBishop Street
1William ClarkeBishop Street
amWilliam ClarkeEarl Street
1William ClarkeMuch Park Street
1William ClarkeMuch Park Street
amJohn ClayBishop Street
amJohn ClayJordan Well
amRobert ClayCross Cheaping
amThomas ClayBishop Street
amThomas ClayBishop Street
1T ClaytonSpon Street
1William ClaytonSmithford Street
amBenjamin CleaverBishop Street
amJoseph CleaverBishop Street
1Joseph CleaverEarl Street
1Benjamin CleeverGosford Street
1Benjamin CleeverGosford Street
amJames CleeverMuch Park Street
1Edward ClementsBishop Street
amRichard ClementsSmithford Street
amSamuel ClementsBayley lane
amWilliam ClementsBishop Street
amCharles ClentsonBishop Street
amHarvey CleverleyGosford Street
amHenry CleverleyGosford Street
amHeroy? CleverleyGosford Street
amHervey CleverleyGosford Street
amMichael CliffordSmithford Street
1?? CliftonSpon Street
amJoseph CluseSpon Street
amWilliam CobleyBayley lane
amJohn CockBishop Street
1Josiah CockEarl Street
1James CockbillBishop Street
amRichard ColdicotMuch Park Street
1William ColdicottBroadgate
pWilliam ColdicottCross Cheaping
amJames ColeBishop Street
amJames ColeMuch Park Street
amSamuel ColeSpon Street
amThomas ColeEarl Street
amWilliam ColeBishop Street
1James ColemanSpon Street
1Joseph ColemanEarl Street
1Joseph ColemanMuch Park Street
1William ColemanCross Cheaping
amThomas ColingBishop Street
amThomas ColletSpon Street
1Charles ColleyMuch Park Street
amWilliam ColleyBayley lane
amWilliam ColleyGosford Street
amWilliam ColleyGosford Street
1William CollierGosford Street
1William CollierGosford Street
amWilliam CollingborneMuch Park Street
1John CollinsGosford Street
1John CollinsGosford Street
1John CollinsGosford Street
1John CollinsGosford Street
1Josiah CollinsEarl Street
amThomas CollinsCross Cheaping
amWilliam CollinsonCross Cheaping
amJohn ColtmanBroadgate
amNatt ColtmanCross Cheaping
1William CombyEarl Street
1Thomas ComleyBroadgate
amJohn ConeleyCross Cheaping
1Joseph ConewaySpon Street
1Edward ConnopBishop Street
amRichard ConnopCross Cheaping
1Joseph ConnoyCross Cheaping
1William ConwayBishop Street
amJames CookSpon Street
amJohn CookCross Cheaping
amJohn CookJordan Well
1Mrs CookBayley lane
amThomas CookBishop Street
1William CookBishop Street
amChristopher CookeSpon Street
1Joseph CookeSpon Street
amThomas CookeJordan Well
amWilliam CookeSpon Street
1Dave CookisonSpon Street
amJames CooperSpon Street
amJohn CooperBishop Street
1John CooperBishop Street
amJohn CooperJordan Well
amJohn CooperJordan Well
1Joseph CooperSpon Street
amSamuel CooperBishop Street
amThomas CooperBayley lane
1Thomas CooperBishop Street
amThomas CooperMuch Park Street
amThomas CooperSmithford Street
amWilliam CooperBishop Street
amWilliam CooperJordan Well
1Thomas CopeJordan Well
amWilliam CopestakesGosford Street
amWilliam CopestakesGosford Street
amThomas CopesteakBishop Street
1George CopestickBishop Street
1Mary CopsonEarl Street
1Richard CopsonBishop Street
1Thomas CopsonMuch Park Street
1Samuel CorberttSmithford Street
1Joseph CorbettBishop Street
amStephen CorbittCross Cheaping
amJohn CorkBishop Street
amJohn CosbyJordan Well
anGeorge CotterillCross Cheaping
amSamuel CotterillJordan Well
1John CottonBishop Street
amThomas CottonJordan Well
amJoseph CousinsMuch Park Street
amSamuel CoutstonCross Cheaping
amThomas CouzensBayley lane
1Charles CowleyBishop Street
amRobert CowleyBishop Street
1Elizabeth CoxCross Cheaping
amJames CoxMuch Park Street
amJohn CoxCross Cheaping
1Joseph CoxSpon Street
amThomas CoxCross Cheaping
amWilliam CoxCross Cheaping
amJohn CoxhallMuch Park Street
amFrank CrabbBishop Street
1Adi CrampCross Cheaping
1`Frederick CrampJordan Well
amGeorge CrampBroadgate
amJames CrampMuch Park Street
amJoseph CrampBroadgate
amJoseph CrampGosford Street
amJoseph CrampGosford Street
1William CrampBroadgate
amJohn CraneGosford Street
amJohn CraneGosford Street
amEdward CranmerMuch Park Street
amJames CranmerMuch Park Street
appWilliam CrispGosford Street
appWilliam CrispGosford Street
amWilliam CrockallBayley lane
1James CrockfordSpon Street
pJoseph CrockfordJordan Well
amJoseph CroftCross Cheaping
amRichard CroftsBroadgate
amWidow CroftsEarl Street
amWilliam CroftsBishop Street
1William CroftsBroadgate
1John CrosbyBayley lane
amSamuel CrosbyBishop Street
1Samuel CrosbyBishop Street
amThomas CrosbyBroadgate
amWidow CrowMuch Park Street
amWidow CroxallSmithford Street
amJoseph CrumpSpon Street
1Rap?? CureSpon Street
1Thomas CureBroadgate
1Richard CuretonBishop Street
1Joseph CuzinBishop Street
amThomas DaffornBishop Street
amWilliam DaffornSmithford Street
1John DagleyBroadgate
amJoseph DagleyEarl Street
1Francis DaleMuch Park Street
1William DaleEarl Street
amJohn DalmanJordan Well
1Edward DaltonEarl Street
amJames DaltonMuch Park Street
1John DaltonBroadgate
1Samuel DaltonBishop Street
amThomas DaltonBroadgate
1Edward DannBishop Street
amSamuel DannsEarl Street
1John DarkMuch Park Street
amThomas DarkJordan Well
1William DarlinsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam DarnBishop Street
amJames DarwellGosford Street
amJames DarwellGosford Street
amThomas DavenportMuch Park Street
1James DavesSpon Street
anEd?? DaviesJordan Well
1Charles DavisBayley lane
amEdward DavisCross Cheaping
amFrancis DavisCross Cheaping
1James DavisBishop Street
amJames DavisBroadgate
amJames DavisGosford Street
amJohn DavisBishop Street
amJohn DavisJordan Well
amJoseph DavisBishop Street
amJoseph DavisBishop Street
amJoseph DavisGosford Street
amMato?? DavisCross Cheaping
amRobert DavisBishop Street
appThomas DavisGosford Street
appThomas DavisGosford Street
1Thomas DavisJordan Well
amWilliam DavisEarl Street
amTom Davis EqrSmithford Street
amJohn Dawnies?Bishop Street
ConstEdward DawsonCross Cheaping
amH? DawsonBishop Street
1?? DaySpon Street
amJohn DayBishop Street
amJohn DayBishop Street
amJohn DayJordan Well
1John DayMuch Park Street
amMiss DayBayley lane
amRichard DaySpon Street
1Samuel DaySpon Street
amThomas DayJordan Well
1William DayGosford Street
1William DayGosford Street
amJames DeaconBishop Street
1James DeaconSmithford Street
amJeremin DeavesSpon Street
1Joseph DeavesSpon Street
1William DeavesSpon Street
amSamuel DemanBishop Street
1John DenconBroadgate
amJohn DenmenSpon Street
amJohn DenneyGosford Street
amJohn DenneyGosford Street
1Richard DenneyJordan Well
1Abraham DennissCross Cheaping
amJames DenstonSpon Street
1John DevillBroadgate
1William DickersonCross Cheaping
1John DickewrsonCross Cheaping
amFrancis DickinsMuch Park Street
amWidow DicksSmithford Street
amWilliam DillinEarl Street
amCharles DillonGosford Street
1Domicick DillonSpon Street
1James DillonBishop Street
amDavid DingleyCross Cheaping
amThomas DixJordan Well
1George DixonBishop Street
amJohn DoddBishop Street
amJohn DoddBishop Street
pThomas DoddJordan Well
1Thomas DodwellCross Cheaping
1John DoringtonGosford Street
1John DoringtonGosford Street
amSamuel DormerEarl Street
amJohn DornfordMuch Park Street
1Nathanuel DorringtonBishop Street
amThomas DorringtonGosford Street
amThomas DorringtonGosford Street
1Joseph DouglasBishop Street
amJoseph DouglasMuch Park Street
1Joseph DouglasSpon Street
amThomas DouglasBishop Street
1?? DouglassMuch Park Street
amDavid DowdeGosford Street
amDavid DowdeGosford Street
amJames DowellSpon Street
1Widow DowellCross Cheaping
1Thomas DowlenSpon Street
1George DowleyBishop Street
ConstBenjamin DownesCross Cheaping
amEdward DownesCross Cheaping
amJohn DownesCross Cheaping
amJoseph DrakefordEarl Street
amJohn DryGosford Street
1Samuel DrySmithford Street
amThomas DryGosford Street
amThomas DryGosford Street
1Clarke DrysonBishop Street
amCharles DultonEarl Street
amJohn DunnCross Cheaping
1Joseph DunnBishop Street
1Richard DunnSmithford Street
1Thomas DunnCross Cheaping
1Charles DuttonSpon Street
amJoseph DuttonBishop Street
1Thomas DyeCross Cheaping
amSamuel DyerJordan Well
1Thomas DykeSpon Street
1Joseph EamesSpon Street
amWilliam EasonMuch Park Street
amWilliam EastSmithford Street
1John EastonBishop Street
1John EatonBroadgate
amJohn EatonBroadgate
amRichard EatonEarl Street
amCharles EavesMuch Park Street
amCharles EavesMuch Park Street
amEdward EavesSpon Street
amHenry EavesGosford Street
amHenry EavesGosford Street
1James EavesSpon Street
amJohn EavesEarl Street
1Richard EavesCross Cheaping
1Richard EavesCross Cheaping
amThomas EavesEarl Street
amWilliam EavesCross Cheaping
amSamuel EboralMuch Park Street
amWilliam EboraleGosford Street
amWilliam EborallGosford Street
1J T EborneCross Cheaping
amJohn EborneMuch Park Street
1Thomas EbourneGosford Street
1Thomas EbourneGosford Street
1Edward EdgecockBishop Street
1George EdmondsJordan Well
amRichard EdmondsEarl Street
amWilliam EdmondsMuch Park Street
1Mrs EdmundsBayley lane
1Edward EdwardsBishop Street
amGeorge EdwardsMuch Park Street
amJames EdwardsBishop Street
1Joseph EdwardsBishop Street
1Thomas EdwardsBishop Street
1William EdwardsBroadgate
1William EdwardsMuch Park Street
1William EdwardsSpon Street
1William EdwardsSpon Street
amE EgentonBroadgate
1William EggsBishop Street
amEnoch EldSmithford Street
1George EldCross Cheaping
1Robert EldCross Cheaping
amWilliam EldEarl Street
amWilliam EldGosford Street
amWilliam EldGosford Street
1Widow ElikingtonSmithford Street
amRobert EliottEarl Street
amJohn ElkingtonBishop Street
amJohn ElkingtonEarl Street
1Joseph ElkingtonBishop Street
amJoseph ElkingtonEarl Street
1Thomas ElkingtonCross Cheaping
amWilliam ElkingtonBishop Street
amWilliam ElkingtonEarl Street
amJames ElliohMuch Park Street
1Charles ElliottBishop Street
amJohn ElliottCross Cheaping
amJoseph ElliottBishop Street
amJoseph ElliottJordan Well
amJoseph ElliottJordan Well
1Robert ElliottCross Cheaping
amSamuel ElliottCross Cheaping
1Thomas ElliottSpon Street
amWidow ElliottMuch Park Street
amWilliam EllisCross Cheaping
amEdward EllissJordan Well
amWilliam EllissBroadgate
ConstWilliam EllissCross Cheaping
amJames EllivellSmithford Street
amJohn EmbertonJordan Well
amWidow Emberton Smithford Street
1John EnglandBishop Street
1Widow EnglandEarl Street
amMiss EnochBayley lane
amWilliam EnsorSmithford Street
amCharles EssexCross Cheaping
amEdward EssexBishop Street
1Michael EssexGosford Street
1Thomas EssexSpon Street
amDavid EvansCross Cheaping
1Joseph EvansEarl Street
amTimothy EvansEarl Street
amJohn EverettBishop Street
amJames Ewer Gosford Street
amJames EwesGosford Street
1Charles EyersBayley lane
1George EyreEarl Street
1Richard FairfieldMuch Park Street
amEdward FardenSpon Street
amEdward FarmerBishop Street
amGeorge FarmerEarl Street
amJohn Farmer Smithford Street
amHenry FarrenGosford Street
amHenry FarrenGosford Street
1John FarrenBishop Street
1Phillip FarringtonSmithford Street
1Samuel FarsonSpon Street
1John FaulconerSmithford Street
1Robert FawcetMuch Park Street
amAbraham FawsonGosford Street
amAbraham FawsonGosford Street
1John FawsonGosford Street
1John FawsonGosford Street
1William FawsonGosford Street
1William FawsonGosford Street
1Edward FeckeltonBishop Street
amJohn FellowsBishop Street
amFrancis FelthamBishop Street
amJohn FelthamJordan Well
1Andrew FemasonBishop Street
amJohn FennillJordan Well
1William FentonBishop Street
amJames FieldJordan Well
amJohn FieldJordan Well
1Edward FieldwellGosford Street
amThomas FilthamBroadgate
amJob FindonCross Cheaping
1Benjamin FisherBroadgate
amJoseph FisherCross Cheaping
1Daniel FitchelBishop Street
1William FlavellSmithford Street
amJames FleavellSpon Street
1James FlelcherGosford Street
1Joseph FletcherGosford Street
1William FletcherBishop Street
1Joseph FootSmithford Street
1Joseph FordBroadgate
amCharles FosterCross Cheaping
1Charles FosterCross Cheaping
1John FosterCross Cheaping
amJohn FosterEarl Street
amJohn FosterMuch Park Street
amRichard FosterBishop Street
1Widow FosterSmithford Street
amWilliam FosterBishop Street
1John FrancisBishop Street
1John FrancisBishop Street
1Roger FrancisBishop Street
1William FrancisBroadgate
amWilliam FrancisJordan Well
amJames FranklinBishop Street
amsamuel FranklinBishop Street
amJoshua FranksBishop Street
1Richard FranksBishop Street
1Charles FreemanSpon Street
1Joseph FreemanBishop Street
amJoseph FreemanBishop Street
1Thomas FreemanBayley lane
amThomas FreemanEarl Street
1Thomas FreemanEarl Street
1William FreemanSmithford Street
1William FreenEarl Street
1George FrenchBishop Street
1Tek?? FulwellBishop Street
1Thomas FulwellSpon Street
1Joseph FurnissMuch Park Street
1Joseph GaleMuch Park Street
1Joseph Games Spon Street
amMary GamleyEarl Street
1William GardenerMuch Park Street
amJames GardnerSmithford Street
1John GardnerBishop Street
amJohn GardnerGosford Street
amJoseph GardnerMuch Park Street
1Samuel GardnerBroadgate
amWilliam GardnerBishop Street
amWilliam GardnerMuch Park Street
amJohn GarnerBishop Street
1John GarnerGosford Street
1John GarnerGosford Street
1Thomas GarnerSpon Street
1William GarnerSpon Street
1Thomas GarrettMuch Park Street
1Thomas GarrettSpon Street
amThomas GascionsBishop Street
amThomas GascoignGosford Street
amThomas GascoigneGosford Street
amJohn GaskinsMuch Park Street
1William GaskinsMuch Park Street
1Robert GazeryCross Cheaping
amHenry Gegens?Spon Street
1William GellensSpon Street
1George GentCross Cheaping
amWilliam GibbinsBayley lane
amJames GibbsCross Cheaping
amJoseph GibbsSmithford Street
1Miss GibbsSpon Street
amThomas GibbsGosford Street
1John GilbertBayley lane
amJohn GilbertCross Cheaping
amJohn GilbertGosford Street
1Joseph GilbertEarl Street
1Thomas GilbertGosford Street
amThomas GilbertGosford Street
1Thomas GilbertGosford Street
1Thomas GilbertMuch Park Street
amWilliam GilbertBroadgate
amWilliam GilbertJordan Well
1Thomas GillEarl Street
1Samuel GillinsGosford Street
amSamuel GillinsJordan Well
amThomas GlazeMuch Park Street
1Thomas GloverGosford Street
1Thomas GloverGosford Street
amCath e GoddardEarl Street
1John GoddardBayley lane
amJames GodderBishop Street
amC Godding?Broadgate
1Thomas GodferyBishop Street
amJames GodfreyJordan Well
1John GodsbyGosford Street
1Joseph GodsonMuch Park Street
amMaria GodsonMuch Park Street
amJohn GoldGosford Street
1Mick GoldJordan Well
1William GoldbyBroadgate
1Joseph GoldingBishop Street
amThomas GoldingEarl Street
1James GommeryEarl Street
amJoseph GoodallMuch Park Street
amThomas GoodallBroadgate
amThomas GoodallMuch Park Street
amWilliam GoodardBroadgate
amJohn GoodeBishop Street
amMark GoodeBroadgate
1Robert GoodeBishop Street
amThomas GoodeSpon Street
1William GoodeBishop Street
1William GoodeBroadgate
amWilliam GoodeCross Cheaping
1William GoodeJordan Well
1Eliza GoodheadBishop Street
1George GoodmanGosford Street
1Joseph GoodmanMuch Park Street
1Thomas GoodmanCross Cheaping
amThomas GoodmanMuch Park Street
1Charles GoodridgeEarl Street
1Thomas GoodridgeBishop Street
amThomas GoodwinSmithford Street
amEdward GordanBishop Street
1Samuel GoreSpon Street
amRobert GouchJordan Well
1Soloman GoughBishop Street
1James GrahamBishop Street
1John GrahamBishop Street
1Joseph GrahamBroadgate
1Joseph GranerBishop Street
1James GrantCross Cheaping
amJames GrantMuch Park Street
amJohn GrantMuch Park Street
1Joseph GrantSpon Street
amWilliam GrantBroadgate
1James GrayEarl Street
pJoseph GrayJordan Well
amCharles GreenBishop Street
amJames GreenEarl Street
amJohn GreenBishop Street
1Joseph GreenBishop Street
1Thomas GreenBishop Street
amThomas GreenBishop Street
1William GreenGosford Street
1William GreenGosford Street
amJames GreeneCross Cheaping
am?? GreenwayMuch Park Street
1Charles GreenwayMuch Park Street
1James GreenwayMuch Park Street
amJohon GreenwayBroadgate
1Thomas GreenwayBishop Street
amThomas GreenwayBishop Street
amThomas GreenwayMuch Park Street
1William GregoreyGosford Street
amCharles GregoryBishop Street
1John GregoryBishop Street
1Thomas GregoryBishop Street
amWilliam GregoryCross Cheaping
1William GregoryGosford Street
1Peter Gregory Spon Street
amThomas GreswellBishop Street
amJames GriffesSpon Street
amDavis GriffinBishop Street
1William GriffinBishop Street
1James GriffithsBishop Street
amGeorge GrimesBishop Street
amJohn GrimesBroadgate
1Thomas GrimesSmithford Street
1John GrimmittBishop Street
amHannah GrimsbyEarl Street
amSamuel GrimsleyJordan Well
amThomas GroveBishop Street
1William GroveGosford Street
1William GroveGosford Street
1Edward GulsonSpon Street
1Joseph GulsonSpon Street
amJoseph GunnSmithford Street
amArthur GutteridgeJordan Well
amBaley GutteridgeBishop Street
1James GutteridgeBishop Street
amJames GutteridgeSpon Street
amJoseph GutteridgeBishop Street
1Joseph GutteridgeMuch Park Street
amJohn HackerMuch Park Street
1William HackettBroadgate
1Richard HadineMuch Park Street
1Robert HainesSmithford Street
amCharles HaleGosford Street
amSamuel HaleGosford Street
amSamuel HaleGosford Street
amWilliam HaleJordan Well
amJames HalesMuch Park Street
amThomas HalfordBishop Street
amBenjamin HallBishop Street
1George HallCross Cheaping
amJames HallSpon Street
1John HallMuch Park Street
amRichard HallMuch Park Street
1Robert HallBayley lane
amThomas HallEarl Street
1Thomas HallMuch Park Street
amWilliam HallBishop Street
amWilliam HalleckSpon Street
amWilliam HalliboneBishop Street
amJohn HallidayMuch Park Street
1John HallidayMuch Park Street
1Samuel HallsMuch Park Street
amJoseph HammersleyJordan Well
1Joseph HammertonSpon Street
amStephen HammertonCross Cheaping
amThomas HammondGosford Street
amThomas HammondGosford Street
1William HammondBishop Street
amJohn HancockBishop Street
1Widow HancockSpon Street
amHenry HancoxBishop Street
amHenry HancoxCross Cheaping
1John HancoxSpon Street
1Thomas HancoxBishop Street
amEdward HandersonSpon Street
amGeorge HandsSmithford Street
pM HandsJordan Well
1Richard HandsSmithford Street
amThomas HandsMuch Park Street
amThomas HandsMuch Park Street
1David Hannch?Broadgate
pEdward HarborneJordan Well
pJames HarbourneJordan Well
1John HardingEarl Street
1James HardwareBishop Street
amJohn HarfordEarl Street
amHenry HarperSpon Street
amSarah HarperGosford Street
amSarah HarperGosford Street
amWilliam HarrerSpon Street
amBenjamin HarrisEarl Street
amCharles HarrisSpon Street
amGeorge HarrisGosford Street
amJohn HarrisMuch Park Street
amJohn HarrisMuch Park Street
1Nathaniel HarrisMuch Park Street
amRobert HarrisEarl Street
amWilliam HarrisCross Cheaping
1William HarrisGosford Street
1William HarrisGosford Street
amWilliam HarrisMuch Park Street
amRichard HarrisonSmithford Street
amCharles HarrissBroadgate
amHenry HarrissBishop Street
amJoseph HarrissJordan Well
amSamuel HarrissJordan Well
amThomas HarrissBishop Street
1Thomas HarrissBroadgate
amThomas HarrissJordan Well
amThomas HarrissSpon Street
1William HarrissBroadgate
amJoshua HarrittBayley lane
amThomas HarroldBishop Street
amJoseph HarrowMuch Park Street
amJoseph HarsfallSpon Street
amWilliam HarvellSpon Street
amWilliam HarveyGosford Street
amWilliam HarveyGosford Street
amJames HarvisMuch Park Street
amJohn HarvisMuch Park Street
amCharles HarvisonJordan Well
1John HaslockBishop Street
amJames HassallMuch Park Street
amJohn HassallBishop Street
1John HassallBishop Street
amJohn HassallMuch Park Street
amJoseph HassallEarl Street
1William HassallBishop Street
amWilliam HassallMuch Park Street
1Benjamin HassellJordan Well
amWilliam HattonJordan Well
amJoseph HawSpon Street
1Thomas HawbyEarl Street
amWilliam HawesJordan Well
amGeorge HawkesMuch Park Street
amGeorge HawkesMuch Park Street
1James HawkesSpon Street
appJohn HawkinsMuch Park Street
amMary HaycockEarl Street
amWilliam HaydenGosford Street
amWilliam HaydenGosford Street
amEdward HayesJordan Well
1Thomas HayfieldSmithford Street
1Richard HaymesBayley lane
amCalab HaynesCross Cheaping
amThomas HaytonGosford Street
amJames HaywoodCross Cheaping
1Richard HaywoodBishop Street
amThomas HaywoodBishop Street
1Thomas HaywoodJordan Well
amWilliam HaywoodBayley lane
1James HealesSpon Street
amWilliam HeapBishop Street
1Thomas HearneyBishop Street
amWilliam HeathcoteEarl Street
1George HeatleySpon Street
1James HeatleyGosford Street
1Joseph HeatleyGosford Street
amJoseph HeatleySpon Street
1William HellumBishop Street
amH J HemmingCross Cheaping
amWilliam HerbertBishop Street
amAbraham HerbertsEarl Street
amBenjamin Herbery??Spon Street
1William Hevrett??Spon Street
amJames HewesJordan Well
1John HewettGosford Street
1John HewettGosford Street
amWilliam HewettSpon Street
amDaniel HewittJordan Well
amDavid HewittBishop Street
ConstableDavid HewittBroadgate
amJohn HewittBishop Street
1John HewittBishop Street
1John HewittBroadgate
amJohn HewittJordan Well
amJohn HewittSmithford Street
amJosiah HewittGosford Street
1R HewittSpon Street
amSamuel HewittBroadgate
amWilliam HewittSpon Street
amWilliam HewsJordan Well
amWilliam HewsJordan Well
amWilliam HewsonJordan Well
amWilliam HeywoodSpon Street
1William HicklingEarl Street
amJohn HickmenCross Cheaping
amWilliam HiffSmithford Street
1Samuel HileBroadgate
amDaniel HillBayley lane
amJames HillMuch Park Street
amJames HillSmithford Street
1John HillBishop Street
1John HillBishop Street
1John HillBishop Street
amJohn HillJordan Well
1Joseph HillBishop Street
amMiss HillJordan Well
1R HillBroadgate
amRoger HillBishop Street
1Thomas HillBishop Street
amWidow HillMuch Park Street
1William HillBroadgate
amWilliam HillBroadgate
amWilliam HillBroadgate
amWilliam HillCross Cheaping
amRichard Hill Spon Street
amHenry HiltonCross Cheaping
amThomas HineEarl Street
appThomas HineEarl Street
1Thomas Hinorns Spon Street
amWilliam HionsMuch Park Street
1James HirklandEarl Street
amGeorge HirstBishop Street
1John HitchensCross Cheaping
amJoseph HitchensBishop Street
1Samuel HitchensBroadgate
amWidow HitchensSpon Street
amWilliam HitchinsEarl Street
amJohn HittsSmithford Street
amGeorge HobbinsEarl Street
amAnn HobbsEarl Street
1Thomas HobbsJordan Well
1Widow HobbsEarl Street
amEdward HobleyEarl Street
1John HoblyBroadgate
1George HodgesSmithford Street
amThomas HodivineMuch Park Street
amDavid HoldenEarl Street
1James HollandSpon Street
1Richard HollandBishop Street
amWilliam HollandBishop Street
amGeorge HollensleyCross Cheaping
amThomas HollinsCross Cheaping
1James HollyerBishop Street
1John HollywellBishop Street
amWilliam HolmanBishop Street
amAbell HolmesMuch Park Street
amBenjamin HolmesBishop Street
amJames HolmesBishop Street
amJohn HolmesSpon Street
amSamuel HolmesBishop Street
1Thomas HolmesSpon Street
amCharles HoltBishop Street
1Joseph HolthamBishop Street
1Richard HolthamBishop Street
amThomas HolthamJordan Well
amSamuel HoltonMuch Park Street
1William HomesJordan Well
1James HopkinsBishop Street
amJoseph HopkinsCross Cheaping
amMiss HopkinsBroadgate
amThomas HopkinsGosford Street
amThomas HopkinsGosford Street
amWilliam HopwoodMuch Park Street
amJoshua HorbourneJordan Well
1Thomas HorradBayley lane
1John HorsefallMuch Park Street
amRobert HorsefallBishop Street
1John HorsfallBishop Street
amLambert HorsfallBishop Street
1Thomas HorsfallBishop Street
amWilliam HortonEarl Street
1Samuel HoughsSpon Street
1William HoughtonMuch Park Street
1Samuel HowardGosford Street
1William HowardGosford Street
1William HowardGosford Street
amThomas HoyiottJordan Well
amWilliam HubbardBishop Street
1David HudsonEarl Street
1James HudsonSpon Street
1W HudsonSpon Street
amWilliam HughesEarl Street
1William HughesEarl Street
amJohn HulkBroadgate
1Done? HulmBroadgate
amGeorge HulmGosford Street
amGeorge HulmGosford Street
amJames HulmBayley lane
1John HulmBayley lane
1Thomas HulmGosford Street
amThomas HulmJordan Well
amWilliam HulmGosford Street
amWilliam HumphriesBishop Street
amWilliam HumphriesMuch Park Street
amDaniel HuntJordan Well
amSamuel HuntSmithford Street
1James HurfordCross Cheaping
amJohn HuttJordan Well
amSamuel HuttSpon Street
amJohn HydeBishop Street
amJohn HydeBishop Street
amRichard HydeCross Cheaping
1Sarah HydeCross Cheaping
amThomas HydeSpon Street
amWilliam HylandsGosford Street
amWilliam HyottJordan Well
amWilliam IngramGosford Street
amWilliam IngramGosford Street
1Timothy InocentsEarl Street
amJohn IrelandBishop Street
amThomas IronsEarl Street
amJames IsonJordan Well
amWilliam IvensBroadgate
anFan'c JacksonJordan Well
1Francis JacksonBishop Street
1George JacksonBishop Street
1Henry JacksonBishop Street
1J JacksonBroadgate
amJames JacksonSpon Street
amJohn JacksonBishop Street
amJohn JacksonJordan Well
amJoseph JacksonBishop Street
1Mrs JacksonBayley lane
amRichard JacksonBroadgate
1Seal & JacksonBroadgate
amThomas JacksonJordan Well
amThomas JacksonJordan Well
amWidow JacksonCross Cheaping
amWidow JacksonEarl Street
amWilliam JacksonBishop Street
1William JacksonBishop Street
amWilliam JacksonBishop Street
amJohn JacobsBishop Street
amJoseph JacoxCross Cheaping
1Charles JakemanGosford Street
1Charles JakemanGosford Street
amJohn JamesBroadgate
1Richard JamesBroadgate
1Sturdy JamesMuch Park Street
1William JamesBroadgate
amWilliam JamesMuch Park Street
1Widow JarrattBayley lane
1John JarvisBishop Street
1Thomas JarvisBishop Street
1William JarvissBroadgate
1James JasenBishop Street
1Joseph JefcoatSmithford Street
amWilliam JefcoatCross Cheaping
amIsaac JefcroftCross Cheaping
1Thomas JeffcoteBishop Street
amJames JeffersSpon Street
1Enoch JefficottGosford Street
amRichard JeffisSpon Street
1Frances JeffsBishop Street
amJohn JeffsJordan Well
1James JelleySpon Street
amCharles JellyBroadgate
amRichard JellyBroadgate
amWilliam JellyBishop Street
amJohn JenkinsMuch Park Street
amJohn JenkinsMuch Park Street
1William JenkinsEarl Street
amThomas JensonSpon Street
amThomas JephcoatMuch Park Street
amWidow JessonBayley lane
amMary JilleySmithford Street
amWilliam JobbinsCross Cheaping
amEdith JohnsSpon Street
amBenjamin JohnsonCross Cheaping
amHenry JohnsonJordan Well
amJames JohnsonJordan Well
amJohn JohnsonBishop Street
amJohn JohnsonMuch Park Street
amJoseph JohnsonBroadgate
amJoseph JohnsonEarl Street
1Joseph JohnsonGosford Street
1Joseph JohnsonGosford Street
amJoseph JohnsonJordan Well
amMathew JohnsonEarl Street
1Samuel JohnsonEarl Street
1Samuel JohnsonGosford Street
1Samuel JohnsonGosford Street
1Samuel JohnsonGosford Street
1Samuel JohnsonGosford Street
1Samuel JohnsonJordan Well
1Thomas JohnsonBishop Street
amThomas JohnsonEarl Street
amThomas JohnsonJordan Well
1Thomas JohnsonSmithford Street
1Widow JohnsonSpon Street
1William JohnsonBayley lane
amWilliam JohnsonBishop Street
1William JohnsonBroadgate
amWilliam JohnsonJordan Well
amWilliam JohnsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam JohnsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam JohnsonSpon Street
amWidow JoinesBayley lane
amJoseph JollyBishop Street
amJames JonesGosford Street
amJames JonesGosford Street
amJerry JonesSmithford Street
1John JonesBishop Street
amJohn JonesBishop Street
amJohn JonesGosford Street
amThomas JonesBishop Street
amThomas JonesGosford Street
amWilliam JonesBayley lane
1Charles JordanJordan Well
1Joseph JordanSpon Street
1Charles JuddEarl Street
amIsaac KeaneSmithford Street
1?? KeenEarl Street
amCharles KeenCross Cheaping
1Charles KeenEarl Street
amWilliam KeenEarl Street
amBenjamin KeeneSpon Street
amJames KeeneBishop Street
amJames KeeneCross Cheaping
amJames KeeneCross Cheaping
amJoseph KeeneBishop Street
1Joseph KeeneBroadgate
1William KeeneBishop Street
amJames KelseyMuch Park Street
amWilliam KempJordan Well
1James KennelSpon Street
1Sussan KennelBayley lane
amJohn KennellJordan Well
amCharles KennerdySpon Street
1William KenneyBayley lane
amWilliam KiberleySpon Street
am?? KilpackSpon Street
amBenjamin KimberleyGosford Street
amBenjamin KimberleyGosford Street
amCharles KimberleyCross Cheaping
amChristopher KimberleySpon Street
amJames KimberleySpon Street
amJob KimberleyGosford Street
amJohn KimberleyBishop Street
amJohn KimberleyGosford Street
amJohn KimberleyGosford Street
amJoseph KimberleyEarl Street
amJoseph KimberleySpon Street
amRichard KimberleyBishop Street
amWilliam KimberleyBroadgate
amWilliam KimberleyEarl Street
amWilliam KimberleyJordan Well
amGeorge KingEarl Street
1John KingCross Cheaping
pJohn KingJordan Well
amSt John KingMuch Park Street
1Ger? KirkBroadgate
amJames KirkMuch Park Street
amWilliam KirkBishop Street
amThomas KissMuch Park Street
amAnn KnightCross Cheaping
1James KnightBishop Street
amJohn KnightCross Cheaping
amJoseph KnightBishop Street
amWilliam KnightMuch Park Street
1G LadburyCross Cheaping
1John LaingSmithford Street
1Joseph LaingSmithford Street
amGeorge LambBroadgate
amThomas LambertBishop Street
1henry LambethBroadgate
1William LambleyCross Cheaping
1William LanesSpon Street
1Abell LangshawSpon Street
1Benjamin LapworthBishop Street
1John LapworthBroadgate
amJohn LapworthJordan Well
1Stephen LapworthBishop Street
1Caleb LarvipCross Cheaping
amRichard LathamCross Cheaping
amJohn LaudBayley lane
1Nath,L LaweranceBishop Street
amCharles LawsonBishop Street
amCharles LaxEarl Street
amThomas LaxonGosford Street
amWilliam LaxonBishop Street
1Thomas LaylandEarl Street
amJoseph LeaCross Cheaping
amThomas LeadsEarl Street
amEdward LeagerMuch Park Street
1H LeathamSpon Street
amThomas LeathamSpon Street
1George Lecutties??Gosford Street
1Benjamin LeeBishop Street
1Christopher LeeSpon Street
amJames LeeBishop Street
amJames LeeBishop Street
1James LeeBishop Street
1James LeeSpon Street
amJoseph LeeSpon Street
1Richard LeeBroadgate
amRichard LeeSpon Street
amSamuel LeeBishop Street
1Thomas LeeBishop Street
amWidow LeeMuch Park Street
1William LeeBishop Street
amWilliam LeeBishop Street
amWilliam LeeEarl Street
amWilliam LeeMuch Park Street
1James LeesonBishop Street
amJames LeesonMuch Park Street
1William LeesonBroadgate
amWilliam LeesonEarl Street
1William LeesonMuch Park Street
amWilliam LeesonMuch Park Street
1Charles LelleySpon Street
amRichard LemonMuch Park Street
1James LentonBishop Street
1Joseph LentonBishop Street
amThomas LentonBishop Street
amThomas LentonGosford Street
amThomas LentonMuch Park Street
amWidow LentonCross Cheaping
amWilliam LentonGosford Street
amWilliam LentonGosford Street
amWilliam LentonMuch Park Street
amWilliam LewinJordan Well
amGeorge LewisGosford Street
1George LewisGosford Street
amThomas LewisMuch Park Street
amWilliam LewisEarl Street
amWilliam LewisGosford Street
amWilliam LewisGosford Street
amJoseph LiasleyEarl Street
amWilliam LidbrookGosford Street
amAndrew LigasonEarl Street
am?? LigginsSpon Street
amBargil? LigginsCross Cheaping
amGeorge LilleySmithford Street
amJoseph LindonCross Cheaping
amSamuel LindonBishop Street
amThomas LindonEarl Street
amWilliam LindonCross Cheaping
amJohn LinesCross Cheaping
amThomas LinesEarl Street
1William LinesEarl Street
amThomas LintonGosford Street
amWilliam LissamanEarl Street
amSamuel LitchfieldJordan Well
amMary LithillEarl Street
amWilliam LittleBroadgate
1Thomas LittletonSpon Street
amFrank LittlewoodCross Cheaping
1Thomas LittlewoodJordan Well
amWilliam LittlewoodBroadgate
1William LloydMuch Park Street
1Charles LockettCross Cheaping
amRichard LodgerJordan Well
aRichard LongshonSpon Street
1William LoomsGosford Street
amWilliam LooneBroadgate
1William LooneGosford Street
amBenjamin LordGosford Street
amBenjamin LordGosford Street
amEdward LordJordan Well
amJohn LordJordan Well
1Thomas LordCross Cheaping
amWilliam LordBroadgate
1William LordBroadgate
1William LornerBayley lane
1William Loudel?Bishop Street
amJoseph LovettCross Cheaping
amJoseph LovittBroadgate
amJohn LowCross Cheaping
1Joseph LowSpon Street
amFrancis LoweGosford Street
amFrancis LoweGosford Street
amJoseph LoweBishop Street
1R LoweBroadgate
amThomas LoweBishop Street
amThomas LoweCross Cheaping
amWilliam LoweCross Cheaping
amJohn LucasCross Cheaping
amJoseph LudfordBishop Street
amWilliam LudfordSmithford Street
1William LydallBishop Street
1John LynesCross Cheaping
1Samuel LynesCross Cheaping
1Samuel Maind?Bayley lane
amJohn MakepeaceBishop Street
amJoseph MakepeaceBishop Street
amThomas MakepeaceJordan Well
1Widow ManSpon Street
1R ManderSpon Street
amEdward ManingGosford Street
amJohn ManleyBishop Street
amWilliam ManleyBayley lane
amEdward ManmingGosford Street
amJohn MannGosford Street
amJohn MannGosford Street
amWilliam MannGosford Street
amWilliam MannGosford Street
pRichard ManningJordan Well
amWilliam ManningEarl Street
amEdward MansellBishop Street
amThomas MansfieldJordan Well
amBenjamin Mantisole ?Jordan Well
1Thomas MarchGosford Street
1Thomas MarchGosford Street
amJoseph MarchallGosford Street
amJoseph MarchallGosford Street
1John MardenBishop Street
1Edward MardlinGosford Street
amElizabeth MarriottEarl Street
amJames MarriottBishop Street
amWilliam MarriottBayley lane
1Samuel MarshallBishop Street
amWilliam MarshallMuch Park Street
amJoseph MarsonBishop Street
amThomas MarsonSpon Street
1William MarsonMuch Park Street
1Benjamin MarstonBishop Street
1Joshia MarstonBishop Street
ConstableThomas MarstonBroadgate
appenThomas MarstonBroadgate
amThomas MarstonSpon Street
amJoseph MartinBishop Street
1Thomas MartonSpon Street
1Francis MartsonEarl Street
amWidow MarvishMuch Park Street
amAbraham MaryBayley lane
amJohn Maryetts??Broadgate
amJoseph MasonBroadgate
amSamuel MasonMuch Park Street
amThomas MasonGosford Street
amThomas MasonGosford Street
1Samuel MastersEarl Street
amBenjamin MathewsJordan Well
1Christopher MathewsBishop Street
amJames MathewsBishop Street
amJoseph MathewsGosford Street
amJoseph MathewsGosford Street
amJoseph MathewsGosford Street
amJoseph MathewsGosford Street
ConstRobert MathewsCross Cheaping
amWilliam MathewsJordan Well
amWilliam MathewsMuch Park Street
amSamuel MattersonMuch Park Street
1William MattersonMuch Park Street
amJames MattisonCross Cheaping
amThomas MattocksGosford Street
amJohn MattoxCross Cheaping
amWilliam MaundBayley lane
1Samuel MaxonBishop Street
amCharles MaycockGosford Street
amCharles MaycockGosford Street
amE MaycockBroadgate
amWilliam MaycockGosford Street
amWilliam MaycockGosford Street
1John MayoBishop Street
amThomas MayoSmithford Street
amWidow MayoSmithford Street
pWilliam MayoJordan Well
amJames MazeyMuch Park Street
1James MazeyMuch Park Street
amJoseph Mc CleanBishop Street
amJames Mc Greoger?Bishop Street
amJoseph Mc HalleyGosford Street
amPatrick Mc Mern??Bishop Street
amJames MeadowsMuch Park Street
amThomas MeakinBroadgate
amWilliam MearBishop Street
amMathew MeckenSpon Street
amSamuel MeckinBroadgate
amEden MedlecottCross Cheaping
amJohn MeekinBroadgate
1Thomas MerciSpon Street
1William MeridewMuch Park Street
1Thomas MerridewCross Cheaping
1Joseph MerryBishop Street
1Joseph MerryBishop Street
1Miss MerryMuch Park Street
amSamuel MerryMuch Park Street
amWilliam MicklenightCross Cheaping
1William MiddlehurstBishop Street
amJames MilesSmithford Street
amSamuel MilesGosford Street
amThomas MilesGosford Street
amThomas MilesGosford Street
amWilliam MilesBroadgate
amGeorge MillarEarl Street
amGeorge MillerBishop Street
anOwin MillerEarl Street
amJoseph MillisBishop Street
1Thomas MillisBishop Street
amAbraham MillsJordan Well
1John MillsBroadgate
amJohn MillsCross Cheaping
amJoseph MillsSmithford Street
1Richard MillsJordan Well
amRobert MillsSmithford Street
amThomas MillsBishop Street
1W MillsSpon Street
amWilliam MillsBishop Street
1William MillsGosford Street
amWilliam MillsSmithford Street
1Timothy MillwardEarl Street
1Joseph MinstellBishop Street
1Widow MinsterSmithford Street
amThomas MinstralSpon Street
1Joseph MistrellBishop Street
amWilliam MitchelBishop Street
amWilliam MitchellGosford Street
amWilliam MitchellGosford Street
amIsaac MolesworthBishop Street
1John MolesworthGosford Street
1William MolesworthBroadgate
amWilliam MolesworthEarl Street
1James MontgomerySpon Street
amJohn MoonSmithford Street
amWilliam MoonBishop Street
amJoseph MoorcroftSpon Street
amDaniel MooreEarl Street
amGeorge MooreJordan Well
amGeorge MooreMuch Park Street
amJohn MooreBayley lane
1John MooreBishop Street
1John MooreCross Cheaping
1Joseph MooreBishop Street
amMiss MooreBroadgate
amRobert MooreCross Cheaping
CollectorSamuel MooreBayley lane
1Widow MooreBroadgate
1John MorbeyBishop Street
amThomas MorbeySpon Street
amMrs MorganBroadgate
1Thomas MorganBishop Street
amWidow MorntonMuch Park Street
amIsaac MorrallCross Cheaping
1No Entry MorrisBayley lane
1Samuel MorrissSmithford Street
amThomas MorrissBishop Street
1Thomas MorrissBishop Street
1Thomas MorrissBishop Street
amWilliam MorrissBishop Street
1William MorrissSmithford Street
1Thomas MortersonSpon Street
amJohn MortonJordan Well
amJohn MortonJordan Well
amJohn MortonMuch Park Street
1John MortonMuch Park Street
amJohn MoyJordan Well
1Thomas MoyCross Cheaping
amThomas MoyMuch Park Street
1William MoySmithford Street
amJoseph MuchlowBishop Street
amWilliam MudimanEarl Street
amJohn MullisMuch Park Street
amWilliam MullisBishop Street
amJohn MunnJordan Well
am?? MurcothMuch Park Street
1William NassereySpon Street
amThomas NaulBishop Street
amWidow NaulMuch Park Street
amCharles NawlEarl Street
amWilliam NeachamCross Cheaping
1Thomas NealBishop Street
1Thomas NealSpon Street
amEdward NealeMuch Park Street
amJames NealeGosford Street
amJames NealeGosford Street
1Samuel NealeSpon Street
1Thomas NealeMuch Park Street
amJoseph NearsonSpon Street
1George NeighCross Cheaping
1Joseph NeighSpon Street
1Charles NelsonSpon Street
amJohn NelsonGosford Street
amRichard NelsonJordan Well
amSamuel NelsonJordan Well
1William Nerrack?Bayley lane
1H NewarkBroadgate
amJohn NewarkBishop Street
1William NewarkBayley lane
amWilliam NewarkBishop Street
amJohn NewcombMuch Park Street
amWilliam NewcombBroadgate
amJohn NewcombeMuch Park Street
amWilliam NewcosnleCross Cheaping
amThomas NeweyCross Cheaping
1John NewmanBroadgate
1William NewsomeEarl Street
1Henry NewsonBroadgate
1Thomas NewsonBroadgate
amWilliam NewsonBroadgate
amJames NewtonCross Cheaping
amThomas NewwrotGosford Street
amJoseph NexSpon Street
amWilliam Nhea??Spon Street
1William NibbEarl Street
amThomas NichollsBishop Street
amThomas NichollsBishop Street
amJohn NicholsGosford Street
amThomas NicksEarl Street
amThomas NicksEarl Street
1Joseph NicksonSpon Street
amJoseph NightSpon Street
amJohn NightingaleGosford Street
amJohn NightingaleGosford Street
1Richard NightingaleBishop Street
1William NightingaleEarl Street
appWilliam NightingaleMuch Park Street
1John NixonGosford Street
1William NockSpon Street
ConstableThomas NoonBroadgate
1William NoonMuch Park Street
1Thomas NorrissCross Cheaping
amWilliam NorrissBishop Street
amJoseph NorthJordan Well
amJohn NorwoodBroadgate
1Charles NuberrySpon Street
1Ann NuneSpon Street
amJames NunnSpon Street
amJohn NurtonBishop Street
1James NuttCross Cheaping
1James OakesEarl Street
1Thomas OdellBroadgate
1William OdellCross Cheaping
amJohn OilfieldEarl Street
amWilliam OilfieldEarl Street
amJames OldhamsCross Cheaping
amThomas OlhamsBishop Street
amJames OlthamBishop Street
amThomas OlthamBishop Street
j/sJames OnionSpon Street
amJohn OnionsMuch Park Street
amCharles OrtonJordan Well
amGeorge OrtonBishop Street
amJames OrtonSpon Street
1Thomas OrtonBroadgate
1Thomas OrtonSpon Street
1William OrtonBishop Street
amJohn OsborneGosford Street
amJoseph OsbournSpon Street
1John OsbourneBishop Street
amJohn OsbourneGosford Street
1George OsmondCross Cheaping
amBenjamin OswinMuch Park Street
1Charles OswinBishop Street
1Miss OswinSmithford Street
aqmThomas OswinEarl Street
1Thomas OswinSmithford Street
1William OswinGosford Street
amGeorge OughtonEarl Street
amGeorge OughtonEarl Street
1John OughtonBishop Street
amJohn OughtonEarl Street
1Joseph OughtonEarl Street
amJoseph OughtonSpon Street
amThomas OughtonBayley lane
amThomas OushenSmithford Street
amJohn OverCross Cheaping
11James OvertonSpon Street
amAmos OwenMuch Park Street
amHealey OwenBroadgate
amJames OwenBishop Street
amJohn OwenBishop Street
amMary OwenGosford Street
amThomas OwenMuch Park Street
1Thomas OwenSmithford Street
1Thomas OwenSpon Street
amWilliam OwenMuch Park Street
amWilliam OwinEarl Street
1William OxellBishop Street
amThomas OxfordEarl Street
amWidow OxfordBayley lane
amWilliam PackerEarl Street
amThomas PaddyGosford Street
amThomas PaddyGosford Street
amWidow PadmoreSmithford Street
amJoseph PageGosford Street
amJoseph PageGosford Street
1Charles PainBishop Street
amCharles PainCross Cheaping
amHumpery PainSmithford Street
amMathew PainBishop Street
amSamuel PainBishop Street
1Thomas PainBishop Street
1Edward PalmerBroadgate
amJohn PalmerBishop Street
1John PalmerBroadgate
amJohn PalmerBroadgate
amRichard PalmerMuch Park Street
amRichard PalmerMuch Park Street
1Thomas PalmerBishop Street
amWidow PalmerMuch Park Street
1William PardoSpon Street
amThomas PardonCross Cheaping
amGeorge ParkerEarl Street
amGilbert ParkerGosford Street
amGilbert ParkerGosford Street
1John ParkerBishop Street
1John ParkerBroadgate
amJohn ParkerSmithford Street
amJoseph ParkerBishop Street
1Mary ParkerGosford Street
1Mary ParkerGosford Street
1Peter ParkerBroadgate
amPeter ParkerGosford Street
amPeter ParkerGosford Street
1Samuel ParkerSmithford Street
amThomas ParkerBishop Street
amTimothy ParkerEarl Street
amWilliam ParkerBishop Street
amWilliam ParkerBishop Street
1William ParkerJordan Well
amWilliam ParkerMuch Park Street
1William ParkerSpon Street
amWilliam ParkerSpon Street
amJoseph ParkesMuch Park Street
amThomas ParmerSpon Street
amWilliam ParneleGosford Street
amWilliam ParnellGosford Street
amGeorge ParnwellSpon Street
amThomas ParrBishop Street
1Thomas ParrottCross Cheaping
amMathew ParsonsEarl Street
1William ParsonsBroadgate
amThomas PatrickGosford Street
amThomas PattersonJordan Well
amSamuel PattisonJordan Well
1John PayneGosford Street
1John PayneGosford Street
1Thomas PayneBroadgate
amWidow PayneMuch Park Street
ConstWilliam PayneCross Cheaping
1William PayneCross Cheaping
amWilliam PayneGosford Street
amWilliam PayneGosford Street
1Samuel Payoyy??Jordan Well
amBenjamin PeakeMuch Park Street
1William PeakeBishop Street
1Thomas PearBishop Street
1Mark PearmanEarl Street
1Michael PearmanJordan Well
1Samuel PearmanBishop Street
amThomas PearmanBishop Street
1William PearsBishop Street
amWilliam PearsBishop Street
1William PearsSpon Street
amJohn PearsonBishop Street
amWidow PearsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam PearsonMuch Park Street
1William PearsonMuch Park Street
amSamuel PeayeSpon Street
amCharles PeenBishop Street
1John PeggJordan Well
amSamuel PeggBroadgate
amWilliam PeggJordan Well
amWilliam PeirsSpon Street
1Richard PennBroadgate
1William PennBishop Street
amJohn PepperBroadgate
1John PepperMuch Park Street
amThomas PepperBayley lane
1Thomas PepperEarl Street
amMiss PercySmithford Street
amJohn PerkinsBishop Street
aMJohn PerkinsSmithford Street
1Joseph PerkinsSpon Street
amPhillip PerkinsBishop Street
1Richard PerkinsCross Cheaping
amThomas PerkinsEarl Street
amWilliam PerkinsMuch Park Street
amJohn PerksGosford Street
amRobert PerrySmithford Street
1Edward PetersCross Cheaping
1Elijer PetersSmithford Street
amJames PetersBroadgate
amJames PetersMuch Park Street
1John PetersBishop Street
1John PetersBroadgate
amJoseph PetersMuch Park Street
1Thomas PetersJordan Well
amJames PettersJordan Well
1John PettersSpon Street
1James PettiforBishop Street
1Joseph PettiforBishop Street
amCharles PhillipsCross Cheaping
amJohn PhillipsJordan Well
1Joseph PhillipsBishop Street
1Joseph PhillipsBishop Street
1Mary PhillipsCross Cheaping
ConstableThomas PhillipsBroadgate
amThomas PhillipsBroadgate
amCharles PhipsSpon Street
amJames PickardBishop Street
1Thomas PickardGosford Street
1Thomas PickardGosford Street
1William PickardBishop Street
1William PickardBishop Street
1William PickardSpon Street
amJohn PickeringBishop Street
1John PickeringGosford Street
1Timothy PickeringCross Cheaping
amJohn PickwoodMuch Park Street
1Thomas PigginsBishop Street
1Joseph PiggottEarl Street
1William PiggottEarl Street
amWilliam PiggottGosford Street
amWilliam PiggottGosford Street
amJoseph PikerellBishop Street
1James PiperMuch Park Street
1William PlantEarl Street
amThomas Plarman?Bishop Street
amWilliam PodmoreCross Cheaping
amJames PollarcdMuch Park Street
1Daniel PollardBishop Street
amJames PollardGosford Street
amJames PollardGosford Street
1Thomas PollardBishop Street
amW PollardMuch Park Street
amJoseph PoneyBishop Street
amThomas PooleBishop Street
amWilliam PooleBishop Street
1?? PopeSpon Street
amJames PorterBishop Street
amJohn PorterBishop Street
1Thomas PorterBroadgate
amWilliam PottsBroadgate
amJohn PoultenBishop Street
amJoseph PourtenCross Cheaping
amThomas PoutlneyBayley lane
1James PowellEarl Street
amJohn PowellEarl Street
amThomas PowellCross Cheaping
amWilliam PowellBishop Street
amWilliam PowellCross Cheaping
1Abraham PrattGosford Street
amRichard PrattBishop Street
amSamuel PrattEarl Street
amSamuel PrattMuch Park Street
1Thomas PrattCross Cheaping
amThomas PrattMuch Park Street
amJoseph PreedyBroadgate
ConstWilliam PrekardCross Cheaping
amSamuel PretchettSpon Street
amWilliam PrevastMuch Park Street
ConstableBenjamin PriceBroadgate
amJames PriceMuch Park Street
amJohn PriceCross Cheaping
1Joseph PriceMuch Park Street
amWidow PriceSpon Street
amWidow PriceSpon Street
amWilliam PriceSpon Street
amCharles PrichardJordan Well
1George PridmoreBroadgate
1John PridmoreCross Cheaping
amWidow PrinceMuch Park Street
1Widow PrinceMuch Park Street
pJohn PritchardJordan Well
1John Pumer?Broadgate
1Richard PunkerMuch Park Street
amRobert PyattMuch Park Street
1Joseph QuinneyEarl Street
1Thomas RabyGosford Street
1Thomas RabyGosford Street
1Thomas RadcliffBishop Street
amJohn RadfordMuch Park Street
1William RadfordJordan Well
1Francis RadyMuch Park Street
1William RalphsJordan Well
1John RammageCross Cheaping
amJohn RandleBishop Street
1John RandleGosford Street
1John RandleGosford Street
amWidow RandleMuch Park Street
amWilliam RandleEarl Street
amWilliam RandleEarl Street
1William RandleEarl Street
1William RandleMuch Park Street
amDavid RannBroadgate
1Edumd RannBayley lane
1John ReadBishop Street
1Joseph ReadCross Cheaping
1Samuel ReadMuch Park Street
amThomas ReadBishop Street
1Thomas ReadEarl Street
amThomas ReadJordan Well
amWilliam ReadEarl Street
11William ReadSpon Street
1Miss ReaderBayley lane
amWidow ReaderEarl Street
amWilliam ReaderBishop Street
1William ReaderSmithford Street
1George ReadingEarl Street
amGeorge ReadingSmithford Street
1Joseph ReasSpon Street
1William ReddnightonMuch Park Street
amThomas RedferamBayley lane
amRichard RedgravesBayley lane
amJohn ReedJordan Well
1William ReesBishop Street
1Charles ReeveSpon Street
1Benjamin ReevesBishop Street
amGeorge ReevesMuch Park Street
amJames ReevesBishop Street
1James ReevesBishop Street
amRobert ReevesEarl Street
1Thomas ReevesCross Cheaping
amWilliam ReevesBishop Street
1Thomas ReyleySpon Street
amWilliam ReyleySpon Street
amJohn ReynoldsBishop Street
amJohn ReynoldsMuch Park Street
amWilliam ReynoldsCross Cheaping
1Robert ReyondsBishop Street
amRobert ReyondsMuch Park Street
1Daniel ReyonldsBishop Street
1Benjamin RhodesEarl Street
1John RhodesBishop Street
1Samuel RhodesBishop Street
1William RhodesBishop Street
amJoseph RiceGosford Street
amThomas RiceMuch Park Street
amWilliam RiceMuch Park Street
amSamuel RichardsBayley lane
1R RichardsonBroadgate
amWilliam RichardsonBishop Street
amJohn RigbyBroadgate
1William RigbyEarl Street
1Stev RigersCross Cheaping
1Joseph RiggBishop Street
amCharles RiggottEarl Street
1Benjamin RileySpon Street
amPeter RileyGosford Street
amPeter RileyGosford Street
1Robert RileyGosford Street
1Robert RileyGosford Street
amRobert RincherEarl Street
amThomas RoadnightMuch Park Street
amJustin RobersonSpon Street
amGeorge RobertsSpon Street
amWidow RobertsMuch Park Street
amWilliam RobertsSmithford Street
amJohn RobinsonJordan Well
amJoseph RobinsonMuch Park Street
amTempest RobinsonBishop Street
amWilliam RobinsonGosford Street
amWilliam RobinsonGosford Street
1William RobinsonSpon Street
1John RoeBroadgate
amJohn RoeJordan Well
amEdward RogersJordan Well
amRichard RogersMuch Park Street
amThomas RogersBayley lane
amJoseph RolasonBroadgate
1Mrs RolasonBroadgate
1Samuel RollasonBishop Street
1Thomas RollasonBishop Street
amWilliam RollasonBayley lane
amCharles RoseBishop Street
amJohn RoseMuch Park Street
1John RoseMuch Park Street
1Joseph RoseMuch Park Street
amRobert RoseSpon Street
amUriah RoseEarl Street
1Uriah RoseEarl Street
1Captian RossEarl Street
1John RossMuch Park Street
amWidow RossMuch Park Street
1Able RotherhamSmithford Street
1Edward RotherhamSmithford Street
amJames RotherhamBishop Street
amJohn RotherhamGosford Street
amJoseph RotherhamBishop Street
1Thomas RotherhamCross Cheaping
1W RotherhamSpon Street
1William RotherhamBishop Street
amThomas RoweGosford Street
amThomas RoweGosford Street
amEdward RowleyJordan Well
amJohn RowleyBishop Street
amJohn RowleyEarl Street
amJoseph RowleyEarl Street
amThomas RowleyBishop Street
pThomas RowneyJordan Well
1John RoyleGosford Street
amJoseph RugleysGosford Street
1Joseph RulerSpon Street
amJoseph RussellBishop Street
amJoseph RussellEarl Street
amJoseph RussellSpon Street
1Joseph RussellSpon Street
amW RussellSpon Street
1William RussellGosford Street
1William RussellGosford Street
1John RussheadMuch Park Street
amThomas RustonBishop Street
1William RyderCross Cheaping
1Ann RyleyMuch Park Street
amJames RyleyJordan Well
amJoseph RyleyBroadgate
1Joseph RyleySpon Street
1Mrs RyleyBroadgate
1Thomas RyleyBishop Street
amWilliam RyleyEarl Street
pWilliam RyleyJordan Well
amRichard SackersonSpon Street
amWilliam SaddlerJordan Well
amJohn SadlerBishop Street
amJoseph SadlerGosford Street
amJoseph SadlerSpon Street
1William SadlerMuch Park Street
1James SammonsBishop Street
amJames SammonsBishop Street
amJohn SammonsJordan Well
amWilliam SammonsSpon Street
amWilliam SamsonEarl Street
1George SandersMuch Park Street
amJohn SandersBishop Street
amRichard SandersSpon Street
1William SandersSpon Street
amHenry SandersonSpon Street
1Thomas SandersonBroadgate
amJohn SansonGosford Street
1Joseph SansonBishop Street
1Thomas SansonEarl Street
amWilliam SansonMuch Park Street
amWilliam SansonMuch Park Street
1John SargeantBishop Street
1William SatchellCross Cheaping
1Joseph SatchwllBishop Street
amJoseph SaundersBishop Street
amThomas SaundersCross Cheaping
amWilliam SaundersMuch Park Street
1Charles SawbridgeEarl Street
1James SawbridgeMuch Park Street
1William SawbridgeGosford Street
1William SawbudgeGosford Street
amBenjamin SawreyMuch Park Street
amElizabeth SawreyMuch Park Street
amElizabeth SawreyMuch Park Street
1Jerimin SawreyMuch Park Street
1John ScamptonBroadgate
amJames ScottSpon Street
amWidow ScottonMuch Park Street
amJames SealeySpon Street
amWilliam SearnBroadgate
amPeter SeayerBroadgate
1John SedgleySmithford Street
1Benjamin SettleBishop Street
1Charles Shaheshaft?Bishop Street
amJohn ShakespeareEarl Street
amWilliam ShakespeareMuch Park Street
1Thomas SharpEarl Street
amJames ShatchwellSpon Street
amGeorge ShatswellSpon Street
am?? ShawSpon Street
1Edward ShawBishop Street
amIsaac ShawMuch Park Street
1Samuel ShawCross Cheaping
1William ShawBishop Street
pWilliam ShawJordan Well
1Joseph ShawrightSpon Street
amJohn SheetsGosford Street
amJohn SheetsGosford Street
amChris SheffieldGosford Street
1James SheffieldBroadgate
amJohn SheffieldJordan Well
1Joseph SheffieldGosford Street
1Joseph SheffieldGosford Street
1Stanton? SheffieldBishop Street
amWiilliam ShelseyBishop Street
1George SheltonBishop Street
1John ShennellBishop Street
amWilliam ShentonMuch Park Street
amEdward Shevas??Bishop Street
amWilliam ShilleyBayley lane
amJohn ShillingworthGosford Street
amJohn ShillingworthGosford Street
amJames ShiltonSpon Street
amThomas ShiltonBayley lane
1Thomas ShinstoneEarl Street
amJoshua ShipleyMuch Park Street
1George ShirleyBishop Street
amTimothy ShittleEarl Street
1David ShowellMuch Park Street
1Charles ShufflebottomBroadgate
1Joseph ShufflebottomBroadgate
amWilliam ShufflebottomMuch Park Street
amWilliam ShufflebottomSmithford Street
amWilliam ShuttleworthMuch Park Street
amElizabeth SidwellMuch Park Street
amJohn SidwellBishop Street
amWilliam SidwellJordan Well
1William Siminlow?Earl Street
amJohn SimkinsSmithford Street
1William Simmany ?Spon Street
amJoe SimmonsBishop Street
amJohn SimmonsBroadgate
amJohn SimmonsMuch Park Street
amJoseph SimmonsBishop Street
amWidow SimpsonCross Cheaping
amPeggery SimsmithSmithford Street
1William SithersonBishop Street
1John SkeanGosford Street
1Thomas SkidmoreCross Cheaping
1Thomas SkillingtonJordan Well
1Thomas SlingsbyCross Cheaping
amGeorge SlyMuch Park Street
amHarry SlyMuch Park Street
amThomas Sly Spon Street
amWidow SmallbrookMuch Park Street
amJohn SmarchMuch Park Street
amThomas SmedleyGosford Street
amThomas SmedleyGosford Street
am?? SmithMuch Park Street
amAlias SmithGosford Street
amAnn SmithSpon Street
amDaniel SmithJordan Well
amDavid SmithEarl Street
amEdward SmithJordan Well
amGeorge SmithBishop Street
amGeorge SmithMuch Park Street
1Giles SmithBayley lane
amHenry SmithBishop Street
1Isaac SmithBishop Street
amJacob SmithGosford Street
amJames SmithBishop Street
amJames SmithBishop Street
1James SmithGosford Street
1James SmithMuch Park Street
1James SmithMuch Park Street
1James SmithSmithford Street
amJoel SmithBishop Street
amJohn SmithBayley lane
amJohn SmithBayley lane
amJohn SmithBishop Street
1John SmithBishop Street
1John SmithBishop Street
amJohn SmithBishop Street
1John SmithBishop Street
amJohn SmithEarl Street
1John SmithGosford Street
amJohn SmithGosford Street
1John SmithGosford Street
amJohn SmithJordan Well
amJohn SmithJordan Well
amJohn SmithJordan Well
amJohn SmithJordan Well
1John SmithMuch Park Street
1Joseph SmithGosford Street
1Joseph SmithGosford Street
amJoseph SmithGosford Street
1Joseph SmithGosford Street
amJoseph SmithJordan Well
amJoseph SmithMuch Park Street
1Joseph SmithMuch Park Street
1Joseph SmithSpon Street
amLuke SmithMuch Park Street
amMark SmithMuch Park Street
amMiss SmithEarl Street
1Peter SmithGosford Street
1Peter SmithGosford Street
amSamuel SmithBishop Street
1Samuel SmithGosford Street
1Samuel SmithGosford Street
1Samuel SmithMuch Park Street
1Simoen SmithBishop Street
amThomas SmithBishop Street
1Thomas SmithBishop Street
1Thomas SmithBishop Street
amThomas SmithBishop Street
1Thomas SmithCross Cheaping
amThomas SmithGosford Street
1Thomas SmithJordan Well
amThomas SmithJordan Well
1Thomas SmithMuch Park Street
1Thomas SmithSmithford Street
1Thomas SmithSpon Street
amWilliam SmithBayley lane
1William SmithBishop Street
1William SmithBishop Street
amWilliam SmithBroadgate
amWilliam SmithJordan Well
amWilliam SmithJordan Well
amWilliam SmithJordan Well
amSarah SnapeMuch Park Street
amSoloman SnapeMuch Park Street
1Ann SodenEarl Street
amJoseph SodenCross Cheaping
amEdward SouthamBishop Street
amJoseph SouthamSpon Street
amDaniel SouthernMuch Park Street
amDaniel SouthernMuch Park Street
1William SpencerBishop Street
1William SpencerBishop Street
1Charles SpicerSpon Street
1James SpicerBishop Street
1James SpicerSpon Street
1Thomas SpicerEarl Street
1William SpicerMuch Park Street
amJames SpreesonGosford Street
amJames SpreesonGosford Street
1Allen SpriggGosford Street
1Allen SpriggGosford Street
amJoseph SpriggBishop Street
amMathew SpriggBishop Street
amThomas SpriggBishop Street
1Thomas SpriggGosford Street
1William SquiresBishop Street
amWilliam Staff?Bayley lane
1Richard StaffordBishop Street
amWilliam StaffordBishop Street
amWilliam StaffordJordan Well
amWidow StainEarl Street
1John StanbridgeGosford Street
amThomas StanbridgeJordan Well
pStephen StandleyJordan Well
1Joseph StanleyBishop Street
amJoseph StanleySpon Street
amWidow StanleySmithford Street
1Widow StantonSpon Street
amSamuel StarkleyMuch Park Street
1Robert StarleySpon Street
amJoseph StaveleyMuch Park Street
amRobert StaveleyMuch Park Street
amRobert StaveleyMuch Park Street
1Robert StaveleyMuch Park Street
1Widow StawrightSpon Street
1Widow SteadmanSmithford Street
amWilliam StealSmithford Street
amJames SteamSpon Street
1John SteaneGosford Street
amWilliam SteavellSpon Street
1William StephensonEarl Street
1William StevensEarl Street
amWilliam StillBroadgate
amDaniel StocksSpon Street
amJosiah StokerEarl Street
amJohn StokesBishop Street
amJohn StokesGosford Street
amJohn StokesGosford Street
amJoseph StokesJordan Well
amThomas StokesJordan Well
amWilliam StokesCross Cheaping
amWilliam StokesJordan Well
1John StoneBishop Street
amRichard StottCross Cheaping
1John StowSmithford Street
amGeorge StrangeJordan Well
1Edward StricklandSmithford Street
1Simon StringerCross Cheaping
amWidow SturchMuch Park Street
amWilliam SuffolkGosford Street
amWilliam SuffolkGosford Street
amCharles SummerBayley lane
am?? SummersSpon Street
1John SummersBroadgate
amJoseph SummersMuch Park Street
amSamuel SummersCross Cheaping
1William SuttleBroadgate
amThomas SwanMuch Park Street
amSamuel SwaneSpon Street
amW SwaneSpon Street
1William SwansonGosford Street
1William SwansonGosford Street
amJoseph SwianJordan Well
amGeorge SwiftBishop Street
1Edward Talesowry??Bishop Street
amJames TaltersMuch Park Street
1John TalyorSmithford Street
amCharles TameGosford Street
amCharles TameGosford Street
amThomas TameGosford Street
1George TandyJordan Well
amThomas TanleySmithford Street
amThomas TannEarl Street
amJoseph TannerMuch Park Street
amThomas TansleyCross Cheaping
amWilliam TansleySmithford Street
amJoseph TantonSpon Street
1John TarrBishop Street
amBenjamin TaylorEarl Street
1Frances TaylorBayley lane
1George TaylorBishop Street
amGeorge TaylorMuch Park Street
1J F TaylorCross Cheaping
amJames TaylorBishop Street
1James TaylorBroadgate
1James TaylorSpon Street
amJames TaylorSpon Street
1John TaylorBishop Street
1John TaylorBishop Street
1John TaylorBishop Street
amJohn TaylorCross Cheaping
1John TaylorCross Cheaping
amJohn TaylorCross Cheaping
amJohn TaylorGosford Street
1Joseph TaylorSmithford Street
1Joseph TaylorSpon Street
1Mary TaylorGosford Street
amSamuel TaylorEarl Street
1Thomas TaylorBishop Street
amThomas TaylorSpon Street
amWidow TaylorSmithford Street
amWilliam TaylorBishop Street
1William TaylorBroadgate
1William TaylorSpon Street
amJames TeasdaleMuch Park Street
1William Teoth??Bishop Street
amRobert TewCross Cheaping
1John ThatcherSpon Street
1Joseph ThaySmithford Street
amJohn Thennile?Jordan Well
amJohn ThomasMuch Park Street
amJohn ThomasMuch Park Street
amJohn ThomasMuch Park Street
1Thomas ThomasJordan Well
amhenry ThompsonBroadgate
amJoseph ThompsonMuch Park Street
amMary ThompsonEarl Street
1Thomas ThompsonBishop Street
amThomas ThompsonCross Cheaping
amThomas ThompsonCross Cheaping
amWilliam ThompsonCross Cheaping
amWilliam ThompsonSpon Street
amJoseph ThorncroftBishop Street
1William ThornelowBroadgate
amJames ThornelsSpon Street
1Charles ThornesMuch Park Street
amCharles ThornilowMuch Park Street
amCharles ThorntonEarl Street
amThomas ThorpeMuch Park Street
1Thomas ThorpeMuch Park Street
1Michael ThriftBishop Street
amWilliam TidmasCross Cheaping
amWilliam TidswellMuch Park Street
1George TidwellBishop Street
amJohn TilleyBishop Street
1Richard TiltBroadgate
1William TiltMuch Park Street
1William TimerickBishop Street
1Thomas TindBishop Street
1William TinneyBishop Street
1James TinsleyBishop Street
amEdward TipinJordan Well
1Samuel TipsonBayley lane
amThomas TipsonBroadgate
1Thomas TipsonCross Cheaping
amWilliam TipsonMuch Park Street
amWilliam Tiviter?Broadgate
1Edward TomkinsEarl Street
1Justin TomkissBishop Street
amWilliam Tompson?Bishop Street
amJoseph TomsGosford Street
amThomas TonksCross Cheaping
1Thomas ToogoodBishop Street
amSamuel ToogoodeJordan Well
pJoseph ToothJordan Well
1Richard ToothEarl Street
amAmos TownsendGosford Street
ConstableJames TownsendBroadgate
1John TownsendBishop Street
1Samuel TownsendBishop Street
1Samuel TownsendBroadgate
amThomas TownsendGosford Street
amThomas TownsendGosford Street
amWilliam TownsendBroadgate
1William TownsendEarl Street
1Richard TranterBroadgate
amThomas TranterJordan Well
amThomas TranterSpon Street
1Edward TredwellGosford Street
1Joseph TreenBroadgate
amThomas TrickettMuch Park Street
amWilliam TrickettBishop Street
amSamuel TrivottCross Cheaping
1Dn?? TroughtonJordan Well
1James TroughtonBroadgate
amJohn TroughtonJordan Well
1Thomas TroughtonEarl Street
amThomas TunicliffCross Cheaping
amJohn TunnicliffCross Cheaping
1Charles TurmanSmithford Street
amGeorge TurnerGosford Street
1James TurnerMuch Park Street
1John TurnerBroadgate
amShonley? TurnerSmithford Street
1Thomas TurnerBroadgate
1William TurnerBishop Street
amWilliam TurnerMuch Park Street
amWilliam TurnerMuch Park Street
1Charles TwaitesGosford Street
amEdward TwiggerBishop Street
amJohn TwiggerBroadgate
amGeorge TwinerGosford Street
1Thomas TwinsBishop Street
1Charles TwitesBroadgate
amJoseph TwitesCross Cheaping
amThomas TwitesBroadgate
amWilliam TwitesBroadgate
amThomas TwogoodBishop Street
1Charles TwycroftBishop Street
1John TwycrossJordan Well
1William Twycross srnJordan Well
1William Twycross junJordan Well
amJohn TylerBishop Street
1R TylerSpon Street
amJames UndercoteGosford Street
amJoseph UnderlinBishop Street
1William UnderwoodEarl Street
amThomas UptonBayley lane
pThomas UptonJordan Well
amWilliam UptonMuch Park Street
1Robert ValanceCross Cheaping
amJoseph VaughanBayley lane
amJoseph VernonSmithford Street
1Thomas VickersBishop Street
amEdward VillersBishop Street
1John VillersBishop Street
amRobert VillersGosford Street
1Robert VillersSpon Street
1Thomas VillersBishop Street
amJames WagstaffGosford Street
amThomas WagstaffMuch Park Street
amWilliam WagstaffBishop Street
1William WagstaffBishop Street
amJohn WakefieldBishop Street
1Charles WalkerEarl Street
amJames WalkerBroadgate
1Joseph WalkerEarl Street
amPeter WalkerJordan Well
amWilliam WalkerGosford Street
amWilliam WalkerMuch Park Street
1William WalkerMuch Park Street
1Edward WallBishop Street
1Edward WallCross Cheaping
1James WallCross Cheaping
1Joseph WallBishop Street
amMaria WallCross Cheaping
1William WallBishop Street
1William WallesSpon Street
amThomas WalmesleyCross Cheaping
pRichard WalterJordan Well
amJohn WaltonGosford Street
amJoseph WaltonEarl Street
amSamuel WaltonBayley lane
1Samuel WaltonMuch Park Street
amWidow WaltonMuch Park Street
amBuck? WardJordan Well
1George WardBishop Street
amJames WardBishop Street
amJames WardBishop Street
1James WardSpon Street
1John WardBishop Street
1John WardGosford Street
1John WardGosford Street
amJoseph WardCross Cheaping
amRichard WardBishop Street
1Richard WardBishop Street
1Thomas WardBishop Street
1Thomas WardBishop Street
XThomas WardBroadgate
amThomas WardGosford Street
1Thomas WardJordan Well
amThomas WardMuch Park Street
1Widow WardCross Cheaping
amWidow WardMuch Park Street
amWilliam WardBroadgate
amWilliam WardEarl Street
amWilliam WardMuch Park Street
1Joseph WardenBishop Street
1Joseph WardenBishop Street
1No Entry WardenBayley lane
amThomas WardingJordan Well
amWilliam WardingJordan Well
amJames WaringBroadgate
amDinah WarrenEarl Street
amGeorge WarrenBayley lane
amHenry WarrenBishop Street
amWilliam WarrenEarl Street
1James WarringJordan Well
1Robert WarringtonBishop Street
amWilliam WarringtonEarl Street
amCharles WashbrookJordan Well
amJ WashingtonMuch Park Street
1John Allen WashingtonMuch Park Street
1Henry waterfallCross Cheaping
amN WaterfallCross Cheaping
1Seymour WaterfallCross Cheaping
amThomas WaterfallMuch Park Street
1David WatersCross Cheaping
amThomas WatersEarl Street
amWilliam WatersBishop Street
amWilliam WatkinsMuch Park Street
1Henry WatsonCross Cheaping
amJames WatsonCross Cheaping
amRichard WatsonBroadgate
1Thomas WatsonEarl Street
amThomas WatsonGosford Street
amThomas WatsonGosford Street
amWilliam WatsonEarl Street
1Abraham WattsBishop Street
amGeorge WattsBishop Street
amGuy WattsJordan Well
1James WattsGosford Street
amJames WattsGosford Street
1James WattsGosford Street
1John WattsBishop Street
amJohn WattsBroadgate
amWilliam WattsBishop Street
amWilliam WattsCross Cheaping
amWilliam WattsEarl Street
amJames WaystaffCross Cheaping
amThomas WebbGosford Street
amThomas WebbGosford Street
amWilliam WebbSmithford Street
1Dr WebsterBishop Street
1John WebsterMuch Park Street
amJohn WebsterMuch Park Street
amRichard WebsterMuch Park Street
1B WeebSpon Street
1James WeebSpon Street
1James WeebSpon Street
amWilliam WeelerGosford Street
1James WeightSpon Street
amJames WeinJordan Well
amFrancis WelchJordan Well
1Humprey WelchSpon Street
1Joseph WelchSpon Street
1Benjamin WellsSpon Street
1Henry WellsEarl Street
1James WellsSpon Street
amJohn WellsGosford Street
amJohn WellsGosford Street
amRichard WellsJordan Well
amThomas WellsGosford Street
amThomas WellsGosford Street
amThomas WellsSpon Street
amWidow WellsBayley lane
1William WellsBroadgate
amWilliam WellsCross Cheaping
am?? WestSpon Street
amBenjamin WestEarl Street
amJoseph WestEarl Street
amGeorge WestleyCross Cheaping
amJohn WestleyBishop Street
pWilliam WestleyJordan Well
pAllen WestonJordan Well
amDn?? WestonJordan Well
amJohn WestonJordan Well
amJohn WestonMuch Park Street
1John WestonMuch Park Street
amEdward WesttonCross Cheaping
amJoseph WesttrapBishop Street
amEdward WestwickGosford Street
amEdward WestwickGosford Street
1John WestwickEarl Street
amJoseph WestwickGosford Street
amCharles WhaleGosford Street
amJoseph WhaleEarl Street
amJohn WheatleyGosford Street
amJoseph WheatleySpon Street
1Joseph WheelerMuch Park Street
amWilliam WheelerSmithford Street
amEdward WhiteJordan Well
1Henry WhiteBishop Street
amJames WhiteBroadgate
1John WhiteCross Cheaping
1John WhiteCross Cheaping
amThomas WhiteCross Cheaping
1Thomas WhiteCross Cheaping
amWilliam WhiteBayley lane
1William WhiteMuch Park Street
amWilliam WhiteMuch Park Street
1Richard WhiteheadBishop Street
1Timothy WhiteheadEarl Street
amWilliam WhiteheadBayley lane
1William WhiteheadGosford Street
1Joseph WhithamEarl Street
1J WhitlemoreSmithford Street
1William WhitlockBroadgate
1Joseph WhitmoreGosford Street
n/eWilliam WhybyEarl Street
amMartha WickleyCross Cheaping
amDance WicksGosford Street
amJoseph WicksMuch Park Street
1Robert WicksGosford Street
1Thomas WigstonBishop Street
amThomas WigstonBishop Street
1William WigstonBishop Street
amJoseph WildayEarl Street
1Thomas WilkersonCross Cheaping
1John WilkinsSmithford Street
amThomas WilkinsMuch Park Street
amThomas WilkinsSmithford Street
1Joseph WilkinsonCross Cheaping
amThomas WilkinsonJordan Well
1William WilkinsonBishop Street
amRichard WilliamsGosford Street
1Thomas WilliamsGosford Street
amWilliam WilliamsBishop Street
1William WilliamsEarl Street
1William WilliamsGosford Street
1William WilliamsGosford Street
amJohn WilliamsonBishop Street
amRichard WilliamsonGosford Street
1Thomas WilliamsonGosford Street
1Charles WillsCross Cheaping
amJoseph WillsBroadgate
amWilliam WillsCross Cheaping
1Thomas WilmottBayley lane
1James WilsonBishop Street
amJames WilsonBishop Street
amJames WilsonGosford Street
amJames WilsonGosford Street
amJames WilsonSpon Street
amJohn WilsonBroadgate
1John WilsonGosford Street
amJoseph WilsonBishop Street
amRichard WilsonGosford Street
amRichard WilsonGosford Street
1Thomas WilsonCross Cheaping
pThomas WilsonJordan Well
amThomas WilsonMuch Park Street
amThomas WilsonMuch Park Street
amWidow WilsonGosford Street
amWilliam WilsonBayley lane
amWilliam WilsonBayley lane
amWilliam WilsonBroadgate
amWilliam WilsonGosford Street
amWilliam WilsonJordan Well
amWilliam WilsonJordan Well
amWilliam WilsonJordan Well
1Joseph WiltonEarl Street
amThomas WindnedgeSpon Street
1Joseph WindsorSpon Street
1Thomas WinklissEarl Street
amWidow WinsorMuch Park Street
1John WinterGosford Street
1John WinterGosford Street
amJohn WintertonJordan Well
amThomas WintertonBayley lane
amThomas WintidgeJordan Well
1John WistleyBishop Street
1Joseph WittonEarl Street
1Hott? Wlfery?Broadgate
1John WollenBishop Street
amJoseph WoodSpon Street
amWilliam WoodGosford Street
amWilliam WoodGosford Street
1William WoodSpon Street
amWilliam WoodSpon Street
1Charles WoodcockBayley lane
amJames WoodcockMuch Park Street
1John WoodcockBroadgate
1John WoodcockGosford Street
1Richard WoodcockMuch Park Street
1Thomas WoodcockMuch Park Street
1James WoodfieldSpon Street
amMatt WoodfieldBroadgate
amRichard WoodfieldMuch Park Street
1Richard WoodfieldSpon Street
amRobert WoodfieldJordan Well
amSamuel WoodfieldGosford Street
amSamuel WoodfieldGosford Street
amWilliam WoodfieldCross Cheaping
amWilliam WoodfieldMuch Park Street
amGeorge WoodheadBishop Street
amJoseph WoodheadBishop Street
1Christopher WoodhouseEarl Street
amNwom WoodhouseBayley lane
1Samuel WoodhouseEarl Street
amJohn WoodwardJordan Well
amThomas WoodwardMuch Park Street
amJohn WoolBroadgate
pWilliam WootonJordan Well
1Thomas WoottenBishop Street
amWilliam WoottenBishop Street
1Richard WoottonBishop Street
1William WoottonBishop Street
1Joseph WorcesterMuch Park Street
1George WorrallBishop Street
1Thomas WorrallBishop Street
1Thomas WorrallBishop Street
amThomas WorrallBishop Street
amJohn WorrellCross Cheaping
amWilliam WorthouseJordan Well
amJoseph WottenCross Cheaping
amJoseph WrenshawJordan Well
1David? WrightSpon Street
amJames WrightEarl Street
amJoseph WrightSpon Street
1Richard WrightJordan Well
1Widow WrightEarl Street
1William WrightBishop Street
amWilliam WughmanBroadgate
1Thomas WyattBishop Street
1William WyattEarl Street
1John WyleyBroadgate
amJames YardleyEarl Street
amJames YardleyMuch Park Street
1John YardleyGosford Street
amJohn YardleyGosford Street
amJohn YardleyGosford Street
1John YardleyGosford Street
amJohn YardleyGosford Street
amThomas YardleyEarl Street
pWilliam YardleyJordan Well
amBenjamin YatesBishop Street
amJohn YatesMuch Park Street
amJoseph YatesBishop Street
amThomas YatesBishop Street
amWidow YatesMuch Park Street
amSamuel YoungEarl Street
1William YoungBroadgate

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