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The Worcestershire Ancestors Project
January 2009 UPDATE

This project aims to provide a "free-to-view" online searchable database of all the
19th century Worcestershire census returns.     It is part of an initiative aimed at
helping make high quality primary (or near-primary) records of relevance to UK
genealogy conveniently and freely available online.

The project was launched towards the end of 2000, but has made little or no progress.
With a change of leadership, it is hoped this can be changed.

The Project makes use of specially developed software modules for data entry, checking, validation and database upload,
under the global name of UK-CENS, and the software is described on the parent project's page at FreeCEN Software.

Initially, the project will concentrate on the 1891 districts covering the eastern side of the county, mainly those of Kings Norton.

There are two phases.

Volunteers will receive images of the returns on disc and a suitable spreadsheet to transcribe them in to.

In the second phase the transcriptions will be checked using a separate piece of Free Census software.

The software for both phases is designed to make the tasks as easy as possible.
When the transcripts have been validated, they will be uploaded to Free Census and to these pages.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer as a transcriber/checker
please contact the new Worcester organizer Terry Waters-Marsh

This project is designed to help not just ourselves and others who are researching
Worcestershire family history now, but to build a resource that will help future family historians.
It is also designed to appeal to all online family historians.

If you are online you can partipate from wherever you are!

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